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In this thread let's find out if Marky ended up homeless or dead, and keep digging in Katelynn's past.
thumbnail of f6fe51b864aaf48b72e5836e18a62058-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of f6fe51b864aaf48b72e5836e18a62058-imagejpeg.jpg
f6fe51b864aaf48b72e58... jpg
(2.16 MB, 3408x2556)
(Do I wanna know)
If this feeling flows both ways?
(Sad to see you go)
Was sorta hoping that you'd stay
(Baby, we both know)
That the nights were mainly made
For saying things that you can't say tomorrow day
here's a quick rundown
> marky's secret social media were leaked
> it has been confirmed that marky watched the fishtank show and clips where Sam appeared
> it has been confirmed that marky faps to male gay porn and rekt threads on /gif/
> anons noticed that she was following the same person in most of her social media accounts
> another anon leaked that shed guy it's him without showing proof
> everybody started scraping /mu/ archives and old katelynn's social media to find evidences
> lots of coincidences and proof were found proving that he's most likely shed guy
> someone tried to divert and damage control through all the process, which made everything even more suspicious
> applecat and other /mu/fags accused this guy of grooming and pedophilia
two years ago it was mentioned in a ken thread that applecat had accused marky and someone named katelynn of threatening and harassing ken. she is just a user of /mu/ nothing so far to suggest she knows that russian guy or has a hidden agenda >>/4052/
thumbnail of wife.jpg
thumbnail of wife.jpg
wife jpg
(805.08 KB, 3266x2730)
i had noticed while searching his rollerskater namefagging that he avatarfagged as markys favorite anime character that has a similar haircut to him. I searched the character and found more instances of his avatarfagging not under rollerskater including the post at the bottom that sounds more like it could have been made by marky
no wonder she became so annoying and pretentious if this was her latest role model. dunno why you’d ever take cues from a walking mushroom that bases worth on music knowledge/production alone
do you guys think marky still talks to 2019 chad or the russian, or did /mu/ trannies steal her completely?
thumbnail of 274971724_973605396604946_7110115888751394146_n.webp (1).jpg
thumbnail of 274971724_973605396604946_7110115888751394146_n.webp (1).jpg
274971724_... jpg
(43.86 KB, 720x1280)
does anyone know when this pic was taken or if marky ever owned a cat? all ive seen is dogs and i know this isn't her basement bedroom but we know that is her picture on the wall. Was wondering if same cat https://www.youtube.com/shorts/lk0rHF4nR28 and is that a keyboard or synth or something next to the tv does marky play?
> does anyone know when this pic was taken or if marky ever owned a cat?
in 2018 she posted a video where she walked a cat on a leash

yeah shes had it forever you can see it in other photos from years ago i was just observing that it is hanging in a bedroom that isn't her basement and has items like a cat, synth and N64 which seem out of place to be markys bedroom. so is this where was before those tweets last summer?
> is that a keyboard or synth or something?
I think I've seen that already in one of her old tweets. maybe an old keyboard.


there might be interesting stuff here. tweets from september 2019 to january 2020.
how could the russian let her fall into the arms of the /mu/ tranny empire? she was most active online during the slav era, now we have nothing except crumbs of actual faggotry
i have followed marky for a long time this /mu/ saga is shaping up to be the saddest yet to think she has become one of these people. at least roberto wasnt a tranny too i hoped against all odds she would straighten her life out
roberto was a fat beaner pedophile, that's not better than tranny status. 

she needed a normie or a rich guy to straighten her out, but she abandoned both the brad and russian. some people love to suffer
Tranny AND at least accused of knowingly enabling the grooming of a 14 year old by a well known internet pedophile he was friends with

Loves to suffer is the only explanation for a lot of what she has done over the years
its a double edged sword her being active online and comfortable on his fat pockets is what lead to him getting cheated on with shed guy he should have taken away her thinkpad
my goodness thats a high quality, hi-res picture! thank you so much. i almost feel like my face is right next to hers and we are about to kiss.
i think the reason he got cheated on is because he wasn't often around, and shed guy was. otherwise, he would have become her new roberto, and she would have stayed online...
isn't it pretty safe to say she'd end up miserable going with any of these abominations? she should just smarten up and pick from one of any of us wise, worldly internet sages who have been stalking her from birth and know exactly how to protect, nurture and fix her
we are now using the size and inferred age of a cat to determine the timeline of events in markys life. this is some real sherlock holmes shit in these past few threads.
> who know exactly how to protect, nurture and fix her
How? As things stand, I belive that she can't be fixed and that she is far too broken to have any kind of functional life. Even DBT therapy wouldn't work at this point.
Also, how would you prevent her from cheating? You can't watch over her 24/7 since you have to work and she is BPD, so she needs attention ALL DAY EVERY DAY. She will naturally try to find attention from other men when you are not around. Locking her up in the basement with no internet access is the only way I can think of you could stop her from cucking you. But she would start self harming and eventually an hero'ing out of boredom if you actually did that.
kek yeah im sure that is markys room with an N64 and synthesizer not the guy obsessed with nintendo shit who makes music and has a cat that same color even though we have seen a million pictures of markys room at her moms ranch and it doesnt look like that
and the cats age has nothing to do with it really the cat being the same color and the contents of the room just one more coincidence added onto a mountain of them
if you read his posts he doesn't even know much about music he's just some dunning-kruger case study with the same boring studiofag taste every brian wilson obsessed autistic has
thumbnail of timmy reeby.jpg
thumbnail of timmy reeby.jpg
timmy reeby jpg
(48.42 KB, 994x465)

> marky interacting with timmy reeby, irl friend of katelynn

another proof that marky was part of his cabal of /mu/ faggots
thumbnail of Nick Dollman.png
thumbnail of Nick Dollman.png
Nick Dollman png
(695.18 KB, 678x907)
thumbnail of 1689060308975013.png
thumbnail of 1689060308975013.png
168906030897... png
(1.34 MB, 952x1352)
> i am not trans, a pedophile
That reminds me, does anyone know the extent of her friendship with Nick the Dollman? Confirmed to be a pedo and a tranny now.
> i love girls, i wish i were a girl forever in a world of girls 
Few of the nude AI children he generated today. Last image esp is a lot worse than image attached.

Why is Marky always attracting these kind of pedos? Someone do a psychoanalysis lol. 
Was he part of the /mu/-clan?
Just curious what their deal is or was, that's all. I doubt they're still friends. Marky always seems to attract the pedo-trannies.
https://www.snapchat.com/add/purintain (DEAD)

every new username she created a new snapchat. isn't it weird? what does she use it for?
the shed guy stuff has been funny ngl but knowing marky keeps seeking out these guys just like the ones that damaged her when she was younger is just damn sad. that stuff really does perpetuate itself down the line
it was limited to chatting about dolls or art, in instagram DMs, that's all. never a part of anything /mu/
thanks for attention as always
I refuse to believe this is the person she was depression tweeting and saying please come back to last summer its not true it cant be true
that was probably the russian, unless she got trannypilled enough to actually miss shed guy. it's certainly possible, judging from her seemingly extensive online connections to them
do you think marky talks in a loli voice or moans like a little girl when she was being fucked in the shed
that type of girl just stays dead silent the whole time and keeps a permanent wincing expression on their face even if they enjoy it
i can tolerate sam hyde, at least he's funny and famous

i can tolerate the chink, the orientals deserve a win sometimes too

i can tolerate the brazilian, it's just in their nature to seek white woman

i can tolerate brad, he is just an NPC background actor

i can tolerate the russian, richfags will always dick mentally ill whores

i CANNOT tolerate the fact it all ended with a UGLY DRAMA TRANNY FROM /MU/
>  >go to church
That thing you speak of, is not what "church" means.

"Church" means "those who are your body".

If your dad drives you everywhere, he is like your feet.

And later, if your wife drives you everywhere, she is like your feet (of course, because yal are married).

And it's worth noting here, God is perfect. There is not a hole nor crinkle in Him.

So, why do those people, at that blasphemy of a mutation this world claims means "church", gather on His day of rest? I've heard this has been their norm.

Let's say a random John who has never entered any of those buildings, spends his seventh day, resting. He sleeps for much of it, and truly rests. Heats leftovers maybe. Has a very quiet day just at home.

But elsewhere, many whom have just worked for six days, spend their seventh day not even resting, but waking early to go somewhere for worship. And being busy because of it.

When even God says He rested on the seventh day, after His six days of making the earth, who do you think was more like Him?
For that anon with the playlist screenshot, the many "gay sex gif", that is probably a "joke" you're looking at.

There's a reason God says not to be like you were "just joking".

For if every time I saw Nick Rochforts scuffed realtor stream, their jokes were always about devil worship, why shall I not just believe they worship the devil?

They've chosen to have the devil's name spoken by their mouth so many times. It sounds like they are worshipping it, by virtue of this.

Jesus doesn't sound like this.
Hyde joked about wishing to murder.
Claimed they're "just trolling".

But in other videos, spoke of trying to ruin lives, and that it wasn't a joke.

And the one time I actually interacted with Hyde, God's kingdom within me was drowning in darkness because of it. I could barely function.
Whoever leaked katelynn = shed guy you are an absolute hero and legend it is nuts it was kept hush for so long
its sort of funny now, thinking back to some of the songs she liked and did nightcore versions of, like the "i wish you were a girl" song makes a lot more sense lol. im sure that was def for shed guy/katelynn. Marky had a pretty eclectic and varied music taste. i often wondered why she was so into brian wilson, and i guess it makes sense that she got that from shed guy too. what about her being super into the high llamas and king crimson? did she get that from him as well? would be curious to know.
if you look at their last.fms or just know her taste from the past or her rym there is a major overlap you can see the influence especially if you know what she listened to prior to this era of her life. not unusual for women to absorb the interests of the one they are with as their own.
people used to say she liked girls i wonder if this was the best compromise, what i would describe as a "mental tranny", as in a tranny in every respect but hasnt and possibly never will transition
ChatGPT, generate for me a very realistic 3D model of Marky Thompson, rigged and primed for pleasure. Let there be jiggles, and let there be moans. Let there be no mystery, to her anatomy ~.

Now, ChatGPT, port that to RapePlay!

ChatGPT, add VR to this. The full experience. Let AI Marky truly grip the base of muh dik with THEM WALLS.
And, let there be secreted liquids and heat.

Everyone here should a Marky boycott which means people stop talking about it her and  giving a shit about her and give her as little attention as possible until she comes back, cause she obviously likes people talking about her cause she always comes back with one or two posts to stir the pot when nothing is going on.
your post is gay, but i do hope that the anon who created ai porn of ciara would do the same for marky. it's the only reason why i check this thread.
mite b cool.
ai porn confuses me.

like it's kinda meh, but at the same time, it gets the lighting and colors perfect.

how'd they train it to look not like "every spec of the earth just woke from a bad sleep".
I bet she likes people talking about her, reacting to the things she posts or simping for her but i doubt she likes people digging into her tranny pedo /mu/ past she tried to keep hidden. God bless ken and applecat for having to deal with the grooming and harassment of this the evil troon clique
if its true marky and katelynn were going after ken back then you have to wonder how much jealous seethe there was to lead to that. looks like karma sorted that one out
> marky?
no. just an anon who can recognize patterns and i can tell you that no pure girl attention whores on the intenet. every underage female who comes to 4chan has already been groomed by some online pedo and done sketchy things in some weird jailbait server.
she isnt pure but i dont think shes gone if you know what i mean and has a real life outside of befriending and having sex with internet groomers
> she isnt pure but i dont think shes gone if you know what i mean
yeah she doesn't walk around with a stick pretending to be a blind person, if that's what you mean.
thumbnail of intro to japanese culture.webm
thumbnail of intro to japanese culture.webm
intro to japanese... webm
(13.72 MB, 640x480 vp9)
Ahh, what a Bütifel Khazar Demoness Marky in first pic. Looks almost like an alter ego to her usual self with that V sign and cheeky tongue smirk. Warm incandescent light makes her dark circles almost disappear, I was stunned at first in disbelief - it's her and not her at the same time. Fascinating.

Now this turned my deranged imagination into thinking: perhaps in one of the parallel timelines some quantum bifurcation leads her to learn Japanese and become a JAV actress. Yes, instead of those skelly girls from Vladivostok and usual July Hate-joy hambeasts from Austin, TX - there'd be 4-letter codes starring our precious Marky J. She really has this Eurasian kind of beauty which is well received on both sides of the globe, in her eyes especially, their shape, like those of le chatte (french for cat of female sex).
> i wish you were a girl
lol yeah thats not gonna happen. if you look into 12 rods they are a darling band for fags and trannies btw
I am not shed guy, just an orbiter of these girls. My intention is to make sure this pedo dollman piece of shit never tried to hurt her or exacerbate her mental well-being.
It doesn't seem like it was much of a secret that the tranny she fucked in a shed and his friends were a bunch of groomers. These are just the people marky identifies with and enjoys being around she doesn't need protection from them.
crazy she could live on easy mode with some rich simp but she would rather live in a basement and talk to pedos on the internet. 

There is just no helping someone like that her parents need to take away her internet access and treat her like she is 5.
why cant she live life on easy mode with a rich simp who is also a pedo on the internet? that way she can have the best of both worlds. hint: im right here marky. pick me.
Do you think they know the depth of her connections to different pedotypes? Should I make up a dossier to attempt to send maybe they can get through to her??
I don't want to make things any worse for her I was thinking like an e-intervention to help her if I can make a normie-friendly document that  clearly lays out her self destructive behavior online and details about the bad actors she has surrounded herself with.
You don't think there is a moral obligation there if she is bringing home potentially dangerous people from the internet to her mothers ranch? You really think sheguy was the last?
maybe you are right I will mull it over I don't know if she has any young family members I just don't want any more kids to be hurt
The only guaranteed hurting in this scenario is the hurt you would cause by meddling in affairs that are not yours. Do not harass Marky's family.
>  >Rhode island state troopers baffled by no lead on mysterious case of missing men and photos of smiling fat goats found among numerous skeletal remains in dumpsters.
not even worth it if she was acting this way online she couldnt have been much better in real life so they know and her mom brought her to the er and i doubt they trust anyone marky is bringing home save your effort
the russian seemed pretty rich, in the sense of a 7 figure worth and  flying internationally on a whim. whether he intended to do anything except pump and dump her, that's another story. she probably cheated specifically because he wasn't giving her the simp attention she requires
thumbnail of hunter.png
thumbnail of hunter.png
hunter png
(1.52 MB, 1137x896)
No, it's her brother. Laile Hunter Thompson Jr. Name after her father.

He is a normie who is in the army, total apposite of Marky. Here is his instagram.
thumbnail of its overr.png
thumbnail of its overr.png
its overr png
(1.03 MB, 1313x934)
> Got to see @ht82000 before he went to Korea for 9 months.

it's fucking over kek, you guys know how the story of Army wives always ends
> this week i married my best friend
brutal. only god knows how many dicks she had sucked before settling down with her best friend.
yeah, he's clearly a betacuck provider.
> He is a normie who is in the army
that explains why marky wanted to enlist a few years ago
ok so now that we know shed guy is katelynn my question: why did he come here to do all that damage control and enlist the help of his friend richtr8 all to lie about fucking marky which is no doubt the only great thing he has ever achieved in his life?
I need to dig more we have this room she's taking pictures in during February 2022 that has her cat painting on the wall but isnt her basement bedroom and has items that she isnt know for having like the synth, N64 and same color cat as shed guy. In those tweets this summer when she was back in the basement and all depressed she even replied to someone it was missing a "meowy"
Markys stream was what, may? And shed guy was talking to this petra person 4 weeks ago. What are the odds or should we just assume this person is from /mu/ circa 2019 and happens to keep contact with both marky and shed guy?
I've seen enough where I think shed guy is our 2022 heartbreaker. Marky did something crazy "I wish I made it to therapy only a week away" and he broke up with her. It explains where she has been all this time, she had been with him. My question now is what happened after all of those tweets summer 2022? She went off the radar almost completely until she came back here to self post, the streams, the suicide poll this may.
her room in the basement looks nothing like that it has wood paneling and completely different setup we have seen it so many times. maybe for a time she was living in a different room there but one of her tweets last summer made reference to how she should have never left the basement
Because there is nothing left to orbit. The alternatives, i.e. the new egirls from eharem,  are uglier and more uninteresting than a 26yo manic Marky.
> I just searched and i only found one other instance of that picture from 3 days prior

yes, that's what i meant. it has been already discussed before and most people say that it's not her because her nipples are different.
> I live in Connecticut about 90 miles from Marky's house. What do you think, should I drive there and ring the doorbell? Do I risk getting shot? (I know they have guns)

> buy her a gift
> larp as a delivery man
> ring the doorbell 
> if her mother opens the door, say that you have a package for marky
> find out if she was kicked out or if she is dead
for me, once i knew shed guy's music accounts, you can just cross check it with the nekoshelf youtube account and see that theres many of the same songs and artists on it. 

were shed guys accounts known before all of this to compare with nekoshelf and figure that out? I hadn't heard of nekoshelf until those comments like it was already figured out in the past that he was shed guy way before someone dropped shed guy was katelynn and evidence was dug up

Anyway now it makes sense why marky calls herself neko girl
Someone had the goods just refer to these comments  >>/26760/  >>/26968/ along with the comments about him you're talking about from when she put up those cat videos and then privated her channel and the other random posts that have been made about what a good friend he was to her.
Did shed guy/justin really help spacegiko/Lucas groom applecat/Sarah when she was 14 years old?
maybe applecat or someone that knows her. based on her /mu/ post calling out katelynn and lucas as groomers she said it happened when she was 14 before she was on rym and katelynn introduce them so she has known him quite a while.  >>/27223/
not sure how they met or if she knew him from 4chan, somewhere else on the net or irl
marky, if you are reading , please consider: I promise (i will even sign a contract if necessary) that i will donate $100 every time you stream. all you have to do is stream for a few hours, 5 nights a week, playing games, watching anime with us, playing visual novels, drawing, listening to music, whatever you want to do , and youll be making 2k a month. Please think about it.
Im so disappointed in her bros i just want to go back and forget about all this tranny stuff and it to feel like it was before
Since 2019 as far as we know and it makes sense. Trannies are at the intersection of mental illness, coomerism and groomerism of course she ended up there.
>  >Nobody asked: *eats McDonalds, laughs because the dog heard you fart, play games or something*
>  >Hyde: Crazy man Tissue box, blah blah blah skin color
>  >Thompson: Crazy woman flyers, blah blah blah skin color

Crazy 101.

Normally peeps make flyers for yardsales or because mittens disappeared.

Hyde and Thompson should just unpeel their own skin and eat it, live. They're obsessed with skin. Godless freaks.

Every third word from Hyde's mouth is something about skin color.
guys? maybe no one notices or cares, but we are only a few posts away from marky overtaking kennedi as THE boards most talked about girl. kennedi is at thread #13, 224 posts. marky is at thread #13, post 223. i have goosebumps. we did it.
All it took was her dumping selfies here, drinking herself into an er visit on stream and it being revealed she had sex with and dated a /mu/ tranny to get the ball rolling
White, in this context, is an identity based on a common genetic heritage. Skin color is just one genetic expression among several in a racial phenotype. Can't believe there are still morons out there that don't get this.
nta you are correct but both of them are corrupt jews playing to their audience and do not represent any kind of white identity I would want to be part of
thumbnail of shed guy.png
thumbnail of shed guy.png
shed guy png
(893.26 KB, 1229x1080)
Daily reminder that this hideous thing inseminated her 3 TIMES, which increases the number of races marky has mixed herself with.
Brazilian, slav, mutt, gook and jewish semen were pumped into her vagina and uterus. That hole must have become an entire new ecosystem of pathogens and alternative life forms never seen before.
fucking another ugly guy wouldnt be any big surprise but hanging around with trannies is a low I didn't think we would ever witness
No, but I'd like to put muh dik in there. Not thrust, just lay with it in. And run my hands through her hair.

Then finish with a steamy hot shower so her hair is wet. And she's playing with her breasts and blowing me.

Pushing her head down on it at the very end @o@, ✓✓✓!

Who knows, even a sequel?
Grab her at the neck like in Crysis, and bring her over to the bed by it, and just instantly hard fuck her to this:


Oh, and cool gamer lighting.
i still love her, i dont give a shit who shes dated or slept with. nothing will change my feelings for her. I do feel a bit sad though. betrayed possibly? idk. I feel like shes keeping secrets from us. she dated this tranny back in 2019 and has been harboring this from us all this time? what else do we not know? I just wish she'd open up and share her life with us. we love her.
thumbnail of 65103554.webm
thumbnail of 65103554.webm
65103554 webm
(5.48 MB, 270x360 vp8)
thumbnail of 65103555.webm
thumbnail of 65103555.webm
65103555 webm
(5.04 MB, 270x360 vp8)
thumbnail of 65103556.webm
thumbnail of 65103556.webm
65103556 webm
(5.67 MB, 270x360 vp8)
thumbnail of don't worry(concat).webm
thumbnail of don't worry(concat).webm
don't... webm
(12.85 MB, 270x360 vp9)
Does ya'll mfers save her last youtube streams saved and shiiet or those two megas from 2022 posted on this board is all you got? Also, what's up with that nosebleed video cut up in 3 parts and encoded in vp8? Das some nasty ass 4chan shit dawg. Gimme original, bitch.

a story part 1.mp4

mir / alice mir streams / mjt-videos

you hecked yourself for life (= sicko  game over mode ver. 2019 09 13 10 30 19.mp4
I have yt-dlp rips of the last 2 streams (before and after going to the hospital) and 16 minutes of json chatlog. I'm willing to share everything if anybody shares something else.
Remember, sharing is caring.
All you had to do Marky was be like erica, sad someone younger and more insane figured it out yet you can't.

Work a regular job, date a orbiter, stop deleting social media, and stream every once in a while
Regular jobs are unsincere, just like levened bread. The wide path.

Truth is wishing for the narrow path, being free and living your dreams.
Anyone who wants to create a youtube backup channel like threemilk but with all marky's content?

As far as I know there is one (Mir archive), but it is incomplete and only has a few streams/videos. We can make better than that if everyone contributes what they have.
I can provide:
> all her playlists/videos from her main channel ripped with yt-dlp. Description, date, etc should be embedded in the metadata, so every video could be reuploaded and tagged correctly.
> the last 2 streams and 16 mins of json chatlog from the second one.
> full rip of her secret youtube account where she continued uploading music after selling her main one (it only had 2 subscribers, me and Nekoshelf, I suppose, so this is likely the only dump existing out there).
I'm willing to share everything if everyone pitches in with the youtube/twitch streams they have saved.
Come on guys, don't act like greedy motherfuckers and tell what you have.

I'm not sure what you mean, but I dumped some frames from both streams
thumbnail of i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i [CMhVZ-aoq6s].mkv_thumbs_[2023.07.18_07.17.23].jpg
thumbnail of i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i [CMhVZ-aoq6s].mkv_thumbs_[2023.07.18_07.17.23].jpg
i i i i i i i i i i i... jpg
(492.6 KB, 1024x646)
i meant a screenlist like this but that's okay. i only have the last stream from the day after the drunk stream, i'd tried to save the ones from the previous night but the downloads failed. how long is that first stream you have? it's the entire thing? and i think there were 2 separate streams that night because it ended at one point and she started another right after, so is it just that second part you have?
thumbnail of mir stream screenshots.zip
thumbnail of mir stream screenshots.zip
mir stream... zip
(26.61 MB, 0x0)
Original imgur album posted in previous thread not rare enough for you? Here's some stray old clips on twitch:
Used to be more back in 2020.
Oof matey, you don't do that sort ov shite anymore, kay luv? My deck almost got cyber-aids from that nasty ass shitlocker. Some net-worm already ripped f-7840.png down to couple kilobytes - what's gonna happen to your screenshots in week me wonders? There's plenty of free electrons on Endchan mainframe tapes, up them here.
I'm quite sure the stream pre-Hospital is only one, but it's like 12 hours long. At like timestamp 02:02:00 the video goes black though because she hits the cam with the visor of her cap and she is too drunk to even notice it. At 02:38:00 the audio is gone too because of copyrighted music. The stream keeps going through all night with no audio and no video, just a black screen, till morning when she finally comes back from the ER. She types something in the chat and ends the stream. Not long after she starts a new stream, the one you saved. 
I have the first one from the very beginning to the end (you have to use this https://github.com/Kethsar/ytarchive to save ongoing livestreams fully) but I cut out the part where the video and audio are gone because it was pointless.
I don't have the previous stream where she was wearing an orange cap. It happened the day before.

f-7840.png is just a black image. That's why it's like 2 kb, its from the end of the stream.

By the way, I recovered 6 clips from mirmeat twitch channel using some twitch recovery tools, but all the vods are gone unless someome saved them. I will try later to recover more clips from haisel if there are any.
i just checked to make sure and there were in fact two separate streams on that night (may 5, pre-hospital). the first one started about 8:15pm and the second 9:33pm (her time). she started the second one shortly after the first stream crashed. the second stream went black about 11:35pm. both streams had the same name 'read description'. i'm guessing nobody has that first stream from that night.

thanks for the github link btw, i'll be sure to use that in the future.
Haisel has 68 streams on twitchtracker (183 total hours streamed) and Mirmeat 21 (69 total hours streamed). How come there are so few public stream rips???
I can't believe that no one has saved them.

Then we are fucked. I really doubt anyone was downloading it.
lets be real, theyre all boring as fuck and not worth the trouble of downloading/saving, thats why probably no one has them. it was hard enough sitting through the original streams themselves, i cant imagine wanting to re-watch any of her art streams or game streams, its more entertaining watching paint dry
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You are kind of right. Still I wanted to take a look at these streams (picrel). They are from about the same period as when she posted those love tweets.
no there was one where she was drunk from last year, it was pretty fun but the only anon who wanted to share it some threads ago decided to not do it in the end to "respect" her
there is one stream id ersonally like to see, but i dont know if it even exists: ive seen screenshots of a stream where she is smoking weed and talking to the russian mod bf Andre , and says something like "god called, he wants his sperm back"
> you have to use this https://github.com/Kethsar/ytarchive to save ongoing livestreams fully
You could just use yt-dlp with the --live-from-start option.
If she doesnt stream or give us some content soon, I will have no choice but to start making my own creative marky content (songs, drawings, stories, poems). plz dont drive me to it, marky.
erica was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was like 14/15 and has been institutionalized several times, literally put in a mental institution by her parents.  So yeah I would consider her more insane then marky.

What has marky done thats more insane than a actual schizophrenia diagnosis?
It's hard to compare bpd and schizophrenia but marky has done insane things such as moving to brazil to live with a pedophile for years or totalling two cars in a month. Too many crazy and reckless things to list. I bet her parents wish they could have institutionalized her countless times throughout her life.
how long do you think we should stay silent for her to have another breakdown and post her nudes? for me it's some months or maybe a whole year (so impossible)
you have to be a little likeable first and then you must offer to do drugs together, so it's not exactly as easy as any other hooker
she's been declining seymour's offers for years now
now that i think of it, her and seymour must have fucked at least once, right? she's into that sort of dudes physically and i bet he's more involved with the inner circles of those degen groups than it seems
You hear the moaning through the walls again as you lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. its 2:30 am. They are at it again. Ever since your roommate Nekoshelf got a new gf named marky, theyve been going at it every night, like animals, till the wee hours of the morning. you hear every whimper, every moan, every muffled scream as he satisfies her every want and desire. you lay in your bed and contemplate why such a beautiful woman would fall for such a horrible person like your roommate, but never you....tears begin to stream down your cheeks as you lay silently and stare at the ceiling, all the while you are forced to endure the creaking sounds coming from their room, the rattling of furniture against the wall , the subtle noises of bodies entwined, pressed against each other, writhing in carnal pleasure.
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waifu jpg
(956.82 KB, 4038x5103)
Marky and that tranny were into some freaky shit I think the sounds you'd hear would be a lot more disturbing
Nice tits for sure I am glad someone linked that desuarchive with the legal marky tits I didn't know that picture existed but looks like a match to me
she is a pretty girl but being a pretty girl isn't that rare or much of an accomplishment especially when you consider all the baggage attached to her. This is why she elects to be someone known amongst weirdos and pedophiles on the internet instead of an invisible loser irl. that and she just identifies as one of those people herself.
and people ask why marky dates such ugly guys consistently. If she dated her equal lookswise she would have to bring more to the table in a relationship. If she dates an ugly loser she has the upper hand
well she's more a failed (and mentally ill) normie than it could seem at first, so orbiters should stick to idealizing her instead of digging too deep into her private life
Id like to submit this topic for discussion: on one hand it does seem like if you read markys past messages as a collective whole, she does have a desire to get married some day and settle down and be a wife and have kids and a family. on the other hand, we also know she has cheated on every bf shes ever had. so, how can she reconcile this? do you think once she meets the man of her dreams that she decides she wants to settle down with, she will just suddenly stop being a cheater? or will her husband just have to accept that marky is always going to cheat no matter what he does.
It looks exactly the same as 2013 me. Just some fine details differ.
Hyde looks like my mom,
And Thompson looks like my dad.
her saying what she wants
> be loyal wife have kids practice art happy normie life
vs what she actually wants and does
> trannies pedophiles drinking drugs internet fame lying cheating

don't confuse the performance with the reality