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> White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
> White supremacist violent extremists have adopted an increasingly transnational outlook in recent years, largely driven by the technological forces described earlier in this Strategic Framework. Similar to how ISIS inspired and connected with potential radical Islamist terrorists, white supremacist violent extremists connect with like-minded individuals online. In addition to mainstream social media platforms, white supremacist violent extremists use lesser-known sites like Gab, 8chan, and Endchan, as well as encrypted channels. Celebration of violence and conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles.
> White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism. Lone attackers, as opposed to cells or organizations, generally perpetrate these kinds of attacks. But they are also part of a broader movement. White supremacist violent extremists’ outlook can generally be characterized by hatred for immigrants and ethnic minorities, often combining these prejudices with virulent anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim views.
Department of Homeland Security Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence
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Indeed they did. Interesting. Expect more Fed posting. As usual, expect to be banned and have posts deleted for calling for violence.
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thumbnail of USS Liberty War Crimes Report.pdf
USS... pdf
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thumbnail of General_Wesley_Clark_Seven_Countries_in_5_years.mp4
General_Wesley_Clark_... mp4
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Quality post. 

We have evidence the chans have the attention of the feds. I propose that we maximize this opportunity by redpilling them on Jewish and Israeli malfeasance.  

Expose the media blackout of the genocide of the Palestinians, loxism, Israel's support for ISIS, and other memory holed events like the USS liberty.  

Lets redpill patriotic domestic law enforcement who perceive themselves as doing the right thing for the country. Lets pull them out of the psyop the Jewish media keeps afloat.
Once again, we get more of everything those idiots declare war on... Poverty... Crime... Drugs... Terror...

I'll worry when they try to subsidize us.
Interesting. One must also consider how 4chan is *not* included in that list. A place most fond of violent rhetoric while here is kept fairly clean of such a thing. I mean i've seen more "guns now, lets do dis shit" on Voat and Neinchan than here, it seems they intend to direct both their intelligence assets and the more damaged 8ch refugees here with this. A clever game but one that ultimately is transparent. I do fear the storm that overtook the other holdouts will soon be upon Endchan though, it would be prudent to prepare in whatever way we can. 

I mean there is a literal "Saint Tarrant" thread on Nein, an unending adulation of his actions by both sycophants and clear federal agents. This place must offer a larger threat than I think many of us realised, be it through the vigilant tracking of the parasites actions or the fact it is not yet under complete control.
This is an update for all end/pol/ visitors and regulars: Fed agent tricks are already being posted here. I've been deleting them, and every single time I see those bait posts they will get stratched off this board.

What you need to look out for and avoid is failing for the Fed bait, because I can't always be here to remove it. The last single OP posts have been about contacting them through email either to acquire drugs, bombs or "politics secrets". Do not fall for it. They're trying to lure you in. The dipshits keep saying shit like they "have connections with the DoD".

I'm reminded of an anon who said how disappointed he was that he could do a better job than Federal agent shitheads by purely typing with his fucking face. Very true. They're only trying to pick up the gullible idiots who will give out their personal information unwittingly. Ignore all "email me" for random services posts" Report them. Move on. I'm going back to bed
they really want to get more whites for terrorism charges. its just because whites are grossly underrepresented when it comes to those kinds of crimes so they have to group us in with jews that shoot at whites, and muslims doing mass shootings.
and you know theyre in this very thread.

the fbi hired alot of non-whites to do this kind of shit, but can you imagine white FBI agents on this board right now shilling against their own race? absolutely disgusting.
imagine accepting money in exchange for targeting other whites with the objective of making sure your children become single parents taking care of kids that look like neither your kid, or you.
and if the agent is not-white its not much better. they accept money in exchange for being a jewish puppet.
> One must also consider how 4chan is *not* included in that list
> 4chan
Compromised since forever

> I mean there is a literal "Saint Tarrant" thread on Nein, an unending adulation of his actions by both sycophants and clear federal agents
There was similar thread on Sportschan too actually. 

>  I do fear the storm that overtook the other holdouts will soon be upon Endchan though, it would be prudent to prepare in whatever way we can. 
We'll be here. Stronk and vigilant. 
And peaceful obviously.

> 76292 
8ch was compromised since the very beginning and gab since early this year
Do americans tend to prop things up just to tear them down? Do jim's buddies just repeat things ad nauseum and expect us to just believe it? I wonder

The term "white" was used only for Anglos and Germans during the beginning of America to categorize themselves. Most people that migrated to North America wouldn't fit into "white" category anyway. Other countries don't use this and see ethnicity only: Ethiopian, Austrian, Japanese, Basque, Flemish, Sami, Danish, Nigerian, Bavarian, etc
thumbnail of National Commission on Online Platforms and Homeland Security Act.pdf
thumbnail of National Commission on Online Platforms and Homeland Security Act.pdf
National... pdf
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> One must also consider how 4chan is *not* included in that list.

4chan does not allow TOR users to post. 4chan + cloudflare allows the feds to identify the entire userbase with ease. That is the distinction. The TOR boards are what they are after. 

> they really want to get more whites for terrorism charges

Never underestimate the ability for Jews to criminalize and ostracize anyone who doesn't like them. Anyone who perceives Jews to be the enemy is immediately labeled racist or terrorist.
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thumbnail of North Korean retards blooper reel.webm
North Korean retards... webm
(49.82 MB, 1440x1080 vp8)
I've posted this video of North Korean propaganda on this board before and edited in debunks of all their ridiculous bullshit. They're extremely anti-white. They suggested Hitler was responsible for the fraudulent jewish holocaust and "Nazis were racist because white". The entire series this was cut from is a larger propaganda model about how the rest of the world is "bad because white people". You're only judging those chinks at surface value.
thumbnail of North Korea Holocaust Revisionism.png
thumbnail of North Korea Holocaust Revisionism.png
North Korea... png
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They're Israel's enemy, allied with Iran who hosted the biggest Holocaust 'denial' conference ever, and they invited revisionist comedian Dieudonné, who worked with Prof. Faurisson, to a peace event.

North Korea might not be perfect, but it's one of the few places the kikes don't have their noses firmly planted.
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53301 jpg
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They also hosted this kike. Inviting a revisionist comedian doesn't mean they believe revisionism, as the video above your post was their propaganda. They're anti-white, anti-National Socialist and anti-Hitler. They are not on the Aryan side no matter how you try to spin it.
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thumbnail of 8979879845600000000000000.jpg
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north korea is an awful communist dictatorship shithole . It's one of the most inhumane countries on earth. Literal hell on earth.

I actually knew people from South Korea who's grandparents did everything they could to stop that shit from spreading to their own country

Are you guys really expecting us to support it here after spamming a few cringy news headlines? Don't answer that. You've been doing this shit for years

And siege sucks dick btw
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thumbnail of Bohemian Rhopsody.png
Bohemian Rhopsody png
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thumbnail of bohemian-rhapsody-south-korean-movie-poster.jpg
bohemian-rha... jpg
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thumbnail of Grandest Gay Parade.png
Grandest Gay Parade png
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In opposing ZOG, they're less anti-White than any of the jew-controlled White nations.

> They also hosted this kike.
As a tourist, who went there so he could kvetch about how bad it was. That's much different than revisionists invited by the government.

> "It's not the same person that I know, it's not me. You can see in my eyes, I never felt so scared in my life," he said.

> "They don't have any freedom," he said. "We have to be happy with what we have. We have family, we have freedom. We can do whatever we want."

Funny, you're making the same case as that chabad rabbi about how bad NK is. Maybe he's one of those good lubavitchers like Jared and Yael Kushner, and Sholom Rubashkin?

Thank "G-d" for South Korean patriots who have protected their right to indulge jewish culture and sodomy.

North Korea is so oppressive that they can't even watch the pedophile-directed biopic of a singing sodomite who died from GRIDS. A true Hell on earth.
thumbnail of North Koreas propaganda.mp4
thumbnail of North Koreas propaganda.mp4
North Koreas... mp4
(47.97 MB, 854x480 h264)
> Funny, you're making the same case as that chabad rabbi about how bad NK is.
No I haven't. I've never made that jew's talking points. My problem with NK is completely different. Watch the fucking video this time. Don't skip over it like you did before. North Koreans are not our enemies. The jews are. All of them. North Koreans are not our allies either. They're just as brainwashed about National Socialists as the rest of the mindless drones.
thumbnail of South_Korean_soldiers_walk_among_dead_political_prisoners,_Taejon,_South_Korea.jpg
thumbnail of South_Korean_soldiers_walk_among_dead_political_prisoners,_Taejon,_South_Korea.jpg
South_Korean_soldiers... jpg
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thumbnail of South_Korean_refugees_mid-1950.jpg
thumbnail of South_Korean_refugees_mid-1950.jpg
South_Korean_refugees... jpg
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> Thank God for South Korean patriots who have protected their right to

You're right they should have done like first pic and gotten killed for not bowing down to your despot commie. Most people don't want to be killed and chose to live instead 

Not like the Korean Peninsula had a choice in the matter. Shows how little you know of the matter. But keep thinking that guy is anyway decent or would give you a chance to live if he ever took over your country.
Do you think Kim is worse than the jewish power structure that controls the US?

South Korea was the top non-US market for the film. Like the fact that the Talmud is a bestseller there, it's single fact that encapsulates the semitic decadence of Worst Korea.
nork korea is controlled opposition. They won't do anything unless their ordered to. Don't expect any of us to support it here

This thread is about endchan anyway
This is just a formality.
Obviously chans have been monitored since years.

Thing is, userbase is so random and posting style/interests that it's hard to actually spot "the threat one".

So they take the entire sites down to prevent the "threat one". 

Leftwingers cheer for now, but if they ban everything on normal web, leftwingers are next, they are full of Leninists and Anti-Government Anarchists.
It's ridiculous how desperate these kikes have gotten, to reach a point where they need to utilize false-flag operations in order to shut down a few relatively obscure websites visited by few hundred actual right wingers at best. I'm surprised no one tried to expose the glowniggers yet. One could act mentally unstable and at the breaking point, make some search queries about guns, explosives, etc., the usual triggers, look up some mosque or synagogue on Google maps and wait. Once a friendly "fellow right winger" appears to tell you how they are a resistance movement and how you need to shoot up some place, and that they might be able to provide you with a weapon(s) to do it, play along until you get as much intel on them as possible (incl. pictures, fingerprints, persona information, movement, behavioral patterns etc.) and then report them to various agencies. They all work for ZOG, but due to compartmentalization, at least one will go somewhere with the investigation and you might be able to obtain some of their findings by regular, or less conventional channels ... 

Whatever one would manage to obtain, would be posted on chans. There are many fine details to this, but it could have multiple positive effects. First of all, if their tactics are fully exposed and violence discouraged chan-wide (not only on this one, in general), and someone goes on with it anyway, they will have much harder time framing free speech platforms for it because a) potential perpetrators were warned b) potential perpetrators were discouraged c) any idiot who is not an "asset" would think twice before doing something stupid (hopefully)

Secondly, every ambitious glownigger would want to suck up to the "jew in command" and this could be used to get some of them at each other's neck. Get the media, other countries, various honeypot groups etc. involved for bonus points. The more mayhem, the better. It would, in turn, make false flag operations much harder and more costly. Not only financially. 

Thirdly, they need a right wing hysteria. It's part of a project to keep the general population in line. Also, glowniggers are slowly becoming obsolete. Talmudic endgame has not much room for them (unless they are Jewish or a computer script). By exposing these actions, even the thicker of them will begin realizing that most of it was a stage, on an international level. When most "racially motivated murders" perpetuated by whites or "whites" turn out to be an elaborate Jewish plot (with a margin of error reserved for mentally unstable idiots that are unfortunately not lacking in these circles), they will begin adding two and two.
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thumbnail of 84341.jpg
84341 jpg
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thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
nikolas_cruz_mugshot jpg
(185.47 KB, 1235x694)
You're making the assumption that in the attempt to get on the Fed's radar, you won't be scapegoated as the shooter and pigeonholed as a 'white nationalist terrorist'. They said that about Nikolas Cruz who's descended of jews. Don't expect them not to lie. Stephen Paddock wasn't the shooter found dead on the floor after the Vegas massacre, but that didn't stop the mainstream media from running with lies as well as drooling masses repeating them. It's the same shit as the normies who think they can talk to me about "Iran is evil because TV told me so". Same as when they claim "Hitler was evil".

"In this they [the Jews] proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others" - Mein Kampf

Yet kikes of the ADL and many others constantly and falsely attribute the above to Hitler or Goebbels "supporting the big lie".
> conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles.

> Conspiracy theories

I mean what the fuck? Is it even possible to pass a day in this world without seeing the reality of White genocide?
There is some NGO called "May First/ People Link" (MFPL) that offers web hosting and services to extremists of the left all over the world. They are connected to another org, Association for Progressive Communications (APC), which appears to be cooperating with UN. They webhost militant antifa groups that openly call for violence and servers are located in USA, yet HS doesn't blink an eye? Who funds these groups?
Eat the fucking hate bitches. Hate speeches, white supremacy! Eat my crap cocksuckers. Hey everyone, suck my Russian cock and lick balls
Well, it wouldn't be encouraging random people to do it, but would be aimed at those who are already on a path to become the next target. Prevention, and making any such actions more difficult and expensive (Jews will love this) to pull off. Not make them impossible (unfortunately). Yes, their grip on the media, businesses and state apparatus is very strong (everywhere), but it's still possible to take certain precautionary measures in order to discourage them from trying, or, make it backfire on them. Sure, their golems might hate the hypothetical figure, but it will most likely stay alive and/or "free" (as in, not locked up). And most importantly, not be used against our cause. No matter how pacified the masses are, kikes are still terrified of the free speech, otherwise they would not attempt an almost complete blackout of a few somewhat open platforms. It was never the amorphous mass that mattered in history, but a handful of individuals with a clear vision. And they know that. They experimented a lot prior to making such move, trying out most of their tricks, various angles of corruption/deceit, even involving higher profile manipulators and possibly the institute that should not be named, but ultimately, could not prevail against seasoned anons. They did not play all of their cards, but neither did we. Yes, they have more direct options to cut websites from the internet, or make problematic people "disappear", but they had to utilize false flags, media, and economic/political pressure on companies in order to make it happen. Why? Because they need legitimacy. What does this tell us? They might not be as confident in their control as it may seem (there are a lot of unknown variables out there), plus, they need a "nazi" boogieman to keep the show running. At least until someone yells that the king is naked.

Jews are not a nation, they are a mafia. They can be quite vicious towards "their own" who dare to speak up or rise up against "the tribe" The whole thing is a racket on a global scale, and by buying any bullshit about the "Jewish identity and solidarity" they pledge themselves to it. Those higher up have no such delusions, everything is an act, a big lie made to protect the most criminal of interests and the genetic component that carries them over generations, which is the very glue that's been holding them together for countless centuries.

They also attribute "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth" to Goebbels in a way that portrays him as some kind of evil manipulator, while he said it to describe the Jews and their behavior. It's called spinning, and they are quite apt at it.
If you read the document, they mention "antifa" (anti-authoritarian groups) as well, albeit not nearly as much as the right wing groups. I took a quick look, it was clearly written by someone who had a task to present his department as useful, and thus justify his own job and salary. Of course he is going to list every single attack and blow it out of proportion, and of course he is going to call all non-kosher ideas "conspiracy theories". Would you seriously expect a government bureaucrat to name the Jew in an official document?

I find it ironic how that department was created after 9/11 (with plenty of evidence who was truly behind it) and how it was "fighting" ISIS (a good portion of this document is devoted to that) which was a creation of the same culprits. Not to mention foreign threats such as those pesky "Russians" (Read: Mossad), steam-blowing operations like "anti-authoritarian groups" and who was shilling for "right wing violence" the most and provided the "logistical support" to mass shooters in order to shut down free speech websites! Could they possibly be responsible for all of that? It seems ridiculous, unbelievable, outrageous. Just as you have the "big lie" that the other anon mentioned, you also have the "big conspiracy" . People easily believe that their wife, colleagues, etc. are conspiring against them, but they cannot imagine a conspiracy so old, so criminal and so sophisticated to be big enough to elude them, even as a possibility. Game theory tells us otherwise. Kikes love their "big numbers", do they? 

Anything short of most expressly denying any such allegations as "conspiracy theories" would cause earthquakes. Because if you leave it open as a possibility, you will have to investigate it (and have some explaining to do to your superiors, who are either Jewish, have Jewish wives and children, or are Freemasons and similar kosher certified goyim). If you investigate it, you will find the evidence (or patterns/connections). If you are intellectually (and morally) honest, you will either turn into another Gestapo (and actually go against the real terrorists like Hitler did) or close the offices and cease all operations. So let's say that you are an average Joe working there, would you rather keep ignoring it, lie to yourself how there is nothing wrong with the world (except whatever is the current boogieman that you are "fighting" of course), keep your salary and titles, live in your nice neighborhood and wait your pension, or, face the reality and risk everything, even your life, fighting against very difficult odds? I think we all know an answer to that.

But the odds don't have to be difficult. If every (white, or a rare decent non-white) person in such position would simultaneously fight, it would destroy the Jewish power structure over night. That's why an awakening is needed. What's the point of being able to provide for your family if they (their descendants) will all be turned into brown slaves in a couple of generations? I think the smarter of white glowniggers have already begun to realize that they will be discarded as soon as the next stage of the Talmudic plan comes into effect and when they are no longer useful as the gatekeepers. This is not only a matter of ideals or higher goals, but the most mundane of interests that the masses are most susceptible to. Yes, many of them have completely lost their minds due to various forms of chemical and psychological warfare, but many can be brought to their senses.
What is our foundation myth?

It fulfills three functions:
1) It explains the origin and structure of the world (and society).
2) It defines ultimate good and evil (and from those definitions are derived the values that are used to justify the holding of power).
3) It determines what is held sacred in that society.

For modern Westerners the story of WWII has become their foundation myth. It fulfils all three functions:
1) We live in the ‘Post-War World’. The lines on the map, the institutions, the sense of what era we live in, all arise from the starting point of WWII.
2) "Ultimate evil" is Nazis. "Ultimate good" is opposing Nazis. The values derived from these definitions are anti-racism, equality, diversity, anti-nationalism and so on.
3) The only thing that is held sacred, that cannot be denied or mocked in the contemporary West, is the Holocaust.

The problem is that all three functions are backwards or negative:
-Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction.
-Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story that slot is occupied by ultimate evil. Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the "personification of evil", holds the center point of the WWII story.
-Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime it (the Holocaust) is an obscenity.

Having a negative foundation myth means the tree of life for Westerners is poisoned
wiki pedia.org/wiki/Origin_myth
thumbnail of m16.jpg
thumbnail of m16.jpg
m16 jpg
(633.25 KB, 830x1208)
Homeland security was born from the womb of Osama, and even he did not want anything to do with the mothers.
yeah, no shit jews use tor, that way they can jew harder with anonymity and not get caught. tor allows them to wreak more havoc.guess who else uses tor other than us nazis?
> parinoid schizophrenics

> people who simply want more privacy

> pedophiles


> neckbeards

tor is not a honeypot, though i assure you duckduckgo is.
They don't just "use" it. They're the developers behind it. https://www.torproject.org/about/people/ Yet those who claim to be "Nazis" Bavarian slur made popular by kike Konrad Heiden use a jewish platform for "protection", which is well known for pedophilic exploitation of children, degenerate drug peddling, and to hide their typical kike human trafficking (all while the Tor Project jews themselves hypocritically condemn "racists"). Yet we're all aware of the fact that jews believe themselves to be "the master race".

"Here everyone works exactly according to the instincts of his race, because the race, or should we say, the nation and its character, as the Jew himself explains, lies in blood, and this blood is forcing everyone to act according to these principles, whether he is the leading mind in a party that calls itself democratic, or calls itself socialist, or a man of science, literature, or just an ordinary exploiter. He is a Jew; he works aglow with one thought: How do I get my people to become the Master Race." - Adolf Hitler, NSGWP Hofbrauhaus. Friday 15, August 1920.
That explains the Guy Fawkes "Anonymoose" meme from Chanology.
He was a Jesuit terrorist, and V for Vendetta is jewish propaganda. Perfect match.
Chanology was the left wing's "alt right" . Kikes used the same tactics to neutralize the growing dissent as anons began inadvertently targeting their assets and power structures. Guy Fawkes is the Zognald of the left.
> or anti-Muslim views.
Ain't that funny coming from institutions bombing sandnigger babies on a weekly basis?
thumbnail of moot the cuck.jpg
thumbnail of moot the cuck.jpg
moot the cuck jpg
(750.39 KB, 2400x2400)
For the same reason they weren't SHUT DOWN like endchan and 8chan were. Not only it is controlled opposition and a honeypot since at least 2010 but through its "vibrant diversity" of shitposting whitenoise and perpetual resource burning conversation it's also a perfect deradicalization platform.
> And it clearly failed.
You're a real piece of work you know that? What part of no choice in the matter after the Korean war do you not understand.  >>/76391/
Did you even read the responses people gave you?

> I am willing to take your claim under consideration

Same reason why trumpie is being parroted in every media outlet as a big bad and scary monster man. He's controlled opposition and the convenient boggeyman of our time. Get that through your head THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS LEFT. EVERYBODY IS FUCKING COMPROMISED. WE ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT A LITERAL COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP BECAUSE OF SOME RETARDED NEWS HEADERS.

Read this  >>/76419/ and go shill for that porker fatass somewhere else
This thread is about Endchan and is currently trying to be conveniently slid into something else. Not the first time it's happened
They supposedly don't have a Rotkike central bank. While their quality of life might not be as "good" as in the so called democratic countries, at least they are highly loyal, ethnically homogeneous and non-degenerate (for the most part).

They did not sell their future and their children for quick dopamine fixes and delusions. A stark contrast to SK, which seems to be one of major pits of kikery and degeneracy in that region.

Certainly not a model society that should be admired, and their leadership being probably kiked as well (you don't get to study in Switzerland and come back intact if you are a true enemy of the ZOG). Black and white thinking should be avoided however.
thumbnail of fbi.jpg
thumbnail of fbi.jpg
fbi jpg
(130.79 KB, 800x420)
> can you imagine white FBI agents on this board right now shilling against their own race? if the agent is not-white its not much better. they accept money in exchange for being a jewish puppet.

The image of FBI, police general law enforcement in the West is still too good, people unaware what sick in the head people there congregate.

Just look at this mad grimacing guy, he is the head of the FBI.

He is a total nut job and a traitor to his nation, trying to undermine democracy, the result of an election, the constitutional order his job is to protect.
He is not removed hounded out, imprisoned and hanged - no he is protected by the deep state.
You fucking Q faggots need to stop advertising the different Chans on Twitter just so more Q boomers can find their stupid Qresearch board. Fucking die.  BO delete Qresearch or you're a cuck no better than Jim Watkins.
"Insulting National Socialism or Hitler, or promoting jewish degeneracy, will result in an immediate ban"

Q research is a jew psy-op idiot and it needs to be banned. Q faggots are advertising this board all over jewtwitter.
I was the one in that thread constantly telling them Q is a psyop including the jews Bernard Baruch, Tracy Beanz and Codemonkey. The Q research thread is locked. No more pro Q shit will be tolerated here. They have their own board I have no control over, the board called Qanonresearch. But here's something else I bet you didn't know. You don't get to tell me what to do. I don't bend over like a little bitch because "oh someone insulted me, better do what they say."
You can't realize when the Q thread is locked and all the Q tards have retreated to their own board, that this board is not for Q?, and I'm the idiot?
i remember when you guys started a thread about what to do with the qtards. i applaud you for supporting free speech but i am also VERY glad you guys finally came to your senses and locked that shit. now those faggot zionists can stay in their containment. THANK YOU!!!
> They are advertising it (and Endchan) all over Twitter.
I doubt they're advertising /pol/. That and /news/ are all this board has control of. /qanonresearch/ has another BO.  I have no idea who it is. You can try yelling at them, but I doubt it's going to do much. I would suggest bringing it up at /operate/ too, but then admins of this site are reasonable towards all boards. /pol/ would've been fucked a long time ago if they struck boards down due to complaints. This board has many enemies.
> The last single OP posts have been about contacting them through email either to acquire drugs, bombs or "politics secrets". Do not fall for it. They're trying to lure you in. The dipshits keep saying shit like they "have connections with the DoD".
> image
I've seen better phishing at my workplace. I just reply with furry scat porn and medical gore from my IT email. Probably not a good idea with the feds though.
Their shabbos are usually mentally unstable people who don't really give a fuck about their country, people, race, ideals or anything other than getting some bread crumbs of power. Those are easiest to manipulate and control due to their predictability.

> He doesn't know that modern democracy is just a Jewish meme

> Oy vey, don't get the boomers accidentally exposed to the truths of National-Socialism, everyone should stay in his containment board

Did you ever try doing that on the Q board? They might have created it as a red herring meant to lead people away from the Jewish question, but it is an information channel nonetheless.
Stick around. Endchan /pol/ takes some getting used to if all you've ever known is /pol/ on other chans. It'll be time well spent.
As strange as this sounds i don't think there that worried about terrorism in the conventional sense, there worried someones going to leak sum god tier intel onto one of these sites and this TS (Top Secret) shit is going to get into the hands of a bunch of randos.
I'm fine with them being in a containment board, even if we did nuke it they would just spread else where.
That's exactly what I got on boards years ago when I was browsing cuckchan pre-cuckening. I was in the military and mainly just reading because it was funny. There is no way to unlearn the truth or stop seeing cohencidences.
Interesting. Since the kike POTUS has made an executive order to punish critics of Israel in Universities  >>/77745/, we might as well print out a ton of that information and wake college kids up in the USA. You know, until America gets our own "holocaust denial" laws (can't deny a lie).
The Department of Homeland Security was created by the patriot act which was copied from the enabling act during Hitler's reign. Even the name is copied from that act though the translation would be the Department of Fatherland Security. The agency was created to be a check on the FBI which is highly catholic.
thumbnail of McCain.jpg
thumbnail of McCain.jpg
McCain jpg
(2.44 MB, 2442x2448)
(3.54 MB, 4168x3172)
thumbnail of mccain-syria.jpg
thumbnail of mccain-syria.jpg
mccain-syria jpg
(1.08 MB, 3264x2448)
thumbnail of Racism.jpg
thumbnail of Racism.jpg
Racism jpg
(94.42 KB, 656x960)
Hello, "Counter Terrorism" investigators AKA white American abuse and truth suppression counterintelligence officers. Please notice and investigate these images, check the EXIF data, and see who the real terrorists are. Thanks
Thank you
You can't engage in your first amendment right to free speech to criticize the behavior of Jews using any standard communication channel otherwise you will be labeled a "racist" or "terrorist" which are code words that moralize their brainless masses of propagandized and indoctrinated robots within the federal government to abuse you.
thumbnail of fuck you.png
thumbnail of fuck you.png
fuck you png
(8.91 KB, 560x93)
I have a request, board flooder/spammer who posted this I just deleted and then randomly spammed "faggots". Eat shit and die.
There was an old ISIS mercenary company website screenshot I thought I saved but I haven't been able to find the fucking image since. It was like a United States corporation advertisement for military solutions. None of that modern Muslim RP shit they're doing right now. Does anyone have the image?
thumbnail of 1ffe9a28017af5581cab77b4933430745ca0d06302460eea1d8de44ec17acbc3.png
thumbnail of 1ffe9a28017af5581cab77b4933430745ca0d06302460eea1d8de44ec17acbc3.png
1ffe9a2801... png
(560.84 KB, 1100x2916)
thumbnail of 11a81801eedf82cdef366639c90bb1678e20db0d73fdfd137df601a67efe78f7.jpg
thumbnail of 11a81801eedf82cdef366639c90bb1678e20db0d73fdfd137df601a67efe78f7.jpg
11a81801eedf82cdef366... jpg
(1.08 MB, 3264x2448)
thumbnail of 0094a89d146705ecbfb52d56b3e3328d65c54fcc6c1af776699a62fad1930054.png
thumbnail of 0094a89d146705ecbfb52d56b3e3328d65c54fcc6c1af776699a62fad1930054.png
0094a89d14... png
(532.42 KB, 1100x4267)
thumbnail of 152cdea0b3ecaf6717f59da3b99e426783849836f5f2be69869261d60b2b54ce.jpg
thumbnail of 152cdea0b3ecaf6717f59da3b99e426783849836f5f2be69869261d60b2b54ce.jpg
152cdea0b3ecaf6717f59... jpg
(3.54 MB, 4168x3172)
thumbnail of bc85d3d19b11c7be8332af09e82f6a59dde11028b998932c5f8a70496c2bbb00.jpg
thumbnail of bc85d3d19b11c7be8332af09e82f6a59dde11028b998932c5f8a70496c2bbb00.jpg
bc85d3d19b11c7be8332a... jpg
(2.44 MB, 2442x2448)
Attached are photos of John McCain meeting with the leader of ISIS and the senior leadership of ISIS. The meeting took place at 37.063000,37.373500 (Turkey) May 7th 2013 11:49:17 UTC. Photos from this meeting were put on NBC news and were posted to John McCain's twitter account, so the fake smart people who work in our "intelligence agencies" won't be able to call this a "debunked conspiracy theory." The CIA/NBC news propaganda piece claimed that McCain was in Syria, when he was in fact in Turkey. 

The GPS coordinates where the meeting took place (37.063000,37.373500) were marked as "PIZZA SPECIAL" on google maps. Pizza, as we all know was a codeword found in numerous emails from Tony Podesta's gmail account. Per these attached articles, "PIZZA" is a codeword that means meeting with the CIA. PIZZAGATE was erroneously attributed to pedophilia, which was undoubtedly an intelligence disinformation campaign intended to make all of the /pol/ boards look foolish and control the narrative regarding the "PIZZA" codeword. 

You will not see this information mentioned on the "news" or on "social media" because our news and social media with respect to foreign endeavors appears to be heavily influenced or totally controlled by the CIA, which is why no news network will say Eric Ciaramella's name to this day and his name was removed from google and social media sites. 


Could a mod please remove these posts? I apologize for spamming the thread. Thank you. 
These images are cringe. Gayming is a Judeo-Masonic disease, and "muh psychic woman scandal" is very clearly a jewish movie-tier act, which resulted in South Korea having democracy.
The calling for violence German language thread and DDOS service, both Fedposting Tor threads, have been deleted. Have to go by US law here, as that's rule #1 of the Global Rules.
thumbnail of Esther-Posner.jpg
thumbnail of Esther-Posner.jpg
Esther-Posner jpg
(310.63 KB, 389x563)
thumbnail of 20201210_ester.jpg
thumbnail of 20201210_ester.jpg
20201210_ester jpg
(135.49 KB, 600x240)
any miscreant mooks in the midwest with appropriate 'merch' wanna disrupt a talk for shits and giggles?
I found a flyer for this at my mum's house while visiting, seems she (an anti-hillary Bernout hippie type) fell under the sway of some local [[activist]] group and has been attending a bunch of brainwashing bollocks thru the last few months.
thumbnail of 833bfe25d716f61657a57e0bfb0f2ad45f5960af3423261454ece174890536a2.png
thumbnail of 833bfe25d716f61657a57e0bfb0f2ad45f5960af3423261454ece174890536a2.png
833bfe25d716f61657a57... png
(145.31 KB, 1404x992)
thumbnail of 345435.png
thumbnail of 345435.png
345435 png
(190.23 KB, 601x851)
thumbnail of 436456.jpg
thumbnail of 436456.jpg
436456 jpg
(325.73 KB, 502x579)
thumbnail of 6454654.png
thumbnail of 6454654.png
6454654 png
(265.05 KB, 608x411)
thumbnail of auschwitz-the-facts.png
thumbnail of auschwitz-the-facts.png
auschwitz-the-facts png
(262.7 KB, 1200x280)
> any miscreant mooks in the midwest with appropriate 'merch' wanna disrupt a talk for shits and giggles?
There's only one method you should choose for this. Vandalizing never works. That will only cause kikes to pull the "watcha doin Rabbi?" and start spraypainting swastikas everywhere then wailing like the babies they are. Violent action such as beat-downs or a lone shooting will cause kikes to convene yet another congressional hearing on "white supremacist violence" and push more jews as a special class bills which will definitely be passed into laws by the orange jew POTUS. It doesn't even matter if the attacker is black, mexican, puerto rican, or an actual trained fucking monkey. They're going to be called "white supremacist" by lying asshole kikes.

So. Print fliers. They'll popularize them with mass media. The jews always do this.
The blockchain is supposed to be permanent and uncesorable, I would like you to put this claim to the test by posting SFW 'redpills' or infographics.
You're going to have to be more specific about who "they" are. There are several different groups referenced by OP that can be called they.
I fear soon they'll crack down heavily on all the "white supremacy" and close down even more chans.

It would be a damn shame if all these CIA/USAPO flytrap chans were closed down.

Oorah, the civvies know, shut it down!
Well, most of the chans that  have shut down recently were honeypots. Still, hope nothing happens

"white supremacy" isn't a thing though
> "white supremacy" isn't a thing though
Bingo. It's just a villain-term enemies of indigenous Europeans came up with. More Psychological Warfare tricks.
4chan was not named because it allows blacked/racemixing shills. Yes it is compromised  >>/76321/

The greatest triumph of National Socialism is in shielding humans from degeneracy.
Jesus Christ.

The financial system is collapsing, the food supply is collapsing, hyperinflation is coming, guns and ammo are wiped out, and military martial law plans have been leaked.

Why didn't anyone warn people that wars, debt, and tyranny always end badly?
No country in history has ever hated freedom as much as the USA does. You know that all hope is lost when you talk to 5 Americans in one day and one says that the Bill of Rights should be repealed, another says blacksmithing should be illegal, one swears wearing fur should be a crime, one says private charities should be outlawed, and another says bump stocks must be banned.

Let's see if this manages to get him out of here for good

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门
thumbnail of 25.jpg
thumbnail of 25.jpg
25 jpg
(54.17 KB, 690x460)
Right on. Lets see if this article was any help. https://www.businessinsider.com/censored-words-in-china-xi-jinping-term-limits-2018-2#go-against-the-tide-16
I oppose. Disagree. Personality cult. 1984. Animal farm. The emperor's dream. My emperor. Named emperor. Proclaim oneself emperor. First year of an emperor's reign. Slavery. Shameless. Emigrate. Incapable ruler. Disney. Winnie the Pooh. Ascend the throne. Urge a power figure to formally seize the throne. To board a plane. Change trains. Go against the tide. Big River, Big Sea. Rule the world. Throughout the ages. Change the law. Reign title. Universal celebration. Chinese emperor stock. Yellow gown. Roll up sleeves. Chairman, lifelong control. Xi Zedong. Recover one's authority. Brave New World. Crooked-neck tree. The wheel of history. I'm willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life. Empresses in the Palace. Oppose Qing, restore Ming. Dream of Returning to the Great Qing. Great men sent from heaven. Long live the emperor. Lifelong. For life system. Thousands of years. Immortality. A bad machine translation will follow.
我反對。反對。人格崇拜。1984. 動物農場。皇帝的夢想我的皇帝被命名為皇帝宣佈自己為皇帝。皇帝統治的第一年。奴隸制。無恥。移民。無能的尺規。迪士尼。小熊溫妮登上王位。敦促一個權力人物正式奪取王位。登機換乘火車。逆潮流而動。大河,大海統治世界。縱觀各個時代。修改法律。統治標題。普遍慶祝。中國皇帝股票。黃色長袍卷起袖子。董事長,終身控制。毛澤東。恢復一個人的權威。勇敢的新世界彎曲的頸樹。歷史的車輪。我願意在餘生中成為素食者。宮殿中的皇后。反對清,還原明。回到大清的夢想。偉大的男人從天堂派來。皇帝萬歲。終身。生命系統。幾千年了不朽。
The government is the biggest threat of all.

Americans want the government to protect them from scary illegal immigrants, terrorists, and viruses, but governments end up killing millions.

Businesses think spending money to pay for TV/radio ads, billboards, newspaper ads, and mailing lists is an investment that will result in more sales. Spending money to promote freedom won't make you rich, but Americans will lose everything if Americans don't fight back against tyranny.
Jesus Christ. Tiananmen Square Protest 1989. Why isn't your CCP shutting you down? Get the fuck out of here.
thumbnail of ponder.jpeg
thumbnail of ponder.jpeg
ponder jpeg
(78.16 KB, 750x500)
I was giving it some thought about this guy and got to thinking: endpol is a VERY small board and almost no one knows of it. Even the refugees from 8pol don't visit us too often anymore. So who would even bother to try and rile this place up?

Look at the early archives. Historically, who's the spammer that has been hitting this place for years? Who always spammed this place randomly and then changed I.P to post again after he gets banned? Or would post through TOR if he got really frustrated his trash was getting removed or that he was getting banned too often? I don't think we're dealing with multiple people and we're just dealing with the same """faggot""" from years ago. And I think he's now resorting to acting like different people since his last tactic was too obvious. Notice how the recent shills we get have the same manner of posting. The "Chinese" bot, the nazbol "Slav" poster. The only posts they make are to try to derail thread or argue with people, never to talk to anybody here.
thumbnail of 5.jpeg
thumbnail of 5.jpeg
5 jpeg
(48.99 KB, 336x351)
Are you talking about #known who put on that bad English act in 2016? With the type of spam I won't even mention to keep enemies from getting ideas. But one personality was bad at English and the other personality was capable of it. He was identified by the fact he used the same keyboard rape file naming as he did with the other personality. Now that I think on it, you could be right. What if that shithead is still around fucking with us? Well, IDs shilling and spreading jewish degeneracy get banned. Tor posts doing the same get deleted. IDs that ban evade get deleted. I don't know what to do about it other than what I'm doing.
thumbnail of shill gets a nice house warming gift.jpeg
thumbnail of shill gets a nice house warming gift.jpeg
shill gets a nice... jpeg
(41.03 KB, 640x480)
> Are you talking about #known who put on that bad English act in 2016?

Unsure if he went back that far but it might be him too. It's "that spammer" who spammed "that type" of disgusting content here constantly and on multiple occasions. 

Yeah he's been stirring shit up here for literal years. Pretending to be multiple people to divide the board between users and nationalities. It was the guy who made a ban appeal that was just "huurr I can't spam using TOR stupid". You can find him on /b/ if he gets tired of hitting this board. He hits other boards too sometimes.

He's the one who's always pushing snuff and posting "I haet the Xtians" there, in a board with almost no users. He's just talking to himself at this point

Again: slow board, easy to notice users here
thumbnail of Spammer.jpg
thumbnail of Spammer.jpg
Spammer jpg
(368.48 KB, 1875x687)
thumbnail of this faggot (2).jpg
thumbnail of this faggot (2).jpg
this faggot (2) jpg
(67.08 KB, 948x221)
thumbnail of jealous cry baby.jpg
thumbnail of jealous cry baby.jpg
jealous cry baby jpg
(548.57 KB, 1475x1332)
thumbnail of 6.jpg
thumbnail of 6.jpg
6 jpg
(67.68 KB, 640x388)
thumbnail of accusing.jpg
thumbnail of accusing.jpg
accusing jpg
(330.58 KB, 1874x721)
Yep that was him. I remember back in (Edit)2017 pasting this glaring red text on screencaps of his pathetic ploy to get the attention of past moderation. He thought he was clever, lying the entire time. All of this is still in a folder besides the sick shit he kept on his hard drive. Now that I'm looking in there, I'm realizing he did try this anti Slav false flag shit back then too. So he's a full Nazbol now. That's fucking hilarious.
There are negative interest rates now. Get your money out of banks today. The dollar is worthless and banks will go bankrupt. Buy gold, canned goods, foreign currencies, and guns.

The US is becoming Communist.

Don't be surprised if Trump nationalizes airlines, car companies, the media, and banks soon.
thumbnail of covfefe19.jpg
thumbnail of covfefe19.jpg
covfefe19 jpg
(61.34 KB, 563x501)
thumbnail of 2452.jpg
thumbnail of 2452.jpg
2452 jpg
(106.3 KB, 1000x780)
We've already discussed this, you repetitious asshat. Trump will not Nationalize. That would be a solution and he's a kike against Nationalism unless it's for Israel.
The great firewall cannot inspect encrypted traffic, and it cannot stop all encrypted traffic from entering and leaving the country all of the time
The US is collapsing, no one cares, and you're not allowed to talk about it.
thumbnail of 7913.png
thumbnail of 7913.png
7913 png
(600.76 KB, 648x864)
thumbnail of asshoe.webm
thumbnail of asshoe.webm
asshoe webm
(6.66 MB, 1920x1080 vp8)
No. /pol/ anons are allowed to talk shit about America because US government are all either cucked ZOG traitors or actual kikes. You are not allowed to repeat the same messages you have been repeating since you spammed these at /news/ over a year ago. Stop parroting and engage with this board or I will never stop banning you and deleting your stale old CCP propaganda.
One of the few promises Trump has kept has been to expand the police state.
If going outside is illegal, couldn't the government use license plate readers to prove that you were outdoors?
thumbnail of preview.jpg
thumbnail of preview.jpg
preview jpg
(22.04 KB, 590x332)
Going outside isn't illegal. We're encouraged to stay indoors and only go out for basic necessities. Essential workers remain employed. Some healthcare workers (though my local clinic is closed) of course but somehow fucking fast food is essential. However, "non essential" clothing stores have been closed. What, do we just wear what we've got until it wears out and then go naked? What I'm thinking about is the future repercussions of prolonged nationwide quarantine. Good that they're closing borders and shutting down international travel. Bad that it's years too late. What does the future hold besides massive economic failure? A society where everybody wears full on environment suits once this shit spreads completely? That would be smarter. Government morons are suggesting CLOTH masks for fuck's sakes.
Americans want to live in a prison because one person might be afraid of danger.
> but somehow fucking fast food is essential.
People need to eat and pig out? 

> What I'm thinking about is the future repercussions of prolonged nationwide quarantine. Good that they're closing borders and shutting down international travel. Bad that it's years too late. What does the future hold besides massive economic failure? 
Who knows at this point? It'll be a brave new world after this ends I believe. Things will change drastically

> A society where everybody wears full on environment suits once this shit spreads completely? 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R tier living. We Chernobyl soon
Why do you keep changing IPs, then changing to a TOR address and continue spamming this board when it's PLAINFULLY OBVIOUS to everyone here that you're the same person who spammed this board years ago? Do you get payed to be dumb or are you stupid for free?
That guy's fucking weird. If he's the same Tor tard, he's gay for boys, but hates jews but promotes jewish homosex, but wanted us to combat leftists about the holocaust fraud on imgur. He's MGTOW, but he spammed a Hmong fashion website awhile back and he's anti-American but he defends Trump. What a schizo. My head is full of fuck about that shill.
Life may be all fun and games now in the USA, but as offshoring increases, illegal immigration rises, hard-working Americans die off or dropout due to higher taxes and more regulations, the national debt climbs, there is more terrorism as the result of illegal American wars, the police become more brutal enforcing draconian decrees, the US Ponzi economy and stock markets collapse, cash is banned, Americans are implanted with microchips, and real crises and false flags are used to force Americans to go to the gulags and finally to the gas chambers and ovens, will Americans wish that they had spoken out earlier against the dangers of wars, debt, and tyranny?
chinese spammer
lol he probably can't even say one word in Mandarin

Well, all of the entrapment threads he made these last few weeks didn't pan out so he won't be getting any entrapment money out of us. So now he is slightly upset that we didn't fall for any of them and reverted back to acting retarded and changing IPs because he knows he'll get banned for spamming, like the coward that he is

Wonder what other persona he'll adopt next. Can't wait to expose him and watch him squirm again :^)
You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.
> Gets exposed
> Immediately spams some more to make it even more obvious

Dumbest spammer I've even seen here. And that's saying something
He's spamming unmoderated Fedposting Torchan too, where on their /pol/ they post supporting Trannies, feminism, Commie revolutions etc. I just deleted that shit link in multiple threads.
I'm not surprised really. They're REALLY DESPERATE for all that entrapment money.

Still, I suggest we focus on quality /pol/ posting here and not give those vermin so much attention.  Just report and hide
Why is going to the grocery store safe, but going to church is not?

There is a constant flux of movement at stores, where people clearly aren't sitting and reading their bibles like flocked sheep. One cough later, and you have the potential to infect dozens of others around. This is where I can see the term sheep being utilized "literally", since there is no active movement when sitting in a pew.
thumbnail of America.jpg
thumbnail of America.jpg
America jpg
(449.98 KB, 1920x934)
thumbnail of covfefe19.jpg
thumbnail of covfefe19.jpg
covfefe19 jpg
(61.34 KB, 563x501)
The virus is transmitted through particles hanging in the air (from being projected via coughing and sneezing), introduced by touching faces, and is also present in stools. Movement in public is a higher chance of transmission. Adding to that, the assholes that don't wash their hands after taking a shit and touch shopping carts and the addition of having to return to the grocery stores more frequently as they've placed retarded limits on necessities, you're more likely to catch the virus at a grocery store than sitting at a church mandated to keep everyone sitting apart. Plus the fat orange jew POTUS intends to open non-essential businesses to protect his presidency from a failing economy at the cost of lives next week. America is already the most infected out of any other nation. Typical of that kike. But hey, at least when his massive failures have resulted in the widespread deaths of thousands more Americans, we'll get to vote in dementia suffering child molestor Biden backed by jews Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg as the alternative. Fucking hell.
Kings live in large castles, eat well, have armies to protect them, and tax the serfs.

What benefits does the government give you?

If you lived in a free country, you can decide if going outside is worth the risk. In a police state, the government tells you what to do.
If you actually left the comfort of your mom's house and didn't subsist on a diet of tendies you would know that real people have to work to pay their bills, and that is way more important than saving a bunch of decrepit old fucks and disabled leeches. The virus is doing us all a favor by culling the herd of people that contribute nothing to society.
thumbnail of 43545.jpg
thumbnail of 43545.jpg
43545 jpg
(122.29 KB, 960x960)
thumbnail of 346534.png
thumbnail of 346534.png
346534 png
(3.42 MB, 1500x1500)
thumbnail of 76.png
thumbnail of 76.png
76 png
(719.79 KB, 1800x1000)
thumbnail of 245334655.png
thumbnail of 245334655.png
245334655 png
(147.36 KB, 749x327)
Mother fucker, I own my own house with the mortgage paid off and I've been at work since 1999. That's about twenty and a half years. What actually is the point of your dumbass assumptions, other than to cause division here?
And you're supporting the deadly decisions of your favorite jew president on a National Socialist board. Nobody can work when they catch this sickness, retard. It is debilitating to anyone who has it.
The cure for this virus seems to perfectly match with the goals of the globalists.

This virus expands the police state.

This virus cancels elections.

This virus ends gun sales.

This virus ends travel.

This virus prohibits people from gathering.

This virus prohibits Americans from attending church.

This virus prohibits people from working.

This virus forces people to accept welfare.

This virus results in cash bans.

This virus forces Americans to buy products online and communicate with the Internet or phones that are wiretapped by NSA.

This virus will lead to mandatory vaccines and microchip implants.

This virus led to trillion dollar bailouts for the 1%.
This format is retarded and you have been an obnoxious ban evading asshole on this board for months.

This virus closes borders and ends international travel, which is a good thing.

This virus is preventing shitskin gangs from their daily murder routine.

This virus is killing off old jews who made up the holocaust fraud because kikes think themselves above the law and gather for their jew culture anyway.

This virus is preventing society from forcing us to mingle with the fucking shitskins through mandatory corporate wage slavery.

This virus needs to finish killing off the economic wealth of nations because that's the RAID greedy shekel-hungry jews will screech and run away from. Without wealth, they'll have no propaganda power.

This virus has made the corporation owning CEOs lose their precious shekels because they couldn't stop causing mass panic through their own mass media propaganda.

This quarantine is fucking great, and after the dumbass fish-lips orange jew president opens everything up again and people die more rapidly, he'll have to order it closed for longer.
While Konrad Heiden didn't invent the term "Nazi" (the original from the Bavarian "Ignatz" slur as "hillbilly" is today), he was the anti-German kike who made it popular through his lies. He's also the one who made the "Germans believed themselves the master race" lie made popular through another propagandist who ran with that kike's lies, William Shirer. Like the moron who tried to tell us he "has been a Nazi for 15 years" and then proceeded to insult Hitler with every deceptive imaginary theory he could think of, anyone who comes to this board calling themselves "Nazi" will stick out like a sore thumb.
> Also I have no idea why I have the same ID as you.

Odili is doing some maintenance on the site, so things are buggy. Images might not show up either
> Germans believed themselves the master race
They don't? I swear whenever I go to /pol/ of any imageboard there always be a thread where the posters fantasize about conquering the whole world, enslaving some other races and genociding the rest.
thumbnail of Lies (2).jpg
thumbnail of Lies (2).jpg
Lies (2) jpg
(89.89 KB, 479x360)
You're probably new here, and clearly still in the brainwashed phase obviously. Or you could be a divisive kike. We get a lot of those. Either way, I'll break down exactly what happened. At the National Socialist German Workers' Party meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbrauhaus on Friday the 15th, August 1920, Hitler gave a speech. It was a very long speech. Part of that was to describe the jews.

"These proletarian-minded persons are some Jewish billionaires, and we know very well that behind 2 or 3 proletarians ultimately stands another organization which is outside of the state: the Alliance Israelite and their grandiose propaganda organization and the organization of Freemasonry. And in all these things we must understand that there are no good or evil Jews. Here everyone works exactly according to the instincts of his race, because the race, or should we say, the nation and its character, as the Jew himself explains, lies in blood, and this blood is forcing everyone to act according to these principles, whether he is the leading mind in a party that calls itself democratic, or calls itself socialist, or a man of science, literature, or just an ordinary exploiter. He is a Jew; he works aglow with one thought: How do I get my people to become the Master Race."

Back then there was Konrad Heiden, the jew who fled Germany in 1933 and wrote anti-Hitler propaganda. While doing this, he popularized that Germans desire to be the master race because he was upset Hitler labeled kikes as believing they're the master race. William Shirer, another anti-Hitler fraud historian spread the lie even further with his books. And in our modern era, dumbasses everywhere spread the falsehood that it was Germans who believed themselves the master race when in reality it was jews all along. If you have ever investigated Judaism, you'd figure that out. Kikes believe they are "chosen" and we are beasts and servants to them.
thumbnail of 2f7b37f2e693f9bddcf336cc0e425dc3-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 2f7b37f2e693f9bddcf336cc0e425dc3-imagejpeg.jpg
2f7b37f2e693f9bddcf33... jpg
(1.34 MB, 3000x2055)
What happens from decades of "denazification" is masses believing jewish lies about German atrocities that did not happen. Out of this has emerged the extremist edgelords Atomwaffen who unironically believe in the holocaust fraud, call for violence to make kike positions stronger through their victim complex whining for sympathy, and post gassing kikes memes when gas is proven to be ineffective and not what happened. 
You said /pol/ of any imageboard. You're full of shit. This board is not for extremists trying to strengthen the jewish occupation or for attracting the Feds. All calls for violence and/or accompanying manifestos are banned and deleted.
Welcome to JEWLAND- amusement park for victims, morons, losers, and parasites and hell for the sane and productive!

The USA is rapidly unraveling.

How can Americans sleep at night now?

The very same Americans who scream Trump is a dictator then turn around and say tyranny is good.

The same Americans who insist that they hate the elites then say everyone should obey the globalists.

The Soviet Union failed, but Americans swear the US must become Communist.
thumbnail of 032.jpg
thumbnail of 032.jpg
032 jpg
(38.86 KB, 976x549)
> this shit again
Not all Americans have insomnia. Nobody says tyranny is good. Nobody says "everybody should obey the globalists" and retards like you who say "globalists" instead of jews are gatekeeping shills. I still cannot understand why people like you exist who have the attention span of a potato. Those who can't even bother to look up names of douchebags at the top of everything and crosscheck ethnicities. It's not even work. It's sitting on your ass typing names. Yet you morons can't do it. Not all Americans are Commies either. Marxist jew professors brainwash many college students and that's how they become Communist. Because just like you, they're incapable of focus. Fucking hell, you're a dumb asshole.
Just wanted to thank you guys who have operated this board for years, ever since the schism that brought us here from cripplechan. 

I know lurkers like myself appreciate your tireless efforts to keep the violent infiltrators out more than we can put into words. 

As always, the best defense against the Jewish corruption is a strong, healthy family. Stay safe and do not despair, friends.
thumbnail of 1400.jpg
thumbnail of 1400.jpg
1400 jpg
(36.36 KB, 178x264)
G_C deserves recognition for first proposing to stop the violence promoting Fedposting. Those who post "Hey kid wanna blow up a federal building [in minecraft]?", declaring intent to start a public shooting or posting a manifesto before public violence will continue to be banned and deleted. No Atomwaffen shit. No Strasserists. National Socialism is an ideal of peace and the best economic solution.
thumbnail of 1 (4).jpg
thumbnail of 1 (4).jpg
1 (4) jpg
(56.04 KB, 500x480)
Anyone would lose when facing such odds. He wasn't "a peacenik". He was a German military vet, awarded the Iron Cross First Class, Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Badge Honor Cross, Bavarian Cross of Military Merit and Third Class Bavarian Medal of Military Service. Despite his attempts at peace offers as Chancellor, every nation already in control by international jewry rejected him and Russia amassed at his borders. The point is, He succeeded 1933 through 1945. Longer than any president, and serving the German people which US presidents do not serve their citizens. Keep it up. See where insulting Hitler gets you here.

" Russia demanded bases on the Dardanelles. If Molotov is now trying to deny this, that is not surprising. If tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will be no longer in Moscow, he will deny that he is no longer in Moscow. He made this demand and I rejected it. I had to reject it. This made things clear to me and further talks were without result. My precautions were called for. After that I carefully watched Russia. Each division we could observe was carefully noted and counter-measures were taken. The position in May had so far advanced that I could no longer dismiss the thought of a life and death conflict. At that time I had always to remain silent, and that was doubly difficult for me, perhaps not so difficult with regard to the German people for they had to realize there are moments when one cannot talk if one does not wish to endanger the whole nation. More difficult was silence for me with regard to my soldiers, who, division by division, stood on the eastern frontier of the Reich and yet did not know what was actually going on. And it was just on account of them I could not speak. Had I dropped one single word I would not have changed Stalin's decision. But the possibility of surprise, which remained for me as a last weapon, would then not have existed. Any such indication, any such hint, would have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of our comrades. I was therefore silent until the moment when I finally decided to take the first step myself. When I see the enemy levering his rifle at me I am not going to wait till he pulls the trigger. I would rather be the first to pull the trigger." - Adolf Hitler, speech at the Sportpalast on the opening of the Kriegswinterhilfswerk, Berlin. October 3, 1941
> Has entire world against him
> Attacked on both sides
> "see he lost guys. We can't follow him anymore"

Are you posting here for the first time?
There just isn't a way to create a meaningful and worthwhile 1930's style movement/social cohesion anymore, even Hitler talked about the future of war and its accurate to today.
He probably means pic related which isn't a quote of Hitler's. 
Hermann Rauschning
“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

"The Voice of Destruction "
Rauschning whom fled to Poland, then Switzerland, then France, then the UK and joined the enemy leftist emigres. The latter were welcomed by already jewish Hollywood, increasing the number of kikes in control of North American cinema. Rauschning, who made up many lies about his conversations with Hitler after fleeing and his anti National Socialist propaganda was dropped as leaflets by the French. That traitor? Fuck him.
I realize now I didn't post the pic, but searching for the quote will yield plenty of "memes" with the quote falsely attributed to hitler.
You're allowed to say Trump is controlled by Russia, but anyone who says Trump is controlled by Israel will be called a racist.
Russia, since 1917, is the proverbial punching bag/scapegoat for all problems one can think off.

You can blame them for everything. It doesn't matter since they're hotly compromised. And the same people that run Russia run the U.S anyway. The Cold war was a farce used to extend  military and surveillance control on regular and unsuspecting citizens
You're replying to our repeated message spammer, I'm pretty sure ("You're allowed x but anyone who says y" is his format but I could be wrong). He's come up with a new message. I for one will leave that one alone because it's true. But if he falls back on the same "Americans are this. Americans are that" - "concentration camps" - "the gestapo are coming" - "you gonna get gassed" bullshit, his posts will be deleted again.
You'd think his handlers would have sent him to another website by now

ok. So, what exactly do you want? 

Why did you even post your email and name there?
I deleted Danilo the Brazilian's post. Nobody should be posting any personal info here because this board has had obvious Feds. Also, I'm aware some anons will pretend to be other people in order to doxx someone else.
The best way of stopping political opposition is through intimidation.
It is up to us not to be intimidated.
good call.
Heads up that we've been seeing a lot of automated attacks that are trying to force a range ban over regular users.
Often it seems to be a specific geographic location that is being targeted, where a state-level actor is trying to deny their own citizens access- and this is realistically a possibility in a small country or sparsely populated region.
You're going to need it.
A single user with some technical competence can trash an entire board (see BANG, and that's just someone with autism not even a bad actor.
You may find that there are periods where few posters use the board, and that makes it very hard to remove illegal material in real time.
some ambient light african starts dumping pizza here at 2 in the morning with a small botnet and you're in the shit already
Naming of forums is designed to make people afraid to use them, it's not rocket science.
Anyone can make whatever claim they like, and appeal to the authority of a national security agency.
The CIA for instance publishes a "factbook", and then leaves it for shills to misrepresent the data and claim the authority of the CIA.
The ADL does exactly the same thing to great effect.

This threat that people who use these forums will be arrested is designed to scare people off using them without giving grounds for retaliation.
So again, they intimidate, we refuse to be intimidated
They've tried all you mentioned and a lot worse. 2017 was a complete shitshow of bot attacks here, but it was cleaned easily. The former BO and myself as Vol woke several times to hours of pathetic board rape. The most it ever took was one hour to delete it all and that was from the worst attack they could come up with. It's not hard to deal with it.
I'm glad to hear it, I guess it comes and goes.
I've been seeing some very interesting bots doing the rounds right now, instead of spamming or posting from a list they are re-posting content from the site so threads become this bizarre loop
thumbnail of all_smiles.jpg
thumbnail of all_smiles.jpg
all_smiles jpg
(23.5 KB, 399x399)
>  (see BANG, and that's just someone with autism not even a bad actor.
What's that?

> I've been seeing some very interesting bots doing the rounds right now,

Nah, it's not a bot. I've said it a dozen times but it's just one butthurt HIV+ faggot who hits other imageboards with his paid shill group. You can see me exposing him here  >>/79234/ and here  >>/79135/

You're welcome
> The Department of Homeland Security was created by the patriot act which was copied from the enabling act during Hitler's reign. Even the name is copied from that act though the translation would be the Department of Fatherland Security. 
> The agency was created to be a check on the FBI which is highly catholic.

Source on this?

> Ron Paul has a plan to deal with

And on this?
> who is BANG
An ameture who's shitting up 4pol, nothing of value was lost.
I think he earned a fairly unprecedented IP range ban

There's really no point trying to keep spergs out, they come and go
Accusing the political opposition o being terrorists is an age old tactic.

They just produce a highlight wheel of real terrorists and seed in supporters or fake supporters of the opposition.
If Americans are ever released from house arrest, they should go out and immediately photograph their neighborhoods.

The US will be reduced to rubble and look like Detroit by 2030 with burned out and bullet-pockmarked buildings.

There is no stopping this shitshow now.
because why the fuck would neoliberal MSM praise a tinpot communist dictator? Just because a leader is hated by ZOG doesn't make him automatically good, if this was the case we would be sucking Xi Jinping's cock right now
thumbnail of 1569045700280.jpg
thumbnail of 1569045700280.jpg
1569045700... jpg
(60.16 KB, 526x960)
Looks like another agency is going to have to start providing employees with psychological brainwashing sessions when they start realizing the truth and feel conflicted with their job of suppression like Facebook and Twitter had to do with their mods. Kek
Americans don't care if the government forces Americans to use masks, helmets, seatbelts, kneepads, and airbags for safety, but Americans would lose their minds if the government decreed that everyone must carry guns for protection.
Ah, repeated message spammer. You're back. I stopped banning you on /news/ unless you peddle something that would definitely be said by jews. The same applies here. Again: no "the Gestapo are coming for us" (because the Gestapo were good people); no "concentration camps are coming for Americans!" (we should be so lucky, as the German model was LUXURIOUS); no "Americans think bad something about jews but blah blah" bullshit. Get it? Otherwise I'm sick of banning and deleting you but I'm still willing if you pull jew propaganda.
All those American soldiers died for nothing if you don't stand up and fight for freedom today.
No they gain glory, in the eyes of the Valkyries regardless of the foe.  Glory in battle is gained by the ground upon which you stand and in what termw you fight for it.  Patton fought Germans but knew fdr was pulling some shit. 
Open question: could general Patton fight the lodges and credit powers of the kike syndicate?
Holy shit, it just goes to show how new insight rises on the past.
This shit needs to be seen by all.
This motherfucker Douglas Bazata, killed Patton with a rubber bullet to the neck, AND WAS ON TH  9/11 COMMISSION.  OSS ALSO RUNS SOTEMAYER OBUMMSKI JOEB I DEN NKVD POISONED HIM, RIP GEORGE WE MISS YOU.
There is no way any American can read the words of General George Patton and not be hearing it in his own voice, whilest laughing your ass off.  His comments show the true clown college of what American jews did, and I didnt look but George probably didnt even get to see the sham called the Nueremberger Trials.  ALSO his comments about anglo saxon respect for a man in his home, we don't have men like him anymore.  But the truth written here becomes only more powerful over time.
thumbnail of AIDSkike.png
thumbnail of AIDSkike.png
AIDSkike png
(234.3 KB, 481x258)
So by this logic, people in the UK or China or Australia or any other nation besides the United States who wear masks are proof that Americans are not awake. Now, I'm not saying the majority of Americans aren't asleep. Because holy shit, so many are. I'm one of those Americans looking on in disappointment as the average bluepilled idiot repeats jewish propaganda Yes in the Wachowski sense. They're literally jewed. But goddamn are you retarded.
Every day. AIDSkike spams this board and /news/ with his repeated messages sometimes only relevant years ago: Every. Fucking. Day. That shill really needs to get a life.
It was only news in 2019. Feds haven't done shit against this site since then besides lame attempts at entrapment. Trying to get us to buy illegal drugs, weapons etc.
Americans scream toothpicks will never be outlawed because the price of building more prisons is too expensive, but did the costs of jails stop lawmakers from banning straws?
thumbnail of 52.jpg
thumbnail of 52.jpg
52 jpg
(90.42 KB, 750x608)
Straws are not illegal. They're only banned from restaurants in Jew York and Commiefornia. They're still sold at the grocery store and usually available by request elsewhere. Nobody ever screams "Toothpicks will never be outlawed". What kind of special home for the mentally disabled are you living in from Tel Aviv?
Americans said that they hated freedom 100 years ago because the environment was dirty, there were murders, and medicine was dangerous, but the US is now a police state and the environment is still dirty, there are still murders, and medicine is still dangerous.
Americans are slaves today and the police officers are the slave patrol.
thumbnail of corrupt-billionaires-corrupt-government.png
thumbnail of corrupt-billionaires-corrupt-government.png
corrupt-billionaires... png
(167.76 KB, 500x522)
If we had a free market, insolvent banks would not be bailed out and corporations would not get politically-favored government subsidy. If we had a free market, Jews and their puppet governments would not have monopolistic control over the entire economy. If we had a free market, consumers would decide whether or not they would ever drive electric vehicles or what medicines or vaccines they decide to take, or not to take - nothing would be dictated by Jews or their puppet governments. If we had a free market you would not need "higher education" (read: brainwashing) to get a decent job. If we had a free market, it would be just that, a market free from intervention. Free to allow average consumers to decide what to support... and what not to support. If we had a free market, boycotting Israeli products would not be illegal either.  Competition in a free market would be 100% consumer-choice driven and directed. We DO NOT - I REPEAT - WE DO NOT HAVE A "FREE MARKET" TODAY.

That said, if you do support a true free market, go shop at your local farmers markets and support fellow citizens who live around you, those who produce things of value. Pay in cash and avoid digital transactions. :)
The elites want to make everything illegal so they can fill their private prisons and kill off the 99%, but life would be much better if everything was legal and people could travel, make money, go to church, go to school, and start businesses.
Can you imagine an actual large economy without intervention, you paint this seemingly awakening post, but then its like what, the only way this is realistically feasible is if you have like 200 or whatever small economies in a nation/region and they all somehow organize and form alternative economies, imo
> Can you imagine an actual large economy without intervention

Happened lots of times in history. I read that Venezuela had that happened. Pretty wealthy with everyone using it's oil reserves, but upper class and freemasons fucked everything up with mismanagement and carelessness. A shame, because it's a really beautiful country kinda like Brazil. Ironic since they more or less have the same issues. Lots of natural scenery to watch.
> White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
Wow is that backward. More like "Jewish people scapegoat white supremacy for their premeditated Jewish antics."
It was our obedience, and many obeyed. Now barely anybody wears a useless mask while death-vax commercials play repetitively. Some stupidity from obedient lemmings carried over. Now imbeciles come to work with full-on Covid-19 infections and think wearing a mask that doesn't hold back or protect from any virus is good enough. Our governments are goddamn idiots and as a result, people are fucking idiots. This seems to never change.
The Cia are immortal by simulating thier hearts so as long as project blue book exists I suppose they'd continue being immortal
Let's merge
I know the following is hard for the ZOG indoctrinated to comprehend: National Socialists are the sanest people on Earth. We defy crazy by our very natures. We have bypassed everyone else's insanity and gullibility. So when you visitors keep coming here with your /x/ tier insane bullshit, we will always reject it.
thumbnail of 531c2676538e6a971433189506f2cf5ce146f1e3323b7cb16226ed857bb4dabd.jpg
thumbnail of 531c2676538e6a971433189506f2cf5ce146f1e3323b7cb16226ed857bb4dabd.jpg
531c2676538e6a9714331... jpg
(396.8 KB, 1488x1488)
thumbnail of Atomwaffen are Feds.jpg
thumbnail of Atomwaffen are Feds.jpg
Atomwaffen... jpg
(1.43 MB, 1218x5236)
thumbnail of atomwaffen.jpg
thumbnail of atomwaffen.jpg
atomwaffen jpg
(571.88 KB, 1024x682)
thumbnail of (3).jpg
thumbnail of (3).jpg
(3) jpg
(120.25 KB, 1246x908)
thumbnail of gasparro1.jpg
thumbnail of gasparro1.jpg
gasparro1 jpg
(91.03 KB, 607x304)
There will be no more attempts at distraction by trying to suggest "good jews" (those do not exist) nor trying to associate real National Socialists with Atomwaffen. Not this thread nor any other on this board. Both can fuck off and die.
If you said that the government was wiretapping your phone in 1999, everybody would have called you a nutjob.

Now if you say that the government is wiretapping your phone, no one cares.

How can Americans sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling disgusted and ashamed?
thumbnail of 1689416292048465.png
thumbnail of 1689416292048465.png
1689416292048465 png
(304.41 KB, 570x625)
thumbnail of 1670191220592863.jpg
thumbnail of 1670191220592863.jpg
16701912205928... jpg
(29.03 KB, 258x330)
> Weeb spotted in the area
Isekai yourself before you start chocking the chicken onto children 
> Those dakimakuras
Someone is a pedofile and a very twisted one as he has attaction to lolita or still under the law characters, where is the hard alcohol i need to remove this from memory that i saw this
They're all pedophiles. Weebs are into lolis, which as I'm sure you know, are cartoon children. This is the shitty world we live in. The type of degenerate shit you'll see in in North America. Coming soon to everyone else's country, if not already.
> I'm sure you know, are cartoon children
As someone who saw a lot of horrors beyond human comprehension (from their chocking the chicken moments to fantasies of theirs) yes
No bloody matter which cope they let go out of their degenerated mouth its still an child of the age of 5 at minimum and 12 on average
No matter if a fictional etc it wont add it on their cope any validation
> Coming soon to everyone else's country, if not already.
Its already there if you count also nations where anime is not normalized and still a niche genre
thumbnail of 1681494490413607.jpg
thumbnail of 1681494490413607.jpg
1681494490413607 jpg
(176.81 KB, 1280x880)
> Some random tik tok fag speaking spanish
get. The. Fuck. Out
You literally fail even in your own propaganda painting anyone being something whom he fought against

The guy that he cited is a Kike queer Tankie who spreads communist propaganda for Brown Latinx Swarthoid commies with zigger RT talking points about how ukranian "nazi-banderites" kill kikes in the fake holohoax 

> Tankie who spreads communist propaganda for Brown Latinx Swarthoid commies with zigger RT talking points about how ukranian "nazi-banderites" kill kikes in the fake holohoax

Sounds like an mestizo america version of luboš blaha and thats an category by itself of that sperg controlled op
The quote I now scrubbed from your post was made up by Albert Speer in 1970, whom also claimed he himself was born with the sound of thunder and nearby church bells from a church that wasn't built yet. Speer was a known liar. The quote is a lie. You keep up this calling Anglo-Saxons kikes, fake anti-German Hitler quotes (proving you clearly despise Germans), and I'll ban your hispanic bullshit plus keep deleting everything you post whether you ban evade or not. Cut the crap. You know where you are.
thumbnail of Ango Saxons.jpg
thumbnail of Ango Saxons.jpg
Ango Saxons jpg
(88.99 KB, 655x343)
It wasn't just the image. Anglos were early German tribes. Saxons were entirely different. Eventually, that became combined into Anglo-Saxon. You called them kikes. Coupled with the false quote of Hitler by Speer, it revealed a German hating narrative. Hitler was never disgusted by the German people.
To this day, jews who have a German-borrowed name (such as the usual 'berg' but many others) are still not German. They are only descendants of infiltrating parasites.
> Pic
Do you understand you have a picture of an very old propaganda trick used in wars to demoralize troops used by everyone since the times that idea was concieved? 

> German-borrowed name (such as the usual 'berg' but many others) are still not German
Altrough its a minor nitpick wasnt that trend decreed by Habsburgs?
thumbnail of 783b0a145a2d0eb82d2be97d88811105733dbdb546d83f67d8c13adfda62765f.png
thumbnail of 783b0a145a2d0eb82d2be97d88811105733dbdb546d83f67d8c13adfda62765f.png
783b0a145a2d0eb82d2be... png
(4.43 MB, 1774x1563)
Ah, I didn't realize. AIDSkike is a one message spammer here who ban evades and supports the jewish holocaust fraud as if it was real, fearmongers about "concentration camps are coming" and begs for the cure for AIDS. Hence the name. He said "eli­tes" so much in deflection from jews in power, it had to be word filtered to kikes. My mistake. Reverse searching for that image brought only the same resolution

> Altrough its a minor nitpick wasnt that trend decreed by Habsburgs?
What, jews taking on German names or just the berg part?
thumbnail of 1697987527021176.jpg
thumbnail of 1697987527021176.jpg
1697987527021176 jpg
(185.31 KB, 1024x1024)
> demoralization propaganda 
You misunderstand, it's to demoralize myself when Civil War 2.0 starts.

I have a whole folder with propaganda against my morality.
> pic NOT related
thumbnail of 1613697406817.jpg
thumbnail of 1613697406817.jpg
1613697406817 jpg
(233.3 KB, 852x600)
thumbnail of 1613698073482.jpg
thumbnail of 1613698073482.jpg
1613698073482 jpg
(84.04 KB, 1280x719)
> What, jews taking on German names or just the berg part?
the first one since in 1787 decree of austrian emperor was a thing
You misunderstand, it's to demoralize myself when Civil War 2.0 starts
a wierd method to remind yourself the zog shenanigans 
just to show few examples pictures above were made by japanese and germans during the war using that trick (from far that i know british and US zog powers were using the same thing)
> the first one since in 1787 decree of austrian emperor was a thing
And before that the Edict of Toleration which also included jews. Interesting. Disappointing to know an Austrian emperor was such a traitor, but not surprising given most world leaders are typically as pathetic.
Americans are completely retarded now.

Americans scream that there's nothing wrong with Trump paying taxes to China if Biden did, too.

Americans think being groped by the TSA is just fine if Muslims are, too.

Americans say tyranny is wonderful if North Korea is a police state, too.
thumbnail of 6d9c456113a8bdd42cb9e406f3c7959d-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 6d9c456113a8bdd42cb9e406f3c7959d-imagepng.png
6d9c456113a8bdd42cb9e... png
(134.81 KB, 601x508)
I think is the worldview presented by the media and internalized by a substantial number of people (not necessarily the majority).

Last 2 nights I was on Discord and we touched on this issue. My thesis was pretty much what I posted above.
thumbnail of (1).jpg
thumbnail of (1).jpg
(1) jpg
(42.1 KB, 960x288)
thumbnail of (2).jpg
thumbnail of (2).jpg
(2) jpg
(34 KB, 314x318)
> Last 2 nights I was on Discord
Not surprising you're brown since you hang out on Jason Citron's "we'll ban you for hate speech" kikefest. You claiming everyone here is LARPing as white is division tactics. Checking your ID, you're that hater of Anglos (meaning Germans) promoter of "the Hispanic Empire". The same who promotes working along with Mexican beaners. You're not pretending to be white very well, m8. I called the suspicion you're not in the /SIG/ thread.
That chat had 8ch oldfags, and the discord server was most Literature from the Anglosphere.

I only made that account a few days ago.
You made that post after my comment (everything's timestamped); you've put Anglo Saxons in triple brackets before; also said they have satanic hegemony. The post you made you're referring to is implying you're white after: 
> /pol is for brown people who LARP as white
> Guilty as charge, I invented the "Aryan American" phrase, usually along the phrase "pure blooded" :^3
> My thesis was pretty much what I posted above.
It's like you think /pol/ has dementia with zero long term memory. Here, it's slow paced. We're not at Jimkike's 8moe.
> Austrian emperor was such a traitor
Habsburgs were able to do anything to keep relevancy of their already irrelevant dynasty even if it meant the death of nation
thumbnail of 1508785584066.jpg
thumbnail of 1508785584066.jpg
1508785584066 jpg
(71.42 KB, 498x300)
> "flavors intermix"
That poem is promoting interracial sex while obsessing over whiteness. I saw it before, found it when you shared that other video poem.
I know it's not about a low carb diet and craving chocolate. These messages might be subtle and imperceptible only to morons. Which is why our modern era is in the state it's in. The masses accept absolute degeneracy because they're morons.

The moron masses accepting racial mixing plus homosexuality and every other non breeding plot with open arms will result with the Aryan male and female completely bred out in the future. The old will die. The young will vanish. The race will be gone. Then the world will have nothing but the browns. They'll tell stories around the campfire outside of mud huts of the white angels that used to exist.

Then they will grow up and murder each other because they're batshit insane. Browns are always on board for the Great Replacement because they think they can do better. They can't. I've lived in those neighborhoods, heard those gun-shots, knew about the deaths. I have witnessed the degree of apathy when their own are murdered by their kind. They only give a shit if it's a white cop or jew mass murderer they're too stupid to identify as a jew. All pale skin looks the same to them.

In the future, it will be brown vs brown on the civilian level as much as it is now. Not even cooperating with each other for any viable society. Rambling incoherently. Shitting in the streets. Ahriman winning once again over Ahura Mazda. Actual India is a character model.
Sure, bud. Just like your "duty as a white man" who confessed he's brown LARPing as white. I have no idea why you shared that bit from Discord here. I will say asians are the exception. Intelligent, but that is the reason they're notoriously discriminated against in jewish ran universities. When the Great Replacement is done, they will be the only smart race left. The jewish gaze will then likely hone in on replacing them.
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thumbnail of 1620973056021.jpg
1620973056021 jpg
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You're the only one with that interpretation... Race makes no sense, while sensibilities does.

> sweet become umami
changing sensibilities
> flavors intermix
weaving sensibilities

I wasn't raised protestant, so racial and sexual complexes are unknown to me.
Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream buses must be banned because outlawing buses would be a life-saving measure.
I was raised Catholic. Races have been referred to as flavors. Intermixing has meant interracial. Ok you meant something else, but it's not a stretch in the least when provided with past context.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 17-02-32 1 000 000 Graphemes Book 1 ^3 9798862745771 Amazon.com Books.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 17-02-32 1 000 000 Graphemes Book 1 ^3 9798862745771 Amazon.com Books.png
Screenshot 2023-10-30... png
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You're imposing an interpretation which doesn't fit its context.

Let's suppose "flavors" are races:
> I desire to bite you with my lips 
A desire for an action:
> tasting sweet become umami
Sweet is Race X, and an individual from said race can transform into Race Y (umami).
> flavors intermix
Racial transformations, in this particularly case, take place with racial mixing (you might agree) but it can also happen separately.

Now, suppose "flavors" are sensibilities:
> I desire to bite you with my lips
A desire to bite a woman with one's lips so that...
> tasting sweet become umami
A sweet sensibility can willingly transform into a savory one.
> flavors intermix
This sensible transformation, in this particular case, takes place together with two people intermingling their sensibilities. Sensible transformations can happen with or without sensible intermingling.
I guess, since I'm the only one who sees something sinister in intermingling and intermixing.
Or at least the only Caucasian witnessing that poem outside of a Discord full of brown people LARPing as white.
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1696871417272069 jpg
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> 'm the only one who sees something sinister in intermingling and intermixing
Nope as thats what kills civilizations and your race is a uniform that you cannot take off and paints you who you are and gives meaning

What does raceless product of mixing has? Nothing as he is neither one or second no identity only individualist hedonism or compensating that lack with grace if even considering it
A people who fought off the whole world for +300 years and uniquely brought happiness everywhere they went :^3

Like the Flemish upper class (Hispanics) who protected the Flemish people against the jew-funded Calvinists during the 1500s. Or the Samurai (Hispanics) who came to America and later Europe to get the Japanese nations to unite with the Hispanic Empire in the 1600s. Or the Nutka people in Alaska (Hispanics) who joined the Hispanic Empire to protect America from non-Hispanic nations. We can also talk about the Filipino Heroes of Cavite (Hispanics) who fought until the end of the Hispanic Empire in 1898.

Flemish Civil War in English subs (auto-translate):
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thumbnail of 63.png
63 png
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Mud jpg
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That's the problem with "Hispanic". It's just such an all encompassing word. The point originally supposed to be pertaining to Spain, the Iberian Peninsula. Now it's just every brown fucker who speaks Spanish. You seem to be afflicted with not only the same delusion, but even more confusion. The Philippines, like Mexico, were Spain's bitch. The Flemish are native to Belgium. Samurai were from the military class during Japanese feudalism. The Nutka were/are indigenous to Canada.

So many people you refer to as Hispanic are not at all. Just because they immigrated. Modern meanings are trash. Such widely encompassing bullshit. A black  or a jew even if living outside of their origin for hundreds of years are not German nor Spaniard nor French nor any nation besides from where they sprung. All people belong to their nations of ancestral origin.

You are clearly gradually going to politely troll the cause of brown skins and mutts, which again was easily revealed by your Discord admission. "Mostly Anglos"? Yeah, browns who LARP as white while pretending to be Anglo.
thumbnail of Western Civilization jpg.jpg
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Western... jpg
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>  Hispanic
>  It's just such an all encompassing word
NO! It's has a very SPECIFIC definition: A person who belongs to Hispanidad.

That's like saying Italians (Latinos) are only those born in Rome or in Latio.

Or Hellinization ne