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might wanna prune the groomer thread over on agatha2
or if apathy is in the cards, at the very least, moderate it better
girl is confirmed to be a minor, and screenshots show that people participating know about and may be in possession of her CP
considering mentioning her name at all has already gotten people banned from /r9k/, it’s pointing to the fact that a lot of people are aware of this situation and platforming any more avenues for her to get groomed or put herself into danger isn’t a good move 
you can play devils advocate and assume it’s all bullshit in the name of free speech or whatever but even for a board like agatha this is really pushing the envelope 
> groomer thread
I don't see how that is a groomer thread.
Does she post in the thread and someone is trying to gain the confidence of her in order to have sex with her or at least get nudes from her?
if you shit in a cereal bowl, is it a cereal bowl or a toilet? 

do not even start with the semantics and splitting hairs over the one or two posters who aren’t actively encouraging this shit. pretending to be obtuse isn’t cute. nearly every single post there is encouraging the presence of a minor who has been sexually exploited once before by people who interact with her here and otherwise, who is notorious on other sites for exchanging child pornography with older men and you have a thread of people being completely blasé about this fact and still vying for the attention of a sex crime victim. your attitude towards this is fucking absurd.
you posted that yourself with a vpn
no one asked for illegal content in 2 threads with 500+ posts 
you are insane and clinically obsessed

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New Reply on thread #19179
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