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Oh gees golly... it's hard to believe the terrible things people are saying about Geordie behind his back on 4chan right now.

thumbnail of NSA.png
thumbnail of NSA.png
NSA png
(24.71 KB, 300x300)
Notice of NSA Activity
Reference Number: 934R-579j
Date: 01/02/2024

Location: 302 Walnut Street, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, 18032, USA
ISP (PA): xxx.x.xxx.xxx *(NB. Classified for Public Notices)
User Static IP:  xx.xx.xx.xxx *(NB. Classified for Public Notices)
Date of Log Event: (month/day/year) 01/01/2024
EST (GMT-5) : 0342

Entry: “ I wish I could prove to those fucking trolls I am not a pedo, but I wish I hadn't posted that stupid shit when I was younger. Fuck I was so stupid then. I am not like that any more. I know I will defeat (xxxx) in my Game this year. Fuck him. ”
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Look who's back for his twice a day dose of attention.
< I-I am you- 
You will never be me, or any normal person who has cartoons in the works or things better in life to do than stalking and repeating their own self like you do. 
Piss off. You're *clearly* beyond repair, and I hope your last days in life tell you that.

Go to bed, Geordie. It's 8:07 am for you right now. You've been up all night jerking off to little boys.
> That's the end of it.
How'd you figure? The only way I see it being the end of it is if you stop coming here to talk to me.
It seems you won't be doing that, so there's no end in sight.
Ironic really since we're on Endchan.

thumbnail of Clarity01.png
thumbnail of Clarity01.png
Clarity01 png
(268.15 KB, 1304x479)
Yonkers: "I do not act or show any signs of Autism"

Yonkers Official©®™ Tactics and Techniques Due to his Autism (Part 1 of 2)

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 1: Pretend to be his dead brother, endlessly.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 2: Use an absurd escape clause, ie. ‘I was only joking’; ‘I wasn’t serious’; ‘I was just fucking with you’.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 3: Be abusive. Be aggressive. Be hostile. Be negative. Show hatred. (cf. #49)

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 4: Never be wrong; always be seen to be right, even to the detriment of my own credibility.

➽ ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
 Yonkers Tactic N° 5: Delusion: “I literally have magic”; “I cannot die”; “I am a scientist”; “I am over 1,000 years old”; “I am a cat/dragon…”; “I have cat parents”; “I literally lived in France”.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 6: Invent facts because I know nothing of my adversaries.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 7: Piteously and childishly ask for help/collaboration, then violently refuse it when offered.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 8: Use Baby words/talk; act infantile and childish.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 9: Create/Invent imaginary infantile cartoon friends/worlds. (cf. #26)

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 10: Blatantly lie, despite copious evidence.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 11: Reply with complete unintelligible nonsense/indecipherable riddles when unable to think of anything original to say. (cf. #43)

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 12: Insult/Attack the poster rather than answer the question to avoid the hard truth and/or facts as presented. (cf. #23)

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 13: YELL; Flip out; use Tard screeching; AAAAAAAAA etc.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 14: Deflect attention toward myself.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 15: Be incapable of neither making nor implementing plans, therefore never finish anything I plan/announce.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 16: Loudly blame others for my own shortcomings. (cf. #4)

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 17: Flail arms above head wildly to attract attention to myself.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 18: Continually change the name I want to be known as.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 19: Make a loud, demented, deluded response of self-justification, which will only prove to degrade my minimal credibility even further. (cf. #44)

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 20: Avoidance. At all costs.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 21: Make death threats.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 22: Refuse to listen and/or learn/take advice.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 23: Focus on a completely irrelevant thing and disregard the subject/question/statement/discourse. (Cf. #’s14 & 20).

➽ Jordan Rivera's LARP Tactic N° 24: Ask something by doing the exact opposite; live in “Opposite Land”; Objective: Draw attention to myself.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 25: Justify and defend my autistic deluded fantasies.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 26: Create/Invent imaginary companies etc. (cf. #9)

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 27: Be incapable of social interaction and interpersonal dialogue.

➽ Yonkers Tactic N° 28: Totally humiliate and degrade myself to gain respect.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 29: Remain unemployed and unemployable.

➽ Yonkers Technique N° 30: Constantly crave attention. (cf. #44)

Continued… 2/2
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Fuck off where? This is the mock Jordan Rivera board and he is mocking Jordan Rivera. Sounds like he is in exactly the right place.
Are you in the right place Anonymous?

How fucking dumb are you to constantly reply at 11 in the fucking night.  What is up with you. 
> s-s-somebody sou- 
That's. Not. Paranoia. 
That's me calling you out. I bet if you called the NSA they would ultimately reject your operation. 

(...Also, Macker City isn't in  Watnai, idiot. Lol, imagine saying i "change lore" when you're the one misintepreting it every damn day.)


I'm fixing up part 3, and I need some evidence of Macker licking his own shit(like, a post where he admits this?), doxxing himself(ditto), and other stuff I haven't covered in part 1 and 2 of "Macker is Rotten". it's kind of difficult looking through the board to find those things myself. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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But I'm not lying when I say I *didn't*, moron. I  wish you had better reading comprehension. 
> not trying to be- 
Of fucking course not. I understand copyright better than he does, and I dont fuck real mothers in real life. Piss off for taking a joke so seriously

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