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Woken by clattering, charged naked into the kitchen wielding a bayonete only to realise it was a RAT! Chased the RAT! around the kitchen but unable to get a clear shot the RAT! hid under the oven.
Very, very tired. Going to try and sleep. I miss cat, woe.
RAT! wouldn't shut the fuck up so more alert I chased it into the oven and shut the oven door. 
This problem can wait till tomorrow. Very, very tired.
25 years ago every UNIX box, switch, and router we had in service had a serial cable going to a Cisco terminal server. The terminal server had both an Ethernet connection and a GSM modem attached. Very few reasons to ever need to physically touch anything.
faggot showoff gets what's coming to him
snake catchers should even be a thing
just snake shotgunners
There is a line up all day there.
Today I got there before opening and there was a granny on a two wheeled scooter shouting at each new liner-upper-er that "she was here first".
Some boong schitzo sheila sitting on the floor talking to herself.
Couple of fat cunts leaning on empty shopping trolleys.
There were two middle-aged dykes who cut the line when the doors opened.
The NEET that was going to check in with me at 7pm on Tuesday night, and every night subsequent, didn't.
Got a sausage roll from the bakery. The girl there looked familiar, swear she's the same girl as this high schooler who lives on my street, but that can't be because it's currently school hours. Wish I wasn't such a face blind autist.
I keep wondering how old Tintin is. He started adventuring in the 1920s, was still going in 1970s, still a twink. Seems to be old enough to travel by himself, claims to be a reporter, but never has a job.
The place I bought the Kia from had a couple of $300k RAM trucks in the room where the paperwork girl was, and the bonnet on those was about 5 feet of the ground. You could easily run over women and elderly men without knowing they were even there.
They should not give old ladies difficult to open bottles.
You were right that she could very easily have hurt herself doing those ridiculous things trying to cut into it.
She could not humble herself enough to ask a neighbour for help. Tell her that pride is a sin.
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I think the methotrexate is also used as a chemo drug, so it probably shouldn't be too easy to get at, but you're right.

She also had a fall getting off the community bus this morning.
She is lucky she did not hurt herself. She needs to be more careful. She probably does things too fast because she does not want the other oldies to think she can't.
Funny thing was i just got back from Noosa and realised i didnt give you guys any yeahs......I took a photo and just could not be assed. 

Oh wells.....
suck a fuck. This guy was a cowboy and a pair of gloves would have saved him. That venom will fuck him permanently, I reckon. We need less of these steve irwin lion tamer fuckers what dont respect nature and just want to get likes off of faceblurk. Its cool how a deep bite can snuff you out within half an hour tho, thats a good take home.
I remember o'l frenchy and that underage thot he was obsessed with, I cant remember her name, IGA was doing the obsessed spam underage thot thing for a while too so its not like we ever a break from these pedo schizos
Lol. I was rolling hot into work super early and suddenly theres this body on the bike path so I throw the bike down and start yelling into this young guy's face who's snoring, HEY YOU WAKE UP RIGHT NOW cos it could have been a normie commuter having a vaxx attack or some legit shit. Then he's mumbling and his eyes start tracking and I look around and theres this big square flagon of cointreau next to him. I'm still yelling like OHO WHATS THIS HAVE YOU BEEN ON THE SAUCE YOU RUMMY and i tips the rest out, like one third and says I'M JUST GONNA LEAVE THIS HERE SO EVERYONE KNOWS TRY NOT TO PISS YOUR PANTS BUDDY  and just like that im back in the saddle and off to teh wage. 

True story.
See i can tell this story is false because.

1) no one drinks contreau out of the bottle
2) drunk riders always make it home with no memory as god intended
Just got back from the cop shop. The pigs picked me up because some busy body complained that I was being a nuisance homeless but all I was doing was having rest in the park after my double shift at KFC, The boss wanted me to clean the deep fry sump and I was there until 4AM and just exhausted so I lay down in the park on the way home until my bus which comes at 5AM and was asleep and then suddenly theres this wanker yelling at me and accusing me of being drunk and he tips this random bottle of goon on me and says now everyone is going to think im a drunk, basically i got assaulted. I was so shocked I thought he was gonna rape me, I just froze and then the cops come and i'm covered in someone elses vile throwbacks with a smashed bottle next to me and the pigs frog march me into the paddy wagon and I ended up in the watchhouse with murderers and drug dealers and no one would beleive me that I was just exhausted. They went through my bag and found my uniform and must have called my boss because When I got my phone back theres this message saying I dont have a job anymore because KFC doesnt employ neets who get in trouble with the police. I really needed that job to pay my car off and basically the rent and food. Now I'm going to lose everything and be on the streets. Why does this happen to me?
God damn it Pajeet!
Just finished Adam Sandler movie. Very good. Lots of funny one liners from the spider voiced by Shiban.
Yes. I also don't want to have to get scrubbed up and leave the house at 4pm for a 6pm engagement and then work out how long I can stay there, factoring in the last busses and train to be able to get home.
Monk you should advertise us over on 4chan /sp/ AFL threads. We might find a new NEET or two.
I would do it myself but I'm rangebanned on the whole site.
We speak telepathically on a subconscious level. You instinctively knew I was going to upload a pic. Such is the strength of our relationship.
And the staffies were snarling one dark Friday night
For it was bogans in the street having a domestic fight.
I've never actually seen the last two hobbit movies, didn't like the first one and I used to be a hardcore tolkien fanboy at the time, I found the movies to be sacriligious.