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I remember this stupid thread now

The unemployed SSI WELFARE SCHIZO thought I had a 931 area code


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MY COMMENT: Found this on another site and took the quiz. Rather fun. OP pic is my result rank.

What is your result rank? Care to take the quiz and post your results?


After visiting the 8kun Q board I had enough for a while and did the opposite, went to leftypol.org /siberia/ which has some anons there. Fun talking to them about stuff too. Totally different culture and perspectives but I'm pretty much middle road on issues. I don't like any form of extremism. Politics sucks, but it gives way for other types of discussion and feedback. I'll visit any board that allows VPN use and doesn't censor the hell out of users.
It's really not much about "Q" anymore. The real "Q" guy, from what I've heard, never came back after 2020. I've checked out the board before several times, it's mostly a bunch of autists posting news articles and griping at one another, and the typical "it's the Jews!" ranters. The whole board is meant for those who are desperate enough to find an audience due to the fact most other boards are just dead AF today. If you don't want to scream into an empty abyss that board is for you basically.

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https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DxmzymDIBdhsuzTlUytuYclefcELefsC?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iLLJoa7D4kUrvxt3qfAAAi61zLAJDNDd?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UceYrz8dCsozAw0zs_QCTO8kTyW2yWcc?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PsHCnB4gPqEOhjOXGsLTa4VuhaeLstgC?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/197DwynBiDdJlVVXmY7D3NF7LUcZsknhi?usp=drive_link

11 Months of physical and psychological torture to "get me to eat vegetables" (make better life choices). I found out they were pedophiles and they've ruined my life. Audio files contain all the torture, beratement, humiliation I endure 24/7 and to this very moment done by illegally bombarding me with EM radiation (sound is in the air). Videos, images, text documents contain information I've been collecting, etc... Patterns emerge over time, and the pattern is clear: I was never supposed to know this was happening, and because I found out, they've been ruining my life in various terrible ways using technology and social engineering.

"Nobody is ever going to believe you. Just kill yourself."

Torture and brainwashing to eat my vegetables.

David Pennel
56915 Dickens, Utica MI

Jeffrey ____
136 Miller, Mt. Clemens MI

Craig Dotter
6705 Northwick, Utica MI

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these are the very controversial tweets that got her hated globally and axed from everything she her herself created by the trans community and every leftest ran media Company and got her and her family to be harassed and sent death threats to, I warn you these are going to 'trigger' you and make you outraged and call for her to be canceled and justify her being sent death threats. 

are you prepared?
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> these are the very controversial tweets that got her hated globally and axed from everything she her herself created by the trans community and every leftest ran media Company

In a free country you would have the freedom of speech. However much of America has lost a whole lot of freedom, as well common sense. The criminals and low life loons run so much of the populated cities and institutions today. At least most institutions and media, and that includes places like Disney and Hollywood. Here's the sad reality: if you participate with these institutions you are basically locking yourself in their radical ideological chains. Once you are a part of that system you join a giant hive mind of degeneracy and idiocy and if you try breaking from it by critically thinking? They will backstab you. NO MATTER WHAT. No matter who you are, no matter how much you grovel and apologize and sympathize with them. It happens all the time.

> are you prepared?

Yes. I don't belong to any of their institutions. I do not engage with these idiots in social media either. I live in a rural Bible-thumping gun-toting State. I am also prepared to defend myself and property if need ever arise. It's not likely these nut cases could pull the same kind of shit over here and get away with it. Believe it or not in some parts of America people would still snap back and break a skull, or end up shooting one of them, or chasing some punk off a road with an old Dodge pickup truck. The way it should be.
In America some places are worse than other places, and some people have it better than other people. It's becoming a land of the haves and the have-nots. Those that can afford to move to greener pastures often do, those that cannot are forced to stay in places of squalor and demise. Ironically the same goes for most other nations, the only difference is America's reserve currency has been largely devalued and it's industrial power outsourced over the last few decades, so more and more Americans are now realizing hardship and poverty still exists in this world. It did not have to be this way. If we had better, honest and sane leadership this wouldn't have happened to us.
> bad things happen in subverted Marxist-infiltrated areas
< all America is doomed!

What many people don't seem to understand about America is it is an extremely diverse country. The country is huge, populations are very well spread out. To put this in perspective it would take you almost a week driving from the East coast to the West coast, and that's if you went the speed limit on major highways and no detours other than filling up for gas and occasional rest stops. As far as population diversity, it exists in enormity: people living in California have an extremely different culture and set of laws in place than people living in Texas for example. If you were living in Chicago, Illinois and came down to visit Rolla, Missouri during the covid pandemic there would be a night and day difference in diversity. Chicago would be under lockdowns and mask mandates while most people in Rolla would be out shopping without masks with no lockdown in place. If you live in New Jersey you are paying extra-ordinary property taxes, but if you live in Alabama you pay an extremely low property tax. If you live in New York you cannot legally own semi-auto rifles today, but if you live in Wyoming you can find them in nearly every local gun shop. If you live in a major city you are likely to see more Jews, Muslims and Catholics; whereas if you live in the country you are more likely to see Mormons, Amish and notoriously strict Baptist communities. Anyone who doubts this has not traveled around America to witness the diversity or has done much research into it. That said, ironically diversity can come with some advantages, depending what situation you are in socially and financially.

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thumbnail of TELEMMGLPICT000338743913_16863975805950_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqLZ1bJd-I99VgiaPxe-UMcCqxjOYp6jQVimjLmvgWxxw.webp
thumbnail of TELEMMGLPICT000338743913_16863975805950_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqLZ1bJd-I99VgiaPxe-UMcCqxjOYp6jQVimjLmvgWxxw.webp
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so, do any of you know where to find all of his laptop videos and photos leaks?

I've heard he fucked a lot of A-List Celebs



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Hey man the only reason I'm here is because 4chan b& the link I just masturbated to a few minutes ago: 
I was on nofap for weeks straight, but now it's back to square 1.

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has there ever been any news articles or stories back up with actual evidence of it, of female pornstars who go to prison and before long end up having sex with the prison guards and some of who end up getting pregnant from it and also even better if any of them were filmed.
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> Pretty damn sure if there are male prison guards in a female prison many would and have taken advantage of such opportunity

they have and are male guards in female only prisons, they have female guards in male prisons so why would it be any different in female only prisons?
Pretty damn sure that was not the case 40 or 50 years ago. Today? Nothing would really shock me anymore, hell, after all children are getting their genitalia mutilated by sickos and it's promoted in all the major "educational" institutions. What's the point of making more horror films anymore when we get to witness the real thing here and now?



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If you want the job, you have to suck the dick.
I do want the job.
Suck the dick.
Now I have the job, but I regret sucking the dick.

Nothing much goes on in here today anon. An average week here gets only around one or two new threads created. All the other boards on endchan are either dead, anime boards or Russian and Ukrainian boards about their war. Unless you want to talk about the war or like posting anime girl pics endchan seems rather dead most the time.

I don't want to dox anyone. Only need to check something. No credit cards, passport or anything else. Just the names list.

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