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LynxChan uses file mime-type filter to keep our anons safe. This the official thread to add new items or anything we missed.

What file types do we don't support that you would like us to add?


Here's the current list:

Updated: 2022-04-07
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Why are onion domains down all the time? Like it's up for 20-30 minutes, then it goes down for 3-5 minutes, then comes back online, and stays online for half an hour before crashing again. And this keeps happening and happening through the day, for the last who knows how many days.
What do you mean "down"?
Any error messages?
Every board or a specific board? - BOs can turn Tor off on their boards.
Right now I tested and Tor1 works, but on Tor2 I got connection timeout. This is what you are referring to?

thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(35.16 KB, 551x171)
thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(62.38 KB, 536x212)
About 3-4 days before May 20, I created a new account but lost it because I apparently wrote down the wrong password. I contacted the endchan telegram chat and one of the regular chat users, probably a moderator advised me to create a new account since I didn't have my own board yet.

I did so, I created a new account and used the same email at proton.me and the same password I had originally intended to use.

On May 20, I created a new board and made a single thread and a few posts on it.

On May 21 I tried to log in. And I saved passwords in the password manager and logged in on May 20 at least twice. But I got a server error like in the first image.

On endchan.net +.org I requested recovery on my E-mail, but it didn't arrive and it's not in spam either. I just made a request a minute ago, so I'll wait a little longer. I still can't get in with the password, still the same error.

The following error appears when requesting recovery again: "Internal server error. Pending request to be expired at Thu May 23 2024 10:25:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)."

22 I tried to do it again but got the same error. The same user on telegram advised me to create a new account and try to log in. Again same email and same password and in the login I just swapped the words around (I hope this helps in identifying me). I successfully logged in, but obviously without moderator rights to that very board.

Now on the advice of the same user from telegram I'm creating a new thread here in the hope that I'll get some help.

I'm sure the board is very useful, so I'll be sorry if I can't regain moderator rights.There are already people coming in there who are insulting discussion members. 

Please help restore access. As I said, I always used one password and one email and in the login I changed only two words in places so that the administrator realized that it was me and not a person who wants to steal the account.
Thanks for making this thread, perhaps others came across the same problem.
I was the one suggesting to open it, and I asked to open a new acc.
Thank you first and foremost for your work!

Can you please tell me if it's realistic to restore my account or do I have to start from scratch? I understand that technically it might be possible, but in terms of the board rules it might not.
> if it's realistic to restore my account 
I've no idea. But it could happen again with new account and could effect others. So have to look around.
Don't worry about the board now it can wait a few days.
But I suggest to save all the content worth saving, in case have to repost it later.
>  But I suggest to save all the content worth saving, in case have to repost it later.

I didn't even think of that, come to think of it I heard of one moderator who did that to his boards from another server. Thanks for the advice!

thumbnail of 1664304074766991.png
thumbnail of 1664304074766991.png
1664304074766991 png
(62.05 KB, 723x695)
I would like to make use of the already existing /dump/ board
But the last owner purposely vandalized it with custom css, by making the input form unusable 

The common input fields, like subject, name, mail, comment, etc, have a custom css making them display: none;
It's possible to circumvent that vandalism by browser direct css editing, but that doeasn't change the board is currently vandalized

My test attempt which confirmed the input form still works but it's vandalized by css

Can any admin or site moderator clear the css vandalism? And remove the previous person responsible for the vandalism?
There are also some leftovers of porn spam vandalism, in addition to the css vandalism, could the porn spam be removed too by a site mod?

On a side note, I wouldn't mind taking ownership of that board myself, but I'm still waiting for the confirmation email to validate my account, which isn't coming at all
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We figured out spoilering is reserved for board staff, so that's not an error.
I don't think it's browser dependent.
What is the situation with spoilers now?
Do you have JS turned off?
> What is the situation with spoilers now?
Nothing has changed for the better yet, OP images still can't be spoilered
> Do you have JS turned off? 
I've tried to spoiler OP images both with and without JS, same result: I get a message that the image has been spoilered, but it's a false message as it remains unspoilered
I've also given a try with a different browser but it was a failure there too

If it's neither the browser, and neither the presence or absence of JS, what else could it be the reason? What other board specific settings are there which relate to spoilers?
Something has changed between 02/10/2024 and 02/06/2024 leading to this bug, 
could it be a third party dependency inside the spoilering function which got updated by the third party library and which introduced some kind of incompatibility? 
(i'm totally trying to guess, as i've no clue how the spoiler funcion is coded)
The sequence of actions I do to spoiler an image are:
1) open the thread
2) click on "Moderate Thread", to enable the moderation actions
3) select the checkbox of the post to spoiler, in this case the OP post
4) click on the "Spoil files" button, from the actions panel at the page bottom (this action doesn't seem to require the captcha)
Then I get the "Files spoilered" confirmation message, then nothing happens
This same operation did work previously, these OP images were spoilered manually  >>/dump/432/  >>/dump/818/ now it no longer works

Out of curiosity, there exist other places from where it's possible to spoiler, aside the "Moderate Thread" viewmode?

Please force board owner for changes.
We need javascript to delete spam messages automatically.
By keywords like "хохл","усраи","новые территории".




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thumbnail of 4807789b5c25231d61e63b4c2a2f6e0b-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 4807789b5c25231d61e63b4c2a2f6e0b-imagepng.png
4807789b5c25231d61e63... png
(7.7 KB, 353x233)
Even if your filters are really complex and clever and are designed for every possibility of evasion (swapping identical cyrillic and latin letters, additional spaces, additional symbols, zalgo text, etc) as soon as you publish them for other users to install as a userscript or as a part of an opensource imageboard engine, they will be out in the open, for the spammers to see and think of a way to avoid them.
Or he'll just wipe with copies of legitimate posts from the thread, as he sometimes does already.
If you really want to work on something useful, implement this feature of dollchan into lynxchan/magrathea, so that even people who don't use dollchan could auto-hide deleted posts.
thumbnail of 2024-04-26-images.png
thumbnail of 2024-04-26-images.png
2024-04-26... png
(34.91 KB, 174x385)
thumbnail of 2024-04-26-image2.png
thumbnail of 2024-04-26-image2.png
2024-04-26... png
(119.65 KB, 158x705)
An example.
This is constantly on the home page new images feed - but not on the board. It is obvious that it is spammed and getting deleted.
The screenshot is from the DeepState live map which is now owned and update by the Ukrainian government. So whatever information is up on that site it's the Ukrainian government telling people about the situation. This is not Russian propaganda, not created by the Kremlin. And now it is cannot be posted on the board.

thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(9.97 KB, 1187x54)
thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(370.12 KB, 1533x391)
thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(71.26 KB, 1264x216)
thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(95.45 KB, 1018x645)
Hello admin please fix your board
1 Make captcha field next to text so it would take one press of TAB button to focus
2 Put OPs header on top like in ordinary posts so [Reply] link would be above pictures in OPs
3 Forbid webp or fix undefined postfix
I don't need this shit. It's not ok to change these things without askin other ppls' opinion, imo

thumbnail of Film.jpg
thumbnail of Film.jpg
Film jpg
(155.66 KB, 1131x754)
Came up on the apropos of the Christmas Special that we should hold a recurring "movie night", maybe on monthly basis. We just might do that. 
The first occasion would be on the 8th of February (probably would be the 9th for Australians). One movie, and maybe two short videos, as an intro and outro, might be related to the movie itself, might not.

Right at this moment, I can't offer a more exact date, for all the timezones it is hard to plan. Was talk about 21:00 PST on the 8th which is 00:00 EST and 16:00 AET on the 9th. However this is too early for Europeans on Sunday. Maybe we could offer two streams with some gap between.
Also no titles yet.

So ideas, suggestions are welcomed.
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thumbnail of clockwork-orange.jpg
thumbnail of clockwork-orange.jpg
clockwork-o... jpg
(172.2 KB, 800x1200)
A Clockwork Orange
On April 6th
At 8:00 and 20:00 UTC. That is:
- 4am and 4pm Eastern Daylight Time
- 5am and 5pm BRT
- 10:00 and 22:00 CEST
- 7pm AEDT and 6am on April 7th AEST
thumbnail of bringing-up-baby.jpg
thumbnail of bringing-up-baby.jpg
bringing-up-ba... jpg
(133.24 KB, 700x900)
Bringin up Baby
May 4th
At 9 and 20:00 UTC:
- 5am and 4pm EDT and Chile Standard
- 6am and 5pm BRT
- 11:00 and 22:00 CEST
- 7pm and 6am on the 5th AEST

First Saturday of each month. Remember to check in beforehand. I try to update this about a week beforehand. Sometimes I fail like on this occasion.

thumbnail of end is nigh.png
thumbnail of end is nigh.png
end is nigh png
(49.63 KB, 1221x802)
Our staff looking for help helpers to complement the team. 
Join IRC or Discord (links on the home page) and contact us there.
What is needed to be doing? Simply inform us if you come across content which should be deleted.

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Can you add time offset for post timestamps?
Like make posts 5-60 minutes before?

Some ISP's forced by governments to collect connections metadata for surveillance, even how much bytes were sent at some time.
And some companies collect social media posts to get anons ass, manipulate people, predict trends.
Post photos some times and you can be tracked by unique size and date, even in tor.
They want more control like in china.
They want to shut up freedom of speech.
Fuck them all.

thumbnail of New russian.jpg
thumbnail of New russian.jpg
New russian jpg
(82.9 KB, 766x698)
We need customization of posts(not only threads, all posts) quantity limit in a hour, added from one IP address.

And we need customization of posts(not only threads, all posts) quantity limit in a hour, for all /rus/ board.
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I can try to describe. When viewing /polru it's not shrinking page size to mobile view, but if i enter any thread it immediatedly shrinks the page to screen size. And you can't see text when typing captcha, because of keyboard popup. Tested in mobile view on FF mobile.
We need just a simple script to delete messages by regular expressions.
Also it should be after some random or desired time to protect board owners from observers (parsing endchan and searching big data on network providers in Russia by police) to make it difficult to distinguish when board owner is actually online or this is just a script.
Just it.
Copy same code from filters and modify it to delete posts at some time, but check time globally or when the board is accessed.

Just add this fields in board settings:
Enable: yes no
Random time: yes no

Time to delete spam
Spam delete times: 1-4 (how much times spam should be deleted)

First time: (time of the day, if not random then every day at this time)
Second time:
Third time:
Fourth time:

Random time
Time span for random time: (minutes, add large span about from minutes to few hours to desired time)
Minimal times: 1-4 (if random enabled spam will be deleted few times: from minimal (1) to "spam delete times" (1-4))

Rules to delete posts
Rule 1: text field for regular expression
Rule 2: text field for regular expression
Rule 3: text field for regular expression

And delete spam when time is come, check just last few days posts to limit cpu usage. 
This should be easy for your server and very useful for people there.
We need modern things today to make or place safe and comfortable.
Fuck kremlin bots.
Please do it dude.

thumbnail of IMG_4583.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4583.jpeg
IMG_4583 jpeg
(668.13 KB, 1284x1271)
thumbnail of IMG_4584.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4584.jpeg
IMG_4584 jpeg
(277.94 KB, 1284x1832)
thumbnail of IMG_4586.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4586.jpeg
IMG_4586 jpeg
(389.55 KB, 1283x1514)
thumbnail of IMG_4587.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4587.jpeg
IMG_4587 jpeg
(515.64 KB, 1284x2121)
thumbnail of IMG_4589.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4589.jpeg
IMG_4589 jpeg
(214.35 KB, 1284x1230)
might wanna prune the groomer thread over on agatha2
or if apathy is in the cards, at the very least, moderate it better
girl is confirmed to be a minor, and screenshots show that people participating know about and may be in possession of her CP
considering mentioning her name at all has already gotten people banned from /r9k/, it’s pointing to the fact that a lot of people are aware of this situation and platforming any more avenues for her to get groomed or put herself into danger isn’t a good move 
you can play devils advocate and assume it’s all bullshit in the name of free speech or whatever but even for a board like agatha this is really pushing the envelope 
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thumbnail of 15900c3e7848f2fd67efb76b24cab646.jpg
thumbnail of 15900c3e7848f2fd67efb76b24cab646.jpg
15900c3e7848f2fd67efb... jpg
(16.22 KB, 480x360)
I know this thread will probably get little attention. But, for petesakes, can someone do something about the options for moderating tools?
It's really clunky to delete and ban posts. You have to log in, go to your board, go to your front page, scroll all the way down to the post on your board that's breaking the rule, then you have to click Manage Thread and after all is said and done. You have to fill out a captcha to ban the post, then you have to FILL OUT ANOTHER CAPTCHA TO DELETE THE POST!!
To make matters even worse, the spam has been getting worse lately. So, it gets really frustrating to delete multiple spam threads on your board. On top of all this, there are errors when you go to delete a thread the first time. So, it takes twice as long as it normally should to delete threads.
So, if it's not too much of me to ask....Can you please streamline the actions that the BO/mods have to take in order to delete posts?
Like, can you make it so that you can ban&delete specific posts instead of clicking the checkbox of the post and then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page, fill out a captcha to delete a post? Is it possible for the BO/volunteer to stay logged in longer than thirty seconds so that way you can ban and then delete a specified post? Finally, when you click the manage thread button, does it have to take you to the dashboard? It's really clunky and time consuming to go back your board front page, find the post and then delete it. It takes ages and it's really tedious. 
I know that there are probably reasons as to why the lay out is like it is. I'm just asking if there is a way to streamline banning and deleting posts. It's clunky and tedious, especially now since there's an uptick in board traffic due to the US elections, various refugees from dying chans and various other events going on around the internet.
I think it would be beneficial to the admin and to the various board owners to streamline BO/moderator actions and make it more user friendly.
Thanks for reading my post. I look forward to the replies.
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Yeah, that's some shit to handle. Practically every site that a user can post has the same issue regarding that content, but they have teams that deal with it for the most part.

Still, don't get intimidated by the spammer guys. Just hold on and we'll report and ignore whatever shit we may find. You got a lot of loyal users that really like using this site.
Anyway, if you happen to see and "spam" in a board. Be sure to delete your cache. You computer saves a small copy of the pictures you load when you browse any website.

Also, there's some minor spam in your site's /christian/ board. I think it's been reported but it's still there
thumbnail of Koiiiba.gif
thumbnail of Koiiiba.gif
Koiiiba gif
(1.21 MB, 540x540)
Dunno where to post this info, but just letting Endchan's staff know that some boards just got spammed around 1-2 hours ago. I counted 10 boards but just make sure to keep a look out for more illegal spam.

Also, there's illegal content involving animals in the /baaa2/ board. The board owner even enjoys when people post that. And the entire board is filled with really weird and evil shit all over. 

Endchan staff may want to look into that guy and the board too.
Looks like the spammer's back on some more boards. Maybe put in a ban on the image and url he posts.

pls help us Endchan mods

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Moderation Help
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