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Anyone ever play this game Zorbus? I stumbled across it on Roguebasin and wasn't expecting much. But it's actually a pretty decent roguelike. Dungeon levels are randomly generated, but the rooms are intelligently structured and themese. There is also a lore to the world, with books to read. AI is somewhat dynamic. Creatures will interact and there are hierarchies with superiors the smaller creatures answer to. You can also recruit friendlies.
From reading the description, looks like DF already has done it.
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> all control schemes are fine once you memorize them
This is your argument?
All genres of games have a somewhat universal set of controls that become intuitive as you get used to them, but that require some extra thought at first. When you claim that YOU can't into roguelikes because the controls are awkward for YOU, that isn't a criticism of the game. It's more of an admission of your own stupidity. And, if you read my argument, you'd see that's what I said. I'm not defending the control-scheme because it doesn't need defending, as you haven't made any real criticism. I'm calling you confused. That's my argument: that you're dumb.

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I'm posting this so you guys won't create conspiracy theories. I know, my hope us futile.
If everything goes well soon the site's and our problems will be resolved. But they will turn the site read-only mode for a while. I have no information how long the process will take. Keep calm and be patient.


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I just finished KCD. Took me 211 hours.
If you choose to do your first playthrough in hardcore, the final boss is Mutant Robard (pic related). He had two heads and spit corrosive mead.
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I got that hunch, which is why I'm in no hurry to finish it. I heard of a sequel in the works and was hoping it would be a different time and place with just as much autistic research.
Yea it was one of the few games made recently that I finished and didnt drop halfway from boredom, so its a good game in my book. Hope the sequel is more polished and isnt as buggy on launch.
These open-world games are always full of bugs.
One thing that annoyed me was whenever you fast traveled, the loading screen where it showed henry traveling across map with the clock was slow as shit and it was pretty much pointless when the point of fast traveling is to skip the back tracking as much as possible since theres not really much to do when you travel besides finding the odd chance of a sidequest or massacring a cumman camp. I remember them posting a video on how they had a dev manually plant millions of trees, imo they would have benefited more if they invested more time on making vertical sliced/isolated areas with more content since the open world map is very pretty when you look at the landscape the first couple of times but you get disappointed when theres not much substance in those places inbetween key locations.
I never fast-travelled because fast travel is disabled in hardcore mode. Perhaps you weren't aware, but if you travel the map, there are random encounters on the road. Bandits will set up roadblocks or ambush you with dogs and there are also various characters to encounter, like lost merchants you can help or rob, occasional roadside murders you come across, errant knights looking to duel, full-on battles taking place between groups of bandits and Cumans or groups of guards and Cumans.

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General discussion of all things 2hu

I merged the 4k, webm version of the pv, "Marissa Stole The Precious Thing" with the FLAC version of the song into an MKV file. Absolute maximum quality is only accepted by true gamers. Hopefully, someone besides me can enjoy it. Here is the link (native Enchan MKV support when): https://files.catbox.moe/bgr1vo.mkv
Vid source: https://invidio.us/watch?v=1pDM6fQUfJs
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Yes I'm dumb, but is there any way to use your public ip, not publicly? You know, a way to play soku without giving away your location to everyone monitoring all the bunkers?
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Though I've already posted it a dozen times so whatever. Reply for host.
Just host using a VPN and use the IP it gives you. If you're using a commercial VPN and a server close enough to you that latency to it is only 20-30ms or less you'll be fine.
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Best Touhou comin through!
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Do you mean something like the way TPDP works? I think you need a centralized matchmaking server to do something like that, which fighting games don't have, even with fan patches.

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Daily reminder Duty are the best faction. Clear Sky and Loner also acceptable.
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Will try.
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> playing stalker anomaly
> get mission to deliver package to some freedom nigger
> can't deliver he just ignores me
> try the quicksave reload method 
> still don't work
> fuck it, eat the mission
> open the package 
> it had 3 scientific stimpacks
test3 please just delete these

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Well, anon?
Nice thumbnail faggot.
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Here you go fam.  Who will be your champion?

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Kane lives in death and so does the /rts/ thread.
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Seeing how city builder thread didn't make it, I might entertain this thread with a review of Driftland, if life allows. It came out some time ago already. Now I have to find the most recent version somewhere...

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Admirals and Overlords, what shenanigans are you getting up to? 
Apparently Starsector is a hot game now.
Handy Links (might be out of date):
> X4 Stats Page

> Elite Dangerous Guide


Pulsar Lost Colony

https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5647859 - Windows
https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5353219 - Linux

Star General

X4 Foundations

Freespace 2
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Get rid of Buffalo mk 2, it's just bad. Hammerhead and Falcon should have their missiles upgraded to non-single versions (or changed to sabots or reapers or whatever you feel like). Falcon's rear energy turrets (and maybe front turrets too) can be switched to PD, you won't be fighting with your back turned anyway. And you should replace mining blasters with any other medium energy weapon.
In general it's fine and I'm surprised you have troubles dealing with pirates. Are you doing bounties, or are just getting jumped on by some random pirates?
Thank you for the tips.
I've been focusing on pirate activity in the Samarra system in Hegemony space. I've had no trouble mopping up pirates raiding the station, but it seems like I'm really shit at fighting a healthy fleet of them. It resorts to both of our fleets getting reduced to the last few ships until they eventually win. I'm gonna spend some more time running simulations to practice my command and hopefully I'll get it by then.
At the start of the game, remember not to work for free. System bounties or Heg's on its own. You can also try personal bounties (those leading outside the core systems), but you will have to manage your resources more. In this case, use free look (right mouse button) to navigate better around the storms. If you don't see a clear immediate route, though, just plow right through them, it's not worth the time. Remember to emergency burn if storms take you way off track.
About your ships in particular
> Tarsus, Phaeton
non combat, don't deploy
> wayfarer, cerberuses, hound
Combat freighters. Try to avoid deploying them, but don't feel too attached.
> Enforcer
A brick. Use it as a meatshield.
> Hammerhead, Lasher
The best offensive ships you have, you should use them to press the advantage or pick off smaller ships quickly.
> Falcon
In your current fleet it's going to be another brick, but a way more survivable one. It has a lot of PPT in comparison to most of your ships, I think, so there's an option of putting safety overrides on it to make it into a blazing fast murder machine. Savescum a bit and see if it's your cup of tea.
I've now switched focus from system-wide pirate bounties to doing procurement contracts, salvaging derelicts that I find along the way, and trade missions that seem profitable enough at the bars. I've just received $95,000 from delivering transplutonics to pirates and $51,000 from delivering metals to a Hegemony world getting a profit of around $90,000 - $100,000 I think. I'm also thinking of doing surveying contracts later as well.
> Tarsus, Phaeton
The Tarsus and Phaeton class ships already don't get selected when you click "All" to select all the ships in your fleet to deploy.
Thank you again for the information. I'll make sure to prioritize getting some more Hammerheads or Lashers into my fleet as well as thinking more about how I'll command my fleet.
Bar missions scale to your fleet's cargo capacity, though it doesn't take into account what your fleet already has there, so you might need to get rid of things to deliver those contracts.
I only wish more anons survived the bombing.

Well, anon?

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What year was the absolute worst for video games?
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Of course they're doing it now, because we did it and proved that it's perfectly viable. Even if there's backlash, people just buy the shit anyway. Besides, that's post-2007, beyond the point of no return.
Gacha is literally based on a physical method of jewing their fellow nips that's existed for decades. The Western industry was inspired by the asians introducing cancerous microtransactions into mobile gaming not the other way around. The western AAA industry is still a shitfest don't get me wrong but the nips are at least as bad, in fact the average nip has worse taste than any given westerner just replace 'generic sportsball game' with 'loli VN'.
Gacha is more of a chink thing, although Japs do love pachinko for some reason.
The oldest I can think of something like microtransactions was Bethesda DLC for Oblivion, the horse armor being the most egregious bit. I doubt they took much inspiration from it.
If you had shown a gamer in 2006 what kind of things are sold in games today they'd laugh at how absurd it is.
> The oldest I can think of something like microtransactions was Bethesda DLC for Oblivion, the horse armor being the most egregious bit. I doubt they took much inspiration from it.

That's one of the earliest ones that's known about certainly.
> If you had shown a gamer in 2006 what kind of things are sold in games today they'd laugh at how absurd it is.

People got mad about horse armour but they still bought it. At this point it's clear we can't rely on the average human to vote with their wallet and need actual legal changes. That or actually found a gamer terrorist group and threaten them into stopping.
Even worse, while Horse Armor is still a joke (that people bought anyway), content like Fire Emblem's DLC is celebrated now, even though it is the same type and amount of content.

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