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Is this just for "meme magick", or do you intend to discuss /x/ stuff here?

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Nope, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Ironically, the term "meme magick" is a meme in of itself, reinforcing the idea that thoughts can change reality.

Also, calling things 'Satanic' isn't really accurate. This is just a tool of mankind, and the Illumimaymays don't own the practice. It's within everyone to weild the memes.
There are themes and oddities that i run into again and again until they fit into a part of the meme ethos that was barren or connects memes to make a meme mesh-thoughtform composed largely of past atavisms that occurred sometime in my memeing beforehand. Unless you have a narrative you allow the narrative to write itself out of the moment. 

This is not a magickal society kinetic or not. Most people have a hurdle they must surpass before they can use there creative talents they have not mastered. This is why ultimately a doom and gloom plume of smoke as humanities only sense of future will diminish their overall expectations in life. in this phase they are highly suggestible. Your intent must be a healthy artistic reality that you create around yourself to give your meme a contextual stance
i would also argue that aside from large orchestrated false flags a lot of magick is a form of divination in and of itself.microcosmic in the reflection and macro-cosmic in the memetic push. the expanding novelty figurine on the mantle of reality. to get others to of their own accord begin to decode their own occulted life is a form of programming prelude though this is how people connect the dots to begin with
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The Fool 
I - The Magician 
II - The High Priestess 
III - The Empress 
IV - The Emperor 
V - The Hierophant 
VI - The Lovers 
VII - The Chariot 
VIII - Adjustment 
IX - The Hermit 
X - Wheel of Fortune

XI - Lust (The Passion) 
XII - The Hanged Man 
XIII - The Death 
XIV - The Art 
XV - The Devil 
XVI - The Tower 
XVII - The Star 
XVIII - The Moon 
XIX - The Sun 
XX - Aeon (Judgement) 
XXI - The Universe (World)
These are the TRUMPS of the Tarot, And these are the meme bases we can use to create new memes. The fool is like epic fail guy and The magus would be ?

I kind of want to make a meme tarot of at least the 22 atu

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Watcha fags think of "La santa muerte"
Para gringos: http://www.santamuerte.org/english
Basically, she's lady death, and as long as you pray to her, she'll keep you safe, often, cartel members pray to her. Hell, how does religion in general relate to meme magick? The bible is essentially a concetrated book of magicks for it's followers.
Is this santaria?
Lady cottonmouth I'll pass huehue. Though There is rumer that in small town in Mehico there is a Bundel of blankets that nestles Lady Death and she is very ripe can barley open her eyes and that is how you talk to her. I don't reckon there is much to say in general.

Ah, I thought the question is whether it's better to exist or never come into existence in the first place. Pardon me.
Seeing as most people, if they believe in a spirit, view spirit as higher than the the physical body, non-existence would be much better.
We only know existence and as messed up as it is, I much prefer it.

Hail Discordia!

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colcasperuk, more my usage of him as an avatar has destroyed the masonic original ghostbusters. its going to destroy ghostbusters and it is so much of a result that the shills started saying the angry birds movie is redpilled just like they propped up trump just like they made up gex. to fuck with me
thumbnail of Ultimate Illuminati in Hip Hop Expose Part 11 - The Obey Campaign-z9k2yCxSNx8.mp4
thumbnail of Ultimate Illuminati in Hip Hop Expose Part 11 - The Obey Campaign-z9k2yCxSNx8.mp4
Ultimate Illuminati... mp4
(14.56 MB, 480x360)
you probibly heard him this is colcasperuk. I dont think gex and trump where made famous to mess with me but the way people praised these people is the same way as sarcasm reads
once again proops is A lurker

this episode he sund 2 songs i used  before this episode was recorded

Edge of seventeen- stevie knicks
Bad to the bone _ george thourogood


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thumbnail of Military Memetics Tutorial 13 Dec 11.pdf
Military... pdf
(17.29 MB, 0x0)



Get it here:


Original link:

Presented By:
Dr. Robert Finkelstein
President, Robotic Technology Inc.
Collegiate Professor
Graduate School Of Management and Technology
University of Maryland University College

Presented At:
Social Media for Defense Summit
Alexandria, Virginia

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This is where we learn the nature of memetics and magick, correct? Is there literature on the subject? Any kind of database of information we can utilize?

Does anyone here actually "practice" the belief of meme magick? I see everyone talking about it, but no one making an effort to use memetics to achieve any kind of result. Do you guys work in solitude, or is there things going on behind the scenes here that I just can't see?

These string of questions are brought to you by a curious lurker.
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The "Memetic Engineering 101" PDF on eumetics.com's download section is a good overview.
There was also a Journal of Memetics, you can read the papers here: http://cfpm.org/jom-emit/

Take your shitty forced meme elsewhere cuck. I'm glad you got called out in the mascot thread for pushing this voodoo nonsense.

Meme magic is also a stupid idea, but only because the phrase defining it is inherently misleading. It isn't fucking magic, this shit is basic psyops. Learn your COINTELPRO shitters.

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Can memetics work efficiently outside the internet? The only way I see it used at all is through corporate conglomerates.

What about normal Joes like us? How would the average man spread thought virus?
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to do this one needs repetitive creativity. like a hobby of a thought-form manipulated to a sort of garden by which you cultivate the ethos of your thought-formation

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