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Thread for the general posting of miscellaneous e-girls and/or cute girls of any kind, especially ones who do not need or deserve their own dedicated threads.
Do not make new threads for non-established e-girls if you're going to contribute nothing more than an OP. Do not make threads for girls that you have one photo of, no information, and that are unlikely to generate any significant interest. Low content threads like these will be deleted. Such posts should be made in this thread instead.
This thread enables the posting and some discussion of lesser known e-girls. If they attract enough interest here it may be possible that they will eventually require their own thread.

Previous:  >>/17577/
i don't know her socials, they are pics from almost a decade ago
she was a scandinavian femanon who played a lot of robots and had bpd, that's all i remember
cant we just have one fucking girl who doesnt have this aesthetic and doesnt wear little girl stuff? i get it, i know where i am, but still, why cant we have one girl thats actually diffefent that wears button down shirts and khakis and cozy wool sweaters?
what a treasure. seems like the kind of girl you could smoke a bowl and play video games with and talk to till the sun comes up.
you should be raped by an elephant for no source bitch

her yt: https://www.youtube.com/@brahkie
her disc: discord.com/invite/8cxaUjEtpq

Ugly crack whore that plagiarized Ashley Jones
Hey C, I know you know who I am. I didn't post these images. In a drunken and heartbroken state I sent a bunch of pictures of you (not your nudes, I deleted all of them when I found out how old you really were), to someone I trusted and I was opening up about girls with, and I'm truly regretful about that. We recently had a falling out and he posted them here. The person who added you today was not me, and it was a way I was trying to re-contact you, but I am sorry. My intentions were not to harm. I will respect your wishes and never contact you again.
if i dm her and ask her who did this to her, who hurt her and bruised her face, will she tell me so i can avenge her and win her love?
why do all these discord girls look and act the same
> bangs
> anorexic
> drug addicts
> pseudo-goth
> overuse of filters
it's like there's a factory that mass produces them
idk but i hope the factory never stops churning them out :) if they keep showing up on the store shelves, i'll keep on buying them
Because 1) women are generally unoriginal in the first place.
2) women very often copy each other.
3) women have an intense attraction to doing the wrong thing, and an intense aversion to learning from their mistakes, which is why they keep falling into the same traps over and over. (chasing abusive men at a young age, getting into drugs, dressing like egirls, being attention whores, etc.)
4) Not only are they naturally very resistant to doing things properly, they also get positive reinforcement from degenerates, so it's doubly hard for them to change.
> it's like there's a factory that mass produces them
better buy a pre-order with a dlc package then before new model gets released on discord
"anon said his cock is as big as this monster can, haha. prove it faggot! pull it out right here at the skate park i dare you!"

Anon unzips his pants and pulls out his meat log. her eyes widen with amazement, "omg ive never seen one that thick and big! holy shit i wonder if that would even fit inside me?!, haha"

you take her hand and lead her into the skate park bathroom, lift up her tiny waist and forcefully place her on the sink. you begin kissing every beautiful cut and scar running down the inside of her thighs, then you slide down her hello kitty undies and see the tightest, most flawless,  glistening wet and slippery, smooth little anorexic pussy youve ever seen

You place your hand around her delicate, porcelain white soft girl neck and slam the back of her head into the mirror above the sink. 

“Aweee Owwy” she says as she makes a pouty face. “That was cute. Was that supposed to hurt anon? wow anon you’re soooo rough hahaha” she starts to giggle.

You angrily pry her legs open. “Oh yeah? is that how it is? You’re mocking me now? Get ready for PAIN, bitch!” you thrust your humungous cock into her impossibly tight little teen pussy. “Im going to fucking destroy your insides! My dick is going to stretch you out so hard you won’t be able to walk for 2 fucking weeks! I swear to god” , as you begin thrusting into her violently, railing her like a jackhammer.
She looks at you briefly with empty, vacant egirl eyes as her ankles are up near her head. “Umm , am I supposed to feel something rn? LMAO. This is boringgggg. Tell me when you’re done.” She pulls out her iPhone and starts browsing tik tok as you pound her mercilessly.

You strike her face as hard as you can and the sound fills the bathroom, as blood begins to trickle from her lip. “OMG” she says happily, “my lip is bleeding! And look, my mascara is smeared! This is hot af..I look so qt rn anon ! Take a selfie of meeeeee, so I can post it on twitter, niggerrrrr. Grrrrr “
“You retarded bitch! “ you grab her from the sink and throw her onto the filthy bathroom tiled floor and begin punching her face in, as blood flies in every direction and her teeth are coming loose. “What do I have to do, you crazy kinky bitch!?, do I have to fucking KILL you to make you feel something and stop acting stupid, you dumb cunt !?? Why Why WHY!? Why are you making me do this to you!!??  I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you!” You choke her as hard as you possibly can and feel muscles and tendons snapping, you ram her skull against the floor repeatedly until its a caved-in, bloody pulp.

To your horror, she’s STILL laughing!! She sits up, rises to her feet, her head limp , every bone in her neck and face broken, and blood gushing out of her nose and mouth. She picks up her cracked phone and starts streaming and doing viral tiktok dances. “Hashtag best friends dance! Hashtag viral new dance challenge! Lol! Love all my fannnsssss!” 

You begin laughing hysterically, you are now insane.
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Screen... png
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please you guys where are the goth cuties? stop hoarding them to yourselves and share. i want a girlfriend thats so fucking goth that when i go down on her , i have to dodge vampire bats flying out of her pussy
obviously she's hot but that's just some normie stacy from tikyok or insta with an ugly nose piercing. why not just go for a stacy sans the self mutilation at that point?
I really like that last one with the russian girl with red hair. Such a beautiful face. its always magical when a girl doesnt realize how beautiful she is and hasnt become full of herself yet.
the problem with this girl  >>/64466/
as well as this one  >>/64390/ is that they look too perfect and dont exhibit any mental illness or derranged qualities. imagine these two girls faces if you said you wanted to fuck their armpit or jizz in their ear or fuck their feet. theyd have none of it.
Kaya is selfish and obviously doesn't give a fuck about me so I don't even want her as a friend, Callie is far better than any girl I've met irl and online.
you're weird and have made me uncomfortable since December, normal people don't jerk off to their friends nor do they make suggestive gestures to them in video calls
now youre just making up bullshit cuz you have nothing to say back lol, i dont think we even ever face timed or called privately ever, you prop thought i was giving u gestures cuz u think everyone likes you or some shit but no no one does
+ to add, I'm so glad I left your server because it was nothing but a porn-filled den of pothead retards who borderline fetishize depression, also lain sucks I tried watching it but I almost died of boredom get better taste bozo
porn and weed rot your brain get real help before you end up killing yourself
I might think you're disgusting but I actually don't want you to die
it was in a public VC with two other people and you were high as shit I left because the other guys were yelling about fortnite (L game btw, overhyped) and I couldn't hear you over them but you were doing weird 'jerk off' hand gestures which is weird to do around anyone (aside from your gf)
THERE WAS LITERALLY A PORN CHANNEL AND YOU WOULD POST LINKS TO SQUIRTING COMPILATIONS AND PUSSY ASMR also there were two ppl spamming self harm but I deleted those when I was there oof
So bc i posted like 3 or 4 videos MONTHS ago by now, and that channel is dead as fuck still, my server is a porn filled den of pothead retards?
also ill delete that channel rn actually it is kinda gay
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delete it and never return to porn again
bad for the brain

and now as an apology for derailing the thread I shall post my favorite egirl: 
PewDiePie's wife
(in goofy ahh android screenshot quality)
oh wow. thank you anon :) im an obese femcel and have been wanting more pictures of this beautiful goth princess so i can fingerblast by stinky hole into oblivion
Yeah sorry to be mean but she’s mid. Her nudes are mid. She’s a loser who drinks by herself every day and pisses herself and likes to act like a little child to bait pedros into buying her shit . She’s just a mentally ill gross whore
anorexic angels post their beautiful thighs online, and they act upset that some men of refined taste goon to their pics. confusion.
Found it on 4archive. Thread was called "what kind of girlfriend do you want" - /b/
It looked like a dead-end and I'm too lazy to dig further so I'll pass it on to one of you. Good luck.
> a vid of a cute girl.
You are imagining things.
And no, I'm not saying that's a man.
But that stupid fucking filter and being a stick figure is not cute at all.
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1706839510... jpg
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this is just perfect...nottoo skelly to be disgusting and on the verge of dying, but skinny enough you can worship her lovely colarbones and rib cage
This DA account is clearly hers but I cant find a source for the other pictures in that album

This is her Twitter, she has a handful of accounts. There was some controversy because she posted a photo of her blowing her boyfriend with an ice cream emoji over it. 

Her boyfriend's Twitter below still has it up. 

You dumb disgraceful swines. 
The world is fucked mainly because of SIMPS and cucks like you all on this board. 
You spend your lives drooling over stupid bitches like their filthy putrid fuckhole is the most precious thing on earth.  
SubhanAllah and Baruch HaShem, May Allah and Yahweh destroy you, and kill all these filthy shiksas.