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What happened with tokopedia and why I cannot search for tramadolea or prohiper there? Did I overlook a start of some antidrug campaign or what?

Does it pose danger to obtain substances this way? How common is it among people you know? How to get good Aceh weed and not to he caught? Do you guys like to be high? What do you prefer?

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Jadi apakah awan awan di sini ada yang bermain anonchat?
The place is literally filled with horny girls, are you perhaps too autistic to even talk to girls in anon mask?
> be me
> met a girl in anon
> she said i was different than the rest she met there
> my birthday come
> she gave presents
> even give money for food sometimes.

is this how life of an alpha manipulative male feels like? I am fond of it ngl
any experiences awan?
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lo sendiri daya tariknya apa coba
sok inggris dengan pola pikir inggris, sok sains itu ga menarik
terus juga postingan lo dikit" menghina, asik dimananya coba
ga pernah ngaca
> buat mancing atensi para cowok SIMP-ing
bukan tolol, cewek itu suka dipuji, pengen dipuji, pengen dikagumi, karena mungkin mereka minder, "aku cukup cantik ga ya"
memahami wanita aja ga bisa
lu keknya mengharapkan wanita karir
kalo suami kerja, istri kerja, yang mendidik anak siapa?
wanita karir buat apa, biar lu ga usah kerja?
istri yg baik itu yg penurut, yg pintar suka membantah, kalo udah membantah suami, rumah tangga kandas
tl;dr: wanita karir, pintar, strong-independent woman itu wanita durhaka yg menginginkan suami sebagai kacung yg bisa mereka suruh", dan itu yg elu inginkan, dengan kata lain elu cuckold yg ga punya harga diri
mau aja jadi kacungnya wanita
nah, kalo yg lu cari ini wanita karir, terus ngapain nyari di anon?
kalo lu punya karir pasti di circle tempat lu kerja ada wanita kan disitu, nah ajak nikah noh
di anon itu kek club, one night stand, cinta satu malam, yg bener aja lu nyari istri ditempat begituan

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Musik, film, serial televisi, budaya populer, trend

General thread ini dibuat sebagai pengganti sementara board /med/ di Fscchan
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Nih playlist gua:
1. Céline Dion - On Ne Change Pas,
2. Claire Laffut - Vérité
3. Casper - Keine Angst Drangsal
4. Natacha Atlas - Gafsa

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We are mourning

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namanya juga doktrin wan.

>  hey anon! bisa-bisanya kamu percaya doktrin lain selain doktrin yang saya percaya!

ada juga doktrin mengenai "the big brother" membelah bulan.

>  be "the big brother"
>  membelah bulan
>  tidak ada catatan apapun di dunia
>  tfw

padahal di indonesia ada sriwijaya, majapahit. ada juga orang inka, orang maori dll. di indonesia ada tulisan yang ditulis di atas batu. tapi tidak ada catatan tentang membelah bulan. tidak di indonesia dan tidak di dunia. padahal kan harusnya bisa diobservasi. orang israel missile aja bisa dilihat masa membelah bulan enggak.

telan aja wan, namanya juga doktrin.
> 2022
> Still using nonsense anti-islamic narratives to disprove Islam
Cokin/kafirs like you should kill yourself, you're beyond salvation.

> Allegation

Anti-Islamists claim that the sum of inheritance doesn’t add up to a whole number, when inheritance is divided using division as prescribed in the Quran. Allegations then use this logic to say that this proves that the Quran is wrong, its maths is wrong, it was authored by some human who didn’t know maths, and it definitely is not from some God, etc.

> What Quran Says

The verses of the Holy Qur’an on inheritance state:

4:12 Allah commands you concerning your children: a male shall have as much as the share of two females; but if there be females only, numbering more than two, then they shall have two-thirds of what the deceased leaves; and if there be one, she shall have the half. And his parents shall have each of them a sixth of the inheritance, if he have a child; but if he have no child and his parents be his heirs, then his mother shall have a third; and if he have brothers and sisters, then his mother shall have a sixth, after the payment of any bequests he may have bequeathed or of debt. Your fathers and your children, you know not which of them is nearest to you in benefit. This fixing of portions is from Allah. Surely, Allah is All- Knowing, Wise.

4:13 And you shall have half of that which your wives leave, if they have no child; but if they have a child, then you shall have a fourth of that which they leave, after the payment of any bequests they may have bequeathed or of debt. And they shall have a fourth of that which you leave, if you have no child; but if you have a child, then they shall have an eighth of that which you leave, after the payment of any bequests you may have bequeathed or of debt. And if there be a man or a woman whose heritage is to be divided and he or she has neither parent nor child, and he or she has a brother or a sister, then each one of them shall have a sixth. But if they be more than that, then they shall be equal sharers in one-third, after the payment of any bequests which may have been bequeathed or of debt, without prejudice to the debt. This is an injunction from Allah, and Allah is All-Knowing, Forbearing.

4:177 They ask thee for instructions. Say, Allah gives you His instructions concerning ‘Kalalah’: If a man dies leaving no child and he has a sister, then she shall have half of what he leaves; and he shall inherit her if she has no child. But if there be two sisters, then they shall have two-thirds of what he leaves. And if the heirs be brethren — both men and women — then the male shall have as much as the portion of two females. Allah explains this to you lest you go astray, and Allah knows all things well.

> Explanation

Under the commentary of verse 4:13, a brief portion explains what the divisions constitute:

It may incidentally be noted here that heirs are divided into two main groups:

Dhawu’l-Fara’id (sharer) i.e. persons to whom Islam allots a fixed and definite share (1/2, ¼, 1/8, 2/3, 1/3, or 1/6) in the estate of a deceased person.
‘Asabat (residuary) i.e. the heirs who receive the residue after the Dhawu’l Fara’id have received their allotted shares.
It is, however, not necessary that a member of the first group should always remain a Dhu’l Farida (sharer). In certain cases, he may be both a Dhu’l Farida (sharer) and an ‘Asaba (residuary) and in other cases he may be simply an ‘Asaba (residuary).

The Dhawu’l-Fara’id (sharers) are 12 in number, four males and eight females.

The males are:

Paternal grandfather
Half-brother on the maternal side.
The females are:

Son’s daughter
Full sister
Half-sister on paternal side
Half-sister on maternal side
Grandmother whether paternal or maternal.
The ‘Asabat (residuaries) are of four kinds:

Ascendants of the deceased i.e. father, paternal grandfather, etc.
Descendants of the deceased i.e. son, son’s son, etc.
Descendants of the father of the deceased i.e. full brother, brother’s son, etc.
Descendants of the grandfather i.e. full paternal uncle, paternal uncle’s son, etc.
[Larger Edition of the Commentary of the Qur’an, Volume 2, pp. 504-505, under verse 4:13]

The objections raised are specifically against the Sharers (Dhawu’l Fara’id), which constitutes the fractional portions. Anti-Islamists claim that these don’t add up to a whole number, but they are not meant to necessarily round up to a whole number. There are residue amounts left over which are considered as well, thus no matter what the case may be, regardless of whether there are fractional portions left over or not, the divisions happen according to the amounts which are left, debts and strangers are paid off first, then the remaining portion is divided among family members, some inheriting at one stage of division, then others get remaining portions of the division. If anyone wishes to consult this matter further they are invited to read the book “Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa” edited and translated by Frederic Rosen, 1831, specifically the latter portion of the book starting from the chapter entitled “On Legacies”. To give some background, this book was written by the famous Al-Khawarizmi, who invented the modern algebra by utilizing it for the shares of inheritance. Thus, the problem with those trying to grasp the numbers in Islamic inheritance “not adding up” is due to a lack of mathematics on their part and their ignorance of algebra. Algebra was named because of Al-Khawarizmi (Al-Jabr), so anyone who wishes to learn how inheritances were computed should look to the father of modern algebra before they raise further objections.

> Summary

The allegations against the Quran that its maths is wrong when dividing inheritance is due to lack of knowledge of how inheritance works and lack of knowledge of maths on the part of those who raise this objection. A simple reading on how the system of inheritance in Islam works and what’s the maths behind it would alleviate any doubts on this subject.
Jangankan membelah bulan wan. si "Big Brother" bikin agama aja gaada catatannya di negeri manapun. suku nya suku quraish gaada catatannya di dokumen penjelajah roma, persia, yunani dll. kota mekkah pun gaada. fictional semua wan.

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Wan, kata/kalimat/frasa gak nyambung/gak jelas apa yang sering kamu ucapkan ketika sedang bergumam/ngomong sendiri? Kalau aku ada dua yang sering banget reflek keluar ketika lagi ngelamun begitu:
Gak pernah denger album Death Grips selain Exmilitary dan Money Store, tapi entah napa seneng banget ngucapin kata ini. Entah lah, enak aja katanya dan lucu juga. Sering ketawa sendiri kalau tiba-tiba ngucapin ini. Sama suka neriakin kata ini juga biasanya pas lagi di kamar mandi
Aku gatau napa bisa kepikiran kata ini. Kayaknya karena dulu pas zaman pilkada Ahok ada istilah "yang penting muslim" gitu dari lawannya pas milih calon, terus ini kayak kebalikannya. Sama kayak tadi, sering ngekek sendiri kalo ngelamun terus tiba-tiba ngomong begini

Selain dua kata itu, aku biasanya sering reflek ngucapin phrase meme begitu (What did he mean by this?, You're a big guy-for you, the absolute state of [nama aku/suatu hal], KWAB, It's over, dst) pas lagi bergumam. Entah lah wan mengapa aku suka nyeletuk begitu tanpa konteks
Gatau kenapa pengen bikin bomb di amerika terus ledakin parade pride month.
based wan.
tapi daripada ngutip liriknya mc ride yg emang g jelas, gw pas sendiri kadang suka ngutip verse nya kendrick 
>  life's one funny mf
>  i remember u was conflicted
>  drip drop flip flop
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Ku akhir akhir ini sering spontan ngucap "Stop ngomong kata/ungkapan yang sering diucapkan" tiap liat ada yang gunain hal tersebut di internet. Seperti, STOP NGOMONG YANG TAU TAU AJA, STOP NGOMONG APA ARTINYA BANG MESSI, STOP NGOMONG LOGIN, dll sambil bayangin adegan Kyle Broflovski nyuruh Cartman buat berhenti bilang hella
Kadang jadi situasi di mana akhirnya aku malah bilang STOP NGOMONG STOP NGOMONG SESUATU, terus STOP NGOMONG STOP NGOMONG STOP NGOMONG SESUATU, dan seterusnya sampe cekikikan sendiri

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