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we are building a new social networking/dating site that only exists on TOR: http://ua76ydxg47fmmanmaxnq45rgkd24exbdppo3vtugy7vg4jy37i43aead.onion/
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I would never give out my contact info on places like this. Heck, I refuse to use the same computer I email and other personal stuff when visiting sites like this.
c'mon, make a burner. Tor mail, a blockchain note-field, a few changed pixels, think outside the fuckin' box. Otherwise, anything you do online is just jacking off in the basement
> Otherwise, anything you do online is just jacking off in the basement

That's better than taking the risk going to an American gulag for some online FBI sting setup, getting beat up and ass pounded by cellmate Jamal.

Let's put the cards on the table, what exactly is it you actually intend people to do after giving their contacts away over the highly surveillanced darknet while meeting up with you or your group?

Am I the only anon here who remembers all the articles exposing the FBI setting up and imprisoning "extremists" online and all the leaked documents over a court case challenging it?

I'm not here to do anything insane, illegal or stupid, I'm here to post comments and read what others have to say, that's all. To be clear: that is all.

There's definitely a few girls on TOR. They typically live in trailer parks and do meth, though there are also a few coders on there from countries like Saudi Arabia and China.

Honestly I would rather just die, life on this planet is overrated anyway.

Prisons don't have video games because they wish to make it as boring and miserable as possible. They're essentially gulags. With rape, well that's a form of torture so gulags do fit that definition for most US prisons. If I ever see cops busting down my door I'm going to make them shoot and kill me. Like I said, life is highly overrated.
It's probably different if not worse in other countries out there. 

> Prisons don't have video games because they wish to make it as boring and miserable as possible. 

Don't people get books and tv access for good behavior?

Yah because of spammers and the fact so little provide decent informative or entertaining content!
yea 8kun too. im banned on 4chan so i cant say shit there but i can still lurk. i wish there was a site as popular as 4chan but is better like only captchas to post not to reply and having a wider selection of boards to choose from. creating your own board is cool and all but at the same time only a very select few of all the boards on here get any activity worth a shit, so going the 4chan route and only having a fixed number of boards seems like the right way to go.

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Я - беженец с уёбищного 2ch.hk, мне тут оставаться или продолжать искать тот самый 2ch 2006 года с деаноном и шлюхами?

I am a refugee from the fucking 2ch.hk, should I stay here or continue to look for that same 2ch from 2006 with deanon and whores?
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Пошел нахуй коляс. Полру русофобская борда. Если ОП ненавидит пидорашку и людей которые там живут - велком. Хорошим русским там не рады.
Подзалупная лурка найс
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> местные polru и rus захвачены мочой с 2ch.hk

Подзалупные двощи, подзалупные мочухи
Подзалупные анонисты, подзалупные подзалупы
Подзалупные все!

Do not alter this in any way, spread this far and wide to all who will be interested.

libgen.rs - Non-Fiction - "Laserhawk"

Save, spread and re-upload these books everywhere they can be securely posted. Ensure the documents do not change so they remain accurate. Use them to your benefit. If you do not trust, do not read. If you read these books, may they benefit you.

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Post your OninoShare links, and see what people send you, or send me some files through my onion link:
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Share her anywhere? please post proof: http://6bwvurli47czmrfmkbntpmzz3y2k32y4lcsebxm57usr7z4mjlb6omqd.onion

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Stop blaming all your unhappiness on them. 
It's not their fault you didn't work to be a better version of yourself.
How can you expect to be loved if you don't love yourself?
How can you expect to be the emotional pillar of someone if you can't stand being with yourself for 5 friggin minutes?
I truly hate incelfags
Women aren't evil, but they can be very selfish and demanding. Can I blame them though? Not really. The value of men and women is really only as good as ethics and moral in the culture and society they currently live in. And as most can clearly see, that's next to grade B horseshit today. :)
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Women are very selfish and shallow. They live life on tutorial mode and don't need to do anything to get through live in great condition WHILE demanding for a men that NEEDS to work HARD to get anything he needs. While a women just needs to exist and she gets everything. Almost every men spends more time alone than a women does. And women get everything for free: affection, attention, support, everything. While a man gets nothing of this. When a men joins a mc server: nobody cares. When a girl joins an mc sever: after 5 minutes she alreaddy got friend requests and everyone is giving affection andd attention. I also hate incel fags, but women are exactly as worse.
You can not say ,,all women are evil" or ,,women are not evil" because there are good girls and bad girls exactly as there are bad guys and friendly guys. You can not generalize that. 
If you want to chat (or proof to me that you are not an evil one <3) my discord is florm9 and my phone number is +49 176 93 111 745
I speak russian, german and english, I also have telegram and whatsapp
The problem is not the women, but the state of society in general. Take a trip to the past, civilized traditional culture when that existed (60s era for example). Women took care of the family, they did the laundry, they cooked the meals, they clothed your children and they supported their husbands in hard times. They were not backstabbing sluts who exploited people. Then again, the culture in the 1960s was very very different than it is today. We had moral. We had ethics. We had principles. We had a real economy, not a fake outsourced endlessly debt-dependent insolent fraud of a joke so-called-"economy" we see today. We did not have utter subversive trash in music or on television or over the radio. People also cared very much about what their government was up to back then and made noise when they witnessed something deplorable or unjust. Men stood up to bullies of society and men locked away the subversive kooks into nut houses where they belong. Men also punished those who were corrupted, even as far as vigil-ante justice in some cases (like pedophilia). Men also wanted to build things, not destroy things. Skills were taught at a young age. Teenage boys loved to work on their new cars. Husbands built tree houses for their kids to play in. That was the norm. It's not the norm today and that is the problem. Corruption and subversion of society killed us. It made men weak and women into exploiting whores. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Either we fix it, or our society will cease to exist within the next decade. Does the USSR exist anymore? That was a big wake up call for Russia for sure.

I've looked and looked, and I can't seem to find a picture of you sitting there jacking off all by yourself every weekend, completely incapable of figuring out how to get some pussy.. living in your mother's spare bedroom, unemployed, with no money, playing with your tiny little penis like the bitch that you are...

Help me find you in the stupid drawing. Point yourself out for me

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