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Most Americans do not have much of a say when they have bills to pay, mouths to feed and work to do just to live their own lives and take care of their families. What makes you think average Americans actually approve of their corrupt government or bullshit politics? Most don't but there is little we can do about it.

> Go vote!
Yah well most the elections in the major cities are already rigged and have had one-party rule for some time now. There are only a few exceptions but not many. There is not much the rest of the country can do for you about that. What exactly do you expect we do? Risk doing something stupid and end up going to prison over it? Please tell me you don't think that would change a damn thing.
Americans are waiting for America to go the way of the USSR because there is nothing much more we can do to fix this nation. The problems are systemic, and that means it's already fatal. We'll just have to let the system collapse, survive it if we can and move on with our lives like the Russians had to do when their empire fell.

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Patrick Nelson is a Limp-dick PedoHoole. He always loves the Minor Lolita and he is always a BLACK COCK SUCKER Like Nastassia.

> I got close with Nastassia by sucking Black Penises. Masha enjoyed Black Penises all-day.

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The satanic terrorist U.S.A government is an organization of corrupt, deranged psychopaths who live only to serve their Lord and master the Devil.

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I can't stand it. All they do is complain with their fancy Mercedes-Benz and cry emotional Cheeses while their Boyfriend has broken up with them. The Boys became a Gay Cheese because they are just American. They later committed suicide because of Cheese Bullying. 

Let me tell you something America, Suicide is an American Teenager thing. This is how you die, strap yourself with a Car-Battery and go to Allah. Stop being a Cheese USA.

AMERICA is just a Cheese Breath.
YaAllah Halal Ensure Redeem you.
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And more people in the West see this and more and more will simply refuse to join the military and fight for your wars. Congratulations.

Inb4 >we'll draft you
Not if enough angry disgruntled citizens are willing to kill the draft enforcers they can't.

I mean it was interesting at first, but then it got too complicated. 

Like it was a riddle that was never meant to be solved. Which is kinda the appeal of a mystery to begin with. Eventually figuring it out.
Wasn't that mysterious puzzle supposedly connected to the NSA or some other intel agency trying to recruit the best problem solving nerds, coders and hackers online who were given covert directions how to meet up with the mysterious entity who constructed that very puzzle? I recall watching some documentary about it many years ago. Supposedly no one knows what happened to those who cracked the secrets behind all the encrypted code. Rumors is it was some kind of State-created recruiting operation directed at very smart netizens.

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Why are image boards so dead today? Did everyone bail to bigger online platforms? Is Tik Tok and Telegram the new norm now or did most anons just give up and go offline? Why do so many choose platforms that have no privacy or free speech? It feels like a whole generation of people suddenly vanished.
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it's very telling how stupid you are replying to me with that kind of misunderstanding and obvious information. It just makes no sense what you communicated to me because at such a time, I was already finished with posting on /a/ and /jp/ a bit earlier than 2016.
Seems like I need to research and try to figure out how to use the "fediverse" everyone keeps raving about.

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