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If you've been paying attention to odili's twitter then you've noticed that we plan to do a "migration." We've sat on our broken database for too damn long and it's preventing the site from crawling out of the hole it's been stuck in since twenty-fucking-seventeen, so we're going to be starting from a clean database and importing stuff on a best-effort basis instead of praying that a hacked-together document extraction script will make everything all better.

You will keep your boards, accounts and banners. These should be the easiest things to dump by hand anyway.

The current plan is that around next week (June 15th) we'll be setting up a "new" instance of lynxchan and keeping the site you're using right now active. This is going to be a recent stable version of lynxchan, so it'll be faster and more stable than what you're using now even before taking into account the DB issues. Stay tuned for further details, but given the amount of archival-grade stuff floating around here I want to avoid the "surprise! that thread you bookmarked is gone" problem if at all possible. There will be advance warning.
Questions you may have:
what's with all the fucking 500 errors jesus christ
Assholes DDoSing the gateway. Use Tor or the cloudflare domains instead.

Why do I keep getting flood detected when I post with tor
Lynxchan has a shared posting cooldown for the "tor port" to limit spam. Enable cookies for the onion address you're using and solve a block bypass CAPTCHA to get an independent cooldown.

your migration is deleting my OC
You'll have plenty of time to save your epic threads before we spin down the current database. That part is still a long way off.
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how do you save a thread?
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death throes
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this time for reals
I suggest you make the nsfw image preview on the front page off by default
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step 1: am is dead
step 2: do da dance
step 3: ???
step 4: am is dead
File/Save Page As...
Or make a screenshot.
Ofc you can't upload back the same, especially with conversations.
If you have image/document/music/site-link/video-link dumps, you can save all those onto your comp.
If you liek certain posts, you can save those into text files and save images too, or just take screenshots.

As for me who write stuff, I write everything in textfiles first and gather pictures I'll upload with the text, so I have everything already anyway.
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in that case, for short threads or posts use FF's screenshot thing and then pngquant
Why did this fucking thread >>/rus/4110/ suddenly disappear?
Because you /rus/ seem to be a bunch degenerate whining faggots, anon.
Recommended appeal procedure: kys.
             The Administration.
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1. There is no local moderation at /rus/.
2. The thread is still visible in the thread list, but impossible to enter.

So I conclude that the reason of the disappearance is technical and can be related to the DB issues.

Could you please resurrect the thread?
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Please restore the thread or delete it.
Admin delete shitgay thread in /rus plss
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so uh... how's the progress on that upgrade thing?
Asked it on irc/discord.
The reply was:
> As soon as I fix this new vps
t. Odilitime

So anytime between tonight and never I have to assume.
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sweet, maybe it'll happen tonight
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Odiddlydoo hasn't changed anything on the main VPS since June, to the best of my knowledge. I gave him a few weeks since he presumably has a life to worry about but since the start of July I've been putting together the pieces for a new instance. As of Monday I've got everything together but I need to update mongo and node to even start them up and I haven't worked up the courage to pull the trigger yet. I'm doing the research to run new versions in parallel right now, and I'll have more free time tomorrow. No promises, but if Odil doesn't get this done, I will.
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> he presumably has a life to worry about
> if Odil doesn't get this done
I left a strongly worded reaction image on Discord yesterday. Maybe that'll help.
Also if something goes sideways and End goes down temporarily I hope, you can find us on sportschan/kc.
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Odil is asshole!
He turned /rus/ into a board of advertisement spam!
Check it out! >>>/rus/5507/
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where where yuo when Odilis asshole???
Test instance is ready to be spun up for an initial test, just need to wire it up with nginx. Just lynxchan 2.2, KC addon and kohlnumbra since that's the best thing going atm. We'll turn off all the KC tier shit by the time we hit production. Odili hasn't been on IRC in 5 days btw, he said that it'd take a few weeks for him to finish DB migration scripts.
Please unstick thread  >>/10420/
I wasn't either (I haet Discord btw). But you guys are liek ghosts. It would be nice someone on board who could fix problems liek this guy's:  >>/10437/ tho I have the feeling it is related to the database problem you dudes try to fix.
Few weeks sounds like a long time but it will worth it.
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The thread https://endchan.net/polru/res/2922.html gives a 404.
Restore it, please.
Migration script has been made and is running. 500 error's days are numbered
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DB import script running. It's running slow as shit, but it's running, which means it's not pulling from the main DB and making the 500s worse.
Is this likely to lead to any improvements in the general look and feel of endchan? That's the biggest issue with using it right now. How open are you to making some changes in that regard? For example a better home page. I have plenty of suggestions that should be easy enough to impliment.
Sure, I'd like to hear it
If by "improvements" you mean "kohlchan" then you're right because we're using kohlnumbra's frontend for the new site. Not that we can't bend it to our will later of course.
Sounds good.

The big one is a better home page. Over on 8chan's /sudo/ there was a suggestion long ago to add board adverts: 
> each BO could submit a paragraph describing their board and an image within certain limits (obviously going through a captcha to stop spam and maybe a limit of changing it once per month)
> adverts manually approved by global/site owner also for suitability (e.g. SFW only, actually descriptive)
> home page loads a few of these on each refresh just like how banners are loaded on boards currently
You can mess with weighting it by board's current traffic to avoid showing dedboards or ones that are already fast but that's just gravy. Shouldn't be too hard but it'll help smaller boards a ton.

On the boards page you could remove PPH, total posts and users as unnecessary information and organise it into 2-3 columns to show many more boards without excessive scrolling. This also helps smaller boards get some visibility. Obviously have the number of columns displayed change with window width which is easily done if you have even basic html/css competence. The goal should be to show as many boards as possible in as small an amount of space as possible.

[x] for hide thread/post is a bit vague, [-] makes more sense but that's really a personal thing. There's no easily visible button for report/global report, is that actually even an option?

Catalog could do with a report thread button and moving the hide thread button up to the end of the replies/images/posts line rather than at the bottom of the OP's content because it's hidden if you need to scroll. Also either force boards to add a missing image file, use a default one when one isn't selected or if the software doesn't support it add one because the catalog looks messy with threads without images.

In general just not deselecting files silently when a captcha fails. Short term just adding a visible reminder to the message you see when you fail a captcha saying 'remember to re-add your images if you had any' would be good because it's very easy to forget. Hiding the delete post box from the bottom of the page until someone actually presses the del button would neaten up the look of a the page immensely. Also for general neatness a margin after 'expand all images' at the top right of a thread is a tiny change but just makes the site feel less  thrown together. Whem you resize the quick reply box the captcha stays locked to the left and nothing expands out after it. Adding just some plain background-coloured space after it sized to the window improves this optionally also centre the captcha. Use this extra space to add a reload button for the captcha to the quick reply window because that's missing.

If you could move to one captcha per IP per 24 hours or any other time period (obviously if suspicious activity/spam is coming from an IP then ask again sooner which can be automated) that removes frustration for retyping it. The captcha is pretty easy here anyway though.

The watchlist could do with being a resizeable window with borders like the quick reply box even if that's just an option. I've not messed with it long enough to tell but does it strikethrough threads which have 404ed? I note it shows when a new reply is in the thread with a (!) (uncertain if that's only replies to your posts or just new posts in the thread) which is good (number of new replies would be even better but that's very minor). It's also inaccessible from the catalog for some reason.

(you) on the top bar of posts you've made, tracked by cookies, is always nice as is seeing (you) after someone's rely to you e.g.  >>/10462/ (you). Do the same whenever anyone replies to the OP  >>/10462/ (OP). If this is already happening I'm not seeing it.

You should put supported filetypes in the help/faq page including any limits on e.g. webm streams and vp8 vs vp9.

Actually In the last few days I've gotten a lot more used to the UI and a lot of these are minor annoyances which I know aren't functional changes. It's just that they make the site feel half finished in some ways.
Oh and often when you post the formatting of the post's content and the top bar of a post (name, date etc) is weird until you refresh.
can't reproduce that one, any one else getting this? if so what browser?
The info on PPH can come in handy if I just want to size up the current traffic for some reason. Tho it could be done on a separate page.
I get it inconsistently in firefox. I think only with very short posts.
> The info on PPH can come in handy if I just want to size up the current traffic for some reason. Tho it could be done on a separate page.
Yeh I'm not saying to make it unavailable just stop it cluttering up the default boards page.
Another thing: posting a reply from the form at the top of a thread sends you to a new page saying 'posted, press here to return to the thread' but posting from the quick reply dialogue just posts it and lets you keep scrolling. At the very least make them both consistent.
Huh, this time it didn't. Maybe it's only if you hit enter instead of clicking the new reply button?
Yup it's only if you hit enter after typing the captcha and while still clicked in the captcha's box: it'll post but redirect you to a new page instead. I guess that's the original behaviour and you changed it for the new reply button and not for the captcha box?
Also I'm seeing (you)s on replies to my posts now. Is that new or was mine just fucked before?
no new but may have been broken. Not sure I did anything specific to fix it.
Ah. Might have been my end
I've isolated this. If you type the captcha in only in the reply form at the top of the thread and then hit enter while still clicked in that box it will take you to a new page saying either 'post successful, click here to return to thread' or throw a captcha error. Every other method of posting (clicking new reply button in top form, clicking new reply button in quick reply form, hitting enter in new reply form's captcha box) will just post and stay on the thread's page. Minor issue but a strange one.
How the work's going?
so is this the big thing that happens on the 20th?
Is it happening or what?

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