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Ken is 22 and likes minimal synth, perfume, philosophy, and poetry. She abandoned social media 8 months ago but still writes, makes art, and rates music and movies. 

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you’re like if ken was even more autistic, and also bitter and lonely. 
yaeh, maybe I have my reasons for being bitter, what are yours for resorting to these petty attacks?
pretty much every time I try to start a conversation about something I care about, people misunderstand or trivialize what I'm saying, as if I were on an entirely different wavelenght. the assumptions about me in your post reinforced that feeling. it's so frustrating that it makes me aggressive, and it happens so frequently that sometimes I become confrontational right away, almost without realizing it. I'm sorry about that, I just don't what to do about it.
grow the fuck up. it's YOU who has a problem. If people are genuinely toxic to you then you still shouldn't play the victim. nobody's impressed by someone who can't control their emotions. worst still is that you're aware of the fact that you're doing it. people don't act out the way you do without there being some unresolved insecurity and I mean that technically - this isn't just me trying to dunk on you. figure it out
next thread

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I can't take it anymore
I LOVE FRANZ and I miss him so much, it's been 4 years since /agatha/ and ever since the war in Ukraine I've literally been crying and anxious
I want to start an orbit thread for Franz I've orbited him since 2018 he deserves it I for real love him and I used to talk to him, I have everything he's ever made or posted saved and look at them daily
Please don't delete this, this board is like the only part of him that's still around
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thumbnail of kaiser Franz.mp4
kaiser... mp4 (7.21 MB, 854x480)

After only a month of Franz leaving many anons woke up one morning to see the board nuked
All threads were deleted exept for one and you were locked from making any new threads
This thread lasted till 8ch as a whole was deleted and was the souce of alot of anger towards Franz, He was the one that wanted it deleted and Dejif just followed what he said
No one knows the exact reason for the deletion but he said something along the lines of he was trying to help us all move on and be happy with our lives, to stop being creeps on the internet and be good people of the world
Something like that, Franz had a very pretentious way of speaking on the board which he didn't have on Discord


With that ends the story of /agatha/, /agatha2/ was born soon after with Pammy as the BO and it slowly fell out of "The Franz Peace" and became just like the threads on /r9k/ alot of oldfags left during this time 

That's the story of /agatha/ and Franz, there are many more details and things I'm probably forgetting but that's the general idea of it, I have a shit ton of saved stuff in folders so if anyone wants something specific or anything, I'll give it up
lmao my story how i got here is more or less the same
I too just randomly stumbled upon kaya's dancing video and then found her reuploads channel and now i'm here, vicariously reminiscing girls i will never have a chance to talk to and who will never acknowledge my existence  
kinda hate my life to be honest
Yeah I fucking hate my life too
Last time I talked to him was when he was posting on lolifox, I think that was at the very end of 2019 or very early 2020. I know he posted his discord there but I didn't keep up with him after that, not being much of a discord user myself. Though I thought someone here had posted a message from him in late 2020. Maybe his gay lover dejiff would know something, I'm sure that fag is still around somewhere. 

The thing with Fritz probably did have something to do with him wanting the board deleted. Franz always liked to say he wasn't really an orbiter, but it really seemed like he started simping hard for her unironically around the time he quit and after. There was some other discord/r9k girl later that he seemed to be simping for too, I forget her name but there was a thread on lolifox about her that he posted in telling she should be left alone or something. Funny how he used to claim to be anti-discord, but after deleting the board he just started simping for girls there. 

I think the main reason he deleted the board though was that he found he couldn't keep himself away from it with it still up, he felt tied to it, and responsible for it to some degree. He felt he needed a complete break from it to 'move on' and deleting it was the only way to accomplish that. And maybe to some extent he just didn't like the idea of the board existing without him, having created it. Also worth mentioning that the board was basically dying at this point and he may have just seen the writing on the wall and wanted to kill it rather than watch it die, I know he was always very concerned with the amount of activity on the board. And being the BO of a dying board almost feels like a personal failing on your part. I think it had more to do with these things than any of the high-minded, altruistic reasons he gave.
I don't remember him ever simping, he wasn't even on 8ch's /agatha2/ so what secret discord knowledge do you have and who was the other girl he was a fag for?

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daydreaming is the best thing in my entire shitty life, my parents have cancer, I can't find a job anywhere, i have no future.

the best moments of my life were in front of a screen.
i spend my entire youth in front of a screen

five days ago I tried to make friends, and they scammed me (they took money from me)
I came home depressed, I sleep 4 or 5 hours a day, my whole body aches from lack of rest, the best thing in my life is daydreaming, imagining the lives of people I will never meet. 

i want a girl at my side, I want someone who treats me like a human being.  
it's over.
Shit, dude. What fucked up country are you from?
Sucks to hear man, you have my sympathies. Only thing I can say is keep your head held high, and I hope things get better.
Join the marines, OPhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I 

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doom png (512.54 KB, 574x559)
What do YOU dislike about the orbiting community, anon? It may be on its last legs, but let's gather round the fire and reflect on mistakes, complaints, and everything that annoys us. 

For me, I get annoyed at the amount of people (usually of a certain region of the world...) who make it harder to keep up with cute girls. It's fun to post about them but interfering with their lives just ruins EVERYBODY's fun. I also hate the superiority complexes people in the same threads will wield against each other as if we're not all in this pile of shit together for a reason.
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> people don't like the e girls for who they are, but rather how hot they are. 
There are plent who's hotness is, at best, "nice tits". But people are into their (fucked up/broken) personalities.
The whores you're talking about were awful people and they were harassed by anons who wanted them to fuck off. And you know what it was a lot of fun, too. They got what they deserved. Unironic orbiters are the worst.
The worst ones stuck around except Tahlia and Sunny. The girls I've seen get harassed the most are the ones who wanted nothing to do with anyone here
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I just wanted to watch videos of a super cute jewish girl and you mfers scared her away
thats kaya right? (:

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mirky jpg (124.37 KB, 750x1334)
Thread for Marky Jane Thompson. aka mir

Her socials:
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same, the wall is legit brutal
What's different? I didn't save it but there was a full body photo she took a few years ago wearing the same hat and shorts. Someone post it for comparison.
thumbnail of IMG_7704.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_7704.jpg
IMG_7704 jpg (483.35 KB, 2448x3264)
here you go, you got your wish maybe?
except sans the adorable cap
She looks incredible, what are you talking about? shame shes such a bitch though
Nice self post, Marky. You stopped being attractive, you hit the wall, accept it.

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thumbnail of 99EA009C-0DC7-4F08-9603-3F726F7F3879.jpg
99EA009C-0... jpg (921.97 KB, 1440x1800)
Edgy onlyfans whore that has been on 4chan discord servers for a while

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seppukuprincess/
twitter: https://twitter.com/empiechan
discord: https://discord.gg/XVxyXbf5
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It looked real, stop coping
It didn't. It looked just like every other fake cut made with shitty rubber and makeup that comes with an intro kit to special effects that edgy teens get for christmas. 
Anyway, new thread.
10/10 body
6/10 face
0/10 personality
I asked a question about her mother on the discord server, for some reason that got me banned
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mali png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920)
She posted this on her Snapchat a few years ago

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thumbnail of image0.jpg
image0 jpg (249.44 KB, 756x1008)
When will she return?


Previous thread:
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Yep I’m new lol
i'am a 22 year old kid/dude
you know that audio was her talking about someone in her stream, slim?

Her plushie kinda expensive NGL
Next thread since no one linked it:

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thumbnail of This_is_me.JPG
This_is_me JPG (2.68 MB, 3000x2250)
Do you think he is still okay or have the Russians gotten to him yet?
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thumbnail of Franz Discord and Rages rage.mp4
thumbnail of Franz Discord and Rages rage.mp4
Franz... mp4 (11.9 MB, 854x480)
thumbnail of Franz an hero soon.mp4
thumbnail of Franz an hero soon.mp4
Franz an... mp4 (3.61 MB, 426x240)
To all you newfags Franz is the OG board owner of the orignal /agatha/ 
He's out in Ukriane killing vatniks by the dozen
thumbnail of N.jpg
thumbnail of N.jpg
N jpg (140.95 KB, 500x491)
i miss nika chan
You mean you miss talking to a gay larper
N was the real nika chan I confirmed with her on IG in 2019

thumbnail of 1546336261314.jpg
thumbnail of 1546336261314.jpg
1546336261... jpg (107.98 KB, 750x737)
why couldn't jay save ciara?

fat fuck it's all your fault
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Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.
do you think his attempt was her fault?
Don't know info about Jay
But I do know that a lot of e-boys from 4chan have e-harems like Marc Linden did 

All the attention is on the e-girls, no one ever documents the men.

Most of these men will bond with the e-girl by giving her lots of care and then pulling away and repeating the process with another e-girl or e-boy if they're bi

Ladies be careful and if you really want a e-bf use any other site than 4chan, especially if you have a high internet presence.
tits or gtfo
Drug addicts can't save anything, not even themselves

thumbnail of ER0DhRoW4AEWgGn[1].jpeg
thumbnail of ER0DhRoW4AEWgGn[1].jpeg
ER0DhRoW4A... jpeg (468.91 KB, 1508x2048)
I love her and I'm tired of pretending I shouldn't.
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1645903334... jpg (66.74 KB, 1024x559)
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thumbnail of 1645903345696[2].jpg
1645903345... jpg (183.2 KB, 1080x1466)
thumbnail of 1645904830329[1].jpg
thumbnail of 1645904830329[1].jpg
1645904830... jpg (104.05 KB, 828x1087)
I swear these never attach half the time!
She's my angel. 

She's my wife.
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1645902111... jpg (119.41 KB, 379x784)
Damn she getting big gurl1

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