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Im not even a streamer watcher, but the polemic with that Ninja faggot have made me discover Mixer. And I must say that, compared to the few time I went to Twitch, it worked better than Twitch. But that my small experience with both sites. 
Because maybe I start using one of the stream sites (Watching some streams is not bad to enjoy), I want to bee sure if Mixer is all that good, or if anyone here thinks Twitch is better. Mixer only problem at first look is that is in the hands of Microsoft; But still Twitch with is retarded policies doesnt make it appealing. So redpill me on these sites. Or is there any better (And populated enough) alternative to these two sites?
All streamsites are cancer, i don't know why people bother to watch faggots play F2P trash and webcam whores when they could just play the videogames themselves.
I could understand if it was esports but gookshit is boring, arenaFPS is dead and the other good games don't have nearly as many views as some faggot sucking ass at DOTA 2.
Watching your friend stream a game to see his performance or watching a movie with other anons is something else entirely and i don't hold it on the same regard as streamfaggotry.

As for your question, what does Mixer do that Twitch doesn't? Does it have better netcode and servers that aren't ass so you can actually watch content on it? I always had problems with watching anything on Twitch because of the performance issues, mostly because it can NOT understand or account for connection slowdowns or lagspikes, which instantly turn into blackscreens or significant audio delay.
> I always had problems with watching anything on Twitch because of the performance issues
I had them too on twitch, but not on Mixer, if you want to know.
It's the same reason people watch sports, it's entertainment. Most people suck at games so they get to watch someone who's a lot better than them play, or someone who is funny. That's basically it. And the chat is usually just shitposting or game discussion. 

As for your question, mixer seems to be much faster. The streams load in <1 second as opposed to about 4 or 5 on twitch. Also mixer automatically shows you the past ~30 or so chat messages when you first join. That's all I've noticed, I watch a couple osrs streamers occasionally and checked out mixer.
youtube-dl grabs the raw stream, just feed the link to mpv and go
> but the polemic with that Ninja faggot
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how much they payed for him to switch?

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