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does anyone know who this chick is?, seen people posted her before and then others going on about these certain videos of her were made and I'd like to know exactly just who she is and what those vids were
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Newly released point & click adventure pixel game. Runs on Windows 7+ with any shitty (integrated) graphics card. Buy if you support the maker blablabla.

Latest version (v1.0.10). Bought it myself from GOG.com. 406 MB.
Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43baa1344968ad0d195666498644a71b31b778b6&dn=setup_the_will_of_arthur_flabbington_v1.0.10_(69149).exe&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.stealth.si%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.torrent.eu.org%3a451%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopentracker.i2p.rocks%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce
Pixeldrain: https://pixeldrain.com/u/4JmgzTmP
Hexupload: https://hexupload.net/3i9rlit46jd0

The fight is everywhere today.  Once you pick a side you can join in however you wish.  We see fighting across the globe these days.  Will you choose to side with good or evil anon, the choice is yours.
Anon, what are you doing fighting in the resistance?  Drop the gun and get one of them tanks instead, they look much more deadly.  Then you can call in for some air support.  How hard could it be?
Well I hadn't thought of that.  A battle tank would be great, send it on over.  I will also like five thousand airplanes.
What is Israel doing over there, trying to enslave, genocide, or otherwise oppress all the other countries nearby?  It sure seems like there is a lot of different groups unhappy with them right about now.
Israel has made very many enemies.
What is it they were doing to their neighboring countries this time.  Satanic rituals maybe.

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> A tiny piece of fire from cigarettes are responsible for forest fires

Why are globalists pushing this obvious lie so hard? How many forest fires have actually been caused by accidents by thrown cigarettes? If anything, most forest fires are caused by arsonists. And of course all arsonists are neither crazy people or foreign spies like the authorities lie about, which is why none of them stay for long at prison and they don't even announce the arsonists' names in public.
((They)) want to lock you helpless in the pod feeding your own feces and recycled flesh of other prisoners. But before such project can be accomplished you need to be separated from the elements (fire, water, air, earth) that make you sane and healthy enough to resist even when you are too confused to know what's happening. Long term project for this is called agenda 21, and it is about making nature inaccessible to prisoners. Smokes to forest fires, global warming forced meme, fake nature preservation efforts are main public psyops for that goal.
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I'd rather just die than live that way honestly, and I'm going to keep living it up until I do die, fuck those WEF/Davos demonic bastards! And hell no, me and my family are NOT fighting their wars or obeying any future draft. Fuck them, I defect.
Any rural home should have a buffer zone where there are no nearby surrounding trees. Problem is, even if you don't die by fire during an arson attack, you'd probably die from the smoke if you live anywhere nearby woods.
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Well yah, but the point I'm trying to make is that a lot of "wildfires" are actually 'anarchists'/arsonists. And I say "anarchists" with high sarcasm because if you ever talk to those people they are, by far, some of the most tyrannical despotic nihilistic assholes you'd ever meet in your life. They literally do not care about human suffering, misery or death: just like any other form of government! So the difference between "anarchy" and totalitarian government is really NONE at all. It's just an open vacuum for more of the same.

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what are your thoughts on girls with self harm scars?

and i dont mean the typical 2010 tumblr "normal" ones; i mean like full on huge big scars all over her body. 

i already dont look good to begin with and so far the only guy that was willing to fuck me was someone with a self harm fetish but all i want is a normal man to hold me but i look so fucking disfigured that i dont think thats possible

like im desentisized to my own scars bc in my eyes theyre nothing and not "good enough" but people who see my body always have the most horrified look in their face and some just start crying.

what do you guys think?
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I don't have an opinion on real girls. But there are plenty of places and ways for you to obtain a normal guy. You can even go on /r9k/ since this thread is perfect posted there.
What made you go crazy? Was it the dysfunctional public school system? Parental neglect? Child abuse? Sexual abuse? Drug addiction? Alcoholism? A twisted style of perversion or odd erotic sadomasochism? Loneliness due to rejection? Did your older brother or sister used to mock and embarrass you in front of your peers? Were you ever bullied, beat up and humiliated in front of others? Did you ever see someone you loved get killed while you had an opportunity to save their life but were too distracted with your own problems? Do you have post traumatic stress disorder? Do you have an extreme bipolar disorder? Do you feel suicidal and if so why?

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Feds going after popular image boards like 4chan and 8kun is one thing. But why the hell do they go even after obscure image boards that barely have any activity, let alone the apolitical ones?
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Vpn: don't give your data to your ISP coz its extremely dangerous give it to us instead and pay for it we don't do anything with it promise
Can setup your own vpn but then you give the data to those who run your server
> All we have to do is make new tech implementations that bypass corrupted infrastructure.

I'd believe that when I see such tech usable and widely adopted. What I am not going to do is fall for hopium and get caught with my pants down the day my ISP tells me I need to scan my fingerprints and face to even access the internet or face it being cut off. And do not try denying there are many politicians and government officials frothing at the mouth like foxes guarding a chicken coop that would more than gladly mandate such police state bullshit so they could crack down on dissent and undesired content.

Wrong. Consumer choice and free markets existed for a long time in America, however have been under constant blatant attack by the government and crony oligarch monopolists they serve. Either we prosecute the corruption and have our free market and consumer choice restored, or we fall under totalitarian centralized control with next to no ability to boycott or resist, other than to opt out of society completely (which would become very burdensome!)
> you give the data to those who run your server
Do they really see your data, if you are using cloaked openvpn or shadowsocks? I thought it was all encrypted
E-books/pdf of info will be useful offline. Like cookbooks, craft work, homesteading tips, survival guides, medical care, etc. All that will be useful. Print the most important stuff for a file cabinet. Maybe download some emulators or roms to play older games when bored in the future, PsSol + card game packs for the computer can be played completely offline.
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Not imageboards related but still related with this conversation:

I always wondered why I chose Dreamwidth over other popular blog hosting sites like Wordpress to host my small, personal blog. Then I searched "Wordpress censorship". And, oh boy, I avoided a bullet by not choosing Wordpress.
Same goes for Google's Blogger.

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When your Luciferian government destroys it's own building and blames it on terrorists as a power grab.  No one falls for the hoax. 
 We can all plainly see it was an inside job, but their taxpayers still have to foot the bill.
No one believes the empire of lies anymore. It's over. The government and majority of Americans just don't understand that, yet.
Congressional Approval Hits All Time Low, Under 20%

71% Of Americans Don’t Trust The US Government To Prevent Doomsday, Collapse Of America
The government is not as trustworthy as that statistic would have you believe.  How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense.
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> How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense


Do you realize how many people in this country do not make any sense today at all? I mean we got people who think we can endlessly create as much debt as we want and somehow it won't impact our financial system lol.

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This faggot Justin Agtan (online: "TheSnapback") is a complete liberal faggot.

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The fame is worthless. The narcissism is built by the staff and isolates a worldview to that which is truly a lizard in an aquarium. To have a famous past life is to essentially rebuild a retarded child from scratch. I do not understand why I am asked to share I am Elizabeth II to encourage that same


The highest roller at the casino is always the saddest player.


Why am I important? Why did you create fame to punish us with pointless rewards? Why can't I have this all mocked as Truman Show? So fucking what I was isolated in a fortress of money? Where is my story?


It is the smallest Earth I have ever seen. Even Elvis suffocated in it. Not even Elvis could breathe.



These famous lives are not shareable. They are prisons. The material is purposefully made generic. I am better off lying and saying I am just mafia. At least the city loves me for dying honestly. The city always loves a corrupt union leader more than any king. Because he at least once took a hammer to the hand for trying to hire those who were hungry. At least a union guy can feed as he leads.


Why can't work just be a meal? Why does it have to be a life? Why are these names taking more food than the bodies themselves? Why are you making this about all of them? Why are you chopping me up


I am Ra. We are not able to use a channel for service if it entails this type of humor. We do not understand why he feels that he is "chopped" by us in how we average energy.:)

We do not understand why he is not able to use energy from any person other than Italians in Chicago only as a weak link to Venusian culture.

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