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Shiet, I wish I could play a song and teleport to my house.

I wonder if gamers will switch to Android in part so they can use their steam games, assuming Google does what Apple didn't.
oh no how will i play my shitty autochess on my iPhone guys????

I posted this thread before but I think during the server change it was lost, I'm going to post it again for that reason.

I have this autistic thing where I can't enjoy games unless playing them in chronological order. Playing a sequel (or even a newer installment) feels wrong, but I don't really enjoy using the outdated mechanics of retro games so I'd like to start a thread in order to have an idea on where to start in a game series.

I figured I may as well start Metal Gear games from Metal Gear Solid 3, but I'd appreciate if you could give me a good place to start on the following Tom Clancy series';
> Rainbow Six

> Ghost Recon

> Splinter Cell

Feel free to ask for other recommendations too if need be.
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thumbnail of 56074-Legend_of_Zelda_The_USA-7(2).jpg
thumbnail of 56074-Legend_of_Zelda_The_USA-7(2).jpg
56074-Legend_of_Zelda... jpg
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thumbnail of aid5576299-v4-728px-Get-Easy-Rupees-in-Legend-of-Zelda_-A-Link-to-the-Past-Step-10-Version-3.jpg
thumbnail of aid5576299-v4-728px-Get-Easy-Rupees-in-Legend-of-Zelda_-A-Link-to-the-Past-Step-10-Version-3.jpg
aid5576299-v4-728px-G... jpg
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I started with Zelda 1 when I was very little and only went back and actually beat it a couple of years ago. All around I'd honestly say it's the best one because there's really no hand holding although there is one moment where you have to give a guy a piece of meat to open a door and I don't know if it's a translation issue but I don't know how anyone was supposed to know that, I ended up using a guide in that part. 
The second one I played was Link the Past on the SNES and I really really autistically loved that game as a kid and played through it multiple times. 
Zelda 1
Link the to the Past
Link's Awakening 
Oracle of the Ages, and Oracle of the Seasons 
All of these games have a similar style of gameplay with a top down camera and swinging your sword, looking for items pushing and pulling objects etc.
The shift to 3d kept the gameplay the same, you're still doing the same stuff.

That being said either start with the NES Zelda 1, Link the the Past or Link's Awakening on the Gameboy. You can't miss with any of those three in my opinion.

If you want a 3d game go for Ocaraina of Time on the n64. 
The pepper in fig1_sales denotes classic zelda style of game.
> Minish Cap

It's one of the many Zelda games that plays like more of an action game with an unlockable open world, than a non linear experience like the original. With that said the art style is cute and has some of the most awesome palettes I've seen for pixel art, which is to be expected since the art is based on the Wind Waker game.

This opinion will catch me some flack but I don't fucking care. Egoraptor (yes that casual faggot from Newgrounds) was right about the first Zelda game being a timeless classic that the sequels just don't match up to. The map design lets you sequence break as does the item acquisition. There's multiple ways to kill bosses and very few times do you need specific gimmicks to kill a boss.

Windwaker from time to time came close to recapturing that feeling for me, but it has a very linear progression which AS FAR AS I KNOW you can't sequence break without doing some glitchy fuckery.The original Zelda is a seriously excellent fucking game, in what is to me a very average series and honestly the only other modern action game with a Medieval Fantasy setting that has let me relive the wonders of cluelessly wandering about in a very open world with shitloads of bosses, obstacles, and enemies in it is the first Dark Souls.


Yeah I don't know what caused Rainbow Six to be what it is now, a shitty gimmick tacticool shooter that tries to ape "twitch shooters" like CoD instead of what it began as, a counter terrorism manager simulator with FPS elements. Raven Shield is the pique of the series and the last entry in the game to have the battle planner in it, and it's really hard to get it running on windows 7, let alone any newer windows platforms. If you have a linux distro then you can probably try playing it on WINE.

This is just conjecture, but I think the reason why R6 moved away from the battle planner system was mostly the fault of Consoles. I remember Ubisoft really making a big fucking deal about AI companions following orders you spoke through the Xbox Live headset during E3 conferences and magazine interviews.
Sorry for double posting, but my memory has been jogged in regards to Four Swords and its sequel, plus the Phantom Hour Glass.

Four Swords adventure is pretty much a Co-Op only experience, additionally the multiplayer for Four Swords is abysmally fucking laggy if you try to emulate it. Now how is the game itself? Well it takes Minish Cap's combat and makes it the focus of the game along with puzzle solving. The good thing is that Minish Cap's combat is actually pretty fucking good due to the fact that Capcom at least back then, understood how 2d combat works. 

So why is the combat good? The enemy attacks are well telegraphed despite the low resolution of the game due to Capcom's talented pixel artists. The hitboxes additionally also correspond nicely with most of the attack animations as well as the enemy sprites themselves. The character move set consists of the traditional 2d Zelda mechanic of blocking, slashing, and ranged combat using bows, boomerangs or bombs, however there's also a nifty little combat roll thrown into the mix. If you're familiar with Capcom's Monster Hunter, or a Souls game then you'll know how obsessed Capcom and in general Japanese devs are obsessed with I-frames. 

However this is not to mean the combat is excruciatingly hard or deep, just that this risk taking maneuver was added for those who wanted to try riskier moves within the game. Interestingly enough there's multiple recurring enemies who you literally cannot beat without another player's help because there's a small puzzle involved to striking their weak spot. Moreover there's also multiple puzzles you can't solve without 2 players coordinating with each other.

However as is most couch gaming experiences, there's a pitfall to it. The pitfall being that if your coop buddy feels like a dick he can very well sabotage and compete against you in the game. How? The game has two ways in which this is possible, the first one, which is the most obvious one, is the competitive scoring system, the second one which starts innocent at first but can lead you choking your buddy's neck if he's an ass hole is the player interaction system.

What is the player interaction system? It's basically you picking up your teammate to help him up ledges, or throw him across a ravine, or hard to reach place... Yeah, your coop buddy or you, can randomly pick each other up, and once you or him is picked up said player is at the mercy of the other player. This means it's perfectly possible to have players literally throw their buddies towards powerful enemies at any point of the game.
So the combat works, but what about the level design and overworld?

Unfortunately the game does not have a huge, or even small overworld to open up and explore, not even a hubworld. It's just a series of dungeons and levels, each with their unique sets of enemies and puzzles. Like all Zelda games since a Link to the Past it's perfectly possible to level up so badly your own character is pretty hard to kill by even the end game bosses, let alone enemies. This is even if your COOP buddy/buddies are being assholes and stealing as much unique XP as possible.

With that said the game does a very good job of making it feel you're playing a Coop experience. Both players need each other to progress the game's many puzzles and obstacles, and they're all well thought out if you only have you and a buddy, or you and 3 other friends. The coop elements don't feel latched on, there's a reason why you're playing with other people.

In all honesty though it's a Zelda game only in name. It's literally a multiplayer only dungeon crawling action game, but it's still a good game.

Next posts will be about phantom hour glass and tomorrow I'll post an actual review of Minish Cap instead of bitching and whining about the Zelda formula.
The phantom hour glass is just a hot mess of a game, it's a poor attempt at trying to implement the stylus touch screen to a zelda game while completely disregarding the limitations of styluses and the hardware itself. What's the result? Movement and combat controls that are nothing more than you tapping at the world or enemies mindlessly  with a stylus. Puzzles that are retardedly easy, in a series that notoriously has had easy to solve puzzles since the third entry to the series. The reason why probably boils down to the fact that these puzzles strictly involves the stylus being used. 

So unlike Metroid Prime Echoes or the DS Original Moon, the stylus did not help gampeplay at all, in fact it hinders it severely.

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thumbnail of DanMachi-Memoria-Freese.png
DanMachi-Memoria-Free... png
(34.98 KB, 585x300)
And this is why I've refused to deal with any big corps localizing shit. This time the culprit is Crunchy Roll who are looking to monopolize the anime subbing scene as well. 


One can only wonder what anime subs will be censored by these fucks.
Archive for the ones who don't want to give the news source any hits.
At least post the key points you pile of fucking garbage.

> CrunchyRoll’s community team for the English release of the mobile dungeon crawler, DanMachi: Memoria Freese, revealed in a recent Reddit thread that they decided to censor the game for the Western audience due to what they felt was and wasn’t appropriate for said audience.

> The “touching” feature was removed from the English version of the game, yes.

> The community was not at all pleased with this turn of events.

Put fourth some effort and at least TRY to get people interested in the shit you post about.
If you need green text to summarize an article for you, you're a nigger tier intellect fuck who doesn't deserve to be posting on Endchan.

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cgi webm
(2.55 MB, 320x240)
This is a thread for documenting the development of my video game, W.O.R.M. Gear Online (subject to change in the future). I've been working on this for about 3 months now. Most of the Client/Server code is already done, because I'm salvaging it from a more ambitious project that was already quite developed. W.O.R.M. Gear Online is a 3D FPS, except instead of translating along the ground, the player is a flying drone, so we can translate vertically as well. The bulk of the weapons and drones are finished being developed, but still need a lot of fine tuning (e.g., is the shotgun too weak/OP?). I would also like to say that I'm on the look out for a level designer, and/or anyone else willing to contribute as a tester when the alpha is released. It's all so tiresome as a 1 man "team." Anyways, I keep my chin up, and plod on as always. Nietzsche once said, "An artist needs only his art, and his bread." In those days, paint and brushes were much simpler, notwithstanding period-blood paintings. Happy trails, lads. Will post progress here.
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thumbnail of e5cff36154e389e37e903dcc425a41d3928f2e5d279c6eadc29f5ba25b14c30c.webm
e5cff36154... webm
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Cool bukkake, anon. Want to bring it to the whitehouse? We should inspire more kids like you to make bukkake videos with anime toys. It's what makes America great.
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niftyTimer png
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Today I put in a timer that coincides perfectly with a timer running on the server... unless the player joins in the middle of a game... Also fixed some minor bugs.
Welp, I ended up getting a normal job as a software dev and no longer have much time to devote to this game. Plus, I sincerely doubt the world needs another unity game, let alone an FPS. I'm now working on my own game engine, when I have the time, which is much more rewarding - I'm learning all sorts of cool stuff about linear algebra, shaders, and so on. Peace and joy to you all, faggots.
well thanks for sharing anyway man and good luck

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thumbnail of 1.jpg
1 jpg
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How long do I have to play this game before it gets good? I tried it a few months ago but the combat felt clunky and weird and the quests were overly scripted. Only got a few hours in. I liked Witcher 1 though.
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drawfagsOriginalConte... png
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I got to the first? fight with the bald snake school witcher guy and the story split that's probably like a third or a quarter into a game. 
It is still pretty clunky at that point I'd say but not horribly so. I'd have kept going but my computer took a shit.

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thumbnail of nintendo_new_interview-1200x675.jpg
nintendo_new_intervie... jpg
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Well, that's that. I'm not sure how long until this too becomes obsolete information, but for now there's going to be some more support for the 3DS, at least breaking the pattern of pushing a neat leftover hardware out (GBA Micro, Wii Mini, 2DS XL) just before the console's official death.
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When is Microsoft going to get into the handheld console market? Sony needs to get back into it too.
> When is Microsoft going to get into the handheld console market? Sony needs to get back into it too.
Nintendo's motivation is to make the tech anyway, so they're satisfied with returns enough to cover the fact that they're able to make their platform exist. In the grand scheme handheld gaming is not lucrative compared to international corporate interest like movies and OS. Microsofts and Sony's game R&D sections are also relatively small and they tend to treat it some kind of a given, like they're still forcing themselves into the market without the will being there just because the demand is there. My guess is that nobody really knows how to make the hardware manufacturing sector grow, despite the software being a massive market.

That's what I see in the background, different reasons may mold how the companies react to this. I think microsoft is about to grab towards gaming through windows 10 ubiquity attempts so that would mean MS handheld is just a matter of time. Probably in the form of Games for Windows mobile for android devices, to compete with Steam.
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thumbnail of Nintendo Joy 2DSi Micro.png
Nintendo Joy 2DSi... png
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thumbnail of i mean real cram it in.jpg
i mean real cram it in jpg
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thumbnail of this sort of gay shit.jpg
thumbnail of this sort of gay shit.jpg
this sort of gay shit jpg
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also I made another autistic muck
thumbnail of Nintendo Joy 2DSi Micro.png
thumbnail of Nintendo Joy 2DSi Micro.png
Nintendo Joy 2DSi... png
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DO IT, based banker



> These processing apparatuses are located inside stand-alone screens, and by touching two or more of them together, information can be relayed between them in order to produce new game experiences. Examples in the patent application show a finger being dragged from one screen to another without the system losing track of it, as well as a ball that seamless moves across the connection between the two. The screens don’t need to be necessarily making physical contact either, as one of the images shows a gap between the two with the ball still able to move from one to the next — perhaps more impressive is the ability to “bank” a ball off of the air so it approaches the second screen from a different angle

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2217295-gb_logo-1 png
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the tumblr page got taken down agens ago
the wordpress page got taken down recently

where is it now?
I think they've done that to send all of their traffic towards their official website, most likely for the ad revenue.
Who cares? It's not like they have done anything worthwhile since Ryan died.

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thumbnail of disbelief jap.jpg
disbelief jap jpg
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Is there an RPG out there with similar movement mechanics like Silent Storm/Jagged Alliance but melee combat focused? No I don't feel like treading through FFT or Waifu Emblem, I need something else.
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thumbnail of Azhanti High Lightning.jpg
Azhanti High Lightning jpg
(82.66 KB, 600x446)

> actual board games

> I want x but x isn't good, I want something else

I'm not gonna run through my list of 5% of all the games in the world to have them individually be shot down

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thumbnail of gal gun.jpg
gal gun jpg
(58.47 KB, 578x335)
Is Galgun fun? I tried it with a ps3 controller and it was boring but I bet it would be fun with the Occulus Rift. It's the only VR game I'm interested in atm.
Boring as fuck, many of the girls are flat chested, there is an option to increase their breast size but you have to unlock it. However this doesn't change the fact that there's no jiggle physics, and the lighting engine is absolute garbage. Additionally the groping mini games are so quick and limit you so much it's hard to focus and jack off even if you can get a boner. With that said believe it or not it's best played with a keyboard and mouse. Of course this means the game is EASY MODO if you do it with mouse and kb, but fuck artificial difficulty by tool limitations.

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