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Americans say 911 is busy because of budget cuts, but maybe the real reason 911 is busy is because everything is illegal.
That old Bitch is "President" of america.
Americans are all cowardly and pathetic bitches.

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I can't stand it. All they do is complain with their fancy Mercedes-Benz and cry emotional Cheeses while their Boyfriend has broken up with them. The Boys became a Gay Cheese because they are just American. They later committed suicide because of Cheese Bullying. 

Let me tell you something America, Suicide is an American Teenager thing. This is how you die, strap yourself with a Car-Battery and go to Allah. Stop being a Cheese USA.

AMERICA is just a Cheese Breath.
YaAllah Halal Ensure Redeem you.
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White BBC slaves


For you know that you were not redeemed from your useless [spiritually unproductive] way of life inherited [by tradition] from your forefathers with perishable things like silver and gold, but [you were actually purchased] with precious blood, like that of a [sacrificial] lamb unblemished and spotless, the priceless blood of Christ. For He was foreordained (foreknown) before the foundation of the world, but has appeared [publicly] in these last times for your sake

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The tyrants of Israel have controlled things, and run this world into the ground.  How can we fight back against these psychos?
Israel is Satanic, they thrive on evil deeds. It was their plan all along to destroy everything.  
We should fight back how we can when we can, the sooner the better.


Now Americans are saying waiting periods for guns are perfectly acceptable because you must also wait for redlights.

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I don't know if this is the right place but I don't know what to do anymore. This is not your typical, I want to see if my girlfriend is cheating situation.

There's this guy that has a history of harassing girls on Instagram, sending unsolicited dick pics, etc and last month, he abused my 14yo cousin. We went to the police but they couldn't care less and even asked "what were you wearing". She broke down and tried to commit suicide because of what happened.
Last week, the same guy got a 16yo pregnant and told her to fuck off because he "wanted to enjoy life".
What I'm asking is for someone to help me get access to his account so I can screenshot everything, expose him to everyone so no other girls have to experience what my cousin had to.

I can give you the instagram handle, his tiktok handle and his first and last name.

I have been scammed 3 times already trying to do this so I don't have that much money left but any help would be appreciated

My telegram is PLakoT1 if anyone wants to contact me there
sounds like bullshit why didn't you just dox the nigger right away if he is as bad as you say?
Because I want someone to help me. I don't want a fag going out and acting like a snitch and telling him someone is trying to do this

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does anyone know what causes mods on the anonib board to nuke threads of girls that are fully clothed and 18+ ? i posted a thread of this girl i found from IG and it was nuked twice and the pics were banned. i don't get it. is she famous or something??
a single report from any user

use 7ch, the mod is literally a nigger so he hates genuine dialogue, but rape porn is fine

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I am going to engage in a little White Shaming this morning. I think it is merited.

How many of you are genuinely able to name more than one piece of classical music that isn't hammered to death by Hollywood? How many of you can name a composer other than Mozart or Beethoven, AND THEN, name a piece of music associated with that composer? How many of you have read Kipling, or Robert Service, or Thomas Mallory? Can you name the Greek, Roman, or Norse gods, beyond the ones mocked by the jews at Marvel Comics? In what year did the German people slaughter three whole Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest?

Far too many of you can name and sing along to every nigger rap song out there, and know every Jap anime that has ever existed (except Appleseed; nobody seems to know Appleseed), and have seen every jew-made Hollywood blockbuster out there.

But almost none of you know Allegri. 

I put a geas upon you. But you probably don't know what a geas is, do you. 

geas (plural geasa or geases)

pron. "Ges".

    (originally in ancient Irish religion and mythology) A vow, obligation or injunction placed upon someone to do something, which typically brings harm if violated and blessings if obeyed. 

Do one thing today, to enrich your understanding of White Culture and improve your knowledge of your own people.

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thumbnail of grevil4.jpeg
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Give me more blood money. 
I am greedy evil ruling class.
Give it to me all the money snd oil.
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Europe is not any better. The Middle East is not any better. Russia and China are not much better. Ukraine has fallen. Africa is still third world. America may rapidly be declining into the third world too but what the hell can we do? What have all of YOU haters done to make anything better!? Fuck you, take a look in the mirror bitches.
Oh hey, what happens if you publicly dissent in the UK? You go to prison for hate speech! What happens in Canada when you protest against a toxic "vaccine" they wish to force against your will? Oh that's right, you get beat up and end up in jail! What happened to Europe when the US blew up their major energy supply (Nordstream)? They bent the knee and quickly suppressed it and allowed their domestic industries to be destroyed! What about Mexico? How great is that country anymore? You got violent narco cartels taking over towns and cities, destabilizing the nation, corrupting all the politicians and creating entire victim populations with human sex and drug trafficking! How nice Mexico is, surely they can't be considered part of the big problem either? Knock knock haters, knock knock! The whole entire world is corrupted! The whole fucking world is run by scumbags! Knock knock McFly!!!

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