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thumbnail of initial d street stage cover.jpg
thumbnail of initial d street stage cover.jpg
initial d... jpg
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thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Cars.jpg
thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Cars.jpg
Initial D... jpg
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thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Manual.pdf
thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Manual.pdf
Initial D... pdf
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thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Card FAQ.txt
thumbnail of Initial D Street Stage Card FAQ.txt
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thumbnail of 03 AKAGI.webm
thumbnail of 03 AKAGI.webm
03 AKAGI webm
(27.45 MB, 800x450)

ROM, the game 

> What?
PSP port of Initial D Arcade Stage 3, the last one after the series underwent major overhauls.
For the uninitiated, arcadey racing game with a relatively fast pace and stylish driftan, you need to get accustomed to the controls but otherwise a fun game.
Yes you can use the gutter technique while listening to eurobeat.
Covers the happenings of the anime up to the end of 4th Stage, save for God Foot and God Hand. So no NSX or Fairlady Z, but I think this is the last entry to have the GT-FOUR ST205.
There are however some extra cars that manage to appear in 5th Stage.

> I dunno nigga, try tha chinese button!
Game is in japanese but you don't need to know japanese at all. There are barely any menus you'll be going through and the most important HUD elements are english. Not to mention that main menu has fucken pictures to help you. Nevertheless, for the weaklings I provide an english manual that was distributed with the Asian distribution.

> Ok then, where do I start with this?
There's the Story Mode, you fight 99% of the battles the anime covered when this came out, at the end you get to fight Bunta in his Impreza and unlock Bunta Mode.
There's Time Attack, where you can make times and fight the times you already made. You can fight your spooky ghost for a pseudo battle.
Then there's the multiplayer but I dunno about that, never played it. Apparently it works perfectly, even on the emulator, but figure that shit yourself.
Finally there's Bunta mode where you basically fight Bunta on all tracks and grind for difficulty stars.

After each completed race you get to choose 1 from 3 random cards (that are conveniently exposed in the emulated version). The details are in the provided FAQ.
tl;dr the cards with the highlighted suspension are performance upgrades, the cards with body panels and such are outside improvements, and everything else is largely irrelevant.

> Nice, point of this thread though?
I'm F U C K I N G  B O R E D of just playing against myself and against bots, I want some actual man-made times to compete with, beat my fucking Akina time you weakling.
ST205 3'13"617 Akina Downhill Dry
I used to love this but I played it to death in the arcade and they keep making newer versions with better graphics.
You're welcome to do an addon to the OP about teknoparrot and IDAS6 if that's your kind of thing.
"Newer graphics" is kinda a shit point however.

thumbnail of zoe league of legends.webm
thumbnail of zoe league of legends.webm
zoe league... webm
(569.06 KB, 1280x720)
So they're releasing a new character. This one seems a little more interesting due to the spell theft dynamic you can probably steal a lot of flashes during a team fight.

Unfortunately they're turning IP into Blue Essence next season and it will be impossible to buy champions you like for free without RNGing. I just knew they're gonna Jew out so I bought all of the characters I have the slightest interest in with my saved up IP before they devalue the in-game currency and make it nearly impossible to buy characters without real money.

thumbnail of Tux_Born_to_Frag.jpg
thumbnail of Tux_Born_to_Frag.jpg
Tux_Born_to_Frag jpg
(87.19 KB, 977x916)
What are ya playing on your free & open source operating system, /v/?

Hard mode: no emulators or VM's.
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Also thought I'd mention that the original dungeon keeper runs great using keeperfx. The GOG version is literally just dosbox and looks shit.
Native Linux games or gtfo.

Also fuck Sega for not making a *nix port of Mania, not to mention the whole DRM debacle.
Battle for Wesnoth and Dwarf Fortress
Old Linux Games (x86)   magnet:?xt=urn:btih:44d736a4c3c39631aa1cad440845812ad8384ff3&dn=Old%20Linux%20Games%20(x86)&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexodus.desync.com%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337

Related link:
Any recommendations for me to play in DosBox?

thumbnail of Kizuna.jpg
thumbnail of Kizuna.jpg
Kizuna jpg
(159.1 KB, 594x1024)
Okay, a game idea:

It's golf, right? Everybody and their mom can make a decent engine that's fun at its own, but it gets better: in this one you golf down a snowy peak. Then the game generates a route through a vast pre-made mountainside that you have to slide down against an opponent, and what you want to do is look for 'Collide Airs': you tackle each other mid-jump, and that triggers a WWE style air combat a few seconds at a time where you try to pin the opponent and perform a style combo, which factors in what kind of a swing you originally did and how close to a checkpoint it lands. A really bad performance nets a few swings for the player where he will have to catch up playing normal golf, but every checkpoint launches another time you get to ride down the peak at the same time and try to fight.
What the fuck am I reading? I need to go lie down for a while.
Sounds more like a cutscene than idea for a gameplay mechanic. What are the control schemes on PC? What are the control schemes on a console controller? How many player inputs are required per movement? 

Is there animation breaking allowed or not? If you don't want animation breaking, how long will the animations be? If you do want it, what's a sweetspot to avoid annoying exploits? What's the level design principles and loadouts that will allow for these complex movement systems to become viable? What level design philophies will you implement to avoid exploits such as getting out of bounds, or clipping through walls of the map?

This is my problem with "ideas guys" threads on old /v/ and 8cucks. It's filled with nothing but morons describing stories, or cutscenes but no actual gameplay mechanics.
thumbnail of whad you say mofo.jpg
thumbnail of whad you say mofo.jpg
whad you say mofo jpg
(36.02 KB, 502x359)
You hate when ideas are delivered less than 100% completely realized, as in just as ideas? Great! You will by scoffing every existing genre game because they're sold on nothing except "cutscenes" and rehashing of mechanics you already know, so you won't be needing them. With your money out of the industry, it will be more desperate to please me.
Because there's a process to the realization itself, and because gameplay is indeed the bottom line, being ready to kill my babies means that ultimate gameplay mechanics will be decided along the way based on what is technically viable and works as an entertaining product. Petty things like control schemes that children get to see the very last when all they know is the finished product in their hands and fuck all about how it got there, are things that will be finished last. Don't worry, I'd add plenty of sliders in the options menu.

Since I mentioned factoring in the swing into bouts I can add that preset value selection (character selection) should come as obvious to be more of a limiting factor to all characters having all the options in order to diversify the gameplay experience, so they can be added as needed, but my general idea is the weight of it being in the clubs, and the swing itself would lock you into a goal of some kind, a preset of what kind of actions will net you best score in bouts so the opponent knows from club selection somewhat what are the biggest threats he should look out for in defense, different clubs being differently suited for different swings. Play some golf games for more info, and don't suck at it, either.
Since I mentioned pre-made I should clarify that there would only be a few vast mountain environments with pre-made checkpoints stringed together into a route based on the direction you want to aim at with your first swing, which counts as replacement for level selection as the determined route works out into a level. The entire mountain should be applicable so there's a limit to how many can be crafted. Going out of bounds would just be less chances to earn points towards victory. What you want to do is look for a terrain with the correct features based on your swing, after you've earned the opportunity to lead the game by being first to a checkpoint.
Since I mentioned wrestling games and not fighting games or any other genre it should come as obvious that influencing animation cycles should be limited and area control is not much of a thing, but you unreasonably want me to answer for previous flaws of fighting game creators.
If you hate idea guys, it's because you bring into the conversation all the things that really just make you hate the idea of playing video games from your previous experience. That's your idea about games being shit in general, not mine, and your problem is that the first things about games that comes into your head is how terrible its going to be to actually have to play them.
thumbnail of 16883_20150218171626_0.jpg
thumbnail of 16883_20150218171626_0.jpg
16883_201502181... jpg
(307.78 KB, 1024x1280)
There are cute magical girls and they are pretty homeless sooo, you need to cook them food and so on and maybe give them some refreshments right? And then maybe read them some bed-time story.
But they are still kinda shit and you discover to power them up you need to bring their happiness up and to finish the level up ceremony you need to cum deep inside.
That is my idea I think.
10/10 would play skip the cooking and go straight to the level up ceremony

thumbnail of chibi_kizuna_ai.jpg
thumbnail of chibi_kizuna_ai.jpg
chibi_kizuna_ai jpg
(243.16 KB, 643x800)
I figured out the way I want to buy games. There should be platform that's marketed like a little greenhouse garden and your purchases would be handled like a growing stock. Let's say Shovel Knight was available on that platform, the way it should work is that you could buy the vanilla version in 2014 and it would be titled for instance "Shovel Knight 1500" for the 15 bucks you paid for it. What would happen is that just like Shovel Knight in fact did get a lot of free DLC for first time buyers, and was notably cheap early on but heftier by now, the platform should format free updates in a way so that your $15 purchase would grow by itself into a "Shovel Knight 2300" and beyond, and at that point the vanilla version plus all finished DLC would be 23 dollars to buy on the spot. It would handle DLC as a free early adopter bonus by default. Then I would be happy to even get double dipped with a full physical edition later on with my absolute favorite games, after my scant savings helped the company early on when it counted the most.

I wouldn't make it a mandatory to give free updates, but only to stick to the format. There would be companies that would release games with little to no "growth", but even then it would just be a neat and transparent way to market the value of those games. Customers could make their judgement if growth is the end-all worth or if they're happy with a good game that's samll but full experience right out of the gate. And of course it's exploitable with "over-valuing" a game by overpricing the free DLC, but I don't think trickery like that would get anybody very far or cause any real problems since you still get to buy the games you want to buy at the price they're available, not counting on always getting free enhancements is already just common sense.
thumbnail of 22945692639790162261943957328627824619.jpg
thumbnail of 22945692639790162261943957328627824619.jpg
229456926397901622619... jpg
(51.58 KB, 460x269)

thumbnail of im so fucking high.jpg
thumbnail of im so fucking high.jpg
im so... jpg
(35.21 KB, 562x861)
I ain't readin' any of the shit o' yours.
But I need my physical back.

So I thought for Halloween I might try to organize a Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior tournament. Halloween proper is a Tuesday so the weekend before or after might be better. If anyone is interested let me know on here so we can solidify some more details. I'm up for whatever.  

> Fightcade and Modding
Download and register for Fightcade here: http://fightcade.com/
Get the full rompack over here: F!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw">https://mega.nzF!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw
thumbnail of Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back - Teaser Trailer.webm
thumbnail of Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back - Teaser Trailer.webm
Bubsy The... webm
(2.59 MB, 640x360)
I know what I'll be doing on Halloween. Let's just hope the pre-order arrives on time so I don't have to double-dip in the web store. I don't mind the money but servers are going to be iffy that night.
thumbnail of [dingMan]Soku東方12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law Hisoutensoku w{10.5 SWR Hisouten w{SokuRoll,Extras-bith=B3EB637386A7AAC90D72457D9934986D6EF2F59B.7z
thumbnail of [dingMan]Soku東方12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law Hisoutensoku w{10.5 SWR Hisouten w{SokuRoll,Extras-bith=B3EB637386A7AAC90D72457D9934986D6EF2F59B.7z
[dingMan]S... 7z
(42.06 KB, 0x0)
thumbnail of [dingMan]東方7.5 Immaterial and Missing Power{RollCaster, Extras}-bith=AD3DC6E3246F4D917B634A7C3178046E3808C53B.7z
thumbnail of [dingMan]東方7.5 Immaterial and Missing Power{RollCaster, Extras}-bith=AD3DC6E3246F4D917B634A7C3178046E3808C53B.7z
[dingMan]... 7z
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thumbnail of vhunt2.zip
thumbnail of vhunt2.zip
vhunt2 zip
(22.37 MB, 0x0)
Prefer the following for repair gensokyo's seal day
Despicable. You have 350MB to upload both fightcade, ROMs, CHD, settings & configs, server and time frame, announcements, etc.. But no, you link to unsecure proprietary sites. 
> 2015-05-25

These ROMS are bad and ancient. You don't even have the latest vhunt2.zip dump made in this 2017-9-21.



thumbnail of 60683_front.jpg
thumbnail of 60683_front.jpg
60683_front jpg
(147.89 KB, 640x1103)
thumbnail of vhunt2.png
thumbnail of vhunt2.png
vhunt2 png
(1.18 MB, 850x1200)
thumbnail of vsav.png
thumbnail of vsav.png
vsav png
(1.31 MB, 850x1207)
thumbnail of vsav2.zip
thumbnail of vsav2.zip
vsav2 zip
(22.33 MB, 0x0)
Forgot the last and most important one.

Unless there's a nice M.U.G.E.N. distro with all the latest characters and modes emulating Chaos Tower|Collection|Resurrection

Sorry, but that's why I'm making it this early tbh. Thank you for the resources.
thumbnail of And they were never heard from again-YT=6fBRaq7rXNc...mkv
thumbnail of And they were never heard from again-YT=6fBRaq7rXNc...mkv
And they... mkv
(1.02 MB, 0x0)


thumbnail of 4ea23e853495c0bfb3f6f064e8bcb8779c08dbe88b03cfc58552746c682a5edd.jpg
thumbnail of 4ea23e853495c0bfb3f6f064e8bcb8779c08dbe88b03cfc58552746c682a5edd.jpg
4ea23e853495c0bfb3f6f... jpg
(56.43 KB, 607x608)
There was this one thread in which platformers were being discussed really in depth. Specifically Sonic platformers in 3d, and I think I have an idea on how to fix the combat while adding to the platforming. Why not, when you destroy more than one enemy by jumping on top of them, the camera changes to bird's eye view?

This COMPLETELY does away with the shitty auto aim mechanics we see in 3d Sonics without compromising jumping speed like in the 3d Mario, Pacman or Crash games.
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> you need to buy a very well made keyboard to take full advantage of inputs
First of all, before the sperglords make huge mess out of answering this in all their autistic droves, that is just simply wrong and not true at all.

If anyone wants to make a stab at the more fundamental question about install base ramifications on economics, you can now go ahead. Should people be forced to buy proprietary hardware and is PC the biggest culprit of that? Keep in mind this is entirely offtopic as well.
thumbnail of Super Mario 64 - Lethal Lava Land Freerun.webm
thumbnail of Super Mario 64 - Lethal Lava Land Freerun.webm
Super... webm
(8.51 MB, 480x360)
How about this: instead of dumbing down gear shifts to a press of a button like in Lost World, we start with an explorative, slow sonic game that controls much like Mario 64 and is evocative of how you first get into playing Sonic CD; then, on that base, we build levels around further options to shift gears upwards through multiple "jumps" that work like the triple jump, and each intiates a faster mode of running? They shouldn't of course all be consecutively more airy like it is with Mario because Sonic isn't really about that, but instead they'd be a similar premade set of different heighted jumps that  you'd have to look for the correct terrain to be able to pull off without stumbling. Then in these modern times we can just stretch out the levels to start fiddling with velocity and slopes and possible routes to go rather than building routes you have to go.

Lately I've been pissed that there's basically no competition at all for 3D Mario. Devs just don't get the backflip platforming or the multiple jump thing.
Is there even a one 3D platformer besides Mario games that actually builds challenges around the platforming mechanic and not something tertiary like shooting the enemies before they push you over a ledge?
> there's basically no competition at all for 3D Mario. Devs just don't get the backflip platforming or the multiple jump thing.

A Hat In Time is seriously looking really damn good though. Better hope its such a massive hit that it gets a million copycats.
If you want things that have interesting level design I always return to these games: Sonic Robo Blast 2 the old Tomb Raider games for the PS1, the Croc series, I-Ninja has some good levels, Pandemonium 1&2, Qbert 3d, arguably Sonic Lost World.

thumbnail of Sakura_Kinomoto_A.png
thumbnail of Sakura_Kinomoto_A.png
Sakura_Kinomoto_A png
(95.24 KB, 960x800)
So now Sakura Kinomoto is officially a character in the gatcha for no reason. But you remember the cute girl who got us into anime. Time to start playing weebshit, amirite?

thumbnail of DCllA7nUQAAuIpa.mp4
thumbnail of DCllA7nUQAAuIpa.mp4
DCllA7nUQA... mp4
(98.37 KB, 500x314)
Do you think 2D platformers with anime sprites are still viable? I've been thinking of making a platform with Sonic physics set in the slippery snow, except instead you play as a cute armless ice skater who has to fight by slashing enemies with her kicks. The world would be a fantasy environment that encourages you to explore like Donkey Kong Country 2, and the gameplay would punish you for misjudging your speed or timing as you burst through ice walls.

I am concerned that the current generation only cares about Unity engine and 3D games. I might not even be able to break even if I ever sold the game, and to be honest It's hard to motivate myself to make it if I'm just doing it for free.
thumbnail of rely-fuken-hi-steaks.jpg
thumbnail of rely-fuken-hi-steaks.jpg
rely-fuken-h... jpg
(119.81 KB, 800x1137)
> viable
I know the free-range animus have skyrocketed in price, but if you can strike a deal with a good moé farmer I think it's possible to source some good high quality moé locally. You just have to keep it a niche seasonal product for limited audiences, and hope it doesn't become a global fad among faggot hipsters. Because then you get the scalpers and the whole operation is just fucked, like retro gaming.
thumbnail of 1383812542351.gif
thumbnail of 1383812542351.gif
1383812542351 gif
(1.45 MB, 288x198)
> viable

Do you want to become a GORILLIONARE, or do you just want to be a small doujinshi/indie dev? Moreover how the fuck are you going to distribute your product? Like, it's cool you're making a vidya, but if your goal is to strike a profit, you're going to have a hard time.
Yes probably, can't imagine all these Steam/Vita cross launches have been deliberately pushing themselves into the maw of defeat.

You would get one published on Vita today, definitely, to a moderate success if its any good. The magic of Vita is that it really peaks the capability of a handheld of its kind of design. It's still sellable 10 years from now if it even gets some price drop form hardware improvement like it has gotten to this day. And since its proprieatary it avoids the market competition from PC even though it's really fast and loose with its dev kits, apparently they sell it to anybody for like 1000 bucks no strings attached, just a registration as a dev.

I genuinely believe it's a gold rush to an existing middle-low budget install base waiting forever to happen simply because nobody has faith in "old" consoles, and devs are shooting themselves in the same foot they should be using to do some legwork. It's like waiting for a more powerful console to launch although a more powerful handheld has no demand, especially against the Switch. And if that's the case you should release on Steam/Switch instead, although I hear it's a crapshoot of being personally approved by a Nintendo 'Creative Fellow' (an actual title of Miyamoto, e.g.)

thumbnail of 6ea53a9d3ccf88d7cee9582aaae2dec3ecc9f39709d9f2ef197a33362642251e.png
thumbnail of 6ea53a9d3ccf88d7cee9582aaae2dec3ecc9f39709d9f2ef197a33362642251e.png
6ea53a9d3c... png
(36.66 KB, 516x817)
I'm not a kid with hundreds of hours for grinding anymore.  Shorter rpgs are a good thing. Big budget companies are mainstream and anti - creative,  so I approve of smaller fanned and more niche.
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thumbnail of 0e1.png
thumbnail of 0e1.png
0e1 png
(185.18 KB, 500x357)
also by the way I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right about now. might just be the catchy music improving my mood
> grinding in any game

Unacceptable. Call me a casual, but I ain't got time nor patience for this bullshit anymore.

And it's not just grinding, I can't tolerate any kind of bullshit in my vidya. Story-driven games that are basically walking simulators where you run through corridors from one cutscene to another make me wanna kill myself. I just suffered through Hydrophobia because I wanted to get it out of my backlog, so I'm extra pissed right now. I hate myself for spending money on all this garbage in my steam account.
It isn't even about being casual or not, the problem with grinding is that it's tedious; it's a process that offers no challenge and which needs to be repeated many times.

> story driven games that are basically walking simulators
I don't get why people play walking simulators. The whole point of video games is interaction on some level, but if the "game" doesn't offer that, then what's the point? If people are only interested in story, I recommend reading books instead of playing video games.
Well, I used the term walking simulator mostly as an insult here. Hydrophobia specifically is not a walking simulator per se, but it might as well be due to its format.
> cutscene

> run through some corridors

> interact with object

> cutscene

> run through corridor while shooting bad guys

> interact with object

> cutscene

> repeat ad nauseum

I can't stand games that do this.
If you play anything casually its the same as grinding. I wouldn't know because I don't work to unlock the next snazzy cutscene about plot drama, I play because the mechanics are interesting and grinding is a moot point. What reward is there after 'grinding'? Either more 'grinding' or some casual non-gameplay shit.

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