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To understand why jews want to eliminate whites, first you need to understand how jews view the world and its people. None of this is an exaggeration by the way, this is literally word for word what they believe:
> Non-jews are literally not human
> Non-jews were created by god to serve as slaves for the jews
> The only reason non-jews look like humans is because god made them that way so jews wouldn't have to look at a bunch of animals serving them
> Stealing from non-jews isn't a crime or bad in any way
> Killing a non-jew is like killing a wild animal; not a crime, doesn't matter
> Raping a non-jew, surprise surprise, is also okay. Granted they do have minimum age requirements. I think for it to be okay to rape a non-jewish girl, she has to be at least 9 years old
> Everything non-jews own is the rightfully jewish claim, god-given property of the jewish people. Possessions, your house, real estate, countries, all of it

Given that, the motivation for controlling the entire planet makes sense; jews literally believe that they are supposed to; its theirs. They believe they're preordained by god to rule over a planet of slaves. Now, how do white people fit into this? White people have a storied history of fighting back against jewish control. That whole "jews have been kicked out of 109 countries" thing? Yeah, that was White people. And jews have been seething about this for, literally, millennia. These people want Whites dead more than anything in life. You cannot fathom how much jews hate White people. And jews have never been exterminated, never been genocide, never anything. They've been kicked out, a LOT, but nobody in history has ever actually tried to kill them all. Obviously the holocaust never happened, but what was happening was an attempt to expel the jews. 

But it's not a fair fight between jews and White people, because White people have this disease in their brains that prevents them from doing what's necessary to survive. It's sometimes called "pathological altruism" - White people will do practically anything in their power, and some things that aren't, just to be "accepted" by society (or what they view to be society). They will gleefully welcome in hostile foreigners. Rabidly defend Israel online and in person. Recoil in horror from someone expressing doubt about ANY aspect of the holocaust. All because it makes them feel like society will accept them and let them stay. It's the thing Whites have an instinctive, genetic fear of the most, above everything else in life: being excluded. Why? Winter. White people evolved in places where a winter alone meant death. You HAVE to be accepted by your tribe or your village, because if you aren't, you die.
That was a consistent, constant selective pressure on the evolution of White people; those who put the group above themselves survived and their genes continue on. The ones who went against the grain didn't live to have children. Generation after generation, winter molded White genetics into producing the mental illness so many of them have today. Put others before yourself. Value the collective. Acceptance above all else. That works great when it's just White people living around White people. The happiest, safest, and most successful periods in human history are distinctly marked by occurring in exclusively-White countries. But, it's a MASSIVE disadvantage when you're dealing with a group of people who control the media, control academia, and control the government, when that group wants you dead. They can make it SEEM like society demands you be pro-multicultural, so Whites have a genetic disadvantage against jews trying to exterminate them.

But we're at an entirely unique point in human history, one for which jews are massively unprepared. There's a variety of reasons as to why jews are so woefully unprepared for what's to come in the near future. "Unprepared" is a dramatic, DRAMATIC understatement. Once a critical percentage of the population is on board and the right event happens to kick start that powder keg, reality is going to blindside jews so hard their heads will spin. Off, of their bodies, I mean. They're all going to die.
Here are just a few of the reasons why:

First: jews now fully believe the propaganda they produce. They are 100% on board with antisemitism just being a fringe idea. That the only people against mass immigration into all countries (except Israel, of course) are just a minority of racists. That White people are weak, fragile, and can be pushed over like a poorly built house of cards. That all minorities are "with" them. Propaganda is an enormously useful tool, but it turns into a major problem when your own people also get caught in it. Knowing false information about the battlefield, whether it's physical or mental, is worse than not knowing anything at all.

Second: in the global hub of jewish power and influence, the United States, guns outnumber people. By a lot. Despite jews giving their best effort for the better part of a century, Americans now own more guns than ever before. No other society has been this heavily armed, ever, in history. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and jews are sitting on a country with over 300 million people who are all just a hairpin trigger away from fighting back. Americans buy more guns than every law enforcement agency in the nation, combined, has on hand - every few months. Now you understand why jews are so in love with gun control.

Third: non-Hispanic White geniuses in the US alone, outnumber jews, of any intelligence level, everywhere on Earth. That's a problem.
But the biggest problem is the fourth one...

Fourth: The internet. Out of their otherworldly hubris or purely from stupidity, jews didn't get control of the internet fast enough. And all jewish control and all their propaganda and all their stories of being history's greatest victims fall apart when even one morsel of information or reason gets out. Once someone is aware of jewish propaganda, they can never be "salvaged" - that is a permanent, irrevocable change. Once you find out Santa Claus isn't real, you can never unlearn it. And the internet is too big, too connected for them to control it all.
Because of that, now everyone who knows the truth about jews also knows that just kicking them out isn't enough, and never will be. Everyone knows that as long as jews exist, they will never stop trying to exterminate Whites. The cat's out of the bag. Due to their psychotic beliefs and the even more psychotic genetic mental illnesses they've given themselves through inbreeding, jews will force this issue. They are the only group on Earth incapable of "live and let live." They have to be in control, and if anyone challenges that, they have to be killed. Thousands of years of their history has proven that.
It is, necessarily, us or them. There are no other conclusions to this story. Either they kill us, or we kill them.

But because of their propaganda, their control over mainstream media, and their influence in all the institutions of our society, jews just don't quite get it. They don't see how common this is. They don't see just how many people out there understand the situation perfectly. They don't see how fucking big of a problem they have on their hands. When it happens, you won't be expecting it, and it will be more brutal than you can possibly imagine. All that's needed is one little powder keg to go off, and existence will be erased because it's being supported entirely by people who are (for now) too afraid to speak out. 

How to fight back: Get other whites on our side. Redirect them to endchan.net/pol, or at the very least 4chan.org/pol. Redpill them slowly and softly, there is a site called https://naggers.net/ with 785 Redpill images, and a pdf. I didn't make it, but its a pretty comprehensive site. Get minorities on our side. Teach them that at the peak of slavery, <1% of American white people owned slaves, where as >50% of American jews owned slaves. Teach them that jews ran the slave trade, because htey view them as subhuman, and want them to be slaves again, and that the "white people" in power the pass laws against them are actually jewish. Good luck out there, soldiers :)
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It's about time someone acknowledged we must do this collectively. A long time has passed since I agreed entirely with everything an OP has posted. So many years. So many shills.
> Once someone is aware of jewish propaganda, they can never be "salvaged" - that is a permanent, irrevocable change. Once you find out Santa Claus isn't real, you can never unlearn it.
Yes, this is one very important fact the demoralization shills this board gets frequently don't seem to realize we are aware of. So they come here and say we'll be happier if we stop because they once were like us. Our lives will be better, blah blah blah. They lie. It's impossible. You don't learn about the ritualistic historical child murders, the wealthy jewish child rapists, the massacres of women and children Palestinians, the mass starvations, sex trafficking and slavery then suddenly think jews are great. My own parents refused to acknowledge that the jew holocaust is a fraud (Boomers seem to have trouble with this) but it's still too late to turn back. I taught them a lot. Being wary of kikes doesn't go away. One has already left this world. The remaining parent is healthier. She may have longer still but it's very possible she'll pass before society knows the peace of ridding our lands of jews. I may even die before I'll ever see it. That is, if such a thing happens. The Sleeping Giant might never wake. That pathetic tendency of being a brainwashed traitor just for acceptance seems to be too common.

I have instructed Aryans and minorities in how jews have fucked us all. White flight happens to the former. Racial loyalty happens to the latter. Minorities will never defend us as a group because they are racially minded. It's unfortunate how many Aryans are not race loyal. We do need a powder keg to light the collective masses' minds. Since I live in the United States where the credo on the Statue of Liberty "the wretched refuse of your teeming shore" is practiced in earnest by jewish lobby influences and furthered by bribed traitors, I have nothing but minorities surrounding me on a daily basis. I have no choice but to wake them up, considering the utter lack of Aryans around here and the fact they think they can flee this problem once they're aware of it. With the high turnover of my profession, I've seen to it that many leave my workplace knowing about the JQ. The tribe's vile history, the current overwhelming control of mainstream and social media as well as government. The amount of people I unindoctrinate is never enough. What we need is the ability to CRUSH international jewry with overwhelming force. 

I keep having a mental block about the solution. I can think of only one. We could strategize to gain as many people as we can. Possibly rebrand since most don't know what true National Socialism was now that the ideal has been lied about for over 70 years. Though I would be open to other solutions that aren't completely retarded. Dumb like lone shooters. They don't stop ZOG but instead empower jews in passing laws in their favor. Kikes may have the smallest worldwide population, but there are still over 15 million of them. One man plotting by himself does not stand a chance while he is a mere man. I don't see a genetic transcendence to the Ubermensch happening to anyone. We need numbers. Now, this may happen sooner than jews think. Worldwide economies are collapsing. When everyone's livelihood reaches Weimar Republic levels, people will be primed to hate those so-called "Elites" which just so happen to be jews by a vast majority. That is, when food prices and inflation becomes outrageous enough a wheelbarrow of money won't buy a loaf of bread. As it was before it will be again. History has a habit of repeating and jews, while too busy lying their entire lives, tend to confuse each other, never learning from their mistakes.
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no one... png (7.75 MB, 2806x1834)
Two of the most important weaknesses of jews I have learned over the years are these:
1) They cannot resist hating Hitler. Sure, this may be the case for a brainwashed traitor but you can never turn a jew to the truth that Hitler was a good man. Besides obvious evidence to the contrary, the jew can never admit Hitler was not a monster. Use this fact to out them from their attempts at infiltrating.
2) They cannot resist putting on their victim complex and wailing to the public. It is a simple fact that jews overwhelmingly run mainstream and social media plus government bureaucracy. They can "cancel" you, take away your job or by the Mossad, even your life. What they can't do is ever shut the fuck up when you're agitating them as they spew lies, each more outrageous than the last. The intelligent will see through them. As described in Mein Kampf, Hitler decided on red arm bands to confuse the Communists and laughed that it did so. To continue going viral, troll the shit out of jews. Use their overwhelming influence to gain counter influence.
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Epicness overload ITT
I've screencapped this thread (one is a png, one is a jpg) for redpilling purposes
> lack of Aryans around here and the fact they think they can flee this problem once they're aware of it
How one will even conclude to this option which is suicidal? how is it effective to just move from one Zog province to second, you just abandon your precious ground for enemies whom gets only profit from it and still have to deal with jewish money serpent, still have to  practically finance the jewish aims trough taxation and usury maybe loan if thou will take one, still being under his thalmudic law and still having your life on substinence level, unable to give time to your family if one decides to create one in those "white fortresses", still look on how your offspring is indoctrinated, still look on the zions furthurment of tikkun olam and so on and so on. Not mentioning also the factor that even history shows that isolated communities ie white flight doesnt work waco happened how it happened, ruby ridge happened as it happened despite jonestown being the place of degeneracy and crimes against humanity happned as it happened.

flight is not an option, Zog is everywhere there is nowhere to run nor hide they will not leave you alone thlamud says it, all of earth belongs to jews, wasting few months in sanctuary is not a saving yourself you just further inevitable, it wont fix your miserable life as zogs property.

> inb4 white flight has meaning we can gather men for fighting in that zog province declare ethnostate and the end we become a sanctuary
siege warfare is almost always in favour of attacker one is to have second is to keep it running and replace losses, besides again ALL world is jews property according to thalmud
> ie white flight 
mistake i meant 
> or in present addition to list white flight
> Now, this may happen sooner than jews think. Worldwide economies are collapsing. When everyone's livelihood reaches Weimar Republic levels, people will be primed to hate those so-called "Elites" which just so happen to be jews by a vast majority

on this i can only give what i say when redpilling more particulary when reaching to present, a wisdom if someone wish from G.S Patton
(disclaimer not in context of making second coming of attomwaffen or any terrorist insurgency but to prepare when shtf)
> Let's keep our boots polished, bayonets sharpened and present a picture of force and strength to these people. This is the only language they understand and respect.
at one point it will be disliked but when considering JP morgans words
> we shall have world goverment whatever you like it or not but its only a question if it will be achieved by consent or force 
it seems to be now only logical solution
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Covington... png (284.98 KB, 554x1632)
> How one will even conclude to this option which is suicidal?
Because those I brought back from jewish brainwashing never thought for themselves in the first place. They didn't want to fight ZOG. They wanted an escape. Because Harold Covington shilled promises of the Northwest Front and they found his "goy bait". A few I knew fled NW. Another joined the military. Both are already compromised. As you said, it's impossible to flee.
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1655547746... webm (1.8 MB, 308x360)
> Because those I brought back from jewish brainwashing never thought for themselves in the first place.
But they will be forced to fight back whatever they like it or not, like i said running away to sanctuary is not helping, few months of safety from something that would get you anyway or have a few months of peace before storm is not even in slightest something better than keeping boots polished and bayonets sharpened.
I could run to west from slovakia as many weak faggots or few whom i redpilled here but did not choose to because i know nothing would change from salary to persons safety from zog claws.
> Because Harold Covington shilled promises of the Northwest Front and they found his "goy bait". 
Those who take it forget still one crucial thing.
They are still subjects of zog from paying it and working for it by means for feeding itself
> Another joined the military.
If its by getting some training and after drill getting out thats a small sin, but if motivation is to break zog within in coup that wont work for reasons of still being subject of zog as grunt
> But what about officer ranks someone says
Compare yourself as lieutenant or captain to their personel their residences and manpower
If you anon who lays the question still insists look what happened to KSK in 2019 or stauffenberg or mishima in 70s or even better to weimar military or civilian coups how it went out
I'd like to add a paraphrase of Kaczynski (chaning technology to Jews, and nature to Goyim)

> On the more sophisticated level the ideology should address itself to people who are intelligent, thoughtful and rational. It is particularly important to attract people of this type, as they are capable people and will be instrumental in influencing others. These people should be addressed on as rational a level as possible. Facts should never intentionally be distorted and intemperate language should be avoided. This does not mean that no appeal can be made to the emotions, but in making such appeal care should be taken to avoid misrepresenting the truth or doing anything else that would destroy the intellectual respectability of the ideology. On a second level, the ideology should be propagated in a simplified form that will enable the unthinking majority to see the conflict of Jews vs Nature.

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