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thumbnail of Rope.jpeg
Rope jpeg
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did you know some foid got lostallhope.com shutdown?
also cripplechan used to have a suicide board which was interesting to read, but too bad it's gone now.
> inb4 kys
im a coward

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thumbnail of Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April).webp
Kaori Miyazono (Your... webp
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Balkanchan - friend of LynxChan

MYLOVE (Welcome to my MYLOVE Board)


8chan Community
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I fucking hate faggots seriously fuck faggots and fuck the gays I hate them this guy is a basement faggot living with his mother while he gets piss faced drunk he should stop posting this faggot shit
fag here. sorry to hear that. i'll tell the rest of the fags to stop posting about gay shit. hope this gives you some comfort.
Why do you care what some loser does in his mother's basement? Sheesh. Are you really that insecure?

Because they hate beauty in the hands of other people.

Ever notice why radical leftists want everything that functions properly and works normal banned? Ever wonder why whenever leftists run cities those cities turn into dangerous gang-ridden, crime infested slums and ghettos? It is their modus operandi. It is their policy to make things worse for average people. It is their ideology to fuck things up for you and your family. It's an ingrained mental sickness. That's why so many leftists end up killing themselves when they can't get their way in life.
It's more realistic. In the real world, only a little percent of people are beautiful.

But games are fantasy for people, so even if their characters are handsome or beautiful, it's okay.
They probably think by making other women look uglier they themselves will look prettier or more desirable IRL. Not the way it works but when does that ever stop them?

thumbnail of Sexiness at its peak.mp4
thumbnail of Sexiness at its peak.mp4
Sexiness... mp4
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thumbnail of There's definitely a tushy storyline going on..mp4
thumbnail of There's definitely a tushy storyline going on..mp4
There's definitely a... mp4
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thumbnail of I need her.mp4
I need her mp4
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thumbnail of Goddess.mp4
Goddess mp4
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thumbnail of holy.mp4
holy mp4
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are we ever going to see her fully nude and doing full nude sex scenes in anything anytime soon, or even better any leaks of her having sex, I've heard talk or there being some floating around the web for a few years now
She is good looking but I believe she would lose all her attractiveness in a few years if she became a porn star. Look at all the used up whored out porn stars today and most of them don't look very attractive later in their career.

thumbnail of Microsoft_Office_Word_(2019–present).svg.png
thumbnail of Microsoft_Office_Word_(2019–present).svg.png
Microsoft_Office_Word... png
(105.16 KB, 2203x2050)
I've recently gotten a new PC since my previous one is on the fritz at the moment and can someone here please tell me how in the fuck do I get Microsoft word document onto my actual desktop we've already and are still paying for the family package each year. 

at the moment all it seems to be doing is only seeming to open it in and on the internet to which I just do not understand why the fuck it's only doing it that way when it ever did that in the past.

thank you

PS I fucking hate Windows 10 biggest pile of shit of an OS on the market.
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