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Last thread:  >>/36144/


u: bonbi
p: bonkers
2023.02.15 - eating a piza
OOC with pink wig
Stream started 20:51
20:53 Bought a new webcam but it didnt work and she got the old one working
20:58 Plays League
21:01 Bought two mangos but didn't like them. Might be because she tried to make a smoothie but didn't blend them enough
21:03 Most games are toxic, League is maybe the worst
21:18 She likes the filter on Instagram [Pillow Face]
21:21 Starts watching Youtube vid on setting mic level but doesn't finish it. She has been playing League every day.
21:25 She drunk ordered squishies last night. At least 50-60.
21:28 Broken mic sounds
21:34 Mic destroying moment
21:38 Has a new headset but doesn't want to use it until the old one breaks
21:40 Switches mic from webcam to headset. Problem solved.
21:46 Loves making Breakfast. Eats it as lunch.
21:51 Apparently receives some good news
21:54 - 22:10 Distracted by phone. Needs to brb but cant leave the game.
21:56 Uwu
22:07 Mangos boss found him watching Bon. 'Tell your boss to give me a follow'
22:17 Bon checked her bank account after buying all the squishies
22;31 Reported played for 'inting' (throwing game) to rest of team
22:32 Takes phone call. Local food place messed up her order. They have done it lots but she loves the place
22:38 Stream Ends
> I've been having reoccurring dreams of Bonbi. It feels like every night I wake up in a cold sweat wishing to feel her in my arms, just for it to never become a reality. I dream of her gorgeous eyes, like a silent lake at the crack of dawn. Her voice echoes through my head like the strums of a harp, and I could never forget the smile so perfect it would put the greatest of beauty to shame. She is the most beautiful woman i've ever laid my unworthy eyes upon, and anyone should be blessed to be in her presence. I would give up my job, my family, and everything else about my life if it meant I was able to feel her perfectly smooth skin against me. My life would be complete.
I feel so demoralized lads, I just coomed for bonbi and I feel so guilty and empty, every time I say its my last then I keep doing it almost weekly
last time I had a bonbi dream was like 3 years ago, I was more obsessed with her and I spent more time here, I even dreamt about bonbi bros, I didn't see them in the dream but I felt their presence with me
so weird how bonbi bros are faceless, avatarless and soundless, still had a place in my heart to dream about, kinda sad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad

bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
bonbi bros are mad because bonbi is bad
Life of a Bonbi bro

1- wake up in cold sweat
2- another bonbi dream
3- wish he could feel her touch
4- hallucinate her voice
5- do crack to start up the day
6- re-watch bonbi stream
7- check bbg to see what the bros are doing
8- *another day of them having arguments*
9- try to defuse the situation by posting cute bonbi
10- they call me a retard
11- start watching bonbi edits to remember the good days
12- post some of the edits on bbg
13- mean guy call me a loser again
14- try to stand up for myself 
15- makes fun of my writing and call ESL
16- start posting smug bonbi gif to hide my defeated spirit
17- he calls me seth
18- calls him rhonda
19- calls me emiru
20- calls me bonbi
21- feels good
22- its 1 am
23- go to sleep
today the piglet stored up enough food in her guts from eating all day so she could take a purposeful and delightsome late night marathon poop on the toilet uninterrupted for a couple hours at least. so the piggy, in true piggy fashion, hauled so much food into her bedroom all day a fork lift might have helped. and she pigged out. and she pigged out like a porky piggy. hours and hours of mouth golfing pile after pile of food stuffs down her throat its a miracle she didn't choke. finally it came. poop. loads and loads of poop the piggy felt moving through her guts. until at last she could bear it no longer and she ran to the toilet.
she hopped on the white toilet and squeezed her hands together as the brown curls of poop started to come try, first to her rectum and then to her anus, and spill out. uuggghhh! ahhh! the piglet was unleashing all sorts of hideous things from her butt hole which i guess we could classify as brown shit.
although the monsterous shapes, manitaries, forms and sizes of the brown goo that came out of her anus could have filled several horror movies and novels up to the brim with their imagination.  the screech of each poop was so loud as it exited out of her anus hole its roars bounced off the walls of the bathroom and echoed through her bedroom. the piggy almost vomited from the fright of her own poop, and she released a stream of long pent up piss.
More like this.  There's something about casual streaming Bon that's so cute.  That stream of her building the chair was the best.
> It was cold. A snowstorm had left me stranded with no sign of assistance or shelter anywhere. It felt like my skin was melting off my bones. Eventually, I lay down in acceptance of my seemingly inevitable fate. However, I saw a figure emerge from the snow, a woman that could be mistaken for an angel, but so much kinder than even the most heavenly of souls. She entered my vision, and I felt my body rise from its hypothermia to meet her eye level. Her amber eyes pierced my soul so deeply it felt as if she stabbed my soul. Her bright smile was whiter than the snow that fell around us, and the softness of her hand as it was placed on mine was unimaginable. She leaned in close and whispered into me, "It's okay now, you won't have to worry when I'm here~" Those words filled me with enough passion to burn down the largest civilizations, enough for a tear to run down my pale face as I hugged her firmly. There was no comfort like hers, and no love that anyone else could give that was as powerful as it, either.
Thanks for everything you and your family did. A lot of things resolved for me yesterday and I’m feeling really great. I found a yellow candle on my prayer table yesterday that I forgot I had put there. You should paint your room in whatever colors you like, I no longer need your support.
They should add an IQ test to ChatGPT - if you cant reach at least double digits you dont get top use it. That would clean up this and a few other boards.
She is losing the audience she gained on tiktok in the period 2018-2020.
Then she stopped streaming on tiktok. Because of what, the tiktok audience began to forget her even on Instagram.
I still don't understand why she quit streaming there. He gave her fame.
Even if he takes 60% of the income, it's still better than her streams on twitch without a partners program with 150 viewers
I know shes lazy but it so dumb
> Even if he takes 60% of the income

Tiktok takes over 80% - that is according to Call me Kris, a huge Canadian Tiktok Comedienne

I dont think moving to Twitch is the problem. She has chosen a less mainstream route and is not posting in any sort of organized fashion. There is also an element of the world moving on from her sort of content - nothing last forever.
Moving to twitch was not dumb at all. Twitch affiliate and partner revenue split is now the exact same anyways. Her main problem is like you stated her being extremely lazy. Back when she streamed regularly (every 3 days or so) she managed to get around 350-500+ viewers on every stream which is impressive. I remember some popular streamer say before that you need around 500 viewers to have a good chance for your channel to blow up in popularity. Her biggest mistake was not capitalizing on this and streaming during the summer months when twitch viewership is at it's greatest. Instead she decided to go on multiple 2-3 week trips without informing her viewers of an hiatus, which damaged her viewership. On top of that, ever since then she has been unable to stick to a regular streaming schedule for longer than 2 weeks without going on another small hiatus or trip. TLDR: She is just lazy.
cant post in 1 post ok: PART 1
WOW i come back after 2 months for #HogWatch expecting the usual but instead of the 10000th post about bonbi from 5 years ago along with ones about a certain dead 12yo lasting regime... The rural retard chuds have now ascended to the highest stage of fascism and became Serpentza and Laomutt86 watchers. THE WEST HAS FALLEN, BONBI IS FALLEN, SHE IS NOW A FAT FASCIST ITS TIME TO POST THE 2018 BONBIWAFFEN AGAIN!!! Hmm what a whacky coincidence that bonbibonKKKers attracts this kind of audience, surely it cant be the constant enabling aka doing the Hitler mustache just 3 months ago on stream and mentioning it, giving attention to "bonbiwaffen"
after HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE that its basically a dumbass nazoid dogwhistle etcetc.

BUT ALAS even THIS is not enough, she has now decided to go full mask off and start harassing women with a full on "she knows what shes doing, she deserved to get raped" type argument towards Eugenia Cooney (start clip2).

"Shes fricked up and controversial", hmm very interesting this coming from YOU, she doesnt bait fascists and isnt fat? but okay lets hear it out

"Shes promoting it (being thin)", BY EXISITING!? and theres the literal rapist argument, BonbiBonkerSS has the nerve to say this after building a good 40% community off of 4chud nazis and being their LITERAL MASCOT after years of her constant enabling. 1/2
"Shes promoting it and people look up to her" Hey fashypiglet, not only will the people who look up to YOU die of a cardiac arrest at 23 they will be INTRODUCED to a whole NAZI ideology a FAT portion of your community has. Mind you while also creating collateral damage
to your friends like LynieNicole who gets harassed here all the time because of just being associated with you, while you refuse to clean up your problematic community.

"Its sad, she shows it off" Another literal rapist talking point, also yeah its very sad i guess for you that she isnt a fat fascist Herman Goering. This truly all does go back to Goering, Fascism and Fatness work hand in hand. Hey BQnbiBQnkers you also "show your stuff off" but not by just LITERALLY EXISITNG like Eugenia, you intentionally satisfy the male PATRIARCHAL fantasy of viewing women as objects with you decision to go into Sex WorKKK and cater to the most 2chan freak lowlife nazis you have gathered and enable their ideology, stomping on the legacy of womens rights just for a quick buck... Just like how the rural retard GQP americans dropped the whole "white supremacy" shtick when they saw they could get easy obedient Thai wives after the war, SUDDENLY THEYRE PROGRESSIVE NOW!!! WOW, same thing is happening with the 4chud nazis they are now selectivly PROGRESSIVE when they get to turn women into sex objects. You are a literal FULL BLOWN FASCIST, stop collateral damaging people around you by refusing to clean up your community and stop baiting nazis. But after hearing rumors youre now playing the new Harry PQtter game made by J.KKK RQwling im very doubtful you will do that.

#StopLatinxFascism #AudienceReflectsThePersonality #DenazifyFlorida #FuckYourFlag #HegelianAnalysis&Critique #LatinxIncorporatingIntoWhiteness #DeconstructLatinxPrivlege #CriticalRaceTheory
sweet little bonblebee
I know what you want from me (my money)
Doo bi doo bi doo da da
Doo bi doo bi doo da da
today the piglet decided she was going to wake up early, at 4 PM. so at 4 PM she did, she opened her piggy eyes, rubbed them, sat her piggy self up in bed, and yawned a great a hog mouthed yawn, showing her piggy mouth maw to its fullest.
she was going to be a productive and useful piggy today she thought. too bad but no. alas it came to being that the useless piglet spent the whole rest of the night sitting on her toilet bowl and wasting destruction into it with exploding and expunging diarrhea loads. she must have uhauled and unloaded about thirty large swamp water loads directly from her brown tainted and disgusting anus hole. pppptttttt, and ppttttt was the only sound the piggy listened to hour after hour as each new bucket upon buckets of diarrhea came pouring out of her pig well like a brown and muddy waterfall. each well it is over, whew, and i can go now time that the piggy thought was the end of her diarrhea was merely meant as a restart or refresh between her cycle of exploding poopings. for as soon as she wiped her piggy anus with several handfuls of toilet paper and cleaned it and hit the bathroom door and to start to exit another brown soupy load of flowing diarrhea started to bust through her lower guts and out of her butt hole. she raced back onto the toilet bowl and pppptttttttt, and ssssshhhhhuusssshhh, the piggy bent and deposited another cram of brown liquid out.
Girl is drunk literally every fuckin stream and she aint even 20 yet. Shes gonna be a fucking mess in 5 years and I'm here to see it
What kind of friends do you think she hangs out again with? Would be fun if it Emiru
I'm curious about the news she got during last stream
wonder if it's an upcoming photoshoot or collab she's planning
Not sure if you are trolling or just new here but giving the benefit of the doubt. She discusses this regularly on stream and appear on IG with friends she is visiting.

-The only friend she sees regularly at home is Marley - photo attached.Other than that she calls stream chat her friends (sometime unironically).

-She is friends with Julie / sillyjuliebou and seems to message her regularly. She recently visited (cooking stream)

-She visits a group of porn stars in LA - the OnlyFriends - and always returns more determined than ever to destroy her career by mimicking them.

-Her relationship with Emiru has been hot cold and currently seems to be 'drifted apart'. This might be totally wrong, difficult to say.
I was looking at the Yor pictures in the OP again and how can anyone be that fucking pretty?  Like jesus christ man.
No hard proof of this but I think the OnlyFriends are just friends of august. 
Bonbi may look up to them and want to emulate them but I dont think they message her or ask her to hang out. She just gets to tag along if shes in town as a friend of august.

As long as emiru is mizkifs creature she and bonbi are not going to meet up.
Emirus not jumping of the money train and bonbis not visiting especially after calling mizkif an asshole to his face.
the useless and porky piggy was playing video games at her computer station tonight. this after she ate like a pig hog a supper that could have fed 50 field hogs. the piggy pork loined piglet overate and made a complete pig of herself.
she ate ten cans of milk, eight bags of peanuts, a bag of chicken feed she saw sitting around on the kitchen counter, two cans of dog food, she likes the mushrooms they put in them, very satisfying to her piggy taste buds,
two cans of cat food, mushy though sweet they always seem to run true to the piggy's pink tongue, three steaks -two chicken legs, three cucumbers, a batch of head lettuce, half a head of romaine lettuce mixed with green peas unpodded, a three quarter chalk of cheese filled summer sausage, nine balkin style potatoes, by the raw unpeeled before boiling, sprinkled with salt and pepper balls, five eggs on the whole, boiled, three on the della cooked full to hard, nine strips of bacon regular, and twelve strips of honey bacon and spinach combo, sixteen cups of berry juice, half or one fourth of a onn a loaf of garlic bread, by the tops, melted over with a mozzarella cheese slice, six cups of milk, and hog feet, for decoring the sides of her topping full and plate plash mound. what a pig. the piggy then felt, oh she felt, a huge rush a torrent of piggy inside stuff rumbling like a freight train through her piglet guts. the piggy had no time to react but tryed in vain to clamp in her chair her piggy butt cheeks together and squeeze her pig anus to tightening, but to no avail. a volcano of poop puree came pouring out of the piggy's anus and filled her chair to overflowing with a puddle of brown mush. what a piggy mess. disgusting.
the piggy sat there with a dumb look on her face and in a poop puree swamp of her own making and oinked twice, not knowing what else to do.
imagine the bouncing when riding.

even when i make edits i didn't dream of her.

"they got lost niggas"?

I watched new reviewbrah video just yesterday
glad he got less depressed

doesn't play for anybody in browser

are there even any bonbi edits made after 2020?
> aptget
haven't heard that name in a long time
> wrestler
sure has been a long time
his dedication was quite something
> ricardo
always nice to see
especially that one where he drives its so fucking good

> cute
this is just kinda mindless and generic
nothing either of them said was really unique
if you just spout shit others have said a million times before, what's the point
I know.
It's from early september. 
The same time as the blurry parking lot pics.
Bonbi either was in LA when this was posted or had just left.

Also who messages friends thru instagram dms?
completely trad pilled and groyped out of the red pilled based, bonbi waffen total victory SS, read siege and take the black pill western civilization collapse, ted pill anprim return to tradition embrace inna woods inna forest inda ted shed libertarian traditionally conservative inc anti modernity
I know nobody cares but if that guy is going to fanfic Bonbi shitting then I'm going to write about my experiences with male masturbation toys.  I know you losers are like me and keep up with this thread with an almost ocd like vigilance so you might recall I started with tenga eggs.  These are great, honestly, they felt good as fuck but they're ultimately disposable and therefor they could only be used on special occasion.  I graduated from those to the tenga spinner, which is a 20 dollar sleeve that actually spins up and down your dick if you use it right.  Kind of nuts... anyway at first I didn't like it.  It felt TOO good, made my dick too sensitive and therefor it was kind of uncomfortable, BUT as I figured out its quirks I realized it FUCKING RULES.  It's a cum machine, seriously.  The only issue is with use it became LOUD AS FUCK.  I don't live alone so this is an actual problem.

Fast forward to today, I got a Flesh Light in the mail.  This is the most well known male masturbator in the world and therefor it had to be amazing right?  The one I got is this blowjob simulator... and honestly... it sucks.  I'm not even sure why it sucks, but it does.  Like it feels good, for sure, but it also feels like... too airy? I can't explain it.  It's almost too soft, like I'm fucking a cloud.  Now for those of us who have had sex you know there's this sweet spot with vag where it's not TOO lubricated and it's fucking incredible.  I couldn't achieve that with this no matter what I tried.

It took me forever to finish and I'm really disappointed consider it was nearly 70 bucks.  I hear the Stoya version is incredible and I really wish I got that instead.  Hopefully I figure out how to make it work for me.  It's definitely quieter than the Spinner, but the Spinner feels absurdly good.
Based. Where do you buy them? Amazon? Also, does the package come with a label or something saying it's a sex toy?
Alright man you can go ahead and just ignore me because I'm not leaving this thread.

Also to clarify I bought the blowjob simulator because blowjobs are my favorite thing in the world.  I would take one over regular sex... seriously.  My ex gave pretty average blowjobs but even her weird attempts to make them better were so fucking hot.
> I'm not leaving this thread.
you have an entire thread to yourselves you can discuss this shit on to your heart's content, yet you purposefully and repeatedly refuse to do so
the only conclusion that can be drawn is that you are simply too stupid to navigate to the appropriate thread, or that you are intentionally shitting this one up out of wilful malevolance
either way you deserve to be selectively sterilised out of the genepool for the betterment of humanity
i once ordered a huge live sized butt for like $200. it took weeks to deliver and when it came it smelled of plastic so bad, i could hardly use it without throwing up. so i cut it into pieces and dumped them into three seperate garbage bins. i used to be so ashamed about this, but now i find it funny.
You know that literally nobody on the planet wants to hear you talk about this or cares what you say so you post it on a board where people cannot delete it and have to 'step over' what you write as they read the stuff the board is actually for.

Just think about it for a moment, just how pathetic you are.

If no other human being does not want to hear about the only thing in your life that gives you pleasure the answer is not to spam it on people who cannot avoid you, the answer is to change your life.

The world is not the problem Anon, you are.
She used to call them her 'friend group' - probably. She is always vague about such things and you have to guess who she is talking about based on timing rather than being told directly.

From photos she definitely seems to stick close to June.

*Headphone warning for the attachment****
she ALWAYS has this reaction to people she knows who come to her stream
Even in 2018 she reacted same way. Stop spamming this clip. You just don't know her
if you will react like this, trolls will always send you shitposts
What's the problem with just ignoring and using [X]?
Yes they pathetic. Recently there was a coomer who collected his sperm in a jar - literally a mental deviation.
Although many chans still have a little moderation, at least regarding spam and shitpost but it's not about endchan and sometimes it's sad i understend you. I think this will be a problem in the future for the endchan
cute bon for bros
> as they read the stuff the board is actually for.
Crying whenever they see a girl's nono parts like a bunch if incels? That the purpose of the board you mean? Because that's all I've seen so far.
> I think this will be a problem in the future for the endchan
It always happens to naive fools who think about "freedom"
No, owning coomers so hard they cry off whimpering 'incels' because they know they cant say anything substantive to justify their sorry disgusting lives.
> She used to call them her 'friend group' - probably. She is always vague about such things.
Its true that she is always vague, but I think she meant other people.

None of the OFs went on bonbis friendship group trip. No photos of them there and they were posting instagram stories of themselves out and about during this time.

 >>/37243/ Is right about her reaction.
She does this with all girl influencers that enter her chat. Decayance, Cristalrayne, Avivasophia. 
She even adressed it in the 'I like cats' stream. She called it 'flirting with girls' and said she should tone it down.

> she definitely seems to stick close to June.
Im not sure who June is. Isn't that the guy she arm wresteled in anya cosplay?

There is also the possibility she did call them her friend group but she was wrong about them.She has said she has unrealistic expectations of/about friendships on a stream, can't remember which.

That said I wouldnt mind if they were friends. They seem pretty nice and fun. She was had far worse 'friends' and being lonely is also not great.
Seeing women's bodies as disgusting isn't helping your cause you creepy ass incel simp. You never answered me in the last thread. How does it feel knowing Bonbi hates your kind and has called you out for being the creeps that you are?
Not him. But your points moot.
She has said very unfavorable things about people sexualizing her. How does it feel knowing Bonbi hates your kind and called you out for being the creeps that you are?

> Seeing women's bodies as disgusting

I don't see womens bodies as disgusting, quite the opposite. You are attacking things I didn't say because you have no valid argument against what I do say.

> you creepy ass incel simp

You just proved my point.

> You never answered me

You are boring. I don't have infinite time for this.

> Bonbi hates your kind

She said that once or twice. She has called your type out more often.
You literally cry and shit yourself every time she shows skin. That's odd behavior for someone claiming not to be an incel. And I call you that so often because, well if the shoe fits. And it fits you and the others bitching about her patreon VERY well. You say I don't have an argument, but that's a straight up lie that you are clinging to as a desperate form of cope. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it as long as you pathetic incel simps keep bitching about her posting lewds: go out and get laid. That way it won't hurt so bad when your former waifu shows other people some skin.
^this guy has a literal 4 word vocabulary he just keeps reposting on a loop
starting to think it's just a bot tbh
inb4 "cope, incel" autoresponse
nigas in this thread completely dumb
the reason why shitposting will never end here
this afternoon the piglet bon took a long brown poop. a long brown curled dump. what a pig. first the piggy was at her computer and watching a marathon of shows when ugggh! the piggy felt a deep rumble in her guts. ohff! the piggy's body clutched as a kick in her guts came.
it came from her brown curls that were curling through. she slid off her chair and crumbled to the floor and her body crimped into a ball. the poops and curls were nourishing through the piggy's guts so thoroughly the poopy piggy felt like she was becoming mentally unglued. the piglet raced to the toilet as she felt her bowels being dispositioned by these long brown and fast curls of poop. 
she pulled down her panties and jumped on the toilet and in a quiver the piggy's hands clutched together and she tightened her legs to a criss cross and squeezed her anus as wide as possible when she felt the curly browns start to come near the entrance to her brown tainted and disgusting butt hole tube. ugggghh! noo! the piggy said in distress as she felt the head of the first brown curl; it was a larger. a real mother-fucker. and the piggy knew that the unwelcomed large poop was going to give her some pain as it came spilling out.
uggghhh! the piglet groaned to the bone as the poop came out after a tight squeeze and fell into the toilet. the piggy sighed from relief.
she opened her legs to check and saw it was a large poop tube about eleven inches in length and with a abnormally large front end. more poops came, four in all, all about 6 to nine inches in length, they were brown shiny skinned poop tubes. the piggy spent a good minute after she got off the toilet looking at them.
they looked so sweet and shiny and cool, all four of them were wrapped up in a pile at the bottom of the toilet.
the piggy wanted to reach down there with her hand and maybe pick up the whole pile of poop. maybe squish them together in her hands and feel them as they slip through her fingers. but whhooosssh! the piggy turned her toilet handle and a rush of water from the toilet sides toileted them away.
Again retard, it's because it fits. I'm not going to.stop calling you incels just because it upsets you. Get over it. You wanna stop it? Then stop crying over nudity. Man the fuck up.
bro if you like bonbi's poops you should see what ashl*y is capable of making. she uploaded this image herself and wrote about it extensively on her website
I've given up trying to talk to them. If you joke with them, they seethe. If you talk about Bonbi in any positive way, they seethe. If you talk to someone in the thread that is not them, you are replying to yourself and a bot and a discordnigger and boy do they seethe. I genuinely can't understand why people who hate everything Bonbi does and hate everyone who likes what Bonbi does would stay here, but I also don't want to know. They're obsessed with the idea of her getting therapy, and if they truly believe it would help then I suggest they get it themselves.
maybe people would accuse you less often of samefagging your posts if you didn't make it quite so obvious every time you do it
unless that's the whole point, maybe you just like to larp as a schizophrenic with a sub 80 iq
Just like when you screech about discord, I have never replied to my own posts. I know you hate the thought that maybe multiple people disagree with you, but it's true and no amount of you crying is going to change that. The fact that you're so sure really makes it obvious that you have severe autism and can't comprehend social situations.
I really don't give a shit what she thinks of me because I DON'T FUCKING KNOW HER and to think otherwise is the weirdest of weird parasocial shit.
Also nobody is going to be home later so I'm going to fuck the living shit out of my new Fleshlight and hopefully it gets me to coom harder than I ever have in my entire life.  I might look at those recent Bonbi ass pictures when I use it.
> wah wah wah im sad
> sad hurt wah waah
blue bon is annoying 


I hate her and I hate her fake misery theatrics
she is too ugly, she deserves getting bullied in dance class, she deserves having no friends, I'm happy she got doxxed, fuck her and fuck her stupid tiktok stream where she cries like dumb shit fuck, I hate her blue hair and her blue ass
only people who like blue bon is sad grown ass men who have facebook, they like her because she reminds them of their loser past, when they didn't have friends and got bullied, fuck facebook blue bon fans and fuck their sad friendless life, blue bon is loser bon, all bons is loser but blue bon is the loserest of them
look at my stupid face wobbling around, I deserve all my short comings because I'm a dumb whore
Why are they so desperate to think we're one person? Is that some weird cope? And another thing I don't understand is why they stick around now that Bonbi is moving towards more adult content, if they hate it so much. Why not just go simp for another girl?
Troll Anon, sad and wry,
Waits hours long for a reply.
Anons won't play his boring game,
So he replies to self, because he's lame.
I feel like it's less expressive than the old versions, but it's nice that she's revisiting the audio
I wonder if she's been feeling nostalgic after repainting her room
Jesus, this cumniger relly fuckin sick. just make more spam in thread shizo it's funny to see
would you engage in consensual handholding with bonbibonkers? (she washes her hands first)
I think you all think I'm somebody else.  I only post a few times a week if that. I will say I tried the Fleshlight for a second time and it's an awful product.  It just doesn't feel that good.  I'm blown away that the $20 Tenga is so much better.

I'm going to see if Fleshlight will take a return or substitute it for a different model.  Surely they have some kind of guarantee buried somehwere.
You dont always have to fall back to internet bigboi words when somethings bothering but you dont know what to say.
Use your own words, tell me how my words really make you feel.
And also, please stay far away from bonbi (and other girls really). The way you act and speak, I could very easily see you having a mental breakdown and harming her when she rejects you.
Yes, I've seen this in past threads.
Im not saying that he is the only spammer. But this particular samefag person is definitely sick (not a troll but literally sick)
The main problem with unmoderated chans
do you get such files with a script?
I ask cus I don’t understand where the files from the archive come from in hevc encoding
Or are these original files and archive was made by Bon?))))
Not him but you can find a script here thats runs inside your browser. Its not too difficult but not exactly straight forward.

ty bro
Now I see, just for some reason insane upscale got into the archive.
He misled me. I thought it was the original file from tt
today the piggy was cosplaying as a large pink piggy in a piggy suit. the suit was fabulous and full up to the piglet's neck and featured a complete hood with the head snout of a pink piggy coop. it even featured a zipper between the legs for emergency pooping.
everything was going great and the piggy did several tiktoks and videos of herself dancing around and oinking when uh-oh! halfway through her fourth video a rumble started in her stomach, 
that turned quickly into a tidal wave of fast moving poop. there was no where to run; the poop was making its way too fast through the piggy's lower guts. only one thing for the piggy to do, so she unzipped the emergency zipper between her legs and bent down and squatted where she stood in the middle of her bedroom, and out of her anus hole from her butt dropped a load of brown poop.
pppppttttttt-phphpshshshshsh, the brown poop curl came out of her anus 11 inches long and plopped onto the floor beneath the bent over piggy in a pink piggy suit. the piggy looked at the poop; it was shiny all over and had a light brown color to it. it folded over itself as it came out of the piggy's butt hole and formed a formal brown folded pile as it sat on the floor. the piggy stuck her face up to the pile and smelled it. it had a noxious smell: but at the same time sweet and sour. the piggy broke off a part of it and put it in her mouth. taste tests on her own poop pile are a piggy ritual: and the piggy rolled the inch long piece of brown poop around in her mouth for a bit. 
and then the piglet still in a squat started to piss. a piss puddle formed beneath the pink costumed piggy.
> bonbi's earliest memories of her rin cosplay is all the time she spent dealing with groomers
it's not about me. you are obviously heavily involved in what's going on in bonbi's life and it's awfully pathetic because she doesn't even know you exist. it's unhealthy
Not him but creators attracting fans is normally considered a good thing for the creator. The fact this needs to be explained to you is a bad sign for you.
OOC with Rin wig
Stream Started 23:02
23:04 Short stream as family over
23:04 Matchuchu2 simped $150
23:09 Bought a new Rin cosplay but it was so small it didnt fit
23:09 Matchuchu2 simped $150
23:12 Didn't feel like going to KatsuCon because she was depressed
23:12 Went to a clinic because of acid reflex
23:15 Thinks she was alergic to her medication. Put on new medication which fixed her sore throat.
23:19 Made a Birthday present for August and its really good
23:21 One Christmas she made plushies of all her friends for her friends. She is not friends with them anymore. One of them was Emiru.
23:23 Her current friend group doesn't have personas so she cant do the same.
23:27 Wants to start painting but she is not good
23:32 Will post Tiktoks despite forgetting sleeves. Might post Patreon tonight or tomorrow.
23:37 Remade a certain Rin video but couldn't make it the same as when she was 14. Story of followers when she first made it.
23:51 Matchuchu2 simped $150
23:58 Looks down her throat
23:59 So gay she wants to marry Mercy from OW
00:08 Thinks her throat may hurt because the poop she did earlier stank so much
00:15 So excited to play the new Zelda she might piss her pants
00:20 Strawberry shortcut - explains how she made cosplay
00:30 Stream ends. Raided August
you have repeated this exact same rhetoric every single day for literally years now, and your argument is as retarded now as it was back then
you should take your own advice and consider how much time you have pointlessly wasted here hyperfocused on how other people that don't know or care about you spend their own free time
maybe stop forgetting to take your pills also
shame we didn't get a chance for any katsucon rares, it's always kinda fun finding candid bonbis out in the wild
kinda concerning she's switching meds again, it surely can't be healthy for her to go through so many different medications
so I'm not the first one to point out your horrible problems and yet you continue to ruin your life? do you realize that you are actually sick?
all decent people left bonbi community a long time ago only complete retards are left
I only come here to get Patreon pics to post elsewhere for clout.
As someone who's over her, it's absolutely wild to see people that still like her. She's not that cute and she's a terrible mess of a human being, I have no idea what you guys are doing with your lives.
Does anyone have a copy of last nights stream with the first three minutes of audio? All the copies I can find have it missing.
lol I was thinking the same thing.  So bonbi is no longer a mninor so you're "over" her is the most blatantly pedo thing.
Wah waah waaaaah waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
the poopy piggy poops. poops and poops.

the pigley bon just got back from a trip to eastern mongolia. there she visited several places of note.
she trampled up several mountains and pooped at the summits. she even pooped in the middle and front of the 
monument places she visited. the piggy doesn't like the toilets in mongolia, so to save herself the bother the piggy dropped her pants and slid off her panties and squatted wherever she needed to take the conversion from pigley interested tourist to a poopy porky piggy who needed to take a long piss or huge brown curly dump. so it happened the urge came to the piglet on the occasion while there were crowds of people around, but the piggy didn't mind.
she didn't mind at all and simply dropped her pants and pissed a whole minute a long puddle or squeeze out several long brown curls of poop, while the people watched on with great disgust and irritation. what a disgusting and useless piglet. back home the piggy was tired from her trip so she rested the day out; and she ran like a piglet to the toilet several times to piss, vomit after pissing and take several long brown poop dumps.
Hey bros I just found out my singular girlfriend I had 10 years ago is a super blimp whale who looks old as fuck.  Like she didn't just hit the wall she blasted through it with deadly speed.  It shocked me and made me feel awful.
the piglet bonbi deposited a poop brown load of poop onto her bedroom floor this afternoon. she got down on the floor and closely examined her brown poop pile. the poop was in a curl and the piggy stuck out her tongue and touched the 
surface and scoooop! took a sample small taste. hmm, not bad the piggy thought and she swallowed it. it tasted like spicy peanuts. then the piggy shoved her left hand into the poop pile and mushed it. the piggy liked the softness and elastic springiness of the brown poop. the way it squished in her hand felt glow. she brought the poop up to her face and mashed it on her lips and nose and cheeks. it sort of felt like makeup, like a different form of blush, so it was a familiar feeling to the piggy. the piggy had turned into a poop faced piggy. she needed not to formalize the intentions of her feelings at this time, but it felt so good, so why shouldn't the poop piggy with a poopy face go with it. so the piglet took out her phone and made a couple tiktok videos and some poop captured face pictures poses of herself in a cosplay outfit. she posted these later in the day and the reviews were mixed; some liked it- others hated it- but it did generate some activity and discussions, some action among her fan base.
the porky piggy piglet bonbi was sitting in her room this afternoon and producing fumes of fart gas from her disgusting and dirty anus hole. horrible. after a couple of hours of playing computer games the piggy felt her insides were moving abundantly with curls of disgusting brown poop. the excited piggy oinked three times.
maybe it was all the field grazing the piggy did in the morning after she woke. all the field grass the piggy consumed was moving through her piggy guts and turning into the next loads of brown and smelly and shiny anus poop curls.
for as soon as the piggy rose from bed she used her hoovey and short legs to trample outside and spent a couple hours like a hog munching on grasses. then before coming inside again she walked down the block to the store and purchased a can of lard to snack on.oooohh! fug! fug! fug! fug! the piggy called out at her desk as she felt the curls of poop were on their way to her brown anus hole. so the piggy took a empty can which previously held diced carrots and pooped in it. the poop had a luster about it and the piggy placed the can of poop on her desk top.
she continued playing her computer games but she did stop a couple of times to stick her face and nose into the can of poop to taste it and smell it. it was a true piggy pig pen like sniff and snack can for the piglet.
her poop tasted like liquor candy drops and she enjoys the bitter and at the same time the sweet taste of it. 
let's examine this for a second, the piggy sat at her desk and had a can of poop- and ate her own poop. what a field pig.
I saw this get posted on /lgbt/ and nearly had a heart attack. Seeing Bonbi on any thread besides this is surreal
I used to defend bonbi but she is an actual whore now, she is rubbing her clit for all to see
bonbi sharts are loud
an explosive sound
bonbi poops are extreme
comes out like a beam
> on my death bed
> life flashes before my eyes
> its all bonbi
> WTF!
< beep beeep beeep beeeeeeeeep
Don't worry bonbibro, I'll look at the terrible disgusting lewd pictures so you don't have to. Just detox with some naked male bodybuilders or something until you're ready to return.
I still jerk off to them, its just funny how I used to defend her so much only to jerk off to her disgusting lewd photos
Im just a bonbi lad and a bonbi lad I will be
Bon is showing ass and soon will show pussy
Every set she does is lewder than the last
I used to take long to finish now I do it fast
Im just your average bonbi lad
Seeing bonbi’s ass makes me sad
Wish we could go back to the good old days
When seeing a shoulder sent us into a craze
Bonbi bros are a bunch of boomers
Arguing all day like a bunch of goobers
Why won't they move on and do some good
They are always bullied in their neighborhood
finally Bon OOC without makeup.
I've been waiting for this for so long
The last stream without makeup was in July. And and far back in the days of tiktok streams.
Shes perfect
jesus fucking christ I will hunt down whoever made this filter and I will hurt them badly
the piggy was busy today studying Udell's and Prist's Iranian lexicon and the encyclopaedias— Taremberg and Aaglior's Dictionnaire des antiquites. the piggy wanted to enlarge her piggy knowledge to its fullest so she doesn't have to take long brown dumps say in the middle of walmart, while people watch, disgusted.
so after a while the piggy went into her bathroom and pttttttt the piggy deposited a long series of brown poopy curls into the toilet.
and the piggy started to feel unwell, she felt vomit forming in her throat and aaccckkkk, the piggy vomited, into the toilet sink.
the problem was the piggy had too much food for lunch. like eight whole flat fried chickens with five cans of whole corn and beans.
she went back to her desk and continued her book readings when oh! the piggy shouted and ptttt a sudden spurt of diarrhea came pouring out of her butt hole. so the piggy ran to the bathroom again and unloaded a chugs worth of soupy diarrhea. a spurt's worth from her brown tainted butt hole into the toilet. oink! the piglet said as next the piggy went to her desk and continued in her readings of a long series of egalitarian texts. the piggy was learning slowly but surely how not to be a useless and porky poop filled bush piglet.
> cutest ooc look in ages
> botox filter stories
> wants to dye hair
> entire stream from the neck down
bonbi.. please..
Update on me sending my professor a Bonbi... they haven't said anything yet.  I sent him one of the recent lewds.
2023.02.23 - my tummy hurt
OOC, no wig, blue eyes.
Stream starts 20:19

20:21 Feels bad. Her tummy hurts
20:24 Want to dye hair. Doesn't know what color
20:26 Tissues up nose
20:28 Gonna spin a wheel - Auburn. Teal. Stay Blond
20:29 Coughed so much she threw up over the porch
20:30 When her hair get longer she will dye it rainbow
20:38 - 21:03 Opens squishies. First two of ~5 packages are in. Baguette pen, smells like bread. Avocados. Pound cake. Peach. Lemon. Mellon. Pineapple. Strawberry (calls it an apple). Banana. Pink Avocado. Cat. Strawberry Cheese Cake.Dog x 3. Book / Kit (she thought it was a shuishy). Kitty x 2. Hot dag (with an actual dog). Taco Kitty. Donut. Hello Kitty Bread (with butthole). Kitty Pizza. Boule-de-fromage loaf. Slice of Strawberry cake. Hello Kitty eclair (with bits falling off). Pain du Matin (loaf of bread). Baguette. Oyster (looks kinda gross)
21:05 Painting kit squishy - Troll Face.
21:15 Shows troll face
21:19 Says she is no good a relationship advice 'I am so lonely'
21:24 Heard someone shat in the gazebo at Katsucon. Twice.
21:26 Anti British stuff. Upset to be told Zureeal is British.
21:32 Shows picture as Link.
21:33 Shows picture as Pidge
21:35 Shows picture with red hair.
21:35 Show picture with teal hair (Jinx)
21:36 Shows picture with red hair.
21:38 Shows picture with Auburn hair then silver.
21:44 Salty egg fart story
21:46 Orders crunch wrap
21:49 Getting tired/burnt out of League
21:50 Cosplayed Spider Gwen. Cosplay was really restrictive, especially for typing
21:53 Thinking of bringing Gumi back
21:54 More hair color discussion - dying it tonight.
21:59 Blond
22:04 Might have ordered Taco Bell
22:10 Listens to music even if there is controversy about the artist. General rant that controversies are over blown.
22:22 Shows picture of cat (Peter)
22:24 Sometimes its good to wallow.
22:26 Shows picture of face after long walk
22:29 Eats sponge. 'That was not good'
22:30 Taco Bell is here. Stream Ends.
bonbi farting up the stream
her viewers rage and scream
all you see is fumes and steam
a nightmarish hell from a fever dream
naw every time her hair starts looking normal and/or good she chops it off. she should go bald, at least then the carpet will match the drapes
i love it so much, simply cannot get enough of bbc (bonbi bonkers content) on /bbcg/
Bonbi bros live in eternal misery
Never will they achieve a singular victory
Gone are bonbi and the bonbi bro days
They will submit to new bonbi and her ways
British lads rule supreme
Bonbi bonkers rage and scream
Rage so hard she blows steam
Can't compete even in a dream
while the piggy was in deep sleep last night a load of a 16 inch curl of brown poop was moving through her guts.
the glorious brown curl slowly snaked through the piggy's insides until it reached the piggy's stinky rectum tube. the brown curl scratched and bit, clawed and raked against the piggy's rectum until it woke up the porked piggy about halfnaway. dopey, dumb and a general numbskull the piggy bon could not figure out why she was up half and in the middle of the night.
then after a second the piglet felt the 16 inch brown terror of her own making inside her guts push against her anus hole.
bathroom break? nope. the piggy's a lazy and useless piglet. so the piggy layed there in her bed as lazy as a tree log; she opened her legs and her anus and pushed tritely the 16 inch curl out of her anus. it slid quietly and meekly out in such a slow manner the piggy's smile was evident because the piggy liked the smooth slide out of the 16 inch poopy as it rubbed in a whisper against her tight hole.
the brown poop curl then filled up the piggy's panties and ended its exit out of the piggy's anus hole with a lick.
the piglet went back to sleep and conducted a thorough taste test of the poop curl in the morning when she woke up.
she sopped it, about a 4 inch part of it, in her mouth; ran her tongue and squished it in her mouth and satisfied the pig pen manner of custom before spitting it out and into the toilet bowl. the piggy wiped her disgusting brown poop smeared butt hole with toilet paper. she threw the rest of the brown curl of poop out of her poop filled panties into the toilet.
benefits of leaving bonbi

-not waking up in cold sweat after bonbi dreaming
-no seething or coping about patreon content
-a life free of bullying and humiliation 
-transcending the bonbi bro low class 
-developing skills outside of bonbi broism
-not sending bonbi pics instead of an assignment 
-your schizophrenia will get better 
-appreciating other girls instead of fat chonkers
-getting cured of scat fetishes
no lol. 

i hope you can grab the last part and it makes sense to you. i'm trying to stay away from now on.
the piggy pooper bon was in japan today as part of her month long vacation stay. today she went sightseeing to the temple of ra. she admired the magnificent sixteenth century stonework, the huge high walls and large palisades. 
the piggy was part of a sightseeing tourist group of about twenty tourists. uh oh, in the middle of the tour of the temple of ra the piggy felt a curl tube of brown poop on its final tour to her rectum and anus hole.
what a dirty piglet. the piglet had a chance to go to the public bathrooms earlier but instead to be a completely to her name lazy and pig pen piglet the piggy simply dropped her pants while she was with the whole group of tourists in the main temple hall. she bent her short pig legs, she squat and removed her panties; she relaxed and felt the tube of brown poop now entering her rectum and pushing against her piggy anus. so the piglet spread her butt cheeks and opened her anus butt hole and pushed with her lower guts. over the objections of the tour guide who protested the piggy's pantless squatting the piggy pushed out a long 18 inch poop string from her anus and ohh! the piggy shouted with exhilaration as she felt the poopy skillfully slid its way through her anus hole. she watched between her legs as the poop slid to the ground. and then fell onto the temple floor. defiler! the tour guide shouted and the piggy was forced to cut to an end her tour trip to the temple.
but not before the poopy piggy gave the load of temple floor poop company as the piggy oinked and she let fall out of herself a stream of piss.
shitter bonbi rules supreme
clean bonbi is but a dream
from her ass you see a beam
around it foul green steam
I just deleted my 60 gigs bonbi folder and I already feel better, no bonbi ass on my pc
she is so HECKIN cute
gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives and I still don't know how I even survive
the piglet today tried a new, to energize and revitalize her curly long roll of poop that had fallen to her bedroom floor; the poopy piggy did this by putting the one end of the poop curl into her mouth. the piglet had just finished squeezing it out of her dirty brown anus hole moments before.
ohh! the piggy went into full pig pen mode because instead of going to the bathroom and wiping some of the poopy paste that was smeared on her butt hole the piggy wanted to concentrate all her attention to her curl of poop.
the piglet thought by miters that if she could breathe back some life into her curl of poop a good luck event would occur. pttttttt so the poop squeezed out of the piglet's anus hole and dropped to the ground. and the piggy, wheeled herself around and went down to her fours. she brought her face right square eye level up to the brown smart looking curl of poop and gave the poop a sniff. by this time her brown poop had collected on the floor and onto a landfill looking like gravel pile. except it wasn't gravel grains but a curl tube of brown and butt poop, directly from the piglet's anus and freshly produced after a gargantuan piggy supper of slop. the piggy brought her mouth to the one end of the laying poop pile and opened her mouth wide, as wide as fresh strawberry pie. hhummph!the piggy with one giant gob motion of her mouth sapped up the one end of the poop and sapped it into her piggy mouth. she wasn't able to get all of it into her mouth, but a good 5 inches of her poop curl slid into her mouth. the piggy sat there on her butt on the floor with this 5 inch piece of poop for a minute and nothing happened.
no energizing matrix was activated on the poop; instead the piggy tasted from the poop the taste of shit. oh well, not everything is as it seems, and that didn't work so well, so the piggy, liking the taste of her poop, swallowed half of it and spit the other half to the floor again. yum, one of these days the piggy might adventure not only picking and nibbling at her brown poop but decide to full on eat her poop as a whole piece. what a pig.
Over 45 mins for the Tiktok to appear on BBG and even then its Lores. Sign of the times.
I love fanfic bro, I wish he wrote different themes other than piggy bon, maybe I should do that
ham beast bonbi slouched on the couch, she felt a brap creeping to her double clappers. She had been awake so long and was bored. The day's events had drained her. She closed her eyes, yawned, and rolled her head around until she found the couch, and put her head back. When she awoke again, the brap was worse. Her clappers were on her side, and the light was already fading. Still, she must have dozed. She felt the brap again, and saw the light turn a dull gray. At that point, she couldn't remember how long she'd been awake, and felt like sleeping some more. then the brap came out of her double clappers, with a vibrating sound BRAAAAAAP!

The sound woke her up. Her eyes opened and she stared into the dark bedroom. At that point, she realized she didn't know what day it was, or how long she'd been asleep. She felt her clappers again, but there was no sound. She rose from the couch and padded into the kitchen. There was a candle burning in the middle of the table. It was a pretty candle. She reached to pick it up, but her hand went through the candle's wick and the candle fell to the table. The flame went out. The brap came again, with a loud BRAAAAP! The light went on in the bedroom, and she ran back into the kitchen. There was a chair in the dark kitchen, and she grabbed it to pull the candle off the table.

Her right hand grazed the table, and she felt the candle burning hot and then, for some reason, she was in a nightmare, and the chair was moving
finally got around to watching the stream she said she lost this wig wtf
how does she keep losing so many wigs
the piglet went shopping to the stores today. she pooped in every store, there was no washroom pooping today.
she left a steamy pile of brown pig poop in the middle of the shopping aisles and oinked like a piggy from each poopy relief.
the piggy between the poopings did manage to purchase more accumulation and items for herself to take home. back home the piggy's pissing and pooping weren't finished.
not by a good shot. as soon as the piggy entered her room she dropped her store bags and then her pants.
her piggy panties next, yes its true, piglets do wear panties, sort of a domesticate house pest form of piggy here, house horneted and house broken, but not so much, as the piggy like a true field hog squatted and squeezed her anus opening to its fullest and pushed her piggy guts and out slid a brown form of poop in the shapely of a tubular curl, it brushed lightly against the piggy's anus opening, much to the piggy's delight as she oinked ooooiiiinnnnkkk! a two second oink of enjoying, and the tip of the brown poop lipped past her hole and fell to the room floor.
evidence time! the piggy turned around and investigated this new member of her household, sniffed it, handed it with both hands and then walked to the bathroom and threw it into the toilet for a fickle flush.
the piggy's butt hole was as dirty as poop smears and stinks so the piggy took some toilet paper and wiped her butt hole clean. so she could commence ripping open her store packages like a wild and ruleless field hog.
Ham Beast Bonbi is a horny slut and shes got a huge butt, she loves to sit on the floor and spread her pussy and ass wide to show the whole world what a real, dirty ass you can get for free. she has a huge ass and loves to get fucked and shes not afraid to just get in and fuck until she gets a real cock deep inside her. she loves cum and if you like cum as much as she does you gotta go and get that cock today. she will lick up and down on your cock and suck it down her throat before you shove it deep inside her and make her beg for more. once you are done she'll make you clean up your cock and then she'll go and lick her juices off
Bonbi went to the local burger king parking lot, she was wearing a mini skirt that showed her big ass, and cute top that shaped her big tits, she was looking for a bbc wielder, she heard a lot about bbc wielders and how they made women orgasm, she never tried one, and she was realy desperate to try a bbc, she was texting on the phone when a bbc wielder approached her, he talked with her and his voice was deep, she answered him with a cute high voice and her panties were soaking wet, she wanted to fuck him on the parking lot and he really sensed it, he pushed her against a cart and lifted her skirt to reveal a juicy white ass, it was built for him, her body was built for bbc, he took her panties down and rubbed her clit, she moaned and he pushed his fingers in her mouth, she sucked them with passion, he pulled them away and said "beg for this bbc", and her answer came "please daddy give me your black cock" he pushed her against a tree and started banging her pussy with all his might, she moaned and yelled, he made her scream and he came with all his seed in her pussy, his bbc is big and he said it was as good as the one that he took from her cunt, he wiped his cock with her panties, and let her go, she got in her car and she drove away thinking about how to get another bbc
I cant imagine how autistic you have to be to not understand how fucked up creepy dfp is. The only saving grace is neither of these look anything like her.
> 37554
baby steps, I started with deleting my bonbi file, then with unfollowing her, now I deleted everything related to her on my phone
the piglet bon was busy taking field dumps all day. like a true piggy she trampled down any prairie dogs who tried to come up and steal from her choice berry bushes any berry clusters. the piglet ate in the berry bushes for so many hours, so much field berry was consumed and licked up by the piglet bon, her field dumps of poop turned into a red colored sludge. As well her piss reddened; and the piglet squeezed out so many red piles of poop the valley into which she trod her piggy self started to stink.
finally the piggy ran back to her home, stopped at the store down the street and bought nine bags of salt and vinegar potato chips. the piggy gorged like a straight pig in her bedroom the rest of the night and out from her anus sprouted piles of poop loads on her floor as the night wore away. so by the time it was for bed no less than ten piles of different colored poopish piles were littering and fashioning her bedroom floor. what a disgusting pig. and what a way by day's end to turn off the light knob and call it a night for her sleep.
but friends we needn't worry for the piggy piglet was in poop heaven: with the sweet odor of poop, something that fills her nostrils, and helps her to get to sleep, and have a pig pen piggy long sleep.
> changes his sleep schedule to matches bonbi stream
> wakes up 1 am to catch bonbi live
ah yes, the most functional bonbi bro
Bro who owns the archive. What are those .webm duplicate files in the tiktok folder? This is not the original source from tiktok, right? So what is it?
not him but I'm guessing the ones you're talking about are the patreon tiktoks she posted to youtube - youtube only serves HD as webm (with tiktok watermarks)
This explains why the audio has 48 kHz

And btw i recently downloaded all her available tiktoks. I studied their metadata and compared them with the archive using some apps. Took a lot of time. I found 69 non-original files in the archive. I did it for myself, but if you need I just put it here for my bros.

been a while since she posted something new, I wonder if she's off visiting julie again
actually today the piglet bonbi decided to run down every city street within ten blocks and place a large brown dump of curly poo on the ground in the middle of every street. after this the piggy went shopping and stuffed ten bags worth of goodies into her truck and hauled everything back to her house. unpacking in her room the piggy dumped another two loads of brown poop piles on the floor from mere excitement of seeing her new stuff. the piggy was far too busy opening her goodies,
packages and trytes to even think about acting a normal human being and walking into the toilet room to place her anus curls down the toilet where they belong. so the piggy made a mess on her floor instead, 2 brown poop pies.
the piggy got so tired from all this activity, pooping and shopping, she set down on the floor besides her piles and rested her wearied body. as she was laying there like a useless log or clump or dirt bag the piggy rolled her face into her closest poop pile and for good luck on the mein gave herself a brown poopy face. then she laughed and sssiissssshh juiced a pour of disgusting piss from herself, which ran through her panties and pants and covered the bedroom floor. it just didn't seem right for the piglet to do otherwise.
once again too tired and pig pen like to disturb herself to act in a manner which ordinary humans do,
the piggy bothered her floor wet with her soaking pool of piss for a couple hours before cleaning. while she amused herself with music and browsing the internet on her phone.
Interesting, the ones I uploaded after the previous maintainer left have the same hash and metadata as the ones you uploaded but the other ones don't
I've been getting the feeling for a while she's been trying to emulate indigo white, really get that impression when she posts stuff like this
I guess she's the model tiktok pornstar or something
It feels like any girl could just take off a layer of clothes and do it. What makes her special? Am I meant to be impressed?
you are probably talking about the last 5 files.
1322, 1321, 1320, 1315, 1314. You can ignore them. It is my personal concern. As far as I remember the last couple of months, I could take files directly from the thread and this was a mistake.
But nothing bad will happen - they are original from tt.
Indigo White has a video where she pretends to be a succubus sitting on your face and if Bonbi did that I would never need another video again.  I would be 90 years old on my death bed and I'd still be thinking about it.
most mentally well poster is pretending to be multiple posters again
he is very sane and well adjusted
he also hardly ever posts here btw
Nah I'm having too much fun watching bonbi get more lewd while the incels implode and shit their pants. Please cry more little incel. It really brings joy to my day.
I do hardly post here, like once or twice a week.  I'm also hyper progressive and love the direction bonbi is going in.  I also regularly post on your favorite leftwing forum.