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I don't have time for descriptions right now.
The Jews kidnapped a bunch of random Palestinians, stripped them naked and falsely claimed they were Hamas fighters. The whole thing seemed to be some sort of propaganda stunt. There were journalists among them apparently. They’re doing this because they’re making no progress against Hamas on the ground. Kidnapping a bunch of random people and claiming they are Hamas makes it looks as if they’re doing something substantive with their ground operations. This is not the reality of what is happening on the ground. Jewish soldiers are cowards who are only good at killing defenseless people. 

Tucker Carlson posted his interview with Alex Jones yesterday. There was a fair amount of people talking about it on social media. Jones told Tucker that China runs Hollywood and is responsible for all of the anti-WHITE propaganda in the movies. He also implied that Xi Jinping is a bad person because of his views on Adolf Hitler. All of this is of course absurd but these are things Jones has rambled on about for years. He also used to blame the Arabs for running Hollywood so I’m not sure why he now thinks the Chinese run it. I guess he just can’t keep his lies straight. He’s basically taking things the Jews are guilty of and blaming the Chinese for them. The Hitler and Nazi-bashing is also something he has done regularly over the years. All that aside, the Jews still run and control Hollywood up until this day. Take Disney for example which is run by the Jew Bob Iger. We also see how all sorts of Jews have pushed endless hatred towards WHITES. The Chinese are not doing this type of thing. You can also criticize the Chinese all you want in America without any issues but when you start going after Jews the hammer gets dropped down on you.

Of course, Jones married a Jew in his younger days and he seems to be sexually attracted to trannies. He once got caught with tranny porn on his phone live on air and recently did a very bizarre interview with the tranny Blaire White. So the fact that he continues to push this weird shit about China is not all that surprising. His explanation about the tranny porn was hilarious. He claimed that he has had porn magically pop up on his phone 500 times lol. As funny as all that is, I don’t really care if Jones is sexually aroused by trannies. I just wish Jones would be honest about the Jewish problem. He just can’t seem to do it for various reasons.

**“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas.”** – Benjamin Netanyahu (2019)
**“In the visible dimension Hamas is an enemy, in the hidden dimension it is an ally.”** – IDF Major General Gershon Hacohen (2019)
**“Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet.”** – Charles Freeman, US diplomat and ambassador (2006)

Why Israel helped create Hamas
Since the founding of Hamas in 1987, Israeli, American and Palestinian officials have repeatedly acknowledged that Israel did indeed help create and fund the Islamist group. The point made by many of these officials is not that Israel “allowed” the rise of Hamas or that Hamas emerged in response to Israeli “occupation” of Palestine. Rather, their point was and is that Israel’s intelligence agencies actively helped create and finance the Hamas group. As the officials cited below make clear, the overall goal of supporting Hamas has been to thwart the creation of a Palestinian state and avert the implementation of a two-state solution to the Palestine question. From Israel’s perspective, a two-state solution would reduce Israel’s territory to the internationally recognized pre-1967 borders, prohibit any future territorial expansion, and prevent the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. More specifically, supporting the Islamist Hamas group has served several Israeli objectives at once: first, it undermined Yasser Arafat’s secular nationalist PLO; second, it helped prevent the implementation of the 1993 Oslo Accords; third, it undermined the Palestinian National Authority and isolated Gaza from the Westbank; fourth, it impeded Western support for the Palestinian cause; and fifth, it justified Israeli (counter-)attacks on Palestinian territory. In other words, by secretly supporting a group that does not recognize the existence of the state of Israel and does not accept a two-state solution, Israel does not have to accept the existence of a Palestinian state and does not have to support a two-state solution, either. It is sometimes argued that while Israel initially supported the creation of Hamas, the Islamist group got out of control and Israeli officials came to regret their support (the “blowback theory”). While this is certainly true for some Israeli officials and for the Israeli population affected by Hamas rockets and terrorist attacks, it is not true for Israeli grand strategists, as the quotes below make clear: for them, Hamas has continued to serve its intended purpose even after the Oslo Accords in 1993 and after Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. For the grand strategists, the presence of Hamas in the remaining Palestinian territories might provide, one day, the necessary pretext for a “final solution” to the Palestinian question.

“A creature of Israel”
The following sections provide a chronological overview of insider statements on the creation of Hamas made since 1981 by Israeli, American and Palestinian officials. These officials include a former Israeli military governor of the Gaza Strip, an Israeli military intelligence chief, two Israeli intelligence whistleblowers, a retired IDF Major General, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians, as well as former American government and intelligence officials, late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, and an early Hamas leader.

Yitzhak Segev, Gaza military governor (1981/1986)
Already in 1986, one year before the official founding of Hamas, New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, David K. Shipler, revealed how Israel supported the Islamic movement in the Gaza Strip that would give rise to the Hamas group. Referring to Israel’s military governor of the Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Yitzhak Segev, Shipler noted in his book, “Arab and Jew”: [continued]
While many Jews — along with many Christians — still vehemently deny that Ashkenazi Jews have their origins in the Turkic peoples of the Khazar Kingdom, research conducted by an Israeli geneticist appears to confirm that these Jews do, in fact, descend from a Turkic people prior to migrating up into the Khazar Kingdom where they would eventually convert to Judaism:

**“New research conducted by Israeli geneticist, Dr. Eran Elhaik, suggests that most of the modern Jewish population of northern and eastern Europe – normally known as Ashkenazic Jews – are the descendants of Greeks, Iranians and others who colonized what is now northern Turkey more than 2000 years ago and were then converted to Judaism, probably in the first few centuries AD by Jews from Persia. At that stage, the Persian Empire was home to the world’s largest Jewish communities. According to research carried out by….Dr. Eran Elhaik of the University of Sheffield, over 90 per cent of Ashkenazic ancestors come from that converted partially Greek-originating ancient community in north-east Turkey. His research is based on genetic, historical and place-name evidence. For his geographic genetic research, Dr Elhaik used a Geographic Population Structure computer modelling system to convert Ashkenazic Jewish DNA data into geographical information. Dr Elhaik, an Israeli-born geneticist who gained his doctorate in molecular evolution from the University of Houston, believes that three still-surviving Turkish villages – Iskenaz, Eskenaz and Ashanaz – on the western part of an ancient Silk Road route were part of the original Ashkenazic homeland. He believes that the word Ashkenaz originally comes from Ashguza – the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian name for the Iron Age Eurasian steppeland people, the Scythians. Referring to the names of the three Turkish villages, Dr Elhaik points out that “north-east Turkey is the only place in the world where these place-names exist”. From the 690s AD onwards, anti-Jewish persecution by the Christian Byzantine Empire seems to have played a part in forcing large numbers of Jews to flee across the Black Sea to a more friendly state – the Turkic-ruled Khazar Empire with its large Slav and other populations. Some analyses of Yiddish suggests that it was originally a Slavic language, and Dr Elhaik and others believe that it was developed, probably in the 8th and 9th centuries AD, by Jewish merchants trading along some of the more northerly Silk Roads linking China and Europe. By the 730s, the Khazar Empire had begun to convert to Judaism – and more people converted to the faith. But when the Khazar Empire declined in or around the 11th century, some of the Jewish population almost certainly migrated west into Central Europe. There, as Yiddish-speaking Jewish merchants came into contact with central European, often German-speaking, peoples, they began to replace the Slav words in Yiddish with large numbers of German and German-derived words, while retaining some of its Slav-originating grammar. Many Hebrew words also appear to have been added by that stage. The genetic modelling used in the research was based on DNA data from 367 Jews of northern and eastern European origin and more than 600 non-Jewish people mainly from Europe and western Asia. Dr Elhaik says it is the largest genomic study ever carried out on Ashkenazic Jews. His research will be published in the UK-based scientific journal, Genome Biology and Evolution.”**

It shouldn’t surprise us that many Jewish “scientists” have completely dismissed Elhaik’s theories and evidence — most of them resorting to **ad hominem** attacks and arrogant dismissals. [continued]

Pentagram head Lloyd Austin was talking shit about Americans who don’t want to do endless wars for Jews. That’s because Austin is a corrupt nigger who has profited off of his ties to the war industry. He also has the IQ of a moderately retarded ape. America doing endless wars for Jews has only isolated America. The rest of the world is looking at America like it is some type of drug addicted retard banging its head against a wall repeatedly. They’re just putting up with America because they feel as if they still have to. This situation is quickly coming to an end.

The world is rapidly seeking closer ties to Russia and China because of how fucked up America and its ZOG allies have become. So everything Austin is saying about how anti-war people are bad is just really stupid. Anti-war people are trying to restore some sense of sanity. The only reason this dumbass nigger is in the position he’s in is because Jews have illegitimately taken over the government. In a normal situation this fat nigger would be dealing drugs or cleaning latrines with his tongue to make a living.

==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000207==

Former Democrat Dennis Kucinich Joins Mike Adams To Talk About Current Events And Crisis
https://www.bitchute.com/video/HxG5v8Om9gdo/ [Embed]

A pro-Palestinian protest at Democratic Party headquarters in Washington, DC, that turned violent is sending a jolt through political circles in Chicago, which plans to host the party’s presidential nominating convention this summer.

Angry Protesters Lock Down California Democrat Convention
**Protesters still obeying covid mask mandates while protesting? LMFAO!**

Biden Considering Sanctions Against Jewish Terrorists Who Are Burning Down Palestinian Homes
**Settlers have ramped up their killing of Palestinians, leaving threatening leaflets ordering them to leave their homes, blocking roads with boulders, cutting electricity lines to Palestinians' homes, shutting down water wells and destroying olive trees.**

Congressional Efforts Grow To Deport Visa Holders Who Support Hamas

Anti-globalist Libertarian outsider Javier Milei swept to victory in Argentina's presidential election Sunday, vowing to halt decades of economic decline in a country reeling from triple-digit inflation.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/70T45R6xHqbj/ [Embed]
**Latin America's third-biggest economy has suffered decades of crises under interventionist governments big on bailouts that resort to printing money to finance spending, fueling inflation, while borrowing heavily only to default on their debt.**

New York City Slashes Police Funding Due To Illegals Overwhelming City Services
https://www.bitchute.com/video/9I87cxIzZ-4/ [Embed]
MY COMMENT: Exactly what I said on End Times News version 1 edition 0.00000000186, go check for yourself! This is a very well worth watching video explaining EXACTLY what is going on today in America and details what happens when you weaponize government and the kind of blowback it can have, YES even against Democrats!

Be Prepared For Grid Failures This Winter As Energy Crisis Is Being Manufactured By Government
https://www.bitchute.com/video/EEeFOlk1DlTk/ [Embed]

The American EMPIRE: Crashing & Burning In Real Time
https://www.bitchute.com/video/8jK1V04AK0Q/ [Embed]
Jews now have a long history of posing as “White” for the sole purpose of criticizing and undermining White Christian culture. According to (((The Jewish Chronicle))) and now they are hypocritically “alarmed” as “gentiles” are taking a page from their playbook by pretending to be “Jews” in order to level credible criticism of Jews and the Zionist state of Israel. This rant [in the link source] reveals a deep-seated fear that Jews have — that “gentiles” will do to them what they’ve been doing to “gentile” nations — “passing” as White while working feverishly to undermine and destroy our societies and values. In fact this article goes so far as to claim that “gentiles” passing as “fake” Jews is the moral equivalent to “another” Shoah™ — because the damage they can do to Jewish identity and in-group cohesion. They know exactly how damaging this subversion can be because they are experts at doing it to White Christian nations — “diversity” is their strength, not ours, and they know it.

Jews had no qualms pretending to convert to Christianity only to keep their secret Jewishness in their hearts while subverting the Catholic Church — and even many Protestant churches. Jews like the radical communist Kim Heller has pretended to speak for her “fellow” White South Africans while at the same time delivering the nation over to the Black communists. Back in 2019, we published an article entitled “Over 1,000 Shape-Shifting Jews Exposed For Pretending To Be White on Twitter” — and not long after that, the original Twitter files identifying these Jewish play actors was completely scrubbed from the internet. You can still view these files compiled as a 2-part video [in the link source]. And now that Jews have successfully turned the racial term “White” into a racial slur, they have turned around and made sure that everyone knows that Jews should no longer be considered White. They have now advocated that Jews should use their ability to “pass as White” in order to conspire with non-Whites to turn our White nations “beige” — fulfilling the agenda of the Kalergi Plan.

Last year, a female Jewish rabbi was fired for letting the cat out of the bag — that she feared too many Germans were converting to Judaism — and that they would eventually “take over” — tone deaf to the fact that Jews had done exactly that to Germany culminating in the Weimar Republic. And in 2019, a Jewish candidate for judge cried “foul” when her Protestant opponent changed her last name to “Cohen” and beat her in the election — quite ironic considering Jews have been changing their own last names in order to “pass” as White for the last 200 years. This shape-shifting is a double-edged sword however — they want to continue to be able to “pass as White” but at the same time remain the world’s unrivaled minority victims of White supremacy. This is no small balancing act — considering this tiny “White passing” Jewish minority has reached the pinnacle of world power and now oppresses the entire White race — and seeks to dominate the entire world. No doubt — Jews hate White Christian Israel — the true inheritors of God’s promises — and they as the spiritual inheritors of Esau/Edom, have finally fulfilled Issac’s prophecy and “broken the yoke” set upon them — and now the younger brother — Jacob/Israel — will serve the elder — Esau/Edom — represented by Talmudic Jews.

Even the blood-thirsty “atheist” Jewish Bolsheviks were aware that White Europeans were the true descendants of the Israel­ites — whom they strove to exterminate — while the Jews are imposters — racial mongrels who merely masquerade as Israel. Jews are fully aware that when “Jews” break rank and begin to criticize their “fellow” Jews — spill the beans to the “goyim” — they become very dangerous to the Jewish collective — which is why they are spurned as “mosers” — and must be ostracized or even eliminated. [continued]

Actress Melissa Barrera, the star of the “Scream” movie franchise, was fired by Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum’s Spyglass Media Group for “floating an antisemitic trope that Jews control the media” by claiming that “Western media only shows the [Israeli] side” of the war. They sure proved her wrong! Susan Sarandon was also dropped by United Talent Agency for speaking out against Israel. Variety has more on the freak-out that’s going on in Hollywood right now:

Four days after the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks in Israel, WME invited Steve Leder, the rabbi from Wilshire Boulevard Temple, to visit the agency’s Beverly Hills headquarters. He came to provide comfort for employees reeling after the worst attack on the Jewish people since the [obvious fraud if you're not an idiot Holocaust. Although the event was not mandatory and Leder’s speech was considered secular, several staffers voiced complaints, which made their way to WME co-chairmen Richard Weitz and Christian Muirhead. Instead of caving, WME invited Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to speak to the agency on Nov. 1. Greenblatt didn’t mince words, according to those in attendance, calling out the Writers Guild of America for refusing to issue a statement after the Hamas attacks. Across town, the agency’s fiercest rival, CAA, was dealing with a crisis. Maha Dakhil, one of its top agents, had ignited a firestorm with her Instagram posts, including one that said, “What’s more heartbreaking than witnessing genocide? Witnessing the denial that genocide is happening.” In response, Dakhil was relieved of her duties as co-chief the motion pictures department, though she was allowed to remain an agent. It didn’t hurt that her most important client, Tom Cruise, made it known to CAA that he was backing her. Cruise met with Dakhil at her CAA office on Nov. 15. A knowledgeable source says he took the rare step of going in person to show support for his embattled agent. Similar instances of firings, finger-pointing and feelings of betrayal are playing out across Hollywood as the industry wrestles with the raw emotions aroused by the eruption of violence in the Middle East. “There’s just no excuse for not condemning Hamas and demanding the release of the hostages. Hollywood was quick to declare Black Lives Matter, as they should, and Time’s Up, as they should, and myriad other important causes,” Greenblatt tells Variety. “There’s plenty of room for criticism of Israel or to voice concerns about the ongoing war in Gaza, but that doesn’t provide celebrities and industry reps with an open license to wage unfair accusations against Israel, such as accusing it of ‘apartheid’ or ‘genocide’ or, worse, to celebrate the actions of Hamas terrorists.”

The firing of Barrera actually shows there’s zero room for any criticism of Israel whatsoever. Creative Artists Agency, who represented anti-white activists Saira Rao and Regina Jackson for their lectures on “white privilege,” dropped both for “denouncing Israel’s genocide in Palestine.”

From Variety:
CAA, too, has been more willing to cut ties over problematic social media missives. The agency fired assistant Jouman (Jasmine) Barakat over her posts that called all Israelis white supremacists and mocked a post from the country’s official handle that stated, “Even Israelis Deserve to Live” by calling it a “fascist regime.” CAA also dropped Saira Rao and Regina Jackson — who co-wrote the 2022 book “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better” — over their social media posts. Rao had written on X, “Zionists are starting to panic that more and more of the world sees them for the bloodthirsty genocidal ghouls they are.” Rao tells Variety that Hollywood is “punishing people of color for speaking out.” She adds, “It’s disgusting. The genocide is indisputable. You can watch it on live TV. CAA will be on the wrong side of history. And shame on CAA for doing that to Maha.” A CAA spokesperson says Rao was not dropped for supporting Palestinians but for posts deemed antisemitic. [continued]
There’s also this video [first mp4] circulating that appears to show Israeli soldiers getting blown up near a tunnel. Here’s more footage put out by Hamas showing them attacking Zionist forces inside of Gaza. [second mp4] There is no such footage showing Israeli forces effectively attacking Hamas fighters. That’s because no such footage exists. The Jews are getting their asses handed to them on the ground.

$ 280 BILLION US TAXPAYER DOLLARS INVESTED since 1948 in US/Israeli Ethnic Cleansing and Occupation Operation; $ 150B direct "aid" and $ 130B in "Offense" contracts. Source: Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C. and US Department of State.

A leaked Israeli Intelligence Ministry document reveals the goal of their war with Gaza is to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian population and send the refugees to Europe and Canada. From 927 Magazine, “Expel all Palestinians from Gaza, recommends Israeli gov’t ministry”:

The 10-page document, dated Oct. 13, 2023, bears the logo of the Intelligence Ministry — a small governmental body that produces policy research and shares its proposals with intelligence agencies, the army, and other ministries. It assesses three options regarding the future of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the framework of the current war, and recommends a full population transfer as its preferred course of action. It also calls on Israel to enlist the international community in support of this endeavor. The document, whose authenticity was confirmed by the ministry, has been translated into English in full here on +972.
The document recommends that Israel act to “evacuate the civilian population to Sinai” during the war; establish tent cities and later more permanent cities in the northern Sinai that will absorb the expelled population; and then create “a sterile zone of several kilometers … within Egypt, and [prevent] the return of the population to activities/residences near the border with Israel.” At the same time, governments around the world, led by the United States, must be mobilized to implement the move. A source in the Intelligence Ministry confirmed to Local Call/+972 that the document was authentic, that it was distributed to the defense establishment by the ministry’s policy division, and “was not supposed to reach the media.” The transfer plan is divided into several stages. The document also says that the United States should be enlisted in the process to exert pressure on Egypt to absorb the Palestinian residents of Gaza, and that other European countries — particularly Greece and Spain — as well as Canada should help absorb and settle the Palestinian refugees. The Ministry of Intelligence said the document was not yet formally distributed to U.S. officials, but only to the Israeli government and security agencies.

Right-wing pro-Israel “influencers” all over social media have been working to sell Israel’s war to their followers by inflaming anti-Muslim sentiments and suggesting supporting Israel’s war will allow our governments to repatriate our large Muslim populations — meanwhile, Israel has drawn up plans in secret to foist the refugees they’re creating onto our countries! This is diabolical but not entirely surprising. (((Breitbart))) editor-at-large Joel Pollak called for this exactly seemingly out of pure instinct the same day this plan was quietly released. This is not the first time Israel has drawn up such plans but this time they’re planning to relocate 2.2 million Palestinians rather than some 16,250 Africans! 

Henry Kissinger is dead at 100. He was an old Jew who played a significant role in America’s foreign policy as US Secretary of State when Richard Nixon was president. He’s best known for helping open up trade with China which ultimately resulted in them turning into the superpower they are today. The industry that once existed in the US was largely moved into China because of his initial efforts. He was also involved in pushing to bomb Cambodia during the Vietnam War. He basically prolonged that war only to get a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in concluding it. He spent much of his later years pushing for globalism and making statements about a “New World Order” etc. His influence on America’s foreign policy was overwhelmingly negative. What’s interesting is that as bad as he was, he almost seems reasonable compared to the Jews running things now. Kissinger was much more pragmatic and thoughtful than the insane Jews controlling the levers in 2023 and that’s a testament to how stupid and ridiculous the current Jewish ruling class is. Overall, Kissinger won’t be missed. There was no reason for this Jew having such influence over American foreign policy for such a long time.

==Israel Planning To Fight Gaza With Human Sewage, More Bank Branches Closing, Americans Rush To Pay Off Home Mortgages==

Americans Are Rushing To Pay Off Their Home Mortgages Before Economic Collapse
**Last year, almost 40 percent of Americans owned their homes but a decade prior, in 2013, that number was just 34 percent, according to US Census Bureau data cited by Bloomberg.**

Americans Are Still Fleeing High Taxed Commie-run States
**State governments seem to be more hostile and misbehave worse when they see more tax revenue.**

Wells Fargo axes another 13 branches in a single week as a host of banks shut down vital services.
**Six banks filed to close almost 40 branches last week leaving millions of Americans without access to vital financial services, with Wells Fargo alone axing 13 locations.**

Russia Moves To Ban Subversive Marxist International LGBT Movement

Israel Planning To Fight Gaza With Human Sewage... Yes, Human Sewage!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000202==

Moderna Now Admits mRNA COVID Clot Shots Can Cause CANCER, Whooops!

US Army So Desperate For War Recruits They Have Dropped The Covid Clot Shot Mandate

Rep. Don Bacon, a retired US Air Force general, is calling on the Pentagon to restore the Cold War Era “Looking Glass” program where command-and-control aircraft, such as the RC-135 Stratolifter above, could augment surveillance by being on-station 24/7 to ensure no adversary can launch a surprise nuclear strike.
**If they nuke us first, we should be able to strike back at them.**

Israel Ignores UN Resolution To Pause War On Gaza

Gaza Hospitals Become Death Traps: Amputations Without Anesthesia, Maggots Growing In Amputees, No Antibiotics

Jewish Democrat Gets NYC Office Vandalized With Pro-Palestinian Graffiti

Deep State Warns Biden “Magical Thinking” Doesn’t Win Wars
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000208==

On September 22nd, 1991, nine months before the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, a United Nations Midwest Public Hearing on Environment and Development was held in Des Moines, Iowa. A document from that hearing noted the pressing need to reduce the world’s population and laid out a quota in order to get the New World Order system rolled out.

WATCH: News Report List Of Covid Clot Shot Shills Who DIED After Getting Jabbed!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/XKIqOqBkQ9Fr/ [Embed]

How Ruthless Censorship Hid The Covid Clot Shot Genocide
https://www.bitchute.com/video/KKmfRS3Eir9G/ [Embed]

MODERNA ADMITS VAX CAUSES CANCER! Huge Development As Millions Die From Covid Injections!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/J7sSCRCIaFSD/ [Embed]

Some Folks Are Taking Action To Destroy The Killer Cancer-Causing 5G Cell Towers
https://www.bitchute.com/video/VM28JcORmEGZ/ [Embed]

“There is a $120 million budget cut in New York that is going to affect schools, public libraries, and the police department. And a $5 million budget cut in sanitation,” she continued, warning, “Bitch, we're going to be drowning in fucking rats.”
**And just like that, Democrats lost another key supporter.**

Era of Total US Submarine Dominance Over China Ending

IDF Military Base Destroyed By Hezbollah Rocket Strike
**Video on social media shows the Biranit army base near the Lebanon border reduced to rubble after the devastating rocket attack.**

Neo-cons Push America Into Dangerous New Phase In Shadow War With Iran
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000206==

The Weaponization of “Disinformation” Pseudo-experts and Bureaucrats:
How the Federal Government Partnered With Universities To Censor Americans’ Political Speech

Yes, Governments Are Very Upset Citizens Can Read & Think For Themselves
**How dare you plebs question narratives feeding our government agendas!?**

Potential US-Brokered Deal In Israel-Hamas Conflict
**The six-page agreement reportedly stipulates that around 50 hostages would begin to be released every 24 hours. It’s believed that about 239 hostages remain in Hamas’ hands. Overhead surveillance would be employed to ensure the deal is adhered to, therefore allowing for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, notes the Post.**

80+ Palestinians Dead In Jabalia Refugee Camp Strikes

Biden Regime Neo-cons Intend To Make America Pay For All Wars & War Refugees

American Youth Has Spoken, No Dying For Israel! 72% of Americans Unwilling To Join Military Service
MY COMMENT: It's not just about Israel, look at the bigger picture Americans are sick of endless wars, VA corruption, the "woke" Marxism that has infiltrated the highest ranks of military service, etc. Not only that, but **what IS** our country really fighting for anyway!? To spread the same kind of bullshit corruption that is destroying our own nation!? Sorry but that ain't worth fighting and dying for. The ONLY thing worthy dying for is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY!!!

EU Calls On China To Stop Building Coal Powered Plants
**As if that is any of their personal business how China decides to provide itself energy!**
==Media Matters Faces Massive Defamation Lawsuit, Neo-cons Provoking World War Again, America Being Set-up To Lose As Banks Close==

After US simulates nuke attack on Moscow, Russia responds overwhelmingly: 30 US cities to be the first incinerated, killing hundreds of millions.

Biden Offers China Unprecedented Access to US Nuclear Test Site
MY COMMENT: IF true, the United States is being SET-UP TO LOSE a world war!!! Americans must start asking WHY!? Who are these neo-cons really working for!? Russia!? China!? Ukraine!? Israel!?

Elon Musk Planning Massive Class-action Lawsuit Against Media Matters For Defamation
**This week, Media Matters for America posted a story that completely misrepresented the real user experience on X, in another attempt to undermine freedom of speech and mislead advertisers.**
MY COMMENT: Drudge Report should be next! They too are outright lying about Musk and Twitter!

Church Leader Shot In The Head While Preaching At Glendale Street Corner
MY COMMENT: My prayers to the family. I hope they catch this demonic killer and he gets LIFE IN PRISON!

US Banking System Is Collapsing Due To Debt Insolvency
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000205==

Mass Resignation Wave Is Consuming US Congress, What Do They Know That We Don't?
**A surge of lawmakers calling it quits the past three weeks is on the verge of putting Congress on pace to have more members retire before the next election than in any similar cycle over the past decade and the implications are huge.**

Tucker Carlson Interviews VOX Party Leader Santiago Abascal In Spain, Americans Better Pay Attention To This!
**Spain is facing a mass defection and secessionist crisis because radical Marxists have destroyed their entire economy while trying to abolish their Constitution and civil liberties! Sound familiar!?**

The European Union’s hunt for raw materials is running into new roadblocks — at home and abroad. Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa’s recent resignation over a corruption probe in connection with lithium mining concessions in the north of the country has just dealt another blow to Brussels’ ambitions to diversify its supply of raw materials needed for green and digital technologies.

Russia is set to work most closely together with all those who share our values of peace, friendship and mutual respect. With those who are ready to take part in the formation of a modern multi-polar world based on civilizational and cultural diversity. Preserving the identity of peoples and equal rights and opportunities for all states is the guarantee of successful development of humanity.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000201==

The Pentagon Fails Annual Audit Again… Surprised? This Is The 6th Failed Audit.

The last thing we as an American State want is a regional war in the Middle East. The Iranians and Turks will shut down the Straits of Hormuz. Egypt will close the Suez Canal. We're not prepared to pay $200 / barrel of oil. Given the damage these fools in Washington have done to our energy sector, $200 for a barrel of oil is absolutely catastrophic. Our financial position would collapse.

Neo-cons need to win their war on Gaza because they failed to win their Ukrainian war against Russia.

“Insanely Eye-opening” Osama Bin Laden's “Letter to America” Goes Viral
MY COMMENT: 9/11 was CIA & Mossad! False flag attack against America to bring America into endless war in the Middle East! 9/11 was THE DAY the neo-cons seized control of the United States government!! Remember: jet fuel can't melt steel, NORAD stood down during the attack, WTC # 7 came crashing down like the Twin Towers yet no plane ever struck it, Pentagon CCTV footage released by federal court showed no plane hitting the Pentagon, only showed an explosion from the inside going out! And remember that Bin Laden was a former CIA asset decades prior to 9/11!!

House Speaker Causes Uproar When He Admits America Is Depraved And Deserves The Wrath of God
MY COMMENT: Sometimes you get what you ask for! If you ask for endless war, poverty and suffering, God may just allow the demons on Earth to serve it right to you on a bloody platter!!!

Nuclear World War Is Planned To Wipe Out 90% Of Human Population

Russia's rocket forces loaded an intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with the nuclear-capable "Avangard" hypersonic glide vehicle into a launch silo in southern Russia, according to a defence ministry TV channel broadcast on Thursday.

Justice Is Dead In The USSA, There Is No Equal Law Anymore

Do Not Trust The US Government With Your Online Information, They Are Selling It!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000131==

War Criminal Profiteers Pfizer and Moderna Can Now Be Sued For Clot Shot Damage, Deaths

Louis Farrakhan Files $5 Billion Defamation Suit Against ADL Over False Anti-semitism Claims

Despotic Nutcases In WEF Admit They Desire Human Genocide
https://www.bitchute.com/video/dTfW8DUHweqQ/ [Embed]

Biden Regime Wants Multiple Wars As Middle East Defects Towards Russia & China
https://www.bitchute.com/video/C5RyIYR0f0k/ [Embed]

Massive War Protests Hit London

We Got A Loser! China Sending War Ships To Middle East

We Got A Loser! US Sends More Troops To Middle East

We Got A Winner! Russia Remains Neutral On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Foreign IT Company Gobbles Up Top US Ammunition Manufacturers - Remington, Federal, CCI and Others Sold Off
MY COMMENT: Can anyone say CONFLICT OF INTEREST for national security!?

Good! Gun Sales Exploding In America, Large Spike In Gun Purchases
Bill Gates Caught Telling World Leaders It’s Time For ‘Death Panels’ To Reduce Global Population

VERY RELATED:  >>>pnd/379341@379341

Globalist billionaire and depopulation enthusiast Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time use “death panels” to sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite.

This is the brutal, murderous world Bill Gates and his associates at the World Economic Forum are determined to roll out as part of their Great Reset. We can’t allow their evil logic to become the new normal.

Bill Gates has become so arrogant in recent times that he is happy for cameras to catch him saying the quiet parts out loud.

Gates doesn’t explain why we cannot pay teachers and allow people to live out their lives in peace. Why is it either/or? After all, in the past we did not have any problem paying teachers their salaries and allowing our grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren during their golden years.

If you are wondering what else they have up their sleeve, it’s worth paying attention to what happened at the G20 in Bali, Indonesia late last year.

The G20 is a summit featuring leaders of the most important economies in the world, and it’s a mix of countries considered to be “advanced” or “developing”.

Beyond the rooms where the world political leaders sit around and thrash out various issues, there are dozens of side events where so-called “dignitaries” meet.

Why were Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in attendance at the G20? No one voted for them.

The mainstream media is declaring anyone who asks this question to be a conspiracy theorist. But it’s a totally legitimate question to ask.

==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000200==

US House Passes Budget Resolution To Postpone Federal Shutdown To New Year
**Schumer said that the bill to provide military aid to Ukraine and Israel would be taken up as a separate measure immediately after this month’s Thanksgiving holiday.**

Russia Claims It Will Continue To Adapt To Oil Sanctions
MY COMMENT: You cannot really sanction a country successfully if it has 1) economically competent leadership and 2) has the national resources to prop it's own internal economy up! Putin has a PhD in global economics and Russia is vastly enriched with valuable resources needed for industrial, agricultural and defense production! Sadly the neo-cons know nothing about economics or how economies really work!

Revolving Doors Of Corruption: FDA Officials Seek Cushy Big Pharma Jobs After Approving mRNA Clot Shot

Pro-Palestinian Protests Erupt Outside DNC Headquarters In Washington DC, Capitol Police Injured
FOOTAGE: https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1724968608244318521

Uh Oh! Turns Out The "Tunnels" In The Al-Shifa Hospital In Gaza Were ELEVATOR SHAFTS

Israel Orders Evacuations In Southern Gaza After Gaining Full Control Of Al-Shifa Hospital

Real Civilian Death Toll In Gaza Unknown, Could Be Much Higher Than Media Admits

How Long Will Palestinians Have To Beg The West For Empathy?
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000199==

Top American Leader Issues “Most Dangerous Times In History Of United States” Declaration

Expect Another Major False Flag Attack, Again, In America!
MY COMMENT: Notice the language! Everything they say points to abolishing FREEDOM OF SPEECH! These are not just Democrats folks! They are so-called "Conservatives" too! They are preparing very soon to LOCK DOWN THE ENTIRE INTERNET to expand their lustful profits for ENDLESS WAR! I know these neo-cons and how they think and what they do, trust me when I say this! You people have NO IDEA how your lives are about to be upended God damn it!!!

Now the real president of Ukraine named Yermak is in the United States trying to convince the American government that there is no corruption in Ukraine, and to blame the theft committed by him and those from his circle on the scheming of ‘Kremlin agents’. He is also trying to arrange a telephone conversation between Zelensky and Trump in order to gain support in Congress for aid to Ukraine, which he and Zelensky are plundering. I am the only one talking about this corruption, which is supported by numerous facts and journalistic investigations, and it is for this that they want to put me in jail on yet another trumped-up charges.

Xi Made "Progress" Alright...
**For many observers, this campaign has raised concern that a world modeled on Beijing’s rules is also one where features of its iron-fisted, autocratic rule — like heavy surveillance, censorship and political repression — could become globally accepted practices.**

“What the Chinese are saying is ‘live and let live,’ you may not like Russian domestic politics, you might not like the Chinese political regime — but if you want security, you will have to give them the space to survive and thrive as well,” said Yun Sun, director of the China program at the Stimson Center think tank in Washington.
MY COMMENT: I believe Xi Jingpin is right, on certain issues. Yes, Xi is correct that the US government has overplayed their hands. He is correct we need a multi-polar world too, nations that respect one another's sovereignty, and make peace and trade, yes that is correct! What I fear most is the US government is deliberately lying to Xi Jingpin - just like they lied to Vladimir Putin and everyone else - desiring to model the United States under the same kind of "iron-fisted, autocratic rule" (**like heavy surveillance, censorship and political repression**) in order to stir more endless wars and population control, so they can come after all of us who dissent, before they come after every other nation INCLUDING CHINA TOO! I know the neo-con playbook! They lie through their teeth! They are cunning! They are deceptive! They are evil, plain and simple! They will kill ANYONE to get their world hegemony, and sacrifice ANYONE ANYWHERE NO MATTER WHO to achieve world domination!!!

Isn't it ironic that the very FIRST people, here in the USA or elsewhere in the world, to screech publicly that a candidate or political policy is "a threat to our Democracy" are the very ones who actually BLEW UP a democratic legislative building? Literally DESTROYED IT!

House Republicans are heading home early for Thanksgiving recess after a conservative revolt tanked plans to pass more spending bills on Wednesday.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000198==

Internet Freedom & Privacy Rights Under Full Blown Attack In The USSA
**Nikki Haley, a defense industry lobbyist disguised as an aging MILF, floated what many are calling a flatly unconstitutional idea to force all social media users verify their identities online in order to rid the world of 'bots' from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea (lol, yah right!) (and of course, hand the US government a nice list of exactly who's saying what, and where).**

Internet Freedom & Privacy Rights Under Full Blown Attack In The USSA
https://archive.is/Vh9Cf / https://archive.is/zgqzY

Watch This Guy Smash His Internet Modem Right In Front Of His Service Provider

Pro-Slave Labor Democrats Melt Down Over New Texas Bill To Arrest, Deport Illegals

A federal appeals court has ordered the federal government to hold an oil and gas lease sale for the Gulf of Mexico within 37 days.
**The Biden regime has been trying to create an American energy crisis by preventing the use of American oil.**

Israel Demolishes Hamas Parliament Building
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000197==

White House Wants To Nationalize All ISPs! Calls To Require State/Federal ID + Biometrics To Access Internet!!!
https://archive.is/Vh9Cf / https://archive.is/zgqzY

WARNING: Some Banks Are Closing Down Personal Accounts Without Notice, Leaving People Without Access To Savings!

Gold Trading At A Record $100 Premium In Shanghai, China May be Ready For Gold-backed Currency!
MY COMMENT: This means THE END of US global hegemony, THE END of the US petrodollar, the world will do just like they did during the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 by following gold as KING!

China Has Begun Removing It's Gold Reserves From The United States

Biden Transfers America's Hegemony Status Over To China Meeting With Xi Jingpin

Israeli soldiers have stormed Gaza City's main hospital to root out the Hamas terrorists they say are hiding beneath the medical facility in an underground command centre.

Hezbollah’s military media publishes 4 scenes documenting losses of Israeli forces.

UN Agencies Withdraw From Gaza Strip
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000196==

New Jersey Sued For Secretly Harvesting Blood From Newborns Without Consent From Parents

If You Live In New York, Better Be Using A VPN And Using Other OPSEC
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/ny-governor-confirms-spy-state-social-credit-war-on-trump-supporters/
**New York declares unconstitutional war against freedom of speech. Class action lawsuits when?**

US House Becoming A Pressure Cooker Of Tention Over Debt Insolvency Debate

Thousands of Demonstrators March For Israel In Solidarity

French Senators Propose Criminalizing Anyone Who Criticizes Israel War Crimes

US Military Fighting With Militias In The Middle East Intensifies
https://www.bitchute.com/video/kNMjAdnUulw/ [Embed]

CIA Boss Heads To Ukraine For Emergency Meeting With Zelensky
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000195==

“There is a power vacuum in Washington. No one is running the show. It’s chaos in the White House. They are saying the same things over and over... They are doing what they think will get the president re-elected. He is a George the Third. It’s scary, and it is disgraceful.”

Israelis and the ever-diminishing US military reserves will be the only ones fighting anymore. The American people are done with endless neo-con wars.

China Has Begun Removing It's Gold Reserves From The United States

Russia To Begin Selling Successful Weapons Used Against Ukrainian Military To Eastern Allies
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000194==

MY COMMENT: Backup everything you desire and/or need on the internet and have multiple offline backups of all saved media! US government is about to RUIN the entire internet as we know it!!!

MY COMMENT: Backup whatever media you enjoy or need and have multiple offline copies! The government is willing to BREAK THE INTERNET so they can control their narratives and online content!! They want the internet controlled like television services!!!

Our Crooked Politicians Care More About What China Thinks Than Our Own Country

Retailers In Boston Are Rushing Out Of The City And Into Suburbia
**“As people are spending more time at home instead of going to lunch down on Boylston Street, they're having lunch around the corner from their house in downtown Newton or downtown Beverly. We're just seeing a lot of these small downtowns re-emerge, which is good for the community.”**

Supreme Court Announces It's Adopting Code of Conduct, But Will It Really Stop Corruption?
**The 8-page code, which significantly mirrors a code of conduct for lower federal court judges, details the expectations that justices should "avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety" in their actions on and off the bench.**

A lawsuit has been filed in US federal court against President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin for the US officials’ failure to prevent and complicity in the Israeli government’s unfolding genocide against them, their families, and the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza.

Heavy Wind And Rain Pummeling Gaza As Countless Citizens Have No Shelter Or Food

Nile River Begins Turning Blood Red Fulfilling Book of Revelation Prophecy
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000189==

The think tanks receive funding from the US government and private entities, and often don’t report it, in order to spread misinformation and discredit accurate information.

Federal Judge Agrees To Hold Trial Over Dominion Voting Machines
**The United States government should not be allowed to rig our elections. That is not democracy.**

Starvation In America Is Now Causing People To Freak Out And Become Violent

Thank The Increase In Heart Attacks On Idiots Taking Covid Clot Shots

Co-founder of Home Depot Warns America The Grave Danger Corruption Has Put Us All Into

Americans Warn Biden They Won’t Fight As World War III Shatters Global Order

STOCK UP ON AMMO! Bolshevik Control Freak Democrats Want Bulk Ammo Sales To Be Banned!

NATO Trying To Intimidate Russia With Nukes
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000190==

Biden Increases Money Supply By 70% As Society Collapses Under The Weight of Explosive Inflation
https://www.bitchute.com/video/x7AkwRbYn6z8/ [Embed]

Over Half Of The US At Risk Of Grid Down This Winter

▲ Biden Regime Canceled American Oil Pipeline Leases When Put Into Power

War Criminals Jabbing & Murdering American Children With Bioweapon Injections

Chicago Is So Unpleasant Migrants Are Fleeing BACK To Communist Venezuela
**The American dream was murdered by stupid totalitarian despots.**

Israel Follows China's Lead, Arrests Citizens For Voicing Dissent Against War
https://www.bitchute.com/video/5aVvA26Xy1zw/ [Embed]

False Flag! October 7th Israeli Testimonies Reveal IDF Also Shot Citizens, Not Just Hamas
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000193==

King Of Real News ZeroHedge To Stream Live Debates On Twitter X
Laura Loomer Vs. Dave Smith In Wednesday Showdown Over Israel-Hamas War

Corrupt DOJ Looking For Attorneys To Defend Federal Government LIARS In Vaccine Injury Cases

Top UK Government Heath Official Admits Hospitals Faked Pandemic Deaths
MY COMMENT: Covid-19 was a Fear PSYOP to sell people to take the ACTUAL BIOWEAPON, which was in the mRNA Clot Shot the whole time!!!

Ironic! Hunter Biden Could Benefit From Pro-2nd Amendment Ruling By SCOTUS
**A Supreme Court ruling slammed by President Joe Biden now might offer Hunter Biden an avenue by which to appeal his three felony firearm charge.**

Louisville Ford Workers Reject Labor Deal, Indicating Possible Continuation Of UAW Strikes

Exxon To Start Producing Lithium In Arkansas To Become Major EV Battery Supplier

US Launches 3rd Round Of Airstrikes On Eastern Syria, But Deterrence Still Failing

IDF Raids And Takes Over Gaza’s Parliament As Hamas Suffers Losses

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000192==

RINO Sell-out Mike Johnson Proposes Same Budget Plan That Got RINO McCarthy Ousted
**No border protection. No spending cuts. More funding for offshore wars.**

Majority Of Sane Americans Say Securing US Border Is More Important Than Israel or Ukraine

Americans Warn Biden They Won’t Fight As World War III Shatters Global Order

A majority of American adults would not be willing to serve in the military were the US to enter into a major war, recent polling has found, while public confidence in the armed forces appears to be waning.

Uni-party Establishment Panics As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gains Massive Voter Support
**Both of the polls showed Kennedy leading both President Biden and former President Trump among the key electoral demographics of independent voters and voters under 45 years of age.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000191==

Biden Is Upset Because He Does Not Understand Basic Economics
MY COMMENT: Real news media reports the facts. If the cost of living is significantly rising then real news media will report it, regardless what people think. The problem is not real news. The problem is the government's failed economic policies. If the government does not know how to run an economy, then the government should not be trying to run it at all. If you increase the debt, the fiat money supply, it decreases the value of the money already in circulation, thus increasing price inflation. Price inflation is simply the currency being devalued. When you lower the value of your currency (by increasing the fiat money supply), then prices for hard assets, land, food, energy and basic essentials cost more. This is Economics 101. It's the law of economics. No amount of ideology or political debate changes this simple economic reality. No amount of debt withdrawals us from this harsh reality. If you shoot yourself in the foot, you bleed.

Like Him Or Hate Him, Trump Remains Very Popular In America

‘QAnon Shaman’ Interested In Running For Arizona Congressional Seat 

Surprise, Surprise! San Francisco Suddenly Cleaned Up For Xi Jinping Meeting
**Cannot allow China to see the failed State conditions many Americans had to put up with for years!?**

Netanyahu Discusses Possible Hostage Deal

Israel's war cabinet is bickering among itself, most of the ministers talk of a need to increase attacks against Hezbollah. Netanyahu has refused, and his own right hand man, Ben Gvir, is now calling for his dismissal.

Lebanese Fighters Inflict Losses On Zionists

Israeli Forces Blasted 150 Hamas Tunnel Shafts With Powerful Explosives
Elon Musk, the iconic entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla, is widely hailed as a genius, a disruptor, and sometimes, a misfit. However, since his takeover of Twitter in 2022, several of his promises to uphold Twitter (now X) as a “free speech” platform have fallen through. Popular YouTube personality Jeremy Hambly, AKA “The Quartering,” highlighted that most of the missteps began with the appointment of Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. She entered the scene with a questionable track record, marked by apparent censorial tendencies and alleged affiliations with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Such a background was, for many, a red flag. Elon’s choice was, at the outset, a bid to salvage Twitter’s dwindling profitability through an aggressive advertising focus. And true, in the short term, advertising is the lifeline Twitter needs, especially as it continues to bleed cash.

However, Musk had promised a renewed emphasis on ‘freedom of speech, not freedom of reach’ for Twitter. The intention behind this was to differentiate between the right to voice an opinion and the reach that opinion gets on the platform. But the implementation seems to have missed the mark. The reality is that while Twitter, under Musk, was vocal about being a ‘free speech’ platform, there was an alarming increase in account bans and content deboosting. Such actions made one question the transparency and authenticity of Musk’s commitment. It’s evident that any content deemed ‘spicy’ or potentially contentious faced an 81% deboost, a statistic unsettling to many, especially when such determinations rely heavily on automated systems known for inaccuracies. Musk’s assurances were further undermined by policies rolled out, which eerily resembled the old ‘Twitter 1.0’ rules - stringent content guidelines against incitement, threats, or what they ambiguously termed ‘abusive content.’ It felt like a rerun, only under a different leadership banner.

Yet, it wasn’t just about speech. Musk’s takeover promised no permanent bans unless there was a breach of the law. This pledge, however, remained unfulfilled as numerous accounts faced unwarranted permanent bans, highlighting a glaring discrepancy between promises and actions. For example, popular Twitter personality @dom_lucre was banned shortly after questioning the drowning of former President Barack Obama’s personal chef. It wasn’t until a massive public outcry over the suspension that @dom_lucre’s account was reinstated. The same goes for former pharma executive Sasha Latypova. Her account was banned for reported “hate speech,” a far cry from being unlawful speech and a vague term that can be weaponized to silence speech one doesn’t like. Latypova’s account was also reinstated, but it wasn’t until criticism of the suspension that “X” decided to reverse its decision.

Substack is a blogging platform primarily intended for independent writers, who depend on user subscriptions to support themselves. Ever since a controversy after the launching of “notes,” an added Substack feature similar to “X,” Substack articles no longer receive an image preview on “X,” making someone far less likely to click the shared link. In addition, the deboosting of the external link is far more severe than that of other news outlets — even if someone manually includes an image. In my own experience [the author of this article], sharing a post with a Substack link could receive as high as an 80% to 90% reduction in engagement compared to a post with no external link with an image or video. usk has repeatedly said, “Unless people that you don’t like can say things that you don’t like, it’s not free speech.” 

[OP note: Are you surprised the Hebejew name (((Elon))) from the jewish University of Pretoria whom partnered Tesla with Israeli Cortica and is a member of the WEF isn't trustworthy? Because I'm not surprised.]

==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000187==

Neo-con RINOs Prove Their Allegiance To Satan!
RNC Tells Republicans If They Attend Christian Forum They'll Be BANNED!
**They hate our 1st Amendment and they love war. No different than most the Democrats at this point. "Democracy" is a FRAUD and a sadistic JOKE in the USSA! Boycott military service and any future draft!**

Government Says Americans Are Stupid Because We Do Not Like Their Economic Disasterpiece
**Why even ask if you don't care about public opinion?**

Moody’s Cuts Outlook On US Government Debt To Negative

The highest wealth rung controls $208.3 trillion in wealth, or 45.8% of the global total. Just 1.1% of the world adult population fall in this bracket.

Good Samaritan Arrested After Stopping NYC Subway Assault By Firing Warning Shots
MY COMMENT: Many cities like New York are no longer part of real America!

American Volunteers Flock To Help Israeli Families After Hamas Massacre

Israel Is Now Threatening To CARPET BOMB Other Nations & Their Civilians Too

Despotic Oligarchy Needs Perpetual War To Stay In Power
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000188==

Communist EU Declares That All Citizens Who Refuse Hell Gates Digital ID Will Be Barred From Society
https://www.bitchute.com/video/tQl4LbMTHZY9/ [Embed]

HA HA! Gun Owners Absolutely Ripped Off Democrat States Exploiting Their Gun Buyback Programs
**You could sell an old gun collecting dust that doesn't even work anymore for $250 no questions asked.**

HA HA! List Of US Government "Solutions" That Turned To Utter Failure

Hamas Anti-tank Strikes Show Depth Of Powerful Arsenal Facing IDF Forces
MY COMMENT: A lot of those weapons came from the Taliban in Afghanistan after they seized control of $80 BILLION worth of US weaponry! Funny how all the State-run corporate media is SILENT about that!!!

Israel Strikes 40km Into Lebanon, Risking Major Escalation

Saudi Crown Prince Meets Iranian President For First Time
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000186==

The Western World Built The World. Now We Are Destroying It.

Majority Of Sane Americans Say Securing US Border Is More Important Than Israel or Ukraine

FBI Is Spying On Politicians Investigating FBI Spying

FBI Seized NYC Mayor Eric Adams' Phones, iPad
MY COMMENT: Now a Democrat gets to witness the abuse of the federal government! Any time you disagree and publicly confront establishment policy, they go after you! NYC Mayor Eric Adams did just that questioning Biden why all the illegals are spilling over the US-Mexican border!!! New York is being ruined by illegals flooding in and taking over the streets with their tent cities and high crime looting rampages!! Anyone with money is FLEEING New York!! He got angry, asked the right questions and BOOM!!! Now under federal investigation! You liking that "Democracy", huh!?

So far 11,078 killed, including 4,506 children, and 27,490 wounded in Gaza.

Israel-Hamas: "Bread & Circuses Version 2.0" The New Roman Colosseum
**What we're watching in the Gaza Strip is literally the new version of a Roman Colosseum where everyone gets to watch actual slaughter, no one steps in to stop it, and the "Gladiators" (Both Israel IDF and Hamas) not only kill each other, they kill the spectators, too. It's entertainment... to the sick bastards doing all of this.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000185==

Israeli Tanks Have Gaza Hospitals Surrounded As UN Decries Hell On Earth
**The moment the Al Shifa Hospital courtyard was struck last night as displaced civilians slept. Body parts blown off. You can hear the pain in the screams. At least 2 other hospitals were bombed in the same night. There are no words to describe this level of barbarity. None.**

10 Hours Of Hellish Fighting Between IDF And Hamas In Center Of Gaza, Tanks Destroyed, Dozens Dead

Top US General Warns Israel’s Slaughter Of Civilians Will Cause More To Turn Against Them

Yemen Launches Batch Of Ballistic Missiles At Sensitive Targets Of Zionist Israel

Israel’s Touted Iron Dome Is Failing While IDF Armor Is Destroyed By Hamas

Iran Panics As Israel WIPED OUT 5 Pro-Iranian Bases In A Surprising Airstrike 

Western Oligarchs Admit They FAKE Science & Control Media Lies To Manipulate Public

An Unexpected Alliance: AOC & MTG Both Call For Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange To Be Released
**“It is the duty of journalists to seek out sources, including documentary evidence, in order to report to the public on the activities of government.” the letter reads. “The United States must not pursue an unnecessary prosecution that risks criminalizing common journalistic practices and thus chilling the work of the free press.”**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000184==

German Gov't Agrees To Bailout Bankrupt Wind Farm, UK Increases Subsidies
**Consumer choice, free market capitalism no longer exists at all in the fake EU economy.**

Biden Regime To Bailout Bankrupt Crony Special Interests Who Produce Nothing Anyone Wants
**Consumer choice, free market capitalism no longer exists at all in the fake USSA economy.**

If it's a viable energy source, then why do we have to bail it out with taxpayer money?
https://www.bitchute.com/video/SI0Jfx4FxBVB/ [Embed]

Federal Government Is Employing Propagandist Speech Police Online

Federal Government Is Employing Propagandist Speech Police Online

▲ FLASHBACK: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Republicans Blast Through Biden Ukraine Lies In Senate And On Debate Stage
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000183==

Over Half Of The US At Risk Of Grid Down This Winter
**Over HALF the United States now has inadequate power generating capacity for peak Winter demand says a new Industry report.**

▲ Biden Regime Canceled American Oil Pipeline Leases When Put Into Power

Higher Inflation Is Not Going Away, America
MY COMMENT: WORSE! Hyperinflation and severe supply chain shortages by the end of 2024. Get what you need in the future NOW.

9th Circuit Rules Automakers Can Harvest Your Phone Data
MY COMMENT: It's best not to be using a 'smartphone' at all, but if you do, I would not hook it up in any of those modern vehicles that have GPS and Wifi systems!!! Everything made today seems to be embedded with GOVERNMENT SPYWARE!! Tells us EXACTLY who really runs the entire economy today!

Automaker Bigwigs Admit EVs Are Not Popular Among Americans
**Half of America requires long commuting from one place to another and does not have time to sit around waiting for their vehicles to be charged!**

Pentagon Confirms Series Of New Attacks On Bases In Syria, Iraq After Latest US Airstrikes
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000182==

Smug Vaccinated Democrat Mocked The Unvaccinated, Now He Is Dead

How To Detox From The mRNA Clot Shot

Feds Bust Major Prostitution Ring Serving US Politicians, Govt & Military Officers, Tech Executives, Pharma CEOs

Marjorie Taylor Greene Slaps DHS Secretary Mayorkas With Impeachment Resolution Over Border Crisis
**Rather than adhering to an oath he took to defend and secure our country and uphold the Constitution when he was sworn in as Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas has engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with the laws of the United States.**

Black Lives Matter Co-founder Mark Fisher Endorses Donald J. Trump For President
**"I think right now, who we have sitting in the Oval Office is just a deep disappointment.**

Israeli and Hamas Fighters Engage In Close Combat In Gaza City As Civilians Flee

As the Gaza death toll soars past 10,500 - and now with daily horrific images from Gaza hospitals showing dead and wounded babies, toddlers, woman, and other civilians - pressure is also mounting at the United Nations. The US has come under blistering criticism from other countries for last week vetoing a resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza, among the few nations in the world to register a "no" vote.

US & Israel Poised to Open Lebanon Front
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000179==

US Military Now Bombing Syria, IRGC Headquarters Struck

Endless Israeli Horror Attacks On Gaza Continue

IDF Open Fires On Red Cross Medical Aid Convoy In Gaza City

Afghanistan Poppy Cultivation DOWN 95% After The Evil USSA Was Defeated

US Senate Democrats Block Funding For Israel

Wealthy Detroit Suburban Neighborhood Shaken, Family Held Up At Gunpoint In Their Own Driveway
**America is collapsing so fast and hard even the suburbs are becoming unsafe!**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000181==

Interest On US Debt Skyrockets Above $1 Trillion For The First Time Ever

Israel-Hamas Conflict May Threaten EU Energy Security

Netanyahu Faces Massive Political Dilemma, May Have Miscalculated War Against Gaza

US Politicians Never Thought Ukraine Could Lose. Could Israel Face The Same Conundrum?
**The non-Western world majority has turned sharply against Israel — even more sharply than it turned against the US in its war on Russia through Ukraine. Yet Western media continue to manufacture and inhabit a bubble completely divorced from moral and strategic reality.**

Al Jazeera Censored Video of Critic Who Said Saudi–Israel Normalization Would Be “Suicide” For MBS
MY COMMENT: Yemen remains the biggest headache for Saudi Arabia, if they could get Russia or China to convince Yemen to stop firing missiles at Israel they wouldn't have this problem, but Yemen might decide to retaliate by striking the oil rigs if the Saudis keep intervening in their affairs.

Qatar is currently mediating negotiations between Israel and Hamas for the potential release of between 10 to 15 more hostages in exchange for a short ceasefire, it was reported today.

Israel To Buy Back Iron Dome Air Defense Batteries From US?

NewsGuard is a for-profit fact checking organization backed by Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teachers union and the US government. In late October 2023, Consortium News sued NewsGuard and the US government for defamation and First Amendment violations, arguing the fact checker colluded with US intelligence to suppress foreign policy dissent.
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/report-pharma-funded-fact-checkers-control-the-internet/
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000180==

If it's a viable energy source, then why do we have to bail it out with taxpayer money?
https://www.bitchute.com/video/SI0Jfx4FxBVB/ [Embed]

China Continues Dumping US Treasuries
https://www.bitchute.com/video/WjjbTpSwjBCb/ [Embed]

Collective West Will Choke On Putin's Terms For Ukraine
https://www.bitchute.com/video/_IkNLieg1L0/ [Embed]

DOD National Advisory & The Coming Civil Unrest In America
https://www.bitchute.com/video/HlIy4fjCWV8/ [Embed]

Master These Seven Traits And You Will Survive The End Times
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000178==

Biden Regime To Bailout Bankrupt Crony Special Interests Who Produce Nothing Anyone Wants
**Consumer choice, free market capitalism no longer exists at all in the fake USSA economy.**

Trudeau’s Tyranny Strikes Again As His Regime Wish To Ban Health Supplements To Keep Plebs Sick
**Consumer choice, free market capitalism no longer exists at all in fascist communist Canada.**

US General Admits Plan To Takedown America, Destroy Our Economy & Free Market Capitalism
https://www.bitchute.com/video/yGapTt0ZE1kW/ [Embed]

End of the US petrodollar and American lifestyle. Enjoy the third world.

(Liberal) Greenwald & (Conservative) Carlson Talk About The Collapse Of America, Tragedies Of Our Age

The US Army's new recruitment ad is so cynical. After 15 years of relentless progessive brainwashing and doing a literal stand down to root out "extremists" (ie white conservatives), they are now facing an existential recruiting crisis and must return again to seducing the children of said "extremists" into fighting for "their" country. A country that no longer exists.

Votes Flipped In Recent RIGGED Fake 'Elections' In USSA, Democracy Is A Total Fraud

CIA Officer Pleads Guilty To Drugging And Raping Dozens Of Women
**Peak corrupt government. One wonders what kind of horrific dirty secrets will be revealed to the world when the USSA implodes.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000174==

The Biden regime, reportedly, would not sell weapons to Israel unless the government guaranteed that guns would not be given to Israeli civilians.
MY COMMENT: The exact opposite should happen! Israeli civilians should have the right to self defense and the Israeli government should NOT be able to shell unarmed Palestinian civilians! Biden is supporting GENOCIDE IN GAZA while bashing 2nd Amendment protections! CLEAR ENOUGH AS DAY! Any questions, plebs!?

Photos: Death, Destruction and Despair Reigns A Month Into Latest Israel-Gaza Conflict

Assassins Attempt Car Bombing of Yemen Army Chief of Staff

Assassination Attempt Against Palestinian President Abbass
**One of the President Abbas' body guards was killed during the clash.**

Marxist Pro-West Ruling Party A Big Loser In Moldovan Elections Despite BANNING Political Rival

Conservative Morawiecki Tapped To Form New Polish Government, Marxists Are Pissed

Online Banking Services Suddenly Being Disrupted On A Massive Scale All Over The United States
MY COMMENT: It looks like governments & central bankers are desperately trying to keep citizen plebs from pulling their savings out and prepping for WWIII!!! I told everyone to prepare at least a decade ago, you all better hope you listened!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000177==

Endless WAR Will BANKRUPT The US Empire

US National Debt To Surpass $50 Trillion By 2033, Debt Growing By $5 Billion Every 24 Hours
MY COMMENT: The USSA is as bankrupt as the USSR was before they collapsed!

Central Banks Are Stockpiling Gold At Record Levels Before Economic Collapse Of USSA

Fed Up Americans Are Rejecting Army Recruitment, Any Draft Would Face Outright Rebellion

How Billionaires Get Gullible Dummies To Die For Their Profitable Wars
https://www.bitchute.com/video/NTWiSjz2Y7U4/ [Embed]
**I encourage you all to not be cannon fodder for the billionaires... but you'll have to make up your own mind.**

Thousands Of Palestinian Laborers In Israel Have Gone Missing Amid Israel’s Ongoing Genocide

88 UN Officials Killed In Gaza By Israel Says United Nations
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000176==

How Billionaires Get Gullible Dummies To Die For Their Profitable Wars
https://www.bitchute.com/video/NTWiSjz2Y7U4/ [Embed]
**I encourage you all to not be cannon fodder for the billionaires... but you'll have to make up your own mind.**

We're Not Dying For Israel! Americans Reject New Army Ad Targeting White Men For Recruitment

Israel’s Blunt Rejection Of US Call To Pause War Reflects Failed US Strategy

Major Bank System Failures, Your Money Is At Immediate Risk
https://www.bitchute.com/video/L2vLkshpDro/ [Embed]

MY COMMENT: Western government BETA TEST for what is planned to happen after WWIII and their 'Great Reset' so be prepared for communications blackout, life off-grid!

Fire Destroys Historic Hangar At Tustin Marine Corps Air Base, California
MY COMMENT: Strategic sabotage from sleeper cells in the US from our open borders. All as planned!

Bacteriophage Vampire Virus Bioweapons Being Released Upon Humanity
MY COMMENT: This is what happens when war criminals never get punished! Expect more inhumane biowarfare by evil scumbags against humanity!

Israeli Troops Fighting In The Heart Of Gaza City, Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar Surrounded In A Bunker
**There will be no entry of fuel into Gaza or a ceasefire without the return of the kidnapped people Netanyahu said.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000172==

Israel’s Traditionally Pacifist Ultra-Orthodox Jews Swell IDF’s Ranks Amid Gaza War

‘Israelis Against Apartheid’ Demand ICC Take Action To Protect Palestinians From Genocide

Israel Killed More Civilians In ONE Month Than Russia Killed In Ukraine So Far
MY COMMENT: That's because Russia engaged in a special military operation against anti-Russian militants, NOT a full blown war against Ukraine. Israel on the other hand declared total war and openly supported leveling Gaza entirely! So no shit.

Netanyahu's War Policy Is Devastating For Israel
**And possibly the entire world if we are all dragged into it!**

Hezbollah Threatens US With Anti-ship Missiles

Al-Qassam Brigades Claimed To Destroy 27 Israeli Military Vehicles In Past 2 Days

US To Transfer $320 Million In Precision Bomb Kits To Israel

69-Year-Old Jewish Man Dies After Being Struck By Megaphone By Pro-Palestinian Protester In California
War-time Dictator Zelensky Cancels Ukraine Presidential Election, Again
**Is Biden planning WWIII to do the same to America?**

Biden Support Sinks As War In Middle East Escalates
https://www.bitchute.com/video/EoWSRoYVjKk/ [Embed]

Jinping & Biden Meeting To Focus On US Election Concerns
https://www.bitchute.com/video/YTtfXB3xpfw/ [Embed]

**In a recent interview, Vivek Ramaswamy presented a very scary, yet stark reality involving China. He pointed out how China appears to be quietly applauding (maybe helping) the drawn-out conflict in Ukraine and now Israel, strategically working to drain US military resources. This tactic, he suggests, is part of a grander scheme to ensure smooth sailing when they invade Taiwan. And sadly, their strategy seems to be working.**

Foreign governments, foreign embassies, banks, global companies, who along with US government agencies, funded the censorship of the American people and the 2020 US Presidential Election through funding The Atalantic Council's DFRLab.

Learn The Bankster Battle Plan As Humanity Is Pulled Into WWIII
https://www.bitchute.com/video/70TlR6SCZW9Z/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000173==

**In a recent interview, Vivek Ramaswamy presented a very scary, yet stark reality involving China. He pointed out how China appears to be quietly applauding (maybe helping) the drawn-out conflict in Ukraine and now Israel, strategically working to drain US military resources. This tactic, he suggests, is part of a grander scheme to ensure smooth sailing when they invade Taiwan. And sadly, their strategy seems to be working.**

Israel To Control Gaza 'Indefinitely' After War, Netanyahu Contradicts Blinken

Below is a searchable list of the names and ages of more than 6,700 Palestinians that Israel has killed in Gaza from October 7-25.
**This list is not yet updated, so far over 10,000 known deaths have been reported by media.**

Gaza Being Leveled To Make Way For New Ben Gurion Canal Across Israel

Israel Planned The New Ben Gurion Canal For Global Energy Trade, But First They Need To Usurp Gaza!

Birthday Present Filled With Grenades Kills Aide To Ukraine's Top Commander

Putin's Newest Warship Destroyed By Ukrainian Missile Strike At Crimean Shipyard

Russia withdraws from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), and the United States says it will also suspend the operation of all CFE Treaty obligations between itself and every other State Party, effective December 7.

Corrupt Judge Commits Fraud To Accuse Former President Donald Trump of Fraud
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000168==

US State Department Meltdown Over Israeli Gaza Bombings

Every 10 Minutes Another Child Is Killed In Gaza Bombings

Iran's defense minister said Sunday that the US would be "hit hard" if Washington doesn't push for and implement a cease-fire in Gaza.
MY COMMENT: Israel is the one doing the bombing! There is nothing America can do! Focus on them, not us!

There are twenty-two (22) Arab countries on this planet and it appears right now that NOT ONE wants *any* Palestinians. Why is that?
**Frankly, in my view, the "Good guys" don't go dropping 2,000 pound bombs from fighter jets, onto apartment complexes, hospitals, schools or refugee camps. Silly me. Yet, I have this nagging reality about the "Palestinians" that just won't quit. Why is it that absolutely NONE of their Arab country "brothers" want anything to do with them? This morning, someone told me that the average IQ of Palestinians is 69. That's literally far below retarded.**

Protesters filled the streets of Washington DC on Saturday afternoon calling for a ceasefire, in what attendees and observers said was the largest pro-Palestine protest in US history. Organizers said in a press statement on Sunday that the turnout was over 300,000.

The US And Israeli Endless War Agenda Will Bring The World Into An Economic DOOM LOOP 
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000171==

$40,000,000,000 In Unrealized Losses Hits JP Morgan Chase As Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup Face Exposure To US Treasuries
MY COMMENT: Your savings are no longer safe in these banks! I would recommend diversifying savings into several smaller regional banks! I would also recommend to those with enough money saved up, liquidating some of that money into backups of essential hard assets that are of value: extra food, water security, tools & accessories, lumber, a wood burning stove, generators, power inverters & 12V batteries, off-grid 12V solar chargers, medical supplies, sanitation supplies, firearms & ammo, etc.

Implosion Of Downtown San Francisco Forces McDonald's To Close After 30 Years

Now Marxist Teachers Are Trying To Ban Traditional Classic Books
**The old books are not subversive enough to corrupt children's minds!**

US House Faces Looming Battles Over Biden Impeachment, Government Shutdown

Vladimir Putin has decided to run in the March presidential election, a move that will keep him in power until least 2030, as the Kremlin chief feels he must steer Russia through the most perilous period in decades, six sources told Reuters.

Gaza Death Toll Passes 10,000 As Aid Groups Plead For Ceasefire
**The heads of 18 UN agencies and NGOs issued a joint statement calling for an end to the violence in Gaza, where more than 4,100 children have been killed by Israeli bombing.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000171==

Former President Donald Trump Promises To Get America Out Of Endless War
MY COMMENT: Take this with a grain of salt, Trump does support Israel, whether he would put Israel over America remains debatable. My two cents is Trump would be a man who could negotiate better with foreign leaders, to which the neo-cons are absolutely horrible at diplomacy.

Yemen's Iran-Backed Houthis Launch New Wave Of Drones Against Israel

Israel: Full Ground Assault INTO Gaza City within 48 Hours
**Fighting along the periphery of Gaza City has often be fierce, but word is that what's been encountered by IDF so far "is nothing" compared to what full-scale urban warfare will bring. The ferocious nature of urban warfare, in close quarters, is a well known nightmare for any military. The body count on both sides is expected to be mind-boggling.**

LOL! Antifa Does Not Understand Just How Conservative & Religious Muslims Are!?
**Sorry kids, but being gay and anything to do with the transgender cult is strictly forbidden in Islamic faith!**

Good! School Teacher Who Was Shot Sues School For Criminal Neglect And Wins Lawsuit
**School faculty knew the student was violent and knew he had access to guns before the shooting. Do red flag laws even work?**

BREAKING: Manifesto Of Transgender Nashville School Shooter LEAKED, Full Of Anti-white Hate
**Mainstream state-run media empire of lies shattered yet once again, further exposing the dangers of radical hateful Marxist propaganda pushed in public schools!**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000170==

Col. Douglas Macgregor Talks About The Dangerous Threats That Loom For Both Israel and America
https://www.bitchute.com/video/QUjjgVq29V0/ [Embed]
**Times have changed. America is not the only superpower anymore. Arab nations are much more robust today and stand united unlike decades ago. Russia and China vowed to back the Arab world if WWIII breaks out. War is very unpopular in the US right now. Record low requirement rates. Any mandatory draft would face wide-scale domestic rebellion. US military supplies were drained from endless wars since 9/11. What the fuck are these neo-cons thinking!?**

Expert Economist Dr. Jim Willie Talks About Motives Behind Hamas False Flag, Israel-Hamas War
https://www.bitchute.com/video/3JbOIj8KOuQU/ [Embed]
**If you are not looking at economics you are not seeing the whole picture!**

Israel Planned The New Ben Gurion Canal For Global Energy Trade, But First They Need To Usurp Gaza!

South Africa Recalls Diplomats From Israel
**Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh asserts that all options are being considered in response to the aggression against Gaza. Al-Khasawneh declares that any attempts to displace Palestinians will be a red line and treated as a declaration of war.**

Phone Communication, Internet Inaccessible In Gaza Again As Civilians Face Starvation, Bombing

Leftist Insurrection At White House Goes Strangely Unnoticed By State-run Corporate Media
https://www.bitchute.com/video/OzcZHqErxyaU/ [Embed]
**They could not help but scream for years after the January 6th protests! Well, why not now?**

Domestic Attacks On Jews Are Escalating

WATCH! Illegal Immigrant Sleeper Cells Are Being Set Up Across The US

Ukraine Officials Admit Defeat
https://www.bitchute.com/video/y02a5AeiOnI/ [Embed]

Russian Economy Is Growing, So Is Their Industrial Work Base
https://www.bitchute.com/video/lRivAxxunRk/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000169==

Sad. THIS Describes The State Of America Today!

The United States Is Being Destroyed And Other Countries Are Taking Notice

Women are turning to shady Facebook groups looking for sperm donors who refused to get the Covid clot shot.
**The mRNA clot shot bioweapon has also caused mass sterilization.**

The United Nations Is Behind The US Border Invasion! Interesting Evidence Found!

Israel, which has been bombarding Gaza for days, aims to realize the Ben Gurion Canal, which will create a new route for global energy and trade. It has been revealed that the Ben Gurion Canal, which opens to the Red Sea from the Gaza-Ashkelon line, is behind Israel's genocide and dehumanization plan in Gaza. Within the scope of the plan, Israel aims to push Egypt further into a corner by eliminating Suez in the global trade and energy corridor and becoming a global trade and energy logistics center. Experts are of the opinion that this situation will shake the strategic-energy balance of China's Belt and Road Project and the Mediterranean, along with the Strait of Hormuz, which is the transfer point of 30 percent of the world's energy, and may trigger a global war.

Escalating Attacks On US Troops Risk Washington-Tehran Confrontation

Americans Being Warned Now: Jihadists Likely Planning Terrorist Attacks Against The US
**The billionaire globalist trash want war on American soil and the stage has been set via total open borders.**

US Rolls Out 50th Weapons Package For Ukraine
**And as time has proven in the past, this stuff will be wasted, destroyed or sold to other nations while depleting America's defense.**

US Military Deploys Ohio-class Submarine With 160 Nuclear Warheads
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000166==

The World's Largest Biometric Digital ID System, India's Aadhaar, Just Suffered Its Biggest Ever Data Breach
**In one fell swoop, roughly 10% of the global population appears to have had some of their most valuable personal identifiable information (PII) compromised. Yet Aadhaar continues to receive plaudits from Silicon Valley.**
MY COMMENT: Stop trusting the government! They DO NOT care about your privacy or your security or you!

False Flag Red Alert! US Government Ops Preparing To Carry Out Acts Of Terrorism Upon America For WWIII
**Desperate for more population control, more power grabs and more global hegemony, as always!**

Even Former US President Barack Obama Calls For An End To The War
**“If you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth. And you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree” he said in an excerpted interview with Pod Save America released Saturday.**

At least 51 Palestinian civilians were killed and many others injured on Saturday night in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a residence in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, located in the central region of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Minister Amihai Eliyahu Calls For Nuclear War

Pro-Palestinian Marchers Flood Washington DC, Say Racist State of Israel Should Not Exist

Hamas Government Terrorists Say Sacrificing Their Unarmed Citizens Is WORTH It!
MY COMMENT: I've fucking had it! Hal Turner is right! Arm both Hamas and Israel with nukes, pull out of the Middle East and let these stupid evil corrupt governments destroy one another already!!!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000167==

America Needs To End The Endless Wars. America Needs Time To Heal.
MY COMMENT: Demons are real! So are Angels! So are the ghosts that haunt other souls! Taking petty psychotropic drugs will NOT heal your physical, emotional or moral wounds!!!

Behind The Scenes, Both The US And Iran Are Trying To De-escalate Middle East War

Israel And US Faces Major War Quagmire
**Hamas, which rules Gaza, has stockpiled weapons, missiles, food and medical supplies, according to the people, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the situation.**

Russia Releases Damning 2,000 Page Report Proving Covid Tests & 'Vaccines' Were Bioweapons

Rural America Defecting From Pro-establishment Democrats

Shockingly It Turns Out Americans Do Not Support Communism, Who Would Have Thought!?
**Maybe restricting consumer choice and having the government run the economy was a bad idea!?**

Election Fraud Cases Break Out In Three Democrat-run States, New Voting Ordered In One
**Bridgeport Superior Court Judge William Clark overturned the results of a Democratic mayoral primary and ordered a new election in connection to allegations of absentee ballot abuse.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000165==

America's Peaceful Civilized Immigration Daydream Is Coming To An End
**Many Americans who grew up during the Kennedy years look back on the post-war boom as an idyllic dream. Their yearnings can’t be written off as mere nostalgia bias. Compared to the present, the early ‘60s must have been like paradise: the single breadwinner was the standard, the country had a real sense of identity, and people trusted their neighbors enough to leave doors unlocked. That’s all gone now. As a result of the monumental demographic change unleashed over the past half century, America is more divided than it has ever been since its greatest crisis in 1865. The country is Balkanizing, and politics have become radical and violent.**

Enraged Pro-Palestinian Protesters Gather Outside White House

Israel Ends Communication With Russia, F-35 Squadrons Ready For War With Syria and Lebanon

Turkey Recalls Ambassador To Israel

DOCUMENTS: US Government Is Willing To Sacrifice ISRAEL To Destroy IRAN

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and its Strike Group have successfully transited the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean Sea into the Red Sea.

Massive Airstrikes Level Large University In Gaza

A new report in Axios utilizing satellite imagery and data says in total 25% of all buildings in northern Gaza have been severely damaged or destroyed after nearly a month of airstrikes and fighting.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000164==

Despite Neo-con Endless War Budgets, Thousands Of Nation Guard Troops Are Not Receiving Promised Pay
**“The National Guard is behind on paying enlistment bonuses to nearly 13,000 troops, including nearly 4,000 service members who have since left the service without receiving the bonuses as high as $20,000 they were promised at enlistment.”**

Congress Deeply Divided Over War Aid, Grasping The Hard Fact That Ukraine Has Lost

World-renowned Pulitzer Prize winning American investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald: “From the start, everyone was called a 'Kremlin agent' who pointed out the only result of the US fueling this war would be mass death and destruction of Ukrainians, and growing anti-American sentiment from those who see the US as fueling all wars. Worthwhile lessons still.”

China passed a significant milestone last fall. For the first time since its economic opening more than four decades ago, it traded more with developing countries than the US, Europe and Japan combined. It was one of the clearest signs yet that China and the West are going in different directions as tensions increase over trade, technology, security and other thorny issues.”

You Just Can’t Make This Up. The US Government Has Blocked Bank Transactions By Producers of New “POLICE STATE” Documentary

‘I Want To Die With My Family’, Gaza Bombing Survivors Beg For Mercy

As bombs rain down upon neighbourhoods and refugee camps in Gaza, hundreds of Palestinian families are setting up temporary homes in an unlikely place: hospital common areas. Places that should be protected under international humanitarian law.

A letter to President Biden from a grieving Palestinian.
**Mr. Biden, I have lost 36 members of my extended family in Gaza in just one day. I want you to know their names.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000163==

Blockbuster New Hydroxychloroquine Study.
Lying War Criminal POS Fauci Should Be Forced To Read It On National TV
**Study proves not only is it much safer than any mRNA clot shot, it actually reduces influenza deaths!**

Why Biden's Policies Are A Nightmare For Housing Affordability
**In reality, most Americans are struggling to afford necessities – increasingly, they’re simply unable to participate in essential markets. The longer this goes on, the deeper the hole and the harder it will be for people to climb out.**

Communist California Governor Wants To Spend $640,000 Each For 10,000 Mental Health Beds

On college campuses, in workplaces, on city streets and inside the Capitol building and the White House, opinions around the Israel-Hamas war are starkly divided — and the chasm is growing.

UN Chief Horrified By Israeli Strike On Gaza Ambulance Convoy

Govt Tyranny: Israelis Say IDF Soldiers Looted Their Homes After Ordering Them to Evacuate

Massive Oil, Gas Reserves Found Under Gaza As Israel Grants Development Licenses
Truth About Putin, Russia Delivers Gaza Aid, Ukraine Pressured To Make Peace Deal, More Diplomatic Ties With Israel Cut

1933 Capitalism vs 2023 Communism

Corporate Media Is Pissed! We Broke And Shredded Their Agenda & Lies To Pieces!

US & European Officials Begin Talks With Ukraine About Peace Negotiations With Russia

Despite Ukraine-Russia War, Russian GDP Is Rising + MY COMMENT
MY COMMENT: Most in the Western world, due to censorship, do not know Putin is an economist and openly supports free market capitalism! Putin even wrote a thesis and earned a PhD in economics, his thesis being titled “Strategic Planning of the Reproduction of the Mineral Resource Base of a Region Under Conditions of the Formation of Market Relations.”

Russia To Deliver 28 Tonnes of Aid For Victims In Gaza

Unarmed Children Are Also Victims In The Brutal Israel-Gaza War

Strike On Gaza Ambulance Convoy Sparks Condemnation

Honduras Recalls Ambassador From Israel Over Gaza War Crimes

Turkey Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Israel Over Gaza War Crimes

Iran Is Recruiting Terrorist Suicide Bombers To Strike IDF Forces

Massive Oil, Gas Reserves Found Under Gaza As Israel Grants Development Licenses

Terrorists Blow-Up Pakistan Air Base, 40 Fighter Jets Burning
**The Pakistani Army is currently conducting an Operation to secure the base and have already killed multiple terrorists.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000161==

Half Of Wasteful Covid Bailout Spending Was Looted By Foreign Countries
**Agencies were unprepared for the fraud they encountered largely due to a lack of attention on fraud risks.**

**These changes radically expand the capability of EU governments to surveil citizens by ensuring cryptographic keys under government control can be used to intercept encrypted web traffic across the EU. Any EU member state has the ability to designate cryptographic keys for distribution in web browsers and browsers are forbidden from revoking trust in these keys without government permission. This enables the government of any EU member state to issue website certificates for interception and surveillance which can be used against every EU citizen, even those not resident in or connected to the issuing member state.**

Neo-cons Pass $14.3 Billion For Israel Military Aid

Neo-cons Quietly Pass Resolution That Suggests Using Force Against Iran

Hezbollah Chief Says US Directly Responsible For Gaza Atrocities
**Blame the US and Israeli governments, not us! We citizens want nothing to do with this war.**

Netanyahu Rejects Biden's Request For Pausing Gaza Invasion

Fierce Clashes Between Palestinian Resistance And Israeli Forces In Gaza Continues

On what seems likely to be the eve of WWIII, a war the United States will undoubtedly lose, it’s important to know that patriots will never get a better chance to restore the republic than from the ashes of the United States of America.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000160==

Hell No! We Will NOT Sacrifice Our Families For Staged Banker Wars!
**In addition to traditional ethical and constitutional concerns, it is hard even to imagine how well the “Hell no, we won’t go!” of the 1960s would catch on in a modern era of social media. Many military-age youth would protest conscription as a violation of their individual liberty.**

Everyone knows that reinstating the draft will spark a fierce domestic battle, detracting from the war effort. After 50 years, a 21st-century draft would be a national nightmare. But could reinstating a draft be worse than potentially losing a major war? Let’s hope Americans don’t have to answer that question.
MY COMMENT TO NEO-CON RETARDS: If you don't want to lose a war then stop creating wars! It's going to be THAT SIMPLE.

California Woman Trapped In Gaza Sues US Officials Over Failure To Evacuate US Citizens

Hezbollah Leader Gives First Speech As Israel On High State Of Alert

The Year Palestinians Are Fighting Back
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000159==

Ohio Adopted Permitless Carry. Crime Rates Absolutely Plummeted.

US Warns Israel Amid Gaza Carnage It Doesn’t Have Long Before Support Erodes

Neo-cons Showing Their True Blue Colors When It Comes To Freedom Of Speech
**The very same "conservatives" who claim they support the First Amendment when it suits them are upset that not everyone supports the indiscriminate murder by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of innocent civilians living in Gaza.**

Israel’s “Holy War” Against Gaza Already Expanding To Include Syria, Yemen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently delivered a speech lambasting Israel for its brutal disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians. He blamed the US above all for the tragedy in Palestine-Israel.

The Parliament of Algeria has just voted to authorize Algerian President Tebbun to go to war against Israel.

Every Time Economies Falter, Banksters Plunge The World Into Catastrophic War
MY COMMENT: Once people realize this the better, because more people will refuse to become cannon fodder for banker wars! Wise up, don't become another pawn and statistic!

US Army Suddenly And Chaotically Ordered 800 Soldiers To Be Recruiters Immediately

Multiple New Jersey Democrats have been charged with election fraud crimes involving mail in ballots. Paterson City Council President Alex Mendez was indicted for alleged crimes committed during the 2020 election.

World's Biggest Shipper Cuts 10,000 Jobs, Warns Of Subdued Global Trade
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000156==

Rumors That US Government Officials From Washington DC Heading To Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunkers
**I pass this along with the full Disclaimer that I have not (yet) verified these claims. But if he's right, then time is of the essence and all of YOU should know.**

US Ponders Wagner-Israel Confrontation?
**Wagner Group, the Russian paramilitary organization, plans to provide an air-defense system to Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia, US officials say, citing intelligence.**

Israeli forces have deployed robots and various explosive devices to destroy Hamas tunnels and kill terrorists, according to local media. The Walla News site in Israel said large-scale operations to clear the tunnels began in areas of the Gaza Strip now under the control of the IDF.

Israeli Army Releases Videos Showing Interception Of Houthi Missiles

Saraya Al-Quds Release Video Of Fighters Confronting Zionist Ground Invasion Forces With Heavy Mortar Fire

Zelensky Blasted As Closest Aide Claims Ukraine Is Not Winning War With Russia

Many Ukrainian servicemen who were captured or voluntarily surrendered on the battlefields express a desire to serve in the ranks of the Russian army.

India Swaps Russian Crude For Saudi Oil As Discount Dwindles

Republicans Raise Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000158==

European Regulator Confirms Pfizer Did Not Highlight DNA Sequence In Toxic COVID-19 Clot Shot

Hamas May Be Brutal Terrorists, It's Still Not Justification For Killing Innocent Palestinian Civilians
MY COMMENT TO ISRAEL: Release the footage of Hamas brutality to the United Nations. Stop the Gaza bombing. Form a special military operation, like Russia has done in Ukraine, against the Hamas terrorist network, while doing your very best to minimize civilian casualty.

An MP has called for the military to be drafted in to keep the peace in London after it emerged pro-Palestinian protestors are organising a "million-strong" march on Remembrance Day.

Ukraine's Top Commanders Refuse Orders To Advance A Losing War Against Russia

Ukraine's Top Commander Makes Surprising First-Time Admission
**Disagree with failed policy and you are a "Russian agent" hmmmmmmmm... where have we heard this before?**

America Has A 155mm Artillery Munitions Problem Due To Endless Wars
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000157==

Unfolding Prophecy In Middle East Spurs Rush In DOOMSDAY Prepping
**The Bible calls it "Mystery Babylon," that hidden system of government that some people call the "Deep State." It is about to be brought to ashes in just one hour, at which point it will likely be every man for himself. Many people can now see the approaching cliff with their own eyes and are stockpiling in response.**

US Military, Air Force and Navy Aircraft Are Covering USA Coast To Coast
https://www.bitchute.com/video/ehJzdDV9uiOk/ [Embed]

Russian Pranksters Trick Italian PM Into Revealing Ukraine Exit Plan
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zf_rdZ7AjRw/ [Embed]

Biden Holds SECRET TALKS On Stationing American Troops In Gaza, WWIII
https://www.bitchute.com/video/7pPaOQnWWJc/ [Embed]

Biden White House Israel-Hamas War, Diplomacy Failure
https://www.bitchute.com/video/oj-PMDmK9jI/ [Embed]

China Now Sides With Gaza As Israel Panics
https://www.bitchute.com/video/bV8gQfTS8ps/ [Embed]

Saudis & Hamas Join Alliance, Saudi Prince Joins Hands With Palestine, Israel In Shock
https://www.bitchute.com/video/QGsivZpvNENn/ [Embed]

Israeli Army Forms 'Settler Militias' For Remote Communities
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000152==

Brave IDF Whistleblower Lays Out The Truth How The IDF And Netanyahu Govt Pulled Off A Staged Hamas False Flag Attack
**They wanted Gaza destroyed, once and for all. They needed justification to do so.**

Elon Musk Describes The Censorship Power The DNC Had Over Twitter
**There was no freedom of speech or real debate allowed on Twitter before Musk took it over. Everything was like Pravda, a State publication.**

Post A Video Complaining In Britian And Get Arrested. Brits Have No Civil Rights.

Israeli Army Suffers More Casualties As Hamas Publishes Video Showing Tanks Blown Up
**Hamas is very different from unarmed civilians being bombed. Unlike innocent civilians, Hamas is armed to the teeth and can fight back.**

Jordan, A Key US Ally, Recalls Its Ambassador From Israel, Tells Israel's Ambassador To Stay Out Of Jordan

UNICEF Denounces Israeli-Hamas War, Unarmed Civilians Are Dying Including Children

Khamenei Calls On Muslim World To Stop Oil Exports To Israel

THIS Is How You Deal With Terrorism And Deadly Threats: Arm Innocent Civilians!
**Civilians in all countries should be armed, because armed citizens can prevent terrorists from mass murdering people!**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000155==

**These changes radically expand the capability of EU governments to surveil citizens by ensuring cryptographic keys under government control can be used to intercept encrypted web traffic across the EU. Any EU member state has the ability to designate cryptographic keys for distribution in web browsers and browsers are forbidden from revoking trust in these keys without government permission. This enables the government of any EU member state to issue website certificates for interception and surveillance which can be used against every EU citizen, even those not resident in or connected to the issuing member state.**

Putin Signs Law Revoking Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Russia At United Nations: Israel Has No Right Occupying Gaza

Russian Defense Council Officially Notifies President Putin “World War III Is Already Underway”

Russia Makes Huge Announcement On New BRICS Currency
**“In order to launch this currency, we need the political consent of the BRICS countries. Three of which have already expressed their support for the idea of introducing a new currency through their heads of state.”**

US House Approves War Resolution On Iran
**The US House of Representatives passed a Resolution late last night to use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Now we know why our military is massed in Middle East.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000154==

Population Replacement: Massive Migrant Caravan Prepares To Storm US Border
**Americans have it too good says US government. Time to replace Americans with slave labor says US government.**

Bridgeport Election Overturned After City Official Pleads 5th To Ballot Harvesting
**Footage showed Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member stuffing ballot dropboxes.**

The armed forces of the United States deployed an unprecedented number of military aircraft over the 48 continuous United States at about 4:30AM this morning for an unknown reason. Most observers have *never* seen this many MILITARY planes flying over the Continental United States ever.

BIG NEO-CON MESS! Iran Threatens To Attack US Bases In Iraq If US Troops Refuse To Leave

Bahrain Expels Israeli Ambassador, Suspends Economic Ties With Israel

Israeli Government Becomes Terrorists After Deliberate Bombing Civilians In Refugee Camp

Israeli Assault Persists Facing Challenges In Ground Invasion Amidst Growing Global Outrage Over Civil Casualties

IDF Battalion Commander Killed As Hamas Steps Up Ambush Actions In Gaza

Fierce Fighting Rages Inside Gaza As IDF & Hamas Losses Mount

Hezbollah Bombs Zionist Headquarters Of Zari’t Brigade

Al-Qassam Brigades Destroy Several Israeli Military Vehicles
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000153==

“The only way to win World War III is to prevent it.” - US President Dwight Eisenhower

Good! New Texas Law To Ban Clot Shot Mandates In Private Sector Within State Of Texas
**Sweeping ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates by private employers heads to governor. The legislation, which Republican lawmakers have been trying to pass since 2021, offers no exceptions for doctors’ offices, clinics or other health facilities.**

Son of WEF Co-Founder Says COVID Injection Is A “Bioweapon” And Calls For War Crime Arrests

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaims in genocidal undertones his army’s “holy mission” to invade Gaza, Jewish American peace activists are ramping up their nationwide effort to bring about a ceasefire in the three-week war.

Amnesty International Says Israeli Forces Wounded Lebanese Civilians With White Phosphorus

Leaked Documents Show Israeli Plan To Expel All Palestinians From Gaza And Send Them To Europe And Canada

Turkey Is Preparing An Israeli War Crimes Case For The Hague's ICC
MY COMMENT: The ICC backed down when it came to Bush Jr. & Cheney war crimes in Iraq! I have no doubt they'll do the same with Israel's government!

During his farewell address before leaving office, President Eisenhower reminded the American peoples of who they were: “Throughout America’s adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace, to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less would be unworthy of a free and religious people”, he then warned: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist” — a reminder of peace and warning of warmongers echoing through time to the American peoples today, whose number one song in their nation remains “Rich Men North Of Richmond” about the godless oligarchs profiting from war and human misery.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000151==

This Is How You Deal With Terrorism And Deadly Threats: Arm The Civilians!

Bolivia Severs Diplomatic Ties With Israel, Citing Gaza War Crimes

Israel's grotesque military aggression against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip continues to have international repercussions.  Yesterday, Bolivia severed Diplomatic relations with Israel.  Colombia and Chile' have recalled their Ambassadors to Israel for consultations about continued Diplomatic relations.

Russia and China Declare The United States "War Addicts", Side With Palestine Over War Crimes
**Folks, the rest of the world sees us for what we have actually become: Dangerous and out of control. Specifically, two of three most powerful nations on earth are now openly saying we're causing the whole world deadly trouble... and we've been doing it for years. They're tired of us. The people in Washington, DC in the federal government, are personally to blame. If the world begins to "intervene" in our war-making, and bombs start falling on us, to put an end to the trouble-making around the world by the people in OUR federal government, be sure to remember who is directly to blame.**

Neo-con Antony Blinken Scrambles Back To Israel After Russia And China Rebuke US & Israeli War Crimes

Hamas Shows Fierce Resistance In Gaza, Kills Four More Israeli Soldiers (Videos)
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000150==

Treason: Biden Regime Aiding Foreign Invasion Of America
**Border Hawk cameras captured the moment Border Patrol used heavy machinery to raise concertina wire erected by Texas authorities - just as a group of more than 300 illegal aliens 'coincidentally' arrived in the area and stormed the river bank at Eagle Pass, TX.**

Many American Cities Can't Find Investment Money
MY COMMENT: It was due to the political policies over Covid fear mongering - NOT Covid itself! It is also due to the skyrocketing crime in leftist jurisdictions that always goes unpunished! If you decide to wreck your cities then who the hell is stupid enough to invest in them!? It's like trying to sell a collapsed burnt down home to a family thinking those people would actually want to take a mortgage loan on it! The markets do not work that way! Crime and destruction does not produce anything of value! Bad bureaucratic policies by control freak dolts do not attract investors!

FBI-hired False Flag Operative Decides Not To Shoot Up Public Event, Kills Himself Instead
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/false-flag-fail-man-who-broke-into-amusement-park-with-guns-explosives-found-dead-near-words-on-wall-i-am-not-a-killer/

US Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Is Smart, He Knows How To Handle Foreign Policy
**“I would give [Putin] a deal: he has to exit his military alliance with Xi Jinping (and) in turn we’d give a hard commitment that NATO will not admit Ukraine.”**

Putin Criticizes American Government For Trying To Rule The World So Unsuccessfully
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/the-american-run-world-is-falling-to-pieces-main-takeaways-from-putins-security-meeting/

Russia Withdraws All Troops From Belarus As Gruelling Battlefield Losses Pile Up

Globalists Collapsing Civilization To Pose As The Saviors, Don't Fall For It
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/wwiii-is-here-globalists-collapsing-civilization-to-pose-as-the-saviors-to-counter-the-great-awakening/

Israel Is Pissed At The UN Because They Do Not Condone Genocide

WWIII Fears Prompt Panic Buying of 5.56mm Ammo, Triggering 39% Price Surge Within A Week
MY COMMENT: I've noticed the nearest local gun shop was PACKED over the weekend! This must have been why! I'm glad I don't need to panic buy anymore, already have plenty of ammo stocked up myself!

Andy Schectman And Mike Adams Talk Gold, BRICS+ And Global Blowback From Middle Eastern Conflicts
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000148==

Bills On Israel, Ukraine Dead On Arrival In Both House And Senate As Shutdown, Funding Battles Gear Up
MY COMMENT: Face it, the USSA is bankrupt! It's time to admit it, do a massive debt default, a debt jubilee, fuck the creditors and dissolve the corrupt insolvent Big Government (reducing it's influence and power). Will pensions and social security go away? Yes, but so would all the debt, and people would own what is in their possession outright. With a return to free market capitalism, the country would eventually turn itself around and recover from all the damage done.

Neo-con Antony Blinken Called A Terrorist By American Anti-war Protesters

Israel Announces First Confirmed IDF Troop Deaths Of Gaza Invasion

A large number of ballistic missiles and drones have been launched towards Israel by Yemen's Houthis militant group today. It is the third attack targeting the country, a spokesperson for the group said, warning there are more to come.

Every Engineered Crisis Is A COVER STORY For A Larger Globalist Crime

America Using Global Wars To Cover Up Their Bankruptcy, Debt Insolvency, Big Government Failures
**Sadly, I fear the West simply CANNOT seek peace. I think the West - especially the United States -- is literally Bankrupt.  I believe the West *needs* a nuclear war or at least a partial nuclear war, so they can blame their financial collapse on the war. I perceive the West *needs* debt forgiveness and the only way they can get it is through mass destruction.**

UK Daily Mail Tells Readers To Get Ready For A Nuclear War

9/11 was an engineered event. It was designed to manipulate the American people into supporting a "war on terror," which unleashed the surveillance state that has been (illegally) deployed against the American people to this day. 9/11, much like Oct. 7 (Israel) was a planned stand down event to achieve a heinous act of terrorism against our own nation so that the government and military could justify onerous actions they wanted to take all along.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000147==

US Senators, Representatives Are Being Compromised Through Sleeping With Children On Overseas Trips

You Can Thank The Biden Regime For Less Consumer Choice And Higher Prices
**The Biden regime's war on fossil fuels would cost the average American household more than $9,100 per year, according to a consumer watchdog. It seems that almost everything that plugs in or fires up around the house is either subject to a pending regulation or soon will be. Consumers aren't going to like any of it. These rules are almost always bad for consumers for the simple reason that they restrict consumer choice.**

Western War Budgets For Ukraine? It's All Being Stolen By Corrupt Officials

Leaked Document Proves Israeli Government Very Much Supports Genocide In Gaza

New Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Democracy, Support Political Violence
**Nations that go extremist do not tend to last very long before they go bankrupt and turn into failed states.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000146==

Rand Paul Warns Neo-con Republicans & Control Freak Democrats Are Bankrupting America
**“The greatest threat to it is the national debt. We borrowed a trillion dollars in the last three months. It is out-of-control spending, and we are threatening the very existence of our currency, and perhaps our country, by this crazy, profligate spending.”**

Russia Giving United States One Last Chance To Establish Peace Before Bankruptcy And World War III Breaks Out
**Sadly, I fear the West simply CANNOT seek peace. I think the West - especially the United States -- is literally Bankrupt.  I believe the West *needs* a nuclear war or at least a partial nuclear war, so they can blame their financial collapse on the war. I perceive the West *needs* debt forgiveness and the only way they can get it is through mass destruction.**

Is Putin Dead? Is His Double Clone Walking Around? Some Say It Is Possible

Boycott Tyson Foods! US Meat Producer To Focus on Insects and Bugs Instead After Partnering With WEF
MY COMMENT: Support local farmers markets, make contacts and get to know your local food producers already! Have a good stockup of real food and rotate it frequently too! I mark all my food products by date so I know which ones are older to eat. I once heard Goya is a pretty reputable Mexican brand, no bullshit fake food plus they supported Trump when he was president.

Gaza City On Brink Of Social Collapse As IDF Troops Confront Hamas Militants

Yemen To Mobilize Hundreds Of Thousands Of Troops To Fight Alongside Hamas
**Yemen's Ansarullah has more advanced weapons than Hezbollah. They are expected to make a big announcement in the coming hours. The Houthis have ballistic power capable of threatening US bases located in the Arabian Peninsula.**

Israel-Hamas War Is Deeply Dividing US Politics

Republicans Introduce Bill To Cut Back IRS To Fund Israeli War
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000145==

American and Israeli Fascist Communists Instigated Hamas Attacks To Unleash Emergency War Powers For Population Control

Voters In Key States Disgusted By Endless Warmongering As US Faces Domestic Crises

Wall Street Journal Today In The USSA: Get Ready For Hyperinflation America!
**You may starve if you are not prepared.**

Stupid Leadership! Biden's Promise To End Fossil Fuels Has Led Him To Seek Oil Anywhere But At Home

This Makes Perfect Sense. Can You Guess What Country Owns The EV Market Being Pushed On Americans?

Plans For More Destructive B61 Nuclear Bomb Unveiled
**The Pentagon says it wants a higher-yield nuclear-gravity bomb based on the B61-12 design. The stated purpose of the B61-13 would be to offer more capability against especially hardened facilities, like underground strategic command and control centers, and larger area targets.**

Russia Says They Rehearsed Delivering Massive Retaliatory Nuclear Strike
**Russia has successfully tested its ability to deliver a massive retaliatory nuclear strike by land, sea, and air, the Kremlin said in a statement on October 25.**

Gaza Continues To Be Bombed Back To Stone Age By Israeli Forces: Daily Updates

Erdogan Threatens To Declare War On Israel And Send Military To Gaza Strip

House Weaponization Panel Gets IRS To End Abusive Surprise Visits

Texas AG Paxton Sues Biden’s DHS For Cutting Razor Wire Barriers Blocking Illegals From Entering America
**The Biden regime is complicit aiding a foreign invasion into America.**
Kinda had a feeling this was going to happen / they were planning on doing something like this. There's no such thing as a free meal

> The future of "truth" on the Internet


Balenciaga Pope. Fake Pentagon explosions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell AI-generated images apart from the real thing, sometimes to disastrous effect.

A solution remains elusive. But Microsoft’s making an attempt with new media provenance features debuting at its annual Build conference.

Launching for Bing Image Creator and Designer, Microsoft’s Canva-like web app that can generate designs for presentations, posters and more to share on social media and other channels, the new media provenance capabilities will enable consumers to verify whether an image or video was generated by AI, Microsoft says. Using cryptographic methods, the capabilities, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, will mark and sign AI-generated content with metadata about the origin of the image or video.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000122==

Boycott Tyson Foods! US Meat Producer To Focus on Insects and Bugs Instead After Partnering With WEF
MY COMMENT: Support local farmers markets, make contacts and get to know your local food producers already! Have a good stockup of real food and rotate it frequently too! I mark all my food products by date so I know which ones are older to eat. I once heard Goya is a pretty reputable Mexican brand, no bullshit fake food plus they supported Trump when he was president.

Dirty Protest: Freedom Farmer Showers Crown Court With FIVE TONS Of Dirt
**Control freak tyrants hate local food producers.**

Alex Jones: The Deep State Is Preparing More False Flags To Enslave Us

Iranian-Backed Houthi Militants Fire Missiles At US Navy Destroyer Off Coast Of Yemen

US Military Base In Iraq Hit With Rockets, Drones

President of Malaysia Blames Israel For False Flag Attacks, Hospital Bombing

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited Israeli Troops outside Gaza today, and told them directly "The order (to invade) will soon be given."  This comes as Hezbollah reveals they have destroyed ten Merkava Tanks in the north, so far.
**Knowing full well what's coming, the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden and Germany have told their citizens to leave Lebanon.  So this situation is getting worse by the hour.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000143==

How Biden's "Green" Agenda Is Making Homes More Expensive
**The Biden regime has set its sights on a number of appliances to regulate as a part of its green agenda, including gas furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners and more, in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.**

Fed Admits Banks Suffered Massive Deposit Outflows Last Week
MY COMMENT: This is it! Those in the know are abandoning the system before it IMPLODES!

“The United States has overplayed its hand in weaponizing the dollar with sanctions. You're now seeing a lot of countries de-dollar their transactions because we’ve forced it. And this goes beyond even Russia, China, and Iran. Countries like Brazil or India still want to transact with Russia. They can’t do it with dollars, so we've forced them to de-dollarize their transactions, thus weakening the strength of the dollar in the world. The West is sleepwalking our way into world war three and putting civilization itself at stake.”

This wouldn't have happened if Americans prepared for the worst 10+ years ago.

Future Of The USSA? Israeli Military Killed Israeli Civilians While Targeting Hamas Enemies
**Israel’s military received orders to shell Israeli homes and even their own bases as they were overwhelmed by Hamas militants on October 7. How many Israeli citizens said to have been “burned alive” were actually killed by friendly fire?**

Israeli Think Tank Lays Out A Blueprint For The Complete Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza

Gaza Is Being Pummeled By Israeli Bombs (Tens Of Thousands Of Citizens Likely Dead Now)

As Gazan Citizens Scrounge For Food and Water, Hamas Sits On Rich Trove Of Essential Supplies
**Hamas was well prepared in advance to overcome SHTF scenarios!**

Large Explosions have now also been reported at the Al-Omar Oil Fields in Northwestern Syria which houses a US Operations Base.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000144==

Emergency Oil Meeting Discusses Potential For Diesel Outages
MY COMMENT: If diesel runs out, the trucks stop delivering goods! If the trucks stop delivering, the grocery stores will start to go empty within a week! I feel sorry for the utter fools who refused to prepare after given all the warning signs over the years.

Joe Biden came to office declaring America is back. Now, facing hot wars in the Middle East and Ukraine and a simmering cold one with China, not to mention the massive political division in the US, the US government is beginning to look overextended.
MY COMMENT: I wonder what will happen when the US runs out of weaponry for these endless wars, once they dry up their record low Army reserves and face massive public backlash and non-compliance if a draft were to be issued? What then!? Maybe these assholes running this country should listen to the American people for once!!!

American Citizens Are Being IGNORED In Gaza, They're Being Killed And The US Government Does Not Care

Israeli Hostage Families Demand Government Explanation Of Gaza Strikes

UN General Assembly Approves Resolution Calling For Immediate Humanitarian Truce In Gaza
**Criminal Zionists & Neo-cons say fuck international law.**

Gaza Being Turned Into An Open Slaughterhouse, One Giant Satanic Genocide Sacrifice For Bloodlusting Demons
**The war criminals who are mass murdering civilians ARE NOT "God's chosen people" and they will burn in hell for their evil, and someday soon America may too!**

Slovakia's New Populist PM Follows Through On Blocking Arms To Ukraine
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000141==

Hamas Delegation Arrives In Moscow As Russia Blames US For Escalation
MY COMMENT: If I were Putin I would negotiate a deal between Hamas and Israel. The deal? Stop the war and terrorism: all Palestinians as well Hamas will get to have some free land to settle in the regions of Russian-occupied former-Ukrainian territories (**as long as they no longer support any acts of terrorism or war!**) and let Israel have the Gaza strip (**as long as they no longer support any acts of terrorism or war!**) That way Palestinians can own new territory away from Israel, and Israel can finally shut the fuck up and leave Palestinians alone!

UN Security Force Takes Israeli Ambassador OUT Of Meeting, Kicking and Screaming LOL!
https://www.tiktok.com/@aussie_pakman/video/7280855089156345106?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESPgo8midkEfY5suThs5tZyct7zkMLavWljtG%2BoLq73SsrMQNDf28tn4iscfvFSqSrW15wvPKNOMRhaMUomdMaGgA%3D [Embed]

Generation Z: The New Brave Anti-War Hipster Generation Is Here
**Why is everyone saying Gen-Z is going to get drafted? Like - no - the fuck we are not - and you know why I know that - because we're just going to say No. Like how are they going to actually force us to get up and go to war.**

Desperate To Sell Ukraine War, Biden Pathetically Appeals To Profit Motives
MY COMMENT: Another criminal conspiracy out in the open!!! ALL WARS ARE BANKER WARS!!!

Prosecutor Livid After FBI Refused To Pursue Credible Biden-Ukraine Corruption Allegations
**Criminals protecting other criminals.**
Western Media Covering Up War Casualties, Gaza Communications Blackout, China Sides With Iran, Abrupt Change Coming

Freedom Caucus Blasts Wyoming RINO Governor Mark Gordon For Pushing UN Agenda 21 

Possible Ground Offensive Beginning In Gaza, COMPLETE Communications Blackout Including Internet
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/national-security-agency-put-on-24-hour-watch-as-israel-readies-ground-offensive/
**Al Jazeera is reporting utterly massive and continuous bombardment of the northern Gaza Strip, unlike anything seen so far.**

China Comes Out In Support Of Iran
**“China will continue to firmly support Iran in safeguarding its national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national dignity, and will strongly oppose any external forces interfering in Iran's internal affairs.”**

Colonel Douglas Mcgregor Warns Western Media Blackout Of Gaza War Covering Up Massive US Troop Casualties
**A retired US colonel announced the death of American special forces in the Gaza Strip.**

Satellite Images Show How Israel Has Laid Waste To Entire Gaza Neighborhoods

Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning For America: Abrupt Change Is Coming, Be Prepared!
**Carlson begins by laying out the significant disconnect between Washington DC and the average American citizen's struggles - particularly how skyrocketing food inflation and housing inaccessibility for the younger generation, is fermenting a dangerous brew of widespread public disenchantment.**

Gold Tops $2000 Amid Global Conflict, Government-manufactured Chaos
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000140==

American Political Prisoner Speaks Out

Even The ACLU Is Sounding The Alarms On The Attack On Freedom of Speech In America
**"But if we allow his free speech rights to be abridged, we know that other unpopular voices — even ones we agree with — will also be silenced."**

The US Just Added $600 Billion In Debt In One Month, Be Ready For Economic Crisis & Hyperinflation
MY COMMENT: The plan is to crash the economy and roll out a digital currency (CBDC) to entrap everyone into social credit scores and vaccine passport police states! Freedom loving Americans better be prepared to push back against this tyranny coming! Eventually it will become a State to State issue, so make sure you live in a freedom-friendly State and preferably conservative rural county with lots of opportunity to barter and trade resources!

“We seem to be heading to war with Iran, certainly the Biden administration is pushing us in that direction...What's new and interesting and ominous is that very few Republicans, the opposition party, are pushing back...Instead, those party leaders are encouraging it.”

All-female Israeli ‘Lionesses’ Squad Kill 100 Hamas Terrorists In 14 Hour Gunfight To Save Base and Families

The Israeli government can barely contain its bloodlust for genocide in the Gaza Strip, with the latest disturbing admission coming from Israeli President Isaac Herzog. In a statement to the press, Herzog attempted to justify his regime's planned genocide by claiming that all of the 2.3 million residents of Gaza are responsible for the recent Hamas attack.

US, Russia Veto Each Other’s UN Resolutions On Israel-Gaza War

Putin Calls Israeli Holocaust In Gaza A Humanitarian Catastrophe

Retaliatory Nuclear Strike Drill Held In Russia
MY COMMENT: Russia just recently stated that if the US and/or Europe goes to direct conflict with Russia, not only will all their nukes be used against us, but they now consider Western oligarchs and organizations military targets to annihilate as well: think the IMF, WEF, World Bank, Soros NGOs, CFR, et al! And I do believe it would be well deserved if they push us towards total war!!!!

When SHTF Most Americans Are Going To Have To Survive Without Help Or Aid
MY COMMENT: When SHTF, we all just become another statistic! How do you like Big Brother now!?!?
Oct 18 (Reuters) - Pfizer on Wednesday (PFE.N) said it will set the U.S. price for its COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid at nearly $1,400 per five-day course when it moves to commercial sales after government stocks run out, more than double what the government currently pays for it.

The new list price, which does not include rebates and other discounts to insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, is $1,390 per course, Pfizer said in an emailed statement. The U.S. government paid around $530 per course for Paxlovid it has made available to Americans at no cost.

Paxlovid, the most commonly prescribed at home treatment for COVID-19 in the U.S., will remain available for free to patients there until the end of the year, Pfizer said.

Under an agreement with the government, the drug will also stay free of charge for patients insured under the Medicare and Medicaid programs through the end of 2024, and to uninsured and underinsured patients through 2028.

In Pfizer's clinical trial, Paxlovid was shown to reduce hospitalizations and death by around 90% for unvaccinated people at risk for serious disease. In another trial, Pfizer was not able to show benefit for those considered at standard risk, including vaccinated patients.
Newsgaurd Funded By US Government, UN Chief Angers Israeli Government, Israel Angers Erdogan, Russia Captures Weaponry

Newsgaurd Exposed As Another Government Propaganda Tool
MY COMMENT: All news ranking agencies act as gatekeepers, gatekeepers are in the business of spoon feeding establishment propaganda and berating anyone that questions their spoon fed narratives!

Brave Israeli Border Guard Admits Hamas Attack Was Allowed To Happen, Attack Used As A FALSE FLAG Operation

Erdogan Cancelling Plans To Visit Israel Over Gaza War Crimes

UN Chief Calls Civilian Bombings In Gaza Unlawful, Angering Israeli Government

Russia Captures US & German Weaponry, Equipment In Massive Blow To Deep State Neo-cons
**Vladimir Putin's forces have released images of captured US and German heavy armor at a key flashpoint in the Ukrainian counteroffensive.**

All Wars Are Banker Wars

Jews Fear World War III Will Be Blamed On Them

House May Remain Speakerless For Some Time Into The Future
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000138==

United States Has A New Crisis: Birth Rates At Lowest Levels Ever Recorded
MY COMMENT: Who wants to marry and have kids if you cannot afford to!? All done by design!!!

Along with the indoctrinated and brainwashed American peoples facing a nuclear war Armageddon, economic collapse and a deliberate annihilation of their natural born population, world-renowned American constitution expert Professor Jonathan Turley at Georgetown University released a chilling open letter “The Single Greatest Threat to America Is Hiding In Plain Sight” threatening future social stability.
MY COMMENT: America faces balkanization and tribal warfare!!!

5,000 Auto Workers Shutter GM’s Biggest Plant As Automaker Abandons Electric Vehicle Strategy

Los Angeles Hotels Replacing Union Workering Americans With Illegal Immigrants

Russia Says Donald Trump Is Lying About Theft Of US Military Secrets
**“We have our own missile, an excellent one. It’s hard for me to say whether our missile fits in well with Mr. Trump's term ‘super-duper,’ but it is a good missile that has no rivals in the world for now. And there is not just one.”**

Israel Strikes Syria And Labanon, Stiring Risks Of Expanding Middle East War

IDF Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus Issued War Ultimatum To Hamas: Surrender Or Gaza Falls

Leaked Audio Reveals War Hawk Hillary Clinton Wanted To Rig Palestine Election

“A Hundred Miles To Armageddon”
Good! Putin Puts WEF/Davos Despots On Notice, They Are Now “Legitimate Military Targets”
MY COMMENT: If the kikes want to destroy BRICS and Russia, they themselves will be destroyed too! Can you say JUSTICE, ONCE AND FOR ALL!?

THE CHOICE: Demand PEACE And We Live In Abundance, Pursue WAR And We All Die

Standard & Poors Downgrades Israel Debt To Negative
**This is a very significant sign that things are not going well for Israel - overall - and that the big money is now looking at Israeli investments as something to avoid.**

China Fires Defense Minister, Now Moving Toward Taiwan

States With Highest Californian Migrants
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000101==

UNTOLD HISTORY: They Used A Lot Of Arson For Their Last Great Reset
https://www.bitchute.com/video/XJEUk55hhEJx/ [Embed]
**See pictures of OLD American cities that were burned down before being re-built into modern cities!**

Jim Willie Talks About Coming Economic Collapse, Mossad-Hamas False Flag Taking America Into World War III
https://www.bitchute.com/video/kHqxfIW33Quq/ [Embed]

Israel Delays All-Out Assault On Gaza Amid Growing International Pressure, As Civilians Flee To South
**LOL @ Drudge Report state-run shills still posting the SAME PROPAGANDA 2 DAYS IN A ROW without updates or any correction to already exposed LIES!**

Aftermath Of The Attack On Rafah In The Gaza Strip
https://www.bitchute.com/video/WDY5mzF9J8cX/ [Embed]

In 2007, It Was George Soros Who Called for America & Israel To “Open The Door” To Hamas

Former Congressman: Hamas Was Created By Israel And The US To Counteract Yasser Arafat

Geo-politics Expert Martin Armstrong Reveals US Involvement With Israel And Hamas

Biden Claimed He Saw “Confirmed Pictures” of Hamas Beheading Children Turns Out A COMPLETE LIE
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000136==

Europe Now A Migrant-infested Police State That Will Require Biometric Scanning To Travel
**Europe's new rules may prompt some travelers to look elsewhere across the globe.**

The Insane Campaign Against Fresh Non-GMO Food And Meat Is A Demonic Bolshevik Attack Against You

American Fast Food Found To Have Traces Of Pharmaceutical Drugs

The More We Learn About Covid Clot Shots, The Worse It Gets

Record Number Of Illegal Immigrants Pour Into US, Many On FBI Terror Watchlists

Israel-Hamas War Leaves Saudi Prince's Dream of New Mideast Economic Boom In Tatters
MY COMMENT: This is a very convenient war the Western world needed to stall further de-dollarization in global trade! Coincidence!?

Black Lives Matter Leader Stands Behind J6 Political Prisoners, Endorses Trump
**“They’re lambs led to slaughter to be sacrificed as an example for all who might want to dissent in the future.”**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000135==

America’s Downtowns Are Empty, Fixing Them Will Be Expensive
MY COMMENT: Extremely expensive, because inflation is only going to get worse as time goes on! Do you know building your own house these days would cost a fortune due to the current price of lumber? Americans used to build homes cheaper than what they would purchase already-built homes on the market! Not anymore! The sad fact is destroying things is very easy to do, it does not cost much or take a long time or much effort, but building things costs a lot of money, lots of time and you need the skills and hard labor! So if you destroy something, chances are it's going to remain destroyed! Those cities? People are moving out, meaning loss of tax revenue. They'll just be America's next ghost towns!

Israel Is Poking The Bear, Not A Very Smart Move When Surrounded By Dissenting Nations
**“Russia is supporting the enemies of Israel. Russia is supporting Nazi people who want to commit genocide on us and Russia will pay the price. We’re gonna win this war. Afterwards, we're not forgetting what you're doing, we're not forgetting, we will come, we will make sure Ukraine wins. We will make sure that you pay the price for what you have done, you as Russia.”**

Israeli Airstrike On Cafe In Gaza Kills 10 Citizens

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s most feted post-war prime minister, was fiercely pro-Jewish and a powerful enemy of antisemitism. But she was never afraid to call out Israeli war crimes, and did so repeatedly.

Israel Using Hamas FALSE FLAG Attack To Commence Second Genocide (First Was The COVID “Vaccine” Genocide)

Israel Says They Found Evidence Of Hamas Intention To Use Chemical Weapons

Hamas & IDF Ground Forces Clash For 1st Time Inside Gaza
Future Computers & Surveillance Could Break ALL Forms Of Encryption Warns Experts
MY COMMENT: The day that happens, let me know! I'll take an axe to the modem and throw my computers in the firepit!!!

Governments Are Likely Deploying AI Propaganda Bots!

You Can Now SUE Clot Shot Makers For Any Health Related Damage!
**The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It's considered adulteration.**

Top Toxicologist Warns mRNA Clot Shots Are Laced With Cancer-Causing SV40

Covid Clot Shots Found To Have Simian SV40 Virus (It Causes Long-term Cancer!)

CLAIM: USA Seeks Delay Of Israeli Ground Invasion Into Gaza

Netanyahu Says Israel Ready For War With Lebanon If Hezbollah Attacks Israel
**Americans and other foreigners have been heeding warnings to get out of Lebanon while they still can.**

Israel Bombs Innocent Lebanon Town, Using White Phosphorus - Another War Crime

Ukraine Increasing Raids And Sabotage Against Crimea
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000133==

America In Trouble: Interest Rates Now SET To SOAR!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hrh27fULeZEW/ [Embed]

Remember The False Flags: Israel Ordered STAND DOWN To Allow Hamas Attacks
https://www.bitchute.com/video/J2U6XR1UmrFu/ [Embed]

The Entire Israel-Arab Situation Is All Planned By The Banksters To Turn Everyone Against Each Other
https://www.bitchute.com/video/nn84sDzI5Q27/ [Embed]

The Biden Regime Is Acting Like We're At War With Palestine
https://www.bitchute.com/video/R-dKS8qlmoI/ [Embed]

Biden Is Even Angering Some Of His Voter Base Now

Israeli Artillery Pounding Settlements In Southern Lebanon

Former congressman Justin Amash on Friday revealed that multiple members of his Palestinian Christian family were killed by Israel's deadly airstrike on Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church's compound.

Texas Set To Become The American Future As Former City Dwellers Across Nation Buy Up Properties
**It's a new world and Texas will be at the center of it, as the Lone Star State is expected to become the most populous in the US by 2100 with a whooping 96 million residents, according to a study.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000116==

End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000001-115

Jews for Peace Take Over US Capitol Building Protesting Endless War

The Israel's army has completed all preparations for the invasion of Gaza, Israeli Broadcasting Authority says, Al Arabiya reports.

US Vetoes UN Security Resolution Calling For Humanitarian Pauses in Gaza

Putin Gives The US A Tap On The Shoulder Over Middle East Aircraft Carriers
**Putin reminded the world that Russian Aerospace Forces, specifically their MiG-31 aircraft, on routine patrol in the neutral air space of the Black Sea, are armed with Kinzal hypersonic missiles. Those missiles, he said, have a "known" range of 1,000km and travel at Mach 9 (6,750 MPH). Thus, they can reach those US Aircraft Carriers.**

The Israel-Hamas conflict could spark a "nuclear war" if Iran races to build the bomb, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer has warned.

Other Communists Follow The Same Lawfare Playbook As Democrats Do In The USSA
**They know people hate them so they can't win fair elections, they must lock their opponents up and rig elections to win!**

Not a week goes by without Democrats weaponizing the federal government to silence their political opponents — and Monday’s court-mandated gag order on former President Donald Trump is no different.

Elon Musk Correctly Predicted Leftist Governments Would Try To Censor George Orwell
**The British government recently considered his book predicting a future totalitarian dystopia subversive.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000132==

Governments Better Be Careful! We Are On The Verge Of A Global Crisis Unlike Anything Since WWII

Former US President Donald Trump Warns American Voters Biden Regime Is Leading US Into WWIII

The United States White House is throwing this country into a war time crisis. The stakes have never been so high, and yet this country is deeply politically polarized and many citizens do not agree with the wars our government is getting the country into. Meanwhile war protests are already breaking out in certain areas of America. The support between Israel and Gaza is deeply divided and crosses party lines. If these wars continue, this is a recipe for disaster. Will the US government be forced to address American grievances and perhaps pull out of these wars, or will the whole house of cards fall in the middle of a massive world war that ends in America's defeat? This is what is at stake, and this is too big a gamble.

The US military conducted a high-explosive nuclear test in Nevada on Wednesday for the first time in over 30 years, hours after Russia revoked its ban on atomic-weapons testing.
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/wwiii-alert-us-conducts-nuclear-test-in-nevada-hours-after-russia-revokes-global-test-ban/

Turkey May Get Involved In War, Defecting From NATO Allies

Israel Bombs Historic Greek Orthodox Church Of Saint Porphyrius In Gaza

Detroit Synagogue President Found Stabbed to Death

New York City Fumes With Anger Over War, Protesters Clash
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000130==

Collapse Is Here! US Banks Closing Hundreds Of Branches And Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

Traitor RINOs Want To Elect Soros-funded Shill Who Wanted To END Constitution As House Speaker

Covid Clot Shots Found To Have Simian SV40 Virus (It Causes Long-term Cancer!)
MY COMMENT: Trojan horse from the Big Pharma Cancer Industry $$$$$$$

Great Question! What Is America's Future Under Biden? Endless War? Civil Unrest? Poverty?
https://www.bitchute.com/video/39--rAI0hW4/ [Embed]

Israel To Create ‘New Security Regime’ To Rule Gaza

“We’re All Mentally Ill” American Youths Vowing Not To Be Drafted Brand Biden “Genocide Joe”

The Gaza Diplomacy of Biden, Sunak Seems To Be Heading For Failure

Delusional Pentagon Official Wants WWIII, Global Nuclear War
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000129==

Military Expert Predicts How World War III Will Start
MY COMMENT: It doesn't have to happen. Our government does not have to respond or get involved in this, but they probably will because they are stupid and do not care about America's best interest! I'm saying it now: if they start a major war I'm calling for a MASSIVE DRAFT DODGE UPRISING! Bigger than what we saw in the late 60s, early 70s!!! There is no reason we should be risking American lives over the Middle East fiasco! Look at all we did after 9/11 and it didn't help jackshit!

Majority of Americans Do Not Support These Wars

Aid Convoy Enters Gaza From Egypt For 1st Time As Confirmed Hostages Is 210

Iran Opens Silos - Dozens of Ballistic Missiles Ready To Launch

US Senate Staffer Robbed At Gunpoint In DC As Crime Crisis Spirals Out-Of-Control
MY COMMENT: Didn't that 'Q' guy once mention "when this is over, they [politicians] won't be able to safely walk the streets", if so he might be onto something!

Walgreens And Other Pharmacies Face Shutting Down In Major American Cities

Jewish Americans Now Flocking To The 2nd Amendment For Protection

Israel Government Tells Citizens To Stockpile Food For Four Months While War Is Waged
MY COMMENT: Every American should have at least 6 month supply of food rations for their households, minimum! Canned foods, frozen foods, bulk rice, bulk beans, bulk spices, bulk oatmeal, bulk grits, bulk flour, bulk cane sugar, bulk split peas, bulk peanut butter, bulk milk powder, bulk popcorn kernel, powdered soups, powdered stock, etc. If you go to farmers markets, make contacts with local food producers, you can buy beef wholesale for much cheaper and stock it in a box freezer. Just make sure to have backup generators (gas and solar) to keep them powered during power outages!

Pastor David Lankford & Steve Quayle: Preparing Wisely, Parable of Ten Virgins 
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000128==

Muslims Protest Around The World As Israeli Government Vows Jihad

Muslims Protest Around The World As Israeli Government Vows Jihad

As an unrelenting Israeli bombardment intensified on Saturday, bakeries in Gaza were running out of bread, drinking water was in short supply and power outages left families without charged phones to find out if fleeing relatives were safe.

Israeli Debt Faces Downgrade By Moody's

Judicial Watch Announces Premiere Of ‘Censored and Controlled’ Documentary, Files Lawsuits Against US Government

Governments Are Desperate For Censorship During This Manufactured War Time Crisis

China Completes First Digital Yuan Purchase For Cross-Border Oil Transaction

India Rejects Russian Demand To Pay For Oil In Chinese Yuan

How To Survive A Nuclear War For Dummies
MY COMMENT: Surviving a nuclear war really depends on being far enough away from major cities and nuclear targets! It also depends if you and your family have enough essential supplies stocked up in a basement or in a bunker to survive off-grid, as well as Potassium Iodide to protect yourself from fallout radiation! REMEMBER: (for example) if a nuke goes off in a major city and you are living in some mid-sized suburban town 40 miles away you'll need to bunker underground with everything you need to survive for at least two weeks until the radioactive fallout clears up! If you were go outside for more than five minutes during the fallout? You'll get cancer, your cells will start to mutate and you die a horrible death.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000127==

The United States White House is throwing this country into a war time crisis. The stakes have never been so high, and yet this country is deeply politically polarized and many citizens do not agree with the wars our government is getting the country into. Meanwhile war protests are already breaking out in certain areas of America. The support between Israel and Gaza is deeply divided and crosses party lines. If these wars continue, this is a recipe for disaster. Will the US government be forced to address American grievances and perhaps pull out of these wars, or will the whole house of cards fall in the middle of a massive world war that ends in America's defeat? This is what is at stake, and this is too big a gamble.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Shreds Biden For Bad Diplomacy

Israel Official Threatens Russia

Orthodox Jews Rally Against Zionist Israeli Government

Russia Deploys Hypersonic ICBM After US Conducts Nuclear Weapons Test

Swiss Government Begins Distributing Iodine Pills To Entire Population

US Supreme Court Temporarily Postpones Censorship Lawsuit By Missouri
**On Friday, the Supreme Court placed a temporary stay on the order until it decides the case. It also agreed to immediately take up the government’s appeal, meaning it will hear arguments and issue a ruling on the merits in its current term, which runs until the end of June.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000126==

Oregon Public Schools Say Students No Longer Need Math, Reading or Writting Skills
**The deliberate dumbing down of America is now complete. Our nation is fully doomed.**

Silicon Valley Cries As Their News Viewership Tanks

Trust Collapse! Last year, only 17% of Americans got a fall Covid clot shot booster. So far this year it's under 3%, per Bloomberg.
MY COMMENT: This is very good news! This means a majority of Americans now see through the total scam and bullshit!! This only makes their psyops against us much harder to pull off and in fact, largely ineffective for years to come!!!

Good! Federal Judge Overturns California’s Unconstitutional Ban On AR-15 Style Rifles And Magazine Bans

Hamas Releases Two American Hostages
**“In response to Qatari efforts, Al-Qassam Brigades released two American citizens (a mother and her daughter) for humanitarian reasons,” Abu Obaida said in a statement. He added that the move aimed “to prove to the American people and the world that the claims made by Biden and his fascist administration are false and baseless”.**

Not everyone with Jewish blood is pleased about Israel's ongoing airstrike attacks and planned invasion of the Gaza Strip, including the hundreds of Jewish Voice for Peace Action protesters who gathered outside the Brooklyn home of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat and Jew who apparently supports Israel and wants more US taxpayer aid to be sent to the Middle Eastern regime.

Israel Likely To Give Palestinians Two Options: Forced Re-location Or Genocide

Eastern Nations Pushing Back Against 'Green' Funding Scams Pushed By Western Nations
39% Of All American Adults Believe We Are Living In The End Times

“It’s totally contradictory,” said Chima. “One hand [India] is boasting about how digitised our systems are and telling the world to follow us, and on the other they are imposing frequent internet blackouts so none of these digital systems can work, impacting millions of people and costing millions of dollars.”
MY COMMENT: This is exactly what kind of control methods crooked governments want over the population! That's why people must be well prepared and ready for internet shutdowns and/or blackouts! If governments get their desired CBDCs to replace cash, this kind of shit is going to pulled all the time in order to control and subjugate undesirable people and rebellious communities!!!

By The Year 2030, China Will Have Doubled It's Nuclear Arsenal
**China has developed an arsenal of more than 500 operational nuclear warheads and is set to double that number by the end of the decade, exceeding previous Pentagon estimates, according to a Defense Department report.**
MY COMMENT: Why isn't the US doing the same!? Why have we spent trillions on wars with absolutely nothing to show for it!? Seems like they want America to be defenseless with military supplies drained!!! Why could that be?

State-run Propaganda Article: They Really Do Fear War Truth Being Exposed!
MY COMMENT: The old Twitter sucked, there was nothing of value because all the important information was blocked and censored! Like Drudge Report, the only thing you could use it for was to see whatever narratives the State was recently pushing!

UK Is Fucked As Pro-WEF Pro-Davos Bolsheviks Take Sweeping Control Of Government

US Diverts Ammunition For Ukraine To Israel In Yet Another Blow To Zelensky

Media Silent: Whistleblowers Claim CIA Recruited Hijackers For 9/11 False Flag, Hid It From FBI
MY COMMENT: Who told NORAD to stand down that day!?

Do Not Forget That Israel Too Relies On False Flag Operations For Justifying Brutal War
**The Israeli government actively and directly participated in creating and propping up Hamas in the service of its own political machinations.**

Everything is ready. Everything is known. All armies are at their forward positions. Everybody is waiting for the start. When it starts, it is going to develop fast. Use this time to rest. There is nothing any of us can do anymore. It is regrettable what is going to happen, but it was a collective decision of many humans.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000124==

Biden Requests More Money For Wars, Humanitarian Aid & Border Security

US Forces Attacked 7 Times In Past 48 Hours, Biden Never Mentions It

European Governments Are Cracking Down On The Press, Ordering Them To Cover-up War Facts

The US Military Buildup Around Israel Continues To Grow

Nuclear Carrier USS Eisenhower Shown Passing Into The Mediterranean Today
**Readers are strongly encouraged to have emergency food, water, medicines they need to live on. Fueled-up vehicles, an electric generator to keep the refrigerator working if the power grid is attacked or goes down through some act of "Jihad", and spare fuel for that generator. Lastly, clean your guns, zero your sights, and make certain you have sufficient ammunition.**

Israel BOMBS Oldest Christian Church in Gaza

Compelling Video Evidence Points To Israeli AIR BURST Bomb Striking Al-Ahli Hospital Grounds

Russia Begins Scrambling/Jamming US Drone Signals
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000123==

Putin and Xi Jinping Talk At The Belt and Road Summit
https://www.bitchute.com/video/g0pKflN5UCs/ [Embed]

"It's a trojan horse for globalism, led by the United Nations and their puppet masters."
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qu71YChZio72/ [Embed]

Antifa Terrorist Caught and Arrested For Trying To Derail Amtrack Train

Survivors of Kibbutz Attack Turn Their Anger On Netanyahu

Israel is vowing to wipe out Hamas in a relentless onslaught on the Gaza Strip but has no obvious endgame in sight, with no clear plan for how to govern the ravaged Palestinian enclave even if it triumphs on the battlefield.

If Iran Is Not Bluffing, Sorry Neo-con Zionists, Israel Is Toast!

New Rocket Attacks In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen Suggest Prospect For Regional Conflagration Growing
MY COMMENT: The neo-cons got into this mess, the military will have to deal with this mess! Hopefully the military will grow a backbone and decide all this bullshit we do in the Middle East is not worth it, it's not worth all the lives lost, it's not worth the trillions of wasted tax dollars either, they declare mutiny and get the heck out, and tell these neo-cons to shove it!!! We have plenty of resources in our own country, and we should start using them!!!

The Big Bond Bubble is bursting rapidly now, and it's taking everything down with it, thanks to Fed inflation forcing the demolition of all Fed recoveries at the same time.

When The US Government Is The Only Borrower It's No Wonder Yields Rising
**The US government is the only sector to have notably borrowed on a net basis over the last five years. The market sees that as inflationary, driving yields higher.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000121==

Rumor Spreading That Turkey May Leave NATO Soon
**This is a major happening if true.**

Crucial Undersea Cables Sabotaged As Military and Coast Guard On Standby

Two US Military Bases Attacked In Syria

US Troops Injured In Drone Attacks

Biden Claims He Was Born In Israel As Historic American Oil Bomb Nears Explosion

Director Josh Paul of the State Department Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Resigns

Steve Scalise And 13 RINO Holdouts Derailing Jim Jordan Are Connected to FTX and Voter Mule Donations
**Republicans In NAME ONLY!**

FOIA’d Emails Reveal Highest-Level Leaders at White House, HHS, CDC, NIAID, AAP All Knew COVID Clot Shots Linked To Myocarditis
**Absolutely criminal. These people should be charged for WAR CRIMES!**


Texas Installs Razor Wire Along New Mexico Border To Prevent Side-invasion Into Texas
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000120==

Liberals Once Laughed About The Breakup Of America... They're Not Laughing Anymore!
**In fact, about a third of Democrats believe a political break from conservative-leaning states is needed.**

Bye Bye Commiefornia! No One Wants To Live There Anymore!

State-run Corporate Media Lost All Integrity And Public Trust

Biden & Blinken Faces Global Trust Collapse, Except For Israel

Pakistan Calls For Nuclear Attack On Israel

US Military Struggles With Recruitment, No One Wants To Fight Endless 'Woke' Wars For Profit, Plus All The VA Corruption!
**New political, military and governmental leadership is needed to avoid the collapse of superpower status! The American people are fed up.**

Despots Are Trying To Bring Us To War To Cull And Replace Us! Do Not Allow Them To! Be Prepared & Survive!
MY COMMENT: Anyone telling you not to be prepared and to ignore reality is your enemy!

By Allowing Our Borders To Be Wide Open, The US Government Is Aiding And Abetting Terrorists
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000119==

Rains of Biblical Proportions! Tel Aviv Under Water!

The Big Bond Bubble is bursting rapidly now, and it's taking everything down with it, thanks to Fed inflation forcing the demolition of all Fed recoveries at the same time.

When The US Government Is The Only Borrower It's No Wonder Yields Rising
**The US government is the only sector to have notably borrowed on a net basis over the last five years. The market sees that as inflationary, driving yields higher.**

US Lawmakers Demand Biden Declassify Intelligence On Gaza Hospital Disaster

Klaus Schwab Wants Americans To Fight For His Dystopia But He Will Be Told To Take A Hike Off The Nearest Cliff!

European Union's Despots Want To Kill The Free Internet So Very Very Desperately!
MY COMMENT: Have all the media you need and desire backed up and have multiple offline backups, some of those backups should be Faraday caged underground for protection in the event of a nuclear EMP!

Albert Pike's 1871 Letter Advocating Three Word Wars To Create Totalitarian New World Order

All Wars Are Bankers Wars Documentary by Michael Rivero
https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QsaGZZqwpWy/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000118==

Xi and Putin Lead The World To Sanity and Trade As The West Collapses Into Debt Insolvency, Endless Turmoil
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/putin-xi-in-beijing-pitch-for-alternative-world-order-as-biden-departs-a-burning-middle-east/

When The US Government Is The Only Borrower It's No Wonder Yields Rising
**The US government is the only sector to have notably borrowed on a net basis over the last five years. The market sees that as inflationary, driving yields higher.**

Biden Lifts Sanctions On Venezuela Dictator Maduro In Exchange For Oil
MY COMMENT: While canceling oil and gas leases in America, which could provide more jobs for Americans! Notice everything this government does puts Americans LAST!

Ukrainian Lawmakers Vote To Ban Country's Largest Orthodox Church Body

Communist Government Using Vicious Lies In Civil Trial To Prosecute Conservatives

Innocent American Sentenced To Jail For A Meme! Is Free Speech DEAD In America?

**Tyler posted a snapshot of unrequested ballots that arrived at his home for the upcoming election. What makes this even more troubling is that the ballots are for people who don’t even reside at his address.**
MY COMMENT: Maybe it's time for conservatives to grow a backbone and CHEAT BACK!!!!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000117==

Remember that 1980s movie series "Back To The Future" which depicted a high-tech utopia? The year depicted was 2023! Look around you! No flying cars. Today they want cars banned! No high-tech robust buildings. Today we have crumbling infrastructure! 
**The longest period of low growth in our history is also characterized by the expansion of the regulatory state. Corporate consolidation skyrocketed in the same period. In 1970, the top four companies in any given industry made up on average 20 percent of the market share. Today, the top four companies in any given industry control roughly 80 percent. Regulatory monopolies create single points from which special interests can control whole markets and enrich the wealthiest people.**

Soros-Funded DA Gets Carjacked As Blue States IMPLODE!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/PzeOTlVvmys/ [Embed]

Trudeau Liberals votes down bill seeking to stop euthanasia of mentally ill Canadians.
**These are the same people who say they hate fascists?**

“Second Nuremberg” Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Who Sought To Hold COVID Bioweapon Culprits Accountable Arrested By Germany
**Fuellmich is leading the "Second Nuremberg" project to hold the purveyors behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" and its associated "vaccines" responsible for their crimes against humanity, making him an enemy of the state.**

Massive US Ammunition Plant In Nebraska Bombed, Industrial Sabotage!
**The Hornady Manufacturing plant located near Grand Island blew up on October 13, killing one woman and injuring two men.**

Russian Troops Captured US M2 Bradley Tank, They Will Reverse Engineer It
MY COMMENT: Those fucking Russians LOL! This is one STRANGE STORY. National Bolshevik party member and previous draft dodger who is an admitted fan of US President Joe Biden registers with the Russian military to fight in Ukraine and his battalion ends up capturing a US armored tank. He ends up getting a medal for being the only one in his battalion not to have been shot. He is retiring from service soon and plans to write an anti-war book exposing the dangers and misery of war.

Rescue Operation Underway After Residential Building Attack In Gaza
https://www.bitchute.com/video/jnLUa3pZWzK2/ [Embed]

22 Years In Prison Is Not Long Enough For Thought Crimes: DOJ Appeals To Give The Proud Boys EVEN LONGER SENTENCES
**Total tyranny and weaponization of government!**

Who keeps punching all these satan worshiping celebrities and politicians in the eye!?
https://www.bitchute.com/video/aCjBppYpDzEY/ [Embed]
**What if they are not being punched in the eye and it is something much more sinister?**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000115==

Albert Pike's 1871 Letter Advocating Three Word Wars To Create Totalitarian New World Order
**The goal is to bring back feudalism with a very rich overlord class ruling over everyone else!**

All Wars Are Bankers Wars Documentary by Michael Rivero
https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QsaGZZqwpWy/ [Embed]

Ukraine Debuts US-Supplied ATACMS Missiles Against Russia

Putin Is Bringing The Nuke Briefcase Everywhere He Goes

Saudis Issue Urgent Warning To Leave Lebanon Immediately As US Embassy In Beirut Begins Evacuates

Israel DELETES Video They Claimed Showed An Islamic Jihad Rocket Hit Hospital

Large Portion of Americans Doubt The Big Democracy Lie, View Violence As Acceptable

Homelessness On The Rise In The USSA
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000114==

Wew! Neo-cons Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro Are Eager For The Nuclear Samson Option
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/samson-option-mark-levin-urges-israel-to-consider-firing-off-entire-nuclear-arsenal-if-threatened/
MY COMMENT: Israel can easily stop this from becoming a global war by simply following Russia's special military operations tactic they rather successfully are carrying out in Ukraine! Israel could surround the borders of the Gaza strip, blockade any passage and go after individual Hamas terrorists and cells while making sure civilian casualties are low. Israel obviously does not want to do this for a reason! The reasons seem rather nefarious as described on previous End Times News editions, Jim Willie explaining the long-term agenda rather well! The effort is not just about leveling Gaza in hate, but undermining and thwarting all the new multi-polar non-USD trade achievements by BRICS and OPEC+ nations which threaten Rothschild central banking cabal monopoly by starting a major world war!

Putin Preparing Russians For World War III With Nationwide Nuclear War Drills

Black Flag Is Risen On Razavi Shrine, Islam Is Going To All-out War

Israel and US Claim Hospital Attack Was Done By Hamas, Alleged Proof
**Who knows the truth when these people lie all the time though?**

Israel Ready To Arrest Journalists For Reporting Facts

Blinken Demands Rejected By Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Prepping Is Finally Going Mainstream As Normies Awaken From A Deep, Deep Slumber
MY COMMENT: https://archive.md/Bm0V4

Endless WAR Will BANKRUPT The US Empire
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000113==

All Wars Are Bankers Wars Documentary by Michael Rivero
https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QsaGZZqwpWy/ [Embed]

A senior Hamas leader tells NBC the group is willing to release all civilian hostages, foreigners and Israelis, if the strikes on Gaza stop.

A prominent Israeli Telegram channel is celebrating the bombing of the Ali-Ahli Baptist Hospital by comparing the dead Palestinian victims to hot dogs.

You can’t make this up! One of the students at @nyuniversity who ripped down posters of the hostages taken by Hamas terrorists has the @ADL in her Linkedin bio. She worked for them. @JGreenblattADL

The border area between Lebanon and Israel is now an actual war zone.  30 second video below gives you a sense of how fierce it is.  The Israeli Armed Forces are now attacking many areas in the Lebanon border area, some areas being hit with White Phosphorus.

Dozens of Protesters Storm Into Israeli Embassy In Amman

NYC Struggles With Spike In Tuberculosis Cases As Illegal Immigrants Spread Liberalism

War Criminal Trudeau Punishes Canadian Detective For Investigating Link Between mRNA COVID 'Vaccines' and Infant Deaths

Are You Prepared?
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000112==

Spanish Government Minister Demands Israeli PM Netanyahu Face War Crimes Charges for Retaliation Against Gaza

Israel and Colombia In Diplomatic Spat Over Gaza Conflict

500+ Casualties After Israel Bombs Hospital In Gaza City

Up To 15 Red Cross & UNWRA Medical Staff Killed By Gaza Strike

US Neo-con Psycho War Hawks Risk Getting America Into War With Iran, Syria and Lebanon
**While they anger Russia and China and the ever growing BRICS trade bloc.**

Gaza Open Air Prison Hellscape Is A PILOT PROGRAM For Enslaving Us All
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000111==

UK, US, France Reject Russia’s UNSC Resolution Calling For Gaza Ceasefire
https://www.bitchute.com/video/NsvD0eeJgQGa/ [Embed]

Biden Heading To WAR ZONE, Marines Deploying To Israeli Waters Sparks Fear Of World War III
https://www.bitchute.com/video/iMK_U_RP2SQ/ [Embed]

Be Prepared! Banks Begin SHUTTING Down Branches As Economy In Chaos
https://www.bitchute.com/video/fRAy2cXxxwE/ [Embed]

Egypt's Suez Canal Prepares To Rise Transit Fees, Potentially Intensifying Global Inflation

Billion-dollar Supersize Prisons Are Slated To Be Built Across Police State USSA

Israel Evacuates Residents Of 28 Towns Near Lebanese Border As Hezbollah Attacks Increase

Chief of Hamas Military Killed In Israeli Airstrike

America's #1 Journalist & War Expert, Seymour Hersh, Predicts The Complete Destruction of Gaza

How Zionist MSM Outlets Work With Israel To Control The Gaza Narrative

Hell NO, Joe! America Is NOT Obligated To Fight In Your Endless Wars!!!

Ukraine Fires ATACMS Missile at Russian Forces for First Time
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000102==

Gullible Humans Fall For Yet Another False Flag Psyop: HOLY WAR!
**Israel has the best, most powerful border patrol and security in the world. By far. Their surveillance is state-of-the-art, operating 24/7. They vet ANYONE who wants a passport before entering their country. How on Earth did they fail to do their job right when a bunch of terrorists with machine guns flood out from Gaza? At the very least they must have allowed it to happen, so they could finally justify leveling Gaza and expanding Israel territory. So a few Jews were sacrificed to make that happen, big deal right? Just like the American government sacrificed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 for endless wars in the Middle East back in 2001.**

Hamas Releases Footage Of Them Feeding and Clothing Israeli Babies Whom Allegedly Were Beheaded
MY COMMENT: This footage was released by Hamas to prove the Israel & US governments LIED about the beheadings! There is still NO PROOF to that claim! Were they kidnapped? Yes! But there is no proof Hamas has killed these kids. A deal should be made to give the kids back to their parents!

Biden Claimed He Saw “Confirmed Pictures” of Hamas Beheading Children Turns Out A COMPLETE LIE

GOP Lawmaker Flies To Israel To Rescue Americans After Tons of Requests

Why [Every Nation] Needs A Second Amendment
**If you are armed, you can protect yourself from criminals or terrorists who want to hurt you and your family.**

Hal Turner Makes A Brutal But Good Point: Just Let Them Kill One Another
**I am 61 years old and for much of my life, I have seen the Arab/Israeli hatred for each other manifest in tragedy after tragedy, fight after fight, war after war and frankly I'm sick of it. I say, let them fight it out to the death... Their never-ending fighting, bickering, and warring has been going on since before Jesus Christ walked the earth two thousand or so years ago. And these Barbarians - and that's what they are - have hated each other, deceived each other, fought each other, and killed each other for that entire time.**

If You Eat Fast Food, You Are Eating Poisoned Food

Kissinger Finally Admits Leftist Migration Policy Will Collapse America (**That Was Their Plan All Along!**)
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/video-kissinger-admits-leftist-migration-policy-will-collapse-america-alex-jones-responds/
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000110==

The din of war drums beating hasn’t completely drowned out the barrage of lying bullshit issued by US Deep State blobsters in their effort to keep reality at bay from a citizenry gone restive and aggrieved over the seemingly deliberate ruination of our country by the people who run it.

Florida Medical Kidnapping Trial Exposes Medical Tyranny and Pediatricians Who Traffick Children
https://www.bitchute.com/video/6krIaZ96kLsn/ [Embed]

Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi To Meet, Negotiate More Trade Deals, Etc.

Israel Asks US Congress For $10 Billion For Weapons

Iran Issuing More Threats

Israel Response To Hamas False Flag Terror Attack, IDF Stand Down Is Causing Lots Of Pissy Fits

Democrat-run Shithole States Face Major Economic Crisis
**Turn your States into shitholes, watch residents and businesses leave!**

British Ministry Of Bullshit Tries To Cancel Orwell Because It Exposes How They Operate

American Hero - Donald J. Trump - Willing To Risk Prison To Save America From Collapsing Under Despotism
MY COMMENT: He wins, or over half of America is defecting and this nation will face anarchy and balkanization like the USSR did before it collapsed.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000109==

FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED! Israel Ordered Military to Stand Down During Hamas Assault
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/bombshell-report-israel-ordered-military-to-stand-down-during-hamas-assault/
**Jewish Pro-Life Foundation leader Cecily Routman, citing government sources, claimed Netanyahu ordered the stand down to allow Hamas to launch its attack in order to justify Israeli retaliation against Gaza meant to ultimately wipe the Palestinian enclave off the map. “Israel as the most sophisticated intelligence in the world. There is no way the government didn’t know that that was going to happen,” Routman told conservative activist Lauren Witzke in an interview released Saturday.**

70% Chance Israel-Hamas War Spreads Beyond Gaza, Threatening Oil
MY COMMENT: Check the last 10 updates of End Times News, it was 100% accurate when the conclusion was determined the Hamas attack was a staged false flag to stir up a major war in the Middle East to undermine the BRICS trade union and OPEC+ which were all in the process of rejecting the US Dollar as a world reserve currency! Get it now!? Got to hand it to Jim Willie and his inside sources.

Impending Economic Collapse, Mossad-Hamas False Flag Taking America Into World War & Sabotaging BRICS & OPEC+
https://www.bitchute.com/video/kHqxfIW33Quq/ [Embed]

Russian President Putin Interviewed By Chinese Media, His Full Take On Current Events

Majority of Americans Do Not Support Their Political Leadership

Everything Biden says he wants to accomplish by running again — stabilizing the Middle East, uniting Europe, deterring Putin — was already done when he came into office, thanks to President Trump. Biden’s policies and weakness ruined it all.

Major Banks Close Over 3,000 Branches Nationwide
**Retired Managing Director of Wealth Management formerly working in Swiss Private Banking, Clive Thompson, said at some point, the global economy will enter a crisis. He believes banks will be closed, then there will be an announcement about the rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Americans who desire freedom better be prepared to reject this totalitarianism, moving to alternative trade and bartering options.**

Mexican Sinaloa Cartel’s Message To Members: Stop Making Fentanyl or Die
**The deadly combination of fentanyl in their drugs is killing more people than they can get hooked, meaning loss of profit.**

Only 2% Of Americans Have Received New COVID Clot Shot, Propagandists Defeated
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000108==

War-Debt Fake Economy To Enrich Very Few While Real Economy Battered Leaving Most In Financial Woes
**Anyone willing to be pawns in these wars at this point are betraying the people they intended to serve, the citizenry! These endless wars do nothing to better 99% of the human population.**

FLASHBACK: Despotic Western Oligarchy Desires To Starve & Enslave Population Bolshevik-style

Biden Mulls Visit To Israel As 30 Americans Confirmed Killed, Hezbollah/IDF Clashes Escalate, Egypt To Open Border

US Military Memo Leaked, Many American Troops Strongly Opposed To Fighting For Israel

IDF Notifies Families Of 199 Hostages Held In Gaza, Vows To Avoid Airstrikes On Their Locations

IDF Released Photos Of Weapons Caches Seized In Gaza

Two In Three Killed In Israeli War Against Gaza Are Civilian Women & Kids

US War Propaganda Against Muslims Is Getting Innocent Americans KILLED!

Hezbollah Attacks Zionist Military Outposts At Shebaa Farms

Hezbollah Targets Hanita Barracks With Guided Missiles, Some IDF Wounded
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000107==

5 Major Banks To Cut Credit To 20 Million Americans 'Effective Immediately' To Fund New War

Bank of America Closes 21 Branches In ONE WEEK While Wells Fargo Shutters 15
**Major US banks are continuing to close branches across the US, leaving an increasing number of Americans without access to basic financial services.**

Biden Threatens US Banks Who Refuse To Lend To Illegal Aliens
**Now the US government is forcing debt insolvency!**

LOL The Utter Corruption! Peace Prize Nominates US War Hawks As They Push For War With Russia & China

Biden leaves Americans trapped in Israel to fend for themselves as war breaks out.

SUPPLY CHAIN SABATOGE CONTINUES: Cargo Train Derailment Near Pueblo, Colorado

Iran Compares Israel To Nazi Germany
**Oh boy, let the screaming commence lol!**

China Warns Israel They Are Committing War Crimes Against UN Nuremberg Laws
**Remember the Nuremberg trials after WWII addressed to prevent another genocide of civilian populations? You know, the trials deeply supported by Jewish people? Well Israel is in violation of those very laws that led to the arrest of thousands of former Nazi officials. Under Nuremberg laws, even if a nation is at war they are not allowed to militarily target civilians. By carpet bombing and bulldozing all of Gaza that's what they are doing.**

US Propaganda Claims Russia and China Desire Major Middle Eastern Conflict To Undermine America
MY COMMENT: The only way this benefits Russia in any way is the US will be diverting supplies and weaponry away from Ukraine, to Israel in this new conflict. HOWEVER: Regarding BRICS trade stability and OPEC+ trade, this is a total nightmare for them and neither Russia nor China (or any of their allies) benefit from this fiasco! That's why they are desperately trying to come up with peaceful solutions and diplomacy. The fact is, neither will America benefit either. This will only cause the world to become more unstable, commodity prices to rise, economies to further crater, more insolvent debt, more death, more poverty, more chaos, more political unrest and instability, etc!!! Anyone who still claims "war generates wealth" is fucking stupid, for 99% of the human population no it absolutely does NOT!!
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000106==

Rockets were fired at Tel Aviv and southern Israel overnight, and the Israel Defense Forces attacked targets in and around the northern part of Gaza. Exchange of fire grew more intense on Israel’s border with Lebanon, with Israeli army jets striking Hezbollah military infrastructure.

Blinken Meets Resistance In Courtship of Egypt and Saudi Arabia On Gaza War

Rand Paul Ends Up Being The Only Sane Person In All Of Congress

Ukrainian MP Says Israel Might Lose A Major War In The Middle East, Warns Opposing Countries Have Gotten Stronger
https://www.bitchute.com/video/BbqpBmlF6Czd/ [Embed]

Ex-Zelensky Advisor Calls Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive A Disaster

Benjamin Netanyahu Invites Biden To Israel As IDF Prepares Ground Invasion of Gaza

Israel Releases Footage Of Hamas Killings In Family Homes

ANOTHER 8 year-old Boy Who Starred In Covid Vaccine Propaganda Commercials Dies Suddenly
**Second child star this month who has died from the clot shot!**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000098==

Generation Z will be left with psychological scars from the cost-of-living crisis that has derailed their ability to build up savings, purchase a home, get married/start a family, and enjoy life.

EU Threatens To Block "X" (Twitter) Because Truth Is Now Allowed
MY COMMENT: Elon, let the EU block all their IP ranges! European users will just switch to using VPNs and/or Tor! It will only cause the EU bigger headaches! Let them block the IP ranges, users can and will bypass that!

As a brand new war-narrative unfolds, there’s already efforts underway to parlay the conflict into tighter controls on free speech and freedom of expression, both in person and on the internet.
MY COMMENT: Backup everything you want and need, have multiple offline storages of everything you desire. Be prepared to remove yourself from the internet soon and get adjusted to living life offline like we all once did.

Blah Blah, Neo-cons, Go Fight Your Own Wars! We Won't Be Fighting It For You!

Israel Informs United Nations To EVACUATE It's Staff and ONE MILLION Residents Within 24 Hours

Israeli Forces Using White Phosphorus In Gaza With No Mercy
**Civilians charred to ashes. Remember GOVERNMENTS love to murder and are the biggest mass murderers of human history!**

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said upon arrival to Beirut that more anti-Israeli fronts may be opened in the future.

Men waving a Palestinian Flag began driving erratically on the Long Island Expressway today, apparently to get nearby traffic to slow down and avoid them.  Once the three lanes around them were cleared, they began doing "Donuts" with their car, tires screeching, across all lanes of the highway, bringing New York Traffic to a complete halt.

Endless WAR Will BANKRUPT The US Empire
**Be prepared for the utter collapse of the Western world. It's near.**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000105==

Bank of America Closes 21 Branches In ONE WEEK While Wells Fargo Shutters 15
**Major US banks are continuing to close branches across the US, leaving an increasing number of Americans without access to basic financial services.**

Fake-Pope Vatican Satanist Francis Claims Despotic Idiot Is More Important Than Jesus Christ
MY COMMENT: Boycott ANY church that has connections to the Vatican!!! Also beware many Catholic Pastors work with FEMA's Clergy Response Team to spy and report on individual worshipers who they know are disobedient and resistant to tyranny!!

Good! New Zealand Ousts Leftist Lockdown Tyrants After Conservatives Win Election
**Turns out forcing your citizens to take vaccines, decreeing state news the only allowed 'truth', and locking up peaceful protesters opposed pandemic authoritarianism did not go over well.**

Iraqi Parliament Calls For The Activation of the Arab Defense Treaty In Response To Israeli War On Gaza

Israeli Troops Amass At Border As Iran Warns It Will Intervene If Ground Offensive Launched

Israeli Intel Suddenly Knows Exactly Where Hamas Is, Hmmmmmmm
**It’s interesting how last week Israel had no idea what Hamas was up to, and yet this week they know every mosque, school and hospital that Hamas is hiding in.**

War Crime: 70 Killed After Israeli Strikes Slaughter 3 Convoys of Evacuees, All Civilians

Israel Makes It Clear They Will Not Negotiate For Hostages Taken By Hamas

China Warns Israel Not To Genocide Innocent Civilians, To Obey Ethical Laws Of War
**“Israel's actions have gone beyond self-defense, Israel should seriously heed the calls of the international community and the United Nations Secretary-General and stop collectively punishing the residents of the Gaza Strip.”**

Russia Warns Their Citizens To Leave Israel While They Still Can
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000104==

An Economic Worst-Case Scenario For The Israeli-Palestine War

Americans Remain Stuck In Gaza As Evacuation Deal Falters

100 Fortified Bulldozers Will Lead Israeli Invasion of Gaza

Massive Bomb Hits Gaza, Death Tally Unknown

At Least 12 Journalists Have Been Killed In Gaza

9 More Hostages Killed In Gaza Strikes

Democrats Want To Allow 1 Million War-torn Palestinians Into Our Country
**Probably not the best idea just because many of them hate our guts and rightly so.**

Russia's UN Ambassador Calls For Ceasefire In Israel-Gaza Conflict
MY COMMENT: I stand by Jim Willie's recent alert no matter how kooky he may sound!! I think Jim is SPOT ON. The news is starting to prove it! This conflict was staged by the US and Israel, not only to takeover Gaza and expand territory (that's just the icing on the cake), it was to grab & extract valuable resources within the Gaza strip, but most of all it was to throw the Middle East into another major war! The MIC (military industrial complex) gets to profit from it, so they are happy, the US and Israel get to undermine the alternative BRICS trade union and halt China's One Belt One Road project, and OPEC+ will face wars that destabilize their oil dominance and thus their entire economies! A very strategic move. All of that, AND they can mass murder those they hate, and maybe if we allow them to heck, draft undesirables into their wars. After all, you cannot easily compete with a corrupt evil Empire if endless war is right in your own backyard and you have to engage in it or defend yourself. Deliberate destabilization is what the Empire of Lies does best!

Jim Willie's Take On The False Flag Israel-Gaza War, Global Economic Warfare & Criminal Conspiracy To Upend BRICS Trade
https://www.bitchute.com/video/kHqxfIW33Quq/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000092==

Price Inflation Higher When Debt Increases, Oh Wow! Hurrrrr Durrrrr!
https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/12/cpi-september-2023.html   REAL PRICE INFLATION STATS ACCORDING TO TRADITIONAL PRE-1990s MODELING
**Actually factoring in food and energy costs!**

Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Open Border Policies
**When Americans see illegal foreigners and crime all over the place, no shit!**

A submarine arms race is intensifying as China embarks on production of a new generation of nuclear-armed submarines that for the first time are expected to pose a challenge to growing US and allied efforts to track them.

Recessions, debt, energy crisis, inflation and wars… somehow it is all related, and it is related at a global level, impacting nearly all economies and markets. It all seems to be going rather badly for the "rules based global order" or as some prefer to call it, the empire of lies.

Trump Says The Obvious Out Loud, Hezbollah Is Emboldened By Western Stupidity

Priceless! Look At Western Hypocrisy! Russia vs Israel War Crime Reactions!
**When Russia cuts off energy to Ukraine it's horrible, when Israel cuts off energy, food and WATER to Gaza, crickets!**

Qatar is now threatening to cut their oil supply to the world if Israel invades Gaza.
**So if the Arabs DO cut-off oil supplies, the United States no longer has a massive 714 Million Barrel reserve from which to draw to keep the country going. Biden voters and riggers, YOU DID THIS!**

Israel Attacks Damascus Airport as IRAN Foreign Minister Plane Coming-in, Plane Forced to Divert

View of Gaza Skyline as Israel Bombards Hamas Targets (Oct. 12)
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000103==

BRICS Nations Scramble To Come Up With Israeli-Palestine Peace Plan To Stabilize Middle East

Impending Economic Collapse, Mossad-Hamas False Flag Taking America Into World War & Sabotaging BRICS & OPEC+
https://www.bitchute.com/video/kHqxfIW33Quq/ [Embed]

US Confirms 2nd Carrier Group En Route To Deter Hostile Actions Against Israel

Egypt Reinforces Army On Border With Gaza As Israel Continues Attacks

US Military Agrees To Intercept Hezbollah Missiles

Israeli Defense Force Threatens To Attack ANYONE Against Israel In The Middle East


Massive Anti-war Protests Hit London

Some Palestinians Flee For Their Lives To Beat Israel's Exodus Deadline, Others Decide To Die With Dignity

Genocide In Gaza Will Be Hard To Stomach Admits Mass Murderers

Hamas Claims 26 Hostages Died From Israeli Airstrikes, Including Foreigners, After IDF Finds Several Bodies

Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrests Resulting In DEATH Spiked 30% After COVID “Vaccine” Clot Shots Unleashed

Clot Shot Jab-induced Senseless VIOLENCE And RAGE Spreads To All Major American Cities
FACT 1: All wars are bankster wars! Nearly all wars have to do with economics and control of resources: including for oil, narco money and maintaining reserve currency status!

FACT 2: US & Israel set up a false flag terrorist operation by covertly arming & then allowing Hamas terrorists to kill Israelis. Israelis were used as collateral damage, and so are Palestinians! THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT TAKING OVER GAZA!!! No no no, this is much more ugly! This is about gaining vast amounts of underground valuable resources beneath the Gaza strip, as well provoking other Eastern nations into war!!! WHY? To sabotage the BRICS trade union and undermine OPEC+ deals with Russia and China!!!

FACT 3: This gets scarier. Sleeper cells have been set up waiting to be activated across the US by foreign adversaries via the OPEN BORDERS between US & Mexico. Upon demand, these sleeper cells are ready to cause mass murder, industrial sabotage, looting and havoc all over the continental United States!! Purpose: Davos & WEF global "Great Reset" to collapse & subjugate the United States population!!! HIGH TREASON.

FACT 4: It gets worse. The public is not being told this. Behind the scenes a kinetic deadly civil war has already taken place between factions of the US government & US military. Americans are being kept in the dark!! Assassination teams have been deployed from various sides, as well as other forms of sabotage.

Impending Economic Collapse, Mossad-Hamas False Flag Taking America Into World War & Sabotaging BRICS & OPEC+

https://www.bitchute.com/video/kHqxfIW33Quq/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000100==

Israelis Declare “Something Is Very Wrong Here” As America Receives “Zero Hour” Warning

Thousands Protest Across Middle East In Support of Palestinians

Majority of Israelis Blame Government For Hamas Attack - 56% Want Netanyahu Out

Jewish Councilwoman Arrested For Attending Pro-Palestine Protest

US Intelligence Gets Nervous About Iran Threats Against Israel Over Gaza

Iran Responds To Israeli Gaza Slaughter With Tank Deployment On Iraqi Border - Hezbollah Green Light To Engage

Palestinians Fire Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Into Crowd of Israeli Soldiers

Israel Gives Major Hospital In Northern Gaza 2 Hours To Evacuate Staff & Patients

Israeli forces use a bulldozer to destroy a pizza restaurant in the West Bank that had used its social media account to mock an elderly Holocaust survivor taken hostage by Hamas.

Israelis Brag They’ve Dropped Over 6,000 Bombs On Gaza So Far

Ben Shapiro Rages At Tucker For Questioning Why Our Politicians Care More About Israelis Dying Than About Americans
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000099==

Hamas Claims 13 Hostages Killed In Air Strikes On Gaza, Israel Denies
**Hamas has taken more than 150 people hostage, including both civilians and security forces.**

Israeli Infantry, Tank Units Begin Localized Raids Into Gaza To Locate Hostages

Air Sirens Ringing In Israel Yet No Rockets Hitting, Israelis Wonder Why

If You See Loco Nuts Running Around With Knives, Shoot 'Em!

US Cities On High Alert Amid Hamas 'Day of Rage' Threats
**Americans must remain vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves and our families if need be.**

Fake News Is Spreading About Qatar Cutting Off Gas Supply, It Might Not Be True After All

Iran FM Meets Nasrallah, Threatens To Open Hezbollah War With Israel If Brutality Against Gaza Doesn't Cease
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000096==

ICE Admits Record 5.7 Million Illegals In US, Biden Wants To provide Medical Services AND Free Housing To All
**Absolutely insane and treasonous to hard working tax paying Americans!**

8-Year-Old ‘Vaccine Poster Child’ Dies After Sudden Heart Attack

According to French Interior Minister Darmanin, the government of France decreed today there can be no "Pro-Palestinian" gatherings, protests, speech, writings, or even flags.   Within hours, the people of France began to rise-up; there are now Riots in Paris and other cities. Social Media is now lighting-up with images and video of the Pro-Palestinian gatherings taking place.
MY COMMENT: If governments no longer represent the people, it's time for the people to DROP OUT, TUNE IN (to End Times News) and refuse to fight their wars!!! We need to bring back the 1960s war protest movement (but with lots and lots of liquor this time)!!!

Germany Offers Direct Military Aid To Israel, Vows Crackdown On Hamas Support

Americans Killed By Hamas Rises To 27, Over A Dozen Captive, As US Arranges Evacuation Flights

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Asks For Israeli Citizenship As Ukraine Faces Defeat

FALSE FLAG PLANNED? 800,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste From Oil and Gas Industry Is ‘Missing’

Masked Cartel Hitmen Armed with Rifles Announce ‘Purge’ In Shocking Video
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/masked-cartel-hitmen-armed-with-rifles-announce-purge-in-shocking-video/

Expert Warns Another Staged World War Near
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000097==

Grab your booze, DROP OUT and TUNE IN to End Times News!

Electricity is cheap in Russia... If you take the price in Russia and the price that British industries pay, I do not know if there is any industry left with such prices, but the price is almost ten times lower in Russia than in the United Kingdom... In the European Union, the prices for industrial consumers are four times higher per kilowatt/hour, and for households also 4 to 4.5 times higher.
**Russia knows free market capitalism unlike the modern Western world?**

The West’s punishing restrictions have in reality only helped Russia restructure its economy as the country pumped money into various industries at a rapid pace putting almost every available worker into a job and raising the size of weekly paychecks... Total output, which the Russian Central Bank estimates may rise as much as 2.5% this year, could outpace the European Union and possibly even the United States.
**Did Russia adopt free market capitalism while the Western world abandoned it?**

The number of luxury cars with an advertised price of $100,000 or more sold in Russia increased by 22% last year despite the exodus of Western automakers due to sanctions.
**Is Russia mimicking 1950s America?**

Do Propagandists Have A Writer's Strike? Why Are They Recycling Old Debunk Plots?
https://www.bitchute.com/video/qkPrT3CHRjnk/ [Embed]

Biden CAUGHT LYING About Seeing Hamas Beheading Children In Israel, White House LOST All Credibility
https://www.bitchute.com/video/i_Ewzm5jCak/ [Embed]
MY COMMENT: Tim, our government lost all credibility since the 9/11 false flag terror attack to take us into these endless wars in the Middle East and beyond! That's when America became a total police state hellbent on lies, false flag terrorist attacks, endless wars, bailouts to corrupt bankers, insolvent debt and fraud!

US Diplomat Breaks Down Witnessing Aftermath of Hamas Attack In Israel
https://www.bitchute.com/video/U2xtBxYvea0/ [Embed]

https://www.bitchute.com/video/pEc17KCP4MCO/ [Embed]

Both Sides Are Being Played By The Banksters Again To Cause Genocide, Division and World War III
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qiy1GjRY5bwI/ [Embed]
**America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, STOP FALLING FOR IT! They want us to BURN DOWN our world, kill each other off and to enslave us after the culling!!!**
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000094==

Americans Trust In State-run Corporate Media Hits All Time Low

Homeless Camps Are Coming To School and Church Parking Lots In Commiefornia

Henry Kissinger Starts To Regret Deliberate Destabilization Policy (It Might Blowback Against Criminal Cabal?)

France Bans All Pro-Palestinian Protests In Drastic Crackdown
**Foreign nationals who break the rules will be systematically deported.**

Graphic video shows chaos at Gaza refugee camp after Israeli airstrike.

Netanyahu Wants America To Be Dragged Into Their War Says Ex-Pentagon Official

Israel's Defense Chief Apologies For Failure To Protect Citizens After Security Collapse

Russians Burst Into Avdiivka, Ukraine - Heavy Fighting Reported Inside The Town

NATO Instructors Rumored To Have Been Killed In Ukraine

Young Turks Founder Cenk Uygur To Run For President In 2024 As Democrat

Robert F Kennedy Jr. To Run For President In 2024 As Independent
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000093==

BEWARE NEO-CONS! China Has A Defense Industry, Whereas The United States Has A War Industry
**China is not wasting expensive equipment on endless wars for profit. Just like Russia, IF China uses their weapons it will be to mercilessly and ruthlessly destroy an enemy nation that poses an exponential threat!** 

Russian Parliament To Vote On ENDING Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

The US government is scrambling to ensure it can supply munitions to Israel in case of a possible ground incursion into Gaza, CNN has reported, citing multiple US officials. US stockpiles are already significantly depleted due to the arming of Ukraine.
**US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby suggested on Wednesday that the Pentagon may find itself “at the end of the rope” in terms of long-term assistance to Ukrainedue to the appropriations turmoil.**

NATO Forced To Choose Funding & Supporting Israel or Ukraine, They Can't Save Both

EU Divided Over Israel's Violation Of International War Crime Laws
**International law states a country cannot attack civilians or cut them off from basic essentials they need to live! Those that do so are committing war crimes which is terrorism!**

Israel Responds To EU: Food, Water and Power To Be Restored To Gaza After All Israeli Hostages Released

IDF Dropping Leaflets To Civilians Over Gaza Warning of Pending Attack

Hamas Founder Found Dead, Bombed By Airstrike
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000091==

US Military Only Pays $1,800,000 For Thousands of Covid Clot Shot Health Damage Injuries

DNA Contaminants In COVID Clot Shots Can Trigger Cancer, Alter Human Genome

Very Glad To Have Stocked Up On Over The Counter Items In The Past!

Saudi Prince, Iran President Hold Call On Israel-Hamas War

Erdogan Orders Hamas Leaders To Begin Hostage Negotiations

Natural News Statement On Hamas Terrorism and Israel's Ethnic Cleansing

Israeli Journalist Says He Saw NO Evidence of ‘Hamas Beheaded Babies' During Media Tour of Village, Could Have Been False Flag!

Jordanian Armored Personnel Carriers Nearing Border From Jordan To Israel

Hezbollah Kills Israeli Soldiers With Kornet Anti-Tank Missiles Taking Out Israeli APC At South Lebanon Border

Oil Prices Surge Following Large-scale Clashes Between Israel and Palestine
**Other commodities are also being affected by the conflict.**

America Is A Sitting Duck As Biden's Oil Drain & New Mid-eastern War Fuels More Crisis
https://www.bitchute.com/video/6EJHQfP8z3Q/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000087==

America Is A Sitting Duck As Biden's Oil Drain & New Mid-eastern War Fuels More Crisis
https://www.bitchute.com/video/6EJHQfP8z3Q/ [Embed]
**Everything that should have been avoided was not and everything that should have been done was not done.**

Neo-con RINOs Plot To Bring Back McCarthy To Fund Israeli War
https://www.bitchute.com/video/IpZ6ipIfIdfN/ [Embed]

Russian President Putin Addresses Middle East Crisis, Western War Destabilization
https://www.bitchute.com/video/wBA4zEVM8FZa/ [Embed]

Saudi Prince Says He Is Working To Contain Israel-Gaza Fighting

A View From Israel: David Icke Talks With Israeli Freedom And Peace Activist Shai Danon
https://www.bitchute.com/video/GBeTGppxRyKI/ [Embed]

Government of Israel Commits GENOCIDICAL ATROCITIES Against 2 Million Palestinians
**Cutting off ALL essential resources from the region including food and water is a form of genocide against innocent civilian populations, regardless what a handful of terrorist murderers have done.**

Israeli Officials Call For Ability To Use NUKES Against Gaza Residents

As Gaza Recovers From Real Attacks, CNN Stages Fake Ones ???
https://www.bitchute.com/video/oMh1qHjiSRmP/ [Embed]

Israel Loosens Strict Gun Control Laws After Civilians Killed From Hamas Attacks

Israel-Hamas Conflict COULD HIT AMERICA As Intel Report Says Terrorist Suspects Are Crossing Our OPEN BORDER
https://www.bitchute.com/video/AohmrqBFdqs/ [Embed]
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000088==

The Internet Will Never Be Fun Again
**That earlier generation of blogs once performed the task of aggregating news and stories from across the Internet. For a while, it seemed as though social-media feeds could fulfill that same function. Now it’s clear that the tech companies have little interest in directing users to material outside of their controlled narrative feeds.**

US Military Sending Special Operations Team To Israel

Most of the general public already knows the USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier and its Strike Group arrived in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near Israel. What few people know is that THREE other aircraft carriers and a NATO Maritime Group are also being deployed.

Israeli Citizens Now Open To Embracing America's Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms

Israel-Palestine War Causes Gold Prices To Increase As Demand For Safe Haven Investment Increases

Around The Clock Massive Bombing Of Gaza Civilians Continues, Buildings In Gaza Are Folding Likes Houses Of Cards Under Israeli Bombardment

Both Israelis and Palestinians have to sit down and negotiate hard and both give way massively for the sake of innocent people. Innocent people are slaughtered on both sides and civilians are suffering.

Putin Says Current Situation In Middle East Serves As Example of US Policy Failure

Russia was defeated in its bid to regain a seat in the UN’s premiere human rights body by a significant majority in Tuesday’s election in the General Assembly, which voted last year to suspend Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine.

Alabama is deploying more of its National Guard troops to the southern border to help protect the country against the illegal immigration crisis.
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000089==

Endless WAR Will BANKRUPT The US Empire

National Debt Increased Another $500,000,000,000 In Just 20 DAYS

China Saved $10 Billion By Buying Cheap Oil From Sanctioned Exporters

NATO Secretary General Threatens Response If Finland Oil Pipeline Was Sabotaged

Gaza To Plunge Into BLACKOUT As Power Plant Runs Out Of Fuel Ahead Of Israel Invasion

Israel Actively Fighting A Secondary Front On Northern Border With Hezbollah

Jerusalem Feels Like A Ghost Town Amid Israel-Gaza War

Neuralink Implant RUPTURED The Brain of a Female Monkey, Autopsy Finds
MY COMMENT: One would have to be very stupid to ever let anyone plant a spy device inside their brain!

Ex-CIA Director Hayden Publicly Calls For Assassination Of GOP Senator
https://www.Alex Jones is a cuck.com/posts/ex-cia-director-hayden-publicly-calls-for-assassination-of-gop-senator/
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000086==

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: How Private Bankers Imposed Their System Of Slavery On The World

Former Congressman: Hamas Was Created By Israel And The US To Counteract Yasser Arafat

EGYPT EXPOSES ISRAELI FALSE FLAG - Hamas Is A Front For Intelligence Agencies
https://www.bitchute.com/video/b1vTfxRSr2Hk/ [Embed]

The World Is Now In Danger Of Being Rapidly Destabilized For Future Generations Warns UN Sustainable Development Expert
https://www.bitchute.com/video/D0f-RZONK5g/ [Embed]

On October 10, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry accused Israel of using ammunition with white phosphorus, prohibited by international conventions. According to the ministry, the prohibited weapons were used in the al-Karam area in the Gaza Strip.

Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US To Begin Surging War Aid To Israel

Finland-Estonia Undersea Oil Pipeline In Baltic Has Been Deliberately Damaged

459 US Firms Have Filed For Bankruptcy This Year - The Most Since 2020
**This year giants such as Bed Bath and Beyond, trucking firm Yellow and wedding retailer David's Bridal have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy thanks to a perfect storm of rampant price inflation, high rates and supply-chain disruptions.**

DEBT INSOLVENCY: National Debt Increases By Another $500,000,000,000 In Just 20 Days
==End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000085==

DEBT INSOLVENCY: National Debt Increases By Another $500,000,000,000 In Just 20 Days

https://www.bitchute.com/video/BOy4TKCO3lsu/ [Embed]

New York City Hospitals, Medical Centers Being OVERWHELMED By Illegal Immigrants

Israeli air strikes hammered Gaza on Tuesday, razing entire districts and filling morgues with dead Palestinians as Israel took revenge for the Hamas assaults that have triggered some of the worst blood-letting in 75 years of conflict.
**Meanwhile Palestinians have been cut off from energy, fuel, food and water as Israelis told to bunker inside their homes.**

Khamenei Distances Iran From Hamas Operation, Fearing Israeli Attack, As Rocket Salvo Fired From Lebanon

**If Israel is now striking IRANIAN convoys inside Iraq and Syria (and now Lebanon), then it is ISRAEL that is escalating the conflict which will CAUSE other countries to enter the conflict. Israel cannot simply attack anyone it wants in other countries, and somehow CLAIM it is self-defense.**

Hackers Target Israeli Websites In Widespread DDoS Attacks

Trump Predicts America Will Be In World War III If Not Elected President In 2024
**Too late?**
End Times News will be cached here.

I recently decided to slow down on posting individual reports due to the fact so much corruption is going on day to day, and the rapid decline and collapse of the Western World is becoming too fast paced to cover it all bit by bit. So I'm now mirroring my new End Times News series here, hopefully the moderator won't mind. It covers a whole lot of blacklisted news most corporate/state-run media refuses to inform the public about. Feel free to archive the links, or post comments if you feel the need to. It comes in "Volumes" and "Editions" which are numbered, but I don't expect it to ever get past Volume 1.
Trove Of Nearly 10K Hunter Biden Laptop Photos, Emails & Docs Appear On Organized Website

Nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop were uploaded to a new website - BidenLaptopMedia.com, which has been intermittently unavailable since launch due to overwhelming traffic: https://bidenlaptopmedia.com/

The site, which took months to complete, is the brainchild of former Trump White House aide, Garrett Ziegler, who worked as an aide to economic adviser Peter Navarro.

"It's taken us a couple of months to, one, go through the photos, about 10,000 of them, and redact the genitalia on the photos," said Ziegler, adding "The number one thing we're about… is truth and transparency."

"If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they're going to get it. And we're not going to be taking out photos that paint the Bidens in a good light."

The site includes Pictures (with location metadata), Emails, Suspicious Activity Reports, Influence peddling, Ashley Biden's diary and lots of personal details.

According to Ziegler, several photos including private data were redacted, including those containing Social Security numbers, banking information and credit card numbers - as well as multiple nude photos of Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden.

Of the many photos found on the laptop, Ziegler provided Fox News Digital with two never-before-seen photos from the laptop. One photo showed Hunter Biden cozied up to his then-lover Zoe Kestan in 2018. The other image — featuring an array of drugs and a condom wrapper sitting on a table — was from a text message conversation Hunter had with Hallie Biden — the widow of Beau Biden and former lover of Hunter Biden — the same year.

Providing further insight on the type of content viewers can expect on the website, Ziegler said some content that does not carry "news value" will not be featured. - Fox News

"There are, for example, screenshots of Candy Crush games where we are fairly confident in saying there's absolutely no news value to those," he said. "So it's going to be, I would say, 98% of the photos on the device, around 10,000 in total, although it'll be slightly less than that."

"It's going to be a completely authentic recounting of the photos on the device," he continued.

==It's the story of a lifetime. A North American President gets arrested (a lot of times) and tries to make money off it==

Not two hours after former President Donald Trump left the Fulton County, Georgia, jail, his joint fundraising committee was already selling merchandise featuring his booking photo.

The former president left the Fulton County Jail at 7:55 p.m. Thursday, and for the first time in his four indictments on felony charges, authorities took — and released — Trump's mug shot. By 9:22 p.m., the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee was selling T-shirts, mugs, beverage coolers, bumper stickers and other merchandise with Trump's face and the words "never surrender."

The mug shot products range from $12 for a bumper sticker to $36 for long-sleeve T-shirts.

The former president is also fundraising off his latest surrender. In a fundraising email, Trump said he "walked into the lion's den with one simple message on behalf of our entire movement: I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION TO SAVE AMERICA."
Canadian Government Admits Contacting Social Media Companies To Censor Online User Content

According to the data provided by the federal government, Health Canada contacted Facebook at least three times to demand the removal of posts with 'disinformation about lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.'

The admissions were made in an order paper reply to a question posed by Conservative MP for Niagara, Dean Allison.

Though required by the inquiry to provide details of the social media take-down requests by the heavily subsidized state broadcaster, CBC did not offer any information about the nature, authors and topics of the social media content it targeted for censorship. However, scant details were provided by other federal agencies.



NPR Throws Giant Tantrum After Labled State-affiliated Media, Quits Twitter

National Public Radio (NPR) announced on Wednesday that it will stop using Twitter, and will "no longer post fresh content to its 52 official Twitter feeds," as the first major State-run news organization to go quiet on the social media platform.

The move comes after Twitter CEO Elon Musk labeled NPR "state-affiliated media," and then changed it to "government funded" over the weekend.

Last week, Twitter slapped 'state affiliated media' (or similar) labels on several outlets, including the BBC.

Of course, NPR doesn't have the balls to actually nuke their account - which will still allow people to click all of their existing content.

NPR claims to be "the first major news organization to go silent" (**LOL**) despite the dozens of other news outlets and users being censored and banned off the platform for the last 10 years. Every other major news organization is repeating this propaganda at once, many using the same language, making it seem coordinated.

As Summit News noted last week, in 2020 Twitter made the move to label many accounts, including Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik, as well as reporters working for them as ‘state-affiliated media’, and said it would prevent tweets from those accounts appearing on the home screen, in notifications, or in searches.

Twitter claimed it was doing this “to make the experience more transparent,” adding that “we don’t let state-affiliated media accounts advertise on Twitter. We’ll also no longer include them or their Tweets in recommendations, as we continue to support a free and independent press.”

So the question is, does NPR push an agenda and ideology influenced by the state, including governmental narratives?

Some say so:

"NPR — a news organization that refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story — is blaming Twitter for undermining their credibility." — Seth Dillon (@SethDillon)

"NPR is state funded left wing propaganda and should be shut down entirely. Government media has no place in a free society." — Swig (@OldRowSwig)

Moody's Demotes US Banking System After Recent Banking Bailouts, Insolvent Deteriorating Environment

Prior to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Moody’s Investors Service rated the United States banking system as “stable.” Since that time, Moody’s has downgraded American banks to “negative” status, citing a “rapidly deteriorating operating environment.”

Despite regulators’ “best efforts to shore up the industry,” to quote CNBC‘s Jeff Cox, America’s financial foundation is crumbling – which is no surprise seeing as how it was always a Ponzi scheme house of cards built on deception and bad faith.

One of the “big three” rating services, Moody’s is setting the stage for the final and inevitable collapse of America’s banking sector. One might even say that the banking sector has already collapsed, even though the powers that be are still hiding the wreckage from public view as much as possible.

“We have changed to negative from stable our outlook on the U.S. banking system to reflect the rapid deterioration in the operating environment following deposit runs at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank (SNY) and the failures of SVB and SNY,” Moody’s said in a report.

The announcement from Moody’s came after the entity warned that it was either going to downgrade or recommend downgrading some seven institutions thus far. In addition to SVB, SNY, and Silvergate, other institutions that are under review for potential downgrades include First Republic, Intrust Financial, UMB, Zions Bancorp, Western Alliance, and Comerica.

There are likely many more banks with massive unrealized losses that are also on the hook since they purchased Treasury bonds and other government debt when interest rates were near-zero. Since that time, the Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell has progressively hiked rates, sending the value of these bank bonds into a downward tailspin.

“Banks with substantial unrealized securities losses and with non-retail and uninsured U.S. depositors may still be more sensitive to depositor competition or ultimate flight, with adverse effects on funding, liquidity, earnings and capital,” Moody’s report further warns.

Despite this downgrading and the canary in the coal mine that it represents, numerous bank stocks rose this week. This is because the Wall Street casino is now completely detached from reality – and has been detached from reality for many, many years.

You can be sure that at some point, the Ponzi scheme will unravel for the world to see.

Even though the United States technically entered a recession last year using standard metrics and methodology, the Biden regime changed the definition of recession to exclude the current economic crisis. Moody’s estimates that a “recession” according to Biden will hit the country later this year.

“Biden may not know it yet, but he is a designated fall guy for bankers,” one Natural News commenter suggested.

“The Federal Reserve has been shorting the U.S. economy since its inception in 1913. The Federal Reserve has engineered one catastrophe after another. The Federal Reserve should have been shut down like a hundred years ago.”

Will the America we know today still be recognizable a year from now?

Mike Adams Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is very approachable and extremely well informed about a vast spectrum of topics. He’s running for President of the United States on the Democrat ticket, and the Democrat establishment is going all-out to silence him by cancelling all debates and trying to sweep Joe Biden back into the White House.

You can learn more about RFK Jr’s run for the Oval Office (and join his email list) at www.Kennedy24.com

Although RFK and myself don’t agree on everything, I consider him to be a true American hero for his courage and perseverance in exposing the toxic covid vaccine and Fauci fraud.

He’s also a healer who, I believe, can help bring America back together from its current fractured status, where Big Government, Big Tech and the fake news media have worked incessantly to disrupt and destroy America from within.

I have publicly stated that I’m considering temporarily switching my party affiliate to Democrat solely to vote for RFK Jr. during the Democrat primary process, should the DNC even allow such a process to occur (never trust the corrupt establishment to follow the rules).

Interestingly, the DNC is trying to railroad RFK in much the same way the RNC is trying to railroad DJT. Both establishment parties despise real heroes like RFK or DJT, and they want them both to be silenced and shut out of the political process.

Here’s what I cover in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, which includes the RFK interview:

– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss border security, election integrity, voter ID and more
– Covers the investigation and PROSECUTION of covid officials who committed fraud
– RFK achieves stunning CROSSOVER support from Republicans and conservatives
– Adams invites Trump team for an interview
– Mass homelessness in California getting WORSE as Biden’s economy crumbles
– Spike protein damages the BRAIN, explaining why vax booster proponents are so dumbed down
– California black groups demand $200 million in reparations payments to EACH black person
– Colorado bureaucrat wants to confiscate money from WHITE-owned businesses to subsidize BLACK businesses
– Interview with Paul Wittenberger, filmmaker and producer of “Fluoride – Poison on Tap” documentary


MIRROR #1: http://brighteon.com/58f6b492-d708-4a4a-bfdb-d02a67505bcb

MIRROR #2: http://bitchute.com/video/5LpH5vZH0RNu/

MIRROR #3: http://banned.video/watch?id=645a6075b1e3f80b3295a01c
‘Death’ Of Epstein Pal, Ex NM Governor Bill Richardson, Leaves A Black Hole Of Elitist Crime Of Geronimo, Pancho Villa And Blackest Corruption

The late-arriving news of the quiet passing of Epstein-Clinton crony William “Bill” Blaine Richardson leaves a vacuum in a slew of crime mysteries, including the whereabouts of the current pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein, the future of Virgin Galactic boss Richard Branson who’s left a toxic trail over the White Sands Spaceport, the shady mobster legacies of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and rumors of Barack Obama’s dope-fueled plan to rig the coming presidential election for a third term, among other scandalous issues. Besides those hijinks, Richardson’s last major coup (besides his reported death) was to fly to Russia to wheedle the prison release of “Miss” Britney Griner, the NBA drag queen power-forward without mammary glands. Recognizing the great fun in Richardson’s scams and aid to prison convicts, no less than Bill Clinton has called him 'The Undersecretary of Thugs.' Until the last shovelful is dumped over the stairwell to hell, as in the case of Count Dracula a coffin may not spell an end to a supposedly dead Richardson’s wizardry. If he unexpectedly pops up again, shoot the zombie home invader in self-defense!

Michelle Luhan Grisham, his worthy successor as a crime-allied governor of New Mexico, announced the state flag would be flown at half mast over the coming week in mourning, better late than never. That exec order came several mysterious days after news of Richardson’s death arrived from Massachusetts, which was the home state of his biological father (which one? I don’t know). Although many innovative schemes originated during his 8-year gubernatorial term (2003-2011) at the Santa Fe statehouse, from financing New Mexico as Hollywood studios’ back-lot in the Southwest desert to the taxpayer nemesis of green-energy technology, not all of his business partners are shedding tears and some are whooping up the demise of that lying, cheating con artist. In fact, nobody is crying in this Land of Enchantment, good riddance!

==!!!!!  New Meta "Threads" Program Is HONEYPOT FED CENTRAL For Social Credit Scoring  !!!!!==

Thread is an IPv6-based, low-power mesh networking technology for Internet of things (IoT) products. The Thread protocol specification is available at no cost; however, this requires agreement and continued adherence to an End-User License Agreement (EULA), which states that "Membership in Thread Group is necessary to implement, practice, and ship Thread technology and Thread Group specifications."

Thread uses 6LoWPAN, which, in turn, uses the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol with mesh communication (on the 2.4 GHz spectrum), as do Zigbee and other systems. However, Thread is IP-addressable, with cloud access and AES encryption. A BSD-licensed open-source implementation of Thread, called "OpenThread", is available from and managed by Google.



6LoWPAN (acronym of "IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks") was a working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It was created with the intention of applying the Internet Protocol (IP) even to the smallest devices, enabling low-power devices with limited processing capabilities to participate in the Internet of Things.

The 6LoWPAN group defined encapsulation, header compression, neighbor discovery and other mechanisms that allow IPv6 to operate over IEEE 802.15.4 based networks. Although IPv4 and IPv6 protocols do not generally care about the physical and MAC layers they operate over, the low power devices and small packet size defined by IEEE 802.15.4 make it desirable to adapt to these layers.


IEEE 802.15.4:

IEEE 802.15.4 is a technical standard which defines the operation of a low-rate wireless personal area network (LR-WPAN). It specifies the physical layer and media access control for LR-WPANs, and is maintained by the IEEE 802.15 working group, which defined the standard in 2003.

IEEE standard 802.15.4 intends to offer the fundamental lower network layers of a type of wireless personal area network (WPAN) which focuses on low-cost, low-speed ubiquitous communication between devices. It can be contrasted with other approaches, such as Wi-Fi, which offer more bandwidth and requires more power. The emphasis is on very low cost communication of nearby devices with little to no underlying infrastructure, intending to exploit this to lower power consumption even more.

The basic framework conceives a 10-meter communications range with line-of-sight at a transfer rate of 250 kbit/s. Bandwidth tradeoffs are possible to favor more radically embedded devices with even lower power requirements for increased battery operating time, through the definition of not one, but several physical layers. Lower transfer rates of 20 and 40 kbit/s were initially defined, with the 100 kbit/s rate being added in the current revision.

Even lower rates can be used, which results in lower power consumption. As already mentioned, the main goal of IEEE 802.15.4 regarding WPANs is the emphasis on achieving low manufacturing and operating costs through the use of relatively simple transceivers, while enabling application flexibility and adaptability.

Devices are designed to interact with each other over a conceptually simple wireless network. The definition of the network layers is based on the OSI model; although only the lower layers are defined in the standard, interaction with upper layers is intended, possibly using an IEEE 802.2 logical link control sublayer accessing the MAC through a convergence sublayer. Implementations may rely on external devices or be purely embedded, self-functioning devices.

Operation Popeye: How The US Government Turned The Weather Into A Weapon Of War

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. was up against the ropes. Anti-war protests were growing louder, and our military was taking heavy losses. It was crunch time, and that’s when the U.S. government rolled out one of their wildest cards: “Operation Popeye.” What was it? A secret plan to turn the weather into a weapon to make it rain and flood out the Ho Chi Minh Trail — the Viet Cong’s main thoroughfare.

Popular Science:
Though it cycled through several names in its history, “Operation Popeye” stuck. Its stated objective—to ensure Americans won the Vietnam War—was never realized, but the revelation that the U.S. government played God with weather-altering warfare changed history. The Nixon administration distracted, denied, and, it seems, outright lied to Congress, but enterprising reporters published damning stories about rain being used as a weapon, and the Pentagon papers dripped classified details like artificial rain. Eventually, the federal government would declassify its Popeye documents and international laws aimed at preventing similar projects would be on the books.

But the public would, more or less, forget it ever happened. Given the rise of geo-engineering projects, both from municipal governments and private companies, some experts believe Popeye is newly relevant.

Operation Popeye relied on a technique called “cloud seeding,” where crystals are dropped into clouds to induce rainfall.

The Popular Science article continues:
At first, no one seemed to consider the wartime applications of cloud seeding, but on March 20, 1967, the “operational phase” of Popeye began. Pilots and their crew would soar over select regions of Vietnam with a canister of silver or lead iodide, which were, by the 1960s, considered two of the primary sources of water condensation nuclei. The plane crew would ignite the canisters and release particle-rich smoke into an existing storm. If all went well, the jolt of artificial nuclei would reverberate through the system, forcibly spurring additional precipitation.

Despite 80 years of cloud seeding efforts, rigorous research aimed at proving (or disproving) its efficacy is still underway. During their top secret briefing on Popeye, Senators Pell and Case were told that though U.S. taxpayers paid, without their knowledge, some $3.6 million a year for such operations over Vietnam (or about $23 million a year in today’s dollars), Popeye’s success was “certainly limited” and also fundamentally “unverifiable.”

As he digested these facts—processed the full extent of the secret wartime weather manipulation project—Senator Pell seemed increasingly indignant, as documented in the official meeting report. Why, he asked, was it kept secret? And what other secrets were there? “The thing that concerns me,” Pell said, “is not rainmaking per se, but when you open Pandora’s box, what comes out with it?” When the details of Operation Popeye were made public a two months later, on May 19, 1974, many Americans—as well as our allies and enemies abroad—were left pondering the same question.

Here’s an even deeper dive into Operation Popeye: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9mJqFxArpy0
Doom Loop Walking Tour Of San Francisco Sells Out

There's a new entertainment option for people morbidly fascinated with San Francisco's relentless decline: a "Downtown Doom Loop Walking Tour."

The, anonymous, dry-witted host invites tourists to "discover the policy choices that made America's wealthiest city the nation's innovative leader of housing crisis, addiction crisis, mental-health crisis, & unrepentant crime crisis." It's not clear if this will be an ongoing offering, but the maiden tour -- set for Saturday, August 26 -- is already sold out. 

More liberal perks in San Francisco Bay Area. Crime in California is at highest level ever!!!

— Dhruven Patel, Twitter X

"You will find no better expert," reads the tour's promotional page. "Your guide is an urban policy professional, card-carrying City Commissioner overseeing a municipal department with an annual budget over $500m, and cofounder of San Francisco's largest neighborhood association. He has spent hundreds of hours on both sides of the government dais, shouting into the opposite abyss."

"The tour will start at City Hall, and continue through Mid-Market, the Tenderloin, and Union Square. We will view open-air drug markets, the abandoned tech offices, the outposts of the non-profit industrial complex, and the deserted department stores."

San Francisco has deteriorated so much that federal officials are now advising hundreds of Health and Human Services employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future, rather than wade through "one of the city's most brazen open-air drug markets" that's just outside the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building on Seventh Street.

Government Bureaucrats instructed to work from home where Federal Office is now unsafe to access.

This is what the people of San Francisco voted for. A Crime wave and homelessness wave. Their liberal laws are now backfiring on them, and they are seeing why law and order is needed.

Instead of profit, the tour guide is apparently seeking an outlet for his policy frustrations. He says the tour "is the result of his own mental-health crisis," and that he'll donate proceeds to "a non-profit that does not actively degrade its community."

"How can a city with a $14.6 billion annual budget be a model of urban decay? How can it spend $776.8 million per year on police and have no rule of law to show for it? How can it spend $690 million on homeless services and receive an official United Nations condemnation for its treatment of the homeless (cruel and inhuman, violation of multiple human rights)?"

LOL! Lizard DNA Sent-in To "23 and Me" For Analysis, Results Claimed It Human Blood!

A man and his wife own a Lizard as a pet, and they got the idea to send the Lizard DNA in to the Company 23 and Me for DNA Analysis; ancestry.  The results came 3 months later... 51% Ashkenazi Jewish, 48% West Asian, North African.

Remember: "Trust the science!"

https://www.bitchute.com/video/UgLUdssYJ0P8/ [Embed]

Corrupt FBI Lied About White Supremacist Threat While Treating Catholics As Terrorists

Chris Wray’s FBI is doing Satan’s work.

As Gateway Pundit reported in April, Chris Wray’s FBI is now infiltrating Catholic parishes. 

The FBI agents are engaging in outreach to Catholic leaders to spy on Americans practicing their Christian faith.

This was a shocking revelation. We already knew the FBI-DOJ was targeting traditional Catholics from earlier reporting.  Now we had evidence they are infiltrating Catholic parishes.

Chris Wray’s FBI sent out a memo warning agents of the dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’ that was gaining popularity in the country. The memo was posted at UncoverDC.com by former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2023/02/08/the-fbi-doubles-down-on-christians-and-white-supremacy-in-2023/

When the FBI was busted targeting Catholics in a now-retracted leaked document which said Roman Catholics were 'at risk of committing acts of extremist violence,' the agency downplayed it as the work of a 'rogue field office.'

Now, thanks to a less-redacted internal FBI document released Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee, we learn that the effort was far more widespread than the agency acknowledged.

Chairman Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee published the letter he wrote to FBI Chief Chris Wray in April.

Chris Wray should have been forced to resign and brought up on charges following this revelation that FBI was involved in condut that was clearly political and unconstitutional.

Now, newly released documents reveal MULTIPLE FBI offices across the country were colluding to target traditional Catholics.

==Journalist Goes Undercover To Expose The ADL's Nefarious Social Media Censorship Regime==

The ADL’s once-respected reputation now stands alongside the likes of the ACLU, Mafia, and those evil bastards creating gas station sushi – in other words, it’s in shambles. This is just another example of a “mask” being ripped off like a three-week old bandaid, exposing the ADL as  another flunky for the progressive left. And their mission is clear: To censor and “cancel” anyone who dissents from their political views, deploying tactics like labeling individuals as “racists,” “bigots,” and “anti-semites,” among other things. Now, a recent investigative series has unearthed another card up the ADL’s sleeve: social media censorship, focusing on Elon Musk’s X. This revelation is serious; as the ADL’s latest actions go way beyond name-calling and silencing. In fact, many months back, Revolver published an exposé uncovering a troubling alliance between the disgraced ADL and PayPal, shedding light on a sinister and deeply concerning collaboration that catapulted the ADL into people’s finances.

For years, the debate over Big Tech and its threat to freedom has centered most prominently on free speech. At stake is whether or not conservatives, populists, or any free-thinking or independent-minded individual who objects to our Regime’s corrupt ruling class will be allowed to share their views on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and even whether they will be allowed to create alternatives without being hounded out of business.

This battle is extremely important. But an arguably even more important fight concerns the financial ecosystem of the Internet, and on that front the situation is no less dire. Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users:

PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), in partnership with ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), today announced a new partnership initiative to fight extremism and hate through the financial industry and across at-risk communities. This is the latest effort by PayPal in combating racism, hate and extremism across its platforms and the industry.

Through this collaboration, PayPal and ADL have launched a research effort to address the urgent need to understand how extremist and hate movements throughout the U.S. are attempting to leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity. The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.

Putin Approves New Laws To End Online Anonymity, Curtail Free Speech, Driving Away Innovation & Investors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has enacted a series of legal amendments that could spell the end of online anonymity, curtail free speech and stifle innovation.

The amendments, officially titled Federal Law No. 406-FZ, were approved by Putin on July 31 and take effect immediately, with some provisions slated to come into force before Christmas 2023.

The law requires individuals to provide verifiable proof of identification before gaining access to Russian online platforms. As part of this crackdown on online anonymity, foreign email systems are set to be banned with stringent measures slated to take effect by the end of this year.

The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) remains permissible, but any content that promotes their use for evasion purposes is now considered a criminal act.

Furthermore, the internet hosting services of Russia require state registration and adherence to strict guidelines. The Russian government seeks to "enhance its customer service and security" (aka revealing identities to spy on them in real time) – thus, hosting companies are now mandated to identify potential customers using approved procedures and are held accountable for the content on their platforms. This will no doubt destroy the faith in online communication, rendering many sites to completely shut down and drive many Russians into living much of their lives completely offline.

By September 2024, only companies listed on the state-managed register will be eligible for use by public entities, while "computing power" and "information systems" will be restricted (wtf?).

The new legislation, passed under Federal Law No. 406-FZ, is set to have far-reaching implications for both internet users and businesses. It could stifle creativity and potentially push entrepreneurs to leave the country.

The banning of foreign email systems would limit user access to only state-approved email services. This action limits choices and access to global communication platforms.

While VPN providers are not outright outlawed, posting information online that advises users on circumventing the state-approved identification mechanisms using tools like VPNs or Tor will be deemed a criminal offense. This presents a chilling effect on discussions around privacy and tools to safeguard it.

The legislation also brings hosting companies under strict government scrutiny. This threatens the independence of hosting services and exposes them to potential liability for the content posted by users on their platforms. Many platforms are likely to close access to Russian citizens, and many Russian platforms are likely to close altogether.

The introduction of these amendments has raised alarm bells about the future of the Russian internet landscape. Critics argue that these measures could push internet entrepreneurs to either fall in line with the government's agenda, go offline or leave the country altogether. The stifling of free speech and the invasive surveillance of online activities threaten to drive away innovators and investors.

The EPA Wants To Run A FAKE Industry That Produces NOTHING And Expects American Taxpayers To Pay For It

As if Americans have not suffered enough from an oppressive third world totalitarian regime who is destroying the American economy, weaponizing the Justice system to attack the First Amendment of the US Constitution - free speech, as well targeting political opponents, allowing illegals with polio and tuberculosis into the United States to spread deadly disease, ordering social media companies to censor their users for dissent, bullying business owners for defending their right to stop looting and theft in their stores, banning basic appliances Americans use to live their lives every day while bringing the US into the brink of an unwanted highly dangerous and unpopular world war, now this oppressive third world totalitarian regime wants to create a fake industry that will in no way benefit Americans at all, while usurping land and having taxpayers pay for it! We all know in America today, we no longer live in a free market capitalist country where the old traditional yet very basic concept of "supply and demand" is applied anymore. Well the EPA is making it very clear with this new stupid move.

The top lobbying group for US power plants penned a lengthy letter to President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency, arguing that the administration's aggressive plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas-fired plants is "unworkable" because it relies on "unproven technologies."

Edison Electric Institute (EEI), whose members include Consolidated Edison Inc., Dominion Energy Inc., FirstEnergy Corp., and Southern Company, said the EPA's "rulemaking record simultaneously downplays the various infrastructure challenges to deploying" carbon-capture systems (CCS) and hydrogen, "while overplaying the current state of deployment and demonstration of each technology." 

EEI continued, "Given these realities, neither CCS nor hydrogen blending are adequately demonstrated today as they are not deployable, available, or affordable across the entirety of the industry, and the attendant supporting infrastructure will take more time than EPA predicts to deploy. This assessment factors in the timelines that EPA proposes for standards that may not be applicable until several years in the future. Accordingly, unit owners and operators have significant concerns about the achievability of the proposed standards." 

EEI's members power the homes of nearly 250 million Americans and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The power industry supports seven million (7,000,000) jobs nationwide, and EEI's members invest $140 billion annually into improving the grid.

"As we outline in these comments, electric companies are not confident that the new technologies EPA has designated to serve as the basis for proposed standards for new and existing fossil-based generation will satisfy performance and cost requirements on the timelines that EPA projects," the letter pointed out. 

The EEI membership warned: "This will impact electric companies' efforts to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to customers."

The race to decarbonize the power sector has already left the nation's largest grid, PJM Interconnection, with increasing reliability risks.

House Republicans Release Biden Family Bank Records Showing Payments From Foreign Oil Oligarchs

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday revealed over $20 million in payments they claim foreign actors from places like Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan sent the Biden family and their associates while Joe Biden was vice president.

Hunter specifically received millions from Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev while father Joe was VP, the committee found.

The records show Baturina wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, a shell company belonging to Hunter and Archer, in February 2014.

Three-quarters of a million dollars was then transferred directly to Archer, and the rest was used to fund a new company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

The bank record shows a transfer of $3.5 million on February 14, 2014 and a transfer of $2.7 million to Rosemont Seneca Bohai on March 11, 2014.

"During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden sold him as ‘the brand’ to reap millions from oligarchs in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself. And Hunter Biden seems to have delivered," said committee chairman James Comer (R-KY).

"It’s clear Joe Biden knew about his son’s business dealings and allowed himself to be ‘the brand’ sold to enrich the Biden family while he was Vice President of the United States."

In one instance, Kazakh oil oligarch Kenes Rakishev wired $142,000 to Hunter Biden's shell corporation to buy a new Porsche (which Hunter bought the next day), before a dinner was set up between the oligarch and Joe Biden, bank records show.

And on March 25, 2014, there were two separate transfers for $2.2 million and $200,000 respectively into the Rosemont Seneca Bohai account, which Hunter and Devon Archer used to receive other personal payments such as those from Burisma. The committee says Hunter then transferred the money into another Rosemont Seneca Bohai account that he and Archer were able to access.

After this, then-VP Joe Biden attended a dinner with Baturina, Hunter, Archer and others at Cafe Milano in Washington DC.

And guess who was left off Biden's list of sanctioned Russian oligarchs? Baturina.

The committee has subpoenaed records from six different banks and have received thousands of records regarding the shell corps, but have not yet subpoenaed bank records for the Biden family.


Now Look At The Wreckage Called America, A Subverted Hijacked Police State...

Cops Arrest Teens For Reading Bible Outside Drag Queen Event For Children

As if Americans have not suffered enough from an oppressive third world totalitarian regime who is destroying the American economy, banning the sale of all basic appliances, weaponizing the Justice system to attack the First Amendment of the US Constitution, allowing illegals with polio and tuberculosis into the United States to spread deadly disease, ordering social media companies to censor their users for dissent, bullying business owners for defending their right to stop looting and theft in their stores, bringing the US into the brink of an unwanted highly dangerous and unpopular world war, now teenagers are being arrested for reading the Holy Bible! If there was any indication that our country is doomed to become a failed communist third world despotic state, this may be the nail in the coffin that proves it once and for all.

Four young Christians were arrested Saturday in Watertown, Wisconsin while they were preaching the gospel at a public drag queen show focusing on sexually abusing children. 

A video of the arrest of one young man, Marcus Schroeder, was posted and shared on various social media platforms. The one-minute and 29-second video clip shows several police officers approaching Schroeder as he is standing on a public sidewalk outside the event reading the Bible over a loudspeaker. One of the officers, who has sergeant stripes on his sleeves, suddenly grabs the microphone away from him. As he questions what they are doing, the officers inform Schroeder he is being arrested for violating a sound ordinance about noise amplification. 

Then the video shows three officers grabbing the young man and leading him away in handcuffs. Another young man, Nick Proell, was detained and removed from the park but was later released with a warning, according to The Republic Sentinel.

Jason Storms, who took the video and shared it on Twitter, is the minister of evangelism at Mercy Seat Christian Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In a post to the church's Facebook page Wednesday, he said his daughter was among the four who were arrested. 

"A bunch of people from our church joined with other Christians (about 100 of us in all) to minister to those attending a drag queen show for children in Watertown, Wisconsin," Storms said. "Rather than arrest those sexualizing children - the police arrested four Christians exercising their First Amendment rights including my daughter and one of my sons-in-law."

"It was open to the public, thus the public's right to free speech carries with them. One was arrested later in the day for preaching on the public sidewalk outside the venue and is being charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest," he said. 

Storms also claimed several police officers were present at the park to provide security for the drag queen show, in which performers dressed in lingerie were seen "dancing and gyrating in front of little children, who were invited to give them one dollar bills."

According to Wisconsin law, causing a child under the age of 13 to view or listen to sexual activity is a Class F felony.

If the child has not attained the age of 18, it is viewed as a Class H felony.

Good! Kenya Refuses To Be Data Harvesting Guinea Pigs To Globalist WorldCoin ID Mark of the Beast

The Kenyan Ministry of the Interior last week suspended the controversial tech firm WorldCoin and any similar entities from operating in the country.

Co-founded by OpenAI's Sam Altman, WorldCoin offers free crypto tokens worth roughly $50 to people willing to have their eyeballs scanned by a device called the Orb.

"Relevant security, financial services and data protection agencies have commenced inquiries and investigations to establish the authenticity and legality of the aforesaid activities, the safety and protection of the data being harvested, and how the harvesters intend to use the data," reads a statement from the Ministry issued last week.

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua was enraged over the technology, saying in a statement: "Let us support the stoppage of Kenyans being used as guinea pigs and their data being harvested.

"You have to ask yourself why your eyes are being scanned and information gathered. What does it mean and what will it mean to you and your offspring?"

Another CS, Kithure Kindiki, assured citizens that the government would undertake all measures to ensure public safety and the integrity of financial transactions involving so many citizens.

That said, WorldCoin technically hasn't broken any Kenyan laws - which, we imagine, is one of the reasons it was rolled out there.

In response to the ban, WorldCoin co-founder Alex Blania claimed that the company's intentions are above board.

"Tools for Humanity (TFH) has paused World ID verifications in Kenya as we continue to work with local regulators to address their questions. We apologise to everyone in Kenya for the delay," he stated.

Worldcoin's stated purpose is to build a global identification system using iris scans, which can prove that a person is human (**albiet there are non-invasive captchas that still do that too!**). The company argues that in the future, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is 'fully functional,' it will be difficult to determine whether a subject is human or machine.

Bank Of America Ready To Collapse As Shareholders DUMP Everything

In the last year, many Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) insiders sold a substantial stake in the company.

Knowing whether insiders are buying is usually more helpful when evaluating insider transactions, as insider selling can have various explanations. However, when multiple insiders sell stock over a specific duration, shareholders - and banking customers - should take notice as that could possibly be a red flag.

Over the last year, the biggest insider sale was by the President of Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Matthew Koder, for US$7.7m worth of shares, at about US$35.91 per share.

The last three months saw significant insider selling at Bank of America. In total, President of Regional Banking Dean Athanasia dumped US$2.4m worth of shares in that time, and we didn't record any purchases whatsoever.

In the last year Bank of America insiders didn't buy any company stock.

So "Insiders" sold stock recently, but they haven't been buying. Looking to the last twelve months, the data doesn't show any insider buying.  What does THAT tell you?

Commiefornia, USSA: Victim Who Defended Store From Criminal Looter Faces Jail Time

Just when it appeared that a law abiding business owner had scored a victory against a scumbag shoplifter for once by subduing him with an almighty thrashing, the police have stepped in to criminally investigate the shopkeeper for assault.

KCRA.com reports that the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Stockton, Northern California, who was captured on video taking down a man threatening to pull a gun and filling up a barrel full of products to steal is now the one under investigation by the cops.

The would-be-thief had visited the store three times on the evening in question, each time threatening the shop keepers and stealing from them.

On the third attempt he got what was coming to him.

As we see time and again, police don’t even bother preventing robbery anymore, and now they’re treating business owners who are forced to defend themselves as the criminals, while the assailants have somehow become the victims.

When the government encourages lawlessness - as California clearly does - we are no longer witnessing mere property crimes. Instead, we are witnessing the slow death of the people whose property is under endless assault from brazen robbers who know that they cannot be touched.

For the Sikh men, the loss of a job during the shabby Biden economy has the real potential to mean the end of their lives: The end of their having a home, raising a family… heck, even feeding their family. When crime becomes the norm, everyone’s life is at stake.

But since this is California and, as in Superman’s Bizarro Land, everything is backward in the most evil way, I fully expect the robber to get a pass because “he’s been punished enough,” while the brave Sikhs who stepped up in a law-enforcement vacuum, find themselves caught in the California “justice” system.

Welcome to a third world failed state. Perhaps more business owners should take notice, and leave the shithole state before they too become victims.

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Well No Shit! Australian Senate Admits Covid Clot Shots Have Been Killing People

Sparks flew during a contentious public hearing in the Australian Parliament earlier this week as Representatives from Pfizer and Moderna gave unsatisfactory answers to multiple lawmakers’ questions.

The Australian Senate’s ‘Education and Employment Legislation Committee’  held a hearing Wednesday regarding the status of the COVID-19 vaccines, which included witnesses from Pfizer Australia, Moderna, and the Australia’s Theraputic Goods Administration (TGA).

Conservative lawmakers were outraged that at least half of all Australians got COVID after the country imposed some of the most draconian lockdowns and vaccine mandates in the world.

During the hearing, a Pfizer representative insisted that no one was forced to get the risky COVID-19 jabs in Australia, despite the county’s strict mandates.

“You actually made a comment that no one was forced to have the vaccination,” Hanson said,  after initially attributing the comment to his colleague Dr. Krishan Thiru, Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director.

“You were in Australia during COVID-19 … you must have been fully aware that people—nurses, doctors, people—to keep their jobs, were forced to have the vaccination,” she said.

“Mandates and vaccine requirements are determined by governments and health authorities. I believe everyone was offered an opportunity to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine and I don’t believe that anybody was forced to take the vaccine.”

“A lot of Australians will disagree with you on that one,” Hanson shot back.

Senator Alex Antic had cited statistics showing that cases of Myocarditis spiked precipitously in South Australia following introduction of the COVID injections.

“Now, we know that myocarditis and pericarditis are two heart inflammation conditions well associated with the COVID mRNA injections — even the Theraputic Goods Administration admits to that, Antic began.

“Yet despite this well-established fact, the injections were mandated to thousands of Australians and speaking out about these incursions on freedom got one labeled an anti-vaxxer or a peddler of dangerous disinformation,” the senator continued.

Antic cited data he obtained through a Freedom of Information request from the South Australia Health Department that tracked cardiac related presentations in 15-year-olds to 44-year-olds going back to 2018.

The senator showed a chart indicating that the numbers remained steady at 1,100 a month from January 2018 until July of 2021 when it “drastically spiked.” By November of 2021, he said, the number of cases peaked at  2,172 per month, almost double the norm. The rise in cases, he noted, took place “just as these injections were rolled out.”

Antic noted that there was another spike in cardiac related presentations in February of 2023, “just when the boosters were being mandated.”

“These injections are harming, and in many cases, killing our young people,” Antic declared. “So what does SA Health have to say about this? Nothing. They continue to roll out the injections. They continue to push the injection narrative. This injection campaign is going to go down as the greatest scandal in medical history and none of you said a single thing.”

“Your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccine especially imported for Pfizer and not tested by the TGA?” conservative Senator Malcolm Roberts asked Dr. Hewitt.


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