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Touhou 16 hidden star in four seasons 

never played a touhou before. It's pretty fun but easy mode is pretty deceptive. It's funny, I've seen fan art for touhous forever and it's almost always been really high quality, great drawings, then I'm playing this and the girls pictures pop up and they're retarded looking in comparison.
Best Touhou was that 2 player multiplayer competition one about 8 years ago.

not kidding aside:  >>/11176/  >>/11190/
My opinion for Sonic Mania is that's it's too easy, live friendly and beautiful. Cooplay best.

AM2R, haven't gotten to NG+ yet, will tell what's good or not. The game is amazing regardless, true homage to series. Must play inho.
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baldur's gate, Pokemon X, alpha saphire
The review said this interface is 90% of the game.

That convinced me to buy it.
It'd be cool to compare my initial reactions to some other people's, and to the more refined answers out there.
You have pictures turned off? Is this how you want your dead board to finish dying?

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