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(365.22 KB, 564x829)
This is a thread for debunking all the nonsense we're told about Maximilian Kolbe and the supposed story that he switched his life for a jew.
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> Most I can remember is seeing a slovak flag anon who posted screencaps from here
Yes that was me 
> Yeah, I took a brake from here
And i di from 4chan as the zog started to boil that place even more than it was after shooting in zamocka street in Bratislava
> there was much cognitive warfare going on in the thread.
To be honest where on 4chan is not and especially on natsoc (and my favourite shills like Z civnat and his true christianity™ and ayone who points out his hypocrisy is sodomite or the natsoc genersls were made to associate imageboards with NS to shut them down and has it documented for any number of years he pulls from his ass but anyone who wants that evidence is accused to be shill), holocaust or some spicy finding like this in picture related
Or even better when aquarium threads were up and were slid and banned and investigation on possible pizzagate on steroids therefore ceased.
And before someone takes out of context this
>  Z civnat and his true christianity™ 
I elaborate on that as that memeflag shill thinks his own denomination is that unquestionably true one hence the ™ mark added as nobody cannot even ask then what it is
I'm never gone as long as I'm alive. The issue has always been both a lack of complete free time and the fact that bans are outdated. No matter how many times I ban AIDSkike and the spammers, they keep coming. It's less effective than a slap on the wrist.
> I activated "Freedom" app on all my devices & can't lurk on /pol/ during Lent
> Find myself pilpulling God by lurking alt chans instead
was worth it just to find this bread
Welcome. You're unlikely to find a pure National Socialist board like this one without jews having free reign antagonizing as moderation on other sites lets them. However, if you do find that elsewhere, let me know.

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thumbnail of 800x445.jpg
800x445 jpg
(116.34 KB, 790x439)
Jewish “Holocaust” historian Yehuda Bauer writes: "Part of the Nazi propaganda effort was to persuade non-Jews that the ghettoes were necessary to protect them from the Jews. Jews were said to be carriers of epidemic illnesses while non-Jews were immune to them." [Sidenote: What is wrong with this kike's brain? Unable to see the glaring flaw in his lie.] In reality, Jews were interned in camps and ghettos during World War II because Jews were generally hostile toward Germany, and many Jewish partisans were actively killing German troops. In addition to ghetto fighters, Jewish civilians fled to the forests and enlisted in partisan units, carrying out sabotage and intelligence missions.[3] The authorities of the Third Reich reasoned that Jews had to be interned to protect against these sabotage and intelligence operations. This article documents some of the Jewish civilians and groups who actively fought against the Third Reich during World War II. 

Jewish Female Assassins
Jewish historian Dr. Judy Batalion, in her book The Light of Days, states that Jewish women who resisted the Third Reich were far more numerous than she had ever imagined. She writes: "At first, I imagined that the several dozen resistance operatives mentioned in Freuen comprised the total amount. But as soon as I touched on the topic, extraordinary tales of female fighters crawled out from every corner: archives, catalogues, strangers who emailed me their family stories. I found dozens of women’s memoirs published by small presses, and hundreds of testimonies in Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Italian, and English, from the 1940s to today." Many Jewish women used stealth and disguises to murder Germans. For example, 24-year-old Niuta Teitelbaum, from the Communist group Spartacus, wore her flaxen hair in braids, appearing like a young 16-year-old—an innocent disguise that hid her role as an assassin. She walked into the office of a high-ranking Gestapo officer, and shot him in cold blood at his desk. Teitelbaum pulled the trigger on yet another German officer while he was in bed in his own home. In another operation, she killed two Gestapo agents and wounded a third who was taken to a hospital. Disguising herself as a doctor, Teitelbaum entered the wounded Gestapo agent’s room, and murdered both him and his guard.[5]

In another instance, Teitelbaum dressed like a Polish farm girl with a kerchief in her blond hair. She walked into a German command post, smiled, and then shot an SS soldier with her pistol. Another time, Teitelbaum strolled up to the guards outside Szucha, and said she needed to speak to a certain officer about a “personal matter.” The guards showed her the way to her “boyfriend’s office,” where she pulled out a concealed pistol with a silencer and shot him in the head. She smiled meekly at the guards on her way out.[6] For these and other acts of lethal resistance, the Gestapo nicknamed Teitelbaum “Little Wanda with the Braids,” and put her on all of its most-wanted lists. She survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but was eventually hunted down and executed a few months later.[7] The lethal nature of the Jewish female assassins caused the Germans to take extreme measures against them. German SS commander Jürgen Stroop wrote:[8] "''They were not human, perhaps devils or goddesses. Calm. As nimble as circus performers. They often fired simultaneously with pistols in both hands. Fierce in combat, right to the end. Approaching them was dangerous. One captured Haluzzenmädel looked timid. Completely resigned. And then suddenly, when a group of our men got within a few steps of her, she pulls a hand grenade out from under her skirt or her breeches and slaughters the SS while showering them with curses to the 10th generation—your hair stands on end! [continued]

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> don't believe anyone here thinks only Christians exclusively were in the AXIS powers
That was on margo of the work and not an imageboard 

Anyway Dirlewanger brigade veterans POV on partisan hunts confirming yet again jewish key role in guerilla insurgencies in ww2
Yes, and it is many times impossible to get through to someone who has been brainwashed by the lies. Over 77 years now. They don't question why the number 6 million is so round. So impossible. I have bombarded many with information and with some, all their minds do is shut down. What people need is a shock to their system to wake up. They'll only fight back if the jew boot is physically on their necks.
> What people need is a shock to their system to wake up.
Better would be an rotting of system assaulting their little bohemian (a person not nationality just to say) island which they take so in dearest with their aspirations of eternal beer and football
Like what they will change when they hear that uncomfortable truth of our eternal dept and poverty by constant ignoring of it
What will change when at least in my personal experience they result in physical violence toward that sad truth and that hitler was right 
> They'll only fight back if the jew boot is physically on their necks.
Depends on individum
If that man believes in some sort of messiah in shining armor who will fix everything while he sits confortably or everything can be settled down in some jolly political game then even then he wont fight and MAGA faggots are biggest evidence
Yes, and it is many times impossible to get through to someone who has been brainwashed by the lies
An cycle that never ends
> Im immune to propaganda of establishment
> Okay here you have then material showing how much they lie about anyone
> After a while
> No the establishment is right and believe what they say
> But you said you dont believe them
> But why they would lie we would disagree with them then

Indeed that its an massive demoralizing fuel

Taking Jerusalem from their hands is wirklich step in their elimination.
your plan will work but it needs highly skilled and ideologically motivated people, the arabs have fucked up all the hope when they lost multiple times to zog, so here is our world now.
thumbnail of uh oh Israel.jpg
thumbnail of uh oh Israel.jpg
uh oh Israel jpg
(460.2 KB, 852x474)
I removed that post and started a new thread with what you were replying to  >>/91076/
> the arabs fucked up all the hope when they lost multiple times to zog
It's true that just like us, they have cucks in charge bending the knee to Israel. I can't place blame on them when my own people have pathetic simps to Israel. What they need, what we all need, is to execute the traitors among us. Arabs undoubtedly have a lot more among their people who are aware of and hate ZOG. These nations will surely destroy Israel some day. I'm very much in doubt we'll still be alive to witness when that day comes. For all we know, the jews' plans to eliminate Caucasians may have succeeded completely by the time Arabs are finally sick enough of their bullshit.

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thumbnail of 1430097184194.jpg
1430097184194 jpg
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thumbnail of 278042cc58d5f214ee779b56b1a3446d-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 278042cc58d5f214ee779b56b1a3446d-imagejpeg.jpg
278042cc58d5f214ee... jpg
(182.93 KB, 917x1016)
ITT: We defend Hitler from claims such as that he was a jew working to establish Israel/etc.
From a "French" jewish anti-Hitler website:
< The shady things about Hitler sustaining the idea he was a zionist jew
Authored by  "hexzane527".
> 1) First of all, in a country dominated by jews as was Germany during the 20's and the 30's, it would have been impossible for a hostile goy like Hitler to come to power. When they control a country, jewish leaders don't let hostile goyims take back the power. So, the rise of Hitler is unbelievable, especially in such a short period of time.
hexzane527 seems to have no idea how revolutions work at that. 10 years isn't a "short period of time" first of all.
Hitler's takeover wasn't democratic or such at all. It was purely a result of the peoples' will. Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler the chancellor, and through that Hitler took over in 1933. He wasn't elected. 
> 2) The reaction of Hitler about Dunkirk is also incredible. He can capture the entire English army. But what does he do ? He let them flee. What !!? And the Hitler's pretext is that he had a great respect for England ! Wtf !!? No, only a traitor acts like that. A real nazi would never have done that.
> He did that because he was a zionist jew. And as the war was a fake one, he had to let the english army flee. Otherwise, England couldn't have continued the war. And the USA couldn't have made the D-day and won the war with the USSR as it was planned.
How childish. If you look at the two options here:
< Hitler respected England and the English people to the extent that he actually said he wasn't willing to shed their blood for war.
< Hitler was a Zionist jewish puppet which is why he let them escape!!
Which one is more reasonable and realistic?
Second, Dunkirk wouldn't have affected the war with England at all. It boils down to Lord Halifax or Churchill becoming prime minister. Halifax could've accepted the position of PM, and he was for peace with Germany. The mason Churchill being one of the worst warmongers of the 20th century he would have still been stubborn enough not to accept the peace if Hitler bombed them at Dunkirk.
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> So the written torah (OT) isn't actually bad.
Because it's the Septuagint. To refer to it as the Torah is false. Kikes always claim what is not theirs and never has been. Hebrew was never the origin, which has been evidenced by your links. I'm glad to see another of sane mind here (aside from Spain anon and Slav anon). Sure hope you weren't one of those two retards who were banned just now for insulting Hitler. Such clear rules yet shills continue to sperg.
Americans laugh when New York outlaws ketchup, but do you think ketchup bans in New York might lead to ketchup bans in Vermont and Kansas?

Do you think ketchup bans might lead to mustard bans and toothpick bans?

Do you think that the Satanists are going wake up and restore the Bill of Rights, decrease the debt, or end the wars?

Does anyone see what is going on?
thumbnail of Canva shit.png
thumbnail of Canva shit.png
Canva shit png
(923.68 KB, 1200x630)
Yeah, no. I hate the look of Canva shit. I didn't design the aforementioned but I have hundreds of images revealing kikes in various folders. Not wasting time on each one to make them look gay.

thumbnail of end-xmas-spec.jpg
thumbnail of end-xmas-spec.jpg
end-xmas-spec jpg
(466.17 KB, 1280x720)
Discussion thread:

No politics. Please leave it up here for a few days, even if it's inconvenient, maybe someone is interested.
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thumbnail of grand-prix-1966.jpg
grand-prix-1... jpg
(896.75 KB, 2256x3162)
Endchan's 8th Birthday is coming on the 20th. Gonna stream Grand Prix. It's an 1966 movie, I don't know much at all about it.
Starts at 6om EST / 9pm PST.
thumbnail of alone-in-the-wilderness.jpg
thumbnail of alone-in-the-wilderness.jpg
alone-in-the-... jpg
(117.65 KB, 600x825)
Streaming Alone in the Wilderness tomorrow (Sat. Feb 3) at 8 and 21 UTC.
I don't think it's necessary to introduce it here, the guy in this documentary had the knowledge Anons on imageboards collect in the form of informational images...

thumbnail of photo_2023-09-13_10-58-03.jpg
thumbnail of photo_2023-09-13_10-58-03.jpg
photo_2023-0... jpg
(104.25 KB, 533x747)
I've created this substack article which explains in good length as to why the NSDAP was predominantly Christian and how they weren't occultists trying to destroy Christianity and enforce global paganism like bad faith actors try to claim, but rather they were honorable men who loved God and their nation. I will be updating this article overtime, as it is a response to Hitler Hated Christ's thread on Twitter. You can read the article here:


Gott Mit Uns
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Table Talk... jpg
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thumbnail of Table Talk forgery.png
thumbnail of Table Talk forgery.png
Table Talk forgery png
(65.27 KB, 527x162)
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thumbnail of Table Talks.png
Table Talks png
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thumbnail of Francis Genoud Strasserist kike.jpg
thumbnail of Francis Genoud Strasserist kike.jpg
Francis... jpg
(24.08 KB, 300x499)
thumbnail of 1629879460938.gif
thumbnail of 1629879460938.gif
1629879460938 gif
(1.55 MB, 2841x2390)
I'll tell you the source from that banned and deleted idiot. Francois Genoud the jewish forger.

Kikes have everything to do with the Islamic invasion of the entirety of Europe. The U.S. military invading Afghanistan before Iraq and now onto Palestine, Syria and Iran. Of course causing the mass migration of Arabs into European nations. That's all for the bribes and threats of AIPAC. There is a Coudenhove-Kalergi award given to those "leaders" who open the flood gates.
thumbnail of got your talmudvision right here.jpg
thumbnail of got your talmudvision right here.jpg
got your talmudvision... jpg
(128.74 KB, 635x523)
thumbnail of jews mocking.jpg
thumbnail of jews mocking.jpg
jews mocking jpg
(184.92 KB, 579x256)
thumbnail of jews reaction to jesus.jpg
thumbnail of jews reaction to jesus.jpg
jews reaction to jesus jpg
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thumbnail of AD.jpg
thumbnail of AD.jpg
AD jpg
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thumbnail of Sarah Silverman says she would kill Christ again.webm
thumbnail of Sarah Silverman says she would kill Christ again.webm
Sarah Silverman says... webm
(2.54 MB, 1920x1080 vp8)
After the banning and deletion of yet another saying the same old phrase the 2017 nigger spammer repeated: 'Christcuck'. Imagine saying this on Christmas of all days. I'm going to have to make one thing clear. This board isn't specifically Christian. You don't have to be when you come here.

I prefer Odinn and the religion of the Aesir. It's stronger. It's not cucked to kikes like many modern Christian churches. However, what you all must do is not act like a fucking jew. Hitler was clearly Christian. That has been proven here beyond a shadow of a doubt. Come to this board because you have an intense hatred of kikes with a passionate belief that they're parasitic cockroaches who need to be removed from our ways of life. That is the end of it. Pulling divide tactics swiftly results in bans.

Judaism is the religion of the tribe. This you must hate

thumbnail of Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 19-39-10 The Plan to Put Pig Genes in Soy Beans for Tastier Fake Meat WIRED.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 19-39-10 The Plan to Put Pig Genes in Soy Beans for Tastier Fake Meat WIRED.png
Screenshot... png
(1.36 MB, 1533x3587)
now they want to add animal DNA into GMO soy
> In June 2023, Moolec revealed that it had inserted genes from pigs into soy plants in order to make soybeans that expressed porcine proteins. The experiments were carried out at the company’s greenhouses in Wisconsin. In some of the soybeans, over a quarter of the soluble proteins were identified as pig. It’s not quite the bleeding soybean that he first imagined, but Palidini was still impressed with just how much pig protein his soybeans seemed to produce. The beans have a pinky hue and a meaty taste, he says, though the company is still awaiting a full analysis of their nutritional qualities. Next year, Paladini hopes to take the soybeans to outdoor field trials in Wisconsin.

thumbnail of book-burning-of-fag-materials.gif
thumbnail of book-burning-of-fag-materials.gif
book-burning-of-fag-m... gif
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thumbnail of all those dykes.jpg
thumbnail of all those dykes.jpg
all those dykes jpg
(192.36 KB, 936x714)
thumbnail of jew shills.jpg
thumbnail of jew shills.jpg
jew shills jpg
(151.38 KB, 907x574)
Ninety years have passed since the National Socialist took steps to protect German society by burning “troves” of pornographic Jewish “scientific literature” which attempted to normalize sexual deviancy — including books on “pioneering” gender mutilation surgeries — yet Jews today remain clueless about why these books were burned — and why they themselves are the root cause of “antisemitic” reactions to their behavior, according to a recent article in the Jewish Forward [Read that whining and moaning quote in the article if you so wish]. So, in other words, Jews think the “Nazis” burned these degenerate books merely to “celebrate” their rise to power — and it had nothing to do with the content of those books. It never occurs to Jews that when our societies were still sane, gender dysphoria and homosexuality were scientifically-recognized emotional and psychological disorders that require serious medical attention. Instead of giving these people the treatment they need, the Jews champion Magnus Herschfeld as some sort of “hero” for insisting these suffering individuals are “normal” — and then they become “shocked” when people don’t want to go along with their homo-gaslighting.

Jews — by their own admission — have a much higher incidence of mental disorders than the general public — and not surprisingly have a much higher rate of homosexuality — hardly a coincidence since they go hand-in-hand. Many studies have been done showing that homosexuals often suffer from pathological levels of narcissism — so it should come as no surprise that Jews see Israel as a “haven” for homosexuals and other sexual deviants. In fact, one recent study found that a whopping one-third of the Israeli population identifies as “bisexual” — and considering less than 2% of the general population in western nations identifies as “gay”, it appears that Jews are vastly over-represented in the “gay movement”. From its beginnings, the “gay” or “LGBT” movement in America — and in all western countries — has been dominated by Jews https://christiansfortruth.com/gay-jewish-senator-to-change-ca-law-that-discriminates-against-lgbt-pedophiles-and-predators/ — just as the “women’s movement” has been dominated by bitter Jewish lesbians and bisexuals. And ‘gay porn’ was not only a product of deviant Jewish minds in Weimar, Germany https://christiansfortruth.com/how-the-jews-of-weimar-germany-ensured-the-rise-of-national-socialism/ — today, the largest producers of gay porn in America just so happen to be ‘a nice Jewish couple’ — Barry and Karen Mason. https://christiansfortruth.com/meet-the-nice-jewish-couple-who-happen-to-be-the-largest-distributors-of-gay-pornography-in-america/

When the “refugee crisis” hit Europe, Jewish pornographers started producing “refugee porn” to specifically appeal to the prurient interests of the Muslim invaders. https://christiansfortruth.com/jewish-pornographers-turn-migrant-rape-crisis-in-germany-into-a-lucrative-sm-fetish/ Nor should it surprise us that the largest owner of pornographic movie theaters in New York City was Chelly Wilson — a Jewish lesbian and alleged “Holocaust survivor”. https://christiansfortruth.com/meet-the-lesbian-holocaust-survivor-who-became-new-york-citys-porn-theater-kingpin/ As British historian — David Irving — once pointed out to a Jew during a lecture,  “If you hadn’t behaved the way you have as a race for 3,000 years, first the Russians, then the Poles, then the Galicians, then the Austrians and the rest wouldn’t have harried and hounded you from pillar to post so you end up finding yourselves at Auschwitz. And you’ve never asked yourselves, “Why?” 

Obviously, Chilly Wilson never asked herself “why” she and her family ended up in a German concentration camp — otherwise, she wouldn’t have used her new-found freedom to start a pornographic empire in America and create more “antisemitism” all over again. Tone deafness is epidemic among Jews — blind to their own hypocrisy.
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thumbnail of Apu Sees Khazaria.jpg
thumbnail of Apu Sees Khazaria.jpg
Apu Sees Khazaria jpg
(106.68 KB, 716x716)
thumbnail of Sad Apu 1.jpeg
thumbnail of Sad Apu 1.jpeg
Sad Apu 1 jpeg
(22.87 KB, 680x639)
thumbnail of Reasons To Live - Jesus.png
thumbnail of Reasons To Live - Jesus.png
Reasons To Live -... png
(434.52 KB, 1199x476)
thumbnail of Jesus with Apu.png
thumbnail of Jesus with Apu.png
Jesus with Apu png
(1.18 MB, 720x576)
> Cont.

I guess I'm just trying to show you that I'm on your side, and that I even recognize that Jewish supremacy is bullocks. One's only a true Israelite when they have faith in God and are an example to the world. After all, the Bible calls us "true Israelites", if we indeed have true faith in God. That's probably where the "whites were the real Jews" stuff comes from.

As a matter of fact, I would spit on every last one of the diabolical sons of Sat*n that have been poisoning, brainwashing, oppressing and stealing from most of the world (yet claim to be God's chosen people), if I had the chance... If that would help anything. But Jesus shows me again and again that I'm just as bad in my heart as anyone. Don't get me wrong, those monsters still deserve to hang. At least the banker-merchant war-mongering drug-dealing blackmailing F***masons among them do. In fact if I saw one irl I'd probably give them a nice punch to the face anyway, even though I know I deserve one just as much... And it's not just because (I'm growing more and more sure that) I'm like 1/4 Sephardic or something, (hence first picrel, it tears me up inside - in fact that took some courage to admit) (on top of the fact that I'm a NEET in a middle class household with food, clothing, housing and running water in one of the safest places in the world, not to mention my ass being saved for so much of my bullshit over the years by the fact that I have "Autism")

God bless you all, brothers.
thumbnail of 2deecc444e8e70cbda418f062cd208944a226a1b_1_600x394.jpg
thumbnail of 2deecc444e8e70cbda418f062cd208944a226a1b_1_600x394.jpg
2deecc444e8e70cbda418... jpg
(156.14 KB, 600x394)
> It's disingenuous as hell.
Right. And you said you smell a goblin when misunderstanding me in the /SIG/ thread. We're about even there. I'm a cranky middle aged man and suspicious by years of dealing with shills. I know we're on the same side.

> I do NOT agree that the Catholic church is any better.
Very true. It's not since Vatican II (the second Vatican Council) sought modernization. Now they're compromised cucks to jews. It goes the same for many organizations that used to be anti jew. Including many modern churches. You're lucky you know of an anti jew pastor. The local pastor a mixed mulatto bitch sold me on happened to be an actual kike not only lying "jews weren't guilty" for Jesus's death but caught him shit talking Jesus behind closed doors. They sure loved to sing El Shaddai at that church. Many have been banned on this board for attempting to smear Jesus/Christianity - and why? Simply because jews have an intense hatred of that religion and we are anonymous. The parasites must be rooted out. Lashing out at Christianity has always been suspicious, as Orthodox kikes factually WILL spit on the ground at it's mention. Any true jew hater focuses on Judaism and cuts the crap. This you should know about end/pol/
> Ancient Israelites
They were white, anon. The title of Israelite, the Christian religion, every ideal such as Socialism or Communism - all have been stolen and corrupted by jews. Jews claim these as their own. Socialism originated from Mazdak the Zoroastrian, falsely stolen by jews. It was a simplicity in economic revival. Communism originated from Victor d'Hupay, a simplicity incorporating actual communes but has been twisted into the monstrous form of bullshit it is today as jews claim Marx falsely as the origin. I've already covered that Christianity was not originally in Hebrew. The greatest lie by jews is that they're the chosen people, the Israelites. You and I both know they're frauds and Khazars. Everything has been stolen from Aryan people. This includes Israel - by the satanic star bearing kikes.
The one thing we need to stop doing is claiming ancient Israelites as jews. Modern churches need to cut the shit as well. Jew is a term for the false parasites that stole their identity and have been corrupting our world. God, furious with Israel for this, is prophesied to strike them all down. I know Ezekiel as a future prophecy because it has not happened yet. "For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel."
thumbnail of ancient Phoenician.gif
thumbnail of ancient Phoenician.gif
ancient Phoenician gif
(656.67 KB, 1600x1092)
thumbnail of ancient Greek.jpg
thumbnail of ancient Greek.jpg
ancient Greek jpg
(113.88 KB, 700x400)
> Tell me, between the Greeks and the people of the Levant, who got their alphabet from who?
The reference always leads back to Herodotus who was declared a liar by Ctesias and Plutarch. Look at these side by side. Don't trust modern official historians for anything. They will always try to claim they're the first. It strokes their ego. Makes them feel like they're more important than the shriveled, sad and vile little lying beasts they are. As they're frequently riddled with genetic diseases and dying early like plagued rats.
thumbnail of Jesus' Prediction.jpeg
thumbnail of Jesus' Prediction.jpeg
Jesus' Prediction jpeg
(38.29 KB, 474x346)
thumbnail of Phoenician Inscription
thumbnail of Phoenician Inscription
(80.87 KB, 474x632)
thumbnail of (((Babylonian))) Fakes on Left, Egyptian Genuine Articles on Right
thumbnail of (((Babylonian))) Fakes on Left, Egyptian Genuine Articles on Right
(310.67 KB, 1129x1390)
thumbnail of Thumbs Up.jpeg
thumbnail of Thumbs Up.jpeg
Thumbs Up jpeg
(110.53 KB, 634x482)
thumbnail of Apu Thumbs Up.png
thumbnail of Apu Thumbs Up.png
Apu Thumbs Up png
(124.76 KB, 680x608)
> Reads your post
You alright, anon. Sorry about that.
> The one thing we need to stop doing is claiming ancient Israelites as jews.
Right, my bad. Even the Bible says the lineage is
> Abraham → Issac → Jacob/Israel → Judah (and 11 others),
> Judah → Abraham and everyone descended from him
as they claim, though they're mostly not even descended from Judah.
And even though after that (the tribes of) Judah and Benjamin survived as a nation, they still rejected Jesus THE OBVIOUS MESSIAH in favour of Babylonian Kaballah Satanists disguised as Pharisees and Sadducees, and thus got (rightly) kicked out in AD 70 to be mixed with the Gentiles they so hated... And then got lost in the mire of the Khazars (and maybe some other places) as a result.
Those are some nice pictures, anon.
> The reference always leads back to Herodotus who was declared a liar by Ctesias and Plutarch.
The reference to the Phoenician alphabet? In my defense, what I was trying to get at was that the Phoenicians were Samaritan/Canaanite, not that they were Jewish, (either Judean OR Khazar), I was only trying to understand where you were coming from. I think we understand each other better anon, this was a good thread. I was only trying to say that,
(though traitors (the vast majority of ancient) Judah chose to be to the Messiah, which is why of the 12 disciples, JUDAS (cognate with Judah) was the traitor, I think Jesus chose 12 disciples on purpose, just as God chose to give Jacob 12 sons that would inherit Israel)
Judah, (the actual Semitic tribe) was still _related_ to the other 11 tribes, whose ancestors adopted the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Of course they had already adopted a lot of Babylonian stuff and turned their backs on God by the time Jesus came, but they weren't Khazarian Turks masquerading as Semites at that point.
> I'm a cranky middle aged man and suspicious by years of dealing with shills.
Hey, those are good instincts to have, no harm done. Sorry I got (more than just) a bit heated myself. As someone else said, the best way to see if someone's a shill is by testing their reaction to the Austrian Painter who tried his best (and for 12 years succeeded) to save Europe from degeneracy.
> I know we're on the same side.
Thumbs up and cheers that we know we're on the same side.

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Looks like the most dangerous imageboard humanity has ever seen is on it again... that site is REALLY full of groomers to the point of backing literal MAP pedos
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I should add - a Leftist won't accept the definition no matter how many times you explain it. No matter what Giovanni Gentile, the creator of Fascism, said about it. They're stubbornly retarded. Only THEIR meanings count. Everyone else is wrong even when they're clearly fucking wrong. And they don't just do this about their politics. They pull this shit for everything they ever talk about. Something that didn't happen in Game of Thrones? Fuck you, it happened because the Lefty said so. Something is clearly made for females? Fuck you, it was made for males because the Lefty said so. Always the same with them. This is also the reason they'll never unify. The idiots stubbornly can't agree on even the smallest, most insignificant bullshit. It makes Leftists nothing but obnoxious twats.

Pandering Corporations unfortunately listen to them because they're the loudest minority of voices promoting trash when everyone else doesn't give a fuck.
1650s - Father Christmas
1773 - Saint A. Claus
A fucking ethno-state? What, with just Santa and Ms. Claus? He has beginnings from the Dutch Sinter Niklaas from Sinterklass when Saint Nicholas fed hungry children. How retarded does someone have to be to think 'Elves' is derogatory? They're the classiest of the fictional characters. That said, the entire thing is an obvious shitpost. Tongue in cheek. Someone thinks they're clever with parodies over there.

The irony is that Germany treated other races _better_ than the US at that time. How the hypocritical WWII soldiers would recoil if they knew how they are using (the scum among) non-whites as pawns to wipe out the white man
Based Sigma chad doesn't stop spitting facts when the retard beta woman (probably one of them) starts saying "Surr! Surr! Surr!" at 1:50

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