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I don't have time for descriptions right now.
Venture Capitalist David Sacks Blames Biden Regime For Provoking Wars, Global Instability

Two days after the assassination attempt against Donald Trump, Venture Capitalist David Sacks gave an impassioned speech in front of the former president at the Republican National Convention - where he slammed Democrats for their disastrous policies which have led to chaos and decay both domestically and abroad.

"They're in disarray after shielding President Biden from a vigorous primary and gaslighting the entire country about his fitness to serve," Sachs said, pointing out that Democrats are now the kids in their own proverbial cages.

"In my hometown of San Francisco, Democrat rule has turned the streets of our beautiful city into a cesspool of crime, homeless encampments, and open drug use."

"Democrats — led by Border Czar Kamala Harris — have allowed millions of illegal migrants to invade our country. They tasked Homeland Security not with stopping the illegal aliens, but with busing them all over our country," adding "But worst of all, the Biden-Harris administration has taken a world that was at peace under President Trump, and they lit it on fire."

To that end, Sacks blamed the Biden regime for provoking the war in Ukraine.

"Then, he provoked — yes, provoked — the Russians to invade Ukraine with talk of NATO expansion. Afterward, he rejected every opportunity for peace in Ukraine, including a deal to end the war just two months after it broke out," he correctly pointed out.

Sacks ended by calling for "a president who can be president and lead, not a puppet controlled by his or her staff," adding "We need order in our cities, order at our border, and order restored to a world on fire."

Sacks has come under heavy fire from Western State-run media for using his 'megaphone' to spread 'narratives' about the assassination attempt on President Trump. Sacks' response: an artfully worded go fuck yourself.

**In this new series, we don't bother talking about falling empires or insolvent corrupted failed states. We focus on the new growing international multi-polar world and trade.**

BRICS Just Decided To Establish Parliament To Destroy European Hegemony
https://www.bitchute.com/video/B646LdnTOnL7 [Embed]

Russia's Initiative to Create Commodities Exchange Threatens Western Influence

16,000 Sanctions FAILED: World Bank UPGRADES Russia's Economy, Indicates Income Growth

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger Form Sahel Confederation To Fight Western Neocolonialism

Most Countries In Africa Intend To Join BRICS Trade Union
https://www.bitchute.com/video/jhaq46pQH2sg [Embed]

Malaysia & Thailand Apply to Join BRICS, While Japan Is Ditching US Treasuries

Saudi's Threaten The West With Bond Dump... Again!

Russia and China's Space Breakthroughs Flank Unipolar Death Cult
https://www.bitchute.com/video/OixHr9EPxYQ [Embed]

Bohemian Grove 2024 Infiltrated By Citizen Journalists! HOURS Of Footage Leaked To Alex Jones!

Do you remember when Alex Jones infiltrated and recorded scenes of the Satanic rituals of Bohemian Grove back in the early 2000s? Did you think that was some tin foil conspiracy?

Well brace yourselves. 20 citizen journalists have leaked HOURS of covertly recorded footage of their worship for Satan, and it's all coming out on Twitter X along with a new documentary!

Many prominent Democrats AND Republicans.... THEY WORSHIP SATAN! They are part of a uniparty Satanic cult and it is going to soon be EXPOSED for the world to see!

Alex Jones exclusively brings you epic bombshell footage of the 2024 Bohemian Grove ritual in California captured by a citizen journalist organization. This is the New World Order religion! Share this critical link to wake up the people!


Alex Jones explains how a citizen journalist organization caught bizarre Bohemian Grove rituals on video, as well as establishment Republicans plotting against President Trump:


Behold the New World Order's occult anti-human religion of darkness and share this powerful link!
World Leaders Join In Condemnation Against Political Oppression In The USSA As Biden Suspends Hate Ads

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump on Saturday has provoked an outpouring of condemnation, even from opponents of the Republican frontrunner. In the Middle East, national leaders largely joined in.

"I followed up the treacherous attack on former president and presidential nominee Donald Trump with concern, and I reiterate Egypt's condemnation of the incident," wrote Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on his Facebook page. He expressed hope for the "completion of the American election campaigns in a peaceful and healthy atmosphere, free of any manifestations of terrorism, violence, or hatred."

The attack was also condemned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said he hoped those behind it would be brought to justice "in order not to cast a shadow on the US elections and global stability", while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he and his wife would pray for Trump's "safety and speedy recovery."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has not enjoyed cordial relations with Trump in past, also condemned the attempted assassination, saying in a statement that he "reaffirm[s] the positions of the State of Palestine, which has always rejected violence, terrorism, and extremism, regardless of its source."

The Telegram and X accounts for Sabereen News, an outlet affiliated with the Iran-backed "resistance" groups in Iraq, on Sunday posted a picture of a bleeding Trump with the caption: "Today terror has entered their fortified palaces." While Trump's arch-nemesis Iran has yet to comment on the shooting, a number of Trump supporters tried to link the Islamic Republic to the shooting by citing a statement by an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander last year in which he said they "hope we can kill Trump."

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Prime Minister "strongly condemned" the "attack on my friend" Trump. "Violence has no place in politics and democracies. Wish him speedy recovery," he posted on X. Among the more interesting statements was issued by Argentina's President Javier Milei, who quickly blamed the "international left" for what he called a "cowardly assassination attempt".

"In panic of losing at the polls, they resort to terrorism to impose their backward and authoritarian agenda," said the populist leader, despite little official info on the shooter's motives at this early point.

==Trump Proclaimed “The Chosen One” After Surviving “Gangsta’s Paradise” Assassination Massacre==

A beyond horrifying new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared about President Putin shortly after the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump: “All the threats coming from the Kiev regime are obvious... Therefore, the security of the president is established at the proper level”, says Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also factually observed: “Two months ago, I paid attention to the fact that the United States was literally fostering hatred toward political opponents, as well as provided examples of the American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates”.


In knowing the truth of the “American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates”, this report notes, America’s most trusted newsman Tucker Carlson previously warned of the grave danger President Trump faced: “If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment and none of them work... What’s next?... Graph it out, man... We’re speeding towards assassination, obviously... They have decided — permanent Washington, both parties have decided — that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have him”—a grave warning followed by the MAGA Channel on YouTube posting its video “Never Give Up - TRUMP 2024 (Gangsta’s Paradise)”—a viral video that’s been viewed over 1.1 million times set to the music of the number one selling American rap song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, whose lyrics begin:

 **“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death**
 **I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left**
 **Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long that**
 **Even my momma thinks that my mind is gone**
 **But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it**
 **Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of**
 **You better watch how you talkin' and where you walkin**
 **Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk**
 **I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc**
 **As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke**
 **Fool, I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like**
 **On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight”**

Biden Praises Vice President Trump And Ukrainian President Putin At NATO Circle Jerk

That was rough. After introducing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as Vladimir Putin - then arriving to his own press conference more than 50 minutes late, a coughing, slurring Joe Biden then called Donald Trump his Vice President as he attempted to show the world what a 'goodest boy' can do.

"I wouldn't have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, if she's not qualified to be president."

Blinken, Austin and Sullivan the moment Biden said “Vice President Trump”:

— Western Lensman (@WesternLensman) July 12, 2024

Biden then slurred his way through an answer on whether he thinks he should take another neurological exam. "The only thing that age does is create a bit of wisdom if you're paying attention ... no matter what I did, no one is gonna be satisfied."

Biden then blamed his staff for his horrendous debate performance last month, telling the audience that he's "catching hell from my wife."   "I love my staff but they add things. They add things all the time at the very end. I'm catching hell from my wife."

Cheat-sheet in hand, we are sure President Biden tried his best to step forward tonight for perhaps his final (and most important) press conference ever to clam the masses about his 'one off' events at the debate and with Stephanopoulos (and the numerous times before that were all 'cheap fakes', remember).

Since George Clooney admitted he saw the emperor with no clothes on, Biden's odds of getting the nomination have plummeted back to post-debate lows and Kamala is rising from her knees.

Foreign Countries Begin Gold Withdrawals From The Corrupted & Insolvent USSA

A number of countries around the world have begun withdrawing their Gold Bullion from storage in the United States over fears about the US Financial System!  It's not only our Financial System, it was the FORCIBLE SEIZURE of Russia's Sovereign Wealth Funds; the world now sees the USA as nothing more than a Den of Thieves!

Over the past ten days, at least FOUR (4) countries have decided to pull their Gold reserves from the United States: Cameroun, Ghana, Nigeria, and a fourth country (named below) whose decision is tightly concealed to prevent PANIC.  That nation is named below in COVERT INTEL for Subscribers Only.

In a significant development reflecting changing economic dynamics, Cameroon has begun the repatriation of its gold reserves from the United States. The move, driven by growing concerns about the deteriorating state of the U.S. economy, marks a pivotal moment in global finance.

The withdrawal of gold reserves from US custody highlights countries' proactive approach to protecting their financial assets amid growing economic uncertainties. With indicators including rising national debt, weak economic growth and geopolitical tensions, the decision reflects a broader trend among nations to reassess their reliance on the United States as a safe haven for financial assets.

Ghana’s recent decision to repatriate its gold reserves from the United States signals a significant shift in the nation’s economic strategy. Beyond the symbolic gesture of reclaiming control over its precious metal assets, Ghana’s move is underscored by a pragmatic desire to shield itself from the uncertainties of a destabilized US economy.

According to economic experts, Ghana’s decision comes at a crucial juncture amidst escalating global economic uncertainties and mounting concerns about the stability of the US financial system. Dr. Joseph Mensah, an economist specializing in international finance, asserts, “Ghana’s move to withdraw its gold reserves from American vaults is a prudent measure to mitigate risks and safeguard against potential economic volatility.” By bringing its gold reserves back within its borders, Ghana aims to insulate itself from the repercussions of any downturns in the US economy, thereby reducing exposure to external shocks and vulnerabilities.

Nigeria has also begun withdrawing gold due to out-of-control governmental spending in the US, debt insolvency and increasing instability from one bad policy after another bad policy infinite.

==RED ALERT! Nationwide Bank In The UK Begin SEIZING Citizen Depositor Accounts!==

Video from the United Kingdom is out today, July 2, showing Nationwide Bank  REFUSING to give a Depositor £5,000 British Pounds Sterling from his own account at the bank!  People in the UK may want to reconsider (fast) if leaving money in the Banks is a smart move!

Instead of the bank giving the man his own money, they tell him to GET OUT!

Here is the video going viral on Social Media: https://twitter.com/BGatesIsaPyscho/status/1808085972766048513

"In the UK banks are now refusing large individual cash withdrawals. There will be a run on the banks & simple fact of the matter is - THEY DONT HAVE YOUR MONEY. Have you tried recently to withdraw more than £2,000…"

— Concerned Citizen (@BGatesIsaPyscho) July 2, 2024


MY COMMENT: This only highlights the millionth reason to be prepared and diversify your savings into multiple smaller banks and/or credit unions. You definitely should have some cash, some silver coins and plenty of basic essentials to live stocked up at home as well: https://archive.ph/bi7eZ
The Trump-Biden CNN Debate PROVED One Fact: There Is No Real Leadership In The USSA

This debate last night was an unmitigated DISASTER - for both the United States and for the world.

What everyone got to see last night is what many of us have known from the beginning: Biden is not running the country because he is incapable of doing so.  His lack of mental faculties, likely from Dementia, is unquestionable.

This begs the question: "Who is it that's actually running the country?"

It's a fair question.  During the Debate, Biden could barely formulate a cogent answer to most questions.  His frail, rambling, often times non-sensical answers were genuinely sad.  I do NOT take any satisfaction in seeing the man so genuinely mentally disabled by age.  There, but for the grace of God, goes me.

I don't wish Biden's condition on anyone; and it pains me to see the President of our country (even an illegitimate one who occupies office through election fraud as Biden does) so addled, frail, and no longer capable of governing.  Yet, that **is** the situation we all find ourselves in.

The current President of the United States is unable to discharge the duties of his Office.  Period.  Full stop.

The rest of the world got to see Biden, too, last night.   And our Adversaries now know, the USA is in no position of power over world events.  Our leadership is non-existent.

The Biden underlings have such historical ignorance, are so lacking in logic and rational judgment, adversaries can go do whatever it is they want, and the US will be, at best, sluggish to do anything about it.

With World War 3 looming as a result of our botched Ukraine policies, and further, as a result of our botched Taiwan approach, and further by our botched Middle East actions (read our slavish devotion to that rinky-dink country, Israel, and its pipsqueak army that seems only competent in dropping 2,000 pound bombs from fighter jets onto unarmed civilians) the continuation of a Biden Administration could literally mean the destruction of our nation and our world.  We may not be able to survive until the election!

For me, the absolute worst part of last night's debate:  Polling which said 67% of Americans thought Trump won, while 33% of Americans thought Biden won.  To my thinking, that a full 33% of the people in this country, are so incapable of logic, so incapable of discernment, that they thought Biden won, indicates to me that a full third of this nation is literally too stupid to even be considered citizens, never mind shown any respect.

Europe Scraps Unaffordable, Unsustainable 'Net Zero' Energy Policy

You know you’ve stumbled through the looking glass when European politicians start sounding saner on climate policy than the Americans do. Well here we are, Alice: Europeans are admitting the folly of net zero quicker than their American peers.

The latest example, or perhaps “victim”, is more apt—is Humza Yousaf, who resigned this week as Scotland’s first minister. That region within the UK enjoys substantial devolved powers over its own affairs, including on climate policy. An administration led by Mr. Yousaf’s left-leaning Scottish National Party had hoped to rush ahead of the national government in London in slashing carbon emissions.

Until, that is, someone noticed the costs. A recent report from the UK’s Climate Change Committee noted Scotland had fallen far behind on its climate goals. The government aimed to reduce by 20% the aggregate distance driven by Scottish motorists, compared with 2019 levels, but had no plan to accomplish the reduction in personal mobility by the 2030 deadline. To get back on track with the government’s goal of a transition to home electric heat pumps, Scotland would have to replace natural-gas fire boilers at a rate of more than 80,000 households a year by the end of the decade. That’s a big ask considering that in 2023 it managed 6,000 boiler replacements. The government resisted imposing an aviation tax to discourage excess flying. And so on.

Mr. Yousaf did the only thing he could under the circumstances: He all but abandoned net zero. His administration announced it is ditching firm annual emission-reduction targets in favor of fuzzier “carbon budgets.” The Green Party, with which Mr. Yousaf’s SNP governed in a coalition, balked. After a series of political machinations that were one part “Macbeth” and two parts “Comedy of Errors,” Mr. Yousaf’s administration collapsed and he was forced to resign.

Observe two salient details. First, the specific list of targets the country was missing. Scotland had reached the point where further net-zero progress would have made obvious and material demands of household budgets. That isn’t counting the additional costs of renewable power hidden in utility bills.

There are farm protests in nearly every country on the main continent and Greens are likely to get clobbered hard in the European Parliament elections in June.

The puzzlement is that the US is headed in the opposite direction, economic collapse. President Biden is pressing ahead with aggressive net-zero policies such as an electric-vehicle mandate - EVs which no one wants or are buying due to current lifestyle demands - and pouring trillions of wasted dollars of borrowed government and hard-earned household debts into climate boondoggles that will not work or be sustainable. This is obviously a sign the American government has abandoned free market capitalism and is trying to interfere and ruin economic stability for millions of innocent Americans.

White House Finally Stands Up To Netanyahu, Refuses To Arm Israel If Rafah Attacked

The Biden administration last week put a hold on a shipment of US-made ammunition to Israel, two Israeli officials told Axios.

It is the first time since the Oct. 7 attack that the US has stopped a weapons shipment intended for the Israeli military.

The incident raised serious concerns inside the Israeli government and sent officials scrambling to understand why the shipment was held, Israeli officials said.

Biden is facing sharp criticism among Americans who oppose his support of Israel. The administration in February asked Israel to provide assurances that US-made weapons were being used by Israel Defense Forces in Gaza in accordance with international law. Israel provided a signed letter of assurances in March.

Israel has intent to invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah where more than one million displaced Palestinians have been taking shelter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released several statements in recents days saying he intended to order an invasion of Rafah regardless of whether Israel and Hamas reach a deal for the release of hostages being held in Gaza and a ceasefire.

US involvement with Israeli war crimes have caused massive amounts of anti-war protests across the US. With leftists typically going out and protesting en mass, many conservatives are openly refusing to support Israel's endeavors vowing to never fight any more wars on behalf of the US government or Israel. This calamity has led to the biggest loss of US Army recruitment in decades and destabilization and loss of trust within the universities and educational system. The consequences and blowback for all this unnecessary foreign intervention could be long lasting and rapidly undermine US hegemony around the globe.

Last Wednesday US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel and had a "tough" conversation with Netanyahu regarding a possible Israeli operation in Rafah, two sources briefed on the meeting said. 

Blinken told Netanyahu during their meeting that "a major military operation" in Rafah would lead to the U.S. publicly opposing it and would negatively impact US-Israel relations.

A day later White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Israeli leaders understand that President Biden "is sincere" when he talks about the possibility of changes to US policy regarding the Gaza war "should they move ahead with some sort of ground operation in Rafah that doesn't take into account the refugees."

While Israel waits for Hamas' response to the proposal, Netanyahu has issued several statements over the weekend saying he won't agree to end the war as part of a hostage deal.

==Biden Regime's End Game Plan To Destroy America And Europe Has Been Leaked==

The FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act initiates mandatory selective service registration for American women, putting in place the mechanism for a mandatory military draft of those women.

This news comes on the heels of the US House Armed Services Committee just approving an amendment to the NDAA that automatically registers all American males (within the draft age window) for the Selective Service System. This means all American males of draft age can be involuntarily drafted into war.

So now, mechanisms are in place to draft both men and women, thus making sure that young "woke" men don't evade the draft by simply "self-identifying" as women. It's not yet clear whether America's woke youth may attempt to self-identify as imaginary fantasy creatures, since there's nothing in the NDAA that authorizes mandatory military service for wood fairies, tree elves or rainbow gnomes.

Equal opportunity = Equality opportunity to DIE for this corrupt regime.  This is how "replacement theory" works. The mass murderers in charge send citizens to die in foreign wars which were entirely avoidable, while illegal immigrants take over their homes, jobs, communities and political leaders.

Notably, this NDAA authorization effort also: "Requires a DOD plan for deterring and defeating simultaneous aggression by two near-peer nuclear competitors, including requirements for nuclear force sizing." This means the USSA is preparing for nuclear war with both Russia and China [which is staged to destroy America and the West].

The draft is on. Men and women will be sent to war (if they allow this to happen!). The dollar will be printed into oblivion, leaving the American masses impoverished. The government will invoke the NDAA to seize all food and fuel supplies nationwide, and they will weaponize the scarcity of food and energy to inflict a mass die-off of the American people.

The occupying, illegitimate US federal government, after all, is not merely at war with Russia and China. It's at war with the American people. And there's nothing it won't do to achieve mass death and destruction on a global scale.

As America's psychopathic warmongers like Sen. Lindsay Graham are begging for global nuclear war with Russia, Iran and China, the rest of the pro-war government establishment is getting things ready to throw millions of young American men and women into the global war meat grinder.

Those who do not see this coming, and who do not prepare accordingly to get out of dodge and protect themselves and families, will be destroyed by it.

Watch the recent emergency interview with Steve Quayle here to learn the full details of what's about to go down:

Arab Nations Rebuke CIA/Mossad, Drops Hezbollah From Terrorist Watch List

The Arab League has voted to remove Hezbollah from the list of "Terrorist Organizations."

Hezbollah had previously been designated as a "Terrorist Organization" in the year 2016 at the initiative of Saudi Arabia.

At that time the "Party of Allah (Hezbollah)" was accused of being an agent of Iranian influence in the Middle East, and interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the Arab Monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

Now, that designation is lifted, just perhaps days before Israel initiates actual war against Hezbollah/Lebanon.

A major war in the Middle East will threaten the global supply chain and global economy. Be prepared. Best stock up on basic essentials so you and your family can live relatively comfortable and stable during this time of crisis. It would be wise to have at least a year supply of basic essentials, many goods you rely on to survive are set to triple in price within the next year: https://archive.ph/bi7eZ

For cheap food storage go to any Costco or Sams Club and start buying in bulk: beans, rice, pasta, grits, oatmeal, split peas, various nuts, powdered mashed potato mix, powdered milk, powdered peanut butter, spices - anything that lasts long-term. Including plenty of instant coffee (**as much as I hate it too it's cheap and it lasts a long time!**). Remember canned foods last a lot longer than the expiration dates, some last as long as 5 years past the "expiration" but you will want to rotate these and replace the oldest ones when you go shopping in the future.

As far as bartering? Ammo, food, tobacco and booze will be the new currencies for America when the system collapses. Get to know your neighbors and assess the skills you have and they have. Skills can be used as a means to barter too, for services. Plenty of women would be willing to prostitute themselves when SHTF for basic necessities. That will be COMMON. But beware! So will backstabbing!

ALL 50 States Are Building Massive Prisons! What Kind Of Tyranny Is The US Government Planning?

The US federal government is in the process of building a massive network of internment camps spanning all 50 states intended not to house illegal aliens, but political dissidents, a shocking new documentary claims.

Speaking to Redacted’s Clayton Morris, former Customs and Border Protection agent J.J. Carrell revealed a whistleblower in his upcoming documentary, “Treason,” exposes the scheme to build massive facilities that can house tens of thousands of people in every state.

“It’s not for these illegals,” says former federal contractor Kristi Hutcherson in an excerpt from the documentary. “I believe it’s… kind of like what Nazis did with the Jews, [slave labor] camps, processing facilities. They’re going to need somewhere to process the dissidents,” she says.

The 24-year CBP veteran went on to tell Morris that Hutcherson has access to federal databases where bids are placed for a variety of contracts.

“But… she says to me there’s bids for detention facilities being built in all 50 states in America,” he said.

Carrell notes despite hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the US, he’s been informed by sources that the facilities, many of which are on the southern border, contain as many as 40,000 empty beds.

Asked what the facilities look like, Carrell described, “I think they’re going to look like just the facilities that we’re seeing where the children are being held in, those FEMA camps.”

“That’s what they’re building. They’re building FEMA camps,” Carrell said, describing soft-sided large white tents surrounded by barbed-wire like those seen in New York City to house the migrant influx.

“So you’re telling me this government, the government that’s been lying to you for decades is now all going to be Kumbaya and they found God and they’re going to do the righteous things? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?” Carrell asked. “They locked you in your houses for months on some BS COVID stuff, right? COVID was real, but they locked you in your houses. What happens when we rise up and go, ‘I’m not staying in my houses.’ Oh, you’re not? National Guard, martial law, round them up.” Carrell’s warnings come as the Biden regime has already been weaponizing the judicial system to go after its political enemies, imprisoning key members of Donald Trump’s presidential administration as well as prosecuting the former president.

“Treason” is set to be released on Oct. 10, 2024.

==US Government Caught FAKING The CPI: Real Price Inflation Up 21.5% Per Year==

A young fellow posted a video to Tik Toc showing he bought a month's worth of food from Walmart in the year 2022 which cost him $126.  By clicking Re-Order, he found the exact same order costs $414 today!  The FedGov's Consumer Price Index numbers are all fraudulent.

Here is the minute or so video that lays it out: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news-selections/world-news/fedgov-cpi-numbers-fake-guy-ordered-from-walmart-in-2022-paid-126-same-order-today

Worse, if he followed through with the order and received it, he'd discover that there would be some items that not only cost more per unit, but that there would be LESS product inside.

These price increases are not exclusively a Walmart problem. This is across the board.

It’s even worse than that.  Hundreds of items have been completely discontinued in all major grocery store chains across the country.

Slowly but surely, we’re being forced to buy from an increasingly shrinking selection of items.

Moreover, BEEF has skyrocketed everywhere. Even tough, low grade cuts are radically overpriced (and cut thinner).  Even Deli meats are $14 a pound now.

Another person reports "I just went back to an order I placed on January 22, 2023. 19 items for $110, hit the re-order button and it’s now $264.20. WTF?"

A separate, third person reports:  "I just looked up the earliest order I had from Walmart.  It was in April, 2022.  The total was $169.  When I hit reorder, the total is now $241.  That is 21.5% REAL INFLATION, per year."

Government lying about inflation is not new. What is new is the intensity of the lie.  I have never seen anything like this.  America has become a third world country.  Get prepared if you still can manage to afford doing so.

Vietnam Clusterfuck 2.0! Biden To Approve Deployment Of US Military To Ukraine

In yet another widening of unpopular policy which marks escalation in Ukraine, the Biden regime is preparing to lift a de-facto ban on allowing American military contractors to deploy inside Ukraine.

Four US officials described to CNN that the fundamental purpose would be to help the war-ravaged country's country’s military maintain and repair US-provided weapons systems, much of which has already been damaged. Anyone who recalls history knows this is **exactly** what the US government did to escalate a major war in Vietnam. First military contractors... later combat troops and then even drafting American citizens! Despite all that wasted human sacrifice, we still LOST the Vietnam War! Folks, that was during a time where the US had much higher morale, much greater patriotism and a much stronger and far more capable military to boot, all while fighting a FAR WEAKER enemy. And we still LOST that war.

One administration official said, “We have not made any decisions and any discussion of this is premature." However, the official sought to underscore that "The president is absolutely firm that he will not be sending US troops to Ukraine."

Throughout the course of the war there have been plenty of foreign volunteers, and very likely there are already US contractors on the ground serving with Ukraine's foreign legion or assisting with the military. 

But the new plan which is apparently close to approval would see those with Department of Defense (DoD) contracts and mandates servicing and repairing some of the weaponry provided by Washington. It would certainly open the flood gates as well, in a Blackwater meets Iraq kind of way.

This is quite obviously another example of how the situation is sliding toward more 'boots on the ground' in Ukraine despite the constant refrain and insistence from Washington and NATO that this won't be the case.

No one I personally know wants to go fight in Ukraine or would see any benefit in their personal lives for doing so.

All that has to happen to trigger a potential nuclear-armed confrontation and WW3 scenario is for Russia to hit a Ukrainian position which happens to have American contractors working on weapons systems at the time.

United Nations Declares Israeli Officials RESPONSIBLE For War Crimes In Gaza

A United Nations Commission of Inquiry has found that Israeli Officials ARE RESPONSIBLE for War Crimes in Gaza.

Speaking in Geneva, Navi Pillay, chair of the UN-backed Commission reported: “Israel forcibly transferred almost the entire population into a small area that is unsafe and uninhabitable.

“The deliberate use of heavy weapons with large destructive capacity in densely populated areas constitutes an intentional and direct attack on the civilian population.”

Pillay says the commission concluded that: specific forms of sexual abuse and violence constitute part of Israeli security forces operating procedures. The daily onslaught in Gaza has largely overshadowed a parallel wave of violence in the occupied West Bank. Since the Gaza war began in October more Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces or settlers there than in any recorded period. The violence, often ignored by Israeli forces, is due to both Israel’s increasingly militarized operations and a “surge in settler violence.”


A video below shows Protesters interrupting US Secretary of State "Butcher" Blinken at a hearing in Congress...


The protest that will live forever in history: interrupting US Secretary of State Butcher Blinken at a hearing in Congress.

‘Hind Rajab was 6 years-old when Israelis killed her.’ ‘Blinken, you will be remembered as the butcher of Gaza.’

**In this new series, we don't bother talking about falling empires or insolvent corrupted failed states. We focus on the new growing international multi-polar world and trade.**

Saudi Arabia Dumps The US Dollar
https://www.bitchute.com/video/CeSLQoEeCLiH/ [Embed]

World Economic Forum Admits US Dollar Will No Longer Be Global Reserve Currency
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Oukji1cXPzkA/ [Embed]

Here's Where BRICS To Develop West Africa First
https://www.bitchute.com/video/V0H8BbCMHgLz/ [Embed]

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Russian Deputy FM holds press conference following BRICS Foreign Ministers' meeting
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Putin and Vietnamese Communist Party leader hold talks
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Corrupt Insolvent US Government Wants To Sell Off National Parks, Wildlife Refuges

Unless it is stopped – and let's face it: what are the odds of that happening anymore? – the United States government is planning to pass a rule on Nov. 17, 2024, to allow Wall Street to assume total control over America's public lands, waters and other natural resources.

Before the end of the year, the plan is to list all of America's protected lands, including parks and wildlife refuges, on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under a new classification called Natural Asset Companies (NACs). As with everything else on Wall Street, NACs will be owned, managed, traded and ultimately controlled by money changer entities like BlackRock and Vanguard – and even communist China.

Wall Street is already trying to control the air through so-called "carbon credits" and other associated financial instruments, with little success. There was an entire carbon exchange that was created in the early 2000s that ultimately failed in 2005. There is still an ETF called the Climate Exchange-Traded Fund, but that, too, faces delisting.

Then came ESG and the attempted further monetization of the environment, a scam that is also failing as it faces "a perfect storm of negative sentiment." Investments in ESG fell by $163 billion just in the first quarter of 2023. Net-Zero is also in the mix, and also threatens to blow up the carbon scam.

With all these "green" scams falling apart, the next Wall Street scheme involves monetizing publicly owned natural resources, allowing corrupt entities like Bill Gates to hold the ecosystem rights to land, water, air and even natural processes.

"Each NAC will hold 'management authority' over the land," writes Elizabeth Nickson for Welcome to Absurdistan. "When we are issued carbon allowances, owners of said lands will be able to claim tax deductions and will be able to sell carbon allowances to businesses, families and townships."

"In the simplest of terms, that's where the money will be made. WE peons will be renting air from the richest people on earth."

"If this rule passes, America's conserved lands and parks will move onto the balance sheets of the richest people in the world," Nickson explains. "Management of those lands will be decided by them and their operations, to say the least, will be opaque."

"NACs are asset grabs," Nickson explains. "Natural Asset Companies are an attempt to grab hard assets to make up for an inevitable collapse. But taking more land out of production makes it certain that collapse moves ever closer. Land needs to be used, cared for and maintained by the people who live on and use the land. Otherwise, it runs to desert and invasive species."

If you live on private property, you need to be ready to defend it by all means necessary.

US Government's Disastrous 'Green New Deal' Could Be Stifled By....

Given Janet Yellen's China  trip and concerns about Their Solar industry dominance and a recent report by BOA describing said dominance. We thought it appropriate to breakdown Silver's Supply Chain contribution to the Solar Value chain, as possibly the single most important component in Solar.

Silver is pulled out of the ground. It gets refined. It gets put into solar panels. The panels get installed. This is a supply chain.

Mining > Refining > Solar Panel creation > Panel installation. Not very hard to understand.

The main difference between a value chain and a supply chain is that the supply chain deals with building the product and getting it to the consumer, while the value chain looks for ways to enhance the product's value as it moves along that supply chain.

Value chains are sufficiently complex enough to get their own focus. But it is helpful to understand that in general, as Bai reminded us, save for the assembly of panels, almost the whole supply chain in Silver is the refinement process.

China seemingly dominates most of the value-added section of their domestic production value chain ( “vertical integration” applies here) with one exception. Their Solar value-chain dominance should dispel western illusions that China is lacking in high-end technology skills for production.

Simply put: whereas China manufacturing once was relegated to the non-value portions of many supply chains, we now see not only that they dominate some value added portions, but it reveals a timeline of their progress getting there.

China is the world's largest manufacturer of photovoltaic panels [Solar Panels] and modules [Cells], with a global market share of 70%; 90% of China's photovoltaic panels and module products are exported to European and American countries. This is pretty straight forward. China makes the solar cells and subsequent panels that get shipped overseas. The main takeaway here is, China has all but absorbed this part of the chain into its industrial base.

In 2010, China did not have the production capacity for silver paste and relied entirely on imports. By 2021, China had already produced 1,934 tons of high-temperature silver paste annually, basically achieving self-sufficiency.

Japan makes Silver Powder but does not mine significant Silver. China, on the other hand mines Silver and does not make powder. China therefore sells Japan silver which in turn is processed into powder and sold back to China. They are each others customers. Geopolitical tensions being what they are, this could change rather quickly, but for now, it remains in place solidly.

To summarize: China has no self-sufficiency in this part of the supply chain... **Yet.**

China's silver reserves of underground resource are drying up at an accelerated rate, and it is likely to be the second country after Mexico that has exhausted its silver resource depletion. If silver mines in one of these two countries is depleted, the world's silver resources will not be able to meet the rapidly growing demands of the photovoltaic industry, EVs industry, as well as AI and flexible electronics industries.

If that happens, two things will follow. First is exploding price. Second is a halt to the industries dependent on the metal for Net-Zero energy transition.

One should assume that bullion banks such as JPMorgan have identified major scrap sources and will tap them at various price points. However, given the ambitious global plans for de-carbonization, the ability of these factors to offset the growing demand and the seemingly diminishing supply seems stretched.

“Psychotic On Steroids”: Psychiatrist of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Spills Beans & Commits Suicide

Moshe Yatom, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist who successfully cured the most extreme forms of mental illness throughout a distinguished career, was found dead at his home in Tel Aviv yesterday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. A suicide note at his side explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had “sucked the life right out of me.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Yatom. “Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestinians are Jordanians, annexation is liberation, there’s no end to his contradictions. Freud promised rationality would reign in the instinctual passions, but he never met Bibi Netanyahu. This guy would say Gandhi invented brass knuckles.”

Psychiatrists are familiar with the human tendency to massage the truth to avoid confronting emotionally troubling material, but Yatom was apparently stunned at what he called the “waterfall of lies” gushing from his most illustrious patient. His personal diary details the steady disintegration of his once invincible personality under the barrage of self-serving rationalizations put forth by Netanyahu.

“I’m completely shocked,” said neighbor Yossi Bechor, whose family regularly vacationed with Yatom’s family. “Moshe was the epitome of the fully-integrated personality and had cured dozens of schizophrenics before beginning work on Bibi. There was no outward indication that his case was any different from the others.”

But it was. Yatom grew increasingly depressed at his complete lack of progress in getting the Prime Minister to acknowledge reality, and he eventually suffered a series of strokes when attempting to grasp Netanyahu’s thinking, which he characterized in one diary entry as “a black hole of self-contradiction.”

Yatom’s efforts to calm Netanyahu’s hysteria were extremely taxing emotionally and routinely ended in failure.

“The alibi is always the same with him,” complained another diary entry. “The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre.”

“Bibi came by at three for his afternoon session. At four he refused to leave and claimed my house was actually his. Then he locked me in the basement overnight while he lavishly entertained his friends upstairs. When I tried to escape, he called me a terrorist and put me in shackles. I begged for mercy, but he said he could hardly grant it to someone who didn’t even exist.”

Several chapters of an unfinished manuscript, entitled “Psychotic On Steroids,” were found in his study. The excerpt below offers a rare glimpse at the inner workings of a Prime Minister’s mind.

So-called “Peace Conference” Ends With Drumming For World War

RELATED:  >>>news/22646@22646

It's official: Russia should be broken-up according to nations attending a so-called “peace conference” in Switzerland, regarding the Ukraine-Russia Conflict. Does that sound like a "peace" conference to you? Day one of this conference was so egregious, the President of Colombia walked out!

The “peace conference” began with the President of the host country, Switzerland, speaking to the gathered participants.   Swiss President Viola Amherd actually talked what sounded like common sense... saying "We all understand that a peace process without Russia is inconceivable!"

Yet, that's exactly what they were doing...  holding a peace conference without one of the combatants: Russia!

The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia also made plain: "Serious negotiation processes regarding Ukraine require Russia's presence." Similarly, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Juraj Blanár, made plain "The gathering in Switzerland won’t put an end to the Ukraine conflict, because Russia and China are absent."

It went rapidly downhill from there. President Duda of Poland said the following: “I propose to divide Russia into 200 ethnic states. Russia is the largest colonial power in the world and is holding 200 ethnic states captive.”

The official (sovereign) proposal, made by President Duda of Poland, to break-up Russia is, in and of itself, an "threat to the existence of the Russian state." Under Russia's public Doctrine on the use of its nuclear arsenal, this threat to the existence of the state justifies Russia using its nuclear arsenal to protect itself.

It seems to many people that the President of Poland, by uttering this position, has signed his country's death warrant during a world war!

Almost laughable were the words from the President of Finland.  Finnish President Alexander Stubb complained that Russia "invaded" his country during World War II and took 10% of its territory.

For those not strong in history - 100% of the current Finnish territory is a generous gift of the Russian Empire.  You see, in WWII, 100% of Finland fought on the side of Hitler. Finnish forces were involved in the blockade of Leningrad and as such they were involved in the deaths of millions of Russians by starvation.

The fact that Russia allowed any Finn to go on living was quite a gift.  That's a mistake Russia may not make again when Finland comes into Russia's crosshairs.  

So what the world sees taking place this weekend in Switzerland is, for lack of a better term, a "Circle Jerk" being carried out by Western vassals of the United States.  There seems to be no actual possibility that any peace will evolve from this mutual masturbation session.

The President of Colombia, God bless him, WALKED-OUT of the summit.

Biden Wanders Off At G7 While Putin Names Two Conditions To End War With Ukraine

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was on show for the entire world at the G7 summit in an Italy Thursday as he randomly wandered off from the other dignitaries during a sky diving demo.

While everyone else concentrated on the military personnel doing a live show right in front of them, Biden looked around, turned his back on it and began to wander away looking lost.

Biden’s daily meds list was leaked earlier, but judging by this he is going to need more: https://x.com/paulsperry_/status/1801293391101329913

The amount of drugs they are going to have to pump into him for the debate is unfathomable. pic.twitter.com/Fzf8Yx7nxO

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) June 13, 2024

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin in a Friday speech addressed the West's efforts to host a major Ukraine "peace summit" in Switzerland this weekend. Though scores of world leaders will be there, Russia has not been invited, and China has snubbed the event citing that it's pointless without Moscow's representation given it is a party to one side of the war.

Russia held referendums in late September 2022 for these war-torn oblasts, and the overwhelming majority of voters were in favor of being absorbed into Russia, which Kiev and the West called a "sham" election.

Putin recently outlined his conditions for peace and stopping the conflict immediately.

#1. Ukrainian troops must be completely withdrawn from the Donetsk People's Republic, the Luhansk People's Republic, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

#2. Ukraine must reject ambitions to join the NATO alliance.

"As soon as Kyiv says it is ready to do this and begins really withdrawing troops and officially renounces plans to join NATO, we will immediately — literally that very minute — cease-fire and begin talks," Putin said in the talk given to a gathering of diplomats.

Interestingly, Putin showed signs he could be willing to compromise when it comes to territory, which is a bit of the first and hopeful sign that he's serious about finding ways to wind down the war.

But despite what appears to be very serious possible overtures, the Zelensky government has long maintained that it will not countenance negotiations or peace settlement until there is a full withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Ukrainian territory as existed pre-February 2022.

Speaking to foreign ministry officials, the Kremlin leader said: ‘Calls to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, which possesses the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons demonstrate the extreme recklessness of Western politicians. They either do not understand the scale of the threat they are creating – or are simply obsessed with their own sense of impunity and exceptionalism. Both can lead to tragedy.’

WAR Against American Food Supply Continues As Idaho Restricts Farms Access To Water

In late May, Idaho Department of Water Resources Director Mathew Weaver issued a curtailment order requiring 6,400 junior groundwater rights holders who pump off the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer to shut off their spigots.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a filthy dirty communist puppet of the WEF, issued a statement "Water curtailment is never desired" but they will do so anyway.

Brian Murdock, an East Idaho farmer, said the water curtailment affects 500,000 acres, which equates to roughly 781 square miles of farmland.

The grain and potato farmer continued, "And, of course, the worst problem is this is happening during a very plentiful water year. We have the reservoirs [that] are completely full, and when I mean full, they're dang near breaking. The rivers are running as high as they possibly can. Just trying to keep those dams from breaking."

In eastern Idaho, groundwater users with junior water rights breached the 2016 agreement in 2021 and 2022. Currently, Gov. Little, the lieutenant governor, the Director of Water Resources, and representatives from groundwater and surface water user groups are discussing a new deal. The plan is to strike a new agreement before the curtailment dries up the farmland. 

Murdock told co-hosts Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy that his family's century-old farm faces a $3 million loss due to the state-issued order. 

"This is the largest curtailment in the history of the United States as far as farm ground," Murdock said in a video posted on X.

“The State of Idaho and the Idaho Department of Water Resources is issued this curtailment of 500,000 acres. To help put that in perspective, that's basically 781 square miles of farm ground being taken out of production”… pic.twitter.com/zEw3SCrokC

— Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) June 14, 2024

Some X users believe the water curtailment is happening around the time as the governor commissions a new cobalt mining operation in the state.

Hidden in the Ukraine Bill was funding for cobalt mining in America. Over 200 politicians invested in this company mining cobalt. The Department of Defense gave that company $15 million out of the Ukraine bill to mine in IDAHO…

— Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) June 14, 2024

Why is the DWR in Idaho curtailing water rights from the farmers for an Australian mining company mining cobalt?

— JustMeJust (@JusMeGFY) June 15, 2024

Of-course a more insidious agenda is at play here. This is a war on the American food supply. Every single American needs to starting stocking up on food, and start growing food if they can.

Russia To Export Coal To India via Iran, Traded In National Currencies

Hello sanction loving communists. What are you going to do about this?

Russia has announced plans to export coal to India using Iran’s railways. This announcement was made during the BRICS transport ministers’ meeting at the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Russia will use the International North-South Corridor (INSTC) to send coal to India. Igor Levitin, Russia’s presidential aide, stated that the first coal shipments will travel through Iran and Bandar Abbas before reaching India.

Mehrdad Bazrpash, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, emphasized the importance of the INSTC in enhancing transportation and transit among BRICS countries. During a video conference, he noted that this corridor could significantly boost synergy in the region.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, Levitin reiterated that the first coal wagons would transit through Iran and Bandar Abbas en route to India. Both sides discussed cooperation, particularly the Rasht-Astara Railway construction project. This project is crucial for improving transportation links between Iran and Russia.

In a separate meeting, Oleg Belozyorov, president of Russian Railways, discussed expanding bilateral cooperation with Iran’s ambassador. They focused on implementing the INSTC and enhancing railway cooperation to boost freight transport between the two nations.

In 2023, Russia transported 600,000 tons of freight through Iran. This volume is expected to rise to 4 million tons per year in 2024, according to Russia’s deputy minister of transport. This significant increase underscores the importance of the INSTC for regional trade and cooperation.

Biden will have concerns about Russia, Iran, the environment, and the fact that an ally effectively told the USSA to go to hell.

That's Great! India signed a long-term agreement to operate the strategic Chabahar port with Iran as it seeks to expand trade in Central Asia.

— Sehrish Kazmi (@semi_Kazmi) June 10, 2024

Meanwhile, as the election nears, Bolshevik Biden is blocking oil drilling and mining in Alaska, further undermining America's own economy.

Wapo LIED Claiming Trump Supports A Draft, No He Does Not

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed The Washington Post for suggesting he supports mandatory military service. 

"The Fake News Washington Post came up with the ridiculous idea that Donald J. Trump will call for Mandatory Military Service," Trump wrote in a TRUTH Social post. "This is only a continuation of their EIGHT YEAR failed attempt to damage me with the Voters."

The Washington Post published an article entitled "In Trump's orbit, some muse about mandating military service."

The outlet reported that Christopher Miller, who served as the acting Secretary of Defense in November 2020, said mandatory service would reinforce "the bonds of civility."

Trump said he never came up with that idea and referred to the Post as a "former newspaper."

"Only a degenerate former Newspaper, which has lost 50% of its Readers, would fabricate such a tale. Just another Fake Story, one of many, made up by the DEAD Washington Compost!" he wrote.

Seems like the "Deep State" is getting desperate, as all these recent neo-con wars have started and have been escalating under Biden's regime. None of this crap happened when Trump was president for 4 years. All the sudden it seems like the neo-con establishment is desperate to shift blame from themselves, from their endless failed wars to high price inflation. Maybe this is why no one in their right minds reads the Washington Compost anymore?

Agenda 2030: Strip Mining America To Pay Off Insolvent Federal Debts

War is a place where young people who don't know each other and don't hate each other, kill each other, based on decisions made by old people, who know each other and hate each other, but don't kill each other.

Corrupt politicians like Biden, Macron and Stoltenberg will, alongside their families, take a chopper to their underground Nuclear bunker. While YOU and YOUR sons and daughters will be expected to die for them. It doesn't have to be this way if We The People don't allow it.

We can expect a significant widening of the west's participation in the conflict before Putin will be forced to react. How far this will need to go to cause his response is hard to say.... but he will not take any proactive measures to prevent any of that from happening.

Putin is very determined to avoid an escalation with NATO "at any cost." This is clear from his words and body language. It is a misguided posture on his part as this will happen regardless of his desire.

Hopefully he is at least being properly prepared for that outcome, even if it is not his wish - and make no mistake he is VERY averse to any notion of any level of conflict with NATO. He knows this will rock the boat and he simply doesn't want that.

As such, we can expect LOTS of tolerance with whichever the US/NATO does, short of attacking Moscow directly with NATO missiles.

The US government needs and wants this war because they are $34 TRILLION IN DEBT, cannot pay it, and must get debt forgiveness. Without that, they would need to adopt austerity spending which would mean cutting the Welfare, Food Stamps Medicare, spending - which they KNOW would result in political suicide...  they would all be voted OUT.   To those politicians, losing power would be worse than dying ...for them.

They're like drug addicts who need a fix.  The politicians would rather die than give up their drug, which is "power."  They'd much rather have YOU and ME die, so they can keep their power.

In order to get debt forgiveness, they NEED a nuclear exchange.  The politicians who put us in this financial mess - by buying votes with public handouts - need to be able to tell creditors "Our cities are destroyed, our people are dead, our economy is in ruins.... we have no hope of paying you - we need debt forgiveness."

The Creditors, seeing this is the reality, will have little choice but to forgive the debt; but only after the country is stripped bare.  National Parks, National Forests: sold-off and all the trees clear-cut for lumber to pay the debts.   The Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, sold off, and all the oil and gas drilled-for - as fast and cheaply as possible resulting in all sorts of environmental pollution - all taken to pay the debts.

Gold and silver discoveries in those national parks, all strip mined to grab the precious metals, and taken to be sold-off to pay the debts.

We will be left with worthless plots of land, stripped bare and completely polluted, to pay the debts.  The entire country will be an absolute nightmare.

All because of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, wanted to play "the sport of Kings"  (i.e. war) and the Democrat party, which stole the Presidency in 2020 through election fraud along with their useful idiots who are so ignorant, so utterly stupid, they voted for these charlatans, and caused it all to happen.

At the top of the administrative heap of stupidity and ignorance, are the hirelings in the US State Department, who were so out of touch with reality and with history, they deliberately caused a war that could not be won, and should never have been fought.  Nuclear War.

White House Builds Wall To Protect Themselves Against Anti-fascists Protesting Israeli Genocide

Thousands of demonstrators surrounded the White House on Saturday to protest President Joe Biden's response to Israel's military strikes on Gaza.

Chants of "Free Palestine!", "Genocide is our red line", and "Israel bombs, your taxes pay" could be heard from protesters - many of whom were bussed in from over two dozen cities.

Footage posted on X shows protesters getting rowdy as police attempted to make an arrest. As a crowd chants, "Let her go!" officers deployed pepper spray (at 17 seconds).

VIDEO THREAD: Police attempted to make an arrest this afternoon outside the White House in the middle of the pro-Palestine rally kicking off now.

A crowd surrounded them chanting "let her go!" and struggled with officers, who deployed mace against protesters and press.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) June 8, 2024

The woman was not arrested, and the cops were chased away, with one protester saying "get out of here motherfuckers."

Protesters surrounding and resisting the police cheered as a relatively rare moment occurred: The arrestee (whose hands had been cuffed behind their back) was able to leave, unarrested.

It's not clear to me if they were uncuffed and/or later rearrested.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) June 8, 2024

The demonstration featured a coalition of groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Code Pink, which featured protesters dressed as Biden, Antony Blinken, Netanyahu, and Israel's Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant.

"Abandon Biden!" chants as 'Code Pink' protesters dressed as jailed President Biden, Blinken, Gallant and Netanyahu, have children come up to state why they are guilty.

Massive group is gathered in the Ellipse in Washington DC and holding a "peoples court."

— Oliya Scootercaster 🛴 (@ScooterCasterNY) June 8, 2024

Smoke Bomb flares were set off outside of the White House as police rush in as thousands gather to protest for Palestine, planning to surround the White House."

Anti-war Parties Surge In Recent EU Elections, Macron Faces Crushing Defeat

Following a historic loss to Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party in European elections on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he is dissolving the French parliament.

Macron said France will hold new elections on June 30 and July 7, a high-stakes maneuver that the WSJ said "stunned" the nation after projections based on early ballot counts came in for Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament. The projections showed National Rally garnering around 31% of the vote, twice the support for Macron’s Renew Party.

Results in France look as bad as had been forecast, per exit polls. Macon's party barely gets 2nd place - and less than half the 31.5% of the National Rally of Marine Le Pen.

Will have consequences in France, but also Europe.

— Stanley Pignal (@spignal) June 9, 2024

Bardella and Le Pen humiliate Macron in European elections. Macron dissolves National Assembly and calls new elections in a month.

— RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) June 9, 2024

National Rally leader Jordan Bardella said Sunday’s results marked an “unprecedented rout for the powers that be,” adding that it was “day-one of the post-Macron era.”

The shocking news in France comes after Europe's right wing parties put on a show of strength in this weekend's EU elections, which also reinforced German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s position lagging two rival parties.

As reported earlier, the Social Democratic Party of German chancellor Scholz also apparently faced a drubbing. According to national exit polls, it was running third behind the far-right Alternative for Germany and the clear winner, Germany’s opposition center-right alliance.

As the WSJ notes, "Sunday’s results point to trouble for the EU leadership’s ability to pursue its environmental goals and indicate that pressure will mount to tighten migration rules under right-wing pressure. The vote is also likely to give a greater voice—at least within the parliament—to nationalist and left-wing critics of EU support for Ukraine."

Despite pro-EU parties’ setbacks, they appeared to hold enough seats to cobble together a majority of lawmakers to approve their priorities. An assessment from exit poll-aggregator Europe Elects suggested that center-right, centrist and center-left political blocs would secure 413 seats in the new parliament, a clear majority. Right-wing nationalist parties look set to secure at least 160 votes.

While the results push European politics to the right, divisions among the nationalist and far-right EU parties are likely to blunt the impact of their gains.

New Arms Race! Biden Signs New Guidance For Using US Nuclear Weapons

Remember when the corrupt media and communist democrats were saying Trump was going to start WWIII because he was talking tough with China, Iran, and North Korea? Where are they all now that Biden is actually actively trying to start WWIII?

A new Arms Race is now kicking off. President Joseph Biden has signed "new guidelines" on the conditions for the US use of nuclear weapons.

This was announced by Special Assistant to the US President, Senior Director for Arms Control at the National Security Council, Pranay Vaddi.

"The updated guidance takes into account the realities of the new nuclear era. They emphasize the need to address the growth and diversity of China's nuclear arsenal, as well as the need to contain Russia, China, and North Korea, simultaneously," he said.

MY COMMENT: **Contain?** What is it that they need to "contain" exactly? I keep track of a lot of current events and news around the globe, and I can say with certainty it is our own governments in the West that are the ones being the most antagonistic today. All I see from our government is the obsession for endless war and non-stop escalation. America used to be a diplomatic country, even back during the Cuban missile crisis our government was willing to talk and negotiate for peace, contrary to what is happening today. What we need to "contain" is is all these foreign entanglements! We still have homeless American veterans dying in the streets while most of the youth can barely even afford rent or food anymore!

Disturbing! US-Taxpayer Funded Ukraine Agency Declared AMERICANS Enemies

A US, UK, and European government-backed Ukrainian publication called “Data Journalism Agency” (TEXTY) has released a new report labeling hundreds of Americans as adversaries due to their refusals to endorse more war and more funding for the Ukrainian government.

Titled “Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists” the report identifies top U.S. politicians, journalists, and social media influencers, claiming all the individuals and organizations in question are Russian propaganda tools. The list includes former President Donald J. Trump, the Real America’s Voice network, Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, Ben Shapiro, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, RFK Jr, Elon Musk, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tucker Carlson, J.D. Vance, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Gavin Wax, and dozens more.

One of the founders of TEXTY, Anatoly Bondarenko, is involved in the U.S. State Department’s “TechCamp” project. The National Pulse has also archived evidence that the group is deeply involved with USAID, UKaid, the Eurasia Foundation, the European Union, and more:

TEXTY is an “Implementing Partner” of the USAID’s Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) Project.

Ukrainians have been known to compile lists of their so-called enemies, with the infamous “kill list” by the Mirotvorets Center in Kiev leading to some even being targeted and murdered, including journalist Daria Dugina. The revelation that tax dollars may help fund such efforts to create “hate lists” and “kill lists” of American citizens raises significant concerns about US support for Ukraine.


I have just been notified that the US government-affiliated Ukrainian web publication “Data Journalism Agency” (TEXTY) has listed me on their official “enemy list”

The report attacks prominent American individuals and organizations that the Ukrainians view as “enemies” for [not wanting more war?]”

— Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) June 8, 2024

Substantial Chance Of A Major Financial Collapse Follows The End Of Offshored Industrialization

Moving industrialization offshore can look like a good idea at first. But as fossil fuel energy supplies deplete, this strategy works less well. Countries doing the mining and manufacturing may be less interested in trading. Also, the broken supply lines of 2020 and 2021 showed that transferring major industries offshore could lead to empty shelves in stores, plus unhappy customers.

Industry is based on the use of fossil fuels. Electricity also plays a role, but it is more like the icing on the cake than the basis of industrial production. Industry is polluting in many ways, so it was an “easy sell” to move industry offshore. But now the United States is realizing that it needs to re-industrialize. At the same time, we are being told about the need to transition the entire economy to electricity to prevent climate change.

A transition to all electricity is not feasible without fossil fuel ironically. Instead, we seem to be headed for increased geo-political conflict and the possibility of a financial crash seems greater.

Economists and energy analysts have tended to assume that fossil fuel prices would rise to very high levels, allowing extraction of huge amounts of difficult-to-extract fossil fuels. For example, the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the past has shown forecasts of future oil production assuming that inflation-adjusted oil prices will rise to $300 per barrel.

Instead of rising to a very high level, fossil fuel prices tend to spike because there is a two-way contest between the price the consumers can afford and the price the sellers need to keep reinvesting in new fields to keep fossil fuel supplies increasing. Prices oscillate back and forth, with neither buyers nor sellers finding themselves very happy with the situation. The current price of the benchmark, Brent oil, is $81.

When world oil prices started to spike in the 1973-1974 period, the US started to move its industrial production offshore. The very low inflation-adjusted prices that prevailed up until 1972 no longer held. Manufacturing costs climbed higher. Consumers wanted smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and such cars were already being manufactured both in Europe and in Japan. Importing these cars made sense.

More recently, coal prices have begun to spike. Before China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, coal prices tended to be below $50 per ton. At that price, coal was a very inexpensive fuel for making steel and concrete, and for many other industrial uses.

After China joined the WTO, China’s coal consumption soared, allowing it to industrialize. At present, coal prices are part-way back down, perhaps partly because higher interest rates are dampening world demand for coal.

Natural gas prices also soared in 2022, at the same time as coal prices. Both coal and natural gas are fuels that are burned to produce electricity. When the coal supply is constrained, utilities will try to purchase more electricity produced by burning natural gas. However, it is difficult to store much natural gas for future use. Thus, a shortage of internationally traded coal can simultaneously lead to a shortage of internationally traded natural gas.

Having oil, coal, and natural gas prices spiking at the same time leads to inflation and to many unhappy citizens.

Japanese Leader Apologizes To Citizen Victims Over Mass Covid Clot Shot Deaths

Kazuhiro Haraguchi, the former Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs, has become the first major politician to apologize to the unvaccinated for the tsunami of deaths occuring among the vaccinated population.

Earlier this week, huge numbers of Japanese citizens took to the streets to protest against the crimes against humanity perpetrated by globalist organizations such by World Health Organization (WHO) and World Economic Forum (WEF) during the plandemic/scamdemic. 

During an opening speech at the protests, Haraguchi delivered a powerful and emotional apology for the huge numbers of deaths now occurring as a result of the deadly mRNA roll-out. 

Haraguchi began by addressing the grief and loss felt by families who have lost loved ones who were coerced into taking the COVID jab. With a deep sense of sincerity, he extended his condolences and took responsibility for the failings of those in power. “I apologize to all of you. So many have died, and they shouldn’t have,” he said.

Thelibertybeacon.com reports: One of the key points in Haraguchi’s speech was his criticism of the ban on Ivermectin, a drug developed by Dr. Satoshi Omura, which he believed could have played a significant role in combating the pandemic. Haraguchi questioned the motives behind the ban, suggesting that economic interests were prioritized over public health. “Why? Because they are cheap. They don’t want it because it will interfere with the sales of the vaccines,” he argued. This statement drew loud applause from the crowd, many of whom felt that corporate profits had taken precedence over human lives.

Haraguchi then shared a deeply personal story about his own health struggles. After receiving vaccines, he developed a severe illness, specifically a rapidly progressing form of cancer. “This time last year, I had neither eyebrows nor hair. Two out of the three supposed vaccines I received were lethal batches,” he revealed. This candid account of his battle with cancer, which included significant physical changes like hair loss, struck a chord with the audience. He recounted an incident where his appearance became a point of distraction in the Diet, with an opponent focusing more on his wig than the issues at hand.

In the conclusion of his speech, Haraguchi issued a rallying call for action. He urged the people to stand united in challenging the government and its questionable decisions. “Let’s overthrow this government,” he proclaimed, emphasizing the need for change and accountability. He called on legislators to continue fighting for the people’s lives and freedoms, “Let’s make it happen,” he concluded.

Doomed Germany Descends To Martial Law As They Plan War Against Russia

Folks, Western governments are CREATING World War 3. Deliberately.

Germany has updated its wartime measures for the first time since the Cold War, preparing for potential conflict with Russia:

- Compulsory conscription reinstated: Citizens can be drafted at any time.
- Evacuation of citizens and food rationing: Plans for mass evacuation and ensuring one hot meal per day through rationing.
- Makeshift bunkers and prepared hospitals: Subway stations to be used as bunkers; hospitals ready for sudden influx of patients.
- Emergency food reserves stored secretly: Stockpiles of food in undisclosed locations for crisis situations.
- Job bans in key sectors: Prohibitions on quitting jobs critical to defense; media must publish official updates.
- NATO troop movements: Facilitating the rapid movement of NATO troops through Germany to the eastern front.
- Civilian roles for healthcare professionals: Doctors, psychologists, nurses, and vets repurposed for military and civil service.
- Priority repairs for military equipment: Quick repair and maintenance of military gear, increased "defense" budget commitments to NATO. 

What does it tell you that Germany has done this after "threats of retaliation should Germany allow Ukraine to Strike Russian territories?" It tells ME that Germany IS GOING TO allow Ukraine to strike Russian Territories and they are now preparing to be retaliated against!

Let's try to get our government public servants back under our control before they get a whole slew of us KILLED.

MY COMMENT: They are obviously hell bent on bringing the Western World into another major world war with the desire to impose totalitarianism against the citizens. What it is going to come down to is just how many citizens will simply put up with this bullshit and their suicidal corrupt war mongering political leadership? How many will sacrifice themselves for insane ideological war mongering wannabe-hegemons? It's a good idea to stockup on *ALL* necessary basic essentials and have some rural property to get out of dodge as they decide to collapse the Western world into global conflict!

Slave Labor USSA: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

Slave labor is back in Biden's post-American hellscape. For much of the past year we had been pounding the table on two very simple facts:  not only has the US labor market been appallingly weak, with most of the jobs "gained" in 2023 and meant to signal how strong the Biden "recovery" has been, about to be revised away (as first the Philly Fed and now Bloomberg both admit), but more shockingly, all the job growth in the past few years has gone to illegal aliens.

We first pointed this out more than a year ago, and since then we have routinely repeated - again, again, and again - yet even though we made it abundantly clear what was happening...

Stunning statistic: there has been ZERO INCREASE in jobs for native-born workers in over five years, since July 2018! pic.twitter.com/mxdpmPHIbO

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 5, 2024

Why have all new jobs since 2018 gone to foreign-born workers (i.e. immigrants)? Because you can be an illegal immigrant in deportation proceedings (not to mention anyone seeking asylum) and get authorization to work in the US for up to 5 years, no questions asked.


1. Prices have never been higher and are starting to accelerate to the upside again.

2. All the jobs created in the past year have been part time.

3. There has been zero job growth for native-born Americans since 2018; all jobs have gone to illegal immigrants.

How is this not the biggest political talking point right now: since October 2019, native-born US workers have lost 1.4 million jobs; over the same period foreign-born workers have gained 3 million jobs.

That's about to change, however, because with just under 5 months left until the election, and with immigration by far the hottest political topic out there, others are finally starting to connect the dots we laid out more than a year ago.

WEF/Davos Terrorists Sabotage Massive Illinois Poultry Farm In War Against Real Food

More than one million chickens are dead after a massive fire burned down Wabash Valley Produce Farm in Farina, a small town in southern Illinois.

According to reports, the fire broke out at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 29. More than two dozen fire departments rushed to the scene to help put the fire out, but it was already too late: the facility was a total loss.

Marion County Sheriff Kevin Cripps told local NBC affiliate KSDK that multiple buildings on the site were completely incinerated, the smoke from which was visible for miles.

Illinois state Rep. Blaine Wilhour announced on his Facebook page that the Farina Farms chicken facility in question provided free-range chicken and eggs to the consumer market. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

The video below shows the sheer size of the fire, which was truly massive. This comes at a time when birds in other states are under attack by the government for supposedly being contaminated with "avian flu."

The Illinois State Fire Marshal is reportedly conducting an investigation into the fire to see if it was arson. No injuries were reported during the sizable response.

"A massive fire broke out at a poultry farm in Southern Illinois. One of the largest free-range egg facilities in the country starting burning last night. Millions of chickens dead. Millions of eggs gone."

The Shadow of Ezra (@ShadowofEzra) X account tweeted that the Wabash Valley Produce Farm facility in Farina is one of the largest free-range facilities in the country.

"Between [the FAKE] bird flu and this fire, chickens are having a bad week," the account wrote. "This will no doubt have some type of effect on the food supply."

To this, someone else responded that whoever is presumably behind all this is trying to control the food supply – because to control the food supply is to control the world.

The Health Ranger also commented on X about how he has been raising chickens for more than a decade "and amazingly they have never spontaneously combusted."

"Now," the Heath Ranger added, "we're seeing large-scale chicken farms going up in flames every week or two ... nothing suspicious here at all, move along."

Numerous others agreed that America's food supply is clearly under attack, especially since these mysterious fires have been occurring en masse for several years now.

"I have said repeatedly: ALL local townships, cities, and Regions, must rely on Citizen Patrols, now, as the opposition ramps up their disastrous and planned reduction in our food supply (the means of influence for popular uprising, for fear of starvation)," added Frank L. DeSilva (@desilva_frank) to the conversation.

China Adopts Capitalism: Will NOT Bail-out Insolvent Corrupt Billionaire Class (Here's WHY!)

China’s proposal of a 300 billion Yuan bank loan to rescue the housing sector is obviously a tiny amount compared to the amount outstanding. At first glance, it looks odd that the proposal orders banks to play the role of lender of last resort instead of the central bank. For most countries facing such a huge crisis, the central bank printing money and injecting liquidity is almost the designated act.

Interestingly, however, the People’s Bank of China did not do anything like this, and there was not even a rate cut cycle.

The reason for such inaction might be several-fold:

First is due to infighting. The billionaires are potential threats to the existing government. The wealthier they are, the bigger the threat (**aka the more corrupting influence they hold**). By creating a housing crisis, most billionaires would fall back to being millionaires. They hold less power to corrupt public officials and politicians this way. Common sense.

Second, policy inaction could result in a sharper cliff fall, which will end the crisis sooner rather than later. The sooner they allow the market to adjust for failure, the sooner it will heal itself and things can go back to normal. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IF DEBT INSOLVENCY IS CONSTANTLY BAILED OUT!

A third but intuitive reason is the standard bad consequences of excess currency creation (aka debt). China did this experiment in the 1940s. The massive money printing led to hyperinflation, which collapsed the currency and, finally, the political regime. The existing ruling regime knows such history well.

By allowing the markets to crash, and some debt-insolvent billionaires to go bust, the economy will recover itself, naturally, and become solvent once again. This is the nature of free market capitalism. Bankruptcy happens, just as natural as wealth creation happens. There are booms, there are busts. Government intervention is rarely a good solution, and in fact, often creates many more problems (**as we in the West often see today!**)

US Federal Government Now Trying To SHUT DOWN and SEIZE News Organizations

The absolute despotism and tyranny of the US federal government is growing by the hour. One day after political prisoner Donald Trump was convicted of 34 "felonies" in a bullshit rigged Soviet Show Trail, a court-appointed officer overseeing the Infowars bankruptcy apparently went rogue on Friday and tried to seize and shut down Alex Jones' studio without a court order, despite having a reported "path with the [bankruptcy] judge to continue on for years."

On Saturday, Jones held a four hour X space, in which supporters including Gen. Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon and Roger Stone commented on the situation. All three suggested that Jones stand his ground and peacefully resist. 

According to commentator and attorney, 'Viva Frei' (David Freiheit), the court-appointed Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) in the Infowars bankruptcy, Patrick Magill, "showed up to lock the place down," adding "and apparently in the absence of a court order."

"This is going to be Infowars' last show, because I learned yesterday that they were going to padlock the door and kick us out last night," Jones said during the Saturday space.

Breaking: Feds Attempting To Shut Down Infowars Tonight!

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) June 1, 2024

"They are trying to shut us down," Jones told us when reached for comment.

A CRO is typically appointed during times of significant financial stress, and is tasked with overseeing the restructuring companies in bankruptcy. On Saturday, Jones suggested that his legal team had come to terms with the judge in the bankruptcy proceedings regarding a long-term timeline for transition, and was instead surprised with an ambush by Magill to seize his studio.

DEVELOPING: @RealAlexJones GOES OFF on Biden's feds who he says are in the process of shutting down InfoWars and seizing his studio.

"You will at the end of the day know that Alex Jones, the American patriot, defeated your evil ass!" https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1797003016668840027

Jones says Magill is trying to "obviously and maliciously" entrap him, per Frei, in order to "facilitate the shutting down of Infowars."

It is getting very clear and very ugly. The Biden regime HATES Americans. They HATE our free speech. They HATE the US Constitution and rule of law. They want Americans silenced and to be stripped of any representation, even the right to freedom of the press. This government regime is disgustingly Anti-American.

==American Colour Revolution Will Lead To Atomic Mushroom Clouds And Societal Collapse ==

A foreboding new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev gravely warning: “The West risks miscalculating the chances of nuclear weapons being used, just as it failed to anticipate the start of Russia’s Ukraine operation...This is not intimidation or nuclear bluff...The current military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst possible scenario...The power of the deployed NATO-made weapons is constantly escalating... That is why today no one can exclude the transition of the conflict to its final stage”, says this grave warning was joined by Defense Minister Andrei Belousov declaring at the CSTO Council of Defense Ministers meeting in Almaty-Kazakhstan: “All attempts to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia are futile”.


Causing the chances of nuclear weapons being used, this report notes, is best documented in Politico article “‘War Has Found Them’: Biden’s Ukraine Gamble Sets A New Course”, wherein it grimly revealed: “President Joe Biden just plunged the US deeper into the fight in Ukraine... Soon, Ukraine will be using US-made weapons to strike inside Russia — a nuclear-armed power — with a US president’s blessing... Biden’s decision is a stark admission that his efforts to defend Ukraine fully so far have fallen short”.

As Biden Brings America To War With Russia, His Regime Is Cutting Off Our Energy Supply!

Bolshevik Joe Biden has just declared war on coal as his regime is seeking to destroy America's energy independence, right as his regime is preparing for war with Russia ironically.

The Bureau of Land Management has just released a new series of Unconstitutional fiat regulations that have the clear intent of locking up millions of acres of federal land from coal mining and drilling for oil and natural gas, as well as shutting down the nation's remaining coal-fired power generation fleet. Never mind no laws were passed by Congress.

The new set of rules effectively makes it impossible for utilities to continue to operate coal-fired power plants without investing in new, largely unproven commercial and highly expensive, carbon capture technologies capable of cutting 95 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. It would also require the same for any new natural gas-powered facilities.

The regulations were issued, incidentally, days before the close of a window of time allowing a new president to reverse the decision by executive order.

The rules were released in response to a 2022 court order that said two federal land management plans drafted for the Powder River Basin during former President Donald Trump's administration had reportedly "failed to adequately take into account climate change and public health problems caused by burning coal."

Meanwhile, the Spring Creek Mine, another Montana mine, could run out of federal coal reserves by 2035. This forecast is more than 50 years earlier than if leases were to continue being issued, according to government analyses of the proposal.

America is obviously under sabotage by domestic enemies within. Every American needs to consider this nation is already under attack, and prepare what they need to survive without relying on the power grid 24/7. Companies should also be filing class action lawsuits to stop these attacks.

Not only that the shutting down of coal mining and power plants could make consumers' pockets empty and put the power grid in danger, especially during summer and winter, this could drive inflation even higher and force many companies to shut down.

Worse, employees will lose jobs and could cost Wyoming hundreds of millions of dollars that pay for public schools, roads and other essential services. The coal industry supports more than 36,000 full and part-time jobs nationwide.

Russia Reserves The Right To Hit NATO Bases *IF NATO Directly Strikes Russia

Predictably, the Kremlin is fuming at widespread reports that the war-mongering Biden regime has made a U-turn on its policy which previously prohibited Ukraine from attack Russian soil with US-supplied weaponry. Clearly it's a highly dangerous slippery slope.

Former Russian president and current Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev has warned that Russian forces could strike back from any point where attacks are launched, including on "NATO specialists" advising Ukraine forces.

"NATO countries that have approved strikes with their weapons on Russian territory should be aware that their equipment and specialists will be destroyed not only in Ukraine, but also at any point from where Russian territory is attacked," he said on Telegram, according to TASS, also noting that "the participation of NATO specialists could be seen as a casus belli."

"All their military equipment and specialists fighting against us will be destroyed both on the territory of former Ukraine and on the territory of other countries, should strikes be carried out from there against Russian territory," Medvedev added in the warning.

He said that contrary to much of the West's attempts to obfuscate the reality, Ukraine's long-rage missile systems are actually "directly operated by servicemen from NATO countries." He said this is tantamount to these countries' direct participation in the war.

He explained that this raises the specter of major war and confrontation with the West, as in such a scenario where Russia attacks NATO personnel, the alliance would then have to weigh "possible retaliatory strikes... in the context of articles 4 and 5 of the Washington Treaty."

Politico reported Thursday afternoon, "The Biden administration has quietly given Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia — solely near the area of Kharkiv — using U.S.-provided weapons, two U.S. officials and two other people familiar with the move said Thursday, a major reversal that will help Ukraine to better defend its second-largest city."

"For two years Biden was absolutely adamant that no US weapons could be used to strike Russia. Now he reverses the policy -- aka, he lied. So where's the pushback? Congress, media? What could be of greater consequence than lying the country into war with a nuclear superpower?"

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) May 31, 2024

==NATO Declares War Against Russia, Putin Responds!==

With an estimated 500,000 troops inside Ukraine, and another 200-300,000 to be sent shortly, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke yesterday to the Russian people about the war in Ukraine. He told them " Work as if you are on the frontline... as if you are mobilized" adding it is the only way we will achieve the objectives we set for ourselves."

As things stand right now, Ten European countries have given Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia with their weapons: UK,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Netherlands,  Poland, Finland,  France,  Czech Republic,  Sweden,  and Estonia.  Just yesterday, the Foreign Minister of CANADA also publicly stated "Ukraine has the right to strike the territory of Russia by Canadian weapons, there are no restrictions."

Putin's remarks, then, to his fellow Russians, seem mindful that if this new approach goes forward, Russia will be under considerable bombardment.

The reality, though, is quite a bit worse.

The weapons "donated" to Ukraine are very sophisticated and in most cases, Ukrainians simply don't know how to operate them.  According to Russia, these sophisticated weapons are ALREADY being programmed, launched, and guided to target by NATO personnel!

So what we are actually seeing is no longer a "proxy" war: Russian territory will be attacked by NATO weapons that are guided by NATO surveillance and NATO targeting, with the official stated objective of knocking out a US rival, Russia.

Fears are mounting fast that Putin will soon likely allow attacks on NATO logistic centers to prevent those weapons from entering Ukraine.  If that takes place, it would be all-out war.

All this because the collective West, is determined to exploit Ukraine so as to put NATO and U.S. missiles on Ukrainian soil so they have only a five minute flight time to Moscow.  Russia will simply not allow their safety to be impacted that way.  For Russia, it's a matter of their national security.

India Moves 100 Tons of Gold From United Kingdom To Secure Wealth

India's central bank has moved a little more than 100 metric tons of gold from the UK to its domestic vaults, the Times of India newspaper reported on Friday, citing sources.

The source revealed that the "public" reason for moving the Gold is that too much is stored overseas and they want it in their country.  However the "non-public" reason is now "lack of trust."

India, the source said, has seen the way the West "froze" Russia's Sovereign Wealth Fund and is now literally "stealing" the interest from those frozen funds, to give to Ukraine.  India now views the West as brazen thieves and does not want to be victimized by such theft!

"While India has no plans to go to war, as Russia did in Ukraine, prompting the theft of their Interest money, India knows all too well how arrogantly the West imposes "Sanctions" and does not want to be subject to the whims of the West." the source continued.

US Supreme Court Rules New York Govt Violated Constitution Rights, Unlawful Coercion

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the National Rifle Association can pursue a claim that a New York state official’s efforts to encourage companies to end ties with the gun rights group constituted unlawful coercion.

The justices unanimously found that the NRA can move forward with arguments that its free speech rights under the Constitution’s First Amendment were violated by the actions of Maria Vullo, the then-superintendent of the New York state Department of Financial Services.

The case was one of two before the justices concerning alleged government coercion of private entities. The other, yet to be decided, involves claims that the Biden administration unlawfully pressured social media companies when it urged them to remove certain content.

"Government officials cannot attempt to coerce private parties in order to punish or suppress views that the government disfavors," liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote on behalf of the court in Thursday's ruling. The NRA, she added, plausibly alleges that Vullo "did just that."

In a 2018 lawsuit, the gun rights group zeroed in on an investigation by Vullo’s office into insurance companies that the NRA had worked with to provide coverage for members. The gun group is based in Virginia but was incorporated in New York.

Radical Leftist Neo-cons May Get The World War They Asked For... And Deservedly Wiped Out.

More and more European officials and NATO countries are on board with allowing Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons to strike deep inside Russian territory. Among the latest to speak openly about this are NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, and the government of Sweden, which is the NATO alliance's newest member state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday issued one of his more dire warnings yet, putting Europe on notice by commenting on their possessing small land areas and dense populations. The veiled threat is very ominous especially in light of the fact that Russia just wrapped up tactical nuclear drills near Ukraine.

More threats from Putin just now amid recent calls by European politicians to allow Kyiv to use Western weaponry to strike targets inside Russia

He says they should "remember that, as a rule, they are states with a small territory but dense population."

Putin told reporters gathered in Tashkent during an official visit to the central Asian country of Uzbekistan, which is a former Soviet Republic, "Constant escalation can lead to serious consequences."

He also hinted at the prospect of nuclear war in posing: "If these serious consequences occur in Europe, how will the United States behave, bearing in mind our parity in the field of strategic weapons?"

"It's hard to say - do they want a global conflict?" Putin questioned, warning that Ukraine hitting Russian territory with externally supplied long-range weapons would make the West directly involved in the conflict.

Week after week, officials in the West find new ways to escalate (also in light of Russian forces making rapid gains in Kharkiv), and given that Zelensky has said it's 'impossible' to sit down at the negotiating table with Moscow so long as Putin is in power, there appears to be no off-ramp whatsoever.

Indeed we might add to Putin's remarks that everyone is playing with fire... and this has been the case for a long time now. There are very few Western leaders willing to openly resist this intensifying push to escalate at this point.

If populated Western cities do end up ever being wiped out in nuclear war, do not expect rural outsiders to come to the rescue and re-build those failed state shitholes. They will forever be left in the dustbin of history as a great reminder never to trust out-of-control corrupt governments.

Business Exodus Continues In Crime-Ridden Downtown Shitholes Like Chicago

Out-of-control violent crime across downtown Chicago has forced Cofco International Ltd., the trading arm of China's largest food company, to shift operations outside the metro area to safer suburbs.

Bloomberg spoke with those familiar with the plans to relocate Cofco outside the metro area. They said the move is primarily due to "persistent crime."

The agricultural commodities trader is planning to move to Oak Brook from the Loop, Chicago's central business district.

Oak Brook has several other major corporate headquarters, including Ace Hardware, CenterPoint Properties, Sanford L.P., and TreeHouse Foods Inc. 

Cofco confirmed the move but provided no details on where the new headquarters location would be.

Meanwhile, Chicago has been hit with many high-profile headquarters losses, including Caterpillar, Citadel, Boeing, and Tyson Foods. Guggenheim Partners has also joined the exodus. 

It's not just businesses leaving the crime-ridden metro area. The latest Census data for 2023 reveals residents fled the city for states with lower crime rates, such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

During a 2021 speech at the Economic Club of Chicago, Citadel CEO Ken Griffin, who has since moved his firm to Miami, said, "It's becoming ever more difficult to have this as our global headquarters, a city which has so much violence ... and I mean Chicago is like Afghanistan, on a good day, and that's a problem." 

The major problem with Democratic strongholds like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, DC, Portland, LA, and San Francisco is the leadership of radical progressives who have failed spectacularly. Their disastrous social justice and criminal justice reform policies have only fueled crime and chaos. It seems "law and order" is not part of their woke vocabulary.

The CIA Is Obstructing Investigations Involving The Use of 5G Weapons Against Americans

Americans are allegedly being targeted by silent weapons in the homeland and abroad, according to attorney Mark Zaid. Anomalous Health Incidents (AHIs) are more commonly known as Havana Syndrome, a syndrome that has allegedly "in some form" plagued public servants, their families, and pets for decades. AHI is the term used to describe "a constellation of unexplained and sudden symptoms, including the acute onset of audio-vestibular sensory phenomena." https://www.bitchute.com/video/2WsMoO4bVx54/ [Embed]

Zaid represents about two dozen federal AHI victims and "lawful whistleblowers" from within various federal agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (OCNI), National Security Agency (NSA), Department of State, Department of Commerce, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)." It seems, however, that certain government agencies are obstructing the investigation of AHIs and may also be engaging in witness tampering.

Zaid holds an active TOP SECRET security clearance and has been "routinely provided with authorized access to classified information concerning AHIs." During questioning, Zaid testified the weapon is "designed to make the target feel like they're crazy, like they're imagining things, especially on the low duration, the low-intensity long duration hits." Zaid also shared that AHI victims are "suffering genuine and compelling health effects" from the alleged attacks. 

Michael Beck, Zaid's original client, "was a long-standing and decorated NSA employee who was injured during the mid-1990s at a still classified overseas location and, we believe, developed a rare form of Parkinson's disease as a result." Referencing Beck's case, Zaid shared intelligence information from a 2014 NSA unclassified memorandum that states intelligence information from 2012 "indicates that this weapon is designed to bathe a target's living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system." He added that the NSA has no evidence that the hostile country to which Beck traveled had the weapon or used it against Beck.

Alarmingly, it seems the CIA is hiding evidence concerning these weapons and, according to Zaid, seems to have more control than it should over information related to the weapons. In many cases, Zaid testified, "law enforcement and other homeland agencies" have been prevented from investigating AHI leads and pursuing "criminal attacks" on American personnel. Instead, he continued, "CIA agents who do not possess the same skillsets or authorities have been allowed to control the investigations."

At one point, Zaid explained that when one whistleblower filed a credible "Urgent Concern" complaint about AHIs, the CIA allegedly obstructed the investigation and engaged in witness tampering.

Zaid further elaborated: "The overwhelming majority of evidence concerning AHIs is hidden behind classified walls, and you will need to doggedly pursue those avenues if you truly want to understand the truth. Having had authorized access to classified information concerning AHIs, I shall not hesitate to state that based on what I have learned to date, the Executive Branch, particularly at the behest of and manipulation by officials within the CIA, is not truthfully reporting to the American people what it knows about AHIs."

Under Biden Regime America Lost Afghanistan, Ukraine, Gaza and Next, Taiwan

In four years under Joe Biden's presidency, the US strategic oil reserves have been drained. Our military has record low approval and a recruitment crisis. No one trusts the US government anymore. No one trusts Congress anymore. No one trusts the media anymore. On top of all that damage, America has lost major proxy wars. The Taliban won the war in Afghanistan and ran the US military out. Ukraine is being defeated and will become a third world failed state. Israel ignored our warnings not to fully genocide the Gaza strip while Yemen bombs away our Navy ships and cargo. Now China has officially announced they will take Taiwan. To add the cherry on top, the world is dumping US Treasury Bonds on record levels and starting to trade OUTSIDE the US dollar. The US dollar is losing reserve currency status and the US faces hyperinflation and a near-future, **violent and chaotic**, economic collapse.

All I have to say to the Democrats is GOOD JOB. You destroyed America. You destroyed your own country! You absolutely gutted America's future. Are you happy now? Will you be happy when you die in a failed state, most probably very violently die? Good for you. Wonderful. Enjoy your communism while it still remains.

By the way.... if you try taking us to war, I'm bunkering underground. Me and my family will leave you to die on your own. Fuck you.

Joe Biden Gets Roasted With Facts After Tweeting ‘We Leave No Veteran Behind’ LIE

Joe Biden’s Twitter/X account published a message yesterday saying ‘we leave no veteran behind’ and it provoked a strong reaction from other users on the site.

Some users were quick to point out the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, others noted the fact that we still have homeless veterans in our country while illegal immigrants are put up in hotels. The backfire was massive.

“Joe Biden abandoned 13 U.S. service members to die in Afghanistan. He’s lost his right to ever speak about our military again.” — Paul A. Szypula (@Bubblebathgirl) May 22, 2024

“13 dead young warriors at Abby Gate would like a word.” - Buzz Patterson (@BuzzPatterson) May 22, 2024

“More veterans will die this year awaiting treatment by the VA than have died in combat this entire century.” — mitrebox (@mitrebox) May 22, 2024

“Uh-oh. Last time he spoke like this, he abandoned our hostages in Gaza.” — Marina Medvin (@MarinaMedvin) May 23, 2024

“There’s 35,574 homeless veterans.” — Secular Talk (@KyleKulinski) May 23, 2024

“Kiss my ass, you piece of trash.” — Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) May 23, 2024

Biden’s social media propagandists clearly didn’t think this through before posting.

These Young Punks Thought War Would Be Fun And Easy. They Are Dead Wrong.

Western fighters who joined the war in Ukraine have been killed, in some cases, because they assumed the fight would be easy, a US veteran who fought in Ukraine told Business Insider.

The veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a lot of foreign veterans who came to Ukraine to fight against Russia's invasion had been used to fighting at an advantage and struggled to adapt to the conditions there, where they were often outmanned and outgunned.

"A lot of Westerners that come to Ukraine, they want to be heroes," he said. "I just kept seeing dudes that would go out to Ukraine, and they treat it almost like it's a vacation, and they're not really expecting to die."

He said he had the same mentality when he first started fighting there. But that changed, and he better understood how risky it was, as the war progressed. "I was expecting to die because that's just the type of mentality that I fucking had, and I was okay with it."

He explained that it was harder to find places to stay safe in Ukraine, where more drones are being used than in any conflict in history, and artillery and long-range weapons are in constant use.

He said that "even if you're fucking miles and miles behind the fucking front lines, you can still get hit by a fucking rocket out there." He said it's not like conflicts in Middle East, where if you're on a base you're "relatively safe."

That same comparison has been made by other US veterans in Ukraine, who described the fight in Ukraine as more intense.

One, who uses the call sign Jackie and who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, previously told BI that the fighting in the eastern city of Bakhmut offered no place to stop and rest, unlike the other conflicts.

"You have to be willing to relearn everything that you've been taught, which is, I think, one of the reasons why some of the Ukrainian soldiers are doing so well out there, because they don't have any base where they've been taught."

"Meanwhile, a lot of the Westerners, they already have a set idea about how things should be and everything, and it's just not that way out in Ukraine."

He said foreign fighters need "a willingness to learn and a willingness to give up everything. You have to be willing to fucking give up everything in order to fight this fucking war."

The veteran said of foreign fighters in Ukraine: "A lot of these people, they're just not willing to give up and to do what actually needs to be done for that country."

Reasons aside, many foreign fighters have been killed, as Business Insider's Cameron Manley previously reported, with some international survivors saying they were used as a sacrificial unit.

British Govt Tells Goyim To Bend Over For WWIII Rape + MY COMMENT


MY COMMENT: When your government is finally telling you to get prepared it is probably already too late for most people to afford doing so, so the British government is now comfortable admitting they are fucking the masses over royally! Same will follow in the USSA very soon too, rest assured! I'm going to give you some real survival tips!

> Prepare food for three days
Three days won't be enough to feed you during a crisis!!! You need at least 300 days worth of long-term food storage! You can buy bulk foods like rice, beans, lentils, pasta, oatmeal, grits, flour, sugar, mashed potato mix, split peas, spice (etc) at Costco or Sams Club as well stock up plenty of canned foods and frozen foods! Again you'll need at least 300 days worth of food if you wish to remain free and independent from the UTTER HELL government intends imposing on the local population!

> waiting calmly for instructions on the radio
This is their key RUSE and BIG LIE. It would be wise not to follow any of their instructions during a crisis, doing so will voluntarily land your ass in some FEMA Camp and having your private property robbed!!! It's best to hunker down in your own home and arm yourself and your family!!! Have plenty of basic essentials stocked up, this includes food, clean water (or access to clean water/filters/distillers), guns/ammo/bore mops/lube, extra fuel for generators, medical supplies, plenty of sanitation supplies!!! If you don't have clean water and sanitation supplies you'll die miserably or be forced to comply with interventions to live (**not even worth it at that point**)!!!

> Rishi Sunak highlighted a new axis of anti-western states including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran
NONE of these countries are threats to civilians if our own governments were not provoking war with them!!! Honestly, if we cannot limit our own insane governments from waging unnecessary wars they deserve to be removed from power, one way or another!! Becoming cannon fodder for an insane, corrupt and power-starved government is moronic at best! If you wish to do so have at it, me and my family certainly won't!!!

HAL TURNER COMMENTS:  "Prepare for 72 hours in home?  Is that sort of like the time needed for nuclear fallout to dissipate?   "Some of the most dangerous years ahead" . . . . "security crossroads" . . . . China, Russia, North Korea, Iran" . . .  these are not words used to stir the public for "personal resilience."  They seem to me to be words used to prepare the public for nuclear war.)

MY COMMENT: It's at least one full week before fall out dissipates and to fully dissipate it would take a month!!! Most people would not survive a nuclear war!!!! You would need an underground shelter, living far outside any major nuclear target AND have at least a year worth of needed supplies to overcome some SHTF crisis like that. Not to mention local survivors who are desperate could very well be armed and dangerous and you would need to defend yourself, family & private property!!! The British are being told to simply bend over if this were the case!!
Because Of Out-of-Control EPA Idiots, Many Americans To Face Future Blackouts

A report by the non-profit organization North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) indicated that a third of the country is facing an "elevated risk of blackouts" come summer this year due to the unreliability of the US power grid.

As per the report, elevated risk means there is "potential for insufficient operating reserves" when the region faces above-normal demand conditions. The determination of elevated risk is based on various factors, including potential low wind or solar energy conditions that could lead to a lower electricity supply.

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which manages the electricity capacity market and operates in 15 U.S. states, is expected to have "sufficient resources" to meet normal summer peak demand, the NERC report said. However, if MISO were to face above-normal peak demand conditions at a time when wind and solar output is lower than expected, it could be "challenging" for the transmission organization to meet demand. "Wind generator performance during periods of high demand is a key factor in determining whether there is sufficient electricity supply on the system or if external (non-firm) supply assistance is required to maintain reliability," the report stated.

Michelle Bloodworth, the CEO of America's Power, a partnership of industries involved in producing electricity from coal, said that the analysis proved that the American electricity grid is "increasingly reliant on weather-dependent sources of electricity" like solar and wind power. She added that blackouts are poised to increase because of regulations imposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Delayed coal plant retirements are playing a key role in supporting grid reliability. However, this is only a temporary band-aid because EPA regulations will cause more coal retirements that cannot be delayed. These regulations, especially the recently announced Carbon Rule, increase the chance of blackouts," Bloodworth said. "With electricity demand exploding, our country needs a strategy for ensuring a healthy long-term electricity supply that doesn’t depend on the sun and the wind and is not dictated by EPA regulations."

The EPA backs renewable energy, noting it "produces no greenhouse gas emissions" like 'fossil fuels' and reduces some types of air pollution.

Apart from the electric grid overload doubled with the dwindling supply from the energy sources, America's power infrastructure is also prone to cyberattacks, with the number of susceptible points in electrical networks increasing by about 60 per day, a separate report by NERC indicated back in April via a webcast. Americans should be asking, WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT CONNECTING POWER GRID CONTROL SYSTEMS TO THE INTERNET IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?

The grids' virtual and physical weak spots, or points in software or hardware that are susceptible to cyber criminals, grew to a range of 23,000 to 24,000 last year from 21,000 to 22,000 by the end of 2022, executives with the energy regulator said. "It's very hard to keep pace with addressing all those vulnerabilities," said Manny Cancel, senior vice president of NERC.

Congo Captures CIA-Mossad Agent Attempting Failed Regime Change

American-Israeli mercenary Benjamin Reuben has been captured after a failed coup in the Congo.

Reuben is allegedly a paid mercenary who, published reports claim, acts for former head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, and also, allegedly, Jewish billionaire Dan Gertler.

The video below, taken in the Congo, is said to show Reuben on his knees, begging for his life after the Coup he allegedly engaged in, failed: https://twitter.com/Resist_05/status/1792367674842058921

Reuben's reported boss, Yossi Cohen, is pictured below, standing behind Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: https://halturnerradioshow.com/images/2024/05/20/Yossi-Cohen-Former-Mossad-Chief.jpg

Billionaire Dan Gertler is reportedly the Glencore guy who allegedly didn't care about kids in the Congo mining cobalt: https://halturnerradioshow.com/images/2024/05/20/Gertler.png

According to published reports, Gertler ingratiated himself to a previous Congo ruler for whom, when an uprising threatened, Gentler flew back to Israel and came back with very many fancy guns used to put the rebellion down.

This is widely reported to be the second failed coup by Yossi Cohen who is banned from entering the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why would a former Israeli Mossad Chief have interest in the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?  DIAMONDS!

You see, Israeli blood diamonds, mined in Africa, cut and polished in Israel, are exported worldwide.

The proceeds are used to sustain the Israeli economy and finance illegal settlements and genocide in Gaza.

The diamond industry in Israel goes back to before the Nakba in 1948. Israeli diamond tycoons have long been involved in exploiting resource rich African countries.

So child forced labor, blood diamonds, gun-running to dictators, mercenaries trying to overthrow governments.  THAT is today's (so-called) "God's Chosen."  Sorry, I don't see these particular individuals as being that.  Nope.  Not at all.

Crash Site of Iran Presidential Helicopter Found, All Aboard Confirmed Dead

The crash site of Iran's Presidential Helicopter has finally been located.  Rescuers at the scene report all aboard were killed.

The bodies of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and their accompanying delegation have been found at the helicopter crash site.

Throughout Asia, people on Social Media, are calling this an “assassination.”  Here are some examples:

Tsargrad: “The assassination was “organized at the highest level.” An “excruciating death” is a signal to Russia and China. “They are killing everyone who supports Russia and China.”

Tsargrad columnist Ilya Golovnev: "It is reported that local authorities promptly sent 8 ambulances to the site of the alleged crash. Earlier, the IRIB TV channel reported that the situation is seriously complicated by weather conditions, which prevents rescuers from reaching the scene of the incident."

Russian war correspondent Alexei Zhivov: "Immediately after the incident, Israel was quick to deny its participation in the crash of the helicopter, on board which was Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Earlier in the Arab media, there was a version that the crash of the helicopter was an attempted assassination of Raisi, carried out as a result of sabotage by Israeli security services in collusion with Azerbaijan, with whose leader the Iranian leader had met not long before the crash. Azerbaijan is a latent ally of Israel. If it turns out that Raisi was killed, all this will end in a big Transcaucasian war."

The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA): “Some unofficial sources say that some companions of the Iranian president died an agonizing death at the crash site.”

Blogger Sergei Kolyasnikov: “This puts us in front of a very serious and dangerous security event. We are facing the possibility of a major assassination attempt or an actual assassination.

Political scientist Sergei Markov points out that if it is indeed a terrorist attack, Israel could be behind it. It could also be radical Sunni Islamic groups. And, of course, there is always a threat of a terrorist attack from the three main terrorist organizations in the world: ISIS*, the SBU, and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s GUR. For all of them, Iran is an enemy.

In turn, US officials believe that Iranian President Raisi has been assassinated. Biden was informed about the situation with the helicopter. A short time later, journalist Arash Azizi published an article for The Atlantic, where he also claimed that his sources had reported the death of the Iranian president.”

Scholar Nikolai Vavilov holds a similar opinion: "Have they moved to the last stage - are [they] killing everyone who supports Russia and China?"

Investigators will go over every square inch of the wreckage to determine the cause of the crash.  Chemical analysis will be done to test for explosive residue.  Small shards of metal will be analyzed to see if a MANPAD or missile may have hit the helicopter.

The results of those investigations will be the determining factor as to whether or not this was an accident, or a sort of Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment, that triggers what the assassination of the Archduke did: a World War.

ICC Issues Arrest Warrants For Benjamin Netanyahu & Hamas Citing WAR CRIMES

The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) has said today he HAS APPLIED FOR arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant - as well as three Hamas leaders.

In an interview on Monday, Prosecutor Karim Khan said the warrants are for war crimes and crimes against humanity over the Hamas terror group's deadly October 7 attack on Israeli and Israel's subsequent war in the Gaza Strip.

He said warrants were also being sought for Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri (aka Mohammed Deif), the leader of the Al Qassem Brigades - Hamas' military wing, and Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas' political leader."

The US has never recognized the ICC as having any authority or jurisdiction over US citizens. Neither do China, Russia, Israel, and dozens of other countries.

Its authority is only supposed to extend to countries that do not have their own judicial systems.

US President Biden muddied the waters in dealing with this political ICC by encouraging the Ukrainians to pursue ICC war crimes charges vs Russian President Putin, which makes every world leader or any US citizen (including military members) vulnerable to being pursued by a distant international court.

Lunatic NATO Leader Wants To Fight Wars To Promote Degenerate LGBT Values

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is committed to spreading degenerate values abroad.

With Russia seemingly making major gains against NATO-backed Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine, NATO leaders have been engaging in bizarre virtue signaling to divert attention away from the abject failure of this proxy war against Russia.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 24, 2022, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has been particularly vocal about NATO’s values and why it’s an institution that has to be trusted despite its long track record of causing instability abroad — from Serbia all the way to Libya.

On May 17, 2024, Stoltenberg, reinforced NATO’s commitment to LGBT values by dropping an unhinged post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter: https://x.com/jensstoltenberg/status/1791356439161933945

Founded in 1949, NATO was ostensibly founded to counter the Soviet Union’s influence on the European continent. However, ironically since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has worked to remake the world in the Soviet Union’s communistic dysfunctional image. Its interventions in the Balkans all the way to Libya have brought nothing but harm and instability.

On top of that, NATO teams up with a consortium of non-profit organizations to promote values such as sexual deviancy through soft power means.

In effect, any country that gets in bed with NATO catches the STD of multiculturalism, sexual degeneracy, and societal decay. More importantly, NATO is an entangling military alliance with a crusading ideology that is a threat to world peace.

Rational nations, especially the US, would be wise to exit this alliance altogether and chart their own paths on the world stage.

The homosexual traitor Lindsey Graham was rambling on Meet the Press today about how Israel should use nukes to preserve the Jewish regime. He was effectively calling for nukes to be used and Gaza and even the Samson Option to be exercised. One Twitter/X user implied that Graham would enjoy it greatly if Israel stuck one of their nukes up his gay asshole. He is probably correct and I find no fault with his analysis.

This is obviously quite an extreme statement from the homosexual cocksucker Graham. It is really quite incredible that those who want peace and an end to the Jew-led genocide in Gaza are labeled as the extreme ones. I’m actually fine with nuclear war if it is to end the Jewish international regime as it exists today. I am however very much against nuclear war if the intent of it is to preserve the Jewish international regime that Graham represents. Either way, Graham is just an insane faggot and one can only imagine the type of blackmail material the Mossad has on him. The more geopolitical power ZOG loses the more unhinged and crazy his statements are becoming.

A mob of Israeli settlers were filmed attacking a Jordanian truck convoy delivering desperately needed food aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza under Israel's blockade. Videos shared on Monday showed Jewish men, women and children trashing the aid trucks while laughing and waving Israeli flags. Under Israeli government supervision, Israeli settler mobs have been attacking Jordanian humanitarian aid convoys en route to Gaza. They are advocating for the mass starvation of Palestinians in the Strip. Zionist gangs even brought children with them to help destroy aid for the suffering population of Gaza. The World Food Program director Cindy McCain said earlier this month that parts of the Gaza Strip are already experiencing a "full-blown famine" and the situation is only getting worse.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation naval forces are firing at Palestinians who are fishing along the shores of Gaza, as Israel blockade of all crossings into the strip, leading to starvation and Israeli civilians under the protection of Israeli police have been throwing parties in the streets to block food aid from entering Gaza for months now. 

Congress voted to give Israel another $26 billion in aid just last month : https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=64425

==Canada To Ban Free Speech COMPLETELY, Imprison Any Current & Past Online Dissent==

The Trudeau regime has introduced an Orwellian new law called the Online Harms Bill C-63, which will give police the power to retroactively search the Internet for ‘hate speech’ violations and arrest offenders, even if the offence occurred before the law existed.

Revolver.news reports: The real shocker in this bill is the alarming retroactive aspect. Essentially, whatever you’ve said in the past can now be weaponized against you by today’s draconian standards.

Historian Dr. Muriel Blaive has weighed in on this draconian law, labeling it outright “mad.” She points out how it literally spits in the face of all Western legal traditions, especially the one about only being punished if you infringed on a law that was valid at the time of committing a crime.

The Canadian law proposal is outright mad. It is retroactive, which goes against all our Western legal tradition, according to which you can be punished only if you infringed a law that was valid at the time when you committed a crime: “And it isn’t just stuff you’ve posted after the new law comes into force you can get into trouble for – oh, no – but anything you’ve posted, ever, dating back to the dawn of the internet. In other words, it’s a gold-embossed invitation to offence archaeologists to do their worst, with the prospect of a $20,000 reward if they hit paydirt. The only way to protect yourself is to go through all your social media accounts and painstakingly delete anything remotely controversial you’ve ever said.”

And there is worse!

“Although, that won’t protect you from another clause in the bill – and this is where it trips over into as yet unimagined dystopian territory. If the courts believe you are likely to commit a ‘hate crime’ or disseminate ‘hate propaganda’ (not defined), you can be placed under house arrest and your ability to communicate with others restricted. That is, a court can force you to wear an ankle bracelet, prevent you using any of your communication devices and then instruct you not to leave the house. If the court believes there’s a risk you may get drunk or high and start tweeting under the influence – although how is unclear, given you can’t use your phone or a PC – it can order you to submit regular urine samples to the authorities. Anyone who refuses to comply with these diktats can be sent to prison.”

By externalizing the defense of free speech to the right and extreme right and by endorsing repression, the liberal left is playing a very dangerous game here. For those of us who are NOT on the right and extreme right, this is rather disheartening… The left is actually shooting itself in the foot and will come back whining, ‘amazed’ that ordinary people are so ‘ungrateful.’ Indeed it seems to have forgotten that the rule of law implies to solve disagreements in the voting booth rather than by silencing those who disagree with us. How can it hope to get the support of the public for this insanity?

While the federal government has touted this bill as an initiative to protect children, it does little to accomplish this noble cause, and a great deal to inhibit freedom of speech.

Setting up a bureaucratic arm will do little-to-nothing to protect children. The last thing our system can handle right now is a stack of new complaints. It can’t even handle the existing ones.

This is tyranny on steroids. Anyone calling this government "democratic" must be a complete MORON.

US Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley: Palestinian Civilians? Kill 'Em ALL, FAST.

Former US Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley explained that the Israelis' mistake is that they are killing civilians too slowly:

“I feel terribly sorry for the innocent people in Gaza who are dying. But we must not forget that we, the United States, have killed many innocent people in Mosul in Iraq, and that we, the United States, killed 12 thousand innocent French civilians. We destroyed 69 Japanese cities, not including Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We killed people in huge numbers, innocent people who had nothing to do with the government. Men, women and children.

War is a terrible thing, but if it has any meaning, if it has any sense of morality, it must have a political purpose, and it must be achieved quickly and at the least cost. And you must do it quickly.”

Wow. This psycho just said he agrees past war crimes are "a terrible thing", and he feels "terribly sorry" all while justifying genocide and war crimes against the innocent. This is flat out hypocrisy and at a psychotic level. Imagine the horror if other superpowers thought it would one day be "a terrible thing" but A OK to kill American citizens the same way. This is the kind of sinister evil the Zionist neo-cons are trying to deliver to the world.

Go Figure! Government Officials Start Blaming Social Media For Their Failed Foreign Policy

Social media is "partially responsible" for the widespread international criticism of Israel’s conduct during its military campaign in Gaza, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has suggested.

The top American diplomat made the comment during an exchange with Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) at the McCain Institute’s 2024 Sedona Forum in Sedona, Arizona on Friday.

Romney asked Blinken why “the PR [has] been so awful” for Israel amid the conflict in Gaza. “Why has [Palestinian armed group] Hamas disappeared in terms of public perception? An offer is on the table to have a ceasefire, and yet the world is screaming about Israel,” he said. “Typically, the Israelis are good at PR. What’s happened here?” Romney said.

The Secretary of State recalled that when he started working in Washington in the early 1990s “everyone did the same thing,” which was reading newspapers like The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, and watching national news networks to get information about world events.

But now, in the 2020s, “we are on an intravenous feed of information with new impulses, inputs every millisecond” and social media “has dominated the narrative,” he said.

"And you have a social media ecosystem environment in which context, history, facts get lost, and the emotion, the impact of images dominates. And we can’t – we can’t discount that, but I think it also has a very, very, very challenging effect on the narrative,” Blinken suggested.

However, he also stressed that another reason for Israel’s bad PR was the “the inescapable reality of people who have and continue to suffer grievously in Gaza. And that’s real and we have to… be focused on that and attentive to that.”

^ The later comment being absolutely true. Perhaps the solution is not more censorship, perhaps the US government should not be supplying Israel's corrupt genocidal government or other dangerous extremist hostile regimes around the world? Perhaps the blunder of our foreign policy is our own government's doing!? Sometimes doing nothing is far less dangerous than risking blowback from unnecessary foreign intervention! It carries an equivalent risk of trying to start a fight in a bar, you just don't know how it will end for you. Let us hope and pray the neo-cons will finally ponder the obvious!

Brazen Election Interference: Illinois Democrats Retroactively Ban Republican Challengers

As an alternative to a primary election, Illinois law allowed for a party to get its candidates on the ballot for General Assembly spots by party slating procedure, along with collection of a requisite number of public signatures on nominating positions. A number of Republican challengers have been proceeding accordingly.

But over the course of just 30 hours on the first days of this month, the Democratic supermajority changed the law to retroactively disallow that procedure, thereby barring challengers from the November ballot as Republican party candidates.

The new law almost certainly gives Democrats a win in races in which Republicans did not run a candidate in the primary and could result in dozens of unopposed races.

Gov. JB signed the new law the day after it was passed, hours after telling reporters he didn’t know all the details. He also claimed it was an “ethics” bill.

“It really does make sure that we don’t have backroom deals to put people on the ballot and run as a result of some small group of people in a smoke-filled room making the choice,” Pritzker said at an unrelated news conference in Bloomington.

“So I think to me, more transparency is better.” It’s not like Illinois Democrats ever line up their chosen candidates to run for the party, right?

“This is nothing more than a brazen attempt by Illinois Democrats to disenfranchise voters and eliminate political competition. To hide behind the guise of ‘ethics,’ is laughable,” said Sean M. Morrison, Chairman of the Cook County GOP.

Senate Minority Leader John Curran (R-Downers Grove) said it right:

“This abuse of power that blocks candidates from giving voters a choice in free, fair and open elections is unprecedented in Illinois’ 205-year history,” Curran said. “Their dictator-style tactic of stealing an election before a vote is cast is a new low for elective government in this state and undermines the core principals of American democracy.”

At least one Democrat couldn’t ignore the hypocrisy. “At this time in our history, when we are watching Republican legislatures across the country really attack access to the ballot and attack voting rights and fundamentally attack democracy, I just think it’s fundamentally wrong for Democrats to participate in something that makes it harder for people to run, to run for office, makes it harder for folks to engage,” Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) said.

Grounds for lawsuits are now being considered, we are told by knowledgeable sources. It doesn’t get more shameless, tyrannical and hypocritical than this.

Congress Assures American Universities Will NO Longer Allow Free Speech: Political Dissent Outlawed!



If you desire any freedom, do not attend the government's so-called "educational system".... DROP OUT, FIND WORK, LEARN SOME SKILLS AND MEET OTHERS WHO HAVE WEALTH WHO YOU CAN PROVIDE SERVICES TO. No reason to go into massive student loan debt, you are STUPID for doing so after all this.

Biden's Re-election Will Secure The Biggest Draft Dodging Rebellion In History And NATO's Defeat

For the first several decades after World War II, the United States championed free trade. Exporting sectors like agriculture benefited from it. Many economists still support it.

Much of the rest of the country has soured on it.

The economic logic behind free trade is that goods should be produced where they can be produced most cheaply. Consumers are better off. So are investors; constructing factories in uncompetitive places misallocates capital.

But some factory workers lose as production is moved offshore to lower cost venues. Heeding the public’s outcry over runaway jobs, Congressmen no longer support free-trade agreements. Presidents push tariff increases and industrial policy instead.

National-security policymakers have a different concern with free trade, one spurred by the possibility of war over Taiwan. No one wants that to happen, but if it did American industry would be hard pressed to keep our military supplied.

When the US won World War II, it was the world’s manufacturing powerhouse “the arsenal of democracy.” Consider these statistics, taken from naval historian Craig Symonds’s Teaching Company course “World War II: The Pacific Theatre.”

From 1939 to 1945, the Allies (the United Kingdom, China, the Soviet Union and especially the US) built: 4.4 million tanks, trucks and armored vehicles while the enemy Axis powers – Japan, Germany and Italy – built only 670,000; 637,000 aircraft to the Axis countries’ 229,000; and 55,000 ships, the lion’s share in the US, to the Axis powers’ 1,700.

The US won the war, Symonds argues, “because the United States was able to produce the tools of war, and especially the warships and the transport ships, not only faster than the Japanese but in numbers that were previously unimaginable.”

What haunts policymakers is the realization that the US no longer has that kind of industrial edge. Today China is the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. The US isn’t as far behind China as Japan was behind the US in the 1940s, but it’s no longer the arsenal of democracy.

Are YOU Ready For The Unstoppable Rise In Metal, Oil and Food Prices?

Of course, it helps that the current ever expanding war (COVID clot shots being the opening salvo) has now gone increasingly kinetic as Israel bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria (an act of war by international standards), followed by the Iranians lobbing a few drones their way.

We’ve got European dolts ramping up to go to battle with the Russian bear, Western politicians and 'leaders' thinking they can isolate Russia (**a major nuclear and industrial superpower!**), but then the Israelis have figured out that the obvious loss of this Ukrainian war (those still believing that Ukraine is winning being solely of the “CNN is the truth” mindset — in other words lobotomised) puts them in an awkward position.

You see, they are surrounded by enemies and supported by the mighty US military. That military is proving itself a tad weak now. Failing to quell the African states breaking away from the clutches of Western powers, and now the aforementioned obvious failure in Ukraine.

So what is Netanyahu to do? He’s hated domestically, and his reputation now hinges on defeating Hamas, but defeating Hamas I’d argue is practically impossible. But men backed into corners tend to make completely irrational decisions, and so here we are. The Israelis possibly figure that they need to destroy Iran and their enemies now, before the US loses all its credibility and fighting prowess.

The issue, of course, is that both Russia and China see that as problematic for them and will step in to support Iran. This is already happening. That useless rag the Washington Post called it a “desperate alignment.”

A distraction that’s needed to divert attention from the fact that the Russkies are solidly winning that war.

All of this is obviously positive for the price of metals, oil, and most anything in the supply chain.

Here’s the thing, though, and I don’t mind sticking my neck out on this. To my way of thinking there is no chance, zero, none, nada that with the open borders in the US (for years now) there aren’t entire battalions sipping Starbuks lattes on US soil. Battalions of who, you might say?

Well, consider the dozens and dozens of nations and groups that the USSA's government has carpet bombed in the name of "democracy" for the last… **oh, I dunno**… 80 years? It’d almost be irresponsible for say the Iranians, the Chinese, the Russians to NOT take advantage of wide open borders. In any event, I’d say the odds of a dust up of some sorts on US soil as this war rolls on are not zero.

US Pension Funds Are Now At Risk Of Bankruptcy, Bail-In Theft

Regulators must equip themselves with tools such as "bail-in" bonds to deal quickly with a failed clearing house for stocks, bonds or derivatives without having to call on taxpayers for cash, the G20's risk watchdog said on Thursday.

After the global financial crisis of 2007-09, regulators mandated clearing for a wider range of derivatives, meaning they must pass through a clearer backed by a default fund to ensure completion of trades.

More recently, the United States adopted rules to force more trades in the $26 trillion U.S. Treasury market through clearers. As a result of such changes, some clearers have become vital to financial systems in more than one jurisdiction, meaning their failure could damage financial stability unless they can be stabilized or "resolved", meaning closed down, in an orderly way.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) said its new standard, which builds on previous guidance, requires that adequate liquidity, loss-absorbing, and recapitalization resources and tools are available to maintain the continuity of a clearer's critical functions, and mitigate adverse effects on financial stability should a shutdown become necessary.

It sets out seven resources and tools that regulators are required to pick from, such as "bail-in" bonds issued by clearers that can be written down to plug losses, resolution funds, cash calls during resolution, and equity in a first-loss position in resolution.

Regulators will have to state publicly which tools they have selected. Laws could need changing or introducing in some countries to give regulators access to such tools.

"Temporary public funding for liquidity ... should be relied on only as a last resort," the FSB said.

Exchanges such as LSEG, ICE, CME and Deutsche Boerse all operate major clearing houses that handle trades totaling trillions of dollars.

The G20 economies commit to applying regulatory recommendations from the FSB, and the watchdog said it would monitor implementation and publish its findings.

Crime Statistics Now Being Censored In The USSA, Makes Corrupt Leadership Look Bad

With the November election less than 7 months away, mainstream media outlets are now choosing to misrepresent the current state of crime in the United States, claiming that crime is declining without providing evidence or details.

As the Daily Caller reports, there are two ways in which the federal government measures crime in the United States: The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR).

Whereas the NCVS asks roughly 240,000 Americans whether or not they’ve been a victim of crime in the last year, the UCR focuses on crimes that have been reported to police within the last year and shared with the FBI.

While more people are reporting to the BJS that they have been the victims of crime, the FBI is reporting fewer crimes through the UCR.

The UCR claims that violent crime dropped by 2% from 2021 to 2022, while the NCVS shows the exact opposite, reporting that the number of victims of violent crime increased by a staggering 42.4% from 2021 to 2022; this constitutes a rise from 16.5 victims per 1,000 people to 23.5 victims per 1,000.

Nevertheless, many mainstream media outlets such as CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Reuters, and The Hill have all turned to the FBI’s data to claim, falsely, that crime is on the decline. All such reports have failed to mention the crucial data from the NCVS.

Even Joe Biden himself has turned to deliberately misrepresenting the facts by relying solely on the FBI’s data.

This directly contradicts broad public sentiment in the United States, with a Gallup poll in December finding that 77% of Americans believe crime is getting worse.

After More US Aid To Ukraine, Russia Will Take Sumy and Kharkiv Oblasts

As a direct result of the United States approving $61 Billion in new military aid to Ukraine, Russia has announced they are now required to take two additional states of Ukraine - Sumy and Kharkiv -- to assure Russian national security.

The aid package from the United States includes long-range ATACMS missiles, which can be used to strike targets inside traditional Russia, so Russia needs a safety zone to protect itself from such launches.

In response to the new Aid sent to Ukraine and the attacks by mercenaries on Belgorod, the Russian Army will now expand the objectives of the Special Military Operation (SMO).

This conflict is escalating. US meddling, and the massive amount of new US financial aid for military gear, is causing it to get worse.

Zelensky could have at least bargained to cede the Donbass for Ukraine's neutrality but I guess more regions will now be incorporated into the Russian Federation.

Corrupt Governments Are Plotting Endless Wars To Cull, Depopulate & Enslave Populations

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State” and the new best-selling book called “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death,” says the UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine.

Newman explains, “The bigger story here that people are not paying attention to is the UN is coming together in September... and they are having ‘The Summit of the Future.’"

They are telling us they are going to bring out radical drastic reforms in the structure of the UN... and the power of the UN.  Think of it as the biggest power grab ever at the global level.  The Secretary General of the UN (António Guterres) has put out briefs where he is calling for the UN to be the one world global dictatorship with him at the helm.  In emergencies, the UN would have all power in emergencies and have all power to oversee emergency response...

They say the crisis could be a climate crisis, an economic crisis, environmental crisis, pandemic crisis, black swan crisis or maybe something from outer space.  So, basically, anything could be a crisis, and when the Secretary General declares a crisis, all power and authority would go to the UN.  This is like a blank check on the wealth and liberty on every person on the planet, and this is coming soon.  It is imminent.  This is coming in September at the UN, and it is a power grab of historic proportions. 

This is really a summit for a tyrannical future.

“One of the interesting things about going to the UN conferences is they are totally open and totally transparent about the fact that they think there are way too many of us on this planet. 

We are taking up their space and consuming their resources.  They say this openly. 

They say there are way too many people having way too many babies, and we have to drastically cut back on the number of people on the planet.  They have a whole agency dedicated to this called the UN Population Fund.”

One sure fire way to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time is war.

“They have understood, the globalists, the Deep State, the evil doers and the sick cabal, have understood for a very long time that war was the best mechanism for bringing about their totalitarian one world government.

This is not speculation on my part.  This is what they say.  Their game plan is war, famine, energy crisis and economic crisis.  These are all tools and catalysts for accelerating this agenda.

If millions of people die in a third world war, and it does not matter if it is Iran and Israel, or China and Tiawan, or Ukraine and Russia, it really does not matter, they want millions and millions of people dead so people will give up their attachment to the nation state, self-government and individual liberty and give up anything, money or freedom, anything to make it stop.”

Newman also points out what state and local governments can do and are doing to resist this UN total control of everything.  Newman says, “We are at war, and everyone needs to put on the full armor of God.”

Toxic 'Vaccines' Have Destroyed Society, Unleashing Irreparable Damage To Public Health

We rarely hear about it due to the system-wide embargo on truthful information about the damage they cause, but vaccines have destroyed the world: https://expose-news.com/2024/04/16/how-much-damage-have-vaccines-done-to-society/

A Midwestern Doctor, a popular Substack account, conducted an extensive review into the science behind vaccines that never sees the light of day. The doctor found that the ugly truth about vaccines stays hidden in order to protect "the business," meaning the vaccine arm of Big Pharma.

To tell the ugly truth about vaccines "would destroy the vaccine programme," the doctor writes, which is why it is never told. One of them is the fact that vaccines do not prevent disease, and instead cause more of it.

Diseases that were once thought to be eradicated have returned, but not because the unvaccinated. The doctor found that vaccines are reintroducing these ancient illnesses, which are today being dubbed a "mystery."

Take the smallpox vaccine, for instance. Introduced in 1798, the smallpox jab was frequently observed to cause smallpox outbreaks rather than prevent them, but this ugly truth was swept under the rug.

If modern medicine was an honest science, the smallpox jab would have been pulled from the market and relegated to the dustbin of the world's worst scientific mistakes. Instead, the smallpox jab laid the groundwork for the thereafter release of a host of new vaccine injections, all of which do the same type of thing.

"Having looked at it extensively, I am of the opinion the smallpox vaccine reshaped the trajectory of humanity's health and ushered in the era of chronic illness," the doctor writes.

The vaccines that would come after smallpox unleashed other new health problems, often due to quality control issues. Besides their inherent toxicity, new vaccines would get pumped out at an increasingly faster rate, and all the new companies trying to cash in on the jab rush to cut corners to save a buck.

"Because of this, a variety of new and severe medical conditions emerged, many of which were deemed to be due to brain inflammation (encephalitis) or brain damage (encephalopathy) and observed to occur in conjunction with cranial nerve damage," the doctor explains.

"Most of these conditions in turn mirrored the myriad of injuries we now too see from modern vaccinations."

"Numerous clinical trials of individual vaccines (e.g., the HPV vaccine) show that vaccines cause many of the same disorders (e.g., a myriad of autoimmune conditions) that have increased in parallel to the number of doses of the vaccine one receives (e.g., the second shot is almost always more likely to cause a severe reaction than the first)," the doctor further writes.

"This in turn suggests that taking a large number of vaccines (presently the ever increasing CDC schedule gives children 90 before they turn 18) puts them at risk for developing chronic disease."

Good! WHO Backs Off On Global Pandemic Treaty, Addresses Tyranny Concerns

Some good things happened this past week concerning the World Health Organization's (WHO) Pandemic Treaty.

In response to widespread public outcry, the WHO substantially revised its proposed International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments, dialing the tyranny back a notch.

Almost all of the substantive concerns presented to the WHO Working Group for the IHR amendments have been trimmed back, one of the biggest changes being that the WHO's recommendations will be non-binding.

Article 13A.1 which would have required Member States to follow directives of the WHO as the guiding and coordinating authority for international public health has been dropped entirely.

Another change is the erasure of a proposal that would have struck from the amendments wording that recognizes the "dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms" of human beings.

As for the controlled flow of information by the government, a process more commonly known as censorship, the WHO will have no jurisdiction over this, either.

What happened during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" in terms of how the WHO applies its IHRs will also remain the same rather than be expanded to also include "all risks with a potential to impact public health."

Of great remaining concern, however, is the explicit recognition in the revised IHR amendments that Member States – in our case, the United States – will be the ones responsible for implementing whatever WHO recommends, as they so choose.

What this means, of course, is that the always smart and never corrupted U.S. Congress, meaning the Zionists and multinational corporations that control them, will have the full and unfettered privilege of deciding how We the People get treated during the next public health "crisis" scamdemic.

It is not acceptable that our nation is influenced by an unelected group who conceived the original amendments. Nor is it reasonable that members of our government tried to persuade us they were nothing to worry about. We shouldn't have to defend ourselves from groups like this. The WHO needs to go.

While these latest developments might seem like a win for medical freedom, we must still be vigilant because the WHO, as well as our own corrupt government, remain untrustworthy.

Israel Strikes Rafah Where All Remaining Gaza Refugees Fled, Many Children Killed During Strike

Just hours after the corrupt dinosaur clown show known as the United States Congress authorized billions more in aid for Israel, the Zionist state bombed Rafah in Gaza, killing mostly children.

Rafah, where all of the Palestinian refugees still alive in Gaza were forced by Israel to flee, is the last remaining place in Gaza that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is salivating at the thought of destroying.

All in all, the strike killed 22 people, 18 of them children, according to health officials. And there are many more deaths to come now that Israel is once again flush with cash extorted by Congress from US taxpayers.

The latest reports indicate that Israel is bombing Rafah almost every day now. Soon, if Netanyahu and his comrades get their way, there will also be a ground offensive in Gaza.

"In the coming days, we will increase the political and military pressure on Hamas because this is the only way to bring back our hostages and achieve victory," Netanyahu announced with that iconic grimace. We will land more and painful blows on Hamas — soon."

The very first Israeli strike on Rafah resulted in the death of a man, his wife and their three-year-old child, according to the nearby Kuwaiti Hospital that received their bodies.

The wife was pregnant with another child, which praise be to God was saved by doctors. However, the chances of that child surviving in the coming days is slim as Israel plans to fully ethnically cleanse the entire Gaza Strip. Something the Jews would normally denounce as a "Holocaust" **if anyone else were to do that, that is.**

"These children were sleeping," said Umm Kareem, one of the family's relatives. "What did they do? What was their fault?"

Americans Struggle As Radical Democrats Destroy And Plunder Their Cities

A new Census Bureau survey highlights the 15 largest US metro areas where residents face the most financial difficulties, almost all of which are under Democratic leadership. This comes as no surprise as issues of elevated inflation, high taxes, soaring violent crime, and a migrant crisis are spiraling out of control across many blue cities.

The survey asked 70,000 respondents between March 5 and April 1 in major metro areas about:

Difficulty paying for usual household expenses, food scarcity and the ability to pay energy bills.

The survey's findings are stark: Riverside, California; Houston, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois, are the top three metro areas with the most financial hardships. All three cities are under Democratic leadership. With the exception of Dallas (#4 on the list) and Miami (#6), the rest of the metro areas are under radical leftist control.

In addition to the Census Bureau, the latest Beige book from the Federal Reserve found that consumer spending "barely increased" amid weakness in discretionary spending. The consumer is a lot weaker than the White House makes everyone believe with needless propaganda pushed on social media and at press conferences.

Consumers are bearing the brunt of failed Bidenomics: reckless federal spending, disastrous green initiatives, and horrible foreign policy have created a toxic environment for consumers. And now inflation is on the rise.

This is what happens when one party rule takes over, and their job becomes how to keep their job. No longer by the people, for the people, and of the people.

This is what is coming to your city if you keep voting for democrats.

IMF Sounds Alarm Over US National Debt Insolvency

The astronomical rise in the US national debt poses significant risks to the global economy and threatens to continue fueling high inflation, according to a new warning from the International Monetary Fund.

In its latest Fiscal Monitor, the Washington-based institution said that it expects the U.S. to record a fiscal deficit of 7.1% in 2025 – more than triple the level in other economies.

"Loose fiscal policy in the United States exerts upward pressure on global interest rates and the dollar," Vitor Gaspar, director of the IMF’s fiscal affairs department, told reporters. "It pushes up funding costs in the rest of the world, thereby exacerbating existing fragilities and risks."

Under current policies, public debt in the US is projected to nearly double by 2040. If this trend continues, the Congressional Budget Office anticipates the national debt will grow to an astonishing $54 trillion in the next decade.

Should that debt materialize, it could risk America's economic stability in the world. America would become a third world country with out-of-control price inflation.

The US is one of four countries that needs to critically address fundamental imbalances between spending and revenue.

The US national debt topped $34 trillion in January after a burst of spending by the Biden regime and Congress and is well on its way to surpassing $35 trillion. 

The massive amount of spending is igniting price inflation and is undermining financial stability worldwide by increasing global funding costs.

Gold's Catapult Has Been Built, Silver's Is Next

The time has come to cite the many reasons why Gold has risen, and why Gold will continue to launch to much higher levels. The USGovt debt and USTreasury Bond default, in my opinion, deserve the lead factors along with powerful price inflation. These factors are not featured in the press. The Jackass has stated for the last five years, to impatient clients and frustrated colleagues, that the Gold price will not break above the $2000 mark with momentum in a sustained manner until the USGovt debt is widely perceived to be on a crash course toward default. WE ARE THERE, as even the prestigious St Louis Fed has publicly gone on record to call the USGovt debt as unsustainable.

Growing perception of USGovt debt default and USTreasury Bond default. The $34 trillion debt will never be repaid. The borrowing costs are over $1.2 trillion annualized.

Growing perception of monetized USGovt debt and monetized USTBond refunding. A severe shortage of foreign bond investors has become an acute problem.

Growing perception of constant status for higher price inflation. The actual CPI is at least 5% to 6% higher than reported.

Growing trend of grand wealth transfer, from USTreasurys to Gold in banking systems. This phenomenon is an historic factor, seen once per century.

Growing trend by bank depositors to remove funds from banking system, and to invest in the more stable Gold. Individual account holders are very worried.

Progress with BRICS nations in creating non-USD payment systems, which results in heavy volume of USTreasury Bond sales. They are all de-Dollarizing to remove risk.

State-run Media Gets The OK To Finally Admit The Reality About Ukraine

The US State-run media must have gotten it's cue: Time to let the Pro-Ukrainian nitwits know what's going on!  Ukraine is... ehhhh... Losing.

To those of you who read this website and/or listen to my radio show, you've known from the beginning how this would turn out. Ukraine never stood a chance.

The only thing the US and NATO did was ruin years of dialog and cooperation with Russia, run-down our weapons and ammunition stockpiles, erase goodwill from international affairs, and show themselves to be literal thieves by stealing Russia's sovereign wealth money.

Other than that, the Ukraine operation went great...  except for the half million Ukrainians who are dead ...and now they've lost.

The people in government who did this, should all be fired, criminally prosecuted and sued into Bankruptcy by families of the war victims, for the war they caused and the loved ones lost.

The military people who advised the politicians that we could assist Ukraine successfully, are factually incompetent and should be relieved of their commands and relived of duty immediately.

The politico story pages say all that needs to be said.

Crooked DHS & NGOs Are Working To Rig The US Election With Illegal Foreign Voters

As if treason and the destruction of America's democracy was not already obvious, more proof of treachery against election integrity is leaking out.

The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project posted an image on Twitter X of what they say is a flyer from a non-governmental organization operating in Mexico encouraging migrants to vote for President Biden once they arrive in the United States: https://twitter.com/OversightPR/status/1780054306454167954

"Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open," part of the flyer read.

Flyers distributed at NGO in Mexico encouraging illegals to vote for President Biden: https://twitter.com/OversightPR/status/1780054306454167954

The Oversight Project said the flyer was initially discovered by a Muckraker journalist while touring the site of Resource Center Matamoras in Mexico. 

"They [flyers] also appear to be handed out when illegal aliens use the RCM for assistance in coming to the USA," the group said.

RCM founder Gaby Zavala told one of Muckraker's journalists that she is trying to flood the US with as many illegal aliens as possible before former President Trump is reelected.

"RCM bills itself as an operation which houses functions for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which helps illegal aliens enter the United States," Oversight Project said, adding that disgraced Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas "is a former board member of HIAS, which received numerous grants from Soros' Open Society Foundation over the years." RCM bills itself as an operation which houses functions for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which helps illegal aliens enter the United States.

RCM has connections with Soros-funded non-profits operating across the US. Save the Children received over $650,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and has provided grants to Team Brownsville.

Meanwhile, new documents from Judicial Watch show Mayorkas has met with NGOs facilitating the border invasion.

Since the Biden regime opened the floodgates, 10 million illegal immigrants invaded the nation. A complex web of NGOs is facilitating the border invasion while the regime looks the other way. 

Supercharged Spying Provision Buried In Terrifying FISA 702 Reauthorization

On Monday, the House finalized procedural business on a bill to reauthorize the nation's warrantless surveillance powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) called "one of the most dramatic and terrifying expansions of government surveillance authority in history."

"Buried in the Section 702 reauthorization bill (RISAA) passed by the House on Friday is the biggest expansion of domestic surveillance since the Patriot Act. Senator Wyden calls this power “terrifying,” and he’s right," the thread begins.

I’ll explain how this new power works. Under current law, the government can compel “electronic communications service providers” that have direct access to communications to assist the NSA in conducting Section 702 surveillance. In practice, that means companies like Verizon and Google must turn over the communications of the targets of Section 702 surveillance. (The targets must be foreigners overseas, although the communications can—and do—include communications with Americans.) Through a seemingly innocuous change to the definition of “electronic communications surveillance provider,” an amendment offered by House intel committee (HPSCI) leaders and passed by the House vastly expands the universe of entities that can be compelled to assist the NSA.

If the bill becomes law, any company or individual that provides ANY service whatsoever may be forced to assist in NSA surveillance, as long as they have access to equipment on which communications are transmitted or stored—such as routers, servers, cell towers, etc. It also includes commercial landlords that rent out the office space where tens of millions of Americans go to work every day—offices of journalists, lawyers, nonprofits, financial advisors, health care providers, and more.

The amendment even extends to service providers who come into our homes. House cleaners, plumbers, people performing repairs, and IT services providers have access to laptops and routers inside our homes and could be forced to serve as surrogate spies. None of these people or businesses would be allowed to tell anyone about the assistance they were compelled to provide. They would be under a gag order, and they would face heavy penalties if they failed to comply with it.

MY COMMENT: Now that the US government is going full gestapo - thanks to RINO traitors like Mike Johnson - just assume in the near future any service you hire that enters your home cannot be trusted and may be working as spies for the federal government! So I'll tell people what they should do if you need to hire a service: #1 simply unplug the internet modem before they arrive to your home, you do not want them having access to anything modem-related. #2 Any laptop you own should be shut off and put away out of sight with your belongings. If you have a PC just shut if off completely and put the PC tower away, somewhere they won't have any direct access to it! #3 If you have anything else you would not want them to see, throw a tarp over it or hide it, or better yet put it in a locked room where service providers will not have access! It would be wise to keep an eye on them too so no one can easily bug your home. This is the sad state America is in today but it has become the nightmare reality!

California's Billion Dollar Bailout To Homeless People Ends With MORE Homeless People

California spends an astounding amount of money to "combat homelessness". **Presumably.**

California has failed to adequately monitor the outcomes of its vast spending on homelessness programs, according to a state audit released Tuesday, raising questions about whether billions of dollars meant to thwart the crisis has been worth it as the number of people living unsheltered has soared.

A new report from the California State Auditor’s Office found that a state council created to oversee the implementation of homelessness programs has not consistently tracked spending or the outcomes of those programs.

“The state must do more to assess the cost-effectiveness of its homelessness programs,” California State Auditor Grant Parks said in a letter sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers Tuesday accompanying the audit.

I know this is a crazy question to ask, but does all that spending actually do anything to reduce the amount of homelessness?

California has spent $20 billion over the past five years dedicated to the state’s homelessness crisis, including funneling money toward supporting shelters and subsidizing rent. Still, homelessness grew 6% in 2023 from the year prior, to more than 180,000 people, according to federal “point in time” data. Since 2013, homelessness has grown in California by 53%.

The California Interagency Council on Homelessness — created in 2016 to oversee the state’s implementation of programs dedicated to the worsening crisis — has not ensured the accuracy of the information in a state data system and has not evaluated homelessness programs’ success, according to the state auditor.

Out of five state programs analyzed, auditors found that two were likely cost effective: Project Homekey — Newsom’s COVID driven project to convert hotels into housing — and the CalWORKs Housing Support Program, which offers financial assistance and other services to low income residents. The others analyzed, including a state rental assistance program, could not be reviewed because “the state has not collected sufficient data on the outcomes of these programs,” according to auditors.

Based on the data available, the audit also revealed that most people involved in state programs are placed into interim housing such as shelters and do not end up in permanent housing.
FLASH ALERT: Avoid All Travel To The Middle East!

The Foreign Ministry of Russia has issued a stark warning to its citizens: Avoid travel to Middle East.

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly recommends that Russians refrain from traveling to the Middle East region, especially Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, unless absolutely necessary" Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told media outlets.

Russia's warning its citizens to not travel to the Middle East is yet another indication of how unstable and dangerous the situation between Israel and Iran has become.


UPDATE: International and local companies have suddenly cancelled flights to and from Iran tonight. Turkish mediation to prevent escalation was rejected by Tehran.

All active Iranian army units are on alert and all officers have been called to duty.  All vacations have now been cancelled.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has canceled the leave of its members and stated it has "entered a state of war."

Iran has stopped all air traffic around Tehran from now until 05:00, local time.

US Fake 'Economy' Will Continue To Collapse As Lying Propagandists Will Tell You Everything Is Fine

One idea has become abundantly clear over the last four years: You can’t add 41% to the money supply and expect inflation to remain “transitory.”

But that’s exactly what the Fed did over two years, after which President Biden picked up the ball in January 2021 and ran with it.

The result has come to be known in the online media as “Bidenomics,” and it hasn’t worked out very well for most Americans. In fact, according to a Redfin survey, people are making major financial sacrifices just to live at a basic level. Economics Research Lead Chen Zhao said:

“Housing has become so financially burdensome in America that some families can no longer afford other essentials, including food and medical care, and have been forced to make major sacrifices, work overtime and ask others for money so they can cover their monthly costs.”

Even worse, some Americans have resorted to skipping meals just to afford their overly-inflated mortgage payments:

“Nearly one in five homeowners and renters reported skipping meals to afford housing in Biden’s economy, according to a new survey conducted by Redfin. The median asking rental price increased from less than $1,700 when Biden took office in January 2021 to nearly $2,000 as of February, according to Redfin’s data.”

But it’s not just housing prices and mortgage payments that have apparently inflated out of control under the Biden regime.

Grocery prices have become a heavy financial burden for many families, with prices overall rising over 40%. Some items cost 50-80% more today than four years ago.

Headlines are often misleading. “Food inflation” would mean that food gets bigger. “Food price inflation” is what they’re really talking about. I doubt this article is trying to trick anyone with a New York Times-style inflation con, but words are important! The food did not inflate; food prices went up because the money supply inflated.

Think about this the next time you hear a talking head cheer because “Inflation is only 3.5% now!”

But what those same talking heads fail to acknowledge are the real-world impacts of rising costs of living on the average family, only some of which are revealed above.

That’s probably the main reason why people call price inflation “the tax no one votes for.”

Second Big Insurance Carrier Excludes War Related Injuries From Insurance Coverage

Policyholders with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies are receiving notices about coverage changes pertaining to the threat of full-scale war.

Dr. Ben Tapper (@DrBenTapper1) shared an image on X – see below – showing policy changes that "include a war exclusion."

"Your Commercial Inland Marine Coverage will include a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological Hazards Exclusion," the notice further reads.

Earlier this year, we warned that insurance companies were altering their policies to exclude coverage for injuries or sickness caused by war, rioting, insurrection: https://www.naturalnews.com/2024-02-06-health-insurance-exclude-coverage-sickness-war-insurrection.html

Though war exclusions are technically nothing new for insurance carriers, they do have ominous implications for what is soon expected.

In the spring of 1937 when German bombs fell on Guernica, Spain, flattening 70 percent of the town's buildings in less than three hours, property insurers were completely unprepared because they were not expecting such a thing to happen.

"They soon realized it wouldn't take many Guernicas to wipe out the balance sheets," CFC says. "They responded by adding exclusions to policies for acts of war – a move reflected in contracts to this day."

"This time the concern is cyber war – specifically, attacks so catastrophic that they cripple a nation’s ability to function," CFC says. "Lloyd's of London have mandated the exclusion of such scenarios from March 31st of this year. Some in the market are resisting the move."

"Insurance brokers are suspicious when new exclusions appear. And rightly so; they usually signal a reduction in cover for policyholders. They present problems for brokers when clients discover they don’t have the cover they thought they did." 

Simply put, there are a whole lot of events that are now considered to be "war" in the eyes of both the government and the insurance industry. By adding war exclusions to policies, many policyholders will likely find themselves in a serious bind when they realize their assets are no longer covered.

"Imagine a company trying to pay out damages to infrastructure in Gaza right now," one commenter wrote about current events. "Imagine offering coverage on nuclear damages," wrote another about how the insurance industry could never cover a nuclear attack and survive.

Iran Just Gained Much Needed War Defense Intel On Israel, Jordan, US & UK

At 8:30 AM eastern US Time on Sunday, Israel's War Cabinet will convene a meeting in an Army Bunker, not its regular meeting place at the Prime Minister's Office. 

The meeting will discuss an Israeli "response" to yesterday's Iran Response, to the April 1st attack by Israel upon the Iran Embassy Compound in Damascus, Syria.

President Joe Biden has reportedly told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "The United States will NOT participate in any Israeli attack upon Iran."

According to several sources inside Israel, after being told that, Netanyahu "vetoed" a response plan previously approved by the War Cabinet.   

As such, this morning's meeting will likely be very frustrating for the Israelis since they apparently can't get the United States to fight Iran for them.

Yesterday's launch of Drones, Cruise Missiles, and Ballistic missiles by Iran, marked the first time in history that Iran directly attacked Israel.  It's never happened before.

This event has changed the Middle East, in many ways, forever.   

First, the "awe" of Israeli military power, has been dimmed by Iran.  While US, UK, and Israeli planes were able to down ALL drones launched by Iran, and Israel's "David's Sling" and "Arrow" missile defenses were able to down ALL cruise missiles fired by Iran,  at least seven (7) Iranian BALLISTIC missiles, got thru and struck Israel.

Were the drones a distraction?  Bait? 

Looking back, it seems that's exactly what they were.   By launching the drones, and announcing they had done so while those drones still needed another 57 minutes to arrive to targets, Iran baited the entire region to see who would do what.   They found out, quite clearly.

Price Inflation In The USSA: $1 Items Now Costing Up To $7

Remember when those crazy conspiracy theorists warned that creating too much governmental debt would end up devaluing the US dollar and thus cause price inflation, making the cost of living more expensive for average people? **Well...**

Discount retailer Dollar Tree has sparked a revolt among some of its customers after increasing the price cap of items to $7 across thousands of stores nationwide.

"If it were really going to go up like $7 … that'd be too much. I'd rather just get everything at Walmart," Scott Kolack, a Dollar Tree regular, told WPTV-TV.

On March 13, Dollar Tree CEO Rick Dreiling told investors during a conference call, "This year, across 3,000 stores, we expect to expand our multi-price assortment by over 300 items at price points ranging from $1.50 to $7." 

Dreiling said the higher costs would include food, pet, and personal care items, though not all items will reach the $7 mark.

"Over time, you will also see us fully integrate multi-price merchandise more into our stores so our shoppers will find $5 bags of dog food next to our traditional $1.25 pet treats and toys, and our $3 bags of candy will be found in the candy aisle," Dreiling said.

Dollar Tree's CEO also pointed out that the company's fastest-growing demographic is consumers making around $125k a year. This comes as Bidenomics fails what's left of the middle class. There really is something amiss with the economy when budget retailers can no longer supply customers with low-cost items.

Meanwhile, all 99 Cents Only stores across the nation are closing for good. Dollar Tree is closing nearly 1,000 Family Dollar stores, citing theft & inflation.

This is of-course is just another one of the thousands of economic domino effects of national debt insolvency. As long as the government needs Trillions in debt every 100 days to fund their bloated waste and grift, Americans will keep witnessing the rising costs of living, more and more stores closing down and going bankrupt, more poverty thus more crime, and everything else that contributes to the definition of a third world country.

Maybe it's time to give up on failed Keynesian economics and revive a real economy with industrial production, manufacturing and strong agricultural workforces while limiting governmental spending aka grift?


An unexplained "anomaly" is now visible on Ventusky.com ocean monitoring system.  A strange "burst" of 80 foot waves has emanated from Antarctica and is showing as moving north.

I have never seen anything like this.   Did a huge chunk of ice fall into the water causing a massive Tsunami? Did a Meteor Hit the ocean from space?  Did some major earthquake take place that no one registered?

If the video below is correct, these 80 foot waves are now smashing into the southwest coast of the Africa Continent, and +20' tall waves will make it into the Atlantic ocean, to the USA and to Europe, within the next few days.

The video below lays out the current situation.  Beneath the video, this story continues with word I got BEFORE the April 8 eclipse, warning me there was an inbound meteor.   I did *NOT* publish the story over credibility concerns. Here. Watch the video:


Meteor headed for impact with earth.  IMPACT near Madagascar on April 8, an object about the size of Camel Back Mountain in Arizona.

"Mean distance = 29.3018
Eccentricity = .98153
Inclination = 4.35684
Ascending node = 18.5295
Arg of pericentre = 94.1284
Mean anomaly = 305.16514

We call her "Maddy the Elly"  (Interpreted by me as "Madagascar" Extinction Level Event")

She’s coming and she’s BIG"

I was also told: "They’re not going to announce until about 8 hrs before impact if the plan holds. That’s why they are worried about the millions of people in the eclipse viewing zones. Not because of their location but because of the mere fact they are away from their homes and those areas are going to be over stressed. Hence the national guard and prep talk."

Read more info here: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/component/content/article/unexplained-anomaly-emanating-from-antarctica-reported-80-foot-waves-moving-north?catid=17
European Parliament Approves White Genocide, Plans To Flood Europe With Foreigners

The European Parliament has approved the controversial EU "Asylum and Migration Pact", which will see countries forced to accept their fair share of new arrivals into the bloc or pay a fine for every illegal 'migrant' they reject.

Nationalist politicians across Europe expressed their anger at the passing of the pact, which they claim cedes sovereignty to an ever-centralized European Union.

“The Migration Pact organizes the tutelage and control of nations, the legal impunity of NGOs complicit with smugglers,” tweeted Marine Le Pen of France’s National Rally.

She further vowed to “put an end to the accelerated pursuit of policies to encourage and organize mass immigration,” on June 9 at the EU elections in which her party is expected to win the most French seats.

In the parliamentary debate that preceded the vote, Le Pen’s party leader Jordan Bardella confirmed that those within the Identity and Democracy (ID) parliamentary group would be voting down the legislation.

“Countries will be forced to welcome thousands of migrants into their towns and villages or pay dearly to be spared!” Bardella told the chamber, warning that Brussels wants to redistribute new arrivals while nationalist politicians want to “send them back.”

After the vote, Bardella took to social media to denounce the “terrible European Migration Pact” that seeks to “impose the distribution of migrants in our municipalities under penalty of financial sanctions.”

Voting was briefly suspended on Wednesday evening due to a protest from inside the chamber from left-wing activists who urged those of their political persuasion to vote down the bill on humanitarian grounds.

“This Pact kills, vote ‘No!'” they chanted from the observation rooms as they threw paper airplanes down into the auditorium.

Protesters disrupt the European Parliament chamber during a voting session on the Asylum and Migration Pact, throwing paper airplanes down on lawmakers and demanding the bill be rejected. pic.twitter.com/sL6c2vsLzr

— Remix News & Views (@RMXnews) April 10, 2024

The Hungarian government reiterated its opposition to the pact following the vote with spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs citing Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó who “declared that regardless of any migration pact adopted by the European Parliament, Hungary will maintain its legal and physical border barriers and will not allow illegal immigrants entry, opposing the pro-war and pro-migration stance of Brussels’ leadership.”

Europe Is Bypassing US Sanctions By Buying Russian LNG, LOL!

Russia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports gained over 4% in the first quarter of this year as it increased output to replace sanctioned pipeline gas exports to Europe, Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday. 

Citing a 4.3% (8.7 million metric ton) increase in unsanctioned LNG exports in Q1 2024 based on data from Kpler, Kommersant.ru said exports to the European Union were rising, while those to Asia were declining. Russia’s LNG exports to Asia for the first quarter of the year saw a 7% decline, which was made up for by a 4% increase in exports to Europe, which received some 5 million tons of Russian LNG during that time period. The bulk of LNG production in Russia comes from the Yamal LNG project, run by Novatak, and the Sakhalin Energy project, run by Gazprom.

In late March, Moscow moved to sell Shell’s minority stake in the Sakhalin LNG project to state-run Gazprom for $1 billion. Initially, Moscow was planning to give the stake to Novatek in the wake of Shell’s move to abandon the project after Western regimes sanctioned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. According to Russian newspaper Vedomosti, Novatek has deemed its participation in the Sakhalin project to have high legal risks.

The new data showing the rise in Russian LNG exports to the European Union indicates that Europe has replaced piped Russian gas from its eastern ports with Russian LNG at its western ports as the bloc becomes the biggest buyer of Russian LNG, clocking in half of all Russian LNG export volume this year so far, followed by China, which scooped up 21% as of February data. 

Reuters data analysis in February also showed that the EU has replaced Russian piped gas flows with Russian LNG imported primarily to Spain, Belgium and France.

==Hyperinflation Hits Alaska: Shocking New Grocery Prices!==

$8 For Canned Food. $10 For Bread. $18 For Ketchup. $26 Potatoes. $27 For Water. $47 For Steak.

Video below from Alaska shows the prices people in Dillingham are being asked to pay for food.


Is **THIS** what's coming to the lower 48 contiguous United States? Looks like a massive hyper-inflationary Great Depression is near!

Folks, remember, you have been warned this was coming for many years by real economists, historians and many survivors from other collapsed nations! You have been warned **over and over again** that governmental spending is out-of-control and financially insolvent! When Congress is spending One Trillion Dollars every 100 days to fund the "too big to fail" bloated waste-ridden bureaucracy that is a sign of third world national decay. You have been told to get yourselves and families prepared. I just hope you all have, for your sake.

Insolvent: Fitch Downgrades China's Debt

Ratings agency Fitch said on Wednesday (Apr 10) it had downgraded China's sovereign credit outlook to negative, citing increased risks to the country's public finances, in a move Beijing swiftly called regrettable.

Chinese officials have struggled for months to kickstart economic growth as they battle a range of headwinds, particularly a prolonged property sector crisis that has fueled fears of wider contagion. The draconian covid-19 lockdowns also contributed heavily to this economic crisis, although governments rather this not be mentioned.

Policymakers have announced a series of targeted measures as well as the issuance of billions of dollars in sovereign bonds (debt), aimed at boosting infrastructure spending and spurring consumption, but analysts have said much more needs to be done.

Fitch said its outlook revision "reflects increasing risks to China's public finance outlook" as the country "contends with more uncertain economic prospects". "Wide fiscal deficits and rising government debt in recent years have eroded fiscal buffers from a ratings perspective," the agency warned. It said "fiscal policy is increasingly likely to play an important role in supporting growth in the coming years which could keep debt on a steady upward trend". Fitch added that projected lower economic growth "exacerbates challenges to managing high economy-wide leverage".

Real estate companies that "need to go bankrupt should go bankrupt, and those that need restructuring should be restructured", Housing Minister Ni Hong told a news conference on the sidelines of a major political meeting.

Back in 2023, Fitch also downgraded the US credit rating for a similar reason, bailouts and increasing national debt: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/01/business/fitch-downgrade-us-credit-rating.html

Iran And America Make Amends BUT Beware Of False Flag Attacks By Israel To Draw US Into War!

The US will not interfere if Iran attacks Israel through a series of messages exchanged via third parties, the United States and Iran have come to an understanding.

Iran assured the Americans it will not target US facilities, and in turn the US says it will not get involved if Iran retaliates against Israel.

Israel carried out the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, without consulting the United States.

Since the Embassy and the next-door Ambassador's residence are on the same compound which was bombed, they are both Iran Sovereign territory. Israel's attack was therefore an actual Act of War for which Iran has the right to respond with military force.

MY COMMENT: I am hoping something akin to what happened to the USS Liberty does not happen again, but I fear Israel is very desperate to drag America to fight their wars once again. If an attack does take place, Israel would certainly be the one to benefit. I obviously encourage fellow Americans, **the same as I have done concerning the war in Ukraine**, not to get themselves involved in these unnecessary and very dangerous foreign entanglements!

99 Cent Stores Shuttering All Locations, Citing Crime and Inflation As Key Factors

One of the first places I discovered when I moved to California in the late 1980s was the 99 Cents Only Store. One of my apartments was in walking distance of one, and I could buy a week's groceries for $20. Those halcyon days are long gone, not just for me and others, but for the iconic 99 Cents Only Store. When the company had to raise their price point from  $0.99 to $1.01 a few years back, you kind of got the sense they weren't going to outrun this. It was finally the weight of inflation and the COVID [scamdemic] that did them in. 

I’m sorry for the 14,000 workers about to lose their jobs.

The 99 Cents Only Stores is closing all 371 of its stores in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.

The company is liquidating everything starting Friday.

— Lynnette KhalfaniCox (@themoneycoach) April 5, 2024

On Thursday, the company officially announced plans to close down, citing financial difficulties stemming from the pandemic, changing consumer demand and rising inflation.

The company's press release tells the tale that is becoming the spirit of the age: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/99-cents-only-stores-announces-wind-down-of-business-operations-302108746.html

“This was an extremely difficult decision and is not the outcome we expected or hoped to achieve,” said Mike Simoncic, Interim Chief Executive Officer. “Unfortunately, the last several years have presented significant and lasting challenges in the retail environment, including the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting consumer demand, rising levels of shrink, persistent inflationary pressures and other macroeconomic headwinds, all of which have greatly hindered the Company’s ability to operate.”

The press release failed to mention rampant retail theft but you know that factors in as well: https://apnews.com/article/california-retail-theft-legislation-smash-grab-4472b135a8c811cffac2d35571a99cae

Who is this really hurting? Well the 17,000 employees (the X post above failed to factor in the people in the corporate office and ancillary operations) who are now on the unemployment line. At 5.3 percent, California and Nevada already have the highest unemployment rates in the nation. California just instituted a $20.00 an hour minimum-wage hike, which is going over like a lead balloon; so the closure of a small business like 99 Cents Only Stores is only going to add to that burden.

SORRY! Your Cities Are Collapsing So Your Home Insurance Has Been Canceled!

California's biggest home insurance provider, State Farm, has announced that it will be discontinuing coverage for tens of thousands of policies in the state this summer in a move that many are interpreting as a strong sign that the insurance industry suspects something big is about to go down there.

On March 20, State Farm announced that 72,000 home and apartment policies in California will be cut, citing issues such as the increasing risk of catastrophes, regulatory costs and ongoing inflation. The move is a major blow to California homeowners, who are already grappling with insufficient policy coverage and high insurance rates.

In their announcement, the company said that the homeowners insurance policies for 30,000 customers, including condominium owners, will not be renewed. They also will be putting an end to offering commercial apartment policies and will not renew the 42,000 that they currently have in place. The cancellations will begin this summer, with homeowners insurance cancellations starting on July 3, followed by commercial property policy cancellations on August 20.

In a statement, State Farm said that they did not make the decision lightly. They added that they take “seriously our responsibility to maintain adequate claims-paying capacity for our customers and to comply with applicable financial solvency laws. It is necessary to take these actions now.”

Last year, State Farm announced that it would not be accepting any new home insurance applications in the state because of “historic” rises in inflation and construction costs. This was followed by a rate hike for 20 percent of its existing customers. Seven of California's 12 biggest insurance groups have been either restricting or pausing new homeowners insurance policies during the last year.

Although the increasing prevalence of arson is undoubtedly a factor in California's insurance problem, other crime is also a growing issue, especially in liberal-run cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many analysts believe that home break-ins are also playing a role in State Farm's decision.

Consumer Watchdog Executive Director Carmen Balber said: “It's an outrage that State Farm is dumping so many customers that have paid their premiums diligently for decades with the expectation that their home insurance will be there when they need it."

CDC Finally Releases Hidden Trove Of Covid Clot Shot Injury Reports And It's Anything BUT Safe

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released previously hidden reports of facial paralysis and other adverse events following deadly COVID-19 fake-vaccination clot shot.

The 780,000 reports were received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, and show people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.

“Loss of consciousness and seizure immediately following injection. Went to ER by ambulance,” one person reported.

“Diagnosed with Bells Palsy today due to left-sided facial numbness and paralysis,” another said.

People lodged the reports with V-safe, a text-message system created by the CDC to monitor for possible side effects of COVID-19 death jabs.

The first two tranches, comprising 780,000 reports from some 523,000 people, include dozens of reports of heart inflammation, hundreds of reports of facial paralysis, and thousands of reports of tinnitus.

“For 24 hrs after [the] shot I was so fatigued I could not stay awake. I also have some very strong suicidal thoughts. Zero appetite,” one individual wrote.

Another person said they experienced symptoms of an allergic reaction. “I read where [sic] this vaccine should not be administered to anyone allergic to PEG and I am allergic to PEG. It would be incredibly reassuring if someone would call me as all I run into is dead ends,” the individual said.

“ICAN had to sue the Centers for Disease Control in order to gain access to the COVID-19 shot V-safe adverse event data, which is yet another shameful chapter in the decades-long history of federal health officials trying to cover up vaccine risks by ignoring patterns of vaccine reaction symptoms in reports made to the government,” Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times after reviewing the new data.

“When people report the same symptoms over and over again after getting a biological product—in this case ’shortness of breath‘ and ’heart palpitations,' which are both symptoms of myocarditis that has been causally linked to mRNA COVID shots—the public should be warned, not kept in the dark. It raises questions about what else government health officials are hiding,” she added.

The free-text entries are not dated. Elizabeth Brehm, an attorney representing ICAN, said the group is seeking the dates of the reports from the CDC. The group does know that the entries are the earliest ones received by the CDC. V-safe was launched as the vaccines were rolled out in late 2020. The rest of the entries are expected to be produced on a rolling basis.

A CDC spokesperson declined to answer many questions, including those related to the dates of entries.

Someone told me I should look up this video online, so I did and watched it in full. This is extremely informative! America and it's allies could really learn something from this short video! Did you ever wonder how the most sanctioned country in the world... a country that had been cut off a global financial transaction system (SWIFT)... not only managed to survive but actually thrive economically? This Youtube video explains it all:

How Russia Survived 16,000 Sanctions (Genius Strategy)


Hint: [spoiler]Putin used an old long-forgotten American strategy that made us the most powerful country in world many decades ago![/spoiler]
Joe Biden Moves To CUT Social Security & Medicare Benefits For Millions Of Americans

The Biden regime has finalized its move to slash Medicare Advantage as the 46th president has claimed former President Donald Trump seeks to slash entitlement programs.

The Biden regime on Monday will cut base payments for Medicare Advantage plans by an average of .16 percent despite pressure from Republicans and healthcare experts. This follows Biden making controversial moves in the risk adjusting coding system to allegedly make Medicare Advantage payments "more accurate".

Biden’s move would impact more than half of Medicare enrollees, as many American seniors now look to Medicare Advantage for their healthcare needs. American seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage could see their supplemental benefits reduced or cost-sharing increased by $33 a month in 2025, according to experts.

Chris Meekins, an analyst, said, “President Biden’s team is gambling that MA beneficiaries won’t realize before the election the benefits Biden’s team is causing them to lose come January 2025.”

Biden’s move to slash Medicare Advantage comes as Trump told Breitbart News he will never touch Social Security or Medicare. This runs contrary to claims from Biden and Democrats that he would cut entitlement programs.

“I will never do anything that will jeopardize or hurt Social Security or Medicare,” Trump explained. “We’ll have to do it elsewhere. But we’re not going to do anything to hurt them.”

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said, “BREAKING: Biden just cut Medicare benefits AGAIN. 2.8 MILLION Florida seniors use Medicare Advantage & Biden’s cuts will cost them an extra $400 per year. Biden’s war on seniors is devastating & I’m fighting like hell to reverse this terrible decision.”

Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK), the chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), said, “The Biden White House attacks me for wanting to fix and save Medicare, meanwhile @JoeBiden is actively cutting Medicare for 33 million seniors.”

Heritage Action wrote, “Biden is cutting Medicare Advantage benefits for 33 million Americans—and hoping they don’t notice until after the November election. Here’s how benefits for seniors are being cut.”

Hi there, Israel. I am Lieutenant Columbo. Homicide. I have been placed on the case of the missing Palestinians by my superiors. I seem to have lost my pen. Just give me a minute. It must be in one these pockets, aw shucks. Now where did I put that notepad? No matter.

What were we talking about? Right. The massacres. Do you realize the Geneva Convention set out a certain set of rules for warfare? Slaughtering civilians is not ok, oh, do you mean to blame Hamas? I see. No alibi for the 1948 Arab Israeli war. "Defending yourself" by murdering 1,953.

Then there was the Qibyan massacre of reprisals carried out by Ariel Sharon on the innocent village of Qibya. You murdered about 70 civilian Palestinians, including women and children. But you didn't stop there. In 1973, you raided Lebanon on the night of April 9th under the cover of night.

Over 50 Lebanese were massacred, including 3 policemen. Then you invaded them again in 1978, committing over 2,000 murders of Lebanese people. The First Intifada on December 9th, 1987, an Israeli truck intentionally plowed into a civilian car just to kill 4 Palestinians. Why do this?
Biden Regime CANCELS Plan To Refill Drained US Strategic Petroleum Reserve

After the Biden regime drained the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level in 40 years, now they are CANCELLING their plans to refill it because oil is "way too expensive"... and the reason the oil is "way too expensive" is due to the fact this same anti-capitalist regime has shut down numerous domestic oil pipeline projects and oil refineries.

Critics warn that lower oil reserves are a national security issue for the US. If the reserves are low when a larger war or crisis occurs, refilling the reserves could be much more difficult and certainly more expensive.

“It’s pure insanity to watch the Biden Administration cut American oil production and then claim they can’t refill our critical reserve because of the price,” Daniel Turner, founder and executive director for Power The Future, said in a statement. “Joe Biden drained the SPR for political reasons, cut our domestic production for his climate agenda and now he’s leaving our critical reserve more vulnerable because he’s incompetent. As a result, Americans are paying more at the pump, more at the grocery store and our SPR is less full during a time of rising turmoil in the Middle East.”

Biden has taken fire from American citizens for hindering US oil production and lowering the reserves. The Biden regime has increased regulatory pushback for oil domestic production while fear-mongering over the climate. One would wonder if they really cared about environmental protection, why would they openly allow and promote chemtrailing our skies or allowing toxic carcinogenic glyphosate to be sprayed all over America's crops? Nevermind, the government refuses having anything to do with common sense today.

“The Biden administration’s war on US energy is crippling hardworking Americans and has led to our Strategic Petroleum Reserves being at their lowest levels since the 1908s,” US Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga, wrote on X Twitter. “Reverse course and restore US energy dominance!"

HAARP Weather Weapons Hit Taiwan With Mass Tsunami As Essential Chipmakers Shut Down

A powerful geo-engineered earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 - the strongest earthquake in 25 years to hit the island - followed by a smaller quake with a magnitude of 6.5 struck off Taiwan’s eastern coast Wednesday, according to the US Geological Survey, prompting tsunami warnings in southern Japan.

The first quake, with a magnitude of 7.4, struck at 7:58pm ET (7:58am local time) and had an epicenter located about 18 kilometers (11 miles) south of the city of Hualien and shook buildings in the capital Taipei.

Hualien announced plans to shut down offices and schools Wednesday in the wake of the event. The island’s power provider, meanwhile, said nuclear power plant operations remain normal and power distribution in Taiwan had stabilized.

People on the Chinese social platform Weibo said they felt the quake all across China, including in Shanghai and Guangdong.

This is to be expected considering the obvious planned transfer of power and wealth from the West to the East. The Bilderberg/WEF/Davos (((globalists))) who have hijacked Western nations are hell bent on destroying Western supply chains, weakening America within, bankrupting the nation through mass debt insolvency and unsustainable wasteful spending as well infrastructure sabotage right as they bring us into World War III, which has been planned in advance to collapse the Western World and empower their new BRICS trade union.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the leading contract chipmaker for Apple Inc. and Nvidia Corp., shuttered some of its chipmaking capacity and evacuated plants after the biggest earthquake in 25 years rocked the island nation, just east of mainland China.

Taiwan plays a significant role in manufacturing advanced chips for artificial intelligence, smartphones, computers, and electric vehicles. The country is estimated to produce 80% to 90% of the highest-end chips.

This, along with the three year long attack against meat processing plants, massive arson against farms and ranches, train derailments, shutdown of domestic oil pipelines as well sabotage against refineries, DEI policies leading to infrastructure failures and collapse (**like the recent Baltimore Bridge collapse**) is all being committed to destabilize and bankrupt the West and our ability to remain self-sufficient during the planned World War which we have been set up to lose by (((globalist))) traitors.

Make no mistake, even if a massive amount of Western citizens rebel against the planned coming world war and refuse to fight or be drafted into war, the (((globalists))) are doing everything to starve out, bankrupt, impoverish and enslave the masses who will be rapidly cut off all global supply chains amid more acts of brutal treasonous sabotage within! This is why American families better have at the very least two years worth of basic essentials stocked up to live along with the means of self-defense because the civilized world we were so long adjusted to is rapidly being deliberately destabilized and derailed.

Israelis Stage Largest Anti-war Protest, Demanding Netanyahu Resign

Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated against Benjamin Netanyahu's government in Jerusalem, calling for new elections and a ceasefire to return the remaining hostages held by the Hamas militant group in Gaza.

Gaza's Health Ministry said that at least 32,782 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the war, as humanitarian officials warn of an impending famine if Israel does not allow far more aid to cross into Gaza by road.

An Israeli delegation arrived in Egypt's capital Cairo for a new round of peace talks, mediated by Egypt and Qatar.

Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hamas and bring all the hostages home, yet those goals have been elusive. While Hamas has suffered heavy losses, it remains intact.

Roughly half the hostages in Gaza were released during a weeklong cease-fire in November. But attempts by international mediators to bring home the remaining hostages have failed. Talks resumed on Sunday with no signs that a breakthrough was imminent.

Hostages' families believe time is running out, and they are getting more vocal about their displeasure with Netanyahu.

"We believe that no hostages will come back with this government because they're busy putting sticks in the wheels of negotiations for the hostages," said Boaz Atzili, whose cousin, Aviv Atzili and his wife, Liat, were kidnapped on Oct. 7. Liat was released but Aviv was killed, and his body is in Gaza. "Netanyahu is only working in his private interests."

Protesters blame Netanyahu for the failures of Oct. 7 and say the deep political divisions over his attempted judicial overhaul last year weakened Israel ahead of the attack. Some accuse him of damaging relations with the United States, Israel's most important ally.

Netanyahu is also facing a litany of corruption charges which are slowly making their way through the courts, and critics say his decisions appear to be focused on political survival over the national interest. Opinion polls show Netanyahu and his coalition trailing far behind their rivals if elections were held today.

Unless his governing coalition falls apart sooner, Netanyahu won't face elections until spring of 2026.

Expect Higher Price Inflation, More Theft Of Industrial Metals As USSA Collapses

When unemployment and inflation cause skyrocketing incentives for thieves to steal industrial metals like copper, criminals rush for some of the biggest sources: critical infrastructure. That includes cell towers, water pipes, street lights, and rail lines. These copper heists threaten transportation, communication, municipal services, urban safety, and other essentials of modern life.


The chaos they can cause can cost lives, too — for example, copper heists from railways can cause warning lights, intersection gates, and turnouts that divert trains to other tracks to go offline.

If dollar inflation continues sufficiently unabated - **and it will considering the US government debt is only massively increasing** - the relative price of copper and other industrial metals will continue to rise. Other unexpected wrenches in the economy, like the recent closure of the Port of Baltimore, could also challenge well established propagandist predictions. The Port of Baltimore was one of the US’s main exporters of coal, which could cause upward pressure on the global price of energy in an already-inflationary environment, and make metal smelting operations more expensive.

And as metal prices soar, so have incidents of theft that damage crucial infrastructure and multiply existing economic damage. Freight train accidents and delays, power and cellular blackouts, municipal sewer damage, and flooding and drainage issues from stolen gutters and pipes are just a few of the problems caused by 2024’s surging copper theft across America and the world.


Also at risk are electric vehicle charging stations, which have been proliferating around the country. Although they only contain a small amount of copper that can be extracted, meaning very little profit for thieves, their opportunistic mischief requires an expensive fix — especially for EV stations that are repeatedly targeted and need to be continually repaired or replaced: https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/copper-thieves-target-ev-charging-cables-in-the-twin-cities/

And when thieves are desperate, nothing is sacred. Not even statues of civil rights leaders or copper headstones in graveyards are safe from the temptation of an easy flip when prices are too high for criminals to ignore. And while these sorts of thefts don’t endanger infrastructure, they’re a sign of the times and a unique indicator that the US dollar and economy are in troubled shape.

I seem to vividly recall an individual speaking of checkpoints in which no Christians or Ukrainians, or no Christians or Slavs, were allowed to enter into certain areas. It may as well have had to do something with being Jewish. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you may feel free to tell me to fuck off, but for the time being, I shall browse the catalogue hoping to refind what I seem to have lost.
HHS & FDA Collude To Enslave American Medical Patients As "Human Subjects"

If you think for a second our government is not being run by the absolute most pure evil freedom-hating demonic scumbags, you better think again.

In a significant blow to patient safety, privacy, autonomy and trust between them and the current medical establishment, informed consent has been quietly revoked just 77 years after it was codified in the Nuremberg Code.

On the 21st of December 2023, as we were frantically preparing for the festive season, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final ruling to amend a provision of the 21st Century Cures Act. This allowed: “...an exception from the requirement to obtain informed consent when a clinical investigation poses no more than a minimal risk to the human subject...”

This ruling went into effect on January 22nd, 2024, which means it’s already standard practice across the USSA.

So, what is the 21st Century Cures Act? It is a controversial Law enacted by the 114th United States Congress in January 2016 with strong support from the pharmaceutical industry. The Act was designed to “...accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of 21st-century cures, and for other purposes [?]...”

This Act granted the National Institutes of Health (NIH) legal protection to pursue high-risk, novel vaccine research. A strong case could be made that these provisions capture all the necessary architecture required for much of the evil that transpired over the past four years.

Overturning patient-informed consent was another stated goal of the original Act. Buried under Section 3024 was the provision to develop an “Informed consent waiver or alteration for clinical investigation.”

Scholars of medical history understand that the concept of informed consent, something we all take for granted today, is a relatively new phenomenon codified in its modern understanding as one of the critical principles of the Nuremberg Code in 1947. It is inconceivable that just 77 years after Nuremberg, the door has once again opened for state-sanctioned medical experimentation on potentially uninformed and unwilling citizens.

Notice the term subjects, not patients, persons, individuals, or citizens... but subjects. In asymmetrical power relationships such as clinician/patient, it is understood that the passive subject will comply with the rulings and mandates of their medical masters. The use of the term subjects also serves to dehumanise. The dehumanisation of populations was a critical component of past human experimentation and, as Hannah Arendt argued, is an essential step toward denying citizens “... the right to have rights.”

==Baltimore Port Bridge Collapse Will Cripple Economic & Military Activity For Years==

Exactly like the United States declared ISIS was responsible for the Moscow terrorist attack immediately after it occurred and before an investigation was even started, the US government declared the Baltimore Port bridge catastrophe wasn’t a terrorist attack before investigators even arrived at the scene - an affront to normal investigation procedures quickly noted by retired United States Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn who warned “This is a BLACK SWAN event… Black swans normally come out of the world of finance (not military)…The standard operating procedures for all U.S. ports, harbors, and bays that transit commerce and military activities are supposed to maintain an incredible level of discipline, rigor and awareness for these very type events to not occur (ever!), yet here we are.”


Award winning American investigative journalist Lara Logan has put out a warning confirming what multiple intel sources have recently warned.

“Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on US critical infrastructure - most likely cyber - & our intel agencies know it.

In information warfare terms, they just divided the US along the Mason Dixon line exactly like the Civil War.

Second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material now down for 4-5 years - which is how long they say it will take to recover.

Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material - fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels - that supply chain now crippled.

Make no mistake: this was an extraordinary attack in terms of planning, timing & execution.

The two critical components on that bridge are the two load-bearing pylons on each end, closest to the shore.  They are bigger, thicker and deeper than anything else.  These are the anchor points and they knew that hitting either one one of them would be a fatal wound to the integrity of the bridge.

Half a mile of bridge went in the river - likely you will have to build a new one.  Also caused so much damage to the structural integrity of the bottom concrete part that you cannot see & won’t know until they take the wreckage apart. Structural destruction likely absolute.

Attack perfectly targeted.
A bit of imageboard news I thought would be good to share. 

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I was a mod in another old imageboard, so I know firsthand these type of things happens sometimes
Viral Video Proves The FBI Are Unconstitutionally Spying On And Harassing Social Media Users

Two videos have gone viral on Twitter X showing FBI agents visiting people’s houses to ask questions about offensive social media posts.

The first clip shows three people who claim to be FBI agents visiting a woman called Rolla Abdeljawad at her home in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The woman asks them to identify themselves, but they refuse to do so while being filmed, before claiming they had already shown the woman their IDs.

"Wow. The FBI reportedly sent agents to a woman’s house in Stillwater, Oklahoma to question her over her political beliefs that she posted on Facebook.

Unless these guys are impersonating federal agents, this is a very serious red line they’ve crossed."

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) March 29, 2024

“What we’d like to do is have a conversation with you about some social media posts that you’ve made, would you be willing to talk to us about that?” asks one of the agents.

The woman refuses to talk until she has a lawyer present, before the agent asks her for contact information.

“No, I’ll get back to you,” states Abdeljawad.

Another agent then asks the woman to have her attorney “contact the FBI office in Oklahoma City.”

Abdeljawad is told by one of the agents that “Facebook gave us a couple of screenshots of your accounts.”

“Well you can’t arrest me for freedom of speech, we live in America, so it’s kind of weird that you want to come talk to me about me exercising my freedom of speech,” responds the woman.

“We do this every day, all day long we talk to people, it’s just an effort to keep everybody safe, make sure that nobody has any ill will or bad intent or anything like that,” responds one of the agents.

“Just verified with local law enforcement that, the indivs who came to my home, really were FBI per their license plate. My lawyer will contact the OKC field office. The lawyer did inform me that, these instances are now common but, the lawyer doesn’t believe that FB sent them the screenshots of my posts. Rather, it seems like a fishing expedition. I do not fear them. My only concern as, I told the cop is that, someone in my state will do something or that they would and then use my posts in a malicious attempt to “smear” me. Just *remember, I am a Muslim, an obligated protector of creation. I enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong.”

Another X user called Kam St. Martin posted, “the FBI came to my house over a TWEET! Not cool. My pinned tweet that’s still up.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters used racial slurs towards members of the Jewish race in New York City. This happened outside a Jewish fundraiser event for the Zionist baby-killer Joe Biden. The Jews have been whining about this. These Jews are murderous kikes. Sure, maybe not every single Jew is responsible for what is happening in Israel, but they belong to the race that is committing the genocide in Gaza. This makes the Jews murderous kikes or “fucking murderous kikes” as that one hijab-wearing individual said. I mean, what else did they think was going to happen after Israel did what they did to Gaza? Did they think people would just say that it is totally cool for Jews to mass murder people, bomb hospitals and commit endless amounts of war crimes? Ironically, the people who they lobbied to bring into America via their fucked up immigration policies are the ones who are most angry at them. The Jews really didn’t think about this strategy all that much I guess. They really aren’t very smart. They’re just good at ==fraud==, corruption, blackmail and ==lies==

The Biden regime back in 2021 proclaimed tomorrow which this year is Easter Sunday as a day to celebrate trannies. They’re calling it a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This was highlighted again by the Biden regime. This is such a bullshit proclamation. The fact that this is being highlighted is obviously meant as a purposeful Jewish attack against Christianity. Easter is the most important holiday for Christians.

We certainly don’t need trannies to be visible nor should there be a day promoting their visibility. They should be made invisible. We can do this either by putting them in mental institutions or by taking the more conservative approach and curing their mental illness via execution.

[spoiler]OP note: I work with a "transgender". The bitch thinks her voice is the reason she doesn't pass and gets upset when all patients refer to her as "mam". Pees sitting down in the men's bathroom. Bossing around like douchebag is the only male archetype as she's consistently told to shut the fuck up by everyone. On top of that, spouts seething hate against "cis-gender white males" and demands we all cut off our genitals. Trans people are psychopaths and the author of this is 100% correct.[/spoiler]

Surprise, Surprise. Neo-con RINOs Are Now Campaigning For Democrats

Liz Cheney spoke at the New Orleans Book Festival at Tulane University last weekend.

It was another opportunity for Liz to slam and smear her former party. Liz Cheney left Congress after suffering the worst defeat by a sitting lawmaker in US history in her Wyoming primary. Not even Democrats could bail out the old Trump-hater.

In her most memorable speech to date, Cheney compared herself to Abe Lincoln after getting trounced by 28 points.

Last weekend, Liz was back on her soapbox. This time Liz took on the entire Republican Party. Her new line is how dangerous Republicans have become since Trump arrived on the scene. She wants all Republicans to lose.

Liz Cheney: “I believe that we’re in a situation where the future of the democracy depends upon making sure the Republicans are not in the majority in the House and in the Senate in 2025."

Liz has just confirmed what all real conservatives have been saying for years. Establishment "Republicans" (or **Republicans In Name Only** aka RINOs) are just closet-Democrats. They are not real conservatives. They do not believe in free market capitalism or support consumer choice. They do not believe we have Constitutional rights as citizens. They want a massive insolvent bloated corrupt government running everyone's lives as well the faux "economy" and most of all, they love endless wars and foreign intervention.

Meanwhile real conservatives wish to have limited government, less taxation, a secure border, peace and trade between nations, consumer choice in a free market system, to be able to defend themselves and families if need be and to be able to live their lives in peace, without fearing prolonged societal breakdown that is currently being imposed by horrible policy makers.

Pete Buttigeg's DOT Cut Budget Leading To Baltimore Bridge Catastrophe

Insiders in the Maritime Industry are laying the blame for today's cargo ship crash into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg.

A contact in the field of marine and domestic logistics just told me (verbatum) -- [Foul language warning]:

"They pulled the Tugs off of the Dali and because its not a "major" ship but a 10k ship.  They made the decisions to pull the tugs.

Tugs on the ship would have prevented this.  Guess who funds the Tugs? Secretary Pete Bootyjuice. The DOT cut the tug budget 40%. The Tugs would have been able to slow, even stop the ship.

He is to blame for this. He effectively just buttfucked (pun intended) that port.

Russia Reveals Where Terrorists Were Trained, Training Camps Are Being Destroyed

The Moscow Concert Hall terrorists were trained in Istanbul for two months.

“All four terrorists were trained in one of the camps in Turkey. The preparation [for two months] took place in Istanbul."

Today, both Russia and the government of Turkey are destroying those camps.

The recruitment of assassins for the terrorist attack in Moscow's Crocus City Hall Concert venue was organized through the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan, according to a military expert, ex-special services officer, retired Colonel Bakhtiyer Rakhmonov.

A few weeks before the terrorist attack, information appeared on the website of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission about inviting foreigners to join the so-called "International Legion," he noted. The message was later removed.

"The ambassador of the Ukrainian embassy in Dushanbe is the ex-head of the foreign intelligence service, and the consulate itself was looking for perpetrators a few weeks before the terrorist attack, publishing an order to hire assassins openly on the page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan," he said, adding that it provided all the contacts - a potential terrorist could only write or call.

Rakhmonov constantly monitors such messages on the website of the Ukrainian embassy. Since 2014, Ukrainian diplomats have posted similar announcements several times, only to have them removed.

"The work on recruiting foreigners was led by Ambassador Extraordinary of Ukraine Valery Evdokimov, former head of the foreign intelligence service under Zelensky," the expert said.

Evdokimov was the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine from September 2019 to June 2020.

As most of you already know, the United States Congress is totally owned by Jews and Israel. AIPAC the main pro-Israel lobby group in Washington DC responsible for buying off American politicians to vote in favor of bills that support Israel. This group was just boasting about the US House approving $4 billion for Israels’s continued genocide operations in Gaza. 

Billions are going to Israel while the US-Mexico border remains open. America is being flooded with endless third world filth but Israel remains the priority. This disgusting arrangement only benefits subversive Jews. Any real country would have banned AIPAC and arrested the people collaborating with them as traitors.

Our political leadership has totally sold their souls to these Jew demons. They won’t even stop funding them as they are murdering babies in Gaza. These people have all condemned themselves to hell through their continued support of this demonic Zionist terror regime.

Thanks To The FDA, American Children Are Eating Arsenic & Lead

A new report is raising concerns over General Mills’ new cereal line after testing revealed that Trix LOADED cereal is literally loaded with high levels of heavy metals and agrochemicals.

General Mills, Inc. on Feb. 1 launched “LOADED,” a new cereal line with “puffed-up larger-than-life squares” of General Mills’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs cereals filled with artificially flavored vanilla creme. Trix LOADED boasts 17 grams of whole grain per serving and 12 vitamins and minerals. Yet testing by Moms Across America (MAA), an organization dedicated to educating and empowering others to create healthy communities, found the artificially flavored creme-filled breakfast food also contains measurable levels of aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, glyphosate, and pesticides shown to be harmful to humans.

In a statement to The Epoch Times, MAA director Zen Honeycutt said her organization tested two samples of General Mills’ Trix LOADED cereal because they were alarmed that the company, which had previously seemed very committed to supporting regenerative organic agriculture, launched a cereal “loaded with creme, food dyes, and highly-processed foods.”

In test results obtained by MAA, scientists found residues from eight different pesticides in both samples of Trix LOADED cereal.

The following six pesticide residues were found in trace amounts:


Two pesticides, piperonyl butoxide-1 (PBO) and fluopyram-1, were detected in higher amounts. Fluopyram-1 is a broad-spectrum fungicide that can cause liver problems, endocrine disruption, and thyroid cancer.

Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) is a man-made pesticide synergist that enhances the potency of certain pesticides designed to kill insects. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies PBO as a “possible human carcinogen” as studies in rats show PBO can induce thyroid and liver cancers, as well as tumors.

According to test results obtained by The Epoch Times, scientists also detected measurable levels of aluminum, cadmium, lead, and arsenic in both samples of Trix LOADED cereal that in some cases far exceeded the EPA allowable levels in drinking water. The United States does not consistently regulate heavy metals in food or assess the long-term cumulative effects of heavy metal exposure in children, but it does regulate the amount of heavy metal contaminants allowed in water.

For example, the EPA sets the allowable level of arsenic in drinking water at 10 parts per billion (ppb). Trix LOADED cereal samples contained 21.5 and 23 ppb of lead—more than double the EPA’s allowable level. The samples contained cadmium levels 400 percent higher than the EPA’s allowable level.

At Least 40 Dead In Ongoing Terror Attack On Moscow Concert Venue & Mall

Russian state media as well as The Wall Street Journal's regional correspondent is reporting at least 40 people killed in the unfolding major terror attack on Moscow's largest concert hall.


Initial video has emerged showing what appears to be attackers in combat fatigues with assault rifles going around the mall part of the venue (which is attached to the concert hall) and shooing randomly (warning: graphic)...

"The attackers shoot a crowd of people. The video shows at least 4 people with guns"

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) March 22, 2024

There are reports from RT of follow-up blasts happening even amid a huge security, police, and emergency response.

More video of the gunmen shooting bystanders within the concert hall:

"BREAKING: Footage shows deadly shooting in Moscow — 40 killed, 100 injured in terror attack in Moscow concert hall, local media reports."


A mere days ago the US Embassy in Moscow released the following alert telling all US nationals still in the country to avoid large gatherings and public venues. What did they know?

Russia Announces Counter-measures Against Ukraine With 14 New Divisions, 16 New Brigades
RELATED:  >>>news/22366@22366

With his re-election accomplished, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now getting serious about the harm being done to Russia by the petulant and crazed collective West. Defense Minister Shoigu has announced the creation of two new ARMIES for Russia, including fourteen (14) New Divisions of 10,000-15,000 troops EACH, and sixteen (16) new divisions of 3,000-5,000 troops EACH.

To put these two new armies in perspective, what Russia is now creating - above and beyond its present armed forces - is larger than the armies of: Germany, Britain (UK), France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Sweden COMBINED.

The big question now is whether or not Russia will resort to Conscription.

The other big question now is will the collective West resort to insanity and try to engage Russia, risking escalation and the loss of life for Western troops.

Let us hope both answers are "NO" but we'll see.

Hey American Taxpayers! Look At The Waste & Fraud Our Politicians Want To Fund!

What's in the new monster bill Congress is rushing to pass? Witness the debt insolvency and demise of a falling rogue empire!

$850k for a gay senior home

$15 million to pay for Egyptian's college tuitions

$400k for a gay activist group to sexually abuse elementary kids, promote trans-abuse

$500k for a DEI zoo (???)

$400k for a group to gives clothes to teens to help them "hide their gender" (**WTF!?**)

ENGINEERED FAMINE: Anti-American Bolsheviks In Oregon Attacking Family Farms

Small farmers are under attack in the state of Oregon, which has begun shutting down family farms throughout the state en masse under the guise of water conservation and "groundwater protection."

Yanasa TV, a project of Yanasa Ama Ranch shared a roughly 20-minute video – you can watch it below – explaining what is going on in the Beaver State as bureaucrats erroneously dub small family farms as concentrated animal feeding operations in order to shut them down "for the environment."

"The state of Oregon has effectively shut down small farms and market gardens on a large scale, and they're actually sending out cease-and-desist letters to farms and they're using satellite technology to find their victims and send them these letters that say you can't operate," the rancher in the video below explains.

This is of-course yet another demonic, Unconstitutional, blatant attack against American food security, against consumer choice and the free market, and against American farmers who have done nothing wrong, against those who only help assure America is well fed. The goal is to starve America into subjugation, like all communists do throughout human history.

The rancher explains that there are two different laws that Oregon officials are using to conduct these shutdowns. One involves the state of Oregon's broadly vague definition of a CAFO.

Based on this definition, a few-acre homestead with pasture and, say, two milking cows and some chickens qualifies as a CAFO if it has any area on the property where rock or gravel is used as a pathway to get to a small barn or coop.

"The way that they have redefined CAFOs is going to impact nearly everybody," the rancher warns about Oregon's "updated" CAFO definition, which impacts his property as well. "Even on our property, we don't have animals that are necessarily contained in one area (they're roaming on pastures)."

"This law is being enforced in the state of Oregon," the rancher warns, telling the same story as National Review about Godspeed Hollow Farm in Newburg, Ore., which has been reclassified as a CAFO simply because it has a gravel pathway from the milking machine to the pickup station just 100 feet in distance.

"[Oregon] has already shut down some farms. There is an injunction on some of the definition of the law until it can be heard in court. Currently small dairy farmers ... a lot of what they're requiring is simply too much for the small farmer."

==Illegal Aliens Told To "Invade American Homes" As El Paso Border Gets Stormed==

A viral TikTok video shows an illegal immigrant influencer encouraging other illegal immigrants to “invade” houses in the United States and take advantage of squatting laws that make it difficult for squatters to be removed from homes in liberal states and cities.

Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, shared the viral TikTok video Wednesday on X, formerly Twitter. Rugg wrote, “TikToker is going viral by telling illegal immigrants how to ‘invade’ homes in America thanks to progressive squatting laws.”

In the video, the influencer tells illegal immigrants about squatting laws that allow empty homes to be taken over by squatters. He said, “There is a law that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.” The TikToker claimed his next business would be invading houses.

After expressing his desire to invade American houses, the man said, “My African friends have told me that they have already taken about seven homes.” He added, “You have to look for the return, and the return right now is to invade a house.”

It may be time, very soon, Americans will be **FORCED** to use their guns to defend themselves. The problem is.... will the hijacked "Justice" system today go after those who rightfully defend their private properties from theft while victimized civilians and police are turned against one another? Get ready, could this be the beginning of a recently-forewarned Civil War 2.0, following another pre-planned and staged world war to bring down America and our freedoms once and for all? If so, you count the rule of law NULL AND VOID and with that all civility.


Shocking scenes were caught on tape in El Paso - which technically is in Texas but may as well be in Mexico - on Thursday afternoon when a massive swarm of angry illegal aliens stormed the key chokepoint to the US southern border, breaking through the border wall and steamrolling National Guard troops. 

For those still unconvinced, this nation is being invaded, this video of illegals storming the border today should convince you otherwise.
Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City Kept Secret By Democrats & Media

Democrats in New York City and their allies in leftist corporate state-run media are keeping a massive migrant shelter hidden from the public, located at a previously operational airfield in southern Brooklyn. This comes as the metro area has been flooded with upwards of 175,000 illegals in just a few short years. 

According to a recent AFP News report, large white tents full of Central and South Americans, Africans, Chinese, and Russians are packed like cattle on one of the runways at Floyd Bennett Field. It's hard to say how many migrants are in the tent city, but some figures put it at nearly 2,000.

Corporate State-run media has largely ignored this sprawling tent city of illegals. Only a handful of articles have been published about it over the last three months.

Forget legacy media outlets whose journalists are bought and sold by mega-corporations and heavily influenced by Washisngton's censorship-industrial complex because citizen journalists have revealed new footage of the migrant tent city.

Twitter user Henry Facey's drone video of the tent city has been reposted by many on the free speech platform and has since gone viral: https://twitter.com/InfoUncensored

"This Is New Drone Footage Taken From The Floyd Bennet Field Illegal Migrant Camp, Marine Park, Brooklyn, New York City

If not for citizen journalists you’d have no idea how massive these illegal immigrants centers are.

This is The Great Replacement"

— Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) March 20, 2024

A separate investigation by Facey shows another tent city in the metro area. 


Putin Warns Western Governments: NATO Troops Who Enter Ukraine Risk Becoming Military Targets

Love him or hate him, even if you generally do not give a damn at all like most citizens. Feelings do not matter. It is smart to heed a dire warning given by a leader of a nation who is engaging in a war.

Russian intelligence has alleged that France is preparing a military contingent of 2,000 troops to be deployed on the ground in Ukraine. The claim was made by Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin on Tuesday, and was quickly picked up in international headlines, also given it is rare for him to make statements like this.

"The current leadership of the country [France] does not care about the deaths of ordinary French people or about the concerns of the generals," Naryshkin said as translated in TASS: https://tass.com/politics/1762083

The Russian intelligence chief further said the French military "fears that such a large military unit cannot be transferred and stationed in Ukraine unnoticed."

"It will thus become a legitimate priority target for attacks by the Russian armed forces. This means that it will suffer the fate of all the French who have ever come to the Russian world with a sword," Naryshkin emphasized. The past months have seen instances where Moscow claimed its forces took out French mercenaries in Kharkiv, but neither the Ukraine nor France ever verified this. Russia is now saying it will target foreign troops in Ukraine as a priority.

He didn't elaborate further or offer anything in the way of verification or proof, but it comes after French President Emmanuel Macron sparked fierce debate in Europe last month by telling allies they shouldn't rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine. While most Western allies have voiced their rejection of a scenario of sending NATO forces to Ukraine, officials have been urging more rapid production of weapons. Italy's prime minister Giorgia Meloni is the latest to say that deploying Western ground troops to Ukraine must "be avoided at any cost" in Tuesday remarks.

Meanwhile, more negative coverage belatedly seeping into US mainstream media on just how desperate and dire the situation is for Ukraine forces at this point: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2024/03/15/ukraine-village-mobilized-men-war/

It would be very wise for American and Europeans to refuse to partake in this war. People are dying every day in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian troops have been slaughtered. This is NOT our war, and it would be suicidal and stupid on our part to partake in this war or send our family members into it. The buck has got to stop with the American and European citizenry and their dissent, their refusal to become cannon fodder. Let us hope a call to end this foolishness whos selfish 'leaders' like Macron are engaging in, and a return to sanity prevails. – **However... consider the warnings of war.** – If you get yourself involved in this war, YOU are at fault because YOU put your own life at risk for insane stooges like Macron.

UN Diplomat Jeffrey Sachs: Russia's War With Ukraine Was Completely Avoidable

Economist Jeffrey Sachs has appeared this week on Piers Morgan Uncensored where the two discussed Russian leader Vladimir Putin just being elected to a fifth 6th year term as president. Sachs speaks from within the establishment, having long served as a UN advisor, but has at the same time been branded in mainstream media as "a Putin cheerleader" - as Wall Street Journal and others have long described him. Sachs had a wide-ranging discussion with Morgan over the Ukraine crisis and other pressing global topics. The guest has long been controversial for his 'unorthodox' views on everything from Syria to Libya to US hegemony and Western regime change efforts in the third world.

"My point has always been, lets end this war in Ukraine," Professor Sachs told Morgan, while emphasizing that Washington has been bent on regime change in Moscow which began in earnest in 2014 with the overthrow of the Yanukovych government in Kiev. Sachs said the tragedy of the Ukraine war ultimately began with the US seeking to destabilize Russia and NATO expansion up to its borders. Sachs lashed out at critics saying "It's not a matter of cheerleading. It's a matter of common sense. I've known the Eastern European region for over 30 years."

Sachs said, "My view is that this war was completely avoidable, and could have been ended in March 2022. But, it persists because we don't have a sensible approach." When asked about his views of Vladimir Putin and the prospect for peace negotiations to finally settle the war, Sachs offered the following: "We're not in a game. We're not in name calling. We're not in a cage brawl," Sachs said. "We're trying to actually not have the world spiral into nuclear war. So it's not that game. The game is sit down and negotiate." Sachs in the interview pointed out that as far back as 2007 Putin was clear on his red lines regarding violating prior NATO vows of not expanding East.

Sachs explained the following on the origins of the Ukraine war:

"I believe that the big mistake of both sides is we should talk this out. And now let me say a word about talking it out. In 2008, when Bucharest happened, European leaders called me because I'm friends with them. They said, what is your crazy president doing, by the way?

Some who are in power right now, I won't name names. What is your president doing? Why is he destabilizing things? He promised he wasn't going to push Ukraine. That's what european leaders say in private. They don't say it in public. We avoided the negotiations. Then 2014 came, sadly, Piers. I saw some of it firsthand. It was ugly. The United States should not be funding overthrows of governments. We did. I know it."

The two also discussed everything from the war in Gaza to the TikTok ban, with Sachs saying of the China-based platform and current controversy: "I think we are in the middle of a very typical American paranoid phase..."

On the Gaza war, which began on Oct.7 and the Hamas terror attack on southern Israel, Sachs said controversally:

"Israel has the most extremist religious nationalist government in its history... there's no end game here politically other than complete domination or ethnic cleansing or slaughter."

NEVER DO BUSINESS IN NEW YORK! Homeowner Arrested For Locking Home To Prevent Burglary!

A woman who inherited a home in New York City full of people squatting illegally was arrested and led away in handcuffs after she changed the locks.

Adele Andaloro, 47, was placed under arrest at her $1 million home in Flushing, Queens, which she inherited from her parents after they died.

"It’s enraging," Andaloro told the NY Post. "It’s not fair that I, as the homeowner, have to be going through this."

The ordeal erupted when she started the process of trying to sell the home last month but realized squatters had moved in — and brazenly replaced the entire front door and locks.

Fed up, she recently went to her family’s home on 160th Street — with the local TV outlet in tow — and called a locksmith to change the locks for her.

The spat with the squatters, which was caught on camera, rapidly erupted into a verbal altercation until the cops showed up and led Andaloro away - charging her with 'unlawful eviction.' (**Despite the fact she is NOT a landlord or even renting her home!**)

New York City homeowner gets arrested after changing the locks on *her own home* after it got taken over by squatters. Never do business in New York: https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1770124716294181126

"By the time someone does their investigation, their work, and their job, it will be over 30 days and this man will still be in my home," Andaloro said. "I’m really fearful that these people are going to get away with stealing my home."

Andaloro says she's now been forced to go through the court system to start an eviction filing to settle the landlord-tenant dispute.

A bunch of FBI faggots ended up blowing themselves, I mean blowing themselves up, during some sort of training exercise. Talk about embarrassing. There were no deaths and no horribly serious injuries but it was apparently serious enough that it made international news.

I have no sympathy for these clowns. The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization and anybody who volunteers to be a member of the FBI is a big faggot who deserves to get blown up during a training exercise. These FBI assholes have spent years hoaxing fake terrorism plots by entrapping random retards only to take credit for stopping the plots they invented. They are also a totally politicized and corrupt arm of the Jewish-run Democrat Party. They protect the real corrupt criminals while doing raids against people over hoax crimes because of their political views.

The FBI should be abolished but if their people decide that they want to blow themselves up during training exercises that is an acceptable compromise.

Around 6,000 Foreign Mercenaries Have Been Killed So Far In Ukraine

Russia's Defense Ministry issued a report Thursday which said its forces have killed nearly 6,000 foreign mercenaries and volunteers fighting on behalf of Ukraine since the war began over two years ago.

The report claimed that in total 13,387 "foreign mercenaries" from multiple dozens of countries have fought in Ukraine, and offered a remarkably specific breakdown of nationalities. International press outlets underscored that it was impossible to independently verify the claims.

Notably Russia claimed an astounding number of American mercenary deaths, putting the number killed from the United States at 491. The number of fighters killed who hailed from Britain was listed at 360, and Canada - 422, another surprisingly high figure according to the claims. But the Russian MoD's tally of Polish foreign fighters was by far the largest group - at 1,497 out of 2,690 fighters said to have been killed.

Within the first year of the Russian invasion, it was especially then UK Prime Minister Liz Truss who openly encouraged British and Western fighters to go volunteer to fight for Ukraine.

The US too at the time openly allowed recruitment efforts by Ukraine's international/foreign legion through online advertising including social media and large platforms like Facebook.

However, as the war tragically turned into a 'meat grinder' and stalled front lines, Western officials seemed to back off their active encouragement for individuals to travel to Ukraine to fight. Since then, periodically Russia has claimed to have killed or taken prisoner American or UK citizens. Overall, the whole initiative didn't go well as stories like the below demonstrate...


More recently, the Kremlin has claimed large numbers of French mercenaries are active in Ukraine, especially near Russia's border in Kharkiv. Paris has rejected the claims. At the same time, Russia too has been known to deploy foreign fighter in its ranks, but numbers are unknown.

South Africa Considers Banning (((Dual Citizens))) Who Aid Genocide In Gaza

Many American, British, European, and other foreign-born men and women have long served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and often they are dual citizens. As an example, earlier this week Israel announced the death of 19-year old Sgt. Itay Chen, a dual US-Israeli citizen who had been serving in the IDF, at the hands of Hamas.

But South Africa, which brought an International Criminal Court (ICC) case against Israel over allegations of genocide against Palestinians, has issued a new declaration forbidding its citizens from joining or assisting in any way with the Israeli military.

South Africa’s foreign minister Naledi Pandor has said South Africans face arrest upon their return home of they fight in the IDF or assist as part of a paramilitary unit.

"I have already issued a statement alerting those who are South African and are fighting alongside or in the [Israeli military]: We are ready. When you come home, we are going to arrest you," Pandor said at a pro-Palestine event attended by the country's governing African National Congress (ANC) party.

South Africa has also previously warned that soldiers with dual South African-Israeli citizenship could be stripped of their South African citizenship if caught fighting for the IDF.

Pandor went so far as to positively recall that ANC militants were trained by Palestinians to resist the prior apartheid government. "We didn't meet the Palestinian people on October 8th, we've been together in the struggle for many decades," she said.

Since Israel's retaliatory operation began in Gaza in the wake of the Oct.7 Hamas terror attack, Israel-South Africa relations have reached a historic low point and are even on the verge of breaking completely.

Currently, South Africa's foreign ministry is calling on global protests in front of embassies of any country supporting or weaponizing Israel. South Africa is also urging the international boycotting of Israeli goods over alleged war crimes and acts of genocide. Already, months ago the South African government had recalled its ambassadors from Tel Aviv in order to assess future relations.

What Is REALLY Behind The New Tik Tok Ban?

TikTok has 103 million monthly active users in the US. More than 1/3 (37.36%) of mobile internet users actively engage with TikTok.

Half of TikTok’s US users are between the age of 10 and 29, with teens making up the bulk of the user base. Over 50% of content creators are between 18 and 24 years old.

From October 23-30, 2023, posts with the #standwithPalestine were posted 10x more than posts with the #standwithIsrael. Posts with the #standwithPalestine also received 5x as many views.

When TikTok was accused of deliberately pushing Pro-Palestinian content, they denied the claim and made it clear that the algorithm pushes whatever people engage with.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is an extremely powerful Jewish-Zionist organization that has often targeted free speech, was very worried by this.

Seeing Gen Z in the US overwhelmingly support Palestine in the face of Israeli aggression, TERRIFIED him.

Is it such a coincidence that today the ‘TikTok Ban Bill’ passes after MONTHS of congress pushing for it so heavily?

They are demanding that the Chinese company ‘ByteDance’ sell the platform if the app wants to remain in the US.

With the ADL being so entangled with this decision, I would imagine they’d want to manipulate the algorithm to push Pro-Israeli content while halting Pro-Palestinian content.

The Chinese lobby isn’t a lobby Americans should be worried about, it’s the Zionist one. Because the Zionist lobby has been altering US domestic and foreign policy for over half a century.

Uh Oh! West Point Makes It Clear They NO Longer Intend To Defend America

West Point has removed the words ‘duty, honor, country’ from its mission statement, replacing them with the more generic words ‘Army values.’

This change comes amid the worst military recruiting problem in the United States in years. Does anyone in military leadership think this will help with that issue?

This will also do nothing to quiet the idea that the military has gone ‘woke.’

West Point Superintendent Army Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland on Monday announced a new mission statement for the venerable institution that replaces the words “duty, honor, country” for the more generic “Army values.”

The West Point’s previous long-lasting mission statement was:

“To educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the United States Army.”

The hollowing of our military is progressing at breakneck speed. West Point is removing “Duty, Honor, Country” from its motto. Would you send your sons and daughters to West Point now?

It seems West Point is announcing they’ve gone full bolshevik/globalist. Purposely tanking recruitment of young Americans to make room for the illegal mercenaries who would be more willing to backstab the country and it's citizen population. 

> A U.S. service member was in critical condition after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, authorities said.

> A video posted online showed a man shouting "Free Palestine" as he burned during the incident, which lasted about a minute before law enforcement officers extinguished the flames about 1pm.

> The man appeared to be in military uniform and identified himself as "an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force." Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek confirmed via email Sunday evening that "an active duty Airman was involved in today's incident."

> The man said in the video he would "no longer be complicit in genocide," which the Israeli military was accused of committing in Gaza in an International Court of Justice case brought by South Africa. "I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest."

> The airman, whom officials had not publicly identified, was transported with "critical life threatening injuries to an area hospital," D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department said in a post to X.

Due to the ongoing chaos in Haiti, the Biden regime is anticipating the arrival of many Haitian savages flooding into America. In other words, we should expect to see lots of violent cannibal niggers trying to reach the United States by land and sea. Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned. (See  >>>news/22334@22334 different OP than me) This effectively leaves the Barbeque guy in charge of the country.

Here is video of a Haitian cannibal nigger boiling human body parts.

That’s some real vibrancy and enrichment for sure.

I personally believe that a massive surge in black cannibal niggers coming to the US represents a grave threat to national security. Not quite as grave as the threat of an American citizen carrying a large unauthorized tube of toothpaste through a TSA security checkpoint, but it is certainly right up there.

Haiti’s Leader Resigns As Gangs Run Rampant Through Country Engulfed In Crisis

The embattled prime minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, has resigned after weeks of mounting chaos in the Caribbean nation, where gangs have been attacking government structures and social order is on the brink of collapse.

Henry said in a video address late Monday that his government would leave power after the establishment of a transitional council, adding, “Haiti needs peace. Haiti needs stability.”

“My government will leave immediately after the inauguration of the council. We will be a caretaker government until they name a prime minister and a new cabinet,” Henry said.

Henry’s adviser Jean Junior Joseph told CNN that Henry would remain in his role until the formation of a new interim government.

The Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), meeting in Jamaica on Monday said it had agreed to set up a transitional council to lay the foundations for elections in Haiti.

“We are pleased to announce the commitment to transitional governance arrangement which paves the way for a peaceful transition of power, continuity of governance and action plan for near-term security and the road to free and fair elections. It further seeks to assure that Haiti will be governed by the rule of law,” said Guyana leader and CARICOM Chairman Irfaan Ali in a news conference, flanked by other Caribbean leaders.

When the worst of the violence erupted last week, Henry was in Kenya to sign an agreement to send 1,000 Kenyan police officers to the Caribbean nation to restore the security situation of which his government has lost control.

He was unable to return to Haiti as the security situation deteriorated around the airport in the capital, Port-au-Prince. A plan to travel via the neighboring Dominican Republic was abandoned after the government there refused permission for his plane to land. He has been in the US territory of Puerto Rico since last week.

The United States government will contribute $300 million to the Kenyan-led multinational security mission, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after attending the CARICOM meeting on Monday. He also announced an additional $33 million in “humanitarian assistance” for Haiti (**aka bribes meant to buy sex-trafficked children for satanic pedophiles running the Biden Regime!**).

Israel Threatens To Arm Ukraine While Russia Threatens To Arm Syria

Israel isn't planning to send early warning systems to Ukraine out of solidarity but is really trying to curry more favor with the US as its war with Hamas reaches the endgame, though Tel Aviv is disguising its true intentions as a signal of displeasure with Moscow's balancing act between Israel and Hamas.

Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN announced late last month that his country is “working to provide Ukraine with early warning systems”, which was followed by a hardline lawmaker promising that “Israel will take a more aggressive stance against Russia.” This came after the new Israeli Ambassador to Russia caused a scandal in early February by misportraying Russia’s regional policy, which readers can learn more about in this analysis here that hyperlinks to nearly two dozen relevant pieces about it.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted to this development by lamenting “The fact that people in the region, especially Israeli politicians, perceive and follow the path imposed on them by the 'exceptionalists' - the US”, which has “exacerbated and brought closer this catastrophic situation in the region, given it an eerie momentum, provoked it.” Although Israel is still legally considered a “friendly” country by Russia, that could soon change depending on what it does.

So long as it refrains from sending offensive arms, however, then it might not make that list. Even if it does, then Russia might still keep it off of there for now in order to explore whether diplomacy can result in reaching a “new normal” between them before tensions spiral out of control, similar in spirit to why Russia didn’t designate Turkiye despite it sending Ukraine attack drones. Relations with Ankara remained manageable and mutually beneficial for the most part so ties with Tel Aviv might end up the same way.

Nevertheless, this shift in Israel’s approach towards NATO’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine – which is already an undeclared but limited hot war after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz inadvertently revealed that Western troops are secretly on the ground there – isn’t being done out of solidarity with Kiev. Rather, it superficially appears to due to Israel’s displeasure with Russia’s balancing act between it and Hamas but is really an attempt by Tel Aviv to curry favor with Washington as its war with Hamas reaches the endgame.


Here is a real State of Union address by a military official who has served our country - Colonel Douglas Macgregor - who is not afraid to speak truth to power, addresses real issues and problems with honesty and integrity, putting the blame where it belongs: corrupt politicians and an out-of-control insolvent bureaucratic government. Everything you need to know about the state of the nation today is addressed. God bless those who speak truth to power.

MIRROR 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/seX645i1VnCv/ [Embed]

MIRROR 2: https://www.brighteon.com/f38a2ae1-e18f-4542-a7aa-82ec2b350f4c

MAYBE HERE FOR NOW: https://youtube.com/watch?v=7SW3IbcH40c
Govt-funded Big Tech AI To Censor Users Who Read Primary News Sources

NewsGuard announced last week it’s using AI to automatically prevent American citizens from seeing information online that challenges government and corporate media claims about elections ahead of the 2024 voting season.

“Platforms and search engines” including Microsoft’s Bing use NewsGuard’s “ratings” to stop people from seeing disfavored information sources, information, and topics in their social media feeds and online searches. Now censorship is being deployed not only by humans but also by automated computer code, rapidly raising an Iron Curtain around internet speech.

Just another reason not to use anything provided by Google or Microsoft: https://www.privacytools.io/

Newsguard rates The Federalist as a “maximum” risk for publishing Democrat-disapproved information, even though The Federalist accurately reports major stories about which NewsGuard-approved outlets continually spread disinformation and misinformation. Those have already included the Russia-collusion hoax, the Brett Kavanaugh rape hoax, numerous Covid-19 narratives, the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the deadly 2020 George Floyd riots.

NewsGuard directs online ad dollars to corporate leftist outlets and away from independent, real news outlets. The organization received federal funding for developing these internet censorship tools that now include artificial intelligence.

“The purpose of these taxpayer-funded projects is to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-powered censorship and propaganda tools that can be used by governments and Big Tech to shape public opinion by restricting certain viewpoints or promoting others,” says a recent congressional report about AI censorship. These “…projects threaten to help create a censorship regime that could significantly impede the fundamental First Amendment rights of millions of Americans, and potentially do so in a manner that is instantaneous and largely invisible to its victims.”

Numerous federal agencies are funding AI censorship tools, including the U.S. Department of State, the subject of a December lawsuit from The Federalist, The Daily Wire, and the state of Texas. The report last month from the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government reveals shocking details about censorship tools funded by the National Science Foundation, one of hundreds of federal agencies.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: If Americans Want To End War, Vote For Donald Trump

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed Friday that he will visit Donald Trump in Florida next week, and described a possible comeback by the former U.S. president as the “only serious chance” for an end to the war in Ukraine.

Addressing a diplomacy forum in Turkey, Orbán also suggested that Trump’s possible return to the White House could help end the conflict in Gaza.

Orban’s meeting with Trump comes as the former U.S. president seeks to turn his attention to his looming election rematch with U.S. President Joe Biden. Trump’s political standing within his own party seems stronger than ever, having easily won the early presidential Republican primary contests.

“The only serious chance for peace is if he’s able to come back and to make peace,” Orbán told the forum. “Otherwise, the war between Ukraine and Russia will be long."

Trump’s return “is a precondition for a strong and quick peace in the European continent,” he continued.

Orbán said he was convinced that if Trump had been in office when the war in Ukraine started “there would have been no war now.”

Commenting on the war in Gaza, the Hungarian prime minister said Trump had an “understanding” of the conflict.

“He did something which generated some hope,” Orbán said in reference to the Abraham accords that aimed to normalize ties between Israel and Gulf states.

Horrible Omnibus Spending Bill Limits Food Production, Grants Open Border Amnesty

Congress is looking to pass another Anti-American nightmare spending bill to further weaken and destabilize America, causing more rapid price inflation while granting millions of illegal aliens citizenship.

As a (**much deserved!**) partial 'government shutdown' looms, the House Freedom Caucus has called on Republicans to oppose the 'Swamp Omnibus' bill, criticizing it for containing a ridiculous amount of insanity and fraud.

"The House Freedom Caucus opposes the $1.65 trillion omnibus spending bill, which will be decided in two halves, the first being brought to the floor this week under suspension of the rules," Freedom Caucus wrote in a statement.

At this pace debt would hit $37 trillion by year-end and $40 trillion by the end. The debt insolvency is unsustainable for sure but it only gets much worse!

"In the #SwampOmnibus, the [House GOP] SURRENDERS key demands passed in House [appropriations] bills. "This means MORE ILLEGALS, LESS FREEDOM, & we've yet to see the bill that funds Radical Progressive Democrats' mass-release policies & NGO's behind it," Roy wrote on X. 

He continued: "The #SwampOmnibus comes in the context of Congress blowing past BIPARTISAN SPENDING CAPS enacted last year… by $69 BILLION… funding mass-illegal alien releases & radical progressive Democrat-run government $30 billion MORE than Pelosi."

Despite the lack of earmarks for border security, the funding bill included a "GREEN agenda to limit beef production, and by the corporate meat oligopoly to DOMINATE small ranchers," Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) wrote on X.

Lobbyists got $15 million dollars to implement ELECTRONIC TRACKING of all cattle in the US. No law authorizes this! It will be used by the "GREEN" agenda to limit beef production, and by the corporate meat oligopoly to DESTROY small ranchers.

"There's a $1,000,000 earmark in the omnibus bill for an LGBTQ center where people have bdsm sex parties," Massie also pointed out.

Democrats continue to ignore the majority of their constituent's choices. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) wrote on X: "Americans have had enough earmarks. And enough inflation. And enough illegal immigration."

US Active Duty Military Members Release Open Letter Condemning Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

An autonomous network of active duty service members across nearly all U.S. Armed Forces branches have released an open letter condemning Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

“Support for the conduct of the IDF is unacceptable and inconsistent with our values in the US Armed Forces.”

“Our job is important to us and none of us would ever do the insane stuff the IDF is doing,” says one source who says the letter comes from a group of active duty military members that is “unapologetically patriotic.”

Neo-con Nikki Ends Campaign In Shame As Survey Finds Her Voters Approve Of Biden's Destructive Policies

RINO presidential candidate Nikki Haley (**aka Dick Cheney in lipstick**) plans to end her campaign as early as Wednesday morning following her dismal results on Super Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with her plans.

During last night's not-so-super-Tuesday, she only secured only a victory in one state - Vermont - out of the 15 states that held GOP contests; to go along with her 'victory' in the swamp (DC).

According to the NBC News delegate tracker, former President Trump led with 1057 delegates, significantly outpacing Haley's total of 92.

Haley won't announce an endorsement Wednesday, the people said. She will encourage Donald Trump, who is close to having the delegates needed to win the GOP nomination, to earn the support of big-govt establishment RINOs and Democrats who backed her.

She is expected to emphasize that she will continue to advocate for failed foreign policies, such as proxy wars with Russia and China, and increasing debt insolvency to destroy free market capitalism and undermine consumer's lifestyles through rapid price inflation/currency devaluation. It's no wonder Washington DC loves the pig.

Good! War Criminal Neo-con Victoria Nuland Resigns

America is now a slightly safer country now that the war mongering bitch, Victoria Nuland, will leave her post this month, the State Department said Tuesday.

Nuland, a career neo-con who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Europe during the Obama regime to overthrow legit governments around the world and start wars, but retired after Donald Trump was elected president, returned to government under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden regime to continue her wickedness.

Nuland had served at the US embassy in Moscow in the tumultuous 1990s and was in the city during the attempted coup against former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

She then became US ambassador to NATO before being tapped to serve as the State Department spokeswoman under former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton during President Barack Obama’s first term.

Current Secretary of State Antony Blinken praised Nuland for her three and a half decades of destruction, nd thanked her for her role in making America hated and despised around the globe.

Her efforts led to Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, marshaling a Western coalition to ensure his strategic win over Ukraine and the destruction of the European economy.

Nuland will be replaced temporarily as under secretary by another career diplomat, John Bass, a former ambassador to Afghanistan who oversaw the failed war over there.

Good! Swiss Voters Give Themselves Extra Month Of Pension, Reject Raising Retirement Age

Dear lazy Americans: this is how the Swiss do it.

Over the weekend, Swiss voters gave themselves an extra month's pension each year, in a nationwide referendum focusing on living standards for the elderly.

The government had warned that the increased payments would be too expensive to afford, but we live in an age where nobody cares anymore about long-term costs so may as well live it up and enjoy it, and indeed almost 60% of voters said 'yes' in Sunday's poll. Separately, 75% rejected raising the pension age from 65 to 66.

The maximum monthly state pension is €2,550 (£2,180; $2,760) - not enough, many say correctly, to live on in Switzerland where a Big Mac burger costs $8.17, 43% more than in the US.

The proposal to increase pensions came from the trades unions - but was opposed by the Swiss government, parliament, and business leaders, who argued it was unaffordable.

The result was described as a "historic victory for retirees" by Avivo, a Swiss association that defends the rights of current and future pensioners.

The cost of living in Switzerland, particularly in cities such as Zurich and Geneva, is among the highest in the world. Furthermore, health insurance premiums, which are obligatory for everyone, have been rising fast, and older people sometimes struggle to pay them, almost as if Obamacare has launched a Swiss branch.

Women who may have had work breaks to raise a family, and immigrants recruited decades ago to work in Swiss factories, restaurants, or hospitals, can find it particularly difficult to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, more and more people are working into their 70s not out of choice, but out of necessity. Meanwhile among the younger generation, work related stress and burnout are increasing.

Voters in Switzerland often take their government's advice about money matters: a few years ago, like idiots, they actually rejected an extra week's holiday a year. This time, however, they learned their lesson and said enough was enough, using the power that Switzerland's system of direct democracy gives them to vote themselves an extra month's pension each year.

The initiative also secured the required double-majority: getting the popular vote, and also majorities in most of the country's 26 cantons.

Six Flags Opens Up In Atlanta, Georgia For ONE DAY... Ends In Riots And A Shootout

Third World USSA Today indeed. After opening for only one day, a Six Flags amusement park near Atlanta, Georgia was overrun by a mob of up to 600 rioters who proceeded to fight each other and destroy property.  The incident led to a shootout involving the Cobb County Police Department and resulted in the hospitalization of an alleged assailant.

"As officers followed the crowd out, ensuring they left the property, an unknown number of suspects fired at officers. An officer returned fire, striking one of the suspects," Cobb County Police Department said. 

The establishment media has decided to focus primarily on the shooting of the unnamed 15-year-old involved in the police altercation, and many outlets have ignored the events leading up to the incident.  The suspect, whose name was not released by police, was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after receiving medical treatment at the scene. His condition is unknown at this time.  The likelihood of the teen being a minority is high, and the media's focus may be in preparation for an attempt to provoke a BLM-like response in the near future.

While Democrat politicians continue to claim that crime in the US is going down, violent mob actions similar to what happened at the Georgia Six Flags have been rising steadily in the past few years.  Why don't crime stats reflect this?  Because progressive city governments rarely prosecute the people involved.  Low prosecution numbers lead to low convictions and low reported crime rates.

While the State-run media does their best to cover-up the demise of America, average Americans have to live with the results. We clearly see there is in fact a crime pandemic. We also clearly see local and federal government officials refusing to prosecute violent criminals like they would have just a decade ago. The only conclusion is they want America destabilized. So why?

Atlanta and surrounding areas have recently adopted "equity" policies in criminal prosecution, which generally means lesser charges and lighter sentences for minorities.  The region is also known for shady political influences when it comes to criminal prosecution, as we have seen in the case of District Attorney Fani Willis.

Russia Debutes & Tests New Advanced GPS Satellite Jamming Methods + MY COMMENT

Is Russia bluffing?  GPS is now JAMMED from Kaliningrad, Russia to about Copenhagen, Denmark, down to Warsaw, Poland, all the way to Berlin, Germany.  NATO's "Steadfast Defender" Exercise is literally crippled as it's high-tech, GPS-guided weaponry, can't work!

NATO's "Steadfast Defender" exercise is the biggest for very many years; it is very much perceived in Russia as a serious threat.

The questions being asked now are, is this a test?  Is Russia bluffing?   Or is Russia going to attack, given the covertly intercepted conversation by German military bigshots about attacking the Crimea Bridge but hiding Germany's planning and participation in that?

The questions take on a far more serious overtone with today's earlier "incursion" by two NATO F-16's and one NATO F-35 all from Romania, having entered Ukraine air space for 32 Minutes around 2:00 AM Eastern US time today (Sunday, 03 March 2024).

Those aircraft did not attack anything, but the F-35 was clearly seeking and locating Russian radar in and around Crimea.

MY COMMENT: Preppers who are smart have an Atlas and Topographic map of their State they live in (and each State they routinely visit) in every vehicle they own. NEVER RELY ON GPS!!! GPS will go down when SHTF!

Anti-War Candidate George Galloway Wins UK Parliament Election

A left-wing United Kingdom politician has registered a landslide win in a parliamentary by-election on a platform promising to advocate for Gaza.

George Galloway won the seat in the northern English town of Rochdale after a fractious campaign, which saw the Labour Party withdraw support from its candidate over his comments.

“Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza,” Galloway said on Friday, referring to the Labour leader who initially refused to call for a ceasefire in Gaza where more than 30,000 people have been killed in the past five months of Israeli bombardment.

“You have paid and you will pay a high price for the role you have played in enabling, encouraging and covering for the catastrophe presently going on in … in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Galloway, who represents the Workers Party of Britain, accused both Labour and the Conservatives of backing Israel as he ran a pro-Palestinian campaign in the constituency with a substantial Muslim population.

“I believe I am speaking for millions of people in Britain whose hearts are broken, whose guts are wrenched by the slaughter in Gaza. And they are under-represented to the point almost of invisibility in the British media,” Galloway told Al Jazeera after his win on Friday.

“Even this evening, the political class in Britain are in a state of panic about [my win], both the Conservatives and Labour, because they know they have been rumbled,” he said.

Late on Friday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who supports Israel’s war, said the election of Galloway to a parliamentary seat was “beyond alarming” and accused him of dismissing Hamas’s October 7 attack.

“[People] inside the toxic bubble of the political and media class … support the genocide against the people of Gaza,” Galloway told Al Jazeera.

“But when you burst that bubble, you discover, actually, that amongst the general public – even in a country like Britain for all its imperial faults – most people’s sympathies are on the side of the victims and not the perpetrators,” he said.

Israel’s devastating war on Gaza was a key issue in the elections during which local concerns usually dominate.

Germany Confirms Leaked Audio Of Its Top Generals Discussing Blowing Up The Crimean Bridge

In a huge development and absolute smoking gun revelation, the government of Germany has confirmed the authenticity of a leaked audio recording file published by Russia's state-backed RT. The leak was first published by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, who described that she received it from Russian security officials.

It first appeared under the headline "Alleged audio of German officers discussing Crimean Bridge attack leaked" - as it featured top ranking Germany military officials in a private discussion of "a potential German operation to bomb the Crimean Bridge in Russia," as it was initially described by RT. Russian media is now openly admitting that the call was in fact intercepted by Russia. Moscow is now saying this shows "direct" German involvement in the war.


AUDIO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZlVM2oqOcUc0/ [Embed]

The audio could have easily been dismissed in the West as simply Russian-sourced propaganda or even an AI fake; however, in an unexpected development the highest levels of the German government have now confirmed that the audio is indeed real and Berlin launched an investigation into the "serious" breach of secured communications.

"What is being reported is a very serious matter and that is why it is now being investigated very carefully, very intensively and very quickly," German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Rome.

Germany's military has also confirmed the leaked recording, but officials have avoided weighing in the actual content of what was said pending an internal investigation:

A German defense ministry spokeswoman confimed to AFP that the ministry believes a conversation in the air force division was "intercepted".

"We are currently unable to say for certain whether changes were made to the recorded or transcribed version that is circulating on social media," the spokeswoman said. Experts consulted by Der Spiegel magazine said they believed the recording was authentic.

AFP further writes that "Topics include aiming the missiles at targets such as a key bridge over the Kerch strait linking the Russian mainland to Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014."

MY COMMENT: ==Propaganda Report Rebuked==


MY COMMENT: This is both arrogant and stupid! A war with Russia at a time we have deep political division in our country, completely open borders with millions of foreigners able to infiltrate our country, a drained strategic oil reserve supply, lack of manufacturing capacity due to decades of outsourcing and the lowest military recruitment crisis this country has ever seen, while our educational system is dumbed down to the point half the high school students cannot read or write anymore, where the youth cannot comprehend there are two genders anymore, etc.... this a recipe for catastrophic loss. America would fall, and so would Europe, and the hell if anyone sane is going to fight to keep this collapsing disaster-of-a-failed empire afloat!


MY COMMENT: What a fucking stupid LIE! If Western governments wanted to close the borders and stop illegals from pouring in THEY WOULD HAVE DONE SO ALREADY YEARS AGO! They have not. They have been protested and confronted and our own governments STILL REFUSE to protect our borders! Gaslighting LYING trash! Anyone who believes that lie is dumber than a rock! We'll know it could be true when our governments actually close the border - and they won't!


MY COMMENT: Exactly what the DNC has planned, allow the illegals to vote, and eventually replace the natural born citizenry who have been BETRAYED!

Our real enemy is within our own countries!
BRICS Announces Plan To Dump US Dollar And Replace Western SWIFT Payment System

Finance Ministers of the BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, met along with the Finance Ministers of other new BRICS member nations, in Sao Paulo, Brazil today.

Russia’s Finance Ministry along with the Central Bank of Russia will propose several new financial initiatives to BRICS. The proposal aims to improvise and change the international monetary and global financial system as we know it.

Russia will particularly focus on creating a new digital BRICS Bridge payment platform which will be a multisided option to the US dollar. The development is currently in draft and could be proposed at the next summit in October 2024.

This new digital BRICS Bridge payment platform would replace the SWIFT system, used by the US and most other developed nations.

Once this new system is in place, the US will no longer be able to us the Dollar as a weapon for economic sanctions.

Countries will be able to ignore US sanctions, ignore the US congress, and the US will see all the world's Central Banks, start sending US cash back to the USA because they won't need it anymore.

When those dollars start flooding back to the US, the value of OUR currency will drop compared to foreign currencies.

All this because the people elected to go to Washington DC refuse to mind their own business.  They have interfered with so many countries, on so many issues, for so long, the rest of the world is telling us to go away - and to take our Dollars with us.

When you can't afford to feed yourself, or your family, remember: It was the United States House of Representatives, and the United States Senate that caused this.  Be sure to thank your Congressman and Senators for destroying our nation and its currency because they couldn't mind their own business.

Your Replacements Are Here: NYC Housing Rents Spike As Democrats Welcome Endless Line Of Illegals

New Yorkers are grappling with skyrocketing housing rents despite rents across the nation slowing, if not reversing, in some cases. A lack of affordable housing is driving shelter costs higher in the progressive metro area plagued with elevated living costs, a migrant crisis, and a worsening violent crime wave. 

With new data from the rental site Zudmper indicating that one-bedroom rentals in NYC surged 18% in February to a record high of $4,200, it's puzzling to consider who would choose to live there. Additionally, even median rents in Jersey City, located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, rose 5.4% to $3,140. 

Meanwhile, rents across the country have decreased by .7% this month compared to last year, primarily due to a surge in the construction of new rental units outside major cities. February represented the fifth straight month of flat or declining year-over-year rent changes nationwide. Yet, this trend of cooling rental prices does not apply to NYC, where a housing shortage continues.

Perhaps the housing shortage in NYC has been made worse by the surge of 200,000 illegals bussed into the metro area from the open southern border in the last 18 months.

Ahead of the November elections, Democrats have stuffed the illegals in schools, hotels, and community centers and have even wanted to give them debit cards pre-loaded with tax-payer funds. One can only assume that the government placing these migrants into apartments across the city will only make the housing affordability crisis worse.

Texas Smokehouse Creek ARSON ATTACK Ravages America's Cattle-Mecca

We, the people, will not eat bugs. Now, more than ever, Americans must break out of the food industrial complex and start their own farms or simply buy from local mom-and-pop farms and farmer markets.

The Significance Behind The Texas Fires:

» This Is Another Major Blow To Our Food Supply Chain
» Where The Fires Happened Is Where 88% Of Texas Cattle Feed
» The US Is Already Down Roughly 1 Billion Pounds Of American Beef
» These Fires Are Another Win For Foreign Imports

A devastating Bolshevik ARSON ATTACK ravages parts of the Texas Panhandle, home to more than 85% of the state's cattle herd. This comes when the nation's cattle herd has collapsed to a seven-decade low, pushing up retail beef prices at the supermarket to record high levels.

Texas A&M Forest Service said the ARSON ATTACK, called 'Smokehouse Creek fire', has scorched more than 850,000 acres (344,000 hectares) of grasslands as of Wednesday.

Miller said the wildfire rages in the Panhandle area, where 85% of the state's herd is located. It's important to note that Texas is the top cattle producer in the nation. He said cattle in feedlots and dairies are safe.

"Feed supplies are scarce for surviving cattle because the fire destroyed grazing lands and bins holding crops like wheat and corn," he said.

Miller continued: "There's absolutely zero vegetation. The cattle that do survive, they have absolutely nothing to eat."

So here we go once again, yet another major ARSON TERRORIST ATTACK hits the American supply chain, meanwhile the (((Davos/WEF Bolshevik terrorists))) are trying to force the public to eat bugs: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/02/how-insects-positively-impact-climate-change/

The WEF/Davos starvation cult have been pushing hard to ban cow farts because they allege it's contributing to climate change. Since the criminals can't ban them, they attack the supply chain. These criminal scumbag despots from hell are adamant about resetting the global food supply chain to one that puts working poor folks on a bug-heavy diet to cull, starve out and SLOW KILL. 

Israel Accused Of Opening Fire On Crowd Surrounding Aid Trucks In Gaza

There are reports of a mass casualty event in Gaza City on Thursday, with Hamas claiming at least 104 Palestinians killed and several hundred wounded or injured (though casualty numbers have fluctuated in the immediate aftermath). However, Israel is disputing local accounts of what happened and says people died following a stamped caused by Palestinians rushing aid trucks.

There are several different versions of what happened, but all accounts agree that mayhem was unleashed when some 30 humanitarian aid trucks containing food were positioned on the street under Israeli protection. Gaza has been on the brink of famine, and so reportedly hundreds of people rushed toward to trucks hoping to obtain something.

And that's when according to The Guardian, "An Israeli source said Israeli troops opened fire on Thursday at 'several people' among a crowd that surrounded aid trucks in the Gaza Strip after feeling under threat."

Quickly in the aftermath, and as gruesome videos emerged from the scene, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas issued a statement condemning what he described as "the ugly massacre conducted by the Israeli occupation army this morning."

Palestinians say that Israeli troops shot indiscriminately into the crowd and used the aid trucks in a kind of "ambush" - while Israel's military says people were killed in a "stampede for aid" and "crowd crush", and that some of the deaths were the result of Israeli soldiers being under immediate threat.

Russia to BAN Gasoline Exports for 6 Months, Tanking European Economy

Russia will impose a six-month ban on gasoline exports starting tomorrow, March 1, to meet rising domestic demand.  It will also serve to severely increase costs for gasoline in all Western countries, presently helping Ukraine. 

Demand for fuel inside Russia will grow because of summer vacation travel, spring fieldwork on farms, and planned repairs at oil refineries say oil industry executives.   In order to offset the booming demand for petroleum products, measures are needed to help stabilize domestic prices. 

Yet no one is blind to the fact that such an export ban will severely harm Western countries who are presently supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Russia can increase and decrease oil, gasoline, and Diesel fuel production at will because they have so much of it.

Europe was still getting gasoline, albeit thru secondary sources.  Now, they get nothing.   Nothing.

Now , "the enemy" won't be getting the same reserves because here in the USA, Biden has emptied U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves as of this year.

So , America also won't be sending fuel to Europe as it has none to give, and cannot ramp-up production because the Biden environmentalists have crushed US ability to drill for more oil.

With Russia turning off the gasoline exports, the countries that need such fuel will have to find other sources, which are quite limited in the world.   Like any other thing, supply and demand dictates price, and so prices for gasoline will rise again commencing tomorrow, March 1, as Russia punishes the West for supporting Ukraine.

It also means Russia is gearing up war mobilization abilities, while decreasing those of their antagonists.

Russia has gigantic reserves and the capability to mass produce diesel and gasoline for their Mechanized units for a long war.

RINO 'Cocaine Mitch' McConnell To Step Down As Senate Leader

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who turned 82 last week and has suffered multiple public 'glitches,' will step down from his Senate leadership position in November after maintaining power for almost two decades as the longest-serving Senate leader in US history.

McConnell was set to announce his decision on Wednesday in the well of the Senate, AP reports.

"One of life’s most underappreciated talents is to know when it’s time to move on to life’s next chapter," he said in prepared remarks seen by the outlet. "So I stand before you today ... to say that this will be my last term as Republican leader of the Senate."

While he'll no longer be leader, McConnell will serve out his Senate term, which ends in January 2027, "albeit from a different seat in the chamber."

It also arrived, as noted above, after two major health scares and his party shifting towards anti-war populism ushered in by President Trump.

The impending leadership vacuum raises questions about the direction of the Republican Party. His successor will inherit a party at a crossroads, caught between its pro-establishment faux-conservative roots and the real conservative national-populist wave that has reshaped it's identity in recent years.

We always think "good riddance" initially when a snake like Mitch goes. But then the prospect of a worse snake replacing the current snake with another comes to mind.

Three American cargo planes headed southeast from k-town, February 27 18:00 CET
American Airmen Hoist Flag For Russia And Burn Themselves Alive For Palestinians

A foreboding new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting corrupt socialist Western colonial puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged yesterday that President Putin urged him to stop the hostilities in Donbass in 2019, says the reason hostilities weren’t stopped before they erupted into a full-scale conflict was because the United States was secretly preparing for war against Russia—a fact confirmed by the leftist New York Times yesterday, who admitted that the CIA built a network of 12 secret bases along the Russian border in Ukraine and revealed: “The C.I.A. and other American intelligence agencies provide intelligence for targeted missile strikes, track Russian troop movements and help support spy networks...But the partnership is no wartime creation, nor is Ukraine the only beneficiary...It took root a decade ago, coming together in fits and starts under three very different U.S. presidents, pushed forward by key individuals who often took daring risks...It has transformed Ukraine, whose intelligence agencies were long seen as thoroughly compromised by Russia, into one of Washington’s most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today”.


Though the American peoples weren’t informed that their demonic warmongering government has been secretly planning a suicidal war against the world’s largest nuclear weapons power Russia for over the past decade, this report notes, it was well known and long planned for by Moscow, which is why top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov just factually observed about the economic dimensions of the conflict: “Russia’s economy has shown its immunity, and in this case, it has been stated not by us but by US representatives...Russia’s economy has demonstrated its immunity, it has adjusted and it continues developing”—a factual observation joined by socialist European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell fearfully assessing about the battlefield: “Russia has prepared well, and Ukraine is losing ground...We have to do more, and quickly...In the coming months the war may be decided”—and ahead of today’s top level meeting about Ukraine convened in France, it saw socialist European Union and NATO member leader Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico gravely warning: “The information about the issues we’re supposed to talk about on Monday sends chills down my spine”.


Most certainly sending chills down the spines of Europeans, this report continues, is watching in helpless terror as deranged and demented Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden leads them into a nuclear war apocalypse—a fact demonstrated by the Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA owned Nove television network in Italy, that on Saturday evening aired a brutal mocking skit showing Biden declaring: “I said to the president of Israel, Mikhail Gorbachev...Sorry, Michael Jordan, when he went to the moon…long shot from Dallas...Sorry, it wasn’t the moon, it was Mars...‘Mars Attacks’...Beautiful film where Netanyahu sang, ‘Somewhere over the garage’ ”, after which he pulled out a briefcase representing the nuclear football to reveal a giant red button, that he pushed to blow up the entire world.

Medication has run out in Sweden. Ivermectin cannot be found anymore.


It is concerning because you must stop using this drug by taking smaller dose each day. Do not stop abruptly. 

Except now you must go cold turkey because the medication is unavailable.

It will take at least 2 weeks before Sweden can get a new dosage.
I have intel on the upcoming military action against Taiwan, which may begin very shortly. The networks of citizens created to respond to a Chinese attack are being activated. This is an anonymous tip, and I won't be able to respond to this message. However, I included a link to one of the operations manuals being distributed. They are being broadcast via IPFS, which is a type of blockchain used to distribute files. A lot of lessons were learned from the Ukrainian defense, and blockchain technology will be more heavily utilized as it should be harder for China to block.

Expect more developments to become public as the situation develops. These first links are essentially a proof of concept. Below that is an example of the messaging ready to go out when the attack is launched.


1st batch list in odf format: https://ipfs.filebase.io/ipfs/QmP3BwnwGHbCKUnfHTj3G5rUNvVQyRZkcFiw1U3AeyfMf5

Example tactical plans: 

Example Messaging ready to go out:

The sovereign nation of Taiwan is on high alert as the Chinese army prepares to invade its borders. In response to this imminent threat, defensive forces in Taiwan have begun publishing their contingency plans to ensure the protection of vital infrastructure, including hospitals and medical facilities.

The Chinese army, known for their ruthless tactics and relentless aggression, poses a significant threat to the population of Taiwan. In order to safeguard the health and well-being of its citizens, it is imperative that hospitals and medical infrastructure are protected at all costs.

One such contingency plan, focused on the protection of hospitals and medical infrastructure, has been released by defensive forces in Taiwan. This plan outlines coordinated defensive activities that will ensure the continued function and operation of medical facilities in the event of an invasion.

To ensure that all defenders have access to these crucial defense plans, they will be distributed via IPFS and various blockchains. This innovative approach to information sharing will enable rapid dissemination of critical information, allowing defenders to coordinate their efforts effectively.

For Corporate Citizens

Joining the defense efforts against China is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a strategic move that will be rewarded by the public. By supporting these efforts, companies can showcase their commitment to protecting national security and standing up against intellectual property theft.

Moreover, aligning with the defense efforts will enhance a company's reputation and credibility in the eyes of the public. Customers and stakeholders are increasingly valuing companies that take a stand against cyber threats and prioritize national security. By demonstrating a commitment to these principles, businesses can build trust and loyalty among their audience, ultimately driving positive perception and support for their brand.

In addition, by joining the defense efforts, companies have the opportunity to fight back against the intellectual property theft perpetrated by China. By actively engaging in these efforts, businesses can help disrupt and dismantle the networks responsible for stealing valuable information and technology, ultimately protecting their own assets and the broader industry from harm.

Joining the defense efforts against China is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic move that can bring about numerous benefits for companies. By standing up against cyber threats, businesses can strengthen their reputation, protect their assets, and contribute to the greater good of national security. The time to act is now – join the fight against China and help safeguard an independent future for Taiwan.
Biden Regime Depleting Arsenal Against Yemen, Yet Retaliation Continues To Surprise Neo-cons

Joe Biden administration officials admitted that six weeks into the undeclared war in Yemen, the US and UK strikes have failed to erode the Houthis military capabilities. The officials said the US is surprised at the Houthis’ military capabilities and that Washington has a limited understanding of how advanced their weapons systems are.

On January 11, President Biden ordered the first round of strikes in Yemen. The White House claimed the attack was designed to force the Houthis to end attacks on Israeli-linked shipping.  The Houthis, or Ansar Allah, are attacking ships they suspect to have ties with Israel to pressure Tel Aviv to end the genocide in Gaza.

Without any Congressional approval, Biden has ordered strikes on Yemen nearly every day. The attacks have not achieved their desired effects as the Houthis have expanded their targets to include US and UK-linked shipping.

Last week, missiles fired from Yemen hit multiple ships in the waters off the country’s coast. One ship suffered significant damage and is leaking oil.

The recent attacks included the use of new weapons systems for the Houthis, including naval drones. Biden administration officials speaking with CNN told the outlet that the war is not having its desired outcome, that the Houthis’ military capabilities continue to surprise the White House, and that the Pentagon is unaware of the extent of weapons stockpiles in Yemen.

"They continue to surprise us. We just don’t have a good idea of what they still have," said one senior defense official. Multiple officials revealed the issue is that Washington does not know the size of the Houthis’ arms stockpiles and cannot assess if the hundreds of US bombs dropped on Yemen have impacted the Houthis military abilities.

Some administration officials now believe the best way to end the conflict is by ending the war in Gaza, according to CNN.

Some senior Biden admin official have been described as believing that the Houthis "would keep their word and stop their attacks if Israel ended its war in Gaza, something some former officials privately say is wishful thinking."

State-run Corporate Media Finally Admits Ukraine Will Lose War Against Russia

“As the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion nears, and the latest aid package for Ukraine stalls in Congress, we must be clear-eyed about the future.

There is no path for Ukraine to win this war.  American support will not change this reality.

Today, the situation is grim.  The fighting has slowed to a cruel slog that works to Russia’s favor.  Ukraine runs low on troops and munitions, while Russia maintains both in plenty.

The long-planned, high-risk, months-long Ukrainian spring 2023 counteroffensive failed, with Ukraine unable to regain territory seized by Russia.  Support for Zelensky in Ukraine and the West has finally slipped.  American aid is logjammed in Congress, and the U.S. seems tired of funding the war.

It is clear that even if the House approves the current proposed aid package, the flow of weapons is coming to a close.  Without a continuing stream of those weapons, Ukraine will ultimately fall.

In considering an aid package to Ukraine, Washington policymakers and their constituents must assess how long the cash and weapons will continue to flow and toward what end.

Getting to a favorable or at least even negotiated settlement will take more than a year of fighting.

Putin has no incentive to stop fighting and every incentive to continue pushing and waiting for his adversaries to run out of troops and munitions, and for policymakers in the U.S. to run out of patience.

None of this is fair to the people of Ukraine, who have placed their hopes of sovereignty on America’s commitment to them.

It is, however, the tragic reality of the situation.”

WTF? Propagandists Say America Does Not Deserve Clean Safe Cities Because We Want Freedom?

In a post last week, I wrote that amid all the rage at Tucker Carlson's reporting from Moscow, none of his critics had bothered to explain why America can't have nice things, like Moscow's clean and safe subways.

It looks like I spoke too soon. One Tucker critic (a longtime one at that), Jon Stewart, has bothered to explain why America can't have nice things. You can hear him say it himself in the clip from his Daily Show in the X post below, but in a nutshell, Jon Stewart argues that our squalor is the price of freedom. 

Jon Stewart unironically tells Tucker Carlson that the reason why the US can’t have clean functioning subways or cheap grocery prices like they do in Moscow is “the literal price of freedom” pic.twitter.com/tFQorEhLPW

— HOT SPOT (@HotSpotHotSpot) February 20, 2024

As you can imagine, this generated some heated responses. Some pointed out that Moscow isn't the only city with clean and safe subways--democratic Tokyo has them too. 

Tokyo is unfree fascist society too?

— Bronze Age Pervert (@bronzeagemantis) February 20, 2024

Others suggested that Stewart's concept of "freedom" really only applies to America's criminal class. 

Jon Stewart’s “freedom” just walked out with $51k of Gucci.

— David Pinsen (@dpinsen) February 20, 2024

Lets be honest, freedom does not guarantee you any right to harm others, steal merchandise or commit felony crime in your community. **That is not what freedom is about at all.** There can still be public safety laws enforced while law abiding citizens have their freedom, America has proven this fact for decades in our past history.

Helen Andrews noted that Jon Stewart (and other American pundits attacking Tucker Carlson for showing Moscow's nice amenities) were deceiving themselves like Russian communists did during the Cold War, to avoid admitting their lower living standards. 

Calling social decay "the literal price of freedom" is a self-deception to make us accept declining living standards — the same way Russians during the Cold War knew the U.S. had better stores but told themselves it's OK because Soviet wealth goes into industrialization & Sputnik.

— Helen Andrews (@herandrews) February 20, 2024

Farmers Surround EU Headquarters Building In Massive Protests Against Starvation Cultists

The mephitis of manure, melting tires and malodorous teargas pervaded downtown Brussels this Monday morning as angry farmers encircled the European Union's headquarters. This protest coincides with a meeting of the bloc's agriculture ministers. The farmers are expressing their anger over the EU's disastrous "green" policies.

The European Quarter in Brussels looks like a warzone: https://twitter.com/RMXnews/status/1762103742516588547

Hundreds of Belgian farmers on tractors clogged roadways around the European Council building. Videos posted on X show the chaotic scenes: https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1762068583818150296

In chaotic scenes, police met the rowdy crowd with water cannons, as protesters set fire to tires, dumped manure on the street and defied barricades: https://twitter.com/POLITICOEurope/status/1762068102026826133

European farmers break through checkpoints in Brussels and head towards EU headquarters: https://twitter.com/RadioGenoa/status/1762050029051666679

According to Bloomberg, farmers are angry about bureaucratic hurdles, trade deals, climate-related rules, and efforts to help Ukraine dump cheap grain onto markets. 

"There is a clear problem with the reduction of the import tariffs for Ukraine and massive imports of grain and poultry which depresses the prices," said Guillaume Van Binst, secretary general of the Federation of Young Farmers.

Guillaume added: "The measures proposed by the commission are very weak and it is more passing the hot potato to member states."

Today's protest is the latest in a series of demonstrations by farmers across several EU countries, including France, Italy, and Spain. Blue-collar folks are also furious about imploding incomes and elevated inflation. 

Meanwhile, EU leaders are scrambling to defuse this ticking timebomb of social unrest spreading across the bloc. They are taking steps to reduce red tape and delay some non-sense "green" dictates.

Backup Any Online Media You Desire NOW, Houthis Have Begun Cutting Undersea Internet Cables!

3 submarine cables cut in the Red Sea between Jeddah and Djibouti. AAE-1, EIG and SEACOM/TGN-Eurasia are down. Note: Authorities looking at potential terror link.

Confirmed: Submarine cables cut by Houthis in Yemen waters.

To repair the cables, need permission from Yemen to enter their waters

Insurance companies have canceled insurance for cable ships to ply in Yemen waters

No maintenance cable ships willing to do repairs

Cable ships cost $60-&100 million each. Who will take the risk?


MY COMMENT: I already have plenty of backups of everything I desire. What I recommend is having, at the very least, TWO offline "cold storage" copy external HDD drives of all the media you desire to collect and keep for the future, the more backup drives the better chance at long-term preservation of all the files. Have anything very important, such as info /dump/ memes and informative DIY guides backed up to DVD data disks as well. You should also have a few spare laptops and PCs with extra computer hardware to maintain them in storage. If the internet ever goes down, you could refer to your offline resource library if need be. I also recommend buying important books too, as you may sometime soon need to ration generated energy in a grid-down event. Also note, if the internet and/or power grid goes down longer than 8 hours you should be on high alert and have your prepping contingency plans ready to defend yourself, family and private property!
Brazil’s Lula has been going hard against Israel. He’s now just accusing them of genocide and he is right to accuse them of that because that is exactly what they are doing in Gaza. This comes after Brazil suspended diplomatic relations with Israel. It is really funny seeing how hard Lula is going against the Jews. Especially considering how there was a big agenda to put him in power over Jair Bolsonaro in the recent election. In retrospect, the Jews would have been better off with Bolsonaro. He was pro-Israel and wouldn’t have been calling them out on their crimes. This whole situation with Brazil and Israel shows once again how the Jews have destroyed any good will people may have had towards them. We will likely see more countries suspend diplomatic ties with Israel as this whole situation develops.


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