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I'm breaking one of the three rules of this site making this thread but I don't really give a shit, does anyone have any .onion links for a drug market where I can buy MDMA that isn't a scam?

In the good old days I managed to get some stuff off silk road but I can't seem to find anything remotely like it now.
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Anon, times have changed to the upside down level. You would be much safer NOT getting drugs on the internet due to the level of governments/law enforcement patrolling those dark web sites and simply traveling downtown to any major city in America and asking any one of the thousands of drug addicts/hobos where to purchase drugs from and you would very likely be allowed to buy it off the streets, even right in front of cops who have been ordered not to enforce laws against addicts or homeless people by city lawmakers. Just dress yourself like a hobo and you'll fit right in I kid you not. In any downtown area in every major America city you will see hundreds of people tripping, injecting, snorting, smoking, dropping over and sometimes an ambulance picking up some dead overdosed hobo. There are documentaries all about this if you think I'm lying to you. Over 100,000 Americans per year die of fentanyl overdoses in the streets alone.

If you wish to be a junkie just move to any major American city and become a hobo. Beware the risks, you'll probably end up dead within 10 years.
> In the good old days I managed to get some stuff off silk road but I can't seem to find anything remotely like it now.
wtf do you mean newfag? just go to tor.taxi and pick a market then send the monero
if you cant figure that out go back to reddit because clearly you never used a market and are clearly just larping
Markets on tor.taxi should be trustworthy, but I seriously recommend you don't use any drug besides nicotine. Drugs besides cigs basically ruined my life (have dissociative disorder)
I used to do drugs in my teen years and in my early to mid-20s. It's worth trying a few things once (pot, cocaine, pain pills, amphetamine, mushrooms, acid) but I would highly not recommend getting addicted or doing it on a regular basis. I've known people who have absolutely ruined their lives, had a friend end up in prison and a couple friends who have had their lives ended because of bad drug habits and doing stupid shit like driving intoxicated. If you are still doing drugs after the age of 30 you are really asking for bad karma.

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We have 34 trillion dollars of national debt and we cannot even have standard modern reliable vehicles? The state of this country is absolute garbage today. Better keep and be able to maintain your older vehicles, they'll be the only ones able to commute without headaches and huge financial setbacks.

No way in hell I'd ever take a loan to purchase one of these newer vehicles.
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We are not allowed to make anything new that works properly because
> how dare average plebs have anything functionally convenient without being ripped off and price gouged into financial oblivion!?
This is the literally the primitive mindset of bureaucrats and oligarchs in the US today.
Worthless shit. If I'm going to buy something it's going to be something I own and only I can modify.

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ERROR CODE 0xc000021a
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Windows XP, Vista & 7 are still good for running some old school p2p networks and older software like DVD Shrink but only if de-bloated first with shit like auto-update and remote management turned off. Otherwise yah, Linux is the way to go. I'm soon going to install Linux Mint on one of my computers just to try it out.

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Ur a real one Dao yu. every day coming home from work i think about flooring the wrong way down the freeway but then hubris comes on and i dont have to think about killing myself anymore
Thanks Brandon Robert Kelley

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(1.61 MB, 3232x4688)

Tynan Laird, AKA "Triagonal" on deviantART, was permabanned for harassment. They couldn't get the hint, and days later they attempted to ban-evade, poorly. https://www.deviantart.com/forum/devart/general/2674267 

They were permabanned off of deviantart two years ago on their "Triagonal" account, and despite claiming to have apologized they and their friends continue to stalk, dox, impersonate, and slander anyone who is wary of them. I've included a list of their known alts on other social media so that you can block them, and this video may be revised to include more information.

They have lied about so many things about themselves and "Tynan Laird" is not their real name, as no good matches for that name exist on name lookup sites. They also do not live in Pitcairn. Both u/MozartWasARed and u/NiotaBunny on Reddit have been confirmed to have the the same browser fingerprint and IP address, verifying that the two accounts belong to the same person. Triagonal/Tynan Laird has been claiming that u/NiotaBunny is not their alt ever since the real Niotabunny on the deviantART forums mentioned Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Since then, they have been lying and pretending that the account belongs to an entirely different person, despite admitting that they are the owner of the account prior to the DID shtick they recently picked up.

Anything they say about themselves can be taken as yet another lie. They are also known for falsely flagging cocks that shows them in a bad light, trying to get it removed. Any attempt to call them out or warn others on their behaviour will either result in a dox and/or them writing up paragraphs of ChatGPT prompted text.
Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.
Is there a browser fingerprint for the medical condition you mentioned? It's odd you have a mix of claims you say you have proof of, like alts, and claims you couldn't possibly have proof of, like the medical history of one of the alts. Saying you have proof is not the same as having it, it's like a priest saying he has the real sword of the kami stored away but won't show anyone. Begone thot!
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What do you think we should do to pedos such as this guy who goes by the name of Triagonal? https://archive.is/Ybi1c

He is not only a confirmed pedophile who lusts over a 14 year old boy, but he has a small, cult-like following of white-knights and are known for doxing, stalking and impersonation too. Also a genuinely bizarre individual in general who has lied about every aspect of himself. Claims to be from Pitcairn, claims to be a woman, and pretends to have DID as well.

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Moldova. Young man rapist in his mid 20's was force hanged topless with his hands tied behind his back, by two brothers whose sister he had raped at the rave party while she was heavily drunk. Last pic shows his body at morgue. After it was admitted and they knew what he had done, morgue instructor gave it to med students to use as study prop. For them all to repeatedly poke at his tongue and examine his body and treating his private parts in very rough disrespectful and humiliating way.

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