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> Christcucks are trying to meme oathbreaking into existence.

How has so much honor left the world that faggots don't even understand the nature of an oath anymore?

An oath is made in the presence of the Gods or your community. You can break an oath at any time but the Gods will be ashamed of you and your community will know you are without honor. An oath isn't just some promise, it's a promise made in such a way that breaking it will have severe consequences for you.

If jewspawn actually worshipped anything other than money, they might have been able to hold something higher than personal gain sacred.

Shaking my head in disgust to be sincere with you, kinsmen.
Oaths, rules, morals, ethics, etc are for cucks. The ├╝bermensch or emlightened sociopath sets their own rules to live by.

An oath is not just a promise, it's a promise to your Gods. Subjective morality is popular among Christcucks and those infected with Jewish relativism. However among natural peoples who have retained their Humanity, to break an oath debases yourself like eating shit in front of a crowd. No one can respect you or tolerate you as part of their community after that. If you're okay with it, then have at it, but it's not the same as breaking a promise or being deceptive. It's to be an intolerable faggot that ought be banished at BEST.

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