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GTAV Online, level 38, max strength, super heavy armor
explode in one shot, wasted
never see where it comes from
no idea if they were in the air or on the ground or what it even was
happens every time i log into a public session
huge pain in the ass to try anything that requires public
wtf am I doing wrong?
> wtf am I doing wrong?
You play GTA Online.
nice try schlomo , get fucked faggot.
Maybe you should buy some shark cards, it will probably solve the issue.
wtf is you faggot's problem? it's the best driving game ever.
GTA5 is allright, but online is hot garbage, I just don't get why would anyone want to queue 5-10 minutes for that experience, let alone pay for it. All the servers are filled with screaming kids and hackers, and even if you manage to get the required amount of people to do an activity someone just quits for whatever reason, then back in the queue you go for another 8-10 minutes. It's a waste of time.
you region is hot garbage anon, GTAO is kind of a interesting game but how it is applied is utter garbage R* can't online for anything and burgerfags has plenty of cheaters just like in winnieland, especially winnieland, always report these cheatfags with the Other function because they can't block it, enough reports draw admin attention to the bitch.
> GTA5 is allright, 
Compared to GTA4, it feels like a downgrade

> but online is hot garbage,
It is beyond bad and cancerous.
LOL kys OP and don't ever start a thread here again.

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New Reply on thread #12232
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