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0F36BBE6-B... png (1.54 MB, 1170x1163)
https://instagram.com/cardboardlamb (deleted)
https://rateyourmusic.com/~lovesick (deleted)
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She could've been with like a dozen other men (not even counting orbiters), and out of ALL those men, the one she was with was the man who JUST SO HAPPENED to TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY be a rich guy. Fuck off, it's not just a coincidence.
This is the equivalent of a man who only dates women with gigantic tits, but when questioned he says he had no idea any of them had huge boobs, and that actually he's for the political redistribution of equal breast size among all women.
If a man said something like that, you'd IMMEDIATELY say he's full of shit. So why are people making excuses and defending ken? I can only conclude that it's because it's a woman and that triggers beta men's simp instinct.
Most people in her life are nobodies just like her. Relax. Hope you got it out of your system before moving to the new thread.
Idk dude, how many millionaires and semi-famous people do you know? It seems like the rate at which she associates with those seems higher than a normal person's.
But I'll do kenbros a favor: I'll keep quiet in the next thread unless something extremely retarded is said.
i was right.
right about what?

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thumbnail of 1650828367360[1].jpg
1650828367... jpg (401.66 KB, 1440x1800)
oh how the mighty have fallen
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thumbnail of 7BD655B0-1287-4177-B3E0-DB52850BF542.jpeg
7BD655B0-1... jpeg (770.92 KB, 724x899)
Imo even though she's gained a significant amount of weight she's still pretty cute, Girl's gone through a lot and without whoring herself out for utterly low tier coomer men. Still pretty qt, just older
thumbnail of 1656393202083[1].jpg
thumbnail of 1656393202083[1].jpg
1656393202... jpg (158.78 KB, 1170x1454)
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thumbnail of 1656393407100[1].jpg
1656393407... jpg (237.2 KB, 640x1281)
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1466476340... jpg (11.3 KB, 277x335)
> Lia Marie in her crack head phase. She'll go live randomly and it's a crack house



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thumbnail of 4chan_girl.webm
4chan_girl webm (5.73 MB, 540x960)
Anybody know who the girl from this video is?
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she sounds basic and annoying, prob an attention whore too with those cuts
Is she from Australia?
no alice is from the US, north carolina. 
But she travels around the US like a bum.
AAAA of course i find out when kiwifarms is gone, any place where i can get more info on her/more videos?
She has a thread here, her name is Holland Proudfoot but goes by Alice online. There’s also the IP2 forum, they talk about her a lot there.

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thumbnail of cewl.png
cewl png (920.03 KB, 583x817)
eastern european r9k slut
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Deleted the pics because I can't tell if she is 17 years and 364 day old or one day more.
Better post old hags from now on.
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thumbnail of 1662730838474.jpg
1662730838... jpg (741.99 KB, 828x1005)
she is 20 and in university IIRC, she is just skinny ,BO
I'm not BO.
thumbnail of 1661032689434.png
thumbnail of 1661032689434.png
1661032689... png (758.43 KB, 1089x825)
No idea but she is clearly not underage

... actually im straight... :D

thumbnail of 01.png
thumbnail of 01.png
01 png (976.89 KB, 696x499)
E-thot, facetune addict, twitter attention whore, wannabe camgirl, and art thief living in her parents' basement. 

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I just wanted to see her fully nude body and that's all.
Don't care about anything else she does and stuff.
she's got a very hornyfying body, I hoped to see more of it
thumbnail of 0gmoqko46iqc965h6duzr_source.mp4
thumbnail of 0gmoqko46iqc965h6duzr_source.mp4
0gmoqko46i... mp4 (3.77 MB, 640x1138)
thumbnail of 0gsonr76ldqrrc3i5emq9_source.mp4
thumbnail of 0gsonr76ldqrrc3i5emq9_source.mp4
0gsonr76ld... mp4 (21.94 MB, 1080x1920)
The only thing she has going for her.
Im the one who posted it. Shit got nuked and my Mega account got banned.
Any latest information on this bitchwhore?

thumbnail of 8C7D2FA3-ED6D-41B3-A6D7-62200393A910.jpeg
thumbnail of 8C7D2FA3-ED6D-41B3-A6D7-62200393A910.jpeg
8C7D2FA3-E... jpeg (293.79 KB, 750x426)
Sunny Thread #6

i think kaya is the cutest girl in the whole world


Previous:  >>/10937/
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Who was she talking to in the first screencap where she was doing peace signs in her bbc discord server? Was it a nigger?
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thumbnail of 1611243323224 c.png
1611243323... png (889.21 KB, 1372x646)
masochistic bbbfags are brain damaged
Nothing has showed up in that inbox from a real person since 2020. try again
This threads deader than my sex and social life
Is that you Josh? for real?

thumbnail of 1661068896439629.jpg
thumbnail of 1661068896439629.jpg
1661068896... jpg (381.82 KB, 991x1291)
a thread for the ugliest r9k girl!
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Ugly hands.
What are her new @s? Where are the blonde pics from?
thumbnail of 1661792556566414.png
thumbnail of 1661792556566414.png
1661792556... png (723.84 KB, 720x1365)
thumbnail of 1661764760802638.jpg
thumbnail of 1661764760802638.jpg
1661764760... jpg (1.38 MB, 2560x1920)
thumbnail of 1638202858146.jpg
thumbnail of 1638202858146.jpg
1638202858... jpg (573.51 KB, 1181x1584)
just been posted on boards
insomniac billie ellish
The three stages of makeup.

thumbnail of 1650984228573[1].jpg
thumbnail of 1650984228573[1].jpg
1650984228... jpg (192.32 KB, 1440x1316)
I could have saved her.
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Personally I don't advocate harassing or stalking people, but at the same time there's no way she can just move on and expect no one to point this out. she cannot have any internet presense at all. The fact she setup a youtube channel with comments open was absurd.

She appears to have room temp IQ which partially explains why she did porn to begin with.
> Wow, another hapa having an identity crisis. 

likely that plus daddy issues, and likely mentally messed up as well.
> She appears to have room temp IQ
I think that's the case for the majority of people.
Had chan people not thought of her as "uwu why did such a cute girl go into porn to get her throat fucked? ;_;" emo reaction, she would have been forgotten like probably 95% of (wo)men) that did porn or something pornographic at one point.
thumbnail of 1655805685004[1].png
thumbnail of 1655805685004[1].png
1655805685... png (1.51 MB, 890x1053)

Youre right

thumbnail of tahlia.jpg
thumbnail of tahlia.jpg
tahlia jpg (498.02 KB, 1920x1080)
Latest News: Tahlia has recently given birth to a baby girl named Lily with her husband WCG. Congratulations!

She is winning at life while incels seethe and is going to be an amazing mother!

Previous:  >>/29/
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She's 22, I don't understand why you won't accept she could have sex with someone lol women can get pregnant whenever they want. Not that it'll be with a good man, but they can do it.
Check the previous tahlia thread on this board.
This board will be long gone, 4chan might still exist but the platform doesn't matter, she will desire e-attention as much as her mother. Believe me.
> Lily will be a better e-girl than Tahlia ever was, but an even worse person and bigger attention whore.
By the time she's an adult I'll be old as fuck.
I hope by then I don't check these threads out anymore even just out of morbid curiosity like now.
No ones denying she has sex, if that's the part that stands out to you then you're a kissless virgin. People don't go from being a 19 year old who posts videos of themselves crying and cutting for chan orbiters to becoming a mother the next year. If the baby was born already, this wouldve happened all very quickly and there's no proof at all. whenever an egirl has a picture with a young family member or a photo of them babysitting the rumors start pouring in.
Tahlia was cutting herself?

thumbnail of Goob.jpg
thumbnail of Goob.jpg
Goob jpg (2.04 MB, 3648x2736)
What do you guys think of goobert, the new queen of /r9k/?
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those pics are fucking scary. she looks like a retarded creature from outer space
...i think she should strip naked, for a good streaking...
None of them are even remotely scary of course.
They're all just incredibly stupid and utterly worthless.
You realize that pictures and videos of real blowjobs are easily available online right? 
You don't have to lose your mind to this weird simulatory shit
Her name is goobert because that's the face she makes when she swallows your goo.

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