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Why Is The US Government Handing India Our Coal, Yet Trying To Ban American Consumption Of Coal!?

US thermal coal exporters recorded more than $5 billion in overseas sales in 2023, shipping upwards of 32.5 million metric tons of the power fuel, according to Reuters, citing data from ship-tracking firm Kpler. These coal export earnings were the second highest since 2017, trailing only behind 2022's $5.7 billion. This comes as US utility coal usage for electricity generation tumbles to the lowest in this century.

Reuters points out diverging trends between sliding domestic coal use at power plants and a surge in coal exports. They called this "hypocrisy, given the country's ambitions to become a global leader in energy transition and pollution reduction efforts."

In 2023, India was the largest destination for US coal shipments, with 11.8 million tons delivered, accounting for 36.3% of total US thermal exports. Kpler data showed that volume was up 130% from 2022, and the south Asian nation is the world's largest coal producer and consumer after China. 

"India is expected to remain a keen buyer of international coal as the country's domestic reserves are being depleted and power firms rely on coal for about 75% of India's electricity," Reuters said.

This comes as major US companies, such as Apple, have been shifting manufacturing supply chains from China to India.

Many of these companies, who have adopted woke green policies, will be or have already produced goods in India on a grid heavily reliant on coal.

To sum up, Biden is 'making coal great again' with surging exports. At the same time, US corporations flock to India from China to build products on coal-powered grids while virtue signaling back in the States how they're saving the planet by planting trees and buying carbon credits.

For average Americans, this is fiscal insanity. Corruption at it's finest. Americans could - and should - be the ones who benefit from cheaper energy as that fuel is coming from OUR own homeland.

> Why Is The US Government Handing India Our Coal, Yet Trying To Ban American Consumption Of Coal!?

Most of India is a really polluted country. Watch videos online of people walking around places like Mumbai. Trash everywhere. 

Maybe they don't mind the coal mining pollution. Isn't mining coal awful for local atmosphere though?
Quoted from a comment contained within a thread regarding coal burning
> not to be confused with copulation involving a nigger
"Even if we ignore the CO2 output, none of these fuels are particularly good. Coal burning has released so much mercury that there is no longer any body of water in the US where fish are completely safe to consume. In addition to the direct mercury emissions, it releases acids which release naturally occurring mercury from rocks, resulting in more methyl mercury in fish.

Oh -- they use scrubbers now you say? Guess where the effluent is dumped from the scrubbers upon collection? They 'dilute' the effluent with river water to get it within EPA standards and thus dump it in the same rivers & lakes that are used to run the plants."

Interesting thought.
The plan is to withhold imports whilst exporting a majority of our minerals to other countries for awful exchange prices (because at this point, who else wants to keep the $ afloat) in order to merit a feeble attempt at stabilizing our debt-based currency. And yet, this is all oddly too familiar within Oboingo's term, where Hillary acting as State Secretary performed an open-door deal with Russia consisting one one-fourth to one-third of our Uranium (located in West Coast, between Washington and Oregon). All for different measures and strategies to move precious metals away from the homeland, yet nonetheless designed to profit off of the sale covertly.

India's rupee isn't gaining much from this, either. Phasing out our energy sources and prioritizing the en masse conversion to Electric and Solar, which are as inept as the puppet placed at Castle Rock Studios behind a mock oval office. Keep in mind, this puppet has questionably different earlobes in more recent "live" recordings. Questionably so, who is playing the figure cast upon the reflecting pool aka television? Deserves no answer or speculation, as that is merely distracting most Americans.
My state actually has plants that burn trash, as in landfill garbage, for energy. I kid you not, but there are many environmental activists trying to get it phased out. Honestly I think coal would be a cleaner option to burning trash.
> Phasing out our energy sources and prioritizing the en masse conversion to Electric and Solar

I live in a rural area, I never see electric cars, no one is going to bother with those out in the country, no way. We don't have the infrastructure and most people don't have the money to purchase them anyway, plus the long commuting would not help either. Who wants to wait to charge their vehicle for another two hours just to get back home? What would happen is well over half of America would end up like communist Cuba having to fix and maintain all our old outdated cars and trucks.
If we're not getting rid of coal: Honestly, I'm not an environmentalist because that very notion has fucked the U.S. economy under Biden :Then at least are they going to get rid of the fucking trains? Bulk delivery trucks everywhere yet those outdated pieces of shit PARK on the tracks in necessary intersections mid day and at night. Not even Federal authority can penalize these fucks for doing that.
If we really cared about the environment I think the use of carcinogenic glyphosate in agriculture and the use of micro-plastics found in all our plastic goods would be of much more dire concern than coal as an energy source. Coal power plants now have special filters that can carbon capture like 90% or more and release (mostly) steam instead of smoke. They can then properly dispose of those filters after a few years use without the government worrying about too much carbon filling up our atmosphere. And if that won't cut it, well heck, there is always thorium which China and India are using to mass produce energy, which is much much more environmentally sustainable than using uranium lol. Thorium does not stay radioactive for thousands of years, but uranium which we currently use does. :/

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