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Druids and Meme Magic

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Welcome, Brothers and Sisters, to /pagan/.

This is a board for the Ancestral Faiths of Europe, free from the cuck universalism present within Wicca and Asatru. Accordingly, if you are a person of mixed descent, please head to >>>/asatru/. Hellenist, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, or others, they are all part of our faith here, and we welcome all White Brothers and Sisters.

Q. I don't have any faith in the supernatural, how can I get back in touch with the Old Gods?

A. The best way is to talk to them, and to others of your fledgling faith. However, regaining religiosity from atheism is like regaining happiness from depression: the very things that will help you succeed are the things you least wish to do. You must find the strength to overcome your spiritual inertia and pick up some momentum.

In Christianity or other Jewish religions, you view yourself as a member of a flock who is to submit to Yahweh, and this is usually the most experience with religion a White person ever gets. Not so in the religion of our Folk, where the Gods are personal friends. You are an active participant in the religion, and a spiritual agent of the Gods. You have authority as a prophet, because the Gods act through inspiration in all our Folk.

You should see yourself as a Druid acolyte, personally called upon by the Gods to spread the faith to our Folk. Because you are. Feel it as a spiritual calling, and act on it. Find spiritual significance in all things, and inspiration in your dreams. Your spirituality has been carefully extinguished, but by acting mindfully and with purpose you can reclaim the same feeling of kinship and meaning that your ancestors enjoyed.
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Q. How can I honor my Ancestors?

A. First off, be the strongest version of yourself you can be. Be the glorious version of yourself that your ancestors KNOW you can be. Lift weights. Being /fit/ is the difference between a LARPer and an authentic Druid. Women should not view themselves as exempt from this, but as being a cut above other weak Women not able to protect their children or themselves. View your physical fitness as an act of meditation. Acting mindfully is key -- Don't forget that your ancestors are watching you. They may not have eyes to literally spy on you, but they can feel when you're being a weak quitter, a depressed faggot or a defeatist loser. You may fail repeatedly in life, but you must always get back up. Be strong and feel them urging you onwards. You can always be better. The blood of Vikings, Legionaries, Spartans, and Druids is within you.

Secondly, find masculine or feminine dignity, and do not make your forebears ashamed of you. While it's true that too much conformity to traditional roles stagnates, we have seen first hand that the degeneracy of liberal feminist societies leads to their total and irreversible destruction. Women cannot discard their femininity and try to perform as Men, and Men cannot discard their masculinity and try to perform as Eunuchs. Find a balance between individuality and some masculine or feminine pride.

Lastly, learn all you can about your kin. Try to nurture closer bonds to your living relatives such as distant relations. Include honoring your ancestors through your sacrifices and prayers and in your thoughts on holidays.
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Q. Druids and Meme Magic?

A. Don't be too stuck up, nigga. Remember to enjoy dank memes and enjoy them often. You should act mindfully to take Meme Magic as a literal truth, and look for signs of it working in the world. You are a Druid of the Gods, and Meme Magic is how you use the inspiration of the spiritual world to manifest physical results in our world. The Gods are entities of pure spiritual energy with no body. They act through inspiration in us, and memes are one way to give them our spiritual energy and in turn shape our reality.

It takes nothing to be skeptical about Meme Magic, but it does nothing but rob you of an opportunity to see first hand the Gods working in our world. Whether or not you believe in it, our enemies do, and are using it against us right now.

They sleeplessly work towards our destruction using every tool at their disposal, and magic is one of their most subtle -- and effective -- tools. Shitposting is not just fun, it is a Divine Mandate. :^)

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