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How come we never heard about this before? 

Could it be because we live under a totally illegal totalitarian regime that is censoring communications about it's illegal censorship regime?

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> demoralized that no one is even reporting all these blatantly illegal things when it takes like half a minute
One simply does not equal when federal buerau of investigations are owned by those who commit attrocities and crimes against humanity
It's civil when there is just an offense but only over loss of money and you typically take it to small claims court. You're able to sue provided you have enough money for a lawyer in cases of discrimination (such as for being caucasian). Otherwise, to involve a judge and jury without lawsuit, it would have to be in response to a violent crime against you or a relative.
Correct. The Feds can't be trusted. The FBI does not give a shit. Homeland Security has passed down to them to hunt what they believe to be "white supremacists" (a bullshit term) in a thread here somewhere. Also there have been many documented Fed entrapment attempts deleted but screencapped at >>/endpolmeta/
By this I realize I wasn't specific enough. If someone discriminates against you for "being white" in any service industry, that's when you can sue. You can't sue just walking down the street when some Hollywood-thug LARPing nigger with at least 5 of his friends shouts, "CRACKA ASS CRACKA!" or some Mexican starts shit with at least 10 of his friends. That is unless they decide to beat you down with their buddies like the pussies they are.
what does
> being white
means. explain... really, for all of europe, so you can get real support from europe, or maybe not, dunno.
I had it in parenthesis. Being "white" simply means descended from Europeans. Also in English speaking European nations, they'll say "white". It's not primarily an American thing. More like a bleeding effect from the Masonic founding fathers.

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thumbnail of ddgg.jpeg
ddgg jpeg (11.6 KB, 178x283)
I think it would be useful to have a thread describing accurately, in as few words as possible, all the tactics used by sayanim to take over other people's countries.

If you can characterize your adversary's behavior you can identify it, innoculate institutions and populations against it, and defend against it. 

All the nations of the world have an interest in preventing Jews from infiltrating their governments and turning them into Jewish colonial states and the global risk from the ZOG is proportional to the number of governments they can use as proxies to declare war.

Check the thread to see if it has already been mentioned before adding it and disregard hasbara. This is not a conversation or a debate thread, it's a list of tactics used by a genocidal Middle Eastern empire.
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2.cleaned jpg (29.91 KB, 462x316)
Using terrorism, harassment, coercion, and criminalization to suppress ideas that cause them to be rejected.
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thumbnail of 1israelinationalists.jpeg
1israelina... jpeg (22.2 KB, 456x303)
Dishonest dialog, posing as unbiased while hypocritically denying knowledge of any Jewish hostility to to other groups while applying a double standard.
Shared this with some people whom I already redpilled. Great comparison thanks.
> the jew mocks the fact that fiat has no more value than literal monopoly cash...
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dershowitz... png (290.5 KB, 600x337)
How deep does it go?
As deep as jewish anuses go.

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Screenshot... png (71.69 KB, 407x455)
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1646296537... png (33.18 KB, 786x240)
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Screenshot... png (82.94 KB, 143x226)
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1646246635... jpg (86.93 KB, 900x767)

Pубль обезумел, сумеешь ли ты совладать с ним?

МРОТ в США - 8$ в час/1280$ в месяц
МРОТ в Габоне - 1.84$ в час/325$ в месяц
МРОТ в России - 0.42$ в час/74$ в месяц

Продолжаем отбиваться от набегов, нагнетать, раскачивать лодку и ванговать курсы. Более 2600 тредов слитого впустую бюджета, тысячи свечей и сотни ЗВР. Выясняем, где скрываются жидорептилоиды, почему соснут все, кроме нас, как проебать 15 лет СТАБИЛЬНОСТИ меньше чем за год, как обосраться на весь мир так, чтобы все думали, что это твоя многоходовочка, проебать всё и как не проебаться в это тяжелое время.

Добро пожаловать в самый длинный тред политача.
Запасайтесь попкорном, чаем, кофе, алкоголем, медикаментами, оружием и обезболивающими. Делайте припасы, если не уехали из страны вовремя. Представление будет долгим и незабываемым.
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> Here, besides the images because I don't really speak this language. 

Thanks anon. It looks like they all left to another board here though

> I have a translate page plugin.

which one?
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65386 png (18.1 KB, 429x410)
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Egga7zPVoA... jpeg (9.29 KB, 254x214)
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glowwwww jpeg (272.56 KB, 569x797)
> kohlch



It's a legit BfV/FED honeypot with literal cp boards and threads all over. Mods won't take the threads / posts down. Don't bother reporting it since they literally ban people who make reports over the CSAM content. No I'm not joking. It's always been like that Other anons have had too many threads taking about it, but the consensus is that it's a very shitty place to visit. I'm not accusing the anon who posted it of anything. But I wanted to let anons/Russians lurkers/Ukrainian lurkers know about it in case curiosity got the best of them. 

And there's already a general Russian board on End >>>/rus/
No need to leave
It's called "Translate Web Pages".
And since you mentioned that, I'm going to delete the post which links to it.
Ну как вы тут, кряклы?
> And since you mentioned that, I'm going to delete the post which links to it.

That site is also stuffed full of kikes. Not a day goes by that someone makes a "/pol/ bad" or "ur /pol/tard". 

Except there is no /pol/ board on that site last I checked and the few splinter /pol/ sites just stay in their own place. 

> It's called "Translate Web Pages".
thanks fren

> How are you, quackles?

I mean, we're fine if that's what you're asking. Everything else is fucked though

thumbnail of Screenshot-2022-02-03-at-07-37-50-adl-no-place-for-hate-teaching-kids-only-whites-are-racist-h1-jpg-JPEG-Image-640-×-336-...-800x445.png
thumbnail of Screenshot-2022-02-03-at-07-37-50-adl-no-place-for-hate-teaching-kids-only-whites-are-racist-h1-jpg-JPEG-Image-640-×-336-...-800x445.png
Screenshot... png (545.75 KB, 800x445)
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-1320x1019.jpg
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-1320x1019.jpg
adl-redefi... jpg (111.41 KB, 1320x1019)
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-guide.png
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-guide.png
adl-redefi... png (195.74 KB, 740x882)
thumbnail of adl-racism-its-ok.jpg
thumbnail of adl-racism-its-ok.jpg
adl-racism... jpg (26.77 KB, 715x561)
thumbnail of 1448672854172.jpg
thumbnail of 1448672854172.jpg
1448672854... jpg (24.5 KB, 214x265)
The Anti-Defamation League received widespread criticism over the past week after it came out they changed the definition of “racism” so that only white people could be labeled as racist. It turns out they’re using this same definition in their “No Place For Hate” program and teaching millions of children in over 1,800 K-12 schools across America that only white people can be racist. The Montgomery Advertiser reported Tuesday that the program is being used to indoctrinate children in Huntsville, Alabama. “The Anti-Defamation League has an ‘elementary school version’ of the definition: ‘The disrespect, harm and mistreatment of people of color based on made up ideas that white people deserve to be in charge and treated better,'” the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

J. Pepper Bryars writes in The Montgomery Advertiser:
 "Records of the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education meeting on December 17, 2020 show a contract with the Anti-Defamation League to provide three training sessions in early 2021 from its “World of Difference Institute” program, as part of the system’s overall cultural diversity training effort."
" “We do have a long-standing relationship with the Anti-Defamation League. This is the organization that sponsors our ‘No Place for Hate’ activities,” a system official said when describing the organization to the board. She added that it’s “a very important partnership that we want to maintain.” "
"Officials later told me that the system has been using the “No Place For Hate” program free-of-charge for more than a decade, though it “is not a curriculum.” "
" “Schools use it as a way to promote a bullying-free environment in the school,” the official explained." 

How does teaching students that whites are the cause of all their problems and the source of all “racism” lessen bullying? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest such indoctrination only increases bullying. A study from 2019 found that the only effect of teaching people about “white privilege” is that it lessens their sympathy for poor whites. 

As Reason highlighted:
 “What we found startling was that white privilege lessons didn’t increase liberals’ sympathy for poor Black people,” writes Erin Cooley, one of the study’s authors and an assistant professor of psychology at Colgate University, in an explanatory post for Vice. “Instead, these lessons decreased liberals’ sympathy for poor white people, which led them to blame white people more for their own poverty. They seemed to think that if a person is poor despite all the privileges of being white, there must really be something wrong with them.” 

The ADL says on their website that 1.4 million children are being subjected to this program every year and over 100,000 educators are teaching their program in over 1,600 schools. The No Place For Hate program also teaches kids to recognize “hate symbols” such as “It’s Okay to Be White” and “Anti-Antifa images.” This program is the worst of the worst when it comes to brainwashing our children with critical race theory. Legislatures across the nation should move immediately to ban the ADL and their hate-filled curriculum from all of our schools.

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> National Defense is literally racism. 

racism is actually a made up term cooked up by trotsky

Yes, it seems so. And it was a term to describe the elements of national defense as immoral so they could be targeted by useful idiots.

That's what the globalists mean by opposing Nationalism, they're saying to sabotage mechanisms of national defense and you will notice that they have no problems at all with Chinese Nationalism, Mexican Nationalism, or Bantu Nationalism because it's a targeted soft power campaign to transfer institutional power of Western states to foreign national groups and genocide the White populations.

The way I would phrase what you replied is that "Leon Troksky, a Jew, invented "racism"".
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thumbnail of gasparro1.jpg
gasparro1 jpg (91.03 KB, 607x304)
> oh noes the western governments are going to be replaced by anti racist lefties
So more of the same style of government then. Europeans are imprisoned for "hate speech" and North Americans lose their jobs over Twitter.
> the globalists
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thumbnail of wow.jpeg
wow jpeg (100.14 KB, 533x400)

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thumbnail of fuckputin.jpg
fuckputin jpg (13.65 KB, 255x255)
I willing to start project like ukrainian mirotrvorets to collect data about anybody, who supported this war for revenge.
We are waiting dark times and a lot of people lost their hopes about better future, this means a lot of people will do something.
And i want to direct them, because i think there will be serious terror like in ussr and north korea, with tortures and life term incarceration or death camps.
This is so fucking serious.

You need be able to: work with web filemanager, be able to install php software and import-export sql database.
Of course, you should be far from any putins pieces of shit like fsb.

No need to post content, just dev-ops things.

I need admin for help and backups, to make project alive even if i will be caught.

Fuck putin, i hope he will be executed.
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He obviously talking about currencies or id card without any personal data and serial numbers.
Just to prove you aren't from Russia and made photo for this thread.

Why pathetic?
First collect them, then burn their houses and assets.
All should know who fucked up their country.

I'm ready, pal.
I saw this post appearing on at least one other board.
I have to tell you that we allow and support everyone to express their opinions, but we highly discourage active participation in the events which involves our site, or trying to get other posters involved. This isn't a recruitment office, we aren't a belligerent party in the war. So stop posting this, or similar calls for action.
Thanks for understanding.
Considering the fact that Putin agitators tend to end up dead in the past, I'd say this reply is fitting. To all anons here: Never post your personal info when it's requested. Not even "photographs or ID cards without personal data and serial numbers". Letter agencies can determine where you are from a photograph. Joining in either for Russia or Ukraine is foolish, as is shown across the front page here.

It's obvious shills want you all to believe in WW3 happening, "praise NATO", "based Volodymyr", "based Ukraine", "support the fight against Putin" etc. You need only look at the imgur meme section hive-mind, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and mainstream western television media. The point is, don't be duped by paid actors. Ukrainians should have made Zelensky fuck off instead of sacrificing their lives for him. The same goes for Russians via Putin.

Just forget about this entire invasion and wait for this shit to die out eventually. If you're in Ukraine or Russia, just try to stay inside until it ends. Maybe go to a shelter or move to a more remote and far away region. You're not a superhero, you're not going to win against a massive invading army. 

OP, it doesn't matter if putin quits today or the next day. Or if he disappears during the upcoming week.

they will just find another easily manipulated person to do their work for them.
A useful idiot is the word for them. That's how it's always been. It's very womanly in nature, these kike behaviors. 

Except it's the very worst things and habits about women.
Evil is eternal OP. We're technically living in hell, so there's nothing you can do about it except hope for the best and not get yourself involved with shitty people or bad circumstances.

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thumbnail of injection.jpeg
injection jpeg (127.46 KB, 810x648)
What should we do?
Is the political system worth anything at all?
Should we move to the country and homestead?
Most around me are brainwashed, believe in the whole corona lie. 
I'm fucking tired of this.
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thumbnail of 4605.jpg
4605 jpg (688.64 KB, 1902x2048)
thumbnail of 3545d122cb4801197ee7bfd6942c59a9c5fe50a38fdf6d918dd27b2480aa29c8.png
thumbnail of 3545d122cb4801197ee7bfd6942c59a9c5fe50a38fdf6d918dd27b2480aa29c8.png
3545d122cb... png (215.89 KB, 537x657)
thumbnail of CBS.jpg
thumbnail of CBS.jpg
CBS jpg (182.89 KB, 960x640)
thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
nikolas_cr... jpg (185.47 KB, 1235x694)
thumbnail of Anders Breivik.jpg
thumbnail of Anders Breivik.jpg
Anders... jpg (511.49 KB, 1311x1305)
Kikes don't care if there are no bodies for evidence. Their evidence for muh six million was lying that many jews were turned into ash. The kike holocaust narrative didn't even start with the gassings and ovens lie. The lies began with the pathetic Psychological Warfare deception of jew skin soap, lampshades and gloves, shrunken heads, orthodox jews with sailors' tattoos collected off them but skin the consistency of construction paper (because it was paper). All of those claimed items were tested and proved to be fraudulent but almost the entire world forgot that, complete idiots deciding instead that kikes are telling the truth about death showers. This is why jews are not the only problem. The main problem is fucking retards who both believe and serve kikes. Without them, jews would have no power whatsoever. They're weak and lazy, refusing to work. Public shooters, by majority brown, are white-washed by mainstream media. If jews can't blame it on anyone specific they're going to say it's white supremacist violence. If they can and the person isn't white, they're going to want a media blackout on that fact. You're coming up with a Hollywood Mafia strategy while presuming kikes have enough honor not to continue blaming an entire race and making up lies. Well, they lie with every breath they take. Any truths ever said by jews are to embed lies within their messages. Don't think for one second a jew can't turn around anything you throw at them into an elaborate subterfuge. The entire country of Germany was once freed from their brainwashing through being instructed not to trust the parasites. After losing WW2, Germany again and the entire world succumbed to jewish propaganda over the decades through sheer gullibility. The only thing kikes cannot deal with is overwhelming numbers who are unwilling to believe their bullshit.
1. Breed and keep your children out of public (jew) school.
2. Keep a folder with all books on jews, niggers, whites, and aryanity so that you can teach them and other whites about IMPORTANT history.

If you're in the US or Canada, there isn't going to be a Fuhrer who just appears and whips everyone into shape the way there was in Germany, and still could be in many European countries.  Rather, the future will be White men finding each other and starting Amish-like areas all over the land and there defending a White identity, if not legally in the municipal government then at least publicly.  Certain regions will become defacto spic, others will become depressing multiracial areas that could be decent to live in but impossible to raise a consciously White family in, and the nigger zones will just fall into terminal disrepair.  Basically, it's going to be a mess.
I wouldn't expect the next Hitler to rise in Europe any more than I would expect it in the United States. We're talking about people who let hate speech and holocaust "denial" laws happen with penalties of imprisonment. Europeans just as much have kikes infiltrating their politics and media as Americans.

The majority of the world are now stupid, less book-smart than before and gullible while being replaced by immigrants. It's like something is in the water. Or maybe it's the constant distractions. Iphone staring zombies everywhere who can't socialize or date without an app.
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thumbnail of heh.png
heh png (13.18 KB, 350x350)
you know already
thumbnail of 4chan.jpg
thumbnail of 4chan.jpg
4chan jpg (85.73 KB, 735x284)
> you know already
> heh.png trollface

thumbnail of 1644113333381.png
thumbnail of 1644113333381.png
1644113333... png (1.3 MB, 641x1280)
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Thanks I suppose. Make a FIFA stream sometime if you can
Why does he say "Adolph"? Doesn't it have an f at the end of the word?
Adolf Hitler was christened Adolphus Hitler. It is this fact that has been mocked throughout the history of this board. The nigger spammer used to post Hitler's head on a dolphin (one of that kike's mildest insults). /sp/orts has been saying 'Adolph' for some time now.
thumbnail of benny.jpeg
thumbnail of benny.jpeg
benny jpeg (81.92 KB, 600x855)
> Adolf Hitler was christened Adolphus Hitler.
> It is this fact that has been mocked throughout the history of this board.

Doesn't sound like such a bad name. Just a regular German or Greek one. Everything makes sense now.

> /sp/orts has been saying 'Adolph' for some time now
How is that supposed to be funny though?
thumbnail of white side of the moon.jpg
thumbnail of white side of the moon.jpg
white side... jpg (239.07 KB, 1111x1392)
So a few things if anyone from sp is still around

1) none of the url streams worked for me. I couldn't go into any of them and I was stuck in a boring sports webpage with no stream
2) Some of the available urls and the places were people took some screenshots from needed JS and had http enabled instead of https. It's somewhat insecure for users that don't know about it.


Maybe leave an option for both during the next year. Going to any site with only http enabled is a big security risk

3) And Aidskike did a complete board wipe on sportschan with his spam yesterday methinks. That was pretty shitty.

thumbnail of coronapill.png
thumbnail of coronapill.png
coronapill png (548.79 KB, 644x800)
Contains many vaccine reaction photos


Videos and diverse content on vaccines


Contains many videos on vaccine reactions


Varied content on covid flu


Varied content on the scamdemic

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2,500 pictures is way too much to look at in depth. I have skimmed and found some decent knowledge from the file. However, if anyone going through this find any jewish propaganda laced within, report back here immediately. OP seems to be on the level, but there are advanced tactics jews employ which I have seen on occasion. They're not always painfully obvious. Just most of the time. For instance, they have claimed to be on our side and then inserted some jew bullshit. I'm sure you've been around long enough to witness those attempts.
Yeah I was actually the guy who noticed that earlier. I haven't gone to the site yet to notice anything odd

Can you maybe post a small thumbnail screenshot of what you have OP?
Damn, the mega is down...anyone got a backup? Cheers for providing this info OP.
thumbnail of Stefan-Oelrich_gene-therapy.webm
thumbnail of Stefan-Oelrich_gene-therapy.webm
Stefan-Oel... webm (2.14 MB, 1920x1080)
thumbnail of COVID_RNA-vaxx_explanation.webm
thumbnail of COVID_RNA-vaxx_explanation.webm
COVID_RNA-... webm (5.73 MB, 640x360)
thumbnail of UN_vaccine_transparency.webm
thumbnail of UN_vaccine_transparency.webm
UN_vaccine... webm (5.49 MB, 853x480)
late to the party, i'll share what i have

look up who Stefan Oelrich is
thumbnail of Stefan Oelrich.jpg
thumbnail of Stefan Oelrich.jpg
Stefan... jpg (81.7 KB, 603x656)
I did. He's a traitorous piece of shit. No surprise.

thumbnail of 599384.jpg
thumbnail of 599384.jpg
599384 jpg (925.74 KB, 1136x852)
Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model with Down syndrome, recently fulfilled a dream by starring in a Gucci Beauty campaign, and has broken social media records by receiving over 800,000 likes on her post on the official Gucci Instagram page:

"''If that’s not enough, the teenager will appear on the pages of the Italian Vogue later this month. Raised in Ilford, a small town in Essex, UK, Goldstein started modeling in 2017 after joining the Zebedee Management modeling agency, which focuses on providing services for models with disabilities, “supplying diverse models and offering sensitive representation,” according to their website. She was featured in several campaigns in the past, including by Nike and Vodafone, but starring in the Gucci campaign is definitely the biggest yet. The photo shoot that took place in London captured Goldstein wearing the Gucci mascara L’Obscur, inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who wrote on the Instagram post: “I designed L’Obscur mascara for an authentic person who uses makeup to tell their story of freedom, in their way. The post featuring Goldstein gained immense popularity, with over 800,000 likes and thousands of supporters sharing their love on the comment section, with one person commenting: “Beauty beyond limits” and another: “Can this please be our new normal, we are ready for it.” “I really enjoyed the modelling and loved wearing the Gucci dress. I’m really proud of the photo shoot,” Goldstein replied, while adding that “I’m looking forward to modelling for other brands,” suggesting that the young model is only just beginning her special career.

For the last 100 years Jews have been working feverishly in the media to redefine “beauty”, to invert reality and make what is ugly beautiful and what is beautiful ugly. They want the world to reflect what they themselves see in the mirror — and to “repair” the world, they must use their power of propaganda to convince people that reality is not what it seems. The Jews control the rag trade — the fashion industry — and they use it now to promote their subversive, anti-White agenda. And they know that they will lose money when they put non-Whites and disabled people on the cover of their fashion magazines, but they do it anyway because the agenda isn’t primarily about money — it’s about recreating the world into their own image — tikkun olam. Real beauty makes Jews feel bad about themselves — like “hairy monkeys” — which is why they’ll spend a king’s ransom on plastic surgeons to look more classically White and beautiful. No woman goes to a plastic surgeon and demands that he make her look more Jewish like Ellie Goldstein or Barbara Streisand. But no matter how much money Jews spend promoting ugliness they will never be able to change reality — Ellie Goldstein is being exploited to promote a hateful and subversive agenda, but no one dares mention that this emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

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That's the natural cycle of imageboards. New threads are posted and old threads die off eventually. Slide threads are discouraged to prevent a catalog full of stupid, one to two sentence OPs. If you think this is clutter, take a look at 4chan's /pol/.
However, I did just comb through the Catalog here and removed a few slide threads.
the vast majority of women are retarded, how is this different than anything of the past?

kinda seems like the whole "fat is beautiful" thing, just with an extra chromosome.
Different than anything jews have pushed in the past? It's not. They're always pushing multiple forms of degeneracy. That's their plan. It's always their plan.
thumbnail of Drag queens and kings with Down syndrome.mp4
thumbnail of Drag queens and kings with Down syndrome.mp4
Drag... mp4 (20.84 MB, 1280x720)
It gets better than that.
This thread is like 2 years old. Why bump it now?

> that video
jews are making fun of us / they love freak shows/ most of their kids or extended family have the same health issues

thumbnail of Ruins of Britain.jpg
thumbnail of Ruins of Britain.jpg
Ruins of... jpg (160.68 KB, 800x530)
An empire fallen, an island whose arrogance and disgraceful conduct led to it's own demise, Britain at this juncture is often a misunderstood beast. Many believe it simply to be a prison island, the comical joke of "Oi you got a license for that" is by and large the understanding of what has befallen this darkened place, a hell of Jewish state power and weak men. Oh, many of my British kin, they try and react jovially or follow the civic nationalist bravado of "hurr two world wars won fuk u" without a hint of irony, quietly sidestepping the fact our women and children are preyed upon by foreign beasts invited by the semetic powers but I am under no such illusion. The weight of our leaders sins weighs heavy on those who are not beguiled by honeyed words and as one of many who share that understanding of our past it struck me as prudent to paint an accurate picture of the shadowed lands of Albion. So let us begin, let us paint upon the canvas of European history with the grim pastels that shall create the true image of modern Britain. Today I hope to offer some insight into the children of this isle and present the situation at large in this shadowed place. Some will find joy, some will find misery but none the less we must accept the reality of our situation, especially those of us within the belly of this beast. 

Firstly, a simple primer on our political landscape. Despite our seemingly labyrinthine political system is it deceptively simple and far closer to the American system despite the use of noble titles and certain parliamentary traditions. We for all intensive purposes have a two party system within each composite nation with any further parties usually swiftly becoming supplicants for the main groups. Whether it be vile Labour or the treacherous Tories in England, the conniving Scottish National Party and the worm like Conservatives in Scotland, the cowed and spineless Plaid Cymru in Wales or again the disgusting Labour party or the corrupted Democratic Unionist Party and the staggering corpse of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, all across our isles our supposed "leaders" are infested with the semetic parasite that endures in so many of our institutions. Akin to our American brothers and our brothers on the continent there is simply no political avenue for the liberation of our people. Oh, some cling to the idea of the "High Tories", a hilarious idea that the "old money" within the Conservative party hold a glint of loyalty to our people but as proven by their inaction they are as worthless as the cowards who form the masses of their advocates, mayhaps even more so with their often storied history. No, Britain has already fallen in regards to a political solution and no amount of lying to ourselves will alter that situation. From head to toe our system has fallen to corruption, the House of Commons filled with foreign invaders who have ensured the disgusting degenerative filth who rape our children en massé are saved from retribution, the House of Lords who have saved many a Jewish "Lord" from his disgusting torture and sexual violation of the innocent such as the monster Lord Briton (a deliberately ironic name used by this particular parasite), there is nothing of worth to salvage among the diseased ruins of our system. Those who retain some semblance of the idea of nobility of purpose that once embodied our nation are fewer than ever before, by and large forgotten and powerless in the face of the modern semetic system that has overwhelmed the systems of old.
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> purity
I don't think you realize what National Socialism was about before all the Allied propaganda. I'm aware of Mark Collett and the Patriotic Alternative. The PA are welcome here if they're capable of reading and following the Meta Thread rules. As for purity, race mixing was frowned on and not even a thing with jews out of influence. Blacks existed in Germany then. There wasn't a focus on other races such as Iron Thunder of Patriotic Alternative does.  >>/80927/  >>/80930/  >>/80931/  Kikes are always the ones promoting miscegenation. Then out of Pavlovian response, other people follow. It's the same when you speak in public saying anything negative with the word jew in a sentence. I have made friends IRL who thought I was 'crazy' at first simply because I did so. Decades of jewish brainwashing led to their immediate assumption. This too before I broke out of indoctrination; I thought Sinead O'Connor was insane at first. To understand "NS", you must first shake off all assumptions you learned spread around by kike lies.
I meant ideological purity. The rules post makes it clear that this board accepts a very limited amount of deviation from NS ideas. I was referring to the fact that PA may be outside that window, though perhaps not since they/we do share many aims and ideals.

I understand NS well enough, and especially misconceptions about the beliefs of Hitler and the NSDAP, after so many years of lurking on pol boards and TG. Although if I genuinely was a newcomer, I would've found your post helpful and accommodating.

(One thing for everyone here who's British: sure, it's for you to make your own decisions and it seems to be ubiquitous in this community, but the use of ethnic slurs has nothing but downsides. It's bad optics; it's going to hurt you if you get raided; and it's just gratuitous. If your attitude is "fuck it, let them come", fair enough, I respect your commitment, but it seems wasteful to me. Ethnats, NSs, third positionists, and even milquetoast anti-immigration commentators in countries with hate speech laws should at least consider this. Cheers lads.)
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Anders... jpg (511.49 KB, 1311x1305)
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thumbnail of james alex fields junior.png
james alex... png (509.08 KB, 806x815)
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thumbnail of not surprised.png
not... png (788.56 KB, 552x1908)
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thumbnail of Oklahoma City connection.jpg
Oklahoma... jpg (456.74 KB, 800x634)
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thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
nikolas_cr... jpg (185.47 KB, 1235x694)
My mistake. I do make that assumption a lot.
> One thing for everyone here who's British
> the use of ethnic slurs has nothing but downsides
> it's going to hurt you if you get raided
> countries with hate speech laws
Now that's just sad. It may be the reason behind so many U.S. rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19. Kikes testing the waters to see what restrictions they can get away with without total mutiny. Because seriously, masks and social distancing do fuck all The United States of ZOG may very well have these same 'hate speech' laws in the future. Kikes were trying to take away guns first, which they must if they want no casualty raids. It hasn't been going well for them, no matter how many jews (<-this they try to cover up) shoot up schools and churches here or elsewhere. Don't get me wrong about this criticism. I want nothing more than to be able to pull the bars free of those interned for "hate speech" or holocaust "denial" bullshit across the Atlantic. But I don't have the strength of 100 men.
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thumbnail of james alex fields junior.png
james alex... png (623.55 KB, 806x815)
thumbnail of not surprised.png
thumbnail of not surprised.png
not... png (756.11 KB, 552x1908)
> corrupted shit images
I'm not even going to bother removing that post, deleting it, then copypasting everything.
I do not agree with your comment on ideological purity. I have openly stated many times on this board I am fond of both British Fascism and National Socialism and believe both are respective avenues towards building something great. I shan't lie, my sympathies err more towards National Socialism nowadays but that's primarily because of it's ability to be shaped to a nations character where as British Fascism I find is a tad more tunnel visioned and tailored *for* Britain, thusly it is somewhat redundant when looking at the larger picture. As long as you are respectful and constructive in your argumentation you will find little attacking you.

As for PA being outside the window of discussion I would say ideologically it isn't but there are a number of concerns to be had with them which I've never had satisfactorily explained, less of the ideological sort and more of the practical. The development of it's android based application for one but that is just part of my concerns. Of greater concern to me is how and why a pro White European group is associating so much with those whose interests are not ours let alone allowing them access to such data. This hearkens back to the Civic Nationalist idea of "well some of them are ok so we can work with them". No, you really can't as when push comes to shove it is not you they'll choose when pushed into a corner. They're loyal only to those they believe they can benefit from for by and large those in our nations are the literal dregs, any of worth remained in their home nations and support their own people. Yes, any pro White group can expect infiltrators but one so blatant, if a group cannot enforce a simple unwritten rule of "White Europeans only" then it condemns itself to failure. People can claim as much as they wish that they are "allies" but in a conflict where your uniform is literally your skin colour such "allies" are dubious at absolute best and grossly malicious at worst. Throw in one Steve Blake, a man involved in the BNP member list leak who is now involved in PA with him becoming their website administrator whom following this appointment suddenly came *more* member leaks, well questions have to be asked. Either the PA leadership is composed of entirely incompetent fools or something else is going on. Look, I know the line members are good people and some of the leadership do care. But this, this is a ludicrous.

As for using ethnic slurs if you indeed are lacking any moderate attempt at protecting yourself you decidedly should not be visiting anything beyond reddit or 4chan. Just because you lash your own tongue out of fear does not mean all should. Yes sometimes it can be unseemly but if one is careful they may talk freely. It makes us seem too cowardly to talk truths and be fearful to insult those who wish us dead as well as add an appearance of false superiority in the eyes of those who talk unabashed and for a people who are already seen as haughty and arrogant I am sure you would agree that is the very last thing we need. If we are not brave enough to insult our enemy among friends or intelligent enough to disguise ourselves from the system which would see us dead then we unequivocally will fail before we even get a chance to stand against the semite. If you wish to learn some basic opsec to allow you at least a few ways to protect yourself to a degree (no precautions are perfect bear in mind) then check in on the /sig/ thread in mid to late January. There should be something there by then. Needless to say, a place such as this has decent security but you yourself must protect yourself better with a carefully configured OS and browser to compliment it, it is far superior than say a dedicated chat program like obviously Discord or one that will be discussed as it seems in popular use, Telegram. As a quick aside if you are using Telegram it may be prudent to not merely run it via a VPN (obviously) but be very careful with both what you say and what your cache on it contains. I'll explain more in the eventual /sig/ post.

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