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I happened to get a new PC
(don't ask, assume it was a gift)
and realized I don't even know any games that would require this much power.
What modern games, that can utilize an RTX 2070, aren't total trash and are at least worth pirating?
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You could load a gorillion mods in Skyrim.
If you even want to play that and hope it doesn't break.

I guess it won't hurt you in the long run as new games come out, but again, that's assuming they are not total shit.
Emulation maybe?
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Most graphics-demanding titles are shit for gameplay. Just play your favorite old games with fancy mods instead. Maybe pirate Minecraft with Path-Tracing?
> Most graphics-demanding titles are shit for gameplay.

This, hard.  Most of the meaningful dependency is now on CPU.
Play MOOM on 4K Ultra-Nightmare. It's actually pretty good.

Other than that look into emulators with Vulkan renderers. Nshittia's Vulkan support may be inferior to AMD but you've got a fucking 2070 so you should be able to handle RPCS3 just fine.

Or you could sell it and get a Vega/5700 to join the linuxgaymen master race
> None.
Not even mediocre playable ones?
I mean, I played through the fucking Fable 3 and Re:Zero (and it's the same game after all).

> Maybe pirate Minecraft with Path-Tracing
Right, thanks for the reminder.
I also accidentally have a purchased copy of minecraft; but I played through it and various modpacks too much already.
Off the top of my head, Kangdom Come: Deliverance, Divinity OS II, ELEX, Metro: Exodus, EDF 5, Ashes of the Singularity, Sekiro, Nioh, Forza Horizon 4, Soul Caliber 6, DMC 5, Yakuza 0/Kiwami, Ace Combat 7, R2make, etc.

Also, there's sims like DCS or X-Plane, but if you're autistic enough to enjoy them, you probably already play them.
> Off the top of my head
Thanks, that does seem like what I'm looking for.

> but if you're autistic enough to enjoy them, you probably already play them
That is, indeed, exactly so.

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