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Also by EST is this Australian Eastern Standard Time even though Australia is under DST at the moment
No. You could suggest, especially if you have source.
Right now only last years playlist seems to be sure. There are plans to change it, we already have a couple of titles in mind, but will see. I don't want to rile up people that we'll fulfill their requests.
The only feature our board could benefit from is a working last-50-posts page. But it's unnecessary and we are very well served as is.
Thanks for the fantastic and reliable platform.
> Then what's it doing on everyone's boards on the 15th?

...To get people to know about it beforehand so plenty can come. Same reason parties are announced, days, weeks or months in advance
> Add comments, ideas, suggestions.
Maybe I or someone else could set up a Minecraft/Minetest(Free, Open source) server and we could hop on. As for movies, we could watch, I'll propose Interstellar and Baraka.
Also endchan christmas theme.
Ok. We kept last years list, beefed it up with three movies, and seasoned with two short videos. The show has almost 12 hours of length. It will either go in sequence and loop once, so everyone in any timezone have a chance to see anything which might interest him (in calculable fashion) or just run and users can pick what to watch.

Lethal Weapon
Tokyo Godfathers
Trading Places

Shorts (I've no idea half of these so don't ask):
A Tale of Two Santas - Futurama
Animaniacs Xmas
Charlie Brown Kwanzaa
Do you like my dog
Dr Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas
How The Gianax Ruined Christmas
Gintama Xmas
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic Christmas Blast
Super Mario Bros Super Show Christmas Episode
Still Standing
Take On Me
The Kongo Bongo Fesival of Lights
Warumpi Band: Blackfella/Whitefella (it's here because I'm a true fella)
some Christmas related song with frogs

This whole thing isn't necessarily finalized, and the order (if it'll go in a sequence) still isn't decided.
Also add this old cartoon?

> Thanksgiving.
There are a bunch of legit Xmas movies which didn't make the list for various reasons, I'm thinking opening a cytube channel and making movie nights/evenings occasionally. Perhaps there. If ever.

Maybe, can't promise.
> Warumpi Band: Blackfella/Whitefella 
Can we add:
Richard Wagner - Das Rheingold Prelude or one of the songs from Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes like "old joe has gone fishing"
Although I've no obligation to justify myself, that was the only feasible submission of Ausneets. It's fun looks funny too to me and short.
But /ausneets/ is really big on opera and teutonic/saxon culture. How about the Queens christmas message from last year then?
What is the fuck with the cytube playlist. It started 24 hours early which made a neet disappointed and cry. Also none of the UNNA material made it in and its weighted towards vidya members with all the sonic the hedgehog tripe. This is unacceptable and /ausneets/ will boycot unless this debacle is fixed to our satisfaction.
Here's the playlist.
And the starting dates:
AEDT 06:00
JST  04:00
MSK  22:00
CET  20:00
UTC  19:00
BRT  16:00
EST  14:00
PST  11:00
what is the markdown for code?
i tried:
maybe im fucking it up?

> example

code {
  border: 1px double #00FF00; 
  background: #000000;
  color: #00FF00; 
  font-family: 'Lucida Console', Monaco, monospace; font-size: 100%; padding: 1em 1.5em;
  display: block;
  overflow: auto;
  word-break: break-all;
The solution was found but for the record, here's some info that might be useful to others:
BO has to enable preformatted text, aka "code" in posts, there's an option among the board settings.
The HTML element that gets created is the pre element. In CSS select that to style the code.
Oh nice, I'll hope to be free and able to attend! I work on ships so depending on when my watch it and how decent my internet connection is at the time hopefully I'll be able to participate.

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