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Meme Magic Hypothesis - The Hidden World

The Hidden World is a shadow carbon-copy of our universe made up of wights (or kami if you're a filthy weeaboo), which are the psychic manifestations of individual concepts or cognitive units. There is a wight of rocks, a wight of hWhite people, and a wight of Ebola (you may be familiar with her).

Hominids (even niggers), though they are physical machines in our physical universe, are simultaneously in the Hidden World as a carbon copy of their machine. They have a wight of their own essence, a soul, which produces psychic energy in the spiritual universe. Every meme that soul venerates has the potential to create a new wight or strengthen an existing one, by lending a portion of the energy it is broadcasting to that particular wight.

This chaos (a "complex system") of conflicting interests that is very similar to the emergence of ordered phenomena from chaos that is "weather." We are not the only ones using meme magic. Our enemies have been using it for thousands of years. We used to use it, before our enemies sent Christianity in to eradicate our native meme magicians.

Any meme we create which runs counter a prevailing meme such as 'global warming' (sorry Winterchan) is not a powerful meme. Our meme influence is best spent SUBVERTING normie memes and redirecting normie energy into memes we control.

For instance the popular 'zombie apocalypse' wightstar (collection of aligned of wights) has a lot of potential. It is memeing "The Collapse," "The Happening," "Chimp Outs," "The Government Is Not Your Friend," "Masculine Males = Survival," "Wymyn are Fucked On Their Own" and much more. It's all right there, just beneath the surface waiting to be Bruce Lee'd like water back into the faces of the jews. There are many such examples you can think of on your own.

Please meme responsibly. Don't waste your spiritual energy by throwing it against countervailing memes. Remember that the Jews can easily use our own folk to meme against us through control of the media.
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Perfect example of what the outer head or perhaps the mayor or memetopia would say in his address to the residents.sentiments such as these are great examples of strength in beleif however i do declare this is not a summerazation of memetiecs. memetic is memory fragments interchanged into a rhythmic or humorous assemblage. this can be lol which like binary 0101 is simply a meta-verbal assertion of amusement. Binary and laughter lol now lulz.
What if you were to meme a more powerful form of magic into existence?
Essentially, you could transform the basic unit of individual belief into a collective unit of belief in a higher magic and therefore bring about a convenient, easy to access form of magic that could be used for practical everyday purposes.

Just sort of throwing that out there.
that is implying memetic inter fusion is not capable of doing just that. You see we where given /pol/ for a reason. to see the problems not in plain sight but to be aware of the struggle for the narrative. we have latent abilities that are what you want now you can try and invoke god but that is worryingly heretical and you never know if you succeed when you try it so if you want a more direct method of change your gonna have to make the progress spiritually to conceive of the subtleties that these forces are visible
Take your shitty forced meme elsewhere cuck. I'm glad you got called out in the mascot thread for pushing this voodoo nonsense.

Meme magic is also a stupid idea, but only because the phrase defining it is inherently misleading. It isn't fucking magic, this shit is basic psyops. Learn your COINTELPRO shitters.

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