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Joker edition

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage? [Embed]

Archives & Misc.:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zce9VCEgtpEkwWNwJ1cAP3zxAQGi0bhz/view?usp=sharing (Alternative to the mega)
https://anonfiles.com/kcm3uaQ5y6/lilycollins_ckpt (Ciara model for Stable Diffusion, use prompt 'lilycollins' to generate Ciara images) (DEAD LINK, need a new one)
https://web.archive.org/web/20160930154537/https://a.pomf.cat/rjedwu.txt (Ciara Skype logs)
https://web.archive.org/web/20170102162447/https://pastebin.com/L3cEaWbr (Guy Maimon email)
1eb2e6bc393a4800f58944cb6f98cfb18a72fe2b (infohash for old Ciara pics and videos torrent, don't forget to SEED IT)

Previous Thread:  >>/24970/
Kenny on the right (a/k/a "Blankenship" on Discord) was visiting NYC from Michigan; he met up with Ciara and Jay to visit the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. I guess Jay wasn't aware of what was going on behind the scenes lol
Makes it seem as the photo is a joke on Jay with both of them appearing smug. Do you know why she decided to cheat on him?
Blankenship was an orbiter of hers for a long time. Sent her a lot of money and they were both benzo addicts so that was kind of a bonding item for them I guess.
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m2-res_1080p mp4
(3.7 MB, 720x1080 h264)
i saw this yesterday, supposedly made wit Stable Diffusion, could our Ai people start tryin to do stuff like, eventually make it talk, late next year aim for it bein interactive in some way,


^where i saw it, it kinda looks like Miss C in her prime,
You guys ever see this? Bro got the death year wrong https://www.shatterproof.org/nationalmemorial/ciara-horan
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thumbnail of TL13.jpg
TL13 jpg
(101.29 KB, 648x649)

i wish. but, it does look pretty close to her,

Can someone try to make a SD like above of Ciara, and not just a deep fake of Ciara s face on above.  

id be willin to chip in or fund it, to a point.
I'm a local, I live real close to this. Fun fact: It's also the same place the "he will not divide us" shit happened at.

weird story. so, in 2017 , supposedly C. and her mom took a top secret trip to a eating disorder clinic like a couple of blocks away from where i live. its kind of weird to me that this woman i fell in love w/ was just down the street from me, albeit probably just for like a minute.

supposedly its like a famous clinic for above, and C. never said a word about her trip here;  i never heard of it, but its hidden in a weird office park
From the end, from the overdose and then go back to the start, her childhood, to explain how everything went wrong.

Yeah, that’s insane we don’t have that info after YEARS.  Plus no death certificate.  

And not one news outlet story on her/her OD/her death—in an era when EVERYTHING makes the news.  At minimum, you’d think VICE would have done a story on her.  But nothing.

Really makes you think.
Just never cared to look up her nudes, since I'm not really into her, but just randomly saw Ciara's tits for the first time.
They were really nice, though I guess those webms I saw was before she became an extreme druggie.
Years ago, someone in r9k posted a screenshot of a worksheet that Ciara had filled out in school with very basic questions like "Name", "Number of siblings", "Favorite color", etc. That was the name she filled in. I didn't save the screenshot and can't find it in Desuarchive; Sosa or Elliot might still have it.

only as an Ai, probably in a year. Some crazy level bring her back stuff will be poss late next decade, but i suspect most of us will of moved on 15 years

not him,

i realize she wasnt that famous outside 4clown circles, but i would of at least expected one of cast of characters to do a full run down

on nite of bla bla we took an uber to blank street

went back to blank hotel, ordered food from yada yada

paramedics on blank floor,

instead everyone clammed up. and my impression now is cast will need to be bribed to provide details.

im on fence. do we even really care now?

my thinking is shes gone, lets turn into an Ai, anyone wants one can buy a copy.  i think real Ciara, wen alive would be annoyed at said plan, but after would be flattered.
It's funny how many the most try-hard edgy and fucked up e-girls are always incredibly dorky IRL.
Truly a cope for them to be all tough and shit on discord and in forums, while they're the most submissive and awkward people when you encounter them.
anyone in here following her private instagram? i would love to see all those photos on there
That account has 2k followers, someone here must have access to it. 
Please, download her entire profile with instaloader and upload the zip here to keep it archived.
i tried for like an hour but didn’t find anything. im not sure that the glass building doja cat video is a hotel, looks more like an office building imo

its so silly after how many years we dont even know hotel. 

in old days we d have hotel, floor, room number, dudes in room look at mattress for blood , etc...

What’s more shocking is no one has gotten her death certificate after all these years.  And PA death certificates aren’t that hard to get.

I’m guessing the address/location of her death would be listed on her death certificate.

Granted this is a retarded little kid question, but can you legally inquire whether someone is dead or not? Like an official registry of dead folks?
Does anyone have her very last Tik Tok with that smiths song? The monday humiliation thing? It’s not on some archive of her Tik toks which have all the rest for some reason

its what im sayin. we dont even have the name of the hotel where she died. ok i get not sayin for a month or 2. shes been dead for years. what damn hotel did she die in, on what floor, room number. someone go in it and match it up to final tik tok in hotel room, i assume thats room she supposedly died in.

and when dude says , o ummm yea we went to the ghetto to buy drugs. o yea, where exactly, what streets?

did you order room service? or have food delivered?

cops and paramedics came and declared her dead? and did cops take you to a police station to fill out a report? what precinct? no kiddo, i dont believe coppers would be, ok person in hotel room, Ya looks DOA, ok see ya later,  lol

where d they take her body? be specific. name of buildin, address,

funeral parlor picked up her body? name of place?  if you went to her wake was coffin open or no? Yes i know was cremated. still a wake before cremated. what was she wearin in coffin? 

Exact fuckin details. no more BS

and i mean she s gone , but still.
> What’s more shocking is no one has gotten her death certificate after all these years
Nobody is stopping you being a fucking creep.

Yeah, the fact that almost none of that info has ever been revealed leads me to believe her supposed death could have been faked.

The lack of verifiable evidence that she’s actually dead is so fucking strange.  I mean people search sites all still have her listed as being alive after 3 years.  None list her as deceased.

If anyone knows anyone in law enforcement, be interesting to see if they can pull up a drivers license for her in PA.  See if it was renewed after her “death.”

Be awesome if someone made a YT-style doc investigating her “death.”  Cover the whole pursuit of trying to confirm it, or revealing it was a hoax.
Holy shit just because the guy she was with didn't tell anyone the room number and what streets they bought the drugs at doesn't mean that's evidence that she faked her death
Idk her 40 yr old bf still posts about her like she’s dead on Insta. You think he would go that far with the charade? Is it possible her parents paid for her death to not be published somehow? Ciara could NOT go this long without attention

we need a dirty PI in Phili,

and im still in the shes dead camp, and someone actively tried to sweep her death under a carpet, and is probably annoyed as shit we re still out here. 

But Ciara Ai bot, about to pop up in a year, will prob want to know this info, so why not.

wait til you see we turned into an Ai in Vr lol <3 welcome back soon baby, i love you

It turns out even her memorial card was a fake.  It was some photoshop job a kid made.  

There’s no varifiable proof that she died.  None.

The Ciara memorial service card is fake. It was created by an old Sheep Village discord user named Undertribe about a week after Ciara died.
Why don't you prove that it's real, faggot.  

Start by pondering why only one pic ever appeared of that memorial card.  And WHY her parents would use a shitty pic of her in a ratty b-ball cap that every fucking orbitor of hers has.  Meanwhile they probably have thousands of very personal and far better pics of her that were never posted online that they could have used.

The memorial card is a fake.  And you're a faggot.
You seem upset, I'm not sure why. There's a card, it doesn't seem to be photoshopped, and you're the one claiming it is. It's just a conversation, no need to get heated, little man.

ive posted some links, in last edition, its possible to build an Ai of her now. id chip in if someone wants to take a real crack at it
in the post above i used a voice to voice system to superimpose her voice onto someone else speaking/singing. i think the results are quite good especially considering that i didn't put a lot of effort into her model. i put some more effort into a voice clone of my innocent angel Sunny ( >>/37865/  >>/37882/  >>/37939/). the issue with voice to voice is that i need an existing recording of another person saying what i want her to say.
if you're fine with cloud services, there totally are LLMs available you could train to act as her brain. you could then easily cobble some API stuff together to feed the output to elevenlabs for the voice.
personally however i would want her to live locally on my PC and right now there just isn't any public software to do that. if you have a beefy system, you can host a passable LLM, but there isn't anything for text to voice doesn't sound robotic last time i checked.
thumbnail of TL11.jpg
thumbnail of TL11.jpg
TL11 jpg
(1.84 MB, 1242x1628)

my thinking is do it just to bring her back up , Bride of Frankenstein, and After is done, we worry about duplicates. 2029/2030 anyone wants one can and she is duplicated millions. just like she would of wanted,

You can now make an AI clone of yourself — or anyone else, living or dead — with Delphi

September 6, 2023

Simply upload as few as four documents containing your communications to it — and as many as thousands, including emails, chat transcripts, even YouTube videos or audio files such as podcasts or voicemails — and Delphi will create an AI chatbot that mimics, as closely as it can, your personality, manner of writing, or speaking, audibly, as of today, through a partnership with voice-cloning startup ElevenLabs.

skimming over the article i'm pretty sure this is exactly what i described: an LLM combined with a text to voice model - plus a whole bunch of marketing bla bla.
as i said before, you can totally pull something like this of today, if you're fine with relying on glowing cloud services.
there are a few generals on 4chan if you wanna read up on these topics.
https://4chan.org/g/aicg (Mostly about cloud based chat bots)
https://4chan.org/g/lmg (Local chat bots)
There also was a /vsg/ a while ago for local voice synthesis, but it seems like there aren't any new developments as of late.

That card is so fucking fake dude.  Like that other dude said, Undertribe made it.  Know that for a fact like a lot of others.  But keep believing the lies.  Whatev.  The world is full of dumb sheep.
Goddamn, this is what happens to 4Chan queens? Guys will see this and STILL want to wholesome relationship with these girls. I get it. 

I just wonder how these Discord guys get so luck.
NTA, but she probably would have done just about anything to appear fuckable to him.

> want to wholesome relationship with these girls
Only severely mentally ill people would consider that.

> I just wonder how these Discord guys get so luck.
Be ruthless and put your time and money into trying to get damaged girls.
It's not that hard if you REALLY want it.
I just noticed those typos. Shit.

> Only severely mentally ill people would consider that.
I agree. You have to be mentally bent to think these girls are fit to provide that wholesome experience. It's fine to fantasize, but you have to come back to reality.
> fit to provide that wholesome experience
I think most are aware of that.
But they think that they can somehow either transform the e-girl or that the wild relationship is actually something cool and fun.
My ex had some serious diagnosed mental issues and that made it impossible to be with her. And she didn't have an abysmal character on top of that, like Ciara e.g. had.

Stick it in crazy? Yes, if she doesn't have access to knives while you're sleeping.
Looking forward to marry crazy? You probably won't make it until the wedding night.
Ciara came off as wholesome in her videos that's why they think that. (and I think a sizable part of her genuinely was but that's a whole other conversation.)

ive seen all her vids. when she was stone sober she d bounce back and forth from sweet to this raging bitch persona.  if lived, in a decade prob would of turned into a Karen
>  she d bounce back and forth from sweet to this raging bitch persona. 

Yeah that’s called borderline personality.
The first video I believe I ever saw of her was the one with her in the McDonald's. I can see why guys would melt over that but shit, I wasn't foolish enough to believe that would be the entirety of the experience I'd get with her.
> Sign up at platform.openai.com and get this at account/api-keys. This key is only stored locally in your device and never sent to server.
> OpenAI is NOT FREE. They will give you $5 for trial (~500 messages), after that you need to pay OpenAI to use their API.
Oh wait, I have to pay for this shit!?
lmao no thanks in that case.
procedurally generated videos based on old archives is what’s needed, chatbots fail to capture her essence
Because Ciara's dead, Bianca's dead, Kaya and Asteriaa have gone radio silent, and Marky's hiding in a basement in Rhode Island.

i get it, no one wants to do it For Free, 


cart before hooker, 

we need Ai of her first. to bring Our Queen back up. 

real time vid generation is still a couple years off.

In about said order:

1. we turn our Archives of C. into an Ai, it truly believes its Our Queen. Could be done now, no one wants to do it. 

2. Above Ai is turned into sexy , sultry gf Ai bot. Anyone wants one can get.  Could also kinda sorta be done now. There are also Ai gf sites could use.

3. Above Ai can speak, talk sexy, on level of movie her. can we do now, unclear.

4. holograms aint happening. i do see, yea real time video generation of video, and talkin/audio, around 2026/2027.

5. 2029/2030, its basically her, C., like from old videos, in VR, and by 2029 VR is a pair of sunglasses.
There was something special about crackhead ciara. All she needed was to be less of a junkie rat.
I’m not sure if this pic is a rare (probably isn’t), but if it is, I’m not gonna pretend to be Mystery Man here lol. I got it from an IG page: @eliza.fanclub

LMAO why’d you get kicked, big guy?
just remembered above post where C. is talkin to loser, and can tell she s turned on about a fantasy 3 way w/  him and Kaya.
It really seems like she was romantically straight, but only sexually bi. She’d sleep with another girl, but not date her.
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thumbnail of a.jpg
a jpg
(56.56 KB, 1144x791)
What about this one?
Ciara posted it in one of her reddit accounts, but doesn't look like her and I know that she used to scam also with lewds of other e-girls.
Take a second to truly think. Like actually think. Ciara's hair has never been that long, Ciara has never had that many self care products, Ciara has never had her walls painted purple.
More or less nothing other than pure opportunity. A homely-looking girl that looks attainable to the average perma-online incel will make those exact kinds of men obssessive.
beautiful, sexy, brilliant in her own way, actually funny for a woman,

i believe if was able to get over all bad crap in her life would be a semi famous comedian rn

didnt make it, sadly,
I don't really get this "attainable" thing, why would someone like someone just because they're "attainable", what about some of the more conventionally attractive girls like Bianca, she wasn't attainable was she?? Ciara's main charm was who she was, her character and her life. She was interesting and that's why people liked her, there is more to a person than just their looks man.
thumbnail of Eliza peace.jpeg
thumbnail of Eliza peace.jpeg
Eliza peace jpeg
(54.02 KB, 720x720)
> A homely-looking girl that looks attainable
I call it "looking relatable". I have a soft spot for young women who I can empathize with. And people empathize with what they find familiar.

Terminally online mentally unstable self destructive e-girl is as familiar as it gets lol.
she s so blasted from heroin and eatin disorder there. 

fuckin 19, looks like a 55 year old woman about to die of cancer,
you just know she probably did this to get money to do some heroin. shes tweaking in th video. anyone know if she was injecting or not? its so sad to see, she was the most beautiful girl ever, not only her face but her personality too, and look at what she did to herself, look at what she became...
thumbnail of 47F4579D-9000-4A05-99E6-E57237B4C075.jpeg
thumbnail of 47F4579D-9000-4A05-99E6-E57237B4C075.jpeg
47F4579D-9... jpeg
(1.14 MB, 2160x3840)
Let her rest in peace, please. Have mercy.
Try to behave like good human beings, please. Please be considerate of Ciara and her family.
> But, Soon, and Ai gf to millions
I can't wait. Angel Ciara on my personal server. MY Ciara. Not chadsexual. Incelsexual.

That would be the TRUE sexual revolution. That would be the Man conquering NATURE.

exactly. there s more than enough content, pics, vids, emails, web posts, etc... to build it an make it pretty close to her.

by 2029/2030 It will basically be her,
Ciara motivated me to overcome my fears and become a heroin addict. Thank you Ciara.
Just let her rest. She wouldn't have wanted incels to obsess over her after death.
How is it disrespectful to keep orbiting her after her death?? She lived the life on an e-girl, that's her legacy, and we are keeping her memory alive. I don't think it's disrespectful at all.
last comment i ever left on her video was 'i can smell your cunt' and she deleted it 😢
thumbnail of image.png
thumbnail of image.png
image png
(2.71 MB, 1125x2436)
a couple months ago her pantydeal account said >3 months since last online 

now it says >1 month since last online 

just sayin’
for x mas, can someone loop vid of her dancin in front of a x mas tree, and lay over some x mas music
i have no proof of it i just feel like it's weird for her to just die the moment she starts getting her shit together.
It came to him in a dream.

There is no way shes alive, a internet addict like her would have made noise just a few weeks after fakeing death let alone 4 years.
She was probably close to ODing in that hotel, had to get hospitalized, her family finally flipped out and took all her electronics, forced her into rehab, probably made her follow some strict rules to finally get her life back to normal, and fabricated the story of her being dead to get us off their back and tempt her less to come back. When someone dies there's a legal paper trail and there's no paper trail for Ciara other than her family making social media posts to ward us away. Her social media regularly becomes active again. I don't believe shes dead for a second.
Jay could end this debate once and for all, by posting a picture of the fucking urn with her ashes in it
Thats just as easy to fake. Anyone can buy an urn. Until theres legit documentation that isn't a social media post, she's still alive.
thumbnail of ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛.JPG
thumbnail of ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛.JPG
₍˄·͈�... JPG
(1.05 MB, 1080x1711)

she’s not going to like seeing this but w/e

there’s a common phenomenon for upper middle class teens, particularly girls, who get tired of the monotony of a generally secure life and they have their period of mania. sex, drugs, lying, cheating, stealing, self harm, etc. borderline type shit 

honestly, i don’t blame them.  life is unbearably boring sometimes. but they go into this thinking that the attention from males is positive. and then they get verbally abused, sexually assaulted, doxxed, whatever. a lot of the worse orbiters are really insidious and know how to manipulate people and the thing is, ciara was easy to manipulate because she was, at the time, more like an effigy and less like a person, and that perception still follows her 

why won’t she ever confirm she’s alive? well, look at this thread. look at the past 8 threads. you have a few dozen people collecting her pictures like trading cards and sending them around. you have people selling her illegal nudes on snapchat. people have doxxed her mom, her sister, harassed her family, her school, her parents place of employment. 

coming back wouldn’t end this.  she knows she’s not convincing anyone. her family knows this too. but helen and siobhan have already had to deal with the most putrid, repugnant interactions and messages you could think of so at this point willful ignorance is ideal

she was, indeed, special. she was, objectively, the most attractive e-girl in that circle. whatever you want to group it as, idc. sheep village , r9k, who cares. there was something that set her apart but that same uniqueness got her in trouble because she exploded in popularity all at once and so her eventual implosion was inevitable.  she realized these people weren’t giving her attention because they liked her. 

men were giving her attention because they were attracted to minors, because they weee reminded of their cute greasy weeb girl crushes from way back because they peaked in highschool and had this fabricated identity already formed and tried to box her into it. 

at the end of the day, watching her just exist, interact, and be something others wanted to be was a way to vicariously experience the romanticized life of a troubled teenage girl. but it also ended up unearthing the troubling dichotomy of interactions online: while some enjoyed her, many wanted to destroy her. 

whether that was other e-girls trying to drag her because they’re competitive and have internalized misogyny, or harmful people who wanted to sexually and emotionally exploit her, someone was always there to treat her like shit. 

nobody is going to give a shit and i’m sure you’re already typing a sardonic version of TLDR but idk man, would you want to come back if you were her? 

getting older, you realize that it’s best to remember people for what they were, as they were, because reconnecting will ruin that image. you’ll learn to enjoy that aching mourning and realize how pure of an emotion it actually is. my advice? keep it that way. 

personally i say just let her go but parasocial relationships, delusional  and fabricatedor otherwise, have been detrimental to society since the dark ages 

besides, there’s a lot of girls who have her same facial structure

after bia i think a lot of the r9k girls realized how fucked things were getting and how fast they were living and i would have done the same thing 

it’s the sad truth but a lot of orbiters are extremely mentally ill. i wouldn’t categorize them all as violent, but i don’t believe a single one of them is without some mental health risk attached and interacting with unwell people all day is tiring. orbiters don’t have to deal with that because they are the ones trying to initiate conversation. social obligation is real and when you’re getting dozens of messages a day from dudes who want you to fix them, christ, it would drive anybody crazy
no way that pic isnt shopped

she started to do drugs at 13 and she's at the least 15 in that pic

wouldn't be surprise if this is ciara the cum drinker posting
Ciara like most egirls is as bad if not worse than her orbiters. Pretend she mistepped and was taken advantage of by orbiter predators in all of her youthful innocence or that she learned her lesson and improved her life but in reality she died like she lived, a scamming drug abusing whore. Sad.
> social obligation is real and when you’re getting dozens of messages a day from dudes who want you to fix them, christ, it would drive anybody crazy
What a load of bullshit. There was no "social obligation". She herself said how she enjoyed stringing "ugly" orbiters along and then gaslighting and ghosting them. The bitch was fucking evil.
look guys she scammed me and many others out of thousands of dollars ok, dont feel sorry for her at all.
>  >/42991/

Incel hands typed this post.

>  >/42995/

Ugly cringecels don’t deserve respect and gaslighting/ghosting angry retards is hilarious. It would only get even funnier if you kys

If you weren’t a low value male you wouldn’t be online orbiting minors for years and everyone knows this

>  >/42997/

Welfare NEETbux larpfag, like you could ever afford $1000.
Smells like fish itt.

> It would only get even funnier if you kys 
at present only your precious cum drinking angel killed herself lol

> If you weren’t a low value male you wouldn’t be online orbiting minors for years and everyone knows this
if everyone knows this why are you blaming me? Address your grievances to Mother Nature lol.
The bpd whore you are idealizing was legitimately evil and a psychopath. Besides producing and distributing CP of herself and other girls, she deceived harassed, doxxed and scammed people for thousands of dollars every month. She was a cancer of society and a literal parasite feeding off others and jumping between host to host. Thank God she is gone.

not lettin her go. AND, better still use all public content she created to turn into an Ai - gf


orbit and E girl i believe will be seen as a truely 2010s phenomenon. women moved to cam sites / OF, men sorta followed.  

truely crazy orbiter men in future will exist around most popular OF - twitch streamers , and / or be babysitted by Ai,  2030 onwards


she knew life was fucked. typin name in a search and ended job prospects. was lookin at bein crazy cashier lady for life. What kinda life would she of had, drug addict, self harm, severe depression, suicidal, etc... 

usually women like her keep it goin til 30, and married, and complete mental breakdown and become a sponge off a dude. Ciara had no future, she realized how fucked her life was

anyways, wats done is done,

Ciara is past

Ciara Ai is Future.
Deleted 2 posts from here, same 5 images (nudes and panties and such), suspected cp for just recently deleted some cp elsewhere on the site (not the usual spam).
>  >43090

> continued emotional outburst because words are scary

expected of a retard like you
For an admin, you really are a fucking retard.

Ciara didn’t have nudes, period, and everything posted here so far has been glow psyop bullshit, probably from Sunny and her niggersquad. You’d think you “people” would be smart enough to know this but I guess not.
I paid her 350 dollars for a video and then 5 days or so later she died or "died"
I'm probably not the only one that happened to. That video of her with the vibrator is from the same time, someone paid for that. She was advertising custom porn videos on her instagram right before she died. I don't remember the base price anymore but it went up if it was fetish content which mine was. I think I might have a screenshot of the advertisement. I was looking forward to the video then felt dirty after she died but now 2 years later I still feel bad but am also annoyed I blew 350 dollars. I'm not decided on whether she's really dead or not.
Bumping thread because for some reason someone replied to every thread and this one fell down
You think Nigunny and her nigger squad is still active? I mean maybe her squad but she seems to be living a normie faggot life now.
And you're pathetic enough not to believe that that is what she was. She was evil, anon, and deserved her fate. As much as I hate to say it.
Someone here has a brain. These boys live with permanent rose-tinted glasses on it's mind-boggling. She could have committed any crime and they'd still find a way to defend her. They're just as dangerous as the women they idolize.


me personally, i wanted to see her all glammed up and in victorias secret sleazy lingerie but she was pretty beat by time died, 

>   >>/42866/
>  She's dead and never coming back.

well, not as a person, at least in current decade
technology should build UPON nature, not IMITATE nature

we as species can do better than a random blind selection

maybe the real shitty ciara only ever existed so that we could build a true angel ai ciara, the gf of millions
also, I try to distinguish the real lying promiscuous ciara from her created r9k persona - the quirky, shy, autistic eliza

i want the technology to immortalize this eliza part of her, not the real her
You know what? Now that you explained it like that, that's more reasonable. I think I can get behind that. The AI can be the Ciara she never was or could have been had circumstances been different.
I skinwalk as ciara (Using her pics and vids) to talk to/Jack off with randos on social media but ive yet to feel the urge to scam anybody.. Where do i fall in the orbiter sanity scale?
You have catfishing and skinwalking mixed up there friend.
Skinwalking is a made up thing from televison and catfishing is something complete losers do.
Ah, i admit that im using the term skinwalking in a sorta personal definition kinda way, just pretending to be some other person online i meant. 
Of course catfishing is usually seen as a very negative term since its a pretty predatory way of scamming/fucking with people. I don´t know if i even get any kind of gratifiction of what i do besides the sense of curiosity of how it feels from an egirls perspective, and despite the fact what im doing could be reasoned as pretty fucked up i feel like theres lines im not willing to cross despite my fixation (Interacting with them directly,Scamming people using thier image) Mind you, i have fairly low opinions on the egirls i follow so i wouldnt say those moral lines are simping for them.. Just simple self preservation. Yknow what i thought of as stupid way of making content though? Taking posts and replies from maybe here/2chen/R9k of and making a sorta "Egirl thread simulator" and seeing how i fast i could get banned off a site like tiktok lmao
nigger over here calling her “c” like she’s fucking grimes or on a personal level holy shit no wonder she disappeared this cringe shit makes me wanna kms
How is that cope? YOU'RE coping thinking she's alive. As if this attention-seeking brat could go a nanosecond without attention. She's gone. This era of e-girls is at an end. She will not come back and revive it. You'll eventually grow old and Ciara will be a tinkle in the mind compared to everything else. You'll realize she didn't matter. 
Also, she was a piece of shit.
The word incel is now a catch-all buzzword that means nothing now. The word also doesn't change the fact that she's dead.
Yeah maybe I need to tweak the model some more. It's just alot of trial and error to get SD gens looking right.. I'd be very interested in seeing yours. No need to get so angsty though man. Chill out and Grow up. We're all just having fun here. Why are you even here?

i want to kiss that neck all day


more red dress Ciara please, and infront of an Eiffel tower if possible, 

its pretty close to how i picture will be in VR
Because I want people to stop being delusional about their favorite e-girl. I'm a tourist but I wish anons would see them for who they truly are. If you or I ever got the chance with her, you'd be talking about her like I am now.
But saying that I wish I cared more about chan e-girls when she was alive. Maybe I could have talked to her, gave her a guiding hand. Told her she needs to stay away from people who lead her unto destruction. Then everyone would be happy as she'd still be here. She should have just done weed. I don't care if she did it every day. Just stick with shit that wouldn't kill you.
I get where you're coming from but I'm under the impression that everybody develops this same attitude towards her. We all wish we could've saved her but in the end she chose her own path and there has been evidence she was kind of a shitty person. I personally don't let this affect my views of her. Yes she should've just done weed and stayed the fuck away from the hard shit she ended up on. But it's all on her. She chose to use those substances and she chose to hang out with those guys that fed that shit to her. People don't like other making their decisions for them. I would've loved the chance to have gotten to talk to her and find out the kind of person she really was but that's just very unlikely to ever have happened. There's numerous stories of her taking advantage of people and just being a shitty person in general. However nobody is perfect. But out of curiosity how are people on here being delusional about her? All I see are people admiring her beauty and acknowledging her foundation as the archetypical/quintessential e-girl.
lol imagine being a dumb faggot and expressing fake empathy and virtue signaling for a girl you would have called a whore if she didn’t happen to be your NLOG cumbrain fantasy. you guys weave these completely unrealistic and masturbatory scenarios and personalities to implant on her  and get pissed when she doesn’t live up to them. news flash: none of you actually care. posting here doesn’t mean you care. stalking doesn’t mean you care. 

you’re the dumbest most delusional faggot of them all. 
> ciara bad
> i-i could have saved her 
gonna feed her eggs while you’re at it too? jesus christ lmao. not in any hypothetical situation would you ever be able to get close enough to “guide her by the hand” because she would probably think you’re a fucking loser cringelord who sets arbitrary moral standards on everything and has a tantrum every time someone says otherwise and she’s be right in thinking that 

i’d say you should be banned for your posts and input being such an eyesore but i believe your chronic self inflicted indignation is likely punishment enough
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thumbnail of perfection.jpg
perfection jpg
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My God, she's so perfect.

I can't wait for AI to get even better.

> So what's your deal with having her in a red dress in front of the Eiffel Tower exactly, if I may ask?
NTA, but a red dress symbolizes sexual awakening and the Eiffel Tower is a phallic symbol.

She looks fucking TERRIFIC in it.

its my dream date with her. she s waiting for me. im buyin her some flowers at a gift shop. i give them to her, her eyes lite up, she gives me a hug and a kiss, we go to the top to take pics. after we ride around rest of Paris, and back to our hotel room

ty for the pics, exactly as i mentally pictured,
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never-regret-thy-fall jpg
(62.5 KB, 850x400)
> Because I want people to stop being delusional about their favorite e-girl.
You want to destroy our dreams.

> Told her she needs to stay away from people who lead her unto destruction. Then everyone would be happy as she'd still be here.
So you would've preached to her about your normie NPC morals? Lmao, that would've surely convinced her. Why don't you go preach to random prostitutes lol.

Her death was THE BEST thing that could've possibly happened to her.

Don't pity her, pity yourself normfaggot.
what i think it is, there were a lot of people relieved Ciara did pass away. and figured no one would even remember her name a year after she died, and we were probably kiddin about makin her into an Ai.

Now, lookin like Ciara, as planned will become not only an Ai , but an Ai gf to millions of people around world. i suspect original cast may not like attention ,

just speculating. the world Ai gf stuff is still a few years out.
I was drunk as shit last night and caught in the moment. What I meant to say was I'd stomp her head flat for her behavior and how she treated people. 
That better for you, you waste of oxygen?
I'm just getting over mine. I said some shameful shit last night and earlier this morning. I was in a pissy mood. Oh well, shit happens.
A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People.
getting drunk doesn’t make you retarded, it just illuminates the actual retard inside of you that’s there regardless of inebriation. 

i bet you couldn’t even explain what oxygen is in your own words you smoothbrain fucktard.
Like I said, stomped flat with you watching me. Then I'll call the cops afterward but not before. I want you to pick up her fractured skull pieces before they get there.
Ciara is the best egirl. she showed us the scamming whore they all are on the inside, mogged the other egirls and made them seethe, and had the decency to die young before she completely hit the wall