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Hello! I'm looking for onion websites to learn more about national socialism and if there is a chat to talk directly to someone to guide me. Thank you dudes
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Why would you need an onion site to learn about National Socialism?
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Mein_Kampf_(The_Stal... pdf (2.63 MB, 0x0)
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thumbnail of Mein-Side-of-the-Story-Key-World-War-2-Addresses-of-Adolf-Hitler.pdf
Mein-Side-of-the-Sto... pdf (4.19 MB, 0x0)
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2022 and still thinking a platform ran by jews that the government funded, TOR, where they report vulnerabilities direct to government kikes is "trustworthy". It's no wonder the shit starting calls for Atomwaffen type violence that strengthen international jewry through kikes wailing pathetic crocodile tears in Homeland Security have always been TOR faggots throughout this board's history.
Tor is open source. How can open source software be this subverted when literally anyone can view the source code and see exactly what the software is doing. They even have the code audited by independent 3rd parties to find security risks.

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Welcome to the New America™. From CBS News, “A ‘coin flip’: Nearly half of U.S. murders go unsolved as cases rise”: Across a nation that is already in the grips of a rise in violent crime, murders are going unsolved at a historic pace, a CBS News investigation has found. A review of FBI statistics shows that the murder clearance rate — the share of cases each year that are solved, meaning police make an arrest or close the case due to other reasons — has fallen to its lowest point in more than half a century. It’s a 50-50 coin flip,” says Thomas Hargrove, who runs the Murder Accountability Project, which tracks unsolved murders nationwide. “It’s never been this bad. During the last seven months of 2020, most murders went unsolved. That’s never happened before in America.” Police are far less likely to solve a murder when the victim is Black or Hispanic, according to CBS News’ analysis. In 2020, the murders of White victims were about 30% more likely to be solved than in cases with Hispanic victims, and about 50% more than when the victims were Black, the data show. In dozens of interviews across the country, police and criminal justice experts have offered a range of explanations for these trends.

They’ve got to find some way to blame [Caucasian] people. Check out the roundabout way they addressed the real issue: 
Some factors are evident when visiting communities such as Jackson, Mississippi, which has suffered from one of the nation’s highest murder rates. In that city of about 160,000 people, the police department responded to 153 murders in the past year but has just eight homicide detectives to work that caseload. FBI guidelines suggest homicide detectives should be covering no more than five cases at a time. Police Chief James Davis said his department needs more of everything to keep up with the violence. “The whole system is backlogged,” Davis said. “I could use more police officers. I could use more homicide detectives, but if the state is backed up, the court is backed up, we will still have the same problem by developing these cases that we’re already doing.” Police are also contending with a breakdown in trust between their officers and the communities they serve, a result of decades of tensions that spilled over during high-profile cases of police misconduct in recent years. That has made it harder for police to receive tips or obtain help from witnesses, said Danielle Outlaw, the commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. Outlaw told CBS News there is a history of “systemic inequities that contribute to the mistrust” in many communities most affected by crime.

Gee, I wonder what could have caused this breakdown in trust? Was there some sort of “Movement” in 2020 that came to a head which said police are all evil white racists who are oppressing black people for no reason whatsoever other than the color of their skin? Did police and the FBI decide to take a knee [https://archive.ph/q56Ds] and blame white people for all of society’s ills [https://archive.ph/X1zJ9] rather than address our serious “inner city” crime problem? [https://archive.ph/0JiaM] Was the FBI/DOJ spending all their resources combatting the supposed threat of “white extremism” while crime was violent crime was hitting record levels in major cities across America? [https://archive.ph/zoVCP] I must have just imagined all that because according to CBS News, the issue is “unequal justice” (i.e. white racism), the “pandemic” and a lack of “diversity” among police. [https://archive.ph/aBYAF] Look for the homicide rate to continue to rise and the homicide clearance rate to continue to fall as long as our ruling class continues to embrace such delusions.

I'm black.
I haven't killed anyone.
Don't plan to.
I'm Caucasian.
You should be far more concerned about ghetto blacks with a thug mentality than us. Especially when they've joined a gang.
They do kill people.

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Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet.

American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
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0cbe281dd0... png (2.41 MB, 1575x1302)
> innocent people wandering around minding their own business. Why would they do that to them?
I remember when a jew said that when he closed his eyes, he saw charred corpses, mutilated babies, tortured animals and women being raped. We know the plots of kikes, and they're always pushing degeneracy. We know this from their fake history so vile and outrageous, it's confusing why people still believe such historical lies. We know this from the degenerate filth jews push as "art". The corrupt, sick, sadistic minds of kikes could be from centuries of inbreeding. You already know about these infographs, I'm sure. They're just here to illustrate the point.

"If only one country, for whatever reason, tolerates a jewish family in it, that family will become the germ center for fresh sedition. If one little jewish boy survives without any jewish education, with no synagogue and no Hebrew school, Judaism is in his soul. Even if there had never been a synagogue or a jewish school or an Old Testament, the jewish spirit would still exist and exert its influence. It has been there from the beginning and there is no jew, not a single one, who does not personify it." - Hitler to General Kvaternik, July 21, 1941.
> You already know about these infographs, I'm sure. They're just here to illustrate the point.

Why are you posting porn on our board, anime person?

> You already know about these infographs, I'm sure.

It really isn't
> I remember when a jew said that when he closed his eyes, he saw charred corpses, mutilated babies, tortured animals and women being raped. 

I'll be making a post about that in a few minutes in the infographs thread. I think you'll find it interesting
> BadBIOS Circuitry
BadBIOS was never conclusively proven to exist, and even if it does, it wouldn't require any special added "circuitry". There are plenty of EEPROMs in computers that can store updateable firmware that can be used to hide malware in, eg. Disk controllers.

IF 'BadBIOS' does exist, it should have been confirmed by now. There are UEFI exploits and backdoors, eg. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/lenovo-uefi-firmware-driver-bugs-affect-over-100-laptop-models/ - but the specific details of 'BadBIOS', ie. that it used speakers and microphones in machines to transmit data, whilst technically plausible to an extent (the original acoustic couplers for modems worked much in this manner), is overall VERY implausible, because it would require a process to be listening to the mic for the data *before* the malware is present.

There ARE real vulnerabilities in UEFI and operating systems, and even dedicated additional "remote management" hardware such as Intel Management Engine and AMD Platform Security Processor, but these are proven and known to exist. Using the term 'BadBIOS' in relation to these is only going to make people think you're talking about something theoretical and unproven instead.

tl;dr: You live in a world where kikes have a lot of illegitimate power, and are always trying to gain more. Assume every device IS compromised at the hardware level and act accordingly.

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vlasovdrip jpg (117.42 KB, 1080x1060)
what is national socialism? why should I be a national socialist instead of a regular nationalist?
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You can just lurk the threads here and you'll see it. Not really hard to figure it out. I don't get OPs picture though
It's Andrey Vlasov who defected to National Socialist Germany and led the Russian Liberation Army, photoshopped in "Hypebeast Drip" over Nikolai Mikhailovich's painting "Vlasovites in the Village". Some of this took me awhile to figure out.
yeah most of us aren't from Russia so we wouldn't know what you posted referenced. I'm surprised to see that Russians formed an impromptu army to fight against the USSR though. Wonder why nobody remembers it.
> what you posted referenced
I'm not OP. I didn't post that strange image. It took me an entire afternoon to figure out and explain what it is, as OP seems to have one off posted and then left (as usual).
> as OP seems to have one off posted and then left (as usual).

They always do that kike bullshit. They do it because they're yids themselves, or more insidiously try to gauge who uses the board and how active it is. 

I don't really know

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The Sabbatean / Freemasonic/ Cabalistic zionist/ illuminati Jews have utterly exploited the unprecedented hatred of Turks and Kurds in the extermination of Aramean and other Christians of Ottoman Empire. The decisive role the crypto- Jews played in this crime against humanity is careful hidden.

The so-called "genocide" experts blame in chorus exclusively the Turks for the genocide, but are suspiciously quiet as a mouse about the evildoers behind it. The reason for this silence is that the Zionist/ illuminati Jews have a powerful weapon in their hands to use against everyone who dares to investigate the important role the Turkish crypto- Jews had played in the genocide of 1915. And that powerful weapon to silence everyone is the phrase "anti-Semitism."

That is the reason why at the Western Universities, where genocide is investigated and taught, never the contribution of the "donmeh" Jews in de Aramean genocide of 1915 will be investigated and published. Those who dare to tackle the matter will get faced with the invisible power of the Cabalistic / Talmudic/ Zionist illuminati Jews resulting in their demonization and losing their job because of "anti-Semitism."
Turkish crypto Jews were involved in the Armenian Christian Genocide. Armenians are regarded as Amalek in the Talmud. Nothing wrong with burning and crucifying them. And what about the holdomor in the Ukraine? We are getting a “holocaust” museum in Adelaide South Australia (LOL). Our state has less than 2 million people and we live at the arse end of the world. Have they built a memorial on the moon yet? Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) recently attended the South Australian Parliament something to do with new antisemitic legislation. What are they afraid of? Will the Kangaroos say something nasty? They must be re-educated. Look…..my hero is a Jew (Jesus Christ) but this is ridiculous. They need to practice SOME INTROSPECTION. If you get thrown out of every country you have ever lived in then you ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.
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thumbnail of 1659312028540249.jpg
1659312028... jpg (91.1 KB, 564x509)
> If you get thrown out of every country you have ever lived in then you ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG
Its useless to point the obvious from our side that jew will always be evil but for them they wont get it why fhey are evil for simple reason.
Since their tribe has written and in mindset take whatever you want as word or all of it that everything is made for them to serve them and be dealt as they see fit ie giving to anyone except them a worst possible live and death imaginable, they believe in it they told it many times that they think like that and anyone daring to say something different is wrong since by thalmud he exists as thing to make them the world which they desire and serve them yada yada you get the image
> as word or all of it
From words of thalmud
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Jesus... jpg (183.54 KB, 907x607)
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493 (2) jpg (3.23 MB, 2500x1564)
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theft png (271.66 KB, 680x1483)
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thumbnail of 2 (5).png
2 (5) png (230.99 KB, 577x343)
> my hero is a Jew (Jesus Christ)
Mary was Galilean which made Jesus Galilean. He spoke Aramaic not Hebrew. Jesus was not a jew. The simple fact is - jews steal everything they can get their grubby hands on. The oldest proof of the Old Testament is the Septuagint and of the New Testament is the Codex Sinaiticus. Both are in Ancient Greek. The jewish claims that Christian religion originated from them in Hebrew language is merely another of their many heinous lies. They have zero evidence. But the Dead Scrolls? They're forgeries on old shoe leather.

Non jewish people are only afraid of the label "anti-semitism" because we're not gathering in groups large enough to combat the jewish groups against us. Individuals vs mass numbers is always a losing strategy. Now, I'm not saying all of this just to be contradictory. The rest of both your posts are facts so I won't argue against them. You seem to be shaking off the cobwebs of jewish influence but still have a few of their lies embedded in your mind.
Edit: Though IF you are the idiot of the deleted thread where Hitler was insulted by that OP who also "coincidentally" ranted about crypto jews but hates White Anglo Saxon Protestants and Nationalists, then nevermind.

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thumbnail of anxiety ridden kike.png
anxiety... png (8.56 KB, 183x232)
In this video, Anne Frank's sister tells how the soviet government made counterfeit photos of the "death camps" many years after those camps were supposedly liberated.

In this video, Vladimir Putin tells a room full of rabbis that the soviet government, which made those fake photos of the death camps, was primarily jewish.
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Americans scream that the only reason the US is Communist now is because of illegal immigrants, but are the fake Conservatives who flipped and support welfare, tyranny, debt, and wars blameless?
Holocaust deprograming course link is dead.
I posted archive.ph link in case someone would pass by
Yes it's unfortunate the kikes got to it, but not surprising. If you're trying to wake someone up in a hurry without triggering their mentally conditioned Pavlovian response, try >>>/polfornormies/2/

thumbnail of globalization-11-696x522.jpg
thumbnail of globalization-11-696x522.jpg
globalizat... jpg (46.47 KB, 696x522)
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thumbnail of drawfagsOriginalContent.png
drawfagsOr... png (429 B, 300x300)
Will it be utopian single state covering the whole world and focused on ensuring health, peace, prosperity and happiness of all people on Earth

or rather huge modern dystopian world empire , the huge state which will by the time descends into the abyss of economic and technical stagnation, consumed by corruption and lawlessness, from time to time as the authorities weaken someone revolts and promises a new order - but either they liquidate it or after a few years it turns out that after a few years it is the same evil as the previous authorities. And so, all the time until finally, civilisation crosses a certain threshold of degeneration, below which changes are irreversible and civilisation collapses ? How do you think ?
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> There is not faltering
that maybe have more to do with japanese culture rather than the product, meaning, if japanese culture didn't cherish those values there would be no market for it, after all it's still a market. Japan has always kept the best for himself, it happens with all kind of gadgets, cars, etc, Japan is a country that market his products to Japan (unlike my nation that seem to market to the UN for special-star points) The small island has a history of disliking foreigners, in the Tokugawa era foreigners landing in Japan could get decapitated for just being in Japan, they didn't like foreign intervention in that time, and they don't like it now.
And I just remember the tiny hats believing the planet was made for them and have the right to go anywhere on the planet, I kind of believe they're trying to push the same shit with all this inmigration bullshit. You have war in your nation? No problem go to another nation, don't own a house either, you'll lose it anyways. Your nation is going through economic struggle? No problem go to another nation, they can't stop you, and don't think of owning a car, you can't afford it. Your nation got filled with sub saharans? No problem, go to another nation, is not like your're tied to the land anyways. You did get a cryptowallet. Right? That's the future goy!
> want to dial things back
They're already trying, I've seen comments from the supporters of EU and UN bullshit calling out inmigration, but not calling out the inmigration pushers, they just want to throw the general population against the "EbIL nAtzeeS"
> have triggered organic social reform
There is nothing organic from those social reforms if there was nothing organic from the crisis that created them. I would like to know more about those reforms to maybe give an informed opinion, at least where I am the push for UBI, digital ID, and other things has been going on for years, the flu is just exaggerating the push for those reforms.
I will grant you the mismanagment issue, they're not the best at their job, they're only good at lying, and that only get you so far, the same way the USSR failed because of bureaucracy, the liberal world will fail, and their reliance on industrialiced nations such as China is already showing with the Russia Sanctions thing, and the lemmings are still not making the connection to sending all your industries to a foreing nation and living in the world of services (you know, the "you'll own nothing and be happy"). I wonder how many nations hace the manpower to be industrialiced, the more sub saharans they invite the less industrious the nation will be, that's just a fact.
Everything is illegal, everyone is a criminal, everyone is under surveillance 24/7, and no one cares.

Living in a police state means that you must live in dread of being arrested. You can't help feeling hopeless.
It will be a depressing hellish state where nothing is valued or cared about. The jew and shabbos goy will finally have won and Satan will have conquered Earth
It's too late for predictions. This has already happened. Hitler was the last to fight. Those left that are the VERY RARE types with bravery do not have the intelligence to take over again and rule a nation against the parasites. The majority are cowards. Subservient mice afraid of their own mortality.
Americans used to hate criminals and the homeless, but now every American is a criminal and soon every American will be homeless.

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thumbnail of 1575268466892.jpg
1575268466... jpg (21.42 KB, 480x300)
Serious questions on the role of women in our society. Questions that concern breeding charactetistics and establishing strong culture and nation would be interesting.

Some thoughts on the matter:

Women are the highest order of beauty, more precisely feminine women. They are the vessel that leads to men creating strong cultures, Nations and we'll just about everything else. 
Women are not natural intellects in reaching high understandings of the complexities of the what men have created 
Of course there are always outliers
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Yeah, but this is still a year old thread you're bumping up

OP isn't a genuine person. He's a datamniner. I know who it is already
Women serve as child bearers which prevent our future leading male descendants from being overly masculine and apathetic, that being said even if balance between masculine and feminine is natural, it is not necessarily desireable.
All lunar feminine societies and "peoples" end up in failure in comparison to the solar overtly masculine societies.
All that being said, the place of women in society is designated and women should never overstep their place, that is only the case when the men are weak and feminine anyways (societal collapse).

The state of the women in society is only a reflection of the men, weak men result in improper women
Improper women and weak men result from enemy propaganda. Namely, jewish media. The United States is one such feminine society, and this type of propaganda is spreading east through western Europe.
thumbnail of 1646550059650.jpg
thumbnail of 1646550059650.jpg
1646550059... jpg (61.53 KB, 503x730)
> What came after WWII was even worse, ironically. So much for "world peace"
Peace was never an option they never wanted it, they only want their thalmudic prophecy

thumbnail of slow_kill_shots-750x448.jpg
thumbnail of slow_kill_shots-750x448.jpg
slow_kill_... jpg (40.6 KB, 750x448)
[I'm posting this because what happened involving Mel Mermelstein is hilarious and also fuck the death vaccine. -OP]

IT TOOK DOCTORS MORE than 2000 years to figure out that bloodletting – the practice of draining blood from a patient to cure an illness – made no sense, and caused a lot of harm. It took them 400 years to figure out that variolation – which, like vaccination, was supposed to prevent smallpox – didn’t work, and amid widespread disillusionment the procedure was abandoned in the late 1700s. Future generations – what’s left of them – will look back at vaccination as the most useless and criminally insane (but extremely profitable) medical practice of all, which has now reached the end of the line with the murderous Covid-19 injection campaign.

It never fails to amaze me how easy it is, with a little investigation, to demolish the myth that vaccines have greatly benefited humanity, that they have saved millions of lives and wiped out once-dreaded diseases. But most people are unwilling or unable to investigate anything, Most people are even incapable of reading a serious book and understanding what they read. It’s much easier to call people names, like little kids on the playground. I’ve read and heard a thousand comments from ignorant know-it-alls mocking us anti-vaxxers with the same old names, over and over: fringe, loon, crank, crackpot, flat-earther, anti-science, etc. Some resort to pure vitriol, and even profanity-laced death wishes. Such people have always been with us. They remind me of the rabble who, century after century, enjoyed watching heretics – individuals much more intelligent than they – burned at the stake, a punishment to which Galileo was almost sentenced. (And God knows, I’m not comparing myself to Galileo, nor am I the first to research vaccines and conclude that they’re a total fraud.) Most people in the 1600s preferred to ridicule this immortal scientist rather than to look through his magnificent telescope for themselves and see that Church dogma about the solar system was all wrong. Human nature hasn’t changed since then.

I’ve learned not to debate pro-vaccine people. Rather, I want to give them the opportunity to show the whole world what a chump I am. So here’s my offer: SHOW ME ONE PRO-VACCINE BOOK SINCE 1796 THAT HAS STOOD THE TEST OF TIME, OR SHOW ME ONE VACCINE DEVELOPER SINCE 1796 WHO WASN’T A FAILURE, SWINDLER OR PSYCHOPATH, AND I’LL GIVE YOU $30,000. I will publish every reply I receive on endtheshots.com, up to 1000 words. I’m not afraid of the truth. I’m not going to censor anyone, like the mainstream news and social media giants do. Hey, maybe I’m wrong about all this. Here’s your big chance to prove it, and earn a nice cash payout too. How ’bout it all you “experts,” you public health officials, pediatricians, media mouthpieces and keyboard commandos? I look forward to your reply.

DISCLAIMER: This offer is made with the understanding that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT LEGALLY BINDING. I assert this only because I want to protect myself from any troublemaker who submits, for example, a bedtime story about the big hero Jonas Salk, taken from any of numerous websites, supposedly “proving” that his vaccine ended the scourge of polio, then sues me for breach of contract, anticipatory repudiation, infliction of emotional distress, the whole nine yards, when I reject such proof. (I dismantle Salk and the polio vaccine myth on pages 50-70 of my book, so if you can disprove all that, you win thirty grand.) This actually happened in the 1980s to the Institute for Historical Review, a publisher of revisionist history books based in California, which offered a $50,000 prize to anyone who could prove that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, only to be hit by a lawsuit by one Mel Mermelstein, one of those many lucky Holocaust survivors who somehow avoided the phantom gas chambers and then cashed in on it. I have better things to do than get sued, dragged for years through the dysfunctional “justice” system, then bankrupted by creatures like this. [continued]
Just fill in the contact form on endtheshots.com to reply, and make sure that the subject line contains the words “$30,000 Offer Entry.” Alternatively, you can send me a letter, stating clearly that it is for the $30,000 offer, addressed to John Massaro, P.O. Box 45, Jeffersonville, NY 12748. - John Massaro reports


thumbnail of zeichnen.jpg
thumbnail of zeichnen.jpg
zeichnen jpg (29.5 KB, 375x550)
Background: On 1 September 1941 all jews remaining in Germany were rightfully forced to wear the Yellow Star when in public. In late September 1941, the National Socialists released an important mass pamphlet based on a book published in the United States titled Germany Must Perish! The book proposed the partitioning of Germany and the sterilization of its population. The author, Theodore N. Kaufman, was an “American” jew of great new found influence. The pamphlet, titled The War Aim of World Plutocracy, included excerpts from Kaufman’s book. In early November 1941, this four-page flyer was released. It rightfully justified the Yellow Star by reminding Germans of Kaufman’s genocidal book, which was the common goal of “World Jewry.” Apparently every German got copies of the pamphlet along with the monthly ration card.

Cover: “When you see this symbol…”
Page 2: “Remember what the jew has done to our people.
• He is guilty of being the cause and leader of the 1918 revolt that led to the collapse of the German people.
• Once he controlled the leading positions, he used inflation to steal the wealth of the German people.
• He used his control of the German economy to brutally and ruthlessly make seven million Germans unemployed.
• He had almost the entire German press in his hands.
• He controlled theatre, film, and almost all of German culture, using them to poison the German people spiritually and destroy it morally.
Many people’s comrades have supressed this period of great poverty and humiliation like a bad dream. However, all that we experienced under jewish rule, and all that we have previously heard or experienced about the plans of World Jewry, is nothing compared to the terrible future that judah is actually preparing for the German people. Now for the first time, World Jewry openly says what it wants: “Germany must perish!” 80 million culturally advanced, hard-working, and decent German women, men, and children are to be exterminated. That is what the jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman, President of the American Peace Union, says openly in his book Germany Must Perish. He is the spokesman for World Jewry. 
Page 3: “Germany must perish forever from this earth! And, fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.”
That is what the jew Kaufman wrote. You can read about his solution in the pamphlet:

The War Goal of World Plutocracy
If you read this pamphlet, you will know, German man and German woman, that judah has decided to kill your children, you will know the goal of the jews in London, New York, and Moscow. And you will know why the National Socialist government has instituted laws to exclude the jews from political, economic, and social life, and why each jew must be marked publicly as a jew. You will know that each jew is a member of a people that has sworn to kill us, and that each jew is your enemy. And you will also know that each German who through false sentimentality supports the jew in any way, even through friendly relations, commits treason against the German people. Our people is waging the greatest war of its history. Our soldiers risk their life every day in this battle. The German army is ensuring that the World Jewry’s terrible plan, proclaimed to the world by the jew Kaufman, will never become reality.

Page 4: You must ensure through your behavior that jewry never again has even the slightest influence on our people. 
Know the real enemy!
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> I have no idea. It was sold by a website that collects this type of memorabilia. The watermark is there.
Which one?
https://3reich-collector.com Of course it's pozzed to shit. I don't condone whatever garbage human being who runs the site (most likely a jew with their obsession of hatred). However, the material appears to be authentic.
We will have our victory.

Chin up everyone.

thumbnail of How to rise.jpg
thumbnail of How to rise.jpg
How to rise jpg (162.95 KB, 826x368)
The world used to have no cities. City-states then started appearing. City-states led to countries. Now there is a global government. Hopefully, countries will break into small villages again when everything collapses.

Iceland is not a free country, but maybe small places are more likely of having peace if everyone has similar values and backgrounds and everybody knows each other.

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