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Is it always the same OP faggot that starts the thread before the comic goes up? I noticed there's always an excuse of "it's already evening here!"
Yes it is, I'm an eurofag and I find it infuriating. 

If the threads were done at a reasonable time I'd actually be able to enjoy those myself because it's downtime. 

He's giving a bad reputation to a whole continent, fuck's sake.
The twat that make the threads super early always give the excuse that for him it's already Saturday evening.
Remember anons don't REPLY to threads that start off without new canon content, if you've to warn other in the thread not to use SAGE and tell them how to do it in any case.
This is the most action this board have seen in a while, and it's just to shit on another Chan's threads.

So it's saturday, why are you guys not reporting OP on 4chan /co/ for spamming? Also remember to sage if you reply.
Some idiot was banned because he could not resist telling everyone how much OP was a faggot (everybody already knew that). Also he announced sage, which is a banable offense.
Nah. There wasn't much more to add, I think someone said they'd make something if a thread was up, but in the end it wouldn't have been worth it. We had a slow nice one, with little bitching and there was actual discussion. No need to try our luck with a Sunday thread, especially since the eternal argument started again toward the end.
The concept of self-control seems to be alien to most Emmy fags, if you people can't help yourselves why not use sage at the very least?

> Muh we're having a good discussion so it's okayish

You helping a saboteur thread and transgressing the limits previously set by mutual agreement, all for the sake of immediate gratification.
At least there was a semblance of self control, we shunned the mid-week thread like it was roadkill. 

You have to admit there is a difference between making shit for the sake of making shit, and repurposing a troll thread into an actual discussion... Even if it overstayed it's welcome by a long shot. All in all, it was an acceptable secondary thread. Neither too retarded, neither too serious.
So by default we need a second thread every weekend to help shitposters need to shitpost, in order to "alleviate" themselves and "have fun".
Not at all, but we also need to stop trying to police things so damn hard. Having hundreds of posts about how the second troll thread is shit will just encourage people to keep it going or make a new one. 

The troll thread die on it's own? Good. 
The troll thread is somehow still kicking after the real one ended? Leave it be, it just mean there won't be another thread later, and it entertain the autists.

Unrelated, but Domm posted the part 2 of the morning routine on patreon, I wonder if it'll be released today or if he'll wait for next week.
Let's be real, it's going to be leaked anyway.
The fact you don't know which one I'm talking about mean it was ignored accordingly. 

I'm not talking about the one that lasted until Tuesday, there was one made Thursday I think, and there was like two answers before it went archived.
so what do ya'll like to read?
i tried getting into western comics over the last year but it doesn't really hit for me. i was reading hickman's x-men shit till rona hit even though it was pretty shit. the stuff directly by hickman was alright to sometimes good but was often times self-fellating with little to no payoff. i heard his fantastic four stuff was good but i don't really wanna go back to the same well.
i balanced that out with some older stuff goin back to the 70s and some random stuff to see if there was anything that piqued my interest, like bloodshot, older and newer green lantern. seems like the best stuff i've read is various stand alone batman stories just because they're self-contained. i don't get the point of having long running formats if continuity and story aren't a prominent feature of them. 
generally speaking what i like about manga is long running continuity and payoffs for paying some attention and/or autistic attention to detail, and with western comics i don't know if it's a case of i just haven't found series that reward that or if i'm just barking up the wrong tree.
Personally I've found that the big names of western comics have been going stale or pandering, so your best bet would be looking into more obscure things or self publications. Maybe try some European stuff if you can find it, they are generally less inhibited compared to American stories.
So not only is OP a fag, but he's actively sabotaging everything.
I can understand being against too many OCs but it's beyond retardation now. 
Geez, and we had such a good run. Oh well, it's extending the life of the thread and we can say more stuff. At least we can find the deleted stuff on desuarchive.
I'm sure op's not just there to shitpost but to cause strife, and this self righteous guy's playing right into his hand. Best idea I can come up with is to still come, report obvious trolling, and enjoy what's left anyway. 
Beside, the rampant reporting and deletion just free us some space for more shenanigans and greens. I say push the fun forward and slap the worst to the side.

Someone'll get tired eventually, and I fully intend to outlast whoever is trying to suck the fun out of something as nice as Emmy and the extended universe around it. We've managed to create something that work, let's not give up yet.
Oh goddammit, the link to the pastbin with my spaceflight story got deleted and I don't have a copy, didn't cap the text and that got deleted too what the fuck
Did anyone else save it? It might just be gone if not.
Desurarchive is a marvel of the modern world

your greens;

the pastebin;
And I'd just finished fishing the text out of the thread on my tablet to save and mail myself, this is much easier thanks anon. I was worried for a moment it was just gone into the ether forever, whoever reported the greens is a cunt.
My pleasure.
 I found desuarchive to be incredibly useful, it take some used to to navigate but it's worth it.
We should get a link ready when the next thread start, I think it start archiving right when a thread is created.
Might be a good resource to include next time around, just in case the mods get banhappy about greens again. In any case I finally made a pastebin account so no more vanished stories, and assembled a cap to boot.
Bless you, can we get the link? 
Also I checked, and while things can get reported on desuarchive, it's supposed to get checked more thoroughly than on 4chan (plus you have to write the reason why you report it) so whatever get posted is safe enough.
Sure thing, the link from the old thread was missing the epilogue but I added it back in so it's complete again. Anything else I write now will get put there first.
It's nice to be able to brainstorm, write and share, I never really did that before storyfagging became commonplace in the Emmy threads.
I've already got Tilly's second flight outlined on paper, and it'll be ready for next Saturday.
> pic related
What is this suposed to express? What hapenned for Shelly to be ready to fight? All I can say is I love Emmy's expression here.
This board is a lost board, it's not "claimed" (whatever that mean) from what I can see, and get little to no trafic aside form us.

And the rules are rather lax, we just have to spoiler lewds, no CP, no illegal stuff and don't flood/spam to the point the site crap itself.

We may have found a place to chill in the meantime the 4chan mod od in the middle of his ego trip.
well that was rather pathetic today.

Anyone got pastebins to share that got looked over in the threads?
There were more but this is all I have saved
Meant to post the pt. 2.5 story in the thread when I got home but it was dead by then.
My heart, oh god. To be honest I expected a bit  from her pov when she get reactivated and try to cave Tilly's head in, but as is the feeling of emptyness at the end, just... Wah. And I mean it as a compliment. 

I choose to belive that after all that shit a later mission find her and go "you know what fuck the samples, I'm not leaving someone up there alone". It'll probably be a very traumatizing case of "we have weight constraints, how much can I remove from your body before you die". 

And then the soviets actually launch a rescue mission but decide to never go on the moon again because they just saw three quarter of the robot thrown everywhere and assume she was torn apart by a space monster
Oh and of course the spoiler decide to not work and you can't delete posts without being logged in. I'm sure I used the tags correctly, but whatever. 
Oh well.
I hope some of you filed a complain about the moderation

It's even more infuriating because right now there are at least five vivziepop threads up at the same time.
It's funny, I'd had no plan for Tatyana beyond her role as an obstacle for Tilly to overcome up there, but the more I thought about a soviet robot the more I wanted to give her some backstory and wound up really liking her. 
I didn't originally plan on her doing much else, but I think now I might have a good idea or two for her to get a second chance at things.
Happy you enjoyed the read anon and thank you, I had fun writing it.
Dom just posted a new three page comic. Looks like we get to redo last Saturday's shitfest of a thread

Well then just complain to the staff each time something happen. 
They'll do something, even if it end with Emmy threads on /trash/, as long as that one mod get kicked out I'll consider it a partial win.
Whoever makes the thread for the new comic can just make it super early before the guy that makes the new thread without any content. That way the mods really can’t delete it if it was made first.

Didn't the second "official" thread get an off topic warning? I can't remember what that op said, but it was something just as stupid.
It's not justified by any mean, it's one playing god because suddenly they have a semblance of power and a target that they feel deserve their "wrath"
Enforcing the weekly thread thing would be harder anywhere else I think, I mean look at us;this have been going for two months, even with inconsistent use it would degenerate pretty hard without the restrain we normally get from bump limits and the short-lived nature of a 4chan thread.

Here is a fallback where we can discus and "plan" in peace, but for a weekly discussion? Bad idea.
Yeah, and unlike the discord it leave us our anonymity. We already have desuarchive to keep our stuff (but it's passive and we can't talk), but here we have full range to organize against that one dumbass and make a recap of what hapenned and what we know. We can anticipate without being off-topic in another thread, and we need that, in a way.
That's... Going to make things either easier or harder, probably both at once. We're really in the middle of an age of chaos.

> I was gonna start it with the 3 page comic in about four hours. Too soon?
Is that around the time the other fuck do his shitpost thread? I'd say yes, but it's real damn early and petty, it'll penalize others that are not around... And it'll probably still get deleted anyway.

Yeah go for it, might as well at this point.
hmmm after reading the disclaimer, I'm pretty sure we don't just have a janitor on our ass, but at least one mod.
A jany couldn't do as much damage as what's done, not alone, a mod have to be in on it.
Fuck that guy, it's barely 1pm and he's demanding nobody else post emmy shit for the rest of the day. I'd bet he'll report the next thread assuming someone makes it. Makes you wonder.
Bah, we all know where it goes. There'll be a new thread, people will bitch and scream, and then we'll maybe get some stuff when late arrivals get there.
apparently some can't for unfathomable reasons, but like what someone said here earlier, we have a lifeboat of sort so whatever goes, Emmy fan stuff won't just up and die.
Original post got jannied for some reason but
> can we call this 'the Gosling Comprimise'?
All sorts of shit is getting deleted now, including the pastebins of course. Is fag-mod trying to force us to keep to one thread by just deleting everything?
It almost looks like an attempt to prolong the thread's life, but it was too targeted, too late, and too one sided.
Well, thread's dead and no replacement for today apparently. 
Oh well.
For anyone not in the d*scord.
Fucking hell me 'neither. Guess that seals it, mods only allow the bare minimum of Emmy content and when it's done it's done and fuck us.
So what, less than two seconds? Got a warning or anything?

Holy shit, can they put up an automated bot that delete certain threads based on keywords? Because to be on the lookout to spawnkill a thread like that take a tremendous amount of retardation
sent feedback too, but yeah no hope for much either.

someone in the thread said this when someone asked how to contact the administration

"mIRC, #4chan@rizon if memory serves, if you can be assed to register a nick. There's webclients so you don't need to install one."

Would it actually work?
is the discord as bad as people were making out? the link that dom retweeted is dead. also thanks for pt3 anon

it wouldn't be so bad if they deleted all 'non official' threads. But you can bet that next time the troll OP makes one it'll stay up
Thank god those insufferable Emmyfags with their art and pleasant discussion have been cleared out to make more room for QUALITY on-topic threads!
Marvelous as always, and damn I expected that one part to just be a gravity kind of deal, bu whew lad, glad that went like this!
got to make some space for the three hazbin threads, dozen of SU ones, and the underrepresented five owl house threads!
I've never used the service before someone posted the link a few weeks ago, but the emmy server itself is chill and friendly, been leaving the window open to keep tabs there. Glad you liked pt3 anon, I had a good time putting it together.
I wanted to leave it a little ambiguous at the start so the reader was stuck in the same place as Tilly, not sure if it was even real or not. I'm happy it didn't disappoint, getting back into writing has been an absolute joy.
When you put it like that it almost seems kinda unfair.
could've at least started it with the new comic and some discussion, which was the whole reason there was going to be a second thread
The full name was "emmy the robot maid - second thread WITH BLACKJACK AND HOOKERS" because I'm an unfunny faggot. I was going to post the comic directly under it but it was insta pruned
> decide to check the suspicious link 
> it's actually a thing and it's not trying to replace the weekly threads but to save them 
> anons are civils
> help each other find what they missed

What a pleasant surprise
Northanon3, while I love your stuff you should try to not put it online in advance, it's really hard to resist reading it before you put the link on the threads.
I have the habit of checking when downtime because I like to re-read, see if I missed details and stuff, so I instantly saw the new stories. From the view count I'm not the only one

I have the feeling a few people are glaring at me right now lmao
I'll throw the link up officially tomorrow on the d*scord, not gonna bother putting it in the /co/ thread since it's just gonna get janny attention. I want to greentext/cap the other parts so they can be posted as images instead, but I don't want to spam a thread with 40 posts in a row to do it.
Some people will screech but that's a fair enough decision. If you really want them capped you could always wait until after bump limit, but yeah janny will jann so you risk a ban before you're even a quarter of the way in.

I'm not ont he discord but I'll check on your stuff anyway. Love your stuff.
I might just post and cap from here later considering this board is so dead, doesn't seem like anyone would be around to complain and I can just delete the posts when I'm finished.
That way I don't need to blow up a /co/ thread or bomb it with janny-triggering pastebin links.
> Love your stuff
Thanks anon, I appreciate you taking the time to read it
Wait, I'm not sure how deleting stuff work here, I haven't tried it here myself but it looks like you have to log in or something.

Hang on, I'm trying
so it I put the same password in the interface at the bottom, I can delete it by entering the same password?
If a user wants to delete something he needs to give a password for the post he makes.
Then use that pw at the form at the bottom of the page.
BOs can delete if they leave the password out.
Okay so it worked! thank you

But yes didn't find it either in help or anywhere I looked. It's a bit strange, but now we know!
Great success, this works. 
I'll probably get around to dumping then deleting after work tonight.
Thanks for the vigilant work anon.

What about tomorrow? Do we try something or just wait and see how things pan out?
Oh you can guess why and how.
Op took the lull in miss /co/ threads and came back. 
Too late to taint the thread, but early enough to kill the official ones.
Silver lining to his shitfit is that all his screaming is making people like Emmy out of spite against him.

It's still a polished turd but hey.
That's something I guess.
Also just took a look at the miss /co/ thread and holy shit, the shitposter is really going all-out trying to associate Emmy with /pol/ and talking mad shit to anyone who'll listen.
I wonder what compels such reckless autism, reminds me of Lee's multi-year campaign except that at least had a trigger for the madness. This shitposting just seems randomly targeted.
So I've had d dumb idea, and here's the result.

Any idea what could be put instead of "(you)" ?
and yes the top of charlie's head is fucked but I don't know why and I couldn't backtrack far enough to salvage it
okay so I somehow manage to not be able to because I can't put the pic behind Emmy's hands.

God I hate photoshop
So Emmy's safe for now it seems. 
I was really scared for our weekly get together.
same, if she kept advancing the threads would've been a goner, but for now I think most people realize the 4chan fans of emmy had nothing to do with this.
And now they miss her and our campaigning. /co/'s weird dude
Incredible, but I'm glad she's not remembered as the cheater. 

I regret that time when we thought having a south american fanbase wasn't that big a deal, after convincing that one dude to credit artists.
Yeahh, I’m one of the drawfags, and I’ve never been one to care much about my art getting reposted. I used to be a lot more anonymous since the majority of what I’d post, I’d only post to 4chan (but I recently made a Twitter so now people are recognizing me). But yeah, I still don’t think it’s that big of a deal for them to be reposting my art, BUT I did not know about that huge Facebook group they were advertising to. In hindsight it probably wasn’t as big of an influence as we all thought, but it was enough for me to want Emmy out. Which is a shame, I was looking forward to drawing her for the competition
It's not as much him reposting as him rebranding that got shit rolling if I remember right. He's gotten a lot nicer since and stopped cutting out the watermarks or putting the facebook's everywhere, so there's that.

I wouldn't mind my stuff reposted either, but I'd get mad if it was claimed by someone else.
whoever makes the saturday thread should make it pretty early with the comic from patreon, that worked out really well last time
I sure didn’t expect someone to make a thread on freaking Thursday. And it’s gone on for longer than I thought, so now mods are probably going to take down a Saturday thread if this one bleeds into it. I’m pretty sure the guy who made the early thread is one of the spanish fans considering his typing style
Hey, I just logged in on a whim after not visiting for probably 2 years after getting rid of the gay shit like "Anonymous" being renamed "critic."
I don't care what you guys do. Feel free to keep posting the cute robot too.
You have to type in commands to connect to whatever part of the server you are after.
You're already on
If you haven't set a password for your nick you should.

here is a helpful link
Dropping this here to go over later, compiled Audrey (latinogang fandroid)story unedited/untranslated.
The whole batch took less than an hour in gimp with what I had. The trick is using layers effectively and not worrying about sloppy imperfect work.
Oh boy I can't wait for the day I finally understand what the hell I'm doing with an editing software. I just need practice I guess.

It took me about 5hours to do  >>/552/ because I'm an impatient dumbass who jumped into the pool without knowing how to swim.
So today's thread was... A thing.
And shitposter-kun realized we had a good time without him when he was busy shitting up the tournament.
I just returned from work to see all the pastebins got deleted. They're fine all day until one anon/jannyfag notices, what horseshit.
So I just finished Tilly's fitfh flight.
Damn son I didn't expect it to go this way at all, well done.
Had me on edge
Holy shit. Just finished Tilly's Fifth Flight and Northanon3 is a damned genius. I wonder what happened to Nadya, but I guess he left her story open ended for some sort of continuation
I remembered something I saw while scouting out the frozen threads a while back, and I found it.

We definitely should show that to platypi next time.
fuck I hope she don't end up with a soap-eating fetish after all that
> the thread that accepted our offering of an alliance also have the protagonist as a soap-eating retard

That explain a lot
You're the real MVP for reading it all, thank you for your kind words and your time!
More is planned, neither agency takes kindly to that sort of international incident in space and will struggle to get out of it without nukes flying.
It's less gruesome than the original's tagline. Kind of want to read this book now, probably largely emotional fluff but might be interesting.
Speaking of books, think this other one is just some shop-job or something, not sure if it's real. Tatyana and Tilly aren't gay but I couldn't help noting how similar the cover is to how I envisioned them, ass-grabbing aside that is.
That got me thinking, did you ever properly describe Tatyana or the others commie-bots? I can just picture them as nandroids but angular, riveted and with actual feet.
Tried to a bit in the stories, and made a couple real shit doodles to get a better picture for myself. Basically same structure as a nandroid with the ball jointed shoulders/hips, my first thought was that they'd be as similar as the Buran was to the Space Shuttle for the same reasons, clout/similar purpose/industrial espionage. Shaped steel plating riveted together for the casing (they'd shine like chrome in the light without any clothing) and the cheek-lights are just rectangles instead of circles to set them apart. Another small detail is the little line nandroids have going upwards from their eyes extends down as well on soviet-droids, I figure it's a seam and their heads are shaped plates that fit together like an orange peel and riveted there.
All USSR bots have names ending in 'A' because I think that's just common Russian naming convention and it mirrors nandroids' names ending in 'Y'. I haven't pictured any with hair-color other than black until now, I'd wager they're all fairly uniform in appearance without the extreme customization of their capitalist counterparts.
I've been lurking in this thread too, if I ever actually draw that I'd just put it in the frozen thread because of how very vaguely related it is to emmy. 
While I've revealed myself, here's a catbox album with all my emmy art so far:
I'm still adding to it, so it should have everything by next saturday when I actually post it in the thread. There's going to be a lot of really unfinished scraps and abandoned things, but I figured someone might appreciate seeing all that, I did the same thing for the flyday thread last week.
>  how very vaguely related it is to emmy
I mean, at this point the only common point is soap, and that's just an Emmy thread's inside joke. 

Anyway, that link is appreciated, as much as people bitch about /u/ and cheating your stuff is some of the cutest shit I've seen, and your portrayal of Emmy as that adorable little gremlins is top tier.

Some friends of mine started using that as a template of sort for "le funny smol character" actually
A nanny saying swearing? I don't think the parents would find her adequate around their kids.

As far as design goes that's actually great, I particularly like that detail that they're shiny
Tatyana would never curse in Russian around her boys, though her master would. She can swear in english though, and Tilly can swear briefly if it makes me laugh to write.
Another minor detail, Soviet-bots have segmented necks that look/feel like those flexible lamps. I'd love to see some actual artist to draw a commie-bot just to see how they'd handle it, my attempts fall short.
Ha! I’m glad you guys like that depiction. It’s just funny to me, and I have a tendency to do that with characters that are young/short/fun, I just exaggerate the hell out of it until they’re an unrecognizable clown. 
And I’m used to people bitching about my /u/, in fact I think I’m less used to people actually LIKING it. I’ve always just drawn what I wanted, and over the years on /co/ I’ve had a lot of people hate it. But lately I’ve noticed people besides myself posting my art and discussing it and it’s a strange feeling. A good one I think? I dunno I’m not used to the attention
It's fucking great, we need more gremlinposting.
To be fair I don't care for /u/ content but your stuff is just too damn good. Congrats on getting more notoriety in any case, thank to you I found that monkey kid stuff. 
Joining the Emmy threads opened me up to some good shit I wouldn't have expected, damn. 

Fucking saved, glorious.
> Tatyana would never curse in Russian around her boys
All I get form this is that she say stuff like bitch and fuck, and that the kids will one day meet a tourist and call them a motherfucker in public.

That little tidbit about the neck is actually a great detail, I always thought it would be the perfect technique to cover necks or similarly flexible parts, that's how I always pictured the arms of robots like Bender for exemple. 
Can't help for drawing but I'm taking Dom's drawing course, if it help me get better I'll give the commie-bots a try.
>  kids will one day meet a tourist and call them a motherfucker in public.
Tatyana would be horrified but her master would probably laugh and not tell their mother about it.
Hope Dom's course works out, I see several people taking now.
Getting into it was a bit odd, the website goes a bit backward; you purchase the course, and then create an account when you start it.
should i make the emmy thread early? like maybe at 2 am or something, at least before the shitposter, I've got access to the comic on patreon, the thread would be slow at first but at least it'd actually have the comic in the OP
It's only 1am here m8 and I ain't gonna be up and posting for like 10 more hours, I imagine I'm not alone.
Last week the early thread lived and died before I got up, then the followup thread lasted all day.
i think the early thread got deleted last week, hopefully that'll happen this time and the comic thread will get made at a normal time. i'm too pussy to make the thread early anyways, I'd hate to be responsible for something screwing up and the legit thread getting deleted
> new thread got nuked when the old one hit page ten
> missed everything and can't give feedback

I guess I see why this place exist now
So now there is both the comic and the exclusive, should we use only the comic tommorow, and keep the exclusive for next week? I don't think we'd be able to start a second thread, but if we do and use the exclusive we'd have nothing for next time.
Alright, posting the archives.
I wish there was some way to ask a moderator what the weekly limit is on threads of a given topic. 
Because other threads aren't given this treatment, hell even egregious /sug/ threads got moved to /trash/ a few years back.
>  weekly limit is on threads of a given topic
There is none.
there are topics that are there literally 24/7, non stop, some with several threads up at the same time.

We're singled out for no reasons.

and yeah, this is... A bit suspicious.
Laser guided autistic rage, is what is going on.

As far as I know, and with what I checked, we're not breaking any rules, so there is no reason to kick us like that.
alright, now I'm pissed. It's not like there were even 2 threads up at once, which is why the comic thread has been deleted in the past, so there's really no excuse for deleting the thread that was currently up. I hate bringing up other weekly threads, but it's not like we're on 4chan itself so I feel OK doing so. Flyday threads happen every friday and that's a thread for a show that ended years and years ago, there's not really that much discussion, just a bunch of shitposting and drawfaggotry (it's fun as fuck, I hang out there every friday now). Hell, even that stitch saturday thread is still up, at this point it's pretty obvious they're only targeting Emmy for some dumb reason.
> at this point it's pretty obvious they're only targeting Emmy for some dumb reason.
It's not even that dumb miss /co/ shit either, this targeting predates that by quite a bit.
With the exceptions of /hsg/ and the cartoon equine show I don't think I've seen any type of thread so deliberately thrown off the board. If they wanted us gone (unjustly) they'd just move the thread to /trash/, this is more spiteful.
Next week the new comic needs to be posted like, at midnight. It sucks, and the thread would be slow at the start and it’d die early, but it’s the only way I can see the thread surviving to bump limit. Jannies will have literally no excuse to delete it because it’ll be a thread with new content for the OP image, it won’t be a second thread because ideally this means that the comic thread would be going up before trollOP can make his thread.
Yeah no need to rile them, we're already in the right on this so it's just a matter of getting them to see what's going on.
"Why are we subject to more stringent moderation than other threads?" is the only question requiring an answer.

I have no Idea what I'm doing or what's going on, if someone who know how to navigate this thing could come and actually do the talking that would be golden.

I panicked and went with  >>/651/

Also I think nobody of importance is online as of now, when I came in they where talking about cabbage soup. and there was no new message
So apparently I have to go to the meta board... Now I just need to find out what it is, where, and how to go there.

me neither, and now someon's asking for threads and numbers and shit

I don't knwo what to do and I'm an ESL so I'm going to misread a lot of shit
shit yeah, I'll do that
He said "cool, that one work" about what I already sent there, so I hope we'll get something out of it.

then come and try yourself
a cute robot maid going on through life, and interacting with humans, trying to fit in.
You can find the comics there
notihng new yet, I'll monitor it but honestly I think I'm going to pass out, ti's three am for me ad I'm tired as fuck.

If anyone want to take my place feel free (I can even give you the login and password toMiffed_Maidbot_Enthusiast if you want to keep it consistant)
the name is Miffed_Maidbot_Enthusiast and the password is OP's_a_f4g 

Now I'm going to bed, knock yourself out
The attempt is appreciated but we really should have agreed on what to do and lurked around to understand how rizon work first, that was embarrassing.
oh so, they just don't want you talking about this webcomic? is it cause of content matters or they're just bein dicks?
To be fair, we've had nsfw stuff being posted from time to time. 
But it was pretty mild, always behind links, and nothing that justify tearing the threads apart like this.

At least I don't think we've had anything so bad or shocking that call such a response, hell we don't even get send to /trash/ and just get nuked.
Well since Domm made an interview, someone made a thread about it.
Ended as well as expected
Man, I was thinking about making a thread but I knew that it would probably end up like that. Wish I was there for it though.
Someone made a remark about this endchan thread and about hwo it may be one fo the reasons we get such a bad treatment by the mods.
I was going to say that's stupid but right after saying that the thread got nuked.

I'm starting to think it's actually part of the reason mods are so butthurt about us. Still as unwarranted, but I dunno, may be a piece of the puzzle.
Cute Plat drawing
Interacting with the shitposter was both enlightening and baffling, his hatred is clear but his reasoning remains disjointed and un-discernible.
His posts are disjointed, I honestly can't tell if it's several people that jumped on the bandwagon or if he's more batshit than we thought
I think we have a few dedicated haters plus a handful or idiots that want their minute of relevance and parrot those.

I find it a bit funny that each time Emmy is relevant outside of her threads, we have someone go "oh, so THAT'S what you have to deal with, I'm so sorry". I rather we didn't, but at least it's nice that other are aware of the retards let loose on the board.
Just decided to check up on sta's page and saw this neat little update. Glad he's backish.
Let's hope whatever fuckery took over the mods don't drive him out again.
Last Saturday was stupid and hopefully a fluke.
Will we have a thread tomorrow? If anyone got the patreon pages it'd be nice to use them (I think they're suposed to come out later that day anyway)
I’ve got access to the Patreon pages, but I’m a little worried about making the thread myself. I hate to make it so so early, like close to midnight, but that’s the only way I can see a thread happening and staying up.
A thread in the next few hours will be long-dead by the time the majority of anons wake up to post in it. Then again, there's always the wildcard of the faggot shitposter making his thread first again.
it's a guarantee that the shitposter will make his thread very early, and the thread always stays bumped. so an actual comic thread being made at night will be very slow at the start, but it has a higher chance of staying up because it's started with official/fresh content. it'll suck because it means the comic thread will die earlier than it needs to, but trying to make the comic thread after the shitposter has already made his thread has proven to be impossible because mods will just delete the comic thread
Yeah, I think making a comic thread really early will bring a shorter but much more high quality discussion
well, I was going to make the thread once midnight hit, but I'm going to bed early. can't bear to stay up any longer. so here's the comic if anyone else wants to make the thread when saturday hits
i guess i could make it, midnights coming around in about 40 minutes and i dont feel my self going down anytime soon
/co/ mod will delete the followup thread. They will likely delete the main thread before autosage too.
I don't know how to fix this.
Preemptively posting today's desuarchive
Okay we need to get in contact with the staff with this bullshit, we have to get organized this time, no more running to the rizon server like we're off our meds or sending isolated feedback, anyone got the discord link? We can't properly communicate if we're not sure who's doing what and how
Ain't that a jar of piss and a half.

Well, I really don't like posting it here instead of a real thread, but I'll do it before I get too angsty and burry it forever.
Shitty edit I did in like an hour
> "it could be anyone of us"
> "oh no, how could we even tell?"
> meanwhile, Tilly's trying to figure out what to do with the washing machine
> "maybe filling it with Ajax will work"
Someone will make the thread even if we want to wait, it will die around 5pm tomorrow at best and the followup thread for latecomers will be deleted after ten posts.
> shitposter-kun completely breaks and just spams garbage fetish shit
> gets quietly deleted, returns later to cry even harder
What a good day
*block your path*
"This is the busty police, you're not busty enough, I'm arresting you for being indecently flat!"

What do?
I'm sorry officer, I'm actually on my way to get a breast expansion procedure! I swear I'll never walk around with so small a bust!
Would you guys back me up if I commissioned an oppai loli milf to plattypy I can go as low as a shortstack but the breasts will have to be a lot bigger to make up for it
You could at least put effort in if you're gonna make a habit out of trying to troll Emmy threads. This is just pathetic.
How do we do that. 
I just hit the report button down there after typing the captcha and it says "content reported" or something like that.
Something like this would be plenty. I don't know what kind of response was expected since the only rule I put in place was spoiler lewds, but I went ahead and spoilered them.
> shitposing goofus
Accurate description. I think he burned himself out though, he barely even dipped his toe in the /co/ thread this week. I thought he might spam here more but I guess he got bored already. Hopefully he's moved on.
I think it’s because there hasn’t really been anything worth complaining about. Nobody is making early shitpost threads anymore, and the threads have kind of slowed down since there isn’t anyone constantly b8ing in there so there aren’t as many arguments (there’s still the occasional retard responding to /pol/ bait but it’s not as bad as before). The only issue that’s left is Pastebins getting deleted, but that’s already been discussed to death here.
So that 'cube meme' guy. Actual ESL idiot, or shitposter merely pretending? 
Place bets
Now it is I guess. Hope people start posting here rather than the /aco/ thread. Enough shit and jannies over there.
So, back to the bullshit we were talking about in /aco/. Emmy Discord. Yay or nay, and why?
there's already a discord, i dont know why people are acting like theres some debate here. if you want to join the discord do it
I'd say yay, but somewhat reluctantly.
Personally from what have been told it's an anomaly among discord fandoms, I'd have to see it myself but someone said they actively try to keep the threads alive with content.

IF the majority of our content creators are actually there and still post so much in threads, this sound true enough
I agree with your position, nobody is forcing you to join, but many anons seem to think it that it hurts the threads and therefore hurts the fandom. I'm just interested in other's opinions, thats all.
> it's an anomaly among discord fandoms
It is, quite nice there when compared to other discords.
> IF the majority of our content creators are actually there
They are. 
> still post so much in threads
They do.

Overall I see it as nothing but a net positive, artists and writers group together and give feedback, regulars shit post and have fun, and the threads stay the same.
Tranny janny on a rampage again, huh?

4chan's mods have always been a mixed bag.  /co/ isn't the only board to get shitty mods.  They're treating maidbot enthusasts just like they treated the My Little Pony fans, and that's not even the worst.  /k/ probably has the worst moderation of all the boards--politicians talk about banning guns, but you can't mention it, "no politics, enjoy ur b& lol," while trolls and shitposters go completely uncontrolled.
Yeah, that was quite the derailment.
Even with the autosaging I thought things would die down and move relatively quietly to the /aco/ thread... Not whateverthefuck hapenned. This was downright violent.
The mods force-autosaged the normal thread, things went to shit in the alternate, then things went worse because a dumbass made an "official" discord (he was alone until a bunch of regulars of the actual discord went in and found out he's fucking retarded. They still decided to invite him back), so it devolved into discord argument, and now the alternate thread is autosaging prematurely too, and some madlads just keep insulting the jannies on repeat
> then things went worse because a dumbass made an "official" discord (he was alone until a bunch of regulars of the actual discord went in and found out he's fucking retarded. They still decided to invite him back)...
The fuck? Is that what all this discord talk was about? The only discord I know about was the dead linked one in the booru. Why humor the cancer "official" discord at all? Why reinvite cancer? All of this sounds absolutely retarded and avoidable unless I'm missing something here.
i dont know what the discord argument was even about, theres been zero drama actually ON the emmy discord. all in all just been a pleasant day aside from the potential death of emmy on /co/
Technically two, but ones dead, dog shit and was created a few hours ago. The other is pretty nice and has been around much much longer.
From art threads.  Emmy in a Gantz suit, and Emmy cosplaying as Battle Angel Alita.
Jam made those, and wrote a three parter 

> Since Emmy seems to have been overridden by basic screeching, might as well go to the trash heap.

It's been a year, and somehow this statement hold.
> ”Nathan, Ryan- *c’mon*,” the teenage girl groaned. “Quit playing with the-”
> A smashing of metal frames rang through the entrance to the pristine grocery store, the heaving girl desperately wrangling her two younger twin brothers away from the shopping carts
> Franny busy with several dozen other chores, the onus of getting dinner was left to the Flagg family’s oldest and, with the boys too young to be left home alone (at least in terms of what insurance would cover), the two were to tag along
> ”Can we *please* just do this quickly, I have homework and- NATHAN!”
> Grabbing the one boy by the arm she yanked him out of the way of a tottering old man on his scooter, the sister smiling at his scowling face as he passed
> ”Aw c’mon sis, how’s about we split up and then we meet back up… and put all our stuff in one cart?”
> ”Ryan, I- I cannot put into words how little time I have to deal with this, and Nath- Nathan?!?”
> The other boy was already slipping off with a small cart, the list deftly torn in half as he slipped away
> ”Wait u-*oop!*”
> With a shivering hand the young lady wiped the strands of red hair from her face, the flocks of people brushing and pushing past them
> ”Ryan, look here,” she said, stabbing a finger into the new, delux atomic watch he’d gotten for his birthday. “You both get forty minutes, okay? When it says four forty-five, we meet back *right* *here*. Am I understood?”
> ”Y-Yeah,” he gulped. “Seeya in a bit sis!”
> ”What am I gonna do with those boys…”
> Pulling the list back up she realized all the ‘boring’ things were left in her hands, the boys slipped loose through the aisles to pick up some candy, a card and more for her parents’ anniversary
> Sighing she stuffed the torn paper in her shirt pocket and took off
> Somewhere far across the city, a narrow nandroid was shuffling along the sidewalk, trying her hardest to keep from breaking into a sprint
> A short stop at the Melborough Theater, where the Mister and Missus had met as teenage ushers, whipped Franny back out onto the street
> She kept her own list running and running in her head, repeating each and every thing she needed to do
> She’d gotten the tickets for that evening's showing of a less-than-romantic film the pair had been planning on seeing for some time, there was the matter of their dinner reservations for afterwards and-
> ”Flowers!” Franny clapped her hands to her face, swinging around in disbelief. “Flowers, flowers, flowers,” she muttered aloud
> Inches away from the trolley ride home she whipped herself into a frenzy, clinging desperately to her purse where the tickets and her allowance bounced and jingled together
> ”The park,” she gasped aloud, slipping across the street
> Yellow cabs honked and cursed at her nimble shape, daintily jay-walking towards the great green common that formed the heart of Hawthorne Grove
> The instructions the Mister had handed down were quick and easy- red roses
> Perhaps a bit passé for the refined tastes of a Sterling nandroid, but it was what was requested and what Franny knew would wow the Missus
> The only issue was finding a flower shop somewhere nearby, the nandroid holding her purse close as she scanned the idyllic greenery around her
> Scattered across the flat plain were quiet picnickers resting on towels and blankets, others caught in ball games or playing catch
> ”Ah! Right there!”
> Her eyes caught on a miniscule, colorful cart
> Sat in the middle of the pedestrian walkway it was practically overflowing with delightfully fragrant floral arrangements, perfect for the Flagg couple’s anniversary
> Marching her way down the path Franny waved to the kind old woman sat inside the booth
> ”Hello,” she waved, “hi, hi- can I get-”
> ”Hello, dear,” the woman smiled, adjusting her glasses. “My you’re thin haha! What can I do for you today young lady?”
> ”...Well, I was looking to buy some *red roses*, preferably a full bouquet?”
> ”Oooh right here dear- oop! A bit thorny heh…”
> Shimmying around inside the narrow little kiosk the lady fetched a thick bouquet of deep, crimson roses
> Each swirled and bowed to the others around it, luscious petals and prickly thorns shimmering with a spritz of water
> ”How much will these run me, ma’am?”
> ”Ohh, uh- fifteen dollars, please!”
> ”F-Fifteen?”
> Franny’s cheeks piped up, nervous- she only had so much change for the trolley and, with the Mister and Missus out for the night, she wanted to make something special for the kids
> It was a small Flagg tradition to buy the ingredients and make their own pizza when Mom and Dad were out but hat fifteen would take it all away
> And even the leftover change she had after the fact wouldn’t be enough to catch the trolley, with how the city department of transportation had been pushing people to buy their swipe cards over anything else
> ”Yes, ma’am fifteen. A *bargain* for roses like these.”
> The older lady practically wagged the bouquet in Franny’s face as a nervous hand drifted to her purse
> Shimmying past the two tickets and other pursely miscellania she held onto she removed the pair of folded bills from a small, internal pocket
> ”H-Here you go…”
> Cash handed over Franny took the bouquet into her hands, holding them tight to her chest before retreating back to the little paved avenue running through the park
> Taking a deep breath she set off sharply for home, the mile-or-two’s trip home now painfully extended without fare for the trolley
> Marching her way back to the city streets she hefted the bouquet back up in her arms, eyes darting to catch a little fuzzy fellow emerging from the swaddling embrace of one rose’s deep petals
> Crawling out, coated in pollen, the little bumbled bee was ready to take flight before Franny shook the bouquet violently
> Abruptly flung into the air the poor creature tried desperately to right itself, buzzing little wings flying open as he swung around the panicking nandroid’s head
> Swatting with her narrow fingers Franny tried to bat the little creature away, sending it, rightfully peeved, into the brushed-up crop of her hair 
> Franny screeched in pure fear, shooting a hand to her mouth as concerned parents pulled their children close, eyes nervously watching her as she whipped a hand into her hair
> Finally free, likely cursing in some incomprehensible tongue, the bee was flung out and into the air towards greener pastures
> ”Whew,” Franny sighed, trying to recompose herself, “at least that’s over.”
> Making her way back to the edge of the park, though, the gentle clack of untrimmed nails on the brick twisted her head around
> In the commotion the canine denizens of the park, pulling and pawing at the dirt, were trying to make their way to Franny to investigate
> Twisting her head to the building, playful stampede behind her she bolted ahead on her narrow legs, swerving left and right to make it to the road and towards home
> Leashes flapping in the wind behind them, though, the dogs bore forward
> Large ones and small ones, dobermans and dachshunds, bulldogs and boxers all bow-wowing as they gave chase
> Frantic owners lunged after them, helpless to stop the charging canine tide as a bouncing borzoi launched her paws and snoop forwards
> Piled to the ground and rolled into the grass Franny skidded to a halt
> The dogs mercilessly licked and pawed at the robot as she grumbled to herself, waving her hands at the host of dogs bobbing and begging for attention
> Shakily the nandroid propped herself up, deep muddy stains ice cold against her elbows
> Streaks of spilt chlorophyll bled through her skirt in sickening, green streaks 
> And there, smashed between herself and the ground, were the ruined roses
> ”Oh no, no no no…”
> The dogs wrestled away by their owners Franny was alone on the smeared, broken lawn, strands of grass sticking still to her messied hair and ruined uniform
> Her purse, thankfully, was fine, the tickets safe inside for the Mister and Missus
> But there on the ground spilled in broken red petals was the destroyed bouquet, its plastic wrapping failing to keep clods of dirt and grass from the flowers inside
> Reaching a wavering hand inside Franny checked the roses, each one bruised and de-petaled like their siblings
> Deeper though, cushioned by its fallen siblings, was one last flower *just* fine enough to take home and offer to the Mister and Missus for their day
> It would have to do, Franny sighed, the cresting sun telling her it was time to go home

> The pair of boys, slinging their cart left and right through the aisles of the store, slammed each odd and end off the shelves and into it
> Drifting around corners they grabbed assorted bags of chocolates and candies, plopping a thick cardboard heart in after them just for Mom and Dad
> A handful of baking supplies on top of the ingredients for their parents’ favorite (the oldest would be making dinner) and all that remained was the card
> Pausing to catch their breaths, having deftly avoided a few polo-shirted employees along the way, they tip-toed through the silent mass of greeting cards
> Shelves on shelves of them fluttered and glinted around them, cheap kitschy cardstock bedecked in glitter or streams of glittering, metallic paint 
> ”Uh…,” Nathan started, “what do we get?”
> His twin narrowed his pouting face, eyeing the specific labels for each column of cards
> ”Thhhhat one.” He pointed to ‘Marriage & Couples’, the frilly red text standing besides ‘Recent Passing’ and ‘New Baby’. “How long have Mom and Dad been married?”
> ”...How old is-”
> ”Twwwenty? Twenty-one?” He counted out the years on his finger best he could, trying to factor in their visiting sister’s birthday on top. “...Let’s do that.”
> Snapping up cards for both a twentieth and twenty-first anniversary they turned the aisle corner, their time running short
> And there, resplendent in some great, marketed display of the plush arts, was Franny
> Or at least a stuffed figurine of a nandroid whose hair, now just a lump of cloth stuffed and stitched together, was styled like Franny’s
> ”Woah…”
> The little plushie was just one of several dozen, stacked together in a towering display alongside other bits and bobs of Sterling merchandising
> Shoppers idly passed it by to view the magazine selection next to it, but he boys were absorbed in the display
> A universe of nandroids was stacked limply atop each other, each with their own unique felt-and-cotton hairstyles
> Here was a bobbed redhead, and there the messied pixie-cut of a rockstar or spaceman
> And, their eyes settling on the bottom-most ring of them, their own home nanny-droid
> ”...Should we?”
> ”I don’t think we’ll be allowed to-
> ”Ryan,” Nathan snipped, “I think we can whine *enough* to where we can get something for-”
> ”For Franny?”
> ”Wait… yeah! Franny would… she’d like it I think?”
> ”Let’s grab it then!”
> Nabbing the tiny figure, its little cardboard tag swinging behind it, the boys zipped off to meet their sister
> Meeting together at the agreed upon little intersection the three started offloading everything into the larger cart
> ”This everything?”
> ”Yup,” the boys chimed in response
> ”Alright… alright… nice! Let’s go check- what’s this?” The woman’s delicate hands grabbed the squooshy little figure, its cotton insides giving just a bit underneath her fingers. “Boys I said no toys-”
> ”It’s for Franny!”
> ”Yeah,” Nathan added, hands balling nervously together. “...Like a thank you…”
> ”Hm… Well, that certainly seems nice.” 
> Holding the doll she plopped it in the cart, conspicuously nudging it into some of the other things the boys had grabbed
> ”Yeah!” 
> The two cheered together, waiting on their sister as she went over the list
> ”And this is the *only* thing you two added?”
> ”Well-”
> ”Because as nice as it would be there wasn’t any,” she said, filing through the handful of snacks and confections piled in, “‘Smacarons, the French confectionary cereal’? Why of all things do you guys need this? *Or* this doll?”
> ”W-We’ll put them back!”
> ”Yeah, we just wanted to get Franny a gift…”
> The sister narrowed her eyes a bit, setting the other snacks and miscellany back in their cart
> ”I’m going to go check out- I want you two to put these back and get right back here, okay?”
> ”Okay!”
> Franny sighed to herself, the lonesome march home covered in stains as the sun dipped overhead
> Hungry kids waiting for a special dinner at home she couldn’t give, help with homework she couldn’t offer in her absence
> And all she had to show for it was a gnarled, grass-stinking uniform and a single rose in hand
> Spun between her fingers the thorns harmlessly scratched her plastic skin, her narrow feet tip-tapping on the pavement as she made her way home
> She’d taken a special day for the Flaggs, for the Mister and Missus and dropped the ball (or bouquet) entirely
> The only solace she could take was thrusting a hand into her purse over and over, fingers running over the pair of tickets inside, proof to her being at least somewhat able to do her job
> She wanted to cry, meekly picking her head up to check intersections before crossing, the humid air doing enough to wet her face and melt the chlorophyll and dirt deeper into her skirt
> The boys would surely be disappointed, and they’d been doing excellently in the intermingling weeks their sister was visiting too
> Sighing again Franny turned the last corner towards the Flagg’s townhouse, the cramped, sprightly house no doubt empty of its family
> Franny would set what she *did* have down and sit, waiting for the others to come home
> Slipping a key into the door she heard the idle chatter of some people, not sure if, deep from the kitchen, who it was or what they were discussing
> Doubtless in her mind it was the Mister and Missus, their plans canceled to take care of their tardy android 
> Taking a breath she slipped away to the bathroom to wash her hands properly and wipe away the smudges of spilt grass on her face
> Inside, staring into the mirror and her own, frazzled eyes she dipped her head again
> A blade or two of grass shook free from her hair, the poor nandroid trying to comb more free with her hands to no avail
> With another breath she snatched the decorative vase and filled it with water, dropping the sole rose inside to present to her owners
> ”Ma’am, Sir,” she started, turning into the kitchen, “I’m terribly sorry-”
> ”Franny!”
> The twins grabbed each of her legs as she marched to the kitchen table, Franny’s eyes meeting with the eldest sister, phone in hand
> ”M-Miss, is everything-”
> ”Everything’s good,” she winked, turning back to the handset. “Yeah and could we do another large, pepperoni? Perfec! Yep, yep- that’ll be all. Buh-bye.”
> ”We have something for you!” 
> Tumbling over themselves the twins raced up to their shared room to fetch their hidden prize, their stomping upstairs bleeding down to the kitchen
> ”They have something for you, heh. Now, uh- is everything okay?”
> ”W-Well, miss, I had an unfortunate accident while I was out getting the flowers for your Mother and Father, and well- I’m terribly sorry to-”
> ”Shhshh, you’re alright! Lemme get that.” Taking the vase into her hands she laid it gently at the center of the table before taking her seat again, beckoning the nandroid to follow. “You weren’t home first so we decided to just order, means food’ll be here when the rest get home and then Mom and Dad can leave- easy!”
> ”O-Oh! That is very nice, good to hear, now-”
> ”Franny!”
> Dogpiled again, by the boys this time, Franny was almost tossed from her seat
> Righting herself just barely the two thrust the little doll right into her hands
> It was her own mirror image save for the simple stitched-blue eyes and the blatant lack of a mess smeared across her
> She was a perfect little icon of herself, her hair lick even standing up more atop hair that was brighter, cleaner, *younger*
> ”Thank you boys… thank you very much,” she sniffed. “This was very nice.”
> Staring into the doll’s eyes a few seconds more the four were interrupted again by the swing of the front door, the last four Flaggs shuffling inside 
> ”Heya family,” their father called, the twins rushing to greet them
> ”You go get cleaned up Fran, I’ll handle it!”
> Hefting the vase up and slipping the tickets from the nandroid’s purse she left Franny to stare at the little doll before her
> Sighing she slid away to the basement, nestling the kind eyes and swooshed hair onto the shelf in her little charging nook
> Slipping out of her dirtied uniform she folded it neatly into a corner of her narrow closet, turning around to eye her old, backup uniform
> ”...Baby blue,” she groaned, the old thing staring back at her. “Well, the girls will understand!”
So this is the endchan thread uh? Less active than I hoped, but unmoderated and eternal. Nice
> you can gaypost

fucking nice
Leaving this link here for today's thread. Lots of posts were removed for absolutely no reason, so I suggest you check it out.
More than I should, but then again I've thought about breaking many arms.
Emmy's would probably be hard to break, since she's made of metal and supposed to be able to hold onto kids and heavy grocery bags.
What if this thread had a nandroid mascot
Slow, quiet, often forgotten, but always there when needed, with the occasional bout of energy
just got up to date on Cobbled. Dude knows how to write, wonder if he's got his own stories.
> Weeks pass after the party
> Madeline has had time to reflect, really regrets how she acted reflexively after the cake disaster
> She keeps thinking about the look of fear Emmy had on her face after the incident and hopes she can apologize when Emmy comes back
> Can androids feel fear? That looked like fear
> Madeline hopes Emmy will be okay
> A few days later, a new nandroid shows up.
> ”Ah, and you must be Madeline! I’m Valerie!”
> Madeline asks where Emmy is
> ”Oh, not to worry- I’m only here as a substitute while Emmy’s under repair. She’ll be back in family operation before you know it!”
> Madeline isn’t happy about this, but her parents explain that Valerie isn’t a replacement, just a substitute while Emmy is out and that a busy house waits for no one
> Months pass, Madeline makes minor connections with Valerie but wonders where Emmy is
> The excuses change as time goes by
> ”She’s still being fixed, give it time”
> ”She’s apparently got a more serious issue with her than expected, this will take longer than expected”
> ”She’s been fixed, but they’ve moved her to a new family”
> At this last one, Madeline protests vehemently
> Her parents have been acknowledging her questions about Emmy with less and less eye contact, and now this
> Emmy was part of the family, she thought they all knew that
> This is not what they promised, this is not what anyone promised
> She wants to see the new family Emmy is with
> At this her dad gets cross, explains that that section of Sterling Robotics isn’t his department and demanding that information could get him fired for violating privacy policies
> Is Emmy worth costing her dad his job, because that’s what she’s asking
> Months pass again, Madeline and her parents fight, but eventually make up
> Madeline is still sore, though, and misses her friend
> Years pass, Madeline is now a teenager
> She has studied rigorously to be part of the Sterling Robotics Internship Program
> Har har, she’s going to StRIP, make the jokes she’s heard them all
> It’s worth the lame humor to be part of one of the best robotics engineering firms in the business
> Dad congratulates her, says he’s so proud of her following in her dad’s footsteps
> She smiles and nods, doesn’t mention that she didn’t do it for him
> Day Two of the internship is a tour of the company grounds
> Madeline is getting a tour of the entire building, chaperoned by- who else- a nandroid
> Guess intern tours are too boring for actual people to do, whatever
> ”-and this is the Scrap and Recycling sector, made in conjunction with the Green initiative the Sterling Robotics board passed a year ago. Stay close, Madeline, this place can be dangerous if you’re careless.”
> ”Yes, Helena~” Maddie yawns as she walks by gigantic blocks of compressed scrap, waiting for smelting
> ”Vo-VO-VoCaL rEcOgNiTioN: MaDeLin-Lin-LiNe DeLAiRe-“
> Madeline whirls around as she hears her name emerge from one of the blocks of scrap, then yelps as she sees a cerulean-blue electric eye illuminated in the middle of it, staring back at her
> "Ma-MA-ma-mA-mAdDiE-Mad-Mad-Madeline, yOU'vE GrOwN S-sO-SO-so-sO- mUcH-CH-"
> Madeline freezes, how does this android know her na-
> The color drains from her face in horror
> "Emmy?"
> A closer look shows the years have not been kind
> Her wig and attire have been ripped to shreds, leaving only the barest ragged wisps upon her head and body
> half her body has been utterly crushed, as well as both feet at the knees
> one eye flickers intermittently, the other is missing its lighting mechanism entirely and the socket is hollow with a couple of broken wire ends
> scratch marks and rust stains have ruined what little remains of her framework
> Servos whir and click visibly  in her chest cavity, vainly repeating initiating motions for limbs that are gone
> Helena is saying something, but Maddie isn't listening, the world is now only her and the friend she abandoned
> There wasn’t a repair policy at all
> Why would there be, they mass-produce nandroids on a daily basis
> it’s all so obviously a lie now, she can’t believe she was so stupid
> "I-i-I-I aM SoRrY aBoU-Ou-oU-OU-OUt tHe CaKe, AnD oN yOuR Sp-spe-SPe-SpEci- SpEciAL DaY, t-ToOo-"
> Oil leaks from Emmy’s one “good” eye
> There’s something wet on Madeline’s cheeks, her vision is blurring
> pLe-PLe-Please, I'LL ma-mAke iT u-U-U-uP tO YoU- aN eV-vVen BeTt-T-t-TeR ParTy-"
> Impossibly, her only arm stutteringly reaches out, though Madeline recalls bizarrely that Nandroid batteries only have a two-month lifespan at absolute longest without charging
> There’s no way she could last this long, she shouldn’t even be able to speak, let alone move
> yet with pained but clearly deliberate slowness, Emmy extends her fist, then a finger, and gently caresses Madeline's cheek, smudging away her tears
> *crunch*
> Helena's fist plows through Emmy's head, her eyes solid cautionary yellow
> "ROGUE ANDROID DEFENSE PROTOCOL ENGAGED," Helena emotes artificially
> Madeline screams at Helena, but nothing is getting through to her as Emmy spasms once, then her servos whine down in a downward pitch and shut off forever
> Helena steps back and is already apologizing, explaining that it’s automated protocol for nandroids to defend their hosts when unlicensed androids touch their families
> Madeline isn’t listening to her, she grabs Emmy’s hand curled in rigour mortis, she doesn’t know what to say, she can’t even apologize now
> something falls out onto the ground from the fist it was in
> it’s a ribbon, like the one she wore all those years ago to cover her dress
> it’s covered in grime stains, clearly somehow found and salvaged from the surrounding garbage
> but in the middle of it is a plate of cheap, cracked white plastic
>  where some barely-articulate hand has drawn the number 9.
so the thread just got prunned at 227 replies
How do we use the irc again?
Has this ever happened before? A realI mean a proper official Saturday thread getting deleted, not a runoff thread or anything.
deleted or saged.

oh thank you.
I was sure there was a more recent atempt but I guess I misremembered 

Realistically I don't think so, but honestly she could be a museum piece, or sititng in some private collection.
Where is the new thread? Hiatus is not an excuse, we've had threads on weeks with no new comic before.

I need my weekly nandroid dose, goddammit.
Oh, thank god. I didn't know this because yellow boards are literal cancer so I tend to stay away from them.
So I've been trying to talk to a mod, and after asking them about it they just... Dropped it.
I tried being polite by just asking if there was something new with the rules, like with ms/co/ and it being "too meta" (whatever that mean, it's once a year and /co/ related), and they just ignored me and went back to posting about animes.
And it's been a good ten hours so I think it's safe to say they don't give a damn and moved on, or asked to the relevant mods and got told off.
I've looked over the rules and I can't tell why we are being singled out like that.

Correct me if I'm wron, but only ones I can tell for sure that we broke (as a group, I mean, I can't tell for anyone else of course) are; 6 (post quality), 8 (complaining about 4chan), 13 (no avatar or signature), maybe 14 (scrapers, bots, or other automated posting or downloading scripts is prohibited), 15 (no mlp/brony stuff outside of /mlp/) for the global rules, maybe 2 (spoiler tags) for /co/ specific rules, and 2 (No doodles or garbage artwork) for /aco/ rules. And now apparently there is an unwritten rule about meta being prohibited.

And, again correct me if I'm wrong, but from my point of view here is why those were broken;

6 is in part the moderation teamss fault; Deleting greentexts, art, links and discussions while leaving posts like "nantales moment" or other incoherent trolls. The rest is just us being, well, people on the internet, like every other anon on the board.

8 because we're fed up with the atrocious moderation and their blatant disregard for formal feedback and sometime direct questioning via IRC (except that first try a few months ago in this thread, from what I've seen and heard the others were civil and went at it the proper way).

13 would be at least for GosslingAnon, then maybe some artists posting a recognizeable drawing for their request-taking, the "my friend" poster, and some others that I probably forgot or would be delighted to see their names mentioned.

14 because the Booru's forum have a post about how to use an automated scrapper for the thread and how to mass upload it to the gallery afterward.

15 because we posted ponified Emmy or other characters from times to time, but that was months apart.

/co/'s 2 because I've seen several anons fuck up spoiler tags

/aco/'s 2 because of Lumpy

The meta because maybe ocs count as meta? It wasn't stated what counted as meta or not.

And that's without counting the unspoken rules that varies between mods and change each time a new one is assigned to or leave /co/, and that nobody have any clues about.

I'll add that a lot of other threads violate those rules and more, but I haven't seen them get singled out this hard so consistantly. Or at all.

Incidentally I hope we're not breaking any or too many rules of this board here, but given the lack of activity other than us I think we're alright even if we do.
And maybe contacting a mod here would be easier given the smaller size anyway.
I don't know what happened but I'm out of the discord and can't get back in, woke up to a fucked up internet connection and when I reset it discord refused to reconnect. I don't even have the app so I can't make an exemption in windows firewall or whatever, I was just using the browser window. I don't know why it broke.
sounds like it's blocked in your network somewhere, either internet or LAN or maybe some cunt locked your computer out of it. Try on your phone or other device to narrow it down.
Try delleting your cookies for that website, or try to change your ip one way or another.
Why aren't you using the app anyway?
That meme's getting old now, but no.
Nobody joined or had an autistic shitfit.
At most there was a "I feel bad for the autist" but that's it.
> At most there was a "I feel bad for the autist" but that's it.
I can get behind that
I have no fucking clue what this guy was on about, but insulting him for being an autist was not going to work
Dude's already struggling with a simple concept, saying his eyes are glazed over from stupidity or whatever was not going to help

I'm not expert, but from what I get autism mean your brain is wired wrong (people say "different", but just look at this sperg and tell me he's not wired wrong). No amount of yelling at them is going to change that.
It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and blaming the hole for not being round. That's not a thing. It's annoying as fuck but being an asshole about it make it worse for everyone involved, and even some that aren't.
Fuckers ran the thread into the ground by eating up post count.

I can't even be all that mad at the mentally disabled guy, it's like asking Ricky Berwick to stop being disabled. He didn't ask to be Canadian.

Thought I'd post this here too for conveniance
does anyone have access to the irc right now? I don't trust myself to not be a snappy cunt after this
Promised the janny would be told to stop by a mod and we still get the threads killed mid-discussion
Link for those dedicated enough to dive in and seek favor with the mods.

Sad that a simple weekly webcomic thread gets flooded and aggressively over-moderated that it should require a literal off-site lifeboat thread.
> the lifeboat thread started two years ago
> there was already several attempts to communicate

Haha oh my god
Thread's older than my involvement with Emmy, dang. Might be time to give this a second shot.
And you know the best parts about this place?
Multiple images per posts, very few rules (basically "noting illegal" and "spoiler lewds"), and Hitman can't spam the thread to and early death even if he tries because it's the only living thread on the board!

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP