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Roll call! If some fellow anon randomly runs into this place, feel free to leave a post as a record of your brief visit.
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still? again?

happy independence day, for those in the 'states. Sounds like a war is going on. Which of course is why we chose fireworks to remember this day by.
I am always open to new information, provided that it ain't just some idiotic doxing efforts. 

 Haunting choice of picture. 
It's been a while, and no it wasn't. I was trying to build up a list of pony sites. I'm visiting again since someone from 4chan /mlp/ is specifically looking for pony image boards.

The picture is by pacific-dusk, formerly known as ponyshot. The artist used to draw art related to space pony musicians. The sentence at the bottom is taken from a song by mirrorsforprinces, a separate alias of SoGreatandPowerful. The graph lines are another reference to SoGreatandPowerful's S2 videos. Many of the original uploads surrounding this sub-community are notorious for disappearing, giving rise to dedicated archivists. A representative example of pony research.
Sorry for the belated reply, this board is now under the control of >>>/pone/ and just (at most) a secondary dumping ground of projects/satellite state (at best anyway). Naturally always interested in efforts like this. 

>  I'm visiting again since someone from 4chan /mlp/ is specifically looking for pony image boards.

If that is still active I might contribute; /endpone/ has had efforts in the past and contact with a few obscurer imageboards (albeit most of them are dead) that might be off their radar. 

> The picture 

Though knew some of the general facts I did not know the history of this picture. Thanks for the information!

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