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Here are the board rules:

1 : Threads and posts must not support jewish propaganda. Expose jews, don't empower them. This doesn't matter if you're not jewish.
2 : All jews and 'shabbos goy' cucks for jews will be banned.

If you submitted this report, explain how either of those are violated.
Well, yeah. I still enforce Global Rules.

1. Nothing illegal under US law.
2. No suggestive audio-visual content of underage children. Loli ok. Loli is not ok here if it's lewd.
3. No spamming; no flooding that compromises normal operation of the site.
This board is really small and slow though. Wonder who even made that report to begin with? 

Hmmm it also looks like OP posted a picture of that guy.
That guy who sets up botnet imageboards and spasms our board/s a lot. How did that OP even get that picture though?

Still, that was a weird thread.

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Under Biden Regime America Lost Afghanistan, Ukraine, Gaza and Next, Taiwan

In four years under Joe Biden's presidency, the US strategic oil reserves have been drained. Our military has record low approval and a recruitment crisis. No one trusts the US government anymore. No one trusts Congress anymore. No one trusts the media anymore. On top of all that damage, America has lost major proxy wars. The Taliban won the war in Afghanistan and ran the US military out. Ukraine is being defeated and will become a third world failed state. Israel ignored our warnings not to fully genocide the Gaza strip while Yemen bombs away our Navy ships and cargo. Now China has officially announced they will take Taiwan. To add the cherry on top, the world is dumping US Treasury Bonds on record levels and starting to trade OUTSIDE the US dollar. The US dollar is losing reserve currency status and the US faces hyperinflation and a near-future, violent and chaotic, economic collapse.

All I have to say to the Democrats is GOOD JOB. You destroyed America. You destroyed your own country! You absolutely gutted America's future. Are you happy now? Will you be happy when you die in a failed state, most probably very violently die? Good for you. Wonderful. Enjoy your communism while it still remains.

By the way.... if you try taking us to war, I'm bunkering underground. Me and my family will leave you to die on your own. Fuck you.

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When your internet is gone.
When your food is no longer affordable.
When a wheelbarrow of money can't buy a loaf of bread.
When hyperinflation hits again.

As it did in the Great Depression, I want everyone who visits this board to remember the one country that once turned extreme economic turmoil and mass starvations around for 12 entire years while three empires compromised by jews got pissed off and decided to fuck up a nation smaller than Texas.

Jews won't survive it either. When the parasite kills the host, it must die too.
It will be chaotic for sure. If you choose to take risks and target your enemies make sure you know who they are and are worth taking that risk, those that got us into this mess in the first place. I expect many of those wealthy people will bail to Israel or some other nation though. Me and my family intend to hunker down and avoid the conflict as much as we can and try to survive. Maybe we will, maybe we won't, depends how bad it gets. However, in any event, I won't be traveling to any major cities ever again. Balkanization will be necessary to restore local law and order in various areas across the country. Don't count on ever seeing distant relatives and friends who live far away from you ever again either, life will drastically change after the collapse.

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Joe Biden Gets Roasted With Facts After Tweeting ‘We Leave No Veteran Behind’ LIE

Joe Biden’s Twitter/X account published a message yesterday saying ‘we leave no veteran behind’ and it provoked a strong reaction from other users on the site.

Some users were quick to point out the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, others noted the fact that we still have homeless veterans in our country while illegal immigrants are put up in hotels. The backfire was massive.

“Joe Biden abandoned 13 U.S. service members to die in Afghanistan. He’s lost his right to ever speak about our military again.” — Paul A. Szypula (@Bubblebathgirl) May 22, 2024

“13 dead young warriors at Abby Gate would like a word.” - Buzz Patterson (@BuzzPatterson) May 22, 2024

“More veterans will die this year awaiting treatment by the VA than have died in combat this entire century.” — mitrebox (@mitrebox) May 22, 2024

“Uh-oh. Last time he spoke like this, he abandoned our hostages in Gaza.” — Marina Medvin (@MarinaMedvin) May 23, 2024

“There’s 35,574 homeless veterans.” — Secular Talk (@KyleKulinski) May 23, 2024

“Kiss my ass, you piece of trash.” — Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) May 23, 2024

Biden’s social media propagandists clearly didn’t think this through before posting.


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These Young Punks Thought War Would Be Fun And Easy. They Are Dead Wrong.

Western fighters who joined the war in Ukraine have been killed, in some cases, because they assumed the fight would be easy, a US veteran who fought in Ukraine told Business Insider.

The veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a lot of foreign veterans who came to Ukraine to fight against Russia's invasion had been used to fighting at an advantage and struggled to adapt to the conditions there, where they were often outmanned and outgunned.

"A lot of Westerners that come to Ukraine, they want to be heroes," he said. "I just kept seeing dudes that would go out to Ukraine, and they treat it almost like it's a vacation, and they're not really expecting to die."

He said he had the same mentality when he first started fighting there. But that changed, and he better understood how risky it was, as the war progressed. "I was expecting to die because that's just the type of mentality that I fucking had, and I was okay with it."

He explained that it was harder to find places to stay safe in Ukraine, where more drones are being used than in any conflict in history, and artillery and long-range weapons are in constant use.

He said that "even if you're fucking miles and miles behind the fucking front lines, you can still get hit by a fucking rocket out there." He said it's not like conflicts in Middle East, where if you're on a base you're "relatively safe."

That same comparison has been made by other US veterans in Ukraine, who described the fight in Ukraine as more intense.

One, who uses the call sign Jackie and who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, previously told BI that the fighting in the eastern city of Bakhmut offered no place to stop and rest, unlike the other conflicts.

"You have to be willing to relearn everything that you've been taught, which is, I think, one of the reasons why some of the Ukrainian soldiers are doing so well out there, because they don't have any base where they've been taught."

"Meanwhile, a lot of the Westerners, they already have a set idea about how things should be and everything, and it's just not that way out in Ukraine."

He said foreign fighters need "a willingness to learn and a willingness to give up everything. You have to be willing to fucking give up everything in order to fight this fucking war."

The veteran said of foreign fighters in Ukraine: "A lot of these people, they're just not willing to give up and to do what actually needs to be done for that country."

Reasons aside, many foreign fighters have been killed, as Business Insider's Cameron Manley previously reported, with some international survivors saying they were used as a sacrificial unit.


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12444 png
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British Govt Tells Goyim To Bend Over For WWIII Rape + MY COMMENT


MY COMMENT: When your government is finally telling you to get prepared it is probably already too late for most people to afford doing so, so the British government is now comfortable admitting they are fucking the masses over royally! Same will follow in the USSA very soon too, rest assured! I'm going to give you some real survival tips!

> Prepare food for three days
Three days won't be enough to feed you during a crisis!!! You need at least 300 days worth of long-term food storage! You can buy bulk foods like rice, beans, lentils, pasta, oatmeal, grits, flour, sugar, mashed potato mix, split peas, spice (etc) at Costco or Sams Club as well stock up plenty of canned foods and frozen foods! Again you'll need at least 300 days worth of food if you wish to remain free and independent from the UTTER HELL government intends imposing on the local population!

> waiting calmly for instructions on the radio
This is their key RUSE and BIG LIE. It would be wise not to follow any of their instructions during a crisis, doing so will voluntarily land your ass in some FEMA Camp and having your private property robbed!!! It's best to hunker down in your own home and arm yourself and your family!!! Have plenty of basic essentials stocked up, this includes food, clean water (or access to clean water/filters/distillers), guns/ammo/bore mops/lube, extra fuel for generators, medical supplies, plenty of sanitation supplies!!! If you don't have clean water and sanitation supplies you'll die miserably or be forced to comply with interventions to live (not even worth it at that point)!!!

> Rishi Sunak highlighted a new axis of anti-western states including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran
NONE of these countries are threats to civilians if our own governments were not provoking war with them!!! Honestly, if we cannot limit our own insane governments from waging unnecessary wars they deserve to be removed from power, one way or another!! Becoming cannon fodder for an insane, corrupt and power-starved government is moronic at best! If you wish to do so have at it, me and my family certainly won't!!!

HAL TURNER COMMENTS:  "Prepare for 72 hours in home?  Is that sort of like the time needed for nuclear fallout to dissipate?   "Some of the most dangerous years ahead" . . . . "security crossroads" . . . . China, Russia, North Korea, Iran" . . .  these are not words used to stir the public for "personal resilience."  They seem to me to be words used to prepare the public for nuclear war.)

MY COMMENT: It's at least one full week before fall out dissipates and to fully dissipate it would take a month!!! Most people would not survive a nuclear war!!!! You would need an underground shelter, living far outside any major nuclear target AND have at least a year worth of needed supplies to overcome some SHTF crisis like that. Not to mention local survivors who are desperate could very well be armed and dangerous and you would need to defend yourself, family & private property!!! The British are being told to simply bend over if this were the case!!

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Because Of Out-of-Control EPA Idiots, Many Americans To Face Future Blackouts

A report by the non-profit organization North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) indicated that a third of the country is facing an "elevated risk of blackouts" come summer this year due to the unreliability of the US power grid.

As per the report, elevated risk means there is "potential for insufficient operating reserves" when the region faces above-normal demand conditions. The determination of elevated risk is based on various factors, including potential low wind or solar energy conditions that could lead to a lower electricity supply.

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which manages the electricity capacity market and operates in 15 U.S. states, is expected to have "sufficient resources" to meet normal summer peak demand, the NERC report said. However, if MISO were to face above-normal peak demand conditions at a time when wind and solar output is lower than expected, it could be "challenging" for the transmission organization to meet demand. "Wind generator performance during periods of high demand is a key factor in determining whether there is sufficient electricity supply on the system or if external (non-firm) supply assistance is required to maintain reliability," the report stated.

Michelle Bloodworth, the CEO of America's Power, a partnership of industries involved in producing electricity from coal, said that the analysis proved that the American electricity grid is "increasingly reliant on weather-dependent sources of electricity" like solar and wind power. She added that blackouts are poised to increase because of regulations imposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Delayed coal plant retirements are playing a key role in supporting grid reliability. However, this is only a temporary band-aid because EPA regulations will cause more coal retirements that cannot be delayed. These regulations, especially the recently announced Carbon Rule, increase the chance of blackouts," Bloodworth said. "With electricity demand exploding, our country needs a strategy for ensuring a healthy long-term electricity supply that doesn’t depend on the sun and the wind and is not dictated by EPA regulations."

The EPA backs renewable energy, noting it "produces no greenhouse gas emissions" like 'fossil fuels' and reduces some types of air pollution.

Apart from the electric grid overload doubled with the dwindling supply from the energy sources, America's power infrastructure is also prone to cyberattacks, with the number of susceptible points in electrical networks increasing by about 60 per day, a separate report by NERC indicated back in April via a webcast. Americans should be asking, WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT CONNECTING POWER GRID CONTROL SYSTEMS TO THE INTERNET IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?

The grids' virtual and physical weak spots, or points in software or hardware that are susceptible to cyber criminals, grew to a range of 23,000 to 24,000 last year from 21,000 to 22,000 by the end of 2022, executives with the energy regulator said. "It's very hard to keep pace with addressing all those vulnerabilities," said Manny Cancel, senior vice president of NERC.


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(1.62 MB, 957x2180)
Congo Captures CIA-Mossad Agent Attempting Failed Regime Change

American-Israeli mercenary Benjamin Reuben has been captured after a failed coup in the Congo.

Reuben is allegedly a paid mercenary who, published reports claim, acts for former head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, and also, allegedly, Jewish billionaire Dan Gertler.

The video below, taken in the Congo, is said to show Reuben on his knees, begging for his life after the Coup he allegedly engaged in, failed: https://twitter.com/Resist_05/status/1792367674842058921

Reuben's reported boss, Yossi Cohen, is pictured below, standing behind Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: https://halturnerradioshow.com/images/2024/05/20/Yossi-Cohen-Former-Mossad-Chief.jpg

Billionaire Dan Gertler is reportedly the Glencore guy who allegedly didn't care about kids in the Congo mining cobalt: https://halturnerradioshow.com/images/2024/05/20/Gertler.png

According to published reports, Gertler ingratiated himself to a previous Congo ruler for whom, when an uprising threatened, Gentler flew back to Israel and came back with very many fancy guns used to put the rebellion down.

This is widely reported to be the second failed coup by Yossi Cohen who is banned from entering the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why would a former Israeli Mossad Chief have interest in the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?  DIAMONDS!

You see, Israeli blood diamonds, mined in Africa, cut and polished in Israel, are exported worldwide.

The proceeds are used to sustain the Israeli economy and finance illegal settlements and genocide in Gaza.

The diamond industry in Israel goes back to before the Nakba in 1948. Israeli diamond tycoons have long been involved in exploiting resource rich African countries.

So child forced labor, blood diamonds, gun-running to dictators, mercenaries trying to overthrow governments.  THAT is today's (so-called) "God's Chosen."  Sorry, I don't see these particular individuals as being that.  Nope.  Not at all.


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Crash Site of Iran Presidential Helicopter Found, All Aboard Confirmed Dead

The crash site of Iran's Presidential Helicopter has finally been located.  Rescuers at the scene report all aboard were killed.

The bodies of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and their accompanying delegation have been found at the helicopter crash site.

Throughout Asia, people on Social Media, are calling this an “assassination.”  Here are some examples:

Tsargrad: “The assassination was “organized at the highest level.” An “excruciating death” is a signal to Russia and China. “They are killing everyone who supports Russia and China.”

Tsargrad columnist Ilya Golovnev: "It is reported that local authorities promptly sent 8 ambulances to the site of the alleged crash. Earlier, the IRIB TV channel reported that the situation is seriously complicated by weather conditions, which prevents rescuers from reaching the scene of the incident."

Russian war correspondent Alexei Zhivov: "Immediately after the incident, Israel was quick to deny its participation in the crash of the helicopter, on board which was Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Earlier in the Arab media, there was a version that the crash of the helicopter was an attempted assassination of Raisi, carried out as a result of sabotage by Israeli security services in collusion with Azerbaijan, with whose leader the Iranian leader had met not long before the crash. Azerbaijan is a latent ally of Israel. If it turns out that Raisi was killed, all this will end in a big Transcaucasian war."

The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA): “Some unofficial sources say that some companions of the Iranian president died an agonizing death at the crash site.”

Blogger Sergei Kolyasnikov: “This puts us in front of a very serious and dangerous security event. We are facing the possibility of a major assassination attempt or an actual assassination.

Political scientist Sergei Markov points out that if it is indeed a terrorist attack, Israel could be behind it. It could also be radical Sunni Islamic groups. And, of course, there is always a threat of a terrorist attack from the three main terrorist organizations in the world: ISIS*, the SBU, and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s GUR. For all of them, Iran is an enemy.

In turn, US officials believe that Iranian President Raisi has been assassinated. Biden was informed about the situation with the helicopter. A short time later, journalist Arash Azizi published an article for The Atlantic, where he also claimed that his sources had reported the death of the Iranian president.”

Scholar Nikolai Vavilov holds a similar opinion: "Have they moved to the last stage - are [they] killing everyone who supports Russia and China?"

Investigators will go over every square inch of the wreckage to determine the cause of the crash.  Chemical analysis will be done to test for explosive residue.  Small shards of metal will be analyzed to see if a MANPAD or missile may have hit the helicopter.

The results of those investigations will be the determining factor as to whether or not this was an accident, or a sort of Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment, that triggers what the assassination of the Archduke did: a World War.

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thumbnail of d7dd1a4e61e98c8517461d9c8b7af8cf3ef53021c35f107d65bde256a84a3cac.jpg
thumbnail of d7dd1a4e61e98c8517461d9c8b7af8cf3ef53021c35f107d65bde256a84a3cac.jpg
d7dd1a4e61e98c8517461... jpg
(104.49 KB, 1024x512)
Ah, jews assassinating a president. We've been here before. I wonder if Iran will be as pathetic, cowardly and complicit as the United States government was when it was Kennedy. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Iran.

I'm just furious nobody does a damn thing each time this happens.
Yah I hear ya anon. The little conundrum we have is like a scene from an old Italian gangster film. Anytime some small local business man; or even someone more wealthy and influential such as a politician tries to confront and defy the mafia their strong arms are hired to "take care" of them. It's usually other conflicting mafioso that end up killing other prominent organizers. In this situation it would likely be some other powerful mafia-run State like Russia, China or even India that claimed retribution against these Jewish State assassins and/or leaders. It's not like common men are going to take on the mob, way too dangerous, too risky, blowback happens quickly.
That's what I meant. Entire collectives are too compromised to take action. They just decline inquiries, ship arrested foreign nationals back to Israel and business as usual.

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thumbnail of 12445.png
12445 png
(782.92 KB, 959x1013)
ICC Issues Arrest Warrants For Benjamin Netanyahu & Hamas Citing WAR CRIMES

The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) has said today he HAS APPLIED FOR arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant - as well as three Hamas leaders.

In an interview on Monday, Prosecutor Karim Khan said the warrants are for war crimes and crimes against humanity over the Hamas terror group's deadly October 7 attack on Israeli and Israel's subsequent war in the Gaza Strip.

He said warrants were also being sought for Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri (aka Mohammed Deif), the leader of the Al Qassem Brigades - Hamas' military wing, and Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas' political leader."

The US has never recognized the ICC as having any authority or jurisdiction over US citizens. Neither do China, Russia, Israel, and dozens of other countries.

Its authority is only supposed to extend to countries that do not have their own judicial systems.

US President Biden muddied the waters in dealing with this political ICC by encouraging the Ukrainians to pursue ICC war crimes charges vs Russian President Putin, which makes every world leader or any US citizen (including military members) vulnerable to being pursued by a distant international court.


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42345 png
(214.78 KB, 823x746)
Lunatic NATO Leader Wants To Fight Wars To Promote Degenerate LGBT Values

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is committed to spreading degenerate values abroad.

With Russia seemingly making major gains against NATO-backed Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine, NATO leaders have been engaging in bizarre virtue signaling to divert attention away from the abject failure of this proxy war against Russia.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 24, 2022, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has been particularly vocal about NATO’s values and why it’s an institution that has to be trusted despite its long track record of causing instability abroad — from Serbia all the way to Libya.

On May 17, 2024, Stoltenberg, reinforced NATO’s commitment to LGBT values by dropping an unhinged post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter: https://x.com/jensstoltenberg/status/1791356439161933945

Founded in 1949, NATO was ostensibly founded to counter the Soviet Union’s influence on the European continent. However, ironically since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has worked to remake the world in the Soviet Union’s communistic dysfunctional image. Its interventions in the Balkans all the way to Libya have brought nothing but harm and instability.

On top of that, NATO teams up with a consortium of non-profit organizations to promote values such as sexual deviancy through soft power means.

In effect, any country that gets in bed with NATO catches the STD of multiculturalism, sexual degeneracy, and societal decay. More importantly, NATO is an entangling military alliance with a crusading ideology that is a threat to world peace.

Rational nations, especially the US, would be wise to exit this alliance altogether and chart their own paths on the world stage.

I'd like to note something ironic here, during the 1980s KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explicitly warned the American public the Soviet Union communists were infiltrating America to push subversive cults such as "LGBT values" and this kind of subversion was to weaken and divide America. Now we see our so-called 'leaders' adopting Soviet-style subversion, doing exactly what Yuri Bezmenov warned the Soviets would do (including trying to get America into failing proxy wars which he also explicitly warned was a trap being set up).

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