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New & big patch for the game is out, and The new expansion can be played now if you preorder it (It weird, yes, and I havent done it yet).
Talents have been reworked, and the mechanics too, with combat being somewhat slower too. I only played 2 games on Legend as Slayer & Ironbreaker (And I forgot to change the talents mind you!), and Slayer with 2 Axes+Pickaxe no much change, but I died more easily tough. Again, Dint put talents well. 
Now Ironbreaker with Shield feels heavier and better, and with the talents about stagger, it should even better.
I will ask this small question for those that played beta and more: What is the thing with the talent that make first enemy hit as staggered? Is any enemy instantly staggered or what? And its worthy to get it over the other ones of that level?
Post your tough on the new changes, and any builds.
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Does it really matter what character I select or can they all end up the same through customization? Thanks for the advice anon.
Each class have its own talent tree, abilities, way to work, and some even have exclusive weapons. there is not mold to put on all classes.
When you do that push while parrying, if you hold down the attack button after pushing you'll do a special push attack that has different properties than normal attacks. I didn't learn this until after over 200 hours of playing, it dramatically changes lots of weapons.
I am not the only one? This shit should have been teached at the tutorial, but that is Fatshark for you.
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> There are literally zero Cataclysm games, because game have changed so much, and Fatshark buffed enemies and difficulties so much, that people cant even do Legend runs well, nevermind finishing the Legendary Lords required to get Cataclysm.
Fatshark have almost killed the game with these changes, and the beta was literally just an early access mode.
The difficulty setup now is screwed because now Legend is really hard as fuck, so people cant even get the new dificulty (which was the anwer to all the other saying Legend before was easy. Even if Cataclys is really hard, no problem because that is the point, plus if its harder, then the item drop should be much higher then; But thing is I dont know how high the red item drop for Cata is because I cant even do it).): And there are retards saying that if Legend is now too hard for you, just go Champion...But  making Champion feel like Legend, but with the less red item drop from champion, makes doing Champion almost useless.

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thumbnail of the end.png
the end png
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How's that self-imposed challenge coming along, anon?  You do attempt to challenge yourself occasionally, don't you... ?
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If you choose to further restrict it with things like not allowing evolution, the difficulty can increase greatly. It'd also be worth noting that it's typical to not use items mid-battle either. Sure, you can just grind to oblivion, but that can be made a challenge by choosing a pokemon in the slow EXP category.
Perhaps they made later entries more challenging, I just remember Red/Blue being a complete joke when you play through with your starter.  Even the enemies most resistant to its attack types go down easy from all the built-up level from fighting everything with it.
red/blue have their fair amount of challenge, but is overlooked by the numerous bugs and oversights by the devs. They are by far the most broken mainline mon games for a great number of reasons. Naturally, starters are meant to have good stats so they don't feel weaker compared to what you'd normally find in the wild. So overleveling your starter can make the game quite trivial, especially if they've got good moves. Type coverage isn't much of a worry. Red/blue is also made very easy with any psychic type as they have no weakness in practice and have good stats all around. DPP (my favorite gen) is made trivial by only ever leveling chimchar, as infernape has good speed and attacking stats and a good move pool. Not to mention, almost all of the gyms are weak to it's STAB moves. The most difficult run that one can do is to do a run with a gimmick pokemon, like ditto or wobbufet or something that is incredibly weak, like magikarp or shedninja.
Getting close to a one-life clear of Mr. Driller.  3500-4500ft is fucking brutal.
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thumbnail of Mr. Driller.jpg
Mr. Driller jpg
(230.48 KB, 850x1202)

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thumbnail of Thomas_Pendrew.jpg
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> keeps crime down
> never took any money or other bribes for personal profit
> only betrays poe once he breaks his deal/runs out of power to enforce it: technically not a betrayal
> Wei somehow the good guy despite himself doing the exact same thing and working with the Triads except out of personal vendettas instead of the good of HK
And yes mild spoilers but if you're so retarded you can't work out that the old man with the British accent is the bad guy in anything set in Hong Kong post-1997 you deserve it.

*Maybe this time the technical shitshow that is endchan will let me post an image. Seriously your captcha is so shit as to be largely ineffective against bots but seems to reliably prevent me using an image with new threads. Please fix this shit.**
> fucked up my spoilers
Well that's all me. Bully away.
wut gaem
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thumbnail of Sleeping_Dogs_-_Square_Enix_video_game_cover.jpg
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What else? Torrent the definitive edition if you're going to play it on PC. The better rain is comfy and the increased pedestrians make it feel properly like being in an ant people city but charging you for it is jewish as shit.

> keeps crime down

> never took any money or other bribes for personal profit

> only betrays poe once he breaks his deal/runs out of power to enforce it: technically not a betrayal

> Wei somehow the good guy despite himself doing the exact same thing and working with the Triads except out of personal vendettas instead of the good of HK

And yes mild spoilers but if you're so retarded you can't work out that the old man with the British accent is the bad guy in anything set in Hong Kong post-1997 you deserve it.
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thumbnail of Thomas_Pendrew.jpg
Thomas_Pendrew jpg
(55.59 KB, 249x285)
> no image again
Thanks endchan, you technical fucking shitshow of an imageboard. Your captcha is so shit it not only fails to prevent bots but it actively prevents humans from posting effectively.
His only flaw was being too merciful toward the n'wahs.
> fail captcha

> image unselected for no reason
> accidental double post
I'd delete this thread if I could work out how the fuck to do that in this garbage UI. In the unlikely event there's any fucking moderation of this board do whatever you want about the duplicate.
He should have let Wei die earlier. He clearly saw too much of himself in the man.

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thumbnail of TurboGrafx16-Console-Set.jpg
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> It was the super famincon's main rival in Japan.

And here I thought that was Sega? I can't believe I never heard of this machine until now, or seen one in my whole life.
This is pretty cool.
You're missing out on some great SHMUPS and JRPGs. The soundtracks produced for the CD-ROM games still hold up in CURRENT_YEAR + 4.
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thumbnail of Leander_Amiga500.jpg
Leander_Amiga500 jpg
(2.26 MB, 2978x2580)
Meanwhile, in yurop...
Amiga sucked fucking ballz holy shit worst games ever.
Mad you couldn't make your own games and had to subsist on whatever the owners wanted on their consoles in the west

Daily reminder Diablo II was a dumbed down skinner box designed primarily for multiplayerfags while Diablo I was a dungeon crawler that started out as a more action focussed take on Roguelikes. Every 'Diablo clone' since then has actually been a Diablo II clone taking all the wrong lessons about an addiction loop instead of quality gameplay.
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brb finally trying out the Playstation port of Diablo.
D2 good
OP gay
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thumbnail of roman bait.jpg
roman bait jpg
(22.01 KB, 540x527)
They both were Shit Controls: The Game.  Why compete?
Not an argument. Diablo II added the ability to infinetly grind in SP and the ability to run so you could infinetly kite superior enemies. The entire game devolved into mindlessly killing trash mobs while you farmed the handful of potential loot sources for worthwhile equipment. Compare this to D1 where levels didn't repopulate and you had to live and work with what you got like an actual goddamn dungeon crawler.
Even if you dislike both there are clear gameplay differences.

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thumbnail of maxpayne.jpg
maxpayne jpg
(104.03 KB, 640x908)
thumbnail of binary_domain.jpg
thumbnail of binary_domain.jpg
binary_domain jpg
(228.05 KB, 647x920)
TPS are reliably the worst genre. Every other genre has at least 10 games you can call all time classics but what is there for third person games?

> Max Payne
> Mafia 1
> Vice City or your favourite 3D-era GTA
> Binary Domain
> Armored Core?
> Saints Row 2

And that's your lot. You could stretch it and include Red Faction: Guerilla and maybe one of the Battlefront games 1 is better, 2 is overrated consoleshit unless you mod it but even then you're 1 short of 10.
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Aside from prerelease MacWorld expo floor footage shot prior to Bungie cutting the LAN feature Jedi Knight offers a glimpse into that, though it does admittedly feel a lot more floaty than the stiff, solidly grounded combat of Oni.
thumbnail of Freedom_Fighters.jpg
thumbnail of Freedom_Fighters.jpg
Freedom_Figh... jpg
(26.01 KB, 265x376)
Freedom Fighters was pretty solid
> Jedi Knight
Honestly Dark Forces was better.
> implying punisher for ps2 wasn't above average
Was that based on the surprisingly fun Punisher film? The one where his entire family gets fucked on an island. I enjoyed that.

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thumbnail of 1562389758813.jpg
1562389758813 jpg
(102.69 KB, 524x412)
Anybody hyped for Pokemon swish and swosh?
The series died for me with Gen 5, the heavy implementation of 3D Elements into the series.
Gen 5 wasn't too bad but Gamefreak can't code in 3d worth shit so SS is going to be garbage. It's one of the reasons they're loading it with waifubait more than the usual fare. They know people will buy it just to ogle their virtual girls and not give a shit about removing gameplay.

thumbnail of b3ece4a0a5b8d577ae55510386debee238a20af7a0fcd203de871f843bc83a53.png
thumbnail of b3ece4a0a5b8d577ae55510386debee238a20af7a0fcd203de871f843bc83a53.png
b3ece4a0a5... png
(210.22 KB, 400x640)
WHAT THE FUCK MAN?! Fucking stormfags, it was meant to be a fucking larp. A FUCKING LARP. You don't fucking kill people and fucking joke about it you mentally ill fuck. What a fucking retarded psychopath. Most of you people are good fucking people, and don't deserve to be associated with a piece of shit like that. Yes we make jokes about Hitler and Jews and Blacks, but it's the same shit as the satan shit in the 70's. No one deserves to die, because of their race, religion or their genitals. This is a fucking load of bullshit. I'm not gonna change anything, because one fucking psychopath doesn't represent you guys, but holy fuck what a mentally ill fucking retarded cocksucking piece of shit. Either way fuck this crazy piece of shit.
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I'm glad that newfag lost his only relevance in this world.
well, RIP Mark. Without /v/, he probably has nothing left to live for other than cake. It's now a race between depression and diabetes for him.
he actually might wasnt he getting kicked out soon because his dad was fed up with supporting him?
You mean he might finally kill himself?

Looks like we're here for the duration. I doubt 8chan is coming back any time soon and even if it does it'll be temporary. Given that how about a thread on improving this board? I'll start:
1: some actual interaction with the moderation (a permanent meta thread for example)
2: reduce the maximum number of pages at least until the board gets faster. Halving it would help avoid a bunch of dead threads.
3: a basic visible rules page or sticky

And ditto for improving endchan itself
1: somewhere to interact with whoever's running the actual site, like a non-shit /sudo/
2: either posting where to find the board moderation logs or adding it to the software endchan is using.
3: a general upgrade to the default css of endchan to be less fucking terrible
And for the love of god add a missing file image so the catalog doesn't look so broken. It's incredibly easy to forget to re-add an image after you fuck the captcha up. If you can't do that at least require an image for new threads.

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