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Odilitime can you add an option to opt-out of the data collection? I'd be willing to donate instead if you'd stop.
We collect no data.
If you are worried about the CloudFlare in front of endchan.org then use endchan.net since that is CF free.
Also you might be interested in other access options, check the home page.
Why CF if it's not for ddos protection?
It doesn't accelerate much and the cache will just break stuffs like captchas on IBs.
Also, why not moving to LynxChan 2.4 and where is 2hu-ch.org :( ?
It is for DDoS protection.
LynxChan upgrade would break more than fix, less secure, and we have features our own which should have been reimplemented.
We have no contact with the owner/operator of 2hu-ch-org, so I can't give you info on that.
We've designed .net to respect your privacy. Let us know if you find something on .net that violates it. We're always looking to improve it.

We used several DDoS measures, including CF. It does cache and helps quite a bit and we've fixed all the captchas and login issues with it in the last 3-6 months. And now it helps keep cp off the site, it has a CSAM notification tool.

>  2hu-ch.org
it's dead, he's working on a bit torrent chan now. Another dev is taking over nntpchan development.
I'm going to necro this. I had an issue where I used to donate but then my card expired. Didn't matter I was broke anyway. So a whole lot later I tried signing into Patreon with my new card. The bank canceled my card and I couldn't buy anything for a couple days. Those dumb assholes said their records said I tried to sign in from Ireland. I've never been to Ireland. What are the chances some hacker has my exact info and is trying to sign into Patreon from Ireland the same time I am? No chance. Jack Conte can eat shit anyway. Dan Schulman too.

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New Reply on thread #11036
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