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Looks like his Wranglers have finally caught him, diapered, strapped him down and locked him in for the night.

Because the "poop" was  never delivered. Don't you realize how lazy jackasses are. 
> but gulped  down the- 
It simply never happened because it's NOT delivered, and it's NOT wanted. 

Regarding your shitty lego troll magazine I threw it out. Yeah, I finally got rid of the 'zine you whined about. 
No proof of it exists either. 
You don't have any lore because you only ever reply to it, not write it down. Either way you're still wrong.

Btw my fellow anonymous chans, if you guys had found mittens diaper usage art, please put it on my reply, just to see this shit for fun, I would glady love to see this bad art lmfao
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> what minor attracted persons
Both of you.
> i don't fucking like maps.
Then why are you making friends with other minor attracted people?

I am very disappointed in you, Jordan. You know who this is. They showed me and taught me step by step to post here. You are in so much trouble. Making lots of people upset on many different places. If you want to own up to this face to face with me, I might consider it. I think a complete blocking of allowing you on the internet for a week might be right for now.
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> seeking atention 
Jesus christ. 
You really don't know anything you say at all. 
> a-all she needs to do- 
Why are you acting so paranoid over activity that doesn't concern people. Stop acting like technology will upgrade to your expectations, it doesn't. Everything keeps going forward. 
> h-hate cri- 
Calling out a creep like you isn't a hate crime 
Exposing you for even the littlest actions you do online isn't a hate crime. 
And telling you to STOP, DO NOT INTERACT, AND FUCK OFF from me is NOT hating. 
Imagine replying to yourself. "inb4" you deny it like you always do, by shamelessly ignoring
thumbnail of Be Quiet.png
thumbnail of Be Quiet.png
Be Quiet png
(1.54 MB, 1000x1496)
Macker is a Satire of Himself

How can anyone believe a single word he says when he is well-known for his endless pathological lying.

We can't wait for his pure PDD autistic retard sperg rage response to all of this latest shit revealing what he's done... oh, don't forget the screaming denials, outright lies and childish delusional bullshit etc etc.

🙄 inb4 Poopcat’s childish retarded PDD screaming-sperg-out Autistic paranoid delusional BULLSHIT nonsense AAAA klim did it no u yaddah yaddah yaddah… 🙄

Holy shit, just delete this board. 

Also I thought Thyla was gone? Isn't she on a list?
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thumbnail of Lick poop - ATE POOP.png
thumbnail of Lick poop - ATE POOP.png
Lick poop - ATE... png
(146 KB, 691x858)
thumbnail of lick-poop.png
thumbnail of lick-poop.png
lick-poop png
(19.73 KB, 541x193)
thumbnail of lick-poop07.png
thumbnail of lick-poop07.png
lick-poop07 png
(11.25 KB, 581x99)
thumbnail of lick-poop10.png
thumbnail of lick-poop10.png
lick-poop10 png
(87.91 KB, 1222x432)
thumbnail of lick-poop09.png
thumbnail of lick-poop09.png
lick-poop09 png
(30.69 KB, 1002x248)
A quick question to confirm:


Did he lick his OWN poop?

If not... was it someone else's' poop? If so, the ramifications of such a concept are simply horrifically staggering.

We all know that Jordan has acknowledged as a fact that he licked poop and that it tasted like a pill. That goes without saying.

The question that needs confirmation is: WHO'S poop did he lick?
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thumbnail of Screenshot_20240409_123757.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20240409_123757.jpg
Screenshot_20240409_1... jpg
(117.88 KB, 1249x273)
I don't give a fuck about this shit, all I wanted to see you get off the internet and get a fucking life you blonde cat mother fucker, but noOoOoOo, you have to go on this board and talk shit to anonymous people (which you most likely to fall hard) we fucking knew about your sick things you did macker, I hope you enjoy being like that
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What a mature intelligent thoughtful reply, anon.
Thanks for bumping this post and drawing attention to what is being said about someone, tho.
just one of the many reasons i couldnt accept cammys advances
i would have had to buy so much fucking duct tape and lysol that i wouldnt be able to make house payments any more

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