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Zenimax: Heyyy Guise! Come play Elder Scrolls Online for free! Save big in our April sale!

Everybody in unison: NO! FIX YOUR FUCKING BUGS!

Seriously, it's the buggiest MMO out there and they add new bugs with every fresh load of DLC goo they pump out. It's really a shame that their code - especially their network code - sucks as badly as it does because their creative side like their writing and artwork and animation and audio and entire game world is so good.
Here are a few that made me yell at my screen in the last half hour...

Two-minute load screens. Load screens during combat, so you can admire a screen of artwork before you come back into the game laying dead on the ground.

"You cannot mount while engaged in combat" even though out of combat for over a minute.

Lose a UDP packet and your client is out of sync with the server until you relog because they don't re-send updates for anything.

Get stunned, break free, get stunned again immediately because the stun immunity has been broken for at least two years.
Latest bug: Your stamina starts dropping to zero, recovering, then dropping to zero again even though you are doing nothing but standing still with no debuffs on you. It don't seem to handle out-of-order UDP packets, so you can receive packets from out of the blue related to previous activities like running that drains your stamina even though that's not currently what you're doing.

The load screen bug has been around for years. Here's their "main thread" on it. I guess the developers are still trying to find it. Maybe a youtube channel featuring thousands of viewer-submitted videos of coming out of two-minute load screens to find yourself dead on the floor would help them find it.


Don't start playing this game. It's beautiful and the game design is superb, but it's far too buggy to be worth it. You will end up frustrated and regretting it if you start playing ESO and get into it.
Gonna have to concur with this:


It's becoming clear that it's just all too much for them. Zenimax/Bethesda are in over their heads with ESO and can't deal with the userbase (providing tech support, game support, banning cheaters and over-the-top toxic players), and can't fix their network and multiplayer client/server bugs either because the client design and interpolation logic is too much for them or they've commited to a cloud game server third party that has issues. Their attempts to fix bugs or - for the love of god just stop - crank out yet more DLC that only breaks more and more stuff.

Apparently Sony put the screws to them and wouldn't allow preorders of the most recent chapter on the PS4 platform because ESO was so buggy and generating boatloads of crash reports. Sony basically said "Fix the bugs or no preorders!" They couldn't fix the bugs, so in an effort to at least look better to Sony, they did something with an exception handler or whatever to just start hanging and not call the crash reporting code. Careful Zen, Sony's not that stupid.
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lol I forgot that mess was released or even existed

Elder scrolls was literally made for Single player though
Looks like ESO is close to shutting down. They just tweaked it to disconnect players after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Unless you can't even afford the lowest-possible-bandwidth connect times anymore, keeping players connected while they make a sandwich or take a shit is pretty important to keep them playing - especially when it takes several minutes to load back into the game.
Microsoft bought Zenimax. There will never be another Elder Scrolls or Fallout on anything but Xbox or Windows 10.

Goodbye Bethesda. Thanks for all the cool games.
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Someone did that to quickly reduce online player counts, probably related to the negotiations and sale in some way.
haha they have effectively gone pay-to-win now with the best armor sets only available to those who buy new microsoft dlc

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