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Welcome, Brothers and Sisters, to /pagan/.

This is a board for the Ancestral Faiths of Europe, free from the cuck universalism present within Wicca and Asatru. Accordingly, if you are a person of mixed descent, please head to >>>/asatru/. Hellenist, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, or others, they are all part of our faith here, and we welcome all White Brothers and Sisters.

Q. I don't have any faith in the supernatural, how can I get back in touch with the Old Gods?

A. The best way is to talk to them, and to others of your fledgling faith. However, regaining religiosity from atheism is like regaining happiness from depression: the very things that will help you succeed are the things you least wish to do. You must find the strength to overcome your spiritual inertia and pick up some momentum.

In Christianity or other Jewish religions, you view yourself as a member of a flock who is to submit to Yahweh, and this is usually the most experience with religion a White person ever gets. Not so in the religion of our Folk, where the Gods are personal friends. You are an active participant in the religion, and a spiritual agent of the Gods. You have authority as a prophet, because the Gods act through inspiration in all our Folk.

You should see yourself as a Druid acolyte, personally called upon by the Gods to spread the faith to our Folk. Because you are. Feel it as a spiritual calling, and act on it. Find spiritual significance in all things, and inspiration in your dreams. Your spirituality has been carefully extinguished, but by acting mindfully and with purpose you can reclaim the same feeling of kinship and meaning that your ancestors enjoyed.
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Q. How can I honor my Ancestors?

A. First off, be the strongest version of yourself you can be. Be the glorious version of yourself that your ancestors KNOW you can be. Lift weights. Being /fit/ is the difference between a LARPer and an authentic Druid. Women should not view themselves as exempt from this, but as being a cut above other weak Women not able to protect their children or themselves. View your physical fitness as an act of meditation. Acting mindfully is key -- Don't forget that your ancestors are watching you. They may not have eyes to literally spy on you, but they can feel when you're being a weak quitter, a depressed faggot or a defeatist loser. You may fail repeatedly in life, but you must always get back up. Be strong and feel them urging you onwards. You can always be better. The blood of Vikings, Legionaries, Spartans, and Druids is within you.

Secondly, find masculine or feminine dignity, and do not make your forebears ashamed of you. While it's true that too much conformity to traditional roles stagnates, we have seen first hand that the degeneracy of liberal feminist societies leads to their total and irreversible destruction. Women cannot discard their femininity and try to perform as Men, and Men cannot discard their masculinity and try to perform as Eunuchs. Find a balance between individuality and some masculine or feminine pride.

Lastly, learn all you can about your kin. Try to nurture closer bonds to your living relatives such as distant relations. Include honoring your ancestors through your sacrifices and prayers and in your thoughts on holidays.
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Q. Druids and Meme Magic?

A. Don't be too stuck up, nigga. Remember to enjoy dank memes and enjoy them often. You should act mindfully to take Meme Magic as a literal truth, and look for signs of it working in the world. You are a Druid of the Gods, and Meme Magic is how you use the inspiration of the spiritual world to manifest physical results in our world. The Gods are entities of pure spiritual energy with no body. They act through inspiration in us, and memes are one way to give them our spiritual energy and in turn shape our reality.

It takes nothing to be skeptical about Meme Magic, but it does nothing but rob you of an opportunity to see first hand the Gods working in our world. Whether or not you believe in it, our enemies do, and are using it against us right now.

They sleeplessly work towards our destruction using every tool at their disposal, and magic is one of their most subtle -- and effective -- tools. Shitposting is not just fun, it is a Divine Mandate. :^)

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I thought this place would be cucked and full of wiccans but it is full of true pagans who are based as fuck and actually honor the ancient believes of their ancestors.

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They subvert real paganism at that real European paganism. So because they spread false information about our ancient paganistic people, religion and culture they should be hated by us.

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im about to do my first blood sacrfice of 1 pints for the norse gods and to give me streath to deal with a problem in my life what should i do to to prepeare for what i must do pagan brothers and sisters

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"An oath is not just a promise, it's a promise to your Gods. Subjective morality is popular among Christcucks and those infected with Jewish relativism. However among natural peoples who have retained their Humanity, to break an oath debases yourself like eating shit in front of a crowd. No one can respect you or tolerate you as part of their community after that. If you're okay with it, then have at it, but it's not the same as breaking a promise or being deceptive. It's to be an intolerable faggot that ought be banished at BEST."

Jews invented moral relativism? The ignorance of the alt-right is surprising. Quite the contrary, Jews actually invented (along with others) moral absolutism. They are one of the inventors of monotheism as well. All have been disastrous blights upon this fair earth.

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> Christcucks are trying to meme oathbreaking into existence.

How has so much honor left the world that faggots don't even understand the nature of an oath anymore?

An oath is made in the presence of the Gods or your community. You can break an oath at any time but the Gods will be ashamed of you and your community will know you are without honor. An oath isn't just some promise, it's a promise made in such a way that breaking it will have severe consequences for you.

If jewspawn actually worshipped anything other than money, they might have been able to hold something higher than personal gain sacred.

Shaking my head in disgust to be sincere with you, kinsmen.
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An oath is not just a promise, it's a promise to your Gods. Subjective morality is popular among Christcucks and those infected with Jewish relativism. However among natural peoples who have retained their Humanity, to break an oath debases yourself like eating shit in front of a crowd. No one can respect you or tolerate you as part of their community after that. If you're okay with it, then have at it, but it's not the same as breaking a promise or being deceptive. It's to be an intolerable faggot that ought be banished at BEST.

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As this place is also to cultivate mimematic banter. 
Let us have a thread where we do exactly that. Discuss and create.

What I especially like about pic related is how the Aryan deities are portrayed as a bantarous clique. This is what should be embraced.

also dumping UID

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From how bad it's getting on Crippledchan, I think endchan may actually take off. I can't even post images on that 'imageboard' anymore. I've never seen such incompetence persist for such a long time, they clearly don't give a fuck anymore.

To this end, we should start thinking about the future here on endchan. I've actually bothered to put down some rurus now. Pic related, sorry about the redundant rule numbering, I'll fix that at some point.

We will need banners, flags, css and a couple volunteers. To be a volunteer you'll have to come to the IRC on Rizon's #pagan, started just for this board (in other words empty af right now).

I'll leave this thread up for a while, since for some reason everyone is still using the Crippledchan. I think they're waiting for Infinity Next to actually hit, but it keeps being pushed back and back tricking thousands into enduring a hopelessly broken site longer than they otherwise would.

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Hello Druids, I wanted to share a revelation I've been having for some time now. From the pieces I've gathered, I believe the Christian/Jewish God Yahweh is in fact Jormungand, the dark world serpent who Thor will kill at Ragnarok. I mentioned this on the big pagan thread on Crippledchan yesterday and figured it might be a good topic for here.

I have had two dreams that tie Yahweh and Jormungand together. In both dreams, the World Serpent was feeding on the spirits of our ancestors. In one, I saw my great grandmother dying. When I was young she taught me Norwegian numbers and words and this is one of my very few memories of her. She died a Christian and in the dream I saw her being devoured by Jormungand who I knew to be Yahweh. There didn't seem to be any physical pain, but there was an emotional oblivion of a horror beyond comprehension. The only solace in this nightmare was that the torture was not drawn out, and was mercifully short. I don't think the Beast's ceaseless hunger has the patience to draw out the suffering.

I believe billions of our Folk have been consumed permanently and irrevocably in this way by the eternal hunger of the all-consuming Jewish god. Far better to die faithless and inglorious after a life of self-indulgent wankery and face the judgment of Hela than to be annihilated as psychic fuel for the World Serpent. To die a Christian is a fate worse than the ones known to our ancestors, one far worse than Hel.

What do you think about these dreams? Have you had any religious dreams since reawakening your spirituality? I have had these two bad ones, and one good one in which Thor and Mjolnir appeared, though there didn't seem to be any spiritual significance to that one -- it was just cool.
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I had another dream.

I dreamt I was a huge owl sent by Odin to watch over Humanity, but I gave up on them for being too stupid and abandoned my watch. I flew away and went to live with the Dwarves, but I found their civilization had been destroyed by ettins. I found survivors hanging onto remote fortresses, but in a dire situation.

The weird thing is that I was sent by Odin, since I don't venerate Odin. But the dream was quite clear, Odin was the one that sent me. So I'm not sure if this was just a random cool dream or something with meaning.

No remorse for abandoning my post, although it seemed dissonant to do so. I don't think I'd do so for real.

As for the Dwarves I don't think there was much emotion in it. I remember coming to one of their fortresses which had suffered a breach from an ettin attack, and they were rebuilding. All the bodies gone, no hot dramatic fire, just a sullen cleanup.

It was more a sense of forlorn inevitability. Dreadfully lonely and resigned. Only a matter of time before their last holdouts were destroyed.
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Sounds rough, but you should remember that honouring our ancestors isn't about submitting to the gods and waiting for them to help us. We ourselves have to provide an impetus for change.

Maybe your dream was intended to show you a world where the people were so resigned and apathetic from waiting for change to occur that they ultimately doomed themselves (not unlike the modern culturally Christcuck West).

Change has to come from within, and we can't just wait for Odin to swoop in on an owl and bring glory to our society.

That's my interpretation, at least.
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Nine_Worlds_of_Norse_... jpg
(972.08 KB, 1600x1600)

I think we tend to look too much at our current predicament of white extinction and view it as the end all be all.

In reality this is just one more in a long series of challenges we've faced, and I believe in our destiny to overcome it. I don't view it as ragnarok, or view the gods' mythology to be analogies for what we're going through any more than the christcuck invasion and destruction of our native religions was ragnarok. I certainly saw the parallels, but I think these are timeless themes that will apply to many of the situations our folk will find themselves in.

While I don't limit myself strictly to the Germanic tradition, one of the incredible things about Norse theology in particular is that they knew that Earth was round and espoused the existence of other habitable worlds, thousands of years ago. It competes with Hinduism for some of the mindfuckingly accurate tidbits you can find. They espoused 5 terrestrial worlds, and 4 spiritual worlds. 9 (3x3) was the most important number in the religion. 

To that end, I think the Dwarves are a real people (equals to hWhites) who live on their own homeworld. They are older cousins of man, with incredibly advanced technology that made gifts even for the Gods. I imagine them as less degenerate Eldar, if you're familiar with WH40k (lel LARPing, but all the elf and dwarf mythologies do come from the Norse religion and are echoes of a long half-forgotten revealed truth).

If I were to editorialize my own meaning onto the dream (which I am unsure has any meaning to begin with; there was lots of random shit like flying through a black void of floating islands surrounded by swarms of glowing blue moths), then I would say the meaning is that we need to get our shit together and go help the Dwarves ourselves. No matter what they're like, I believe they exist. We certainly cannot wait for the Gods. Like I said I don't even venerate Odin.

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BO are you that disgruntled one at /asatru/ fighting the righteous fight against our impending genocide? If so, you're a trooper. Let this be a meta thread, I guess. 

One Drop Rule is the only way to preserve our peoples and our blood memory. It's also the only consistent method you can uphold. 
dropping my UID
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> Hate to start another "how white am I?" discussion

I very much doubt that. A mixed person who doesn't look mixed only feels the need to announce he's mixed if he's looking to stir up D&C about Greeks, Spaniards, or Slavs not being white.

You self-identify as mixed (ever so hypothetically), so you're (ever so hypothetically) mixed.

To question your own white identity is to not have any white identity. Smarter way to do this D&C would be to just claim to be fully Greek and identify as white and try to get other people to say Greeks aren't white. But you'd be fishing in empty waters since no one has come to Endchan yet.

There are two requirements in being white without using DNA testing.
1) Be accepted as a white person by other whites.
2) Accept yourself as a white person.

Since you don't even accept yourself, no one else is going to accept you.
Well, I thank you for taking the time to not answer either of my questions.

> you'd be fishing in empty waters since no one has come to Endchan yet.

I can plainly see the community is extremely small, almost nonexistent. And I figured since the board is so small, I would more likely get a serious answer to at least one of my questions. Then I'd be able to lay a few of my concerns to rest. Maybe even get an answer from the board owner himself, who would have knowledge pertaining to defining whiteness, as it were. But I get paranoia.

> Smarter way to do this D&C would be to just claim to be fully Greek and identify as white and try to get other people to say Greeks aren't white.

No. I would have identified as Kurdish and made a thread asking if Kurds are white :^)

My questions still stand however, if you're willing to answer them without twisting yourself into knots.

> 1) Be accepted as a white person by other whites.
> 2) Accept yourself as a white person.

So I can be transwhite if I'm a mongrel? :^):^):^)

> Can I be transwhite if I'm a mongrel :^):^):^)

Doesn't pass #1. Whites can plainly see a mud isn't white. Isn't it amazing how two simple common sense rules solve all mutt trolling?

Your questions were answered.

> Am I mixed?

Yes, because you did not self-identify as white.

> Are Greeks/Slavs/South Italians/Spaniards/Argentinians white?

Depends on the Greek and if their ancestors got raped by Turks or not.

You could have figured out the answer to those on your own.
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unf png
(1.14 MB, 674x767)
Being a Euromutt =/= mixed in this context. You are white. 
One drop rule concerns being mixed with other humanoid species, not the mixing of European tribes. 

> Depends on the Greek and if their ancestors got raped by Turks or not
This basically. If you want to be sure, you need to get your DNA checked. As you know only so little about your ancestry
And don't give it to 23andMorty
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bdf61f5957e0... jpg
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I was born in an Italian traditional city at South America, as far I know all the members of my family are white and came from the last wave of immigrants to Brazil, my best friend used to be an Icelandic Viking God, I consider myself as white and I am perceived as white by others, I used to be Christcuck cuck because I always thought that a modern society could only coexist with Christcuck cuckness but I could be wrong and paganism should be the best answer to preserve mah heritage.

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