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You're focusing too much on companies and not enough on the games. It's the big companies that care about profit and it's them that push things to a point of shit. Who gives a fuck if companies die? My only worry is if the serieses i like end up eating shit, but most of them are either dead or warped beyond recognition at this point so i don't really have a lot to worry about. Maybe you should stop looking at the AAA games, despite all the advertisements making it difficult or impossible, and look for games that aren't quite as heavily funded by established companies. None of which i can personally name, of course, because as much as i love games i'm woefully out of date, but i think that Castlevania clone made by someone famous-ish, Bloodstained, got good reviews; i also recall Penn and Teller had a VR game out but nobody ever mentioned anything about it.
> profit-seeking is literally killing video games
I agree. It's destroying all the good franchises that virtue-signaling leftists don't get to and ruin first.
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Virtue-signaling leftists also like to resurrect old games that were killed by profiteering years ago, and ruin them, too.
> liberal idpol is leftism
Do you ever get tired of this dull canard?
Killing them is the best course of action.

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Why won't there be a JRPG that just lets me play the fucking game? I don't even care if the battles are repetitive as shit like Valkyria Chronicles II, just let me slap together a party, jump into gameplay and progress the story through special attacks or something. Like instead of the fucking Meteo you just slap a cutscene in there, so I have a reason to farm opportunities to use special attacks even if they're shit at combat.
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Chrono Cross has story development triggered through character build and and (a) special attack.
really? I started playing a few months back but dropped it inexplicably. Nothing really wrong with it just had literally played a bunch of jrpgs for about a year straight.
> Why won't there be a JRPG that just lets me play the fucking game? I don't even care if the battles are repetitive as shit like Valkyria Chronicles II, just let me slap together a party, jump into gameplay and progress the story through special attacks or something.
Dark Spire?
> I played 3 jrpgs and now will talk about the entire genre in plural
Oh god, this is anime all over again
I wish normalfags had never discovered japan.
There's tons of rpgs like that Etrian Oddyessy and SaGa. How about actually being informed about a genre.

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STEAM Remote Play Together with pirated and non-steam games.
Since reddit doesn't take kindly to posts mentioning the "P" word i'm gonna leave this here.
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"Hey guys I'm a redditer aka I suck massive fucking dicks" Fuck off retard
it's like you don't want to play videogames
He said, fuck off retard. No one plays games here.

Endless Server http://travian3ryanipfs.onion/#
Darkade/Games http://g766vg4qfi6pglbc.onion/index.php
and the classic;
Sonic and Tails http://sntfgwfami5fdbn5.onion/

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Would you speedrun at them? :-)https://youtube.com/watch?v=r4sDHHlxVP0 

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Hey anon, wanna play some OpenTTD together?
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Naw, stolen from a very old SomethingAwful thread.
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Here's the other two.
It's buried deep in the game's options but I'm pretty sure you can actually set the default behaviour for all vehicles to be replace automatically. That way you just need to opt-out on the rare occasion you don't want it.
Yeah, that's on by default too.  But it only replaces an old thing with a new thing of the same model.  To mass replace your vehicles of one type with a completely different type you need something else.

This is the autism we expect here

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Any anons here play it. Still aimlessly roaming, trying to find the Dominions buddies I used to play with on /vg/.
What kind of game is this?
Strategy/ 4x
I started playing Dominions 5 this year. 

The strategy I came up with is playing MA Marignon with the God Buffs directed towards their sacred knights. 2x attack skill, 2x defence skill, solar weapons and other things I donĀ“t remember. The Knights just shred everything that they touch. Its pretty fun to see.

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A thread for all your FPS needs. A non-exhaustive list of good FPS:
Unreal Tournament

Serious Sam

What was the last FPS you played?
What did you enjoy about it?
What mechanics or design elements set it apart from other games?
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While both solid games on their own, the game REALLY shines in the community levels. Doom 2's levels can be lacking in some areas, but its enemy and weapon variety are fantastic.
Don't enable jumping or crouching, it's not designed for that and you can break the levels pretty easily.

If you haven't yet, be sure to run through Quake sometime too.
Thanks, will try Quake eventually.
its a very "odd" game, but very fun for at least a while(for me it was extremely fun for many hours). Its got good replay value too with the different builds you can make but maximum jojolegs are hard to do without. if you like being a goodgoy i still suggest piracy because its not a typical game and you may not get your moneys worth out of it.
Yeah TF2 is pretty gud. Spent a lot of time playing that game

Have you guys ever tried Black or Superhot?
Team Fortress 2, the classes are well made and there are good weapons that I had fun using.

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What are some bosses that really make you angry?  This motherfucker from Metal Slug 5 really grinds my gears.
Is this place gonna liven up again soon?  I have no desire to discuss video games with QAnon Boomers.
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Hopefully. It was lively until the migration happened. Dunno were everyone is at now

Any boss that autoheals or revives his teammates
> Any boss that autoheals or revives his teammates

This is a fun one on Mania mode.
> image didn't post

Oh is this still a problem?

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