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Get your archives here

Primary archive, much better organized: https://archive.fo/https://endchan.xyz/news/*

/news/ had to be nuked to regain image posting. To prevent such problems in the future, consider donating.

Donate by BitCoin: 18SMo6egCSLEpCDqiW8vJQmwiM5uTxwHH8

I don't have time for descriptions right now.
Also if you want to guarantee your OP image or otherwise will post, open it in paint, adjust the border one pixel, save as a different file name.
Pretty much has to be, yes. Always a good idea to run your source through http://archive.is
New images would be ideal. For some reason the server holds onto the broken image caches even after deletion.


Original news OP is back and I see they have wrecked the board within only a few week! Figures.

I will be posting more REAL NEWS soon!
Nobody wrecked the board intentionally.  >>/operate/8874/
The server migration resulted in every single thread displaying broken images.
Edit: I misunderstood what your message meant. No hard feelings.
Sorry about that. Misunderstanding I guess. Again, I was gone the last 3 weeks and had no clue what happened when I got back. I thought endchan was hacked or something.
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Removed. This has to lead to a new rule. It's not technically spam so there's no ban yet.

No nonsense /AM/ threads.
There will be bans for this in the future.
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more jpg
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Strike that. Changing the rule to No /AM/ threads or messages. /AM/ is a board of autism rainbow text and butchered nonsensical English.
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No jpg
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Rule 10-No lazy title copied into the OP threads. Seven days because this guy never listens. He'll ban evade as before anyway.
Considering the fact that the gay nigger spammer obviously originated from /AM/, and I speak coherent English, I really don't have the desire to go there.
The old corrupted banners are gone. New banners have been added. Now accepting banner suggestions, meaning I'll decide if it works for /news/ or not. Also on the list is "Reader" in place of Anonymous. Should it stay or go, or change to something else?
> As much as it may inconvenience

Sorry, my stupid mouse clicked pressed Enter too soon.

As much as it may inconvenience users, the BO should require the CAPTCHA as it reduces the risk and potential for spam bots flooding these kinds of boards.
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(608 B, 31x24)
I turned it off for all boards I have aside from /pol/, as I'm not BO there and that's G_C's decision. This is what I see as the captcha. If I'm seeing it, others might as well.
Friendly reminder, all news threads are routinely being backed up and archived.

You can find all the /news/ archives here:

Perhaps you should add that link from archive.fo to this stickied thread. This way everyone will see it and no more "friendly reminders" would need to be reposted in the future. This archive continues to grow every day as new threads are created so it is always up-to-date. Just a suggestion.
Several boards (including /news/) are now under attack by a spammer. BO must activate CAPTCHA and ban the spammers.

You can find all the /news/ archives here:

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This faggot gets a month ban for spamming his trap porn collection in multiple threads.
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thumbnail of spambot faggot.jpg
spambot faggot jpg
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Final boss of endchan defeated.
There were anywhere between 4 and 37 of these for each of the 117 existing threads. All deleted. Every IP banned for a month. Easy. Captcha's now on for every single post, since it's showing up for me again.
Also: The circumsized dick loving jew faggot bumped threads all out of whack from doing that. So now you have to scroll through the catalog to find recent ones.
Not sure if this is practical, but in theory, you could make a single bump post on each article, then use your mod powers to delete that post. You would be back to the original order of posts. Considering the (assumed) time it took you to do all those bans and deletions, the hard part would be remembering the order of the threads.
Thank you anon, there are now complaints being filed to Odilitime about this. This was not just /news/ that was effected. Dozens of boards were hit, and hit hard. There is an attack going on behind the scenes.
Done. 21 threads from June. Date 1st bumped, then 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Deleted bumps along the way.
Strange. Other boards I moderate weren't hit. Not going to say what those are. The dipshit might get an idea in his faggot brain.
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too bad jpg
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Don't announce more boards to be raided. Also, I moderate about six. Wait, seven other boards? Doonoo just gave me a liberal board. Goddamnit.
Main /news/ poster reporting in:

Very sorry to say there may be a lack of news updates within the next week, or two, or more.

I have had trouble posting on endchan recently, only to find out configuration has been changed to deliberately inconvenience users of /news/, /pol/, likely among a few other boards.

This was confirmed by the alleged site owner here:  >>/operate/9159/ | https://archive.fo/zhYlH

Make no mistake, there could have been a conspiracy involving the recent tranny spammmer and an intelligence agency which I will not name. I thank all the anons who have contributed to this board, please stay safe.
OK, issue seems to be solved, sorry about that. For a day I could not post any pics or media for a while and my replies took a long time to show up so I decided to postpone the news updates till it was fixed. It works fine now.
One of my recent threads glitched up:  >>/10246/

It came up with a 404, so I switched my IP address and reposted it with success. BO can delete the one that is 404d. Sorry for the inconvenience.
 >>/10278/ (changed my IP, again)
Looks like I got one new thread to post, good sign.

These two threads should be deleted, they came across the 404 bug:

I made an inquiry on /operate/ to see what the trouble may be. Hopefully this issue will be fixed.
I get that 500 Internal Service Error constantly myself. Used to it after "communication between the server and lynxchan crashed" displayed most of the time. Just have to keep reloading the page. 
Got them.
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news jpg
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Vols jpg
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In case anyone's confused about "who has /news/?". Don't cry about it, that's my own post I deleted. 2hands died apparently. Didn't know him.
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thumbnail of double.jpg
double jpg
(339.4 KB, 1589x693)
One of the double posts is removed. I took out the one that had the 404 bug, which is most likely why it was reposted.
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thumbnail of double.jpg
double jpg
(351.49 KB, 1880x903)
I'm guessing it's one of these. I left the one up with two charts. Also don't worry about it and feel free to continue bringing up issues.
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piece jpg
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thumbnail of of shit.jpg
of shit jpg
(4.68 KB, 242x73)
Blatant shitposting agenda image and violation of current events rule 8 using an article from two years ago. Enjoy your month ban.
Whole site was down the other day so I'll be posting the news I collected yesterday.

This thread was 404'd  >>/11041/  (I'll repost when taken down later)

Also, if you could explain why the other thread was locked I'd appreciate it. I have no clue what happened. Thanks.
"MURDER: Rothschild’s Ex-Wife Found Dead, Hanging from Doorknob at Home" was removed as you requested because it was 404'd. Also, what locked thread? Point it out. I'm not seeing any.
Alright. I'm going to start deleting all the pointless shitposting this Tor retard is starting. If you're on Tor not starting shit, you're still safe. Problem? Too bad.
Thanks for getting rid of spam. As for the locked thread I was referring to the Trump/Putin meeting news thread but I see it has been unlocked so nevermind. I assumed someone was likely spamming that thread before too.
Ah, didn't know that. G_C was probably keeping it secure as I worked or slept. That was the thread where the guy spammed nonsense. Also there was tranny dicks somewhere from what I'm told. It's just the same old troublemaking faggot.

The Rothschild thread is 404ing again. Feel free to keep posting it until it takes. Those evil bastards' crimes need more public light.
Please, bitches. Endchan/news is dripping with declared agenda. The agenda of every news post here is either pro-russia, pro-racism, or trump-cuckery. I don't give a shit about is whether you ultra-right conservative fucktards here can admit it or not. What fluffs my balls is the bald-faced lie of the board header disavowing agendas while every post here is nothing but. This isn't a news board, it's an agenda board.

When you delete the particular agendas that you don't happen to like, I cheerfully respond by pointing out the hypocritical asshattery for what it is. So shut the fuck up, take it like men, and stop worrying so much. I'll tire shortly of typing at you sack-headed imbeciles and leave for another six months. You will know when I've returned because you'll suddenly be feeling all uncomfortable and butthurt and vulnerable like you are right now with no choice other than to delete posts to keep the tears from welling in your eyes.
Wow. This guy must jerk off to himself in the mirror. Such delusions of grandeur. But I know you're saying all that to try and get under people's skin, cupcake.
> The Rothschild thread is 404ing again. Feel free to keep posting it until it takes. 

Will do.

What are you talking about? I don't have an agenda, I just post whats going on in the world, whether it pleases others or not. If that looks "pro-Russian" or "pro-Trump" to you, then you clearly have been too brainwashed to handle what is really going on in the world. That's OK though, you have your opinions and can express them (just don't spam the boards though, thats when you'll get banned).
Hopefully the BO will get rid of the thread thats 404'd. I just posted it (for the third time now) successfully.

Meanwhile expect a couple of days without much news being posted (as I seem to be the main poster here), I'll be busy this weekend.
The 404 bug. Happens sometimes when anons post a thread, or randomly when a mod edits a post. You can pull up  >>/11085/ as it finally posted without 404ing.
He already spammed and would have been banned, but the D&C troll knows we can't ban Tor. From what he's said before, the tranny posting faggot thinks we can disable Tor. That's not the case, or I would have already.
That's fine. I won't start threads myself, as I said before, I avoid doing that to keep from controlling the narrative. There's no "agenda" here despite what the retard who doesn't believe his own disparaging tactics says.
Note that any new double or triple threads are due to current database errors on the server. Its time I play catchup here with some REAL NEWS.
This isn't real news though. It's just agenda-laden right-wing hitler wannabe bullshit from you. Is your ire being raised yet?
I have very Good! news to break for /news/ viewers but the server keeps on crashing.

Please delete these defunct links so I can post the Super Good! news at a later time.


This news is a devastating blow to the establishment.
Pardon the triple post, endchan is going batshit again.

Should I repost this thread? It's been corrupted.

At least I called it before it happened this time: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/11368.html
Another one failed, couldn't report it earlier as the website was down for a while: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/11377.html
Spam needs to be deleted:

The site has gone ape shit, yet again.

All recent 404'd attempts:

Two attempts failed, need to be deleted:


I'll repost the article later on.
This was 404'd: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/11507.html

I'm trying a new method which should reduce inconvenience significantly. When a thread is 404'd I'll just repost it a bit later when the website seems more stable and then report the older 404'd link.
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thumbnail of problem admitting.jpg
problem admitting jpg
(22.38 KB, 318x187)
thumbnail of learn to read.jpg
thumbnail of learn to read.jpg
learn to read jpg
(16.58 KB, 697x48)
Stupidity like this made more rules necessary.
> 3 : Blatant shitposting and D&C are not allowed.
> 7 : Do not evade bans. Submitting a calm appeal will usually result in a lifted ban.
> 8. Current events only. News proven to be false and satire will be removed.
The gay thread was both blatant shitposting and not current events. Should you have posted a current month/year source, it would have been left alone as long as it isn't Indian defecation, or trolling bait/fake news.
Not admitting you came here to start shit is not an appeal at all. "Okay, I won't do that anymore." will get you off the hook. Your story was a made up fantasy that's not even news. Wait out your seven days.
No new rules are needed if its fake news and shitposting, which is already against the rules. Might as well just delete it the next time, the spammer will catch on.
I agree. I was reminding the idiot. We already have way too damn many rules, which had to happen due to a lack of common sense (+common courtesy) on the part of shitposters. They post shit, then whine when the reaction is dealing with their shit. They're retarded. The rules now cover enough.
These two threads are 404'd, I'll try again later.

Again: The shit starting Tor troll's messages will be deleted. Eat shit and die Regular Tor posters are left alone.
thumbnail of keep calm and.jpg
thumbnail of keep calm and.jpg
keep calm and jpg
(26.56 KB, 263x370)
Remember rule 7. Submit a calm appeal ie "I won't do that thing" and the ban will be lifted.
"FUCK YOU FAGGOT/KIKE/NIGGER" obviously won't net you any favors.
If he's the BO of that board on 8chan as his name implies, he's a pretty shit BO. I mean that literally. Two posts with a guy eating shit still there from September and November 2016.
Warning: there has been a recent Russian influx on this site and with them a group of self-hating Russians. Expect bullshit. Keep the banhammer at hand.
They're not posting on /news/ so I don't see much of a concern, let the commies be commies as long as they keep to themselves.
I'm not going to ban Russians just because they're Russian. Also, Russia is no longer Communist. I guarantee though, if we have a flood of actual Commies, I'm kicking their asses right out.
I figured out how to post on 8ch.net again, found out it wasn't an issue with my VPN, it was an issue with a certificate error in my web browser. I fixed this. I'll still be posting news on here & 8ch.net/n/. Expect possible traffic increases (maybe, maybe not). Depends. They do know reports originate from here though. I'll be de-fagging 8ch/n/ so if others would like to help out feel free.

This board will ALWAYS remain my home, so don't worry, news will continue here.
I appreciate the contributions of yourself and others. Also, /pol/ could use some crossposting if you feel like it. Still not mandatory. Just a reminder.
I'm aware one of our /news/ posters had /endtimes/ with how many times it was referenced on this board. The lack of captcha allowed a bot spammer to rape that board. The entire site was spammed with 1.25Gigabytes of tranny cocks. My advice: Always enable captcha. It makes the bot spamfag run to /operate/ to cry like a little bitch instead of being able to spam your board.
The asshole came back and DDOS'd the shit out of Endchan. He also targeted information at /endtimes/ that will be restored elsewhere, also to this site at some later point. It's all been backed up. This is likely a spook who hates great quality content. I know this because I've run into them before, they're total degenerate ASSHOLES.

To refer to all the great tips once on /endtimes/ go here: https://8ch.net/prepare/index.html
Rule 1 not enforced because of what the botfag did to your board. No-one report this. Or if they do I'll just dismiss it.
Edit: And they did. And I dismissed it.
Thanks, and sorry I didn't even notice I broke a rule. Is it alright to refer to an archived link from that source temporarily while I figure out a safe place to re-post this information on Endchan? I do plan on restoring the information in the near future, I just need to find a safe board or create one myself.

Also, I'll be posting the recent /news/ I gathered here soon too. Let me know what is or is not allowed regarding to linking to other image boards.
Go ahead. An exception can be made when a site attacking fuck rapes a /news/ poster's board. The whole reason I put up that rule = the 8/thestorm/anon was an obnoxious repeated messages twat.
The ironic part of all is that it wasn't even my board. Someone else owned it. I simply posted content on there it was shoa'd (fortunately I knew the day was coming and had everything routinely archived as I do with /news/ threads.) Now my only problem is finding a reliable board I can repost the info onto over here (CAPTCHAs most certainly a requirement).
I've bookmarked about 45 alternative news sources. May have to break my personal preference not to post news articles to avoid controlling the narrative if nothing's new by tomorrow evening afternoon.
That means /news/ posts will be crossposted from /pol/.
8/thestorm/ hasn't been here in awhile. The "no chan advertisements" rule has been removed temporarily (but will be put back if heavily abused). If you need to reference an 8ch.net/n/ post at the bottom of your OP threads or in replies, that is now allowed. Spamming unrelated threads will cause me to put that rule back in place.
This thread failed to post earlier, might want to delete it: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/12693.html
I won't be linking anything from 8/n/ (unless its by accident which won't properly link anyway) so don't worry. As far as 8/n/ I have a history of posting my news over there, until I had a problem with one of my browser add-ons which prevented me from posting there, thats when I migrated to Endchan and started posting news over here. When I found out about the browser issue, I simply started posting news both here and at /n/ again too. But I'll keep these two boards separate, won't crosslink them.
Absolutely anon, you nailed it. I tend to be so aggressive over there bumping legitimate news threads because almost no one ever wants to focus on hard hitting bombshell news, they prefer celebrity fluff or the average article from a local outlet about some stupid person doing something really stupid which really has no effect on our society. I'll leave for a couple hours and all the legitimate news threads get sliden off the front page by someone. That's not a coincidence either, someone is always desperately trying to dumb down conversation and keep topics so mundane. Its the same dude who used to spam crab and indian poo threads I believe.
8chan may have been hit with a court order to release IPs recently, so claims a spreading rumor: https://archive.fo/wWWsD

Just wanted to let the dwellers here and there know to be on good behavior encase its true (don't say anything construed illegal basically, like threats).
This is the reason I use a private VPN. Its silly to trust anyone who runs a website these days, you never know what they could be collecting and giving that data off to.
Due to discovery of the article mentioned on  >>/12817/ (and link removed) WorldNetDaily is now blacklisted along with TheOnion and Clickhole.
Thread failed to post: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/12855.html

Endchan seems to be slow right now, I'll try reposting some news later on.
thumbnail of Evangelion.jpg
thumbnail of Evangelion.jpg
Evangelion jpg
(249.74 KB, 1045x284)
Deleted this childish LARP. The German translates to:
"We judge as God judges above the firmament" -Seele organization from Evangelion. Cartoons are not reality, news or current events.
This thread was 404'd, didn't notice until I went to archive it: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/12882.html

Its a couple days old. If you want me to I could repost it.
This link 404'd: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/12963.html

I'll try a re-post in a couple minutes.
I'm sorry, but I made a mistake. My intent was to post two different articles but I accidently posted two of the same. You should delete this one which has an unrelated pic: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/12987.html
Another thread got 404'd: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/13008.html

I'll try re-posting later. Its up on 8ch/n/ if you want to read it and comment.
Database errors AGAIN: https://endchan.xyz/news/res/13040.html

I'll just post this later, its news results of the latest election in Germany.
Sorry, I keep getting "MongoError: connection 1847 to timed out" errors.

Can't post news here for now. I'll wait until later and post all the news when endchan is working again. Till then, see 8/n/ for new updates and any help bumping legit news over there is HIGHLY appreciated.
Got those two 404ed threads when it let me. Chances are when you're getting Mongo errors for posting, I am too for trying to delete.
Main news poster here: Over the next few days I'm going on a trip to see some relatives so I'll be gone and won't be able to post any news for a while. Just want the BO and other readers to know that, maybe you guys can keep this board alive and going by posting some news.

I would also highly appreciate seeing an update on the Brazil election when I get back here. That election will be on the 28th, and I won't be here to report that. I'll post some news updates today (the ones I couldn't post because endchan was under DDoS attack) and tomorrow I'm gone.
I would also appreciate very much if someone were to keep tabs on the invasion situation at the border. If the US govt/military stands down, let us know about their treason. Unfortunately I likely won't be here to report it.
Thanks for that update. Glad this dude won, commies BTFO. I'm back today and must play some catchup which will take a while. Will be posting news here and on 8fags too, later on, when I get enough news to gather up and post. Remain patient, I'll be doing some news gathering today and it might not be posted till tomorrow.
NOTE for BO (and fellow readers): main news poster here, my daughter's family is coming to visit tomorrow and they'll be staying over for a week. I likely will not be on here while they come over and visit for Thanksgiving holiday. Expect a few days without any news from me. Hope you guys keep the board going while I'm gone. Thanks.
thumbnail of Violation.png
thumbnail of Violation.png
Violation png
(114.71 KB, 1893x193)
Rule 9 : No lazy title copied into the OP threads, or lying clickbait titles
Familiarize yourself with the rules and stop posting fraudulent bullshit.
thumbnail of enough.png
thumbnail of enough.png
enough png
(114.77 KB, 1888x194)
"With the recent revelations that the DOJ has rolled up the “Pedogate” blackmail ring and the Mossad attempting to murder the President for it"
Rule 7. Proven in the past with this:  >>/13303/
"the “New World Order” that God-sent President Donald John Trump has risked his life and spent a decent amount of his fortune working so desperately to destroy" = Bullshit, implying George Bush Sr. faked his death.
Read this: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1068743940755660800
You're trying my patience.
New site error may have messed with a recent thread upload, "Invasion Incoming Part 13", will try to repost it soon.
I'll delete that 404 bugged thread as soon as you repost.
This message isn't related to yours:
It has been over 3 days since the lazy subject copying into message fake news 8/pol/ spammer posted the false claim that Mossad tried to assassinate the ultimate Zionist cuck Donald Trump. No proof has been given. 
Also posting the bogus headline that dead scumbag Bush Senior "faked his death" twice. DailyCrusader is now blacklisted along with WorldNetDaily, TheOnion and Clickhole.
Thanks. I gave up yesterday because the site was malfunctioning again, and two of my threads would not post right, so I thought it was best to wait it out a while, let you handle the mess that created.
Main news poster dropping by: I've been busy the last couple days and will remain busy this weekend too. It would be safe not to expect too many (if any) new threads will be posted till next week. I have some Christmas shopping to take care of, going to visit my family over the holidays and have some other things to take care of. I'll also be gone during the Christmas week too. BO, or the visitors, could/should keep the board updated while I'm gone for a little while. Peace to you all, and have a very Merry Christmas.
Alright, enjoy your Christmas. I've got moving to do along with all of that, but I have been paying attention to the non-mainstream news outlets until something of interest comes up. Trump shit holds no interest
I had to take some time off, focus on other projects such as cleaning my garage (I'm a bit of a pack rat), getting ready for Christmas holiday (making plans with my family / shopping for gifts) and had to take care of two large branches from an old dead tree that fell down into my lawn simultaneously (looks like one fell and hit another cracking it making it fall as well). Luckily these huge branches didn't hit my home (I might not be typing right now if they did). So that took a couple days of work cutting all the lumber, stacking all the logs and clearing all that deadwood leftover, some of it which fell into my neighbor's yard so I was obligated to clean that mess up because the tree was in my yard. And I decided not to go online yesterday because I wanted to rest. Back now for a few more days, then I'll be visiting family for the Christmas holiday.

> Trump shit holds no interest

Yah, I see a whole lot of news about him, most of it hyperbole (positive or negative). I'll skim through some articles the last week that I missed out on and post any of the important ones the next few days.
Main news poster here: thanks for those who posted some updates while I was gone. Looks like a lot of news events took place while I was gone, some being: Israel attacks Syria after US withdrawals troops, Trump grew some balls and refused to sign the govt budget without border wall funding (finally!) so temporary "shutdown" is affecting some low level bureaucrats (big deal, right?), Americans ARE fleeing high taxed states news statistics prove (as predicted would happen), nationalistic protests are spreading across Europe now within some Eastern nations too, Trump legalizes industrial Hemp (this is not marijuana folks, industrial hemp can be used to produce TONS of legal products like clothing, paper, textiles, cardboards, biofuels, oils, ink, mortar for construction, etc), Facebook now banning promotion of industrial Hemp (they want the US DE-industrialized and dependent on highly-controlled Big Tech industry!), Russia is upgrading their nuclear defenses, Russia is also allegedly supporting Palestine's sovereignty now (if true, there will be a lot of shrieking neo-cons & Jews kvetching over this), Kazakhstan stands up to pedophiles who rape children and will mandate castration, Germany legalizes Sharia Law officially (this is the end for Germany).... and more.

I'll be reporting all this within the next couple days so be patient and thanks to all the readers and the BO who does a great job maintaining this board.
Be aware an angry faggot from 8chan may start flooding this board at any given time. He was rudely sliding all the news I posted last night, so I simply told anons to check the archive.fo link here for updates and this asshole saw it. So he just wants revenge, over simply defending myself and the threads I worked on. The dude is a top notch A1 asshole. If you got rid of all his threads I could really care less.

These so far. And anything with crabs, raccoons, propane, Hank Hill, or spiderman is him too. He'll post these moronic memes obsessively quite often, just to slide all the other news threads I might add. There a only a few links from him I didn't include because they are actual news, surprisingly.
Though things are slow-going here, I'm sick at the moment of posting about Israel's attacks on Syria. So I won't start a new thread on it right now. Demented jews are at it again:
As the UN will do absolutely nothing, Russia would win vs. Israel if kike Putin wasn't in charge over there:
thumbnail of Jim Ex-CIA.png
thumbnail of Jim Ex-CIA.png
Jim Ex-CIA png
(103.89 KB, 1058x995)
Main news poster here. I just thought the BO and former 8chan users would get a KICK out of this new revelation. Jim is ex-CIA. He recruited someone from 4chan to "disrupt" my news threads over there... and it backfired. So now he blocks /n/ news headline updates from the front page! Jim is pissed. And even the guy he recruited is laughing at him:

thumbnail of JN.png
thumbnail of JN.png
JN png
(466.59 KB, 580x791)
thumbnail of JN2.png
thumbnail of JN2.png
JN2 png
(361.03 KB, 603x600)
Johnny Neptune's a shitposter, even though I agree with him on some subjects. Namely these two but Netanyahu and Kushner double-teaming Trump would've been more believable. I don't even care about the ex-CIA claim. I'm more interested in what Johnny has to say about the JQ. His opinion on that decides whether he's genuine or not.
Johnny is indeed a what some would call a shitposter, and Trump is a stooge for ZOG, he's not working for Russia he's furthering "the greater Israel" agenda that began many decades ago. I told Johnny about that too, he doesn't seem to care much (nor do the libtards that regurgitate mainstream media propaganda). And I also agree with Johnny about the NSA dragnet spying (they do collect ALL our communications, that is no joke).

I just found it funny and ironic that Jim had a roll in the intelligence community and he's running a pro-Trump propaganda site, but yet hires minions to sabotage alternative news threads, some of which actually support some of Trump's alleged agendas.
thumbnail of this-is-what-a-rr.jpg
thumbnail of this-is-what-a-rr.jpg
this-is-wh... jpg
(840.65 KB, 1000x1600)
Reminder: Trolling Tor comments will be deleted. That is the repercussion for using Rabbi Rob Thomas's Tor project to shitpost here. Non shitpost Tor comments are still allowed.
thumbnail of agenda thread dead.png
thumbnail of agenda thread dead.png
agenda thread dead png
(26.06 KB, 670x254)
Current events only. The source is from February of last year and an agenda thread. Deleted. I'm pretty sure this poster is new here. It's similar to the "Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem" agenda thread. The regular (for a long time) /news/ poster needs to respond to state whether or not he's been posting these, to clear things up before I act.

Main news poster here: take a look at my response to an inquiry you made here  >>/14050/

There is a new kid on the block here. I know the anon, he's from 8ch/n/, he is a commie who hates my news threads so he will spam old local news articles plus a lot of mainstream media garbage in attempt to flood the board and slide all the other legit news. He's no good. Keep a close eye on him.
Main news poster: had a problem with an old modem, had to discard and replace it. I'm back online now and will be posting news later on today when I am in the mood to do so.
Really? What happened to the old BO? Is he OK? Hope so...

I'm the main news poster, reason I haven't posted recently was because this site was very slow under DDoS attacks and the thread captchas would not reload either.
I am the old BO and I'm alright. The past constant downtimes due to server problems and now recently the waves of DDoS attacks have driven away too many. The last few days, this site has seemed like it was in it's death throws. It's been going on for too long. G_C can be trusted.
Main news poster here. I'm kind of busy recently, got to tend to my garden and do some yard work this weekend. I might not be posting too much news the next couple days but I'll be back on soon. Hopefully others will continue to contribute content, and thank you for all who do.
Primary archive [@ archive.fo/https://endchan.xyz/news/*] has just been completely updated, all recent threads archived as of 22-03-19.
Main news archiver reporting in: news updates will be postponed for a while, sorry. I think I may have said something I shouldn't have on another board and now I've been flagged and reported to the FBI. So I'm seeking legal advice (even though what I said technically was not meant as a 'threat', some others disagree).
What, on 8ch.net the infamous Fed honeypot? You should link to the post in question here.
Also good luck and make sure to keep several recording devices on 24/7 in the event you're raided.
I'm not going to worry about it anymore, if they come for me then I'll be prepared for them. Cannot do much about it, whether they decide what I said is a 'threat' is 100% up to them, I don't really have much of a say in the matter because I cannot change the past. News will continue.
There is no such thing as 100% security over the internet because there are always ways to trace activities back to the origin. However, using something like a private VPN and/or Tor would make it more difficult to trace activity, not that it can't be traced back to you IF you became a high level target. If someone like the FBI or NSA really wants to find out who we are, they will within due time (because they have the time, money and human resources to do that IF need be).

Tor and/or a private VPN will only protect you from potential hackers. Maybe keep the Big Tech companies unaware of what you are doing too. However like I said, if you are a high level target the government can and likely will find out who you are. Spoofing IP addresses is only ONE OF MANY opsec tricks to throw their way.
Nothing is 100% safe and I never implied that, however Tor makes it really hard to track users. As we already know, most Tor busts happened because people made stupid mistakes like using the same email address on the darknet and clearnet, or asking on the clearnet for advice that is exlusive to this one pedo site. It's not as easy to track Tor user as you believe, assuming precautions are taken.

Right now you're accesing endchan as a normal site right? ISP sees it and keeps logs of what you're doing. Not necessarily which threads but which sites. Endchan is hosted in US, meaning NSA, CIA, name it, has easy acces to ALL DATA and WHO WRITTEN WHAT. Risky for exposing Jews, huh?

With Tor, ISP only knows, well, that you're using Tor. Now you're thinking about exit relays snooping. With https, it doesn't see what exactly you're doing. This site has .onion link, that only uses normal relays instead of exit relays, making it even harder to profile. With plenty of users, plenty of relays and Tor Browser you're literal no one, like me right now. Try to correlate my activities, protip: you can't cause I'm also generating fake traffic, no way to differentiate it.

As with technical design, Tor is open source and has already been penetrated way too many times. Pedo or drug sites still show and majority of users never get caught.
thumbnail of Seychelles.jpg
thumbnail of Seychelles.jpg
Seychelles jpg
(137.37 KB, 902x584)
> Endchan is hosted in US, meaning NSA, CIA, name it, has easy acces to ALL DATA and WHO WRITTEN WHAT.
No it's not. Nevada hosting was done with awhile ago. Try having conversations with Odilitime. He's on Twitter. I can't. They suspended my account for "hate speech". It was a picture. There was no speech involved.
thumbnail of here.png
thumbnail of here.png
here png
(25.03 KB, 1040x110)
Also, the simple fact I don't trust Tor is not only Rabbi Rob Thomas being the founder and CEO of Team Cyru the board of directors for the Tor Project. Though that alone makes me stay far from it. Tor was funded by United States Naval Research and DARPA. Internet searches are easy. You should try them out some time.
Seems like FAQ hasn't been updated. Good it's not US but keep in mind hosting in Seychelles is not foolproof.
Suspicious people may appear in Tor staff because Tor was designed to be used by US to protect data of intelligence being transferred online. Acknowledge the whole project is open source and anyone can host relay and they are hosted around the world. There is a reason why China and other countries are trying to block it.

It's obvious attacks against Tor are performed and most of the time are exploiting browser rather than Tor itself. 

If this worries you, use Whonix - OS used exclusively in virtual machine. You have two of those machines: Gateway, that connects with Tor, and Workstation where you do your thing. Even if Workstation is attacked, they don't get your IP - because only Gateway knows it! Create new machine and you're good to go.

Right know you use endchan with your real IP associated to you (bought on your ID) - they know EVERYTHING. I took me time to take this redpill. but hey, better late than never.
I'm not the guy you responded to, however I agree using something like Tor is better than nothing at all. But when you say "better later than never" there is only one little problem: the way the dragnet surveillance was built is designed to always remember (because EVERYTHING is being re-routed and stored for later mining and spying operations). That means one little slip-up, one little mistake of exposing your real IP and its over, your identity can be easily relieved WITHOUT help from the ISP (because they collect everything the ISP does including the MAC registration to individual modems).

Its best to use Tor and/or a private VPN, and/or an OS like Whonix however don't be overly confidant they can't find out who you are. Like I said, if they ever catch you talking here once with your real IP exposed they can find out exactly who you are if they really wanted to.

I recommend opsec/comsec for more personal reasons, such as avoiding hackers, to avoid being doxxed, basic security reasons like avoiding Big Tech from sucking up my data and selling it.
thumbnail of 4.jpg
thumbnail of 4.jpg
4 jpg
(27.69 KB, 347x295)
> if they ever catch you talking here once with your real IP exposed they can find out exactly who you are if they really wanted to.
I'll let them. Gladly. Even if the SWAT raid based on nothing illegal but "anti semitism observance" bill made into law HR672 finds all my USB backups of information, I will consider that a plus. Pouring over that evidence would change a few minds. Other than that, I'm a law-abiding citizen.
"They" don't want to do that. It would make me an obvious imprisoned martyr for the 1st Amendment.
No violent history. Just tons of information on Zionist influence. And I will speak my mind the entire time.
Sad but true. IP is superficial - how about the way you type, your interests, images you post, political stand? It can be used to track you. Fortunately you are able to change all of this. I'm not the same person I was when I had social media. I'm not high profile target, mind you. But if I ever was, I want to be prepared.

As you wish. Please don't be overdependent on the law, use precaution.
Primary archive has been fully updated as of 04-23-19

Thank you to all the viewers, contributors, current and previous board owners too.
Yes, I saw that, and it didn't surprise me one bit either. To be fair, many people are brainwashed from decades of propaganda, I too used to think this way until I was informed it was not true at all, and took a look at some of the evidence that disproved what really happened in Germany. Its sad, a lot of people have been spoon fed lies over many decades and just believe whatever lies they were told. I wouldn't call Jim a Jew, he was working for the CIA so he was heavily brainwashed in that environment.
That's what jews do, bringing up "evil Nazis" out of the blue for unrelated subjects. Elle Reeve the jew intrudes into his home, and that's "brown shirts"? No non-jew is going to make the false connection.
Main news poster reporting in: I have been too busy last weekend to post any news. When I tried to post some yesterday the site was not loading. Seems to be working now, but very slow. I will do my best to play "catch up" as well read some of the other news that has been posted too. Thank you to all those helping keep this board running.
I've been too busy lately myself. Tore an arm muscle. Left arm's pretty tired from overuse. That's about when work decided not to let up.
Main news poster: I'll be away for the 4th of July weekend the next few days visiting my family. Leaving later today so I won't be posting any news for a while. If anyone wishes to contribute some more news that would be great. Thanks to everyone keeping this board running an updated.
thumbnail of go away.png
thumbnail of go away.png
go away png
(151.25 KB, 1880x390)
This isn't 8chan. It's clear this is copypasta from there by the commentary acting like it is. This is a /news/ board. Your troll shit doesn't belong here.
I had a discussion with my parents about Jews controlling media, being main producers of pornography and trying to genocide white people. Not only were they making fun of me for believing such things (according to then I'm manipulated and maybe people made this up who's Jew, what they do etc), they even implied it doesn't matter what they do because human has free will and can decide (like subversion didn't happen on unconscious level or pornography wasn't addictive) and apparently migrants from third world are fine because they "behave". I can't believe normies can be so naive and brainwashed, this is the answer to the question "why kikes get away with such things?".
What you explained to them is obvious and only demon infested rathumans would not be able to see it.
The kike is a vampire he uses money and his boitch cunt wife who runs him.  Every kike is a tool of his woman, observe Rothschild that shit, getting all his money grubbing orders from his evil wife, who turns her own sons into bankers.  A whore demon mother does exactly that, sells her sons to mammon.
Your family are not you.  Keep thinking right and let them drop off the face of the Earth.
thumbnail of 1508446082055.jpg
thumbnail of 1508446082055.jpg
1508446082055 jpg
(1.93 MB, 6256x3240)
thumbnail of Everything.jpg
thumbnail of Everything.jpg
Everything jpg
(451.03 KB, 1562x887)
Same happened with a member of my family. I showed one of them the truth of how the jewish holocaust was a complete fraud. Mountains of information. The idiot refused to believe it. There are no kikes in my family. Some traitors remain brainwashed because their Pavlov conditioning by a lifetime of jewish media remains as cognitive dissonance.

In the meantime, here's more to show yours.
That and these images should cover the basics.
> About:
> user-submitted news stories free from the bias that sites like Drudge have
LoL. Right, that's why the following article was referenced and shit like VICE, zerohedge, Breitbart, the Daily Beast and Times of Israel are there? I'm curious what this obvious Israeli site from your link is referring to here:
"The website"
"The organization"
Possibly Harold Covington's Northwest Front.
Any threads with "(sac)" in the name field will be deleted from now on. Congrats, (sac) of shit. And I just banned him for a year for posting gay porn. Typical faggots.
thumbnail of CLass-tone.jpg
thumbnail of CLass-tone.jpg
CLass-tone jpg
(100.94 KB, 1000x750)
Question to the BO if he can see this:

Have you thought about inviting contributors from non-cucked websites here? Renegade tribune, Zero Hedge, Orwell and Doge? Anything similar? I don't know too many  Just to give some of the contributors that post the most here some breathing room and maybe to bring more people in here?
I think it might be possible starting a conversation and referring to endchan's /pol/ and /news/ without linking them so as not to spam. Similar to those would be https://christiansfortruth.com/ http://dissident-mag.com/ https://russia-insider.com/en (though kike Ron Unz is a contributer) http://nseuropa.blogspot.com/ https://infostormer.com/ (though this retard keeps shilling Trump despite knowing POTUS is a Zionist and a jew) https://nationalvanguard.org/ https://national-justice.com/ https://www.veteranstoday.com/ http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/ https://ifamericansknew.org/ There are many other sites, but these are the ones allowing comments.
Being a little formal with the invites would be a good idea. See if there's a way to contact them directly. Offering them some hosting space or backup space in case they get banned on another platform for their news articles would be good. Could bring more people for redpilling. Could also be good to invite Italian news sites.  Italians are good with the bantz

Could also try inviting AFD for /pol/. And that other French Far right party. Generation Identity? I don't remember their name. I'm not sure. Just throwing ideas out there
I might if I had time to breathe. I mean literally, as it's a struggle with 5 layer activated charcoal filters. Yet dumbasses are coming in with the virus confused why they have it. But social distancing! But the Surgeon General said we could make masks out of our shirts! Too damn busy with brainwashed mind-slaves. Every. Single. Day.
Hope you find some time in the future anon. Be sure to relax and and enjoy yourself from time to time

> But the Surgeon General said we could make masks out of our shirts! 

More sick people -> more business -> more money

Maybe that's why he says it. It may break the Hippocratic oath, but some people are like that
Truth be told, they'd be infected with or without the pretty lies they're fed. I'm just annoyed at how easily people buy falsehoods. It goes more like this:
Inevitably sick -> Government realized the economy was tanking -> Deceived the people with bullshit safety protocols to get them back to spending money
>  archive site which is inaccessible via tor browser due to google captcha
You must be kidding.
thumbnail of Tor project meets with government.png
thumbnail of Tor project meets with government.png
Tor... png
(773.02 KB, 1877x3074)
It was the only option I was aware of, as after the server migration clearly from over two years ago, /news/ was littered with broken images for OPs. While the captcha is a pain in the ass, you are capable of getting through it. Or stop blindly trusting Tor.
thumbnail of smokey_roman.jpeg
thumbnail of smokey_roman.jpeg
smokey_roman jpeg
(120.65 KB, 1000x752)
Yeah, it's a bunch of shit, to be honest with you

Back to this  >>/16197/, if you ever get around to it you can also try inviting CursedSalad around here. He's a twitter user that posts good content around. There was also another user called 45thDivision but he got banned like 5 times. 

Was also going to mention Dr Niggasaki but he just got banned again
CursedSalad seems to have his mind in the right place. Even if I had time to engage people on Twitter more often, I wouldn't know what to say without it sounding like an advertisement. I would post my handle here, but enemies would likely report it to get it banned
thumbnail of crisp.jpeg
thumbnail of crisp.jpeg
crisp jpeg
(61.92 KB, 750x628)
thumbnail of Eg5IPjKXcAAdu01.png
thumbnail of Eg5IPjKXcAAdu01.png
Eg5IPjKXcAAdu01 png
(22.58 KB, 120x112)
Take your time anon. Just start a normal conversation with him and then invite him over whenever the time is right. Yeah don't put your profile here

Also the person I mentioned earlier, 45th division, is back with another account if you're interested in talking to him. 

thumbnail of smoek1.jpeg
thumbnail of smoek1.jpeg
smoek1 jpeg
(61.61 KB, 505x800)
Yeah after I posted his name here and recommended him, his account has been swarmed by shills all over. But he's a smart fellow, so he pretty much swats any fly that shows up.

To everyone here:
Moving forward, just know that we have a hidden rat infestation here, along with hall monitors policing and reporting everything one posts here
thumbnail of Y208EB9.jpg
thumbnail of Y208EB9.jpg
Y208EB9 jpg
(138.94 KB, 1200x735)
> Yeah after I posted his name here and recommended him, his account has been swarmed by shills all over.
Not surprised. They've been pretty silent here. Probably because they know they'll be banned and deleted for starting shit, and all their hardest attempts have been for nothing.
> along with hall monitors policing and reporting everything one posts here
Is there though? I've seen very few reports on /news/ (mostly because there's few posts) and I'm fairly certain only one anon gives a shit enough to report on /pol/. Either way, I check in daily. I police these boards. Globals tend to stay out of BO affairs on endchan.
> Is there though?

I meant to say "hall monitors" of entire internet dude. They legit scour every single thing on the internet about them. Legit crazy and obsessive people. Best not to engage.

> Either way, I check in daily. I police these boards. 
> Probably because they know they'll be banned and deleted for starting shit, and all their hardest attempts have been for nothing.

Thanks for all the hard work fren. You have practically one of the few non-cucked places on the entire internet. Congrats

Here's to things getting better and bigger around here, especially after all the shit that's been happening this year.
Yeah, this account got killed. Which is what usually happens. He'll probably be making another one eventually

OP, do you know if the archive links are currently working? Some show up as dead on my end
> Some show up as dead on my end
Which ones? I'm limited on time at the moment, but I opened some that led to working archive links. Also just fixed the donations link since .xyz has been dead a long time.
It may just be my browser not reading it. I'll have to check and get back at you. Thought of adding a description to the archives afterwards?
For each archive? That would take too much time. When the CDC restrictions over the pandemic fuck off and every corporation stops panicking through overscheduling, maybe I'll have free time again.
thumbnail of paulie.jpeg
thumbnail of paulie.jpeg
paulie jpeg
(182.08 KB, 1296x840)
Take your time and do whatever you can fren. Just a suggestion as the site gets bigger onwards. And actual people start using it

Another suggestion: maybe try inviting SyrianGirl to the site. Don't know how you feel about here, but her input here could be good
thumbnail of she retweets.png
thumbnail of she retweets.png
she retweets png
(295.29 KB, 607x598)
thumbnail of he is the swamp.png
thumbnail of he is the swamp.png
he is the swamp png
(25.61 KB, 608x210)
thumbnail of because Trump is a jew.png
thumbnail of because Trump is a jew.png
because Trump is a jew png
(25.94 KB, 605x209)
thumbnail of why.png
thumbnail of why.png
why png
(275.21 KB, 609x422)
thumbnail of he is a Zionist piece of shit.png
thumbnail of he is a Zionist piece of shit.png
he is a... png
(368.05 KB, 611x904)
I appreciate suggestions, but I'm going to go with no for that one. Too confusing, like the typical "I'm anti Trump guys!" visiting shill with the reverse agenda. She speaks against him. She speaks in defense of him. This shit does not make sense. She's obsessed with Alex Jones. I don't care who anyone is out there when they visit here. I'll ban any twat coming to this board or /pol/ to promote a pro-jew traitor just like Alex Jones (or any kike whatsoever for that matter). SyrianGirl would cross the line probably immediately.
Okay. I didn't know that about here. I'd just stick with the ones I recommended earlier. Just take your time and do whatever you can. Just keep up the good work so we can keep the place growing organically

You got the podcast episode he did with Duke?
thumbnail of jonestein-nightly-jews.jpg
thumbnail of jonestein-nightly-jews.jpg
jonestein-nightly-jews jpg
(121.24 KB, 500x311)
True, but Alex's poisonous words since he became a cuck infects minds. He called National Socialists a "death cult" and when Duke defends Germans, as "proof Duke is a white supremacist" (a phrase which you know is bullshit). Duke engages in too much #notalljews apologetics in that interview as well. I don't remember all of the ramblings, but I do recall the kike Rob Jacobson joining in to kvetch at Duke then Alex said "Well Rob is my boss, David".
Duke went soft. That was his problem.

> but I do recall the kike Rob Jacobson joining in to kvetch at Duke then Alex said "Well Rob is my boss, David".

Alex also mentions his wife and his kids. I would just edit out everything and make a video including only those sections, but I don't know how to edit videos
If you have the video and you want to take the time, post at >>>/polfornormies/ I made it back when I tried to show a holocaust debunking thread to people but they freaked out about the word "kike" before holocaustdeprogrammingcourse existed
I can edit videos, but I'm short on time to sit through the interview again. It was long. If you give me the times where he said specific revealing stuff, I'll clip it down.
It's 2 hours long and I'm not seeing any timestamps - as in indicators what he admitted and the time to fast-forward to. The link is fine staying there, however, because the board is dead. I direct people to https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com these days which covers much more.
Yeah I was going to mention that it was a really long podcast. Everything you need should be in the middle or in the end. Sorry there's no timestamps since it's a mirror copy of the original, which got nuked
I'll get around to it as soon as I have enough time to watch the entire video. See, it's on Bitchute which I can't extract. I'd have to record the screen and then cut it down. It may take awhile before I can even try.
> I'll get around to it as soon as I have enough time to watch the entire video. 
> See, it's on Bitchute which I can't extract. I'd have to record the screen and then cut it down. 
> It may take awhile before I can even try.

Sounds like too much of a hassle. Try these links for downloading fren





thumbnail of Alex Jones vs David Duke.mp4
thumbnail of Alex Jones vs David Duke.mp4
Alex Jones vs David... mp4
(87.36 MB, 854x480 h264)
I've cut it down to just over 15 minutes. I really couldn't let a lot of Jonestein's bullshit be spewed without Duke's rebuttals. Throughout looking through it, I also haven't been able to find where Alex mentions his jewish wife.
That's odd. It should be there in one section of the podcast. I can't really remember the exact part because I saw it years ago
I haven't had time. I work in healthcare under a subsidiary (one of 50) ran by a mega-corporation. The CEO's name is Samuel Hazen. You can guess how much greed comes into play, and why. This results in long hours due to being understaffed.
> And he's not a bot 
> He's really that autistic. This is just sad. 

You mean the residential AidsKike here? Yeah he's a really pathetic piece of shit. When he's not spamming boards, he's mainly spamming /pol/ and related boards because he knows we'll react to him. 

Honest suggestion to BO: Maintain the policy of deleting any of his posts, except the ones exposing him. Can't think of a way to get rid of him for now
I just tried wide range banning the repeated message annoying daily spamming retard. I usually only go with "Single IP" because those idiots at the old 8thousandZionists used to wide-range ban large amounts of people. If you caught the AIDSkike ban, appeal it immediately.
thumbnail of A Gestapo Christmas.jpg
thumbnail of A Gestapo Christmas.jpg
A Gestapo Christmas jpg
(144.37 KB, 960x500)
I think I'll bother some more.

Dear repeated message spamming AIDSkike whom I just banned but comes back every single fucking day, the Gestapo were better men than you'll ever be, you pathetic jew. Eat shit.


Even if you're 100% right, he'll never listen to you. He only goes online to spam websites and that's about it. 0 way to reason with him at all
I am aware. That's not the point. I did achieve insulting his kind enough that he revealed himself twice on Tor as actual furious replies, then reworded some of those same statements I deleted into his usual format:  >>/16835/

He can't be banned. He evades. He can't be ignored. He comes back several times a day. I have deleted hundreds of his posts. Fuck him. I pissed him off before. I'll keep pushing his buttons back.
thumbnail of hapy.jpeg
thumbnail of hapy.jpeg
hapy jpeg
(62.08 KB, 636x426)
>  Fuck him. I pissed him off before. I'll keep pushing his buttons back.

Yeah that's always fun. Keep doing that until he gets a brain aneurysm. lol


Besides, he'll always be a literal crazy kike with AIDS. And no amount of spamming will ever change that. :^)
Hmm, what type of news articles should we add next? Just to keep the board up and running

Any hard rules and topics to discuss?
You mean rules on topics to discuss? Just what the rules are. That tiny text links to them under File(s) for comment boxes. https://endchan.net/news/rules.html
> To keep the board up and running
It doesn't need a shitstream of sheckles to keep running like JIDF zones such as godlike and other domains, this board kisses no one's ass, not even Adoplf, he simply deserves more respect, and so we give him that.
A forum is not judged by its newness, that's how dickbrained Youngling think, such ones are always bored, but, "Only boring people are bored" is a true statement.  Usually those who feel news is slow, are just low IQ lackeys neediung everything explained to them.  Fortunately AH is a fine source, ask away and he will answer you.
This board has never been better, this place is a grain of sand in the kike's eye, contribute Original Content if you can.
I'm pretty sure that's flag anon (at /pol/) you're talking to. If he was a dickbrained youngling or boring like the brainwashed for ZOG voters are, he wouldn't be well aware of international jewry. He never lost his mind and went screeching at me for pointing anything out. Unlike so many shills on /pol/ that groups of them whining about bans and deletions have become an event at /operate/. Not being one of those whining faggots makes him a good guy in my book. I mean fags literally. They spammed animated penis .gifs
> I'm pretty sure that's flag anon (at /pol/) you're talking to.

Yeah it's me. I'm just asking to keep the content flowing here. Not sure what that guy's problem is. if it's that guy again, then it's expected. I really regret ever mentioning him on /pol/ to see if he was around. He should have stayed away from us
thumbnail of FOXHOUND.jpg
thumbnail of FOXHOUND.jpg
(46.73 KB, 744x727)
> You mean rules on topics to discuss?

Pretty much. I'm just brainstorming idea for news

> Tech news
> New releases of cars
> Seismic events
> science news
> new military news
> politician getting caught with a scandal
He's alright too. He just has a different way of getting his message across. Doesn't matter. His head is in the right place.
Any of those topics is fine. Just imagine you're on end/pol/ but nothing has to be on the subject of National Socialism and it's not mandatory to crosspost there. This doesn't mean either are not allowed. What I mean is, I'll furiously delete anything promoting jews and their ways.
Which doesn't even apply to you because that's not something you do.
Frankly I am more impressed with hagiography of Adolf than "the flow of news", desiring 'newness' and 'being bored' is a Youngling thing.  Operator AH doing nicely keeping a book, like Santa Claus.  From my perspective imageboards are recent lamebrained shit, 'flow' is a low IQ concept; Content is what matters.  Content can break the ice, graphics and webm get shared.  "flow" does nothing but emulate the google news generation.  Take heart, just them knowing we are here, is what makes their hair stand up.
thumbnail of reporting1.gif
thumbnail of reporting1.gif
reporting1 gif
(1.2 MB, 1200x510)
> Tech news
> New releases of cars
> Seismic events
> science news
> new military news
> politician getting caught with a scandal
< What's this guy's problem with the shit above which is meaningless and trite?
Hey man, the gang's all here and celebrating Adolf's bday on 4/20 and his 100 year cycle.  If you have an Earthquake or 'simp politician fucking a whore' type National Enquirer news, just make a thread.
> From my perspective imageboards are recent lamebrained shit
As recent as the late 90s. What is Usenet now was an unmoderated cesspit back then. alt.binaries used to be boards where people had conversations in between illegal shit being posted everywhere. 2ch and 4chan didn't come up with imageboards. They copied old designs. Just saying.
Any news that's not against the board rules or jew bullshit would be fine.
Usenet was not a kike run targeted weapon that makes young people more stupid negrophiles, as imageboards are.  Even this tame overboard here is mostly atrocious garbage, people sharing depressing idiotic memes and loathesome anime or outright faggotry and niggerism.   Niggeritis is an affliction all races can get, by becoming useless jabbering dumbfucks as niggers are. 
Anyway when Dejanews put usenet on the web, around 1997 I knew that was the end of it, and googshit only bought it to bury it.  Holy shit I just learned today that the shitty webm gimped video standard, is a google product.  FUCK GOOGLE
Unfortunately, I have no control over other boards shown on the overboard. Just /pol/ and /news/. Neither will fall to degenerate kike shit as long as I'm around.
Yes, and again in condemnation of the kike and his familiars, usenet moderated thus wasnt sharpened/shaped, whereas imageboreds are fully formed to the results kikes want.
Thanks for your fine work.
> Any news that's not against the board rules or jew bullshit would be fine.

Okay. Just doing my part to keep the board active and welcoming to new people. I'll get back on this later
thumbnail of mecha.jpeg
thumbnail of mecha.jpeg
mecha jpeg
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thumbnail of jidf_special_forces.jpg
thumbnail of jidf_special_forces.jpg
jidf_special_forces jpg
(312.67 KB, 698x710)
He's/they've confessed to shilling before. Not the first time. And probably won't be the last. It's cool though, because we'll always be here. 

Anyway, just took a picture of AIDSkike and his team before they posted here. He's the most inbred and retarded looking of the bunch
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thumbnail of download.png
download png
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thumbnail of download (1).png
download (1) png
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download (2) png
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thumbnail of AIDSkike.png
thumbnail of AIDSkike.png
AIDSkike png
(234.3 KB, 481x258)
> inbred and retarded looking
As all jews are. They're unwittingly doing me a favor by posting through Tor IPs several times a day. Each time these Hasbarats post I get to ban an IP. They don't like the five year ones they must be coming back to. I think I'll do those going forward.
thumbnail of FullyLethal.jpeg
thumbnail of FullyLethal.jpeg
FullyLethal jpeg
(257.3 KB, 2048x2048)
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thumbnail of disable2.png
disable2 png
(6.22 KB, 668x61)
> They're unwittingly doing me a favor by posting through Tor IPs several times a day.

Did you know that Endchan just made an option to disable tor posters on individual boards if a BO wanted? Just wanted to let you know that the option exists.

You won't have to deal with these idiots so much in the future
That helped a little. Not sure if you talk to the other BOs on Endchan, but maybe give them that hint to turn off tor posts in case their boards get hit with spam too
Question: where would be a good place to post new site banners for /news/? Here or another board or thread? I have a few
thumbnail of banner.png
thumbnail of banner.png
banner png
(31.47 KB, 300x100)
> Here is fine. This board currently only has these five. They're 600x200 but sizing them yourself is unimportant.

Here's an old one from 8/news/. Also wanted to suggest to add that one from a story involving a robot statue added to a city in Turkey. Not sure if you remember it
thumbnail of goldwater (3).jpg
thumbnail of goldwater (3).jpg
goldwater (3) jpg
(1.42 MB, 4660x993)
The point of this board was originally to carry on the tendencies of 8ch.net /news/ or even Jim's /newsplus/, when end/news/ was created by RPD. However, end/news/ was annexed by me and those jews who had a grasp on it originally do not have a hold anymore. That means anything 8chan related should be discarded. What I want for this board is for it not to have many similarities to that old pile of 8shit ran first by a kike-ran midget a yarmulke wearing snake who paid Hotwheels' rent and then a fat old kike. Instead, /news/ needs other anons posting news besides myself (which I quit doing months ago because the Covid-19 over-reaction increased my work hours). News without influence of jews. That was my intent when I claimed this place. The concept is contrary to the norm, as all mainstream outlets are ran by the damn parasites and those who claim this is an overreaction never seem to have the mental capacity to look up the ethnicity of those CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of the major networks.

And this is why I favored sleep over late night posting. Insomnia rambling. Correct; I don't remember a story involving a robot statue added to Turkey. If you have the related banner, I'll take a look at it.
Yeah I get it. You just want the board to have a more serious and not kiked tone than 8ch's one. It's alright.

> And this is why I favored sleep over late night posting. Insomnia rambling. 
It's a slow board, so I don't think you have to worry so much about it.

> Correct; I don't remember a story involving a robot statue added to Turkey. If you have the related banner,

Don't have the banner with me right now, but I'll look around for it. Basically, a mayor in a city in Ankara, Turkey decided to use state money to build a giant robot statue in the middle of the city. When asked about it, he just told people to "respect the robot". After a while, he decided to change it for a T-Rex statue. Pretty funny stuff. It's a really old 8/news/ meme back when the board was decent and not superkiked by jim. That board had its good moments sometimes. Sad seeing internet communities die out and fade away, so I'd just like to keep them active and alive.
thumbnail of 59834520278336.jpg
thumbnail of 59834520278336.jpg
59834520278336 jpg
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img_0993 jpg
(1.28 MB, 2048x1536)
So these things. Shame on Turkey's Chamber of Architects for suing him. He's just a big kid.
Sure, if you find a banner like this maybe with a headline I could add it with a /news/ watermark.
Or I could just make a new banner from the first picture you posted, which would take me around 10 minutes to finish

I was also thinking about making a new banner using a NSDAP Der Stormer picture. Basically it's an old NSDAP picture with a group of people watching a Der Stormer bulletin board. Not sure if you have that picture
thumbnail of truth.jpg
thumbnail of truth.jpg
truth jpg
(113.64 KB, 940x653)
I have this but I may want to add text with the translation to it later (though not as intrusive as impact text memes).
With the Stormer against judah / The jews are our misfortune.