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Board Description
/ausneets/ - Aus NEETs The bored four Aussie neets
/agatha2/ - E-Girl Purgatory e-girl discussion & shitposting
/imouto/ - 妹 いもうと
/bbg/ - Bonbibonkers General Refuge from retarded cuckchan mods
/yuri/ - Yuri Purest form of love
/cumg/ - coom.tech coom.tech - refugee from retarded cuckchan mods. Where technology meets cooming. (NSFW)
/fscchan/ - Fscchan Pengungsian Awanama
/vhs/ - VHSchan tudo o que está escrito aqui não passa de ficção, somente um idiota levaria algo daqui a sério
/chill/ - chill Kick back and relax
/rapport/ - Rapport We serve fine women and conversation.
/qanonresearch/ - Q War Room Welcome To Q War Room
/kc/ - Krautchan Highest Serious Discussion Per Post on Endchan
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