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Being concerned =/= telling you to shut up, dumbass. 
No, Autism is a neurological DISORDER, not an illness. 
No it didn't. Stop telling obvious fake stories
> Stop telling obvious fake stories
> i was groomed
> my parents are cats
> i am white
> i dont have pdd
> i am not fat
> i am not mexican
> Words like “illness” and “disorder” may help professionals objectively diagnose conditions and provide effective treatment, but individuals may choose to use terms that feel the most comfortable to them when describing their own health.
mental illness cope
get back to the group home geordie
nurse tardslap has something to give you
I am sure no one actually gives a flying fuck, but Yonkers/Poopcat doesn't come online much anymore, because he now lives in a 'Group Home' with other 'special' residents, which has limited supervised internet access.
first of all, i moved on from here you retard. i only post here sometimes. 
second, people move on after certain years. you dont see them post as often as they used to, but that's a good thing. they realize just like 4chan, this is a hellhole for idiots like you 
and  third, you dont even know what a group home is. 
fourth i don't have any special residents nor limited access. 
learn how shit works or drown in it
> get back to- 
No, how about stop being delusional you pathological liar. 
> muhhh cope 
This isn't /pol/. No one's coping here. 
And tardslap isn't a word. Stop roleplaying this nonsense and projecting it back on me. 
> I heard- 
> Your favorite tonight geo- 
You are creeps. No questions asked, or exceptions. 
YOU are klim, dumbass. I'm not ever going to grow up to be an elderly creep like you are. 
> I am sure no one actually gives a flying fuck- 
Perfect. You admitted no one smarter than you cares.
>  i moved on from here 
into the grouphome
> learn how shit works or drown in it
he was hard as a diamond typing this
> No, how about stop being delusional you pathological liar.
geordie i thought you had grown out of talking to yourself lol
> This isn't /pol/. 
a black man is talking to a mexican man
ofc this aint pol
> No one's coping here.
> And tardslap isn't a word.
its the surname of your nurse bro
> You are creeps.
lets list all the people here who have taken secret photos of their mom
all the people who have hit on 15 yo girls
all the people who have masturbated during a conversation their mother was having with a 15 year old girl
all the people who have been labelled as a pedo when they were hanging out in a discord for 13 yos
all the people who have flashed their penis at strangers in web chats
all the people who have posted underage pornography
all the people who have masturbated to multiple underage childens cartoon characters
yes lets list all the people who exhibited any or all of these creepy behaviors
> geordie
> thats all
thumbnail of 45f56b5676234bc4af2172baa8482a21-videowebm.webm
thumbnail of 45f56b5676234bc4af2172baa8482a21-videowebm.webm
45f56b5676... webm
(647.89 KB, 640x1134 vp9)
> Is it true that the piss closet was allowed to happen because as disgusting as it is, it's better than him running round the house pissing on his family
This is why he is in a group home now.
Geordie simply marked his territory to defend against the klims of the outside world. Now as for the group home aromas..
thumbnail of YI33MMq.png
thumbnail of YI33MMq.png
YI33MMq png
(638.86 KB, 1080x1078)
The funniest part is that there is 'nothing new' here, the same roller coaster goes around the same track, and the same response happens. The story has been analyzed and argued over ad infinitum, especially in the midst of the booger eater, and no learning happens. This is the definition of the Twilight Zone.
That's to be  expected from this  board. There's nothing new at all, nothing with remorse thought about, nothing with a proper and genuine apology from any of this board's members either. it's nothing. 
They don't forgive, or forget after all. 
They're like Anonymous but even more without regret. 
you do know that's not even the actual signature right. it's written differently, not just pasted onto other draws as if you think it's mine - when i don't even have art styles like dante's lol 
> cub raping cre- 
That's not a cub, that's just someone's bunny after they rebranded despite the allegations, basically it's inspired off of mirth/kodomodachi's former sona. 
> D-duhhh.. not! 
Man even my Summer/September art are fucking better than 2021. You just don't get cartoons or the proper-named styles like "the ltn style"... you hate cartoons and indie ones
> Image 1: Drawn in black to celebrate all- 
No, it's to PAY TRIBUTE to the PEOPLE who DIED in 9/11, on 2001. 
People still do that annually, and for a reason. I don't care if you are "baiting", no  you are not. You're literally missing the entire point of the september 11 attacks from 22 years ago. Don't you ever fucking disrespect it by only assuming black people died or being racist about it  

Also I am not jackson moran revolting, it's Jordan Rivera, literally my real fucking name you doofus
> That's to be expected from this board
Bruh that's on you. 
> There's nothing new at all, nothing with remorse thought about, nothing with a proper and genuine apology from any of this board's members either. it's nothing.
Just like Nothing Go!!!!1??!! Unapologetic and brown pounding conventional methods.
> members
Do we finally work for your networks?
> They don't forgive, or forget after all.
I thought I was Macker... you isn't joshie?
> They're like Anonymous but even more without regret
Excuse me? I will have you know. We are the nicest compared to most, testing your buttons.
You should be thanking us for teaching you not to fight Carmen
I've answered you already on this. 
You act stupid on purpose. 
You aweren't pranking at all, you literally misinterpreted that without any second thought. 
You ASSUMED me making tribute art in a way I never did. 9/11 was never a joke 
> cycle 
The only thing that goes on forever is you posting people's drawings and your behavior in general. Please stop
I don't care about him. I wouldn't even c are about the fact he'd die soon. Because let's face it, Klim hasn't always been the brightest, not even growing up to be  the sick fuck he is. He already went down the path of being creepy, and also stalky. 
He's literally saved most of  my pictures too. Not just art ones 
no, i went to other better internet sites on MY OWN HOME. in fucking pennyvane. You know damn well where I fucking live you crazy schizotard 
no i was not hard typing swear words to you. 
i want you to either learn how to fuck off for good, or forever suffer for many years right before an asteroid hits earth, very soon. you cant be a larping person all your life, no black person wastes their life on harassing an adult that's literally not flawed in anyway let alone regret coming on sites during the underage phase. you're wasting your time even blogposting to some guy who doesn't even care to brag about anime shit and other "jap" shit as well as assume the worst (mostly false). 
you and bongo are not any better, okay? no i'm not "our boy", stop calling me that. no, LOL tv isn't a copy of anything nor does it promote fucking lolicon. it isn't inkbunny-related. just because i took a random meme word based off of "laugh out loud" doesn't mean it connotates with arguably hated on fictional content 
no i never talked to myself? i was literally calling you a liar because you assumed i was somewhere else when i've never been in a group home for practically any year now. i wouldn't even spend someone's birthday in that shithole either
no i  hadn't took "secret photos" of anyone. you only assume that because you think i'm one of those incest fucks (or god forbid, chris chan.) when i wasn't. you wanted to know who my parents were so bad i gave you pretty much the image alone as to who it is. old pics or not. 
you wanted to dox me badly, this is the result 
no, i have never hit on any 15 year old girl. i'm not a fucking map, but i'm not a pervert either. 
no i  had not masturbated AT ALL until the stream was "over" after klim had a talk with fake christfag on another account over chris chan or false assumption schizotalk made in 2021 
no i hadn't been a pedo from even the start just because i hung out with random friends  from back then (which are thankfully old news, and dead horse) 
no i had never flashed a penis, but because you like to obsess over me being underage i figured you'd wanted that. because you want to harass me. i didn't, but you guys in the sick minds did. 
its just like you calling me something i'm not, for posting CARTOON FURRY DIAPER PORN. 
no, i had not posted underage pornography. i was CLEARLY 17 when the 30 yhear old german told me  to do something I NEVER wanted to do. 
and no i hadnt masturbated to underage cartoons 
so im not sure why you even need to assume something that wasn't even true.
im glad you settling in and now consider the group home to be yours
> no i was not hard 
lol i forgot the mushroom cant do that my bad
> no black person wastes their life
> you and bongo are not any better
we both employed bro
hows your job going and before replying dont forget that employment earns money and is not creating retard scribbles nobody asked for for free
> it promote fucking lolicon
> no i never talked to myself
lol did you forget the 600000000 messages where you pretended was you talking to the cat child
thumbnail of 00014-2276420051.png
thumbnail of 00014-2276420051.png
00014-2276420051 png
(493.38 KB, 680x512)
> no i hadn't took "secret photos" of anyone
picrel mfw
> you wanted to dox me
no geordie go back and look at any one of my posts
all of them were telling you to go away
> no, i have never hit on any 15 year old girl.
opposite talk
> i'm a fucking map
> no i had not masturbated AT ALL until the stream was "over"
> no i hadn't been a pedo from even the start
opposite talk
> no i had never flashed a penis, 
but you did geordie and whoever was recording them streams had to stop because of this
> no, i had not posted underage pornography. i was CLEARLY 17 
so you posted several pictures of a naked 17 yo which were sexually explicit
remind me geordie is that legal pornography or is it underage
> no i hadnt masturbated to underage cartoons
geordie i have lost count on how many different underage cartoons you have admitted to
thumbnail of cheerup.gif
thumbnail of cheerup.gif
cheerup gif
(242.11 KB, 670x670)
> getting people to shit on him 
Happens every time he uses baaa2,
but it is an imaginary story, obviously
he can't tell the difference between 
science and fiction. He lives in a dream 
world filled with imagination and then he 
come to the circus to play (image boards).
He pounds a spike into a stump, then runs 
in a circle around it.
This video answers the question: What is the relationship, if any, between autism spectrum disorder and violence? This is a controversial topic due to some poor interpretations of research findings. Some of the attempts to summarize research findings on this topic have not contained enough depth and did not capture the essence of the original articles.
thumbnail of Therapy.jpg
thumbnail of Therapy.jpg
Therapy jpg
(42.67 KB, 500x560)
Yonkers Stalked me, Groomed me, Brainwashed me, Manipulated me, Pranked me and Forced me Against My Will to post these images. He HURT me. It's all his fault. Poopcat MADE me do it, I swear! I never did anything wrong.
> B-buh that's on youuu! 
What. I'm telling the truth, actually. 
> Just like Nothi- 
It's called Jampacked. NOT  "Nothing Go". I changed  the name of  this series a year ago. Keep up with the times. 
It's GROUND pound, stop being so uncultured on Mario words. 
I've never even  fought my mother, retard. Stop making no sense 
> im glad you settling in and now consid- 
I'm at pennsylvania you fucking retard. At my APARTMENT of a HOUSE. 
DON'T YOU FUCKING KNOW WHERE I LIVE AT ANYMORE. IS THERE ANY DAY YOU DON'T THINK OF HALLUCINATED CRAZY SHIT LIKE THIS? No one but yourself thought of a fucking group home that never been! 
Plus that was for someone's birthday, not me. 
> i forgot the- 
WHY don't you LEARN THIS. It's LITERALLY a  private part of the body. 
YES it  can get hard, it is caused by a fucking erection. Jesus christ you are DAFT. 
And that's not what I fucking mean, I'm saying no black person (that YOU claim to be as) would spend time saying "GEORDIE GEORDIE  GEORDIE!! HURRR!!! I BELIEVE FICTION AFFECTS REALITY AND OTHER DUMB SHIT LIKE YOU BEING DEAD." 
There's always going  to be a REAL african smarter than your white ass. Stop. 
As with this Baron guy, I'm not even sure  how tf no one  even talked in least SOME opinion about him. It wasn't really as troll but  rather some obscure form of the web. 
> w-we both emplo- 
Being rude and providing fake "evidence" about me dying and doing stuff that isn't even true isn't employment. Piss off. 
> retard scribbles 
Not even insulted, but my  drawings are not only DOODLES - the *correct* word you should be using instead of using weird meme talk. And just because I'm in your gen X doesn't mean I fully fit in with 4chan's support of meme talk. 
Plus I don't even know why even if it were a hobby, none of the fucking cartoons are made by big studios. My stuff is only made by indie  creators like me, though I'd be fully okay  with them drawing my shit.  However I don't need to start an animated pilot to impress someone. I already made characters and are already being used for fun stuff and whatnot. 
> nobody asked 
Well pal, nobody asked for you to even meet me at 2019 and then randomly call me  dead yet still respond to me over their sobstory. 
Talking to yourself =/= some illness, dumbass. 
I've read from an article it may boost positivity or whatever. I  don't even  think hateful thoughts these days or what you say BUT I sure feel happier. 
> muh cat chi- 
What cat "child". There aren't any cubs. Not even on inkbunny. 
I think you're overthinking the 'children' topic too much, as opposed to real abuse. Please, kindly piss off and never diss flufferians again. Or any of my creations whatsoever.  
Okay well even if it WAS taken, it wasn't even meant for some weird recognizing tool that Ram didn't even TELL me about. NOR WAS IT MEANT FOR DOXXING. 
It was PURELY random. I never thought anything sexual or weird about my  OWN MOTHER IN REAL LIFE. 
Who even cares, you're the only one that needs to go away, not me. 
Oh and how nice, you decide to quote me  but edit one part out which were obviously nos and nots. 
it's NOT opposite talk, NO i am NEVER any fucking minorattracted whatever. I'm not a fucking pedo you absolute nutty cunt. Stop using words that are repeated to the brim where it's nothing but a unfunny gag at this point. You can't just expect your brain to repeat "pedo pedo! opposite talk! geordie this or that! joshie died, derp" all the time. This can't possibly be done without getting a headache. I can't imagine being you man. You're a joke.
Please read and don't ignore like a fucking "troll". Trolls (unlike you) move on if  they aren't entertained. 
No  I NEVER even TRIED to fucking masturbate - again, during the stream. I don't care if  klim muted me, though you honestly need to stop bringing this up. I've told you  my answers CLEARLY, and HONESTLY. 
I'm not anyone in the fukcing works, wake up. 
> b-but you- 
I was underage anyway. You SHOULD have stopped. BUT YOU DIDN'T. 
> buhhh! s-so you posted- 
No I fucking didn't you moron. There wasn't even any sexual connotation in something I wasn't even involved in, I don't go to the fucking dark web and spew all this. I'm not some crazy person like you. I don't have these pictures because for crying out loud, I've never had them at all. 
My god the narrative from you is insane. Please STOP typing. You're making yourself decline even further before  anyone even cuts down your internet. 
> is that le- 
WHY  CAN'T YOU FUCKING READ  OVEER THIS EVEN THAT EVEN "HAPPENED" A YEAR AGO... let alone BRING it UP again until you fucking die or you get BORED. 
> i have lost  co- 
I'm fucking SICK of you being a gaslighter FFS, and your overall nonsense replies. I've  told what I said, but you keep viewing it  as "Oh but you did! i-it's true!  The boogeyman saw it too!!!!!" 
Man you're not a child, please stop acting like one.
Oh no! Klim! Oh no!!!

"Tasmanian man dies after dog attacks couple at home"

omg geordie you did all this work and i didnt even see it
im sorry i aint meant to ignore you i aint your mama lol
no idk which group home it is
> Being rude and providing fake "evidence" about me dying and doing stuff that isn't even true isn't employment.
das rite
but you know a job aint forced to do 24 hours a day right people only do it when they get paid to do it lol maybe you will see one day
> There aren't any cubs. Not even on inkbunny.
lol theres even cubs on yo shitter bro
> Okay
> Who even cares
i do bro
> No I NEVER even TRIED to fucking masturbate - again, during the stream. 
opposite talk https://vocaroo.com/1epZgSaeXCBo
> before anyone even cuts down your internet.
geordie when you an adult with a job and a place to live that dont happen lol
and you posted it a number of times
> "Oh but you did! i-it's true! The boogeyman saw it too!!!!!"
oh but you did its true the archives saw all of it too and you cant delete it
nice try geordie with your asslighting but you know i got evidence of every single one of my claims
idk about hector tho staying with cammy after he worked out that she got the tism prolly aint a smart move in itself
i went to a sealife center and there was two girls there who was obviously lesbians
hair and boy clothes the whole deal
as soon as i saw them i thought
> they must really like the smell of fish
have i got the autism
Looks like Our Boy has gone and killed himself again... jumped out of another window, I guess... that would explain his absence from here.

Rest in Piss.
no yuo idiot, i'm not dead and i hadnt killed myself. 
NOT posting every day can do a lot of benefits aka forget this place and let it rot, sheesh if only you tried.
thumbnail of 1657748266699b4.png
thumbnail of 1657748266699b4.png
1657748266699b4 png
(28.94 KB, 604x563)
thumbnail of 1657748266699c.png
thumbnail of 1657748266699c.png
1657748266699c png
(407.81 KB, 482x586)
Looks like Our Boy Geordie has abandoned his 'Bunnyboard'… yup, another one gone! kek


I guess the thought of being beaten, whipped, chained, tied up, starved etc etc has got him too busy jerking the button mushroom furiously again.
looks like i want you to fuck off and die 
especially that you're a fucking creep who cant stop posting the same thing over and over again 
whether its my face to my drawings, and random fucking text editors you use 
no one wants you or your presence at ALL 
they do NOT like you in ANY way, shape or form 
take the fucking hint and LEAVE
you only say that because you keep thinking that i draw something i'm CLEARLY NOT INTO. i fucking hate scat, i hate the smell of it, everything. why the fuck do you keep thinking otherwise, did you forget to learn to read at fifth grade or something?
I say that because that's what everyone on 4chan calls you. You were claiming that Klim is incredibly unpopular on 4chan whilst ignoring that they all call you by a name that only an incredibly unpopular poster would get.
thumbnail of 1697406711561249.gif
thumbnail of 1697406711561249.gif
1697406711561249 gif
(129.84 KB, 480x480)
Oh Yoinkass... dear, dear Yoinkass: Your PDD prevents you from seeing your own faults and responding in an appropriately mature manner.

You just aren't listening to, absorbing or applying anything they are trying to teach you in your twice-weekly psychotherapy “Play Groups.”

Please note: That is NOT OUR PROBLEM. It is YOURS.

Have a Nice Day.

NOTE: This post will be absolutely tl;dr for Jordan, who won’t/can’t read or comprehend it at all, so will dismiss it – as usual [sigh].
> he ignored my posts?!? canon!!!111 
you are severely retarded and i hope you have a terminal fate soon
Youyr response is insufficient at this time. Would it be possible for you to eddicate us further using words that you mean to say and words that you say you mean, please?
Thanking you,
The Wee-Wee Manager
Are you really The Wee-Wee Manager? I would like to request a replacement. The model I was issued with appears to be the wrong size for someone over the age of 3.
I think this is the right place to share this...?

I have realized that I have become sexually-attracted to my toilet bowl.

Is this considered normal? Has anyone else here ever experienced such a thing?
> us 
Fuck off no one actually likes you. You know exactly what I mean by "You're retarded". You are a creep, and you need to fucking DIE.
Also no, klim you're NOT any manager. 
Hi, Klim. Nice larping today aren't we.
Yonkers Dreams What Heaven Might Be Like For Him:

Head filled with Psychosis:
Psychosis is the term for a collection of symptoms that happen when a person has trouble telling the difference between what’s real and what’s not. This disconnection from reality can happen for several reasons, including many different mental and physical conditions. It’s usually treatable with medication and other techniques, but it cannot be cured.
Studies estimate that between 15 and 100 people out of 100,000 develop psychosis each year. A confused human is not uncommon, most humans prefer fiction to nonfiction it seems an easier way of being.

If you need help contact information is on the bottom.

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