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Last thread


Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/FjhVgRqQ#o6mXZrNggxb9OHQCh188GQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)
Streams: https://mega.nz/#F!oI8lnIIb!tx-7ck3DiZCkK8KSZhrJsw
Gifs: https://mega.nz/#F!0cUQEY5J!HgGoMgczzr3OujwC4SHk1w
Misc. stuff: https://mega.nz/folder/9ZNDjA6a#mHx0ketjN1AeDWmkCzVuNQ
(Edits, Memes)

Useful links:
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Dear bonbibro,

I have a small confession. Forgive this pouring of my heart.

I cherish bbg, where we first met. The moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew you were going to be a cute friend. Recently, I have began to regard you as much more than just a cute friend.

My feelings for you intensified when I saw you post in the moonlight. I was further wowed by your tremendous editing skills.

You have bonbis like strawberry shortcake and the best redbons I've ever seen. When I look at you, I just want to hug you.

I know that to you I'm just a bright fool but I think we could be happy together, be nice like two nice bros.

Please, say you'll be mine bonbibro!

All my love
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Ahh, a nice new thread.

luv Bonbi
luv Bonbibros
simple as

Now back to my schizo discussion.
Are you insane? Maybe you're just jerking me around? You're persistent I've got to give you that.
First off, Belle isn't the only feminine cosplay she's done. She's done LOADS that were very well received by everyone. If she's humiliated, she should be humiliated that she cosplayed a sex worker and not that she did a feminine cosplay.
She didn't start the Belle thing specifically because of Bonbiwaffen, but because of various 'incels' who got offended when she did her Samus bodysuit cosplay and other sexier cosplays. Maybe they were part of that group, but it wasn't specifically them. Read it again. Not ONCE did she mention BonbiWaffen.
The whole Belle controversy was a full year ago. She has consistently done feminine cosplays in that time and 0% boyish and barely any tomboy cosplays until Ticci Toby. There was no opportunity for a difference in public feedback until then.
People kiss her ass, tell her she's beautiful and subscribe to her patreon no matter what she does. Sexy and feminine outfits increase this. Maybe a tiny minority say negative things about her sexier and/or feminine cosplays and wish for Boyish Bon. They're drowned out by vast majority of normies and white knights.
In conclusion, her not wanting to be feminine has very little to do with both BonbiWaffen and the Belle Controversy. I love you Bonbibro, but it's a very weak hypothesis.
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sorry webm
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Dear anon,

It is flattering that you think about me so fondly. Alas, it was not meant to be, for I too have someone I feel so strongly about.

Her name is Bonbi. I think about her night and day. She consumes my thoughts. She's the apple of my eye, my muse, my everything.

It's not that I haven't enjoyed our time together. Posting with you has been some of the greatest memories I have. You're an amazing person and I'm sure you'll find your special one, but it's not me.

I hope I haven't been leading you on when I say I love you. The love I feel for you is more familial than anything. I see you more as a brother or a dearest friend.

I hope this won't change anything between us. I don't want to ruin what we have together, perhaps we can remain friends instead?

Your good pal,
I hate to open an old festering wound. But I was looking through one of these drama folders because I like to update myself every few months and found that someone linked a myspeld acount to DGG. a streamer's website. This streamer happens to keep detailed logs of their chat since the inception of the website. given that there were no screencaps of it, I assume this was a detail over looked. 
The days of energy that autistic followers of this creed once has are long passed but if there is anyone out there that still has interest I thought I'd post the link: https://dgg.overrustlelogs.net/myspeld
You can look back at his old post history from as far back as 2016 where he made his first post. He disappeared around 2018 when the memeing first begun. given his consistent activity up to that point he may have fled into a different alias and still post to this day. 
If you have interest in looking up other usernames in these logs the best way to do so is the url and replace the area after the backlash. the search field doesnt work
hey lad i'm back. this particular chatroom i frequent for a bit so I recognized some of the users in it. i looked a few of them up because they also had interest in pedophiles and anime
this is an account I found. the myspeld account made his last post on 11/5/2018 this account made its first post on 11/6/2018. such a coincidence is almost impossible to overlook. 
additionally both account had some interest in jordan peterson from post history. Im not going to look too much more into it but if you do there resources are there. the chatroom is destiny.gg/bigscreen. if tyson is an alias of myspeld it is too ambiguous to find more information. these people often link their reddits and twitters though so if you look through the logs enough you may find something.
happy hunting if anyone is still out there
last post i'll make on this. tyson was least active in the early months of 2019 when the bonbi arc was in fullest swing and he had his most power as far as I understand it.
This pattern of losing interest began in november when the bonbi arc started. and had no posts in mid to late December when bonbi was making her original comeback. 

I am totally open to being incorrect about this in full or at least about this account. just thought it was interesting. he may have abandonned his original alias myspeld because of drama within the community i read some bans or reputation damage. 

again i didn't read into the logs very deeply and if you can poke any holes in my theory please go ahead
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thumbnail of couch fucker appears.webm
couch fucker appears webm
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bruh that isn't even the most recent nonce thread
the last post in that thread is from december 2019

if you don't want to see it just ignore the post, don't try to expunge posters into dead threads that will never be seen again
the hypothesis came to me after the david cosplay where she started talking about gender identity and what not, so maybe its bonbiwaffen who made her think about that, with there comments on her cosplays and different reactions to different types of cosplays. thats all I have to say.
imagine some guy wanting you to go fish for more discord crap in some logs, if he cares that much then he can go do it, no one gives a shit
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thumbnail of 15600351393070.mp4
15600351393070 mp4
(3.04 MB, 500x500 h264)
It was a fine idea in the spur of the moment but it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you think about it more. Who knows, with how bonkers things can be, maybe it'll turn out that you were right the whole time. I'd just take it with a grain of salt until we know more. I appreciate you coming up with ideas that no one else has thought of though.
fuck sleepy anons
fuck irish anons
fuck nonces
fuck dontcare niggery 
fuck 4d chess players
fuck incels
fuck chad plumbers laying mad pipe
fuck people who dont like things i like 
fuck hbo 
fuck subuwu outbacks
fuck mcdonalds 

praise be wrestlerkun
praise be diaper anon
praise be roman quote anon 
praise be schizo posters 
praise be peak fangs
> emiru made her a mcanon
> "I love u sandwich [...]"
proof shes still with seth
What the fuck is your deal with Russians? Can you knock it off? Russians haven't even done anything bad this thread. You look insane.
I stopped seething at discordniggers, who are objectively worse in every way, so maybe you can find it in yourself to stop seething at Russians. They're good posters and I love having them here.
I know everyone's probably thinking this is Emily signaling that she's okay with Bonbi's relationship with Seth. But maybe Bonbi just gets herself super hungry and complains about it when they're playing LoL or Overwatch together, and mentions sandwiches loads. Emily probably doesn't even know the hidden meaning of it. Of course it has the hidden meaning of Seth, but Bonbi also just likes sandwiches in general. Bonbi only eats like four kinds of foods anyway. Sandwiches, ramen, chips and gum. 
I just don't think this is conclusive evidence of anything except that Emily wants to give Bonbi something that she likes, and Bonbi is being appreciative that she listens to her. Maybe I'm being naive but I think more evidence is required to prove anything. I think it's just cute and wholesome.
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thumbnail of 052 [Adrien Agreste] (do you hear me).mp4
052... mp4
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thumbnail of 053 [Adrien Agreste] (too cold).mp4
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thumbnail of 054 [Adrien Agreste] (jared 19).mp4
054... mp4
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How unexpected. These are really good, and it's nice that she's doing the classic cosplays. I loved her old Cat Noir Toks. The entire new look of her new Cat Noir is fantastic. The wingy bois were a great addition. Her lipsyncing is a little lazy though.

But where is the homestuck content? Is she over it? I thought for sure she'd come back to it after doing one or two non-homestucks.
Well, maybe it's for the best that she plays around with one or more Boyish cosplays so she can get that out of her system, before she goes onto more feminine characters like Roxy and Meulin.
Hey, since Bonbi isn't fat anymore is there any chance the board header of /big bottom girls/ can be changed to something else or no?
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thumbnail of 1584863197363.webm
1584863197363 webm
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I don't understand the doomer night walk thing, why would you go outside? just stay inside and watch bonbi. unless you have nature or good parks near by, walking in your shit neighborhood is torture and will make you more suicidal.
thumbnail of sad nigga hours.webm
thumbnail of sad nigga hours.webm
sad nigga hours webm
(1.29 MB, 538x702 vp8)
Being a doomer I understand it pretty well. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Walking around feels like you're doing something and you can clear your mind of most of the depressive thoughts even if you have a shit neighborhood. Being an introvert I don't want to see any people around, so doing it at night is preferable. Feeling the cold night on your face and the darkness hugs you like a blanket. It feels good. It's pretty comfy walking around your neighborhood listening to Bonbicore.
thumbnail of Airplane mode.webm
thumbnail of Airplane mode.webm
Airplane... webm
(4.94 MB, 348x620 vp8)
never tried to nightwalk but I understand you at the darkness part, I love to stay in a dark room and listen to music. being alone in a "cave" is comfier and more secure than walking outside.
the songs she uses is nice, even the popular ones makes me feel good bonbi memories.

I love the big resolution, makes me appreciate her face more, her eyes is the best part, no matter what color she uses her eyes are beautiful
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thumbnail of cop dva glitch.gif
cop dva glitch gif
(4.71 MB, 1441x858)
been getting a weird issue lately where reloading the catalog page redirects me to a 9chan error message saying the board doesn't exist
I hope it's not a sign this place is getting even more broken
Sorry applying some changes to Endchan, so the restarts are making it fail over to 9chan more than often today. Also I can only debug why it fails that way when Endchan is down, so haven't figure dout why it ends up on 9chan yet.

We'll get it all fixed. Enjoy the new tor block BO option.
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thumbnail of ooc thumbsup.gif
ooc... gif
(2.15 MB, 352x720)
oh ok, comforting to know it's just because there's work going on under the hood, thanks for letting us know

I've also been getting this error consistently when I try to post, is it related?

Internal server error. MongoError: connection 40 to [ip address here I removed] timed out
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thumbnail of 1616556130240.png
1616556130240 png
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What will be left of  these threads in five years? Until recently, she was a naive child with a pure soul, now a teenager who knows what kind of world and society is shit. 3 years ago, she was the most popular girl on the Internet, not just a meme or multimedia product, but a new hero in history, she cleansed our souls of dirt for a moment and showed us how perfect people can be. She became an idol not because it is pleasant to look at, listen to, learn at a beautiful, sweet, new creature, but because she is a unique person, literally the son of God, nephelim, an angel. Such people quickly spend the essence of life and become unnecessary to anyone, what is happening now. All of this will end forever and we will not have a hero, Bonbi you are a hero. It is like a rush of heroin when in childhood your dopamine is sensitive, and you go out in the summer in the morning and feel the smell of nature, cool wind rushes through your body, you hear birds singing, and your eyes illuminate the clear blue sky, and now remembering this you understand that it will not be so beautiful, carefree, but you were almost in paradise. Bonbi forever in my heart, I love you Bonbi! Everyone loves you, even the Devil
some will still be here, check the other board here for ashley and agatha, these girls stopped uploading and its been years and some fans still stick around, most will move on but a minority will stay
dude, i love bonbi as every other faggot in this thread, but she's just a girl. the joy of young children rejuvenating crushed old men is a tale as old as humanity. but that's all there is to it.   >>/23105/
braping up the thread when something brapy is posted
braping it up when the brapy gets bropted
braping it down when the brapy brep bropted
braping it right when bre brapy brep bropted
braping it left brep bre brapy brep bropted
braping it brept brep bre brapy brep bropted
braping br brept brep bre brapy brep bropted
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thumbnail of 1616630134518.mp4
1616630134518 mp4
(38.65 MB, 500x600 h264)
yea me too, its the first donation thing ive sent her in months and she seems amazingly open to talking about it, unless someone is hoarding emiru clips to themselves where bonbi bait gets completely ignored.
there already is a nonce drama thread 2, and that isn't it you absolute fucking mongoloid
if all you plan to do is shit up the board, don't bother to post
this is the bonbibonkers general, for generally anything relating to bonbibonkers
we have been over this before
stop trying to redirect posters into redundant and inactive threads just because you don't want to see the content they posted
post bonbi, simple as. emiru streams and donations has nothing to do with bonbi, even if the donator said "pedophilia" has nothing to do with bonbi and its useless
has nothing to do with bonbi, she is talking about drama and the people who fuel that drama, it belongs in the drama thread
I'm sure he did, this poster just seems to have some fixation with attempting to obfuscate and bury any recent information related to the bonbi grooming
Really makes you think.
i dont think its that big of a deal to have a single emiru mp4 when the entire board had gone 15 hours without a single post tbh.
its a small deal and it should be in the small deal thread, this is bonbi general and is for big deal posts.
thumbnail of just cope.png
thumbnail of just cope.png
just cope png
(1.1 MB, 828x1102)
It isn't a big deal at all, I'm pretty positive this whiner is the same faggot that astroturfs and shits up threads literally everywhere he goes just for funsies
Just ignore him, and continue to post whatever bonbi relevant content you want to
i suppose its admirable you lash out at ""drama"" posts the same way regardless if they're negative, or if they reaffirm the likely positive, but i still think youre overreacting to this
you could theoretically have a really deep philosophical discussion about that short clip, especially on such a slow board. maybe you keep this thread open at all times waiting for new bontent and get really peeved when it's not.
anyway, reading this likely took longer than that twitch clip so maybe you can seethe at me next.
idk why, but seeing her break the cute girl act and rant about alcoholics being concerned about bonbis well-being cracks me up. reminds me of the old bonbi streams
anon, don't just stare at it, eat it. 

> how sweet of them, they really do be caring and sweet, not about hurting, doxing, and humiliating her at all.
of course, that's also why it is so funny from the outside.
thumbnail of feelings.webm
thumbnail of feelings.webm
feelings webm
(5.22 MB, 360x640 vp9)
The anti-drama posters are making a mountain out of a molehill. Drama has always been a mildly amusing side activity when the threads are slow. It increases interest and gives people something to talk about. Drama is only a problem when it dominates the threads and drowns out everything else or when drama posters keep repeating and seething about the same old drama that everyone already knows and is tired of. But new developments aren't that bad. I seriously doubt any of you would still be here if she was just a tik tok girl that we all knew nothing about.

Saying the Bonbi general thread is ONLY for posting Bonbi cosplays comes off as a little disingenuous when nobody has ever used these threads for that ever. Not only is that never going to happen, but that sounds boring as fuck tbh. But you can always make your own thread where you just post Bonbi cosplays and no one comments anything other than "Cute!" if you want to. Me personally, I want a thread with drama posters, schizo posters, brap posters, lewd posters, purity posters, and every single other type of poster. I want them here whether I like their posts or not. Why have so many of you lost the ability to just ignore posts that you don't like? There's only a few posts here anyways.
all my good memories on bbg are from bonbi posts and speaking about bonbi without the drama, or from speaking about random stuff with bonbibros and staying away from drama, so if you agree that drama is a problem sometimes so a different thread makes sense.
> when drama posters keep repeating and seething about the same old drama that everyone already knows and is tired of.

that is what the donators are trying to do, they are milking the shit of the old drama and spending money in hopes of getting new content and clips for that old drama we are tired of.
emiru's opinion throughout has been that it is extremely weird for a bunch of adult men on the internet to be so focused on bonbi. it is bonbis personal business and we should stop being creepy.
thumbnail of boxxy can't have it both ways.webm
thumbnail of boxxy can't have it both ways.webm
boxxy can't have it... webm
(1.88 MB, 900x900 vp8)
except it stopped being bonbi's personal business when she herself chose to make it very much public business, repeatedly flaunting and flexing about her pedophilic relationship as though it was going to win her clout and praise

it would also be extremely hypocritical and disingenuous of emiru to have an opinion like the one you stated, given that a large portion of her own income is in fact also from a bunch of adult men on the internet she has intentionally fostered the attentions of for her own financial benefit

tldr: webm related
> spends years practicing and honing her craft
> starts posting videos online to a public video sharing social media platform
> makes considerable efforts to increase her audience engagement and account visibility
> regularly livestreams to her fanbase
> sets up multiple social media accounts to reinforce her brand and further her reach
> joins fan servers to directly engage with her audience
> advertises patreon / kofi links across her various accounts to promote revenue

Yes. Bonbibonkers is a construct of madelyn's intentional and concerted efforts via multiple avenues. It is quite literally bonbi's fault that she exists.

Continuing to spasm and froth unintelligibly only serves to undermine whatever point you may think you're trying to argue, and makes it quite apparent that your only intended goal is to discourage any otherwise rational discourse
thumbnail of Alzheimer's Anon.webm
thumbnail of Alzheimer's Anon.webm
Alzheimer'... webm
(3.98 MB, 540x960 vp8)
> except it stopped being bonbi's personal business when she herself chose to make it very much public business, repeatedly flaunting and flexing about her pedophilic relationship as though it was going to win her clout and praise

I remember DN's like Dr. Phil and Mr. Black tried to get that through to her way back in the day. Then the "sandwich and mayo" 2019 Valentine's Day thing happened, we all know the rest. Then Halloween 2019. The self-ownage was mind blowing. Granted those DN's are also at fault for not stopping it all earlier. And obviously her parents are garbage.

I guess it's better to fuck up early on and hopefully learn from it, even if it's only after more red flags than a commie parade.

Now, a minute please...
thumbnail of ooc blue cute 02.gif
thumbnail of ooc blue cute 02.gif
ooc blue cute 02 gif
(1.36 MB, 301x272)
we need the feet pics british bro! it seems that the aidf has retreated, they lost a big battle and now they must find a way to do their aidf ways, they will damage control and aidf-it, how will the russian and esl posters do now? they are not Bri'ish and will never be able to combat our poetic wit, now they will just post pics of bonbi and post edits, they will hide behind their webms and mp4s and will post 3 year pics, the british anons and anti discorders like us will expose their lies, they think they are safe now? OooOOoh no, we will strike with british steel and anglo pride! we are the british bros and we are cumming, we need our feet pics right now!
thumbnail of fat.png
thumbnail of fat.png
fat png
(70 KB, 255x219)
Goddamn I knew I'd find one based one among the crowd of retards. Fuckken aidf and seth bros demoralized all us bonbilads for many years now but hoarding her feet pics for themselves is a goddam step 2 far. Can you imagine the louisinian dirt on her smexy toes creaming my pants just thinking about it. anyhow I'm thinking about murdering seth how you feel bout it,? fucking discordniggers btw. real hard times thinking about the feet
thumbnail of ooc blue dance 3.gif
thumbnail of ooc blue dance 3.gif
ooc blue dance 3 gif
(1.2 MB, 400x300)
glad we have an anti discorder and a proud anti sether among us, lets post memes and make these aidf learn a lesson, we will show them how to be an anon and not a discorder cuck! discordnigger hard times 2.0 

lets murder some people, american psycho for life... or british psycho if you want, seth makes makes me cream my pants, especially when I think about murdering him
why you have a problem with the ivans, I thought you were hating on the ones defending bonbi and calling them russians, is the ones who hate on her russians?
thumbnail of 2.mp4
thumbnail of 2.mp4
2 mp4
(3.16 MB, 576x1024 h264)
you a brit you must be lime, cute twink last i heard he was gay. Im russian my names Soloninoforser and Bonny reminds me of pornstar: Johhny Sins, he has cute feet too. Here we see bonby sad in the face. Thus, we can reasonably say bonbiewaffen made her transgender! Should have thirsted over her toes to encourage her femininity. 

imagine perceiving the world through  memes oriented around a small community centered on a tiktokker
damn emiru is almost at 1 mil followers on tiktok, she really played bonbi good. It won’t be long now til she cuts her loose, I knew she was only in it for the clout.
thumbnail of 15692290913450.mp4
thumbnail of 15692290913450.mp4
15692290913450 mp4
(28.43 MB, 1280x720 h264)
I hate drama edits, they are not fun and kinda have a bad vibe and energy to them, I like fun edits made to have fun or express feelings like happiness or sadness.
its like appreciating a nice painting but the more you see it the more it gets creepy and scary, I always get bad vibes from drama edits but yeah yours is not like the other ones.
those are nice, I think that they are better than artsy and fancy tattoos, they look cool and feel personal and simple. I don't have tattoos but if I get one it won't be huge and fancy.
thumbnail of 446 [Coraline] (raindrops as 2).mp4
thumbnail of 446 [Coraline] (raindrops as 2).mp4
446... mp4
(5.78 MB, 540x960 h264)
I think bonbi loves Evanescence, she did tiktoks with songs from them and she plays their songs on streams
i hope bonbibonkers is doing okay. i wish she would post more stories about how she's doing
> mikasabon. easily a top 3 cosplay
do you really like attack on titan, or is that serious recency bias?
not tryna be rude...
not him, I don't even watch attack on titan and I think Mikasa bon is worthy of top 3. I love dark haired cosplay and the hair length is perfect.
thumbnail of boop2.gif
thumbnail of boop2.gif
boop2 gif
(2.59 MB, 284x284)
To me it's just a simple and natural looking cosplay that also reminds me of OOC bonbi which is why I like. Also you might be right with the bias thing because I went and watched AoT after her cosplay came out and ended up really liking it which made me appreciate her cosplay even more.